Chapter 3

-Next day-

After discussing with my mom and Ben about helping out Mr. Morales, we have come to a conclusion that we will help him out if it does interfere with the supernatural and also if his recent and any other case involves with the supernatural. And we did help him out for we help find the Grimlocks and vanquish them with a potion that we made with some shisondra root  and blinding and vanquishing it. However the demon fought back, trying to take my aura, luckily I managed to get away by kicking it, causing it to keep the attention away from. But unfortunately I dropped the potion, shattering it. Ben however is able to move the broken potion with a wave of his hand and blinding/vanquishing it and as a result the children who are blinded by the demon especially children are able to see again. Sadly the demon who killed the adults by strangulation are not revived but Ben and I are okay with it with time. The Grimlocks took their eyesight because it is believed that children have innocent aura around them. After vanquishing the grimlocks, we are able to give the kidnapped children back and the parents were automatically happy. We also talked to the boys about us and trying to keep our secret. They promised that they will. Mr. Morales was also happy and ask us to help him if and when is needed. Ben and I agree. Besides vanquishing the grimlock and another demon, we all go to school and try to live our lives as normally as possible. 

-Four Months later-

After four months of school Ben, Aaron and I were able to set into a routine. But anyways there will be a black and blue dance coming up which is going to be amazing. We get to dress up and go to the dance. Ben of course is going with his girlfrend Jessie, while me and Aaron are dateless so we decided to go with a group of friends. After deciding we want to do that, we just need to get ready with the color that is required of the ball. Anywys couple weeks before the ball, we deicded to hangout with our other friends along with Aaron. We decided to go shoppig for the ball. Aaron along with Ben, and some of our friend Oliver and Gary went with us which is always fun. After arriving at the mall, we decided to go shoping for the necessity for the ball attire along with shoping for hats, and other necessity such as t shirts, shorts, polo shirts and what not. After shoping for that we decide to get lunch. After eating lunch at the food court, we decided to go to a place such as Men’s warehouse so we can get suits that are blue or black or both. Once we try on and rent our suits, we decided to drop our stuff off from the Men’s warehouse so we have free hands from bags and are able to go to the movies. After putting the bags in the car, we go upstairs again and go see Bad Moms. It was a good movie with a lot of laughs. We laugh nonstop. We all really enjoy the movie. After the movie, Aaron I go to Ben’s car while Gary go to Olivier’s car. We drive to our house and and park the car. As soon as Ben stop the engine, he hit the ground running and go inside.

“Where are you going?” I ask

“Bathroom,” yell Ben.

“Okay,” I reply shaking my head. “Sorry about that.”

“No problem,” Aaron say. “I had a great time today.”

“Me too,” I reply. “Ummm do you wanna sleep over and have dinner with my family?”

“Sure,” Aaron say. 

“Cool,” I reply. 

“I just have to tell my parents.”

“Okay,” I say. We walk into the house and have dinner as a family. My family ask Aaron questions about baseball, how our day went and stuff. Once we are done, I was ask to go to the kitchen with my mom to help with the desert. I got up and went.

“Hey,” I say

“Hi,” my mom say. “Does he know about us?”

“No,” I reply. “He doesnt even know that I am gay.”

“Are you going to tell him that and about the witch thing?” my mom ask

“Yeah,” I say. “Going to tell hin that I am gay tonight and witch thing I need more time with that.”

“Okay,” my mom say. She give me the ice cream. “Here take this out for me will you?”

“Okay,” I say. We all ate desert and decided to call it the night. I go up stairs to go to my room and so did Aaron and Ben. 

“Hey Aaron,” I say. “You wanna share a bed or sleep on the floor?”

“I will share the bed.” Aaron say. “Do you have any toothbrush and a towel?”

“Sure,” I say. I go to get them and return to see that Aaron is in his underwear, shirtless.

“I hope you dont mind,” he say. “I normally sleep like this.”

“No,” I reply. “I dont mind at all. I do the same too.”

“Cool,” Aaron say. I took off my street clothes and get into the bed and so did Aaron. 

“Hey Aaron,” I Say. 

“Yeah,” he reply

“I want to tell you  something.”

“Okay,” he reply.

“I am gay,” I say, sighing after.

“Okay,” he say. “That’s it?”

“Yeah,” I say. 

“Okay,” he say. “I dont mind that. I like you a lot and don’t want that to change anything.”

“Me too,” I say.

“Cool.” he say. “Can i ask you something?”

“Yeah?” I say. 

“Are you seeing anyone?” he ask.

“No,” I say.” Turning around shocked. “Why you ask?”

“Nothing,” he reply. 

“Okay,”  I say. This is the second time he stall when he is talking to me. He will tell me when he is ready.

“Night,” Aaron say.

“Night,” I say. 

We turn on our side to sleep, making our back touching each other. Soon we are drifting off to dream land. 




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