Ch. 14

Kyle and I enter his apartment around 2:40 and we walk over to his couch as he locks the door behind him. Kyle closes the curtains, and sits down with me. He flips through channels until Kyle decide to watch a moviegoers  on his laptop. We decide to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 on netflix. Before we start the movie, Kyle grabs two beers.

“Beer alright with you?” Kyle asks.

“Yeah,” I reply. We begin watching the movie and sip on our beer.

After watching the movie for 2 hours and some minutes Kyle turns to me and grin.

“Hi,” He says.

“Hi,” I reply. 

“Wanna scoot closer?” Kyle asks. “I don’t bite.”

“Okay,” I say grinning as I move closer to Kyle. We are now shoulder to shoulder. Kyle turns to me and smiles. 

“I love you.”

“I love you too,” I say. He leans in and gives me a kiss, leading into a hot make out session. As we kissed, I got on top of him. My hand starts to wander across his chest, down to his stomach, then his pants. I grab his bulge, making him moan. 

“Babe,” Kyle moans. “Do you want to go to the bedroom?

“Yes,” I say grinning. 

“Okay,” he says. He surprises me by picking me up, and carrying me like a baby. 

“Wow,” I say. “You are full of surprises.”

“I am,” Kyle says. As soon as we arrive at his room, he settles me down on the bed. He then takes off his shirt revealing his six pack abs and nice pecs.

“Hot damn,” I say grinning.

“What?” he says. “I’m not really that hot.”

“Babe,” I say. “You are. I love it and love you.”

“Really?” Kyle asks.

“Yes,” I say grinning. Kyle then starts to kiss me and takes off my shirt. 

“Wow,” he says as he see my chest and six pack abs too. “You’re hot babe.”

“Thanks,” I say. We continue to kiss when I stop.

“Do you have a condom?” I ask.

“Yeah,” he says. “It’s in top drawer along with the lube.”

“Okay,” I say. We continue to kiss as I slowly take off my shorts and boxers. Kyle does the same. We are now nude and kissing. 

I get on top of Kyle and start to kiss him then his chest, and licking his nipples, making him moan. I then lick his stomach all the way down to his circumcised penis. There I stop and look up for permission.

He nods his head. 

I go down on him. I start by licking his mushroom head, and he moans. I then start to suck his penis.

“Fuck yes,” Kyle moans. “Suck my penis.”

“Mmhmmmm,” I say in response with a mouth full of penis, as I suck his penis and lick his head. I continue to lick and suck his penis. Kyle continue to moan in pleasure.

“Fuck yeah babe,” Kyle says. “Suck my cock. MMMMM. Do you think you can deepthroat me?”

“Hmmm yes,” I reply. “ I can try.”

I start to deepthroat it which was good for a few moments, but I could only take five inches of it before I started choking. 

“Babe,” Kyle says. “It's alright. Continue to suck me.”

“Okay,” I say.

I continue to suck him again licking his head when he moans out,

“I am so close babe. If you don’t want to taste my cum, then let go.”

“Hmmmmmhmm,” I reply and continue to suck him. 

“Fuuucccck , I am cumming,” Kyle moans and groans as he release his cum in my mouth. I struggle a bit to keep up it but I caught up and swallow every load.

“Fuck,” Kyle says. “That was amazing.”

“Thanks,” I say, as I wiped off some semen from the corner of my mouth. 

“My turn to please you,” Kyle says. 

“Okay,” I reply. Kyle start to kiss me like I did and move down to my chest. He lick my nipples and lightly bite it, making me moan. 

“Fuck,” I moan. “I love that.” 

“Good,” He says. He continues to lick my nipples and all the way down to my stomach and kiss it which then go down to my penis. 

“Hmmm,” Kyle says. “Your dick is beautiful.”

“Thanks,” I say.

Kyle begins to go down on me by licking my mushroom head and then suck my penis.

“Shit Kyle,” I say. “Please suck my penis.” 

“My pleasure,” Kyle says. He continues to lick my head and sucking my penis.

“Fuck yeah,” I say putting my hand on his head. “Keep that up.” 

“Mmmm,” Kyle moans.

“Yes,” I say. “Fuck yes. I am so close.”

“Good,” Kyle says. “I want to taste you.”

“Fuck yeah,” I reply moaning as he continues. 

“OH FUCCCCCCK YEEESSS. I AM CUMMMING,” I yell as I shot cum after cum into Kyle’s mouth. 

“MMMMM,” Kyle moans  as he swallows everything. 

“Fuck,” I say. “That was awesome.”

“Yeah,” Kyle says lying down next to me. “That is just a preview what is going to happen tonight. We will do more later.”

“Okay,” I say grinning. Kyle look at me. 

“Do you wanna nap and cuddle now?”

