Someone touching my hair woke me up from my deep slumber. I look up to see my twin here. “What up?” I ask, rolling over

“Demon hunting” he whispered

“Great,” I say looking over to see that Aaron is still asleep. “Can’t I sleep in?”

“No,” Ben say. “We need to get a move on. Mom and dad will take care of Aaron and his hang over.”

“Fine,” I say. “But can I get him his water and aspirin?”

“Fine,” Ben say shaking his head. I got up from my bed quietly and leave my room and go downstairs with my twin. There I see my mom and dad in the kitchen.

“Morning,” I say. “Dad, how do you cure a hangover?”

“Morning,” my dad say. “You can’t. You can treat it. Why? Do you have a hangover?”

“No,” I reply. “But Aaron does.”

“Oh, okay,” my dad say. “Where is he?”

“Asleep in my room,” I say. 

“Okay,” my dad replied. “Here take up some water and aspirin for him. Get him up so he can eat the breakfast I made for him. 

“Okay,” I say. I take the aspirin and water and walk up the stairs to my room. I open my door and walk in . I open the curtin waking up Aaron.

“Mom, please close the curtin,” Aaron moan and roll over

“Sorry,” I say. “Your mom isn’t here.

“Oh,” Aaron say. “Hey Bran.”

“Hi,” I say.

“How bad was I last night?” he asks

“Loud and drunk,” I say.

“Sorry about that,” he say. “Gah. I need aspirn and water.”

“Here,” I say. I give him aspirin and water. 

“Thanks,” he say sitting up, revealing his defined pecs and 8 pack abs. I watch as his adam apple goes up and down as he drinks the water.

“Thanks,” he say. 

“No problem,” I reply. “Okay, Ben got me up to go running with him. So I will be back in 45 minutes. So you can go downstairs and eat breakfast with my parents and I will eat breakfast after my run.”

“Okay,” Aaron say. He got up and walk to the bathroom. “You mind if I use the bathroom?”

“No,” I say.  “Hey Aaron. Can we talk after I get back okay?”

“Okay,” He say. “About what?” 

“You shall see in 45 minutes,” I reply

“Okay,” he say puzzled. I left my room to go downstairs after getting dress in my running gear. Seeing my twin is already there and waiting.

“Ready?” I ask Ben

“Yup,” he replies dressed in his running gear. 

“Bye mom, dad,” we say a the same time.

“Bye you guys,” our parents reply. Ben and I exit the door and start our run with a jog. 

“Where we going and who are we hunting?” I ask

“We are going couple blocks down the street first then circle around and we are going after Jeremy.”

“What?” I ask stopping in shock. “He’s back?”

“Yeah,” Ben say. “I don’t know how or why but he is back.”

“Great,” I say. “Just great. As soon as mom move on she get a blast from the past.”

“You can say that again,” Ben say. “What did she see in him?”

“Well you got to admit he is kind of cute. Plus he got a warm body which is a perk of dating a demon,” I say.

Ben laughed. “Thats only because of all the fire balls they have.”

“Yeah,” I say laughinig. “I swear how many times have we vanquished him. It’s like he actually likes it. Being vanquish by us.”

“I know right?” Ben say shaking his head. We increase the pace to a full on run. Ben stop first then I did. 

“We are here,” Ben say. 

“Really?” I say. I dont see anything.” Soon enough Jeremy appears with some girl around his arm giggling. 

“Really?” Ben ask. “He has more game than I do.”

“Shut up,” I say. “Eye on the prize bro.”

“Okay,” Ben say “Sorry.” We continue to follow them when we heard a scream and the girl ran away. We followed the way she came from and saw that Jeremy is there in his warlock/demon state. 

“Hey Jeremy,” I say. “Did you miss us?”

“I don’t know you. No matter, I will kill you.”

“No you won’t” Ben say as he moved the couch in front of Jeremy tripping him with a wave of his hand. Jeremy, furious ran around the couch and try to attack Ben with the knife when I freeze him. Unfortunately he kept breaking through my freezes which lead me to freezing him again and again. 

“What’s the spell?” I ask while trying to keep Jeremy frozen

“Power of three will set us free,” Ben say

“Power of three will set us free, power of three will set us free, the power of three will set us free,” Ben and I chanted. After the third chant Jermey gotten blow up and vanished.

