Ch. 11

Kyle begins to take off my shirt and his hand start to wander across my chest. He starts playing with my nipples until they swelled up and got hard. Waves of pleasure pulsates throughout my body. He leans in to lick my nipples and then sucked on one. He lightly bit into my tender nipple and I let out a light moan of pleasure. His tongue slowly starts to find its way down to my chiseled abs, and slowly approaching my crotch. He started to unbutton my pants and pull it down when I suddenly woke up, gasping with a start. I find a stain where I ejaculated onto my boxers. Damn it, I thought. It happened again. I got out of bed, took off my boxers, and walked to the bathroom. There I showered, shaved and got ready to move the rest of my stuff to my twin’s apartment. After paying my final rent to my landlord and giving my keys to my apartment, I drove off to Ben’s apartment. After parking, I unpacked my trunk. I went to carry my stuff into the apartment’s lobby and pressed the elevator’s button. After putting away a couple of boxes into ben’s apartment, I only had about 2 more left. I walked down two flight of stairs and out the lobby door. I walked to my car when I heard a voice yelling my name.


I turn around to see Kyle standing there. He is dressed in joggers defining his athletic legs and a white shirt. 

“Hey, I say,” grinning. “What are you doing here?”

“Oh nothing,” Kyle says grinning. “Just wanted to see how the move is going. Where is Ben?”

“He got called in for work,” I say struggling to carry the last two boxes from my trunk. Seeing this, Kyle grab one of the boxes, put it down and close the trunk. He picked up the box and carried it to the lobby door. He turns around. “What are you doing?” he asks.

“Nothing,” I reply. “Just surprised you are here and that you are helping me.”

“Bud,” Kye starts. “I am your whitelighter, it’s part of the job description. I help.”

“Yeah,” I say. “With healing, protecting and motivation before a battle with demons. Not carrying stuff.”

“Hey,” Kyle says looking at me while carrying my box. “I don’t mind. Really.”

“Okay,” I say. “If you insist.”

“I do,” Kyle replies. Both Kyle and I walk back to the apartment and walk up two flight of stairs. We walk down a corridor and I walk to my new apartment door which is 3 doors down on left. I unlock the door and carry the rest of the boxes in. I put the box down. 

Kyle enters the apartment and puts down the last box. 

“Now that’s over,” he says. “What to do?”

“I have to unpack bud.” I say.

“Okay,” Kyle says handing me the box he just put down . I grab it and our hand touch. I felt a small jolt. “Uhh.” Kyle continues. “Do you need some help?”

“No,” I reply. “It’s okay. I just need to unpack the last boxes and we will be all set.”

“Okay,” Kyle says. He walks over to the tv and sit down. 

I continue to unpack my boxes containing clothes, underwear, socks, my laptop and some books. There were also toiletries as well. After I was done with the last box, I came out of my room to see Kyle flipping through the tv channels. 

“Hey,” I say. “What you watching?”

“Oh, just flipping through channels,” he replies. “Anything you wanna watch?”

“How about a movie?” I ask as I get up to go to the DVD collection in the corner. 

“Okay,” Kyle replies grinning. “Which movie?”

“How about Mean Girls?” I ask.

“Classic,” Kyle says grinning. “I love that movie.”

“Me too,” I say. “Do you want anything to drink? Beer, soda, water?”

“Soda is good,” Kyle says. 

“Okay,” I reply grinning. I walk to the kitchen, open the refrigerator and grab 2 cokes. One for me and one for him

“Here,” I say handing Kyle the coke and our hands touch again. I feel the jolt again for the second time. I’m starting to wonder if he does too. “Are you alright with a coke?” I ask.

“Yeah,” Kyle replies grinning at me. “A coke is fine.” I  put my coke done first then got up to put in the movie in the DVD player. We watch the movie for the next hour and a half. After finishing the movie, Kyle turns to me 

“That’s a good movie. It never gets old,” Kyle says.

“I agree,” I reply grinning. I look at him and he look at me. 

“Well,” Kyle says abruptly. “ I have to go. 

“So soon?” I ask kind of quickly? “Sorry. I just want to know since, I hardly see you in awhile so yeah. I was wondering if we can do this again sometime if we both are not busy... I am going to be quiet now.” 

“Okay,” Kyle says laughing. “I would like that.” 

“Yeah,” I ask 

“Yeah,” Kyle replies. “But I have to go. I have some stuff to take care of. But we can definitely do this again sometime.”

“Okay,” I say.

“Okay,” Kyle replies. He suddenly leans in and kisses me on the lips. A full 2 seconds went by before his soft lips finally left mine, and he quietly says, “I will see you later.”

“See you...” I say a little dazed and confused at what just happened. Kyle orbs away without another word. I slowly sit back down on the couch to process what just happened, when I hear the door open. 

“Hey roomie,” Ben shouts, grinning.

“Hey you,” I say surprised by his sudden arrival. “What you doing home so early?”

“Well, I decide to spend time with my awesome twin.” Ben says.

“Okay,” I say. “What you wanna do?”

“Anything,” Ben says. 

“How about Six flags?” I ask.

“I’m so down,” Ben says grinning. “Ready?”

“Now?” I ask.

“Yeah,” Ben replies. “Time of the essence my twin.”

“Okay,” I say, getting up to grab my wallet, keys and phone.

“Ready?” Ben asks. 

“Yup,” I say grinning. We both left the apartment, Ben closed the door and locked it. We were off to Six Flags to have some fun. What could possibly go wrong?


Deep underground-The Underworld.

A figure appear with five  others. The first figure is Aaron. The other five are Jeremy, Nick, Tempus, the woogyman, Triad and the Source. They all look at each other and grin. The source grins.

“Well my friends, I have call you guys here because we have the same problem. Or should I say, problems? The problems are the Charmed ones. We have all tried and failed to destroy them. But now we have a new member to help us succeed in this mission. Aaron would you like to speak?”

“I would like to,” Aaron says grinning. “I dated a witch name Brennan 10 years ago. It was all good until he found out about my true self and vanquished me. It was my fault. I slipped up and revealed I knew he was a witch. No matter. We will not only destroy the charmed ones, but also destroy the entire charmed one’s legacy. All we need is to find a way to get to that book, and turn it evil. But first we need to turn one or both the twins evil.”

“How?” ask the demons and warlocks.

“If we play our cards right, we can use Brennan to banish their powers, and the rest shall be simple. He already questions why he has them when they failed him 10 years ago. If we break him more it will definitely lead him to just do that.”

“I like the sound of that.” Nick says laughing evilly. Everyone nods in approval with Aaron’s plan.  




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