“Yes,” I say. Kyle and I both get under the sheets and I spoon against Kyle body by holding his waist.

“I love you,” I say as I kiss his neck and back.

“I love you too,” Kyle replies as we both drift off to dreamland. 


After an hour and something nap, Kyle wakes up. 

“What?” I ask. “What time is it?”

“It’s 6:20” Kyle says.

“Okay,” I say. “We took an hour nap?”

“Yeah,” Kyle says. “I am going to go cook spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.”

“Okay,” I say grinning. “I love that.”

“Me too,” Kyle says. He leans in to kiss me. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” I reply. Kyle leaves his room and goes to the kitchen to start cooking dinner. My cell phone rings and I see that Ben is calling me.

“Hey bro,” I say.

“Hey,” Ben says. “Where are you?”

“I am at Kyle’s,” I reply.

“Oh okay,” Ben replies. “Are you staying there?”

“Yup,” I say grinning. 

“Okay,” Ben says. “Stay safe and no sex unless it is safe sex.”

“Ok,” I say.

“No glove, no love,” he says.


“Wrap the stump, before you hump.”


“Don’t be silly, protect your willie.”

“Ok… are you done?”

“Sex is cleaner with a packaged weiner.”

“Ok Dad!” I say jokingly. 

“I am serious,” Ben says.

“I know,” I say. “Thanks.”

“No problem,” Ben says. “Anyways I am going to have someone over so yeah.”

“Okay,” I say. “See you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow,”Ben says hanging up. I got up and walk to the living area where I see Kyle cooking dinner nude except for the apron that covering his torso.

“Hey,” I say, kissing his neck and back. “It smells incredible.”

“Good,” Kyle says. “I made it just for the two of us.”

“Okay,” I say. I watch Kyle pour out the noodles into a strainer and then into a container. He then cooks the sauce in the pot. 

After the sauce is cooked, Kyle got a spoon, dipped it in and asked me,

“Do you wanna try my special sauce? It’s a secret family recipe.”

“Sure,” I say, walking to him, nude and he feed me it. “Mmm, it's good.”

“Yeah?” Kyle asks.

“Yeah,” I say grinning. 

“Can you set the table so we can eat?”

“Sure,”I say. I set the table and watch Kyle turns off the stove, takes off the apron and walks the food to me and set it in front of me and himself. 

“Bon appetite,” Kyle says as he sits down next to me.

We ate in comfortable silence. After eating for ten or fifteen minutes, Kyle got up, grabbed my plate with his, and walked it to the sink to rinse it and put it in the dishwasher. He then starts the dishwasher. He walks back to me to grab my hand pull me up. 

“Where we going,” I ask.

“To the couch so we can cuddle.”

“Okay,” I say. We walk to the couch and sit down. I lean into his body and put my head on his shoulder. 

“This is nice,” Kyle says. 

“Yeah,” I say. Kyle takes my hand and holds it. We stayed there for couple of minutes. After holding each other, Kyle let go of my hand and reach down to my penis and start to stroke it. 

I moan a bit. “Fuck, Ky.”

“You like that?” Kyle asks as as he continues to stroke me.

“Yes,” I say as I reach over and begin to stroke him. 

“Yes,” Kyle says. “Stroke me. Stroke my penis.”

“Fuck yeah,” I say. We continue to stroke each other and both of us got full on erections. Kyle leans into me and kissed me as we stroke each other. We moan and groan. Kyle broke the kiss. 

“Want to go to the bedroom?”

“Yes,” I reply. We both got up and Kyle takes my hand. We walk to his room and he close the door. Kyle starts to kiss me and I walk backwards towards the bed and Kyle pushes me on the bed. I land on my back. I giggle.

“Come here,” I say. 

Kyle does. He lays on top of me and kisses me. We make out and touching each other all over the place. He then kissed my chest, licked and lightly bit my nipples, making me moan out in pleasure. He then kisses my stomach then all the way down to my erect penis. He sucks me by licking and sucking my penis. 

“Fuck yeah,” I moan. “Suck me.”

“MMMM,” Kyle replies. He suck and lick my balls too. He then does something surprising. He spread my legs and licks my perineum. He finally lift up my legs. 

“What you doing?” I ask.

“I have always want to eat out that beautiful ass.” 

“Hmmm,” I reply. “Go ahead.”

He start by slapping my ass then lick my ass. He spreads my ass open and put his tongue in there, making me moan out his name and groan.

“Fuck babe,” I moan. “Don’t stop.”

He continues licking and sucking my ass. He also pays attention to my perineum. He stops and look up to me. 

“Hmmm, I want that ass bad.” Kyle says. 

“It’s yours,” I reply. “Where is the stuff?”

“Top drawer,” Kyle says. I open the top drawer and see condoms and lube. I take one condom and the bottle of lube out. Kyle first lube my ass. He finger me first with his index finger then his middle then his ring finger. With his three finger up my ass, I got to admit that it hurt but it felt so good. 

