Ch. 19

I wake up with the start due to my alarm clock. I hit the snooze button when I feel a body next to mine.

“Please turn that alarm clock off,” a voice says. I look over to see my brother in bed with. 

“Fine,” I say and hit the snooze button. “I have to be at work and so does Ben. So I am going to drop you off at mom, if not then grandma’s.”

“Why?” Brian ask looking at me as he sit up. “I can take care of myself.”

“ I know,” I say. “I just want to make sure that you are okay.”

“I know,” Brian says as he jump out of bed and walk out of our room and to the bathroom in shorts and a t-shirt

“Okay,” I say. I finally get up and walk to the kitchen in my boxers and shirt. There I see Ben cooking breakfast for us in his boxers and a white t-shirt. 

“How do you like your eggs?” he ask me.

“Scrambled,” I say as I reach up to the cabinet to get 2 mugs and pour Ben and I some coffee.

“Thanks,” Ben says. 

“No problem,” I say. “Black with 3 sugars?”

“Yup,” Ben says. I put three sugars cubes in Ben’s coffee while I just put cream in my coffee. 

“Bon Appetit,” Ben says as he set the plate of  bacon, toast and eggs in front of himself, me, and on the place mat for Brian.

“Should we wait for him?”

“Nah,” Ben says as he digs in and I do the same. Brian finally gets out of the shower and dresses in jeans and a t-shirt.

“Thanks for the breakfast,” Brian says as he sits down and joins us.

“No problem,” Ben says. We continue to eat. As soon as we are done, we all rinse the dishes, and put it in the dishwasher. From there, Ben starts it. 

“Well,” Ben says, “ I am going to work now. So I will see you guys later.” He put on his chef's coat and his slacks. He leaves and close the door behind him. 

“Alright, I will shower then we will head to mom’s. After dropping you off at mom’s I’m heading you to work. But we will hang after work after I get off at 3:00. Sound good?” I ask Brian.

“Yeah,” Brian says grinning. I grab my keys, wallet and phone. Brian and I head out of the apartment and head to the parking lot. From there we walk to my car. I start the engine and we are on our way to our mom’s house. Once we get there, we both got out and ring the doorbell. We finally hear some sounds on the other side of the door and it opens. 

“Hey mom,” I say.

“Hey sweetie,” my mom says surprise. “What are you doing here?”

“I was wondering if I can drop off this little rascal off so I can head to work.”

“Sure,” my mom says as she let Brian in. “Thanks mom,” I say.

“Yeah,” Brain says. “Thanks mom. Where is dad?”

“He is over there in the garden.”

“ I will see you Bry,” I say grinning. 

“See you,” Brian says and hug me. I left and head to work. From there I help people with depositing money, paying off their mortgages, transferring money, and withdrawals as well. After a few hours, I have a lunch break, and continue working after lunch. After working by helping customers with withdrawls, deposits, paying payments, paying mortgages and so on. After working and helping out my last customer, I time out with my time card and head to the the parking structure. From there I drive to my apartment. Once I get there, I unwind by watching a bit of tv and change to someting comfy like sweat pants and shirt. I then go pick up my brother from my mom’s. After driving for 10 minutes I arrive there. I park the car at the curb and I get out of the car and walk to the front door and ring the door bell. There my dad open the door

“Hey dad,” I say grinning. “How are you?”

“Bran,” my dad say grinning. “I am good. Come in, come in. Your mom and brother have been expecting you.” 

“I know,’ I say grinnng as I enter my childhood home. We all walk to the conservatory where my mom and brother are. They have some food there along with a few board games

“Hey guys,” I say grinning.

“Brennan,” Brian say grinning as he runs over to me and hug me.

“How have you been bud?” I ask

“Good,” Brian replies. “Mom and I have been snacking and playing board games.”

“Awesome,” I say. “How are you mom?”

“Good,” my mom say as I hug her and kiss her cheek. “Where is Ben?”

“Ben is stuck at the resturant until 7pm.” I say. 

“Oh, okay,” my mom says.  Looking at us, she continues,“Well we can still have fun without him. Honey do you wanna join us?”

“Sure,” my dad says. He walk over to us and start to play some games with us. We start with monopoly and Brian is a boss at that. We play for about and hour an a half he’s able to bankrupt all of us and able to make more cash. We conintue to play game and continue to snack.

After playing a couple of games and snacking, our mom make dinner which is her famous bacon fetticine alfrado. After finish cook she call out to us.

“Hey guys, can you set the table for me?” my mom asks/yells across the room.