“Well so much for being a warlock/demon.” Ben say.

“Yeah,” I reply. “Ready to jog back?”

“Nah,” Ben say. “Not yet. We need to loop around the neighborhood then we can go home. 

“Fine,” I say. We start the run again and loop around the neighborhood once and head back home. Once we both arrive at the house, we see that our parents and Aaron still in the kitchen chatting.

“Hey guys,” I say

“Hey Bran and Ben,” they reply. 

“Boy am I starved,” Ben say sitting down and chowing down the food in front of him. Shaking my head I sit down in the middle between Aaron and Ben and started to eat. 

“How’s the run?” Aaron ask

“Great,” I say. “Very soothing.” 

“Good,” Aaron say. “I will be upstairs if you need me.”

“Okay,” I say. “I will see you in a bit.” 

“Cool,” Aaron say and got up and went upstairs to my room. When he is gone I turn to my mom. “We vanquished Jeremy again.”

“Thanks,” my mom say. “I don’t know how to thank you enough.”

“No thanks needed,” Ben say. “It’s what we do.”

“True that,” I say grinning. “Well I am going to head back upstairs,” after I finish eating

“Okay,” Ben say. “Any reason why?”

“No,” I say, sticking my tongue out at him and got up to go upstairs. As soon as I arrive my room, I walk in to see that Aaron is dressed in his sweats with no shirt.

“Hi,” I say

“Hey,” Aaron reply. “What is this about?”

“Last night,” I say. “Before you fell asleep, you say that you love me and kiss me.” Aaron froze and became white as a sheet. 

“Hey,” I continue. “If it is a drunken statement, I understand. But I have to tell you that I really do love you more than a friend. If you don’t I understand and I hope we can get past this.”

“I really do love you,” Aaron say. He got up and kiss me again. This time for real. 

“I love you too,” I whispered too. We start to make out and in the process he take off my shirt, revealing my six pack abs and pecks which are defined. We continue to make out and I remove his shorts and boxers reveling a cut 9 inch dick. I take a deep breath in and started to stroke it. He moan when I did that. He also take of my shorts and boxers too to reveal my 8 inch cut penis too. We start to stroke each other and moaning in pleasure. Soon enough Aaron moan again. He say “I am so close.” 

“Me too babe.” I reply “Come with me.” 

“I will ,” He moan. Soon enough he start to shoot his cum, 7 shots of it onto his abs chest and my hand. Seeing this, I also come and shooting 7 cum shots too. On my chest and stomach and his hand. We lie there breathing heavily after the cum shot. He turn to me and grin. “I have always wanted to do that.”

“Me too,” I say and kiss him. I got up to get the tissue to clean myself up and bring back some so Aaron can clean himself up too. After cleaning ourslves up, we both showered together and kiss there too. Once done we toweled off and I go outside to see my twin there, grinning. 

“You guys did it didn’t you?” Ben ask

“Did what?” I aks

“Have sex,” he whispered.

“No,” I say. “We just jerk off each other then showered.”

“Cool,” Ben say. “Next time keep it down. I don’t want you two get caught by the parents.”

“Thanks for the tip,” I say and I push him out the door.

“Hey, how is his dick?” Ben ask laughing.

“Shut up,” I say and push Ben out the door and close it.

“What was that about,” Aaron ask as he walk out dressed and drying his hair.

“Oh,” I say “Just Ben being an idiot.” 

“Okay,” Aaron say grinning and walk over to me to kiss me. 

“Hey,” I start. “We need to be careful with the moaning since Ben say he could hear us from his room.” Aaron froze.

“You serious?” Aaron ask

“Yeah,” I say. “Don’t worry. Ben is cool. He won’t tell the folks. He just tell me as a precaution.”

“Okay,” Aaron say as he sit down. “I really want this but I am not ready to be out yet.”

“Okay,” I say. “We will be as normal as we can at school and around our family. But sooner or later we have to tell them.”

“Okay,” Aaron say.

“Good, I say and kiss Aaron again. “Wanna go again?”

“Do you even have to ask” Aaron ask giggling as we both got up to lock my room door and start to make out and also being cautious of not making too much noise. 




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