Kyle then rip open the condom and put it on. He lube it up and press his penis against my ass. 

“You will feel some pain but it will pass,” Kyle says.

“Okay,” I reply. Kyle begins to enter my ass and it hurt a lot. He stops for a bit for me adjust then continue until he’s all the way in. He stops for me to adjust. 

“Ready to get fucked babe?” Kyle asks

“Yes,” I say. Kyle fucks me and he fucks me good. His penis found my prostate making me moan out his name.

“KYLE,” I  moan. 

“Hmmm, seems like I found your g-spot.” 

“Yes,” I moan. “Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

He fucks me and pick up the pace. He’s become an animal in bed. We both moan and groan together. He thrusts harder into me and I reciprocate that thrust. I contract my asshole, massaging his cock. I  begin to grab my penis, and he slaps my hand away. 

“I want to make you cum anally babe.” 

“Okay,” I reply. He continues to fuck me in the ass and we continue to moan and groan. I contract my ass squeezing his penis. He moans my name. He kiss me as he fucks me and wraps his arm around me. I wrap my legs around his waist. He finally moans out. 

“I am so close.”

“Me too,” I say. 

“FUUCCCCCCK I AM CUMMING,” Kyle yells as he shot in my ass into the condom. When I felt his load, I came, and shot 5 shots of semen onto myself. Kyle left his penis in me for a while, exhausted. After a few moments, he exited. I felt a bit empty after his penis is came out. 

“Fuck,” Kyle says. “That was amazing.”

“It sure was.” I say grinning. 

“I love you,” Kyle says. 

“I love you too,” I reply. Kyle lean in to kiss me . 

“Ready for round 2?” 

“Yeah,” Kyle says. “But this time it's me that’s getting fuck.”

“OH,” I say grinning as I start to kiss him on the chest. I slowly make my way to his juicy, tender nipples and start to suck on one of them. Kyle gasps as my tongue flicks the tip of his nipple while I’m sucking on it. My hands wander by themselves, caressing Kyle’s smooth thighs. They slowly make their way underneath his thighs and I lift up Kyle’s legs into the air, exposing his delicious looking ass crack. My lips leave his succulent nipples and I spread apart Kyle’s firm ass cheeks to reveal his juicy looking asshole pulsing slightly from pleasure.

“Babe, lube me up with your mouth, please,” Kyle begs me.

“My pleasure,” I reply.

With both my hands holding up Kyle’s legs, I bury my face into his sweaty ass crack. I can hear Kyle’s moan as soon as my lips made contact with his asshole. I start licking and making out with his rear end as he squirms on the bed begging me not to stop.

“Fuck, you’re so good with your mouth Bran,” Kyle manages to utter in between his heavy breathing.

I go deeper into his ass crack with my face, and ate his ass out good. Kyle was already quivering in excitement when I got up to put on a condom and spread some lube onto my throbbing penis. I lift up Kyle’s legs and start fingering his dripping asshole with my fingers. He moans as I finger him nicely with one finger, and then two fingers, and finally three.

“Babe, please fuck me,” Kyle begs me.

“Fuck yeah, I will fuck you good,” I reply, and slowly slid my lubed up hard penis into his well prepared ass. It went in nicely with no problems.

“Mmm, perfect fit,” I say. As Kyle moans in pleasure.

I slowly start thrusting in him as he continues moaning. I lean in to kiss him and wrap my arms around him. He does the same and wraps his legs around me as I start to pick up the pace on the thrusting. We both moan in pleasure rather loudly over the creaking sounds of the bed. I was fucking him like a dog in heat at this point. The head of my penis hits Kyle’s prostate with every thrust I made.

“Fuck, babe your cock feels so good inside me!” Kyle shouts in pleasure.

“Mmm, fuck yeah, your ass was made for me,” I answer.

I flip Kyle over to his side with my penis still deep inside his delicious ass, and lifted up one of his leg and started to fuck him sideways.

“Fuck, babe, fuck me harder!” Kyle moans as he arches his back into my throbbing penis.

“Yes, will do, babe,” I replied as my hips smacked against Kyle’s ass as I thrusted harder and faster into him.

Just when I don’t think I can hold in my load any longer, Kyle moans loudly and shoots his load all over the side of the bed. Almost immediately afterwards, my load came and quickly loaded up the condom I had on. I can feel my hot, thick semen all around my penis in the condom. My thrusts slow down until I’ve finished my load and we stay like that for a while.

“Mmm, I love you, babe,” Kyle whispers to me.

“I love you too, baby,” I whispered back, and kiss him on the neck.

We fuck each other throughout that night with some breaks in between. However we didn’t get much sleep but boy, it was worth it.




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