“Sure,” I yell back, grinning. So Brian, my dad and I all set the table. After setting the table, my mom bringout the food and we all say grace and start eating the food.

“So,” I begin. “How is everyone’s day?”

“Good,” Brian says. “ I get to help mom and dad around the house and play video games.” 

“That’s cool,” I say grinning. I turn to my parents. “How about you guys?”

“Well,” my dad says. “We hangout the house, garden and watch a movei right sweetie?”

“Yeah,” my mom says. “Such a relaxing day.”

“That’s good,” I say. We continue to eat in silence. Once we are done Brian and I help  our mom to clear the table.

“Mom,” Brian starts. “Brennan and I can do the dishes so you and dad can relax.”

“Aww sweetie,” my mom says. “That is very sweet of you. But it is okay.”

“Mom, we insists,” I say grinning.

“Alright.” My mom says. She walks over to the couch in the family room to watch tv with our dad.

“Ready to do the dishes bud?” I ask.

“Yeah,” Brian says grinning. We do the dishes for fiftten minutes. We all put them in the dishwasher to dry after we finish washing them. We both walking to the family room. Out of the blue, Jeremy comes out of nowhere

“Did you miss me?” Jeremy asks.

“No,” I say and I freeze him. 

“Mom!” Brian shouts as Jeremy adjust to my freezes. Brian freeze him. Jeremy adjust to his freezes too.

“What are you going to do?” Jeremy as keep on adjusting to our freezes. My mom walk in and gasp

“Jeremy?” my mom says. She freezes him. She turn to our dad and says “Honey I want you to go upstairs.”

“Okay,” my dad says as he walk behind the frozen Jeremy. Jeremy unfreezes again.

“Seriously are you guys just going to keep freezing me?” He asks. He walks towards us with the knife. My mom push Brian behind me and her. 


I was in the kitchen and keep on cooking and platting the food until it is 7. I turn to my su chef and grin.

“Hey, I am heading out now. Do you think you can hold down the fort?”

“Sure,”Daniel says grinning. 

“Thanks bro. I owe you.” I say. I head out and walk to my car. From there, I drive to my parents house. I pull over to the curb and park my car behind the Brennan. I get out and walk towards the door when I hear some noise behind it. I take out my parents house key and unlock it and walk in. There I see Jeremy walking towards my mom and my brothers

“Hey didn’t I vanquish you from somewhere” I ask.  I wave my hand and send Jeremy to the wall. I rush over to them. 

“You guys okay?”

“Yeah,” they reply

“Power of three will set us free is the spell.” I say taking Brennan hand and he hold Brian hand and Brain hold our mom’s hand.

“Power of three will set us free, power of three will set us power of three will set us free.” We all chanted.

“Do you know that you are pathetic" Jeremy asks and he shoot fire from the knife which circle around us. 

“What do we do now?” Brian ask. 

“Keep chanting.” I say. "We need to stick together."

“Power of three will set us free.” we chanted again. Jeremy then make the  winds surround all of us. We keep on chanting and then finally Jeremy explodes.

“That was fun,” Brennan says grinning. “How are you guys?”

“Alright,” I say. I look over to see Brian. He’s a little shaken up.

“You alright?” I ask Brian

“Yeah,” Brian says. “I don’t know why I froze. It not like the first demon I vanquish.”

“Bry,” I say. “It’s a warlock. He is gone now. Okay. You are fine.”

“I know,” Brian says. “This is the first warlock I face and its upper level. Other demons I took out was lower level.”

“I know,” Brennan says. “We are here for you and we wills stick together alright?”

“Okay,” Brian says. “Hey. You okay?”

“Yeah,” my mom says. “It’s been awhile since I saw Jeremy but I am okay.”

“Okay,” we all says

“Dad, it’s okay to come down now.” I yell

“Okay,” my dad says. He walk downstairs and see the mess. 

“Demons?” he asks. 

“Yeah,” we all says. 

“Hey, we will help you with this,” Brian says. 

“Okay,” our mom repleis. We help our parents with the clean up. After cleaning up, Brian turn to our parents

“Bye you guys. Thanks for dinner.” Brian says.

“It’s our pleasure.”our parents repleis. “Visit us when you guys can. Also vanquish the source so you can come back and live with us. It’s kind of quiet over here.”

“We will,” Ben says grinning. 

“Bye guys,” We all say.

“Bye,” our parents we replies. We all leave to go back to the apartment. Once we get there, we all get ready for bed and hit the sack. 




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