Ch. 10

-10 years later- 

I am driving and memories from that day still haunts me. I keep going back to that day 10 years ago. The flash back of me freezing Jeremy, and not being able to freeze Nick in time. Nick threw Kyle across the room and gravely wounded him. And the day I first met Aaron and how he turned out to be a demon all along. I sigh. Since that day I hardly use my powers. Only use them as needed.

-Ten years ago-

I told Aaron’s dad what happenned after the dinner that Aaron and I had. He was shocked and hurt his son is gone but glad that I am okay. It turned out Aaron was adopted into the Morales family. He must have eventually realized his true demonic origins, and sought to become a full demon. He killed a witch turning him from a half demon into a full demon. 

“Don't tell Melissa and Joanne. They will be devastated.” Mr Morales said shaking his head, crying.

“I know,” I replied. So we came up with a plan that Aaron ran away and was killed in the process. Since the body has not been retrieved, they did a little ceremony for Aaron which I attended. I also attended Kyle’s funeral later on. I visited him everyday. It has been part of my routine, get up go to work, eat lunch, work some more, work out, and visit Kyle. 


After visiting Kyle’s grave site I walk to my car when I see a driver from across the street suddenly lose control of his car. It slam into street light and burst into flames. Shock and scare for the lives in the car, I run across the street and freeze the fire. I open the car door to see that a man who look to be a few years younger than me in there. I grab him and pull him out. I fireman carry him to safety. Once I have done that I unfreezee the scene and the fire continue to burn the car. I turn to look at the man and give CPR  him. After few pumps on his chest he is able to  again looking around, scare.

“Hey, hey” I say. “You’re safe.”

“I know,” he says. “ you use your freezing power to save me.”

Stun. “I don't know what you’re talking about.” I reply.

“Of course you do, Brennan. I try to get you to use your powers again. To remind you that you are an amazing guy with an incredible gift. And that you should use that gift to protect the innocent people out there.” The guy replies.

“How do you know my name?” I ask

“The same way I know that you protected a freshmen from bullies at your high school,” he replies. He wave his hand over his face and body, revealing his true self. 

I gasp. “Kyle?”

“Yeah,” he replies. My jaw drop and I hug him.

“How, why?” I ask.

“The elders think that I should be a whitelighter,” Kyle says grinning. “They don't want a fourteen year old to die just yet. I still have a lot of potential.”

“I miss you so much,” I say in tears. “ I didn’t know Nick was there. If I had I would have froze him. I'm so sorry that I couldn't.”

“It's ok.” Kyle says. “Everything happens for a reason. Besides I am a whitelighter now. I am able to protect other people and be that guardian for future whitelighters and witches.”

“Yeah?” I ask. 

“Yeah,” he replies.

“How is it that you  look around my age?” I ask. 

“Well,” Kyle says. “I need to be around your age to be respected by you, your twin and my other charges.”

“You are Ben and my new whitelighter?” I ask.

“Yeah,” Kyle says.

“But I…” I say.

“Shhhh,” Kyle say. “Brennan, you protected me during my freshmen year of high school from those bullies. It is now my turn to protect and heal you and your twin if needed.” Kyle sayand kiss me on my forehead. 

“Okay,” I say blushing a bit. “You will be having other charges too?”

“Yeah,” Kyle says. “I will be call away. Just shout my name and I will be there.”

“Okay,” I reply. “It’s so good to see you. You look amazing.” I say admiring his tone body.

“Thanks,” Kyle says blushing. “There’s a gym with kickboxing and matrial arts up there. Anyways you look good too. “

“Thanks,” I reply. “The gym and swimming does its job.”

“Hey,” Kyle says. “I have something to tell you, but maybe another time.”

“Okay,” I reply. 

“Here take my hand,” Kyle says. I did and he orb me to the Golden State bridge .

“Wow,” I say.

“Yeah,” Kyle replies. “Its beautiful up here. This is where I love to go to think.”

“Yeah,” I ask.

“Yeah” Kyle says. “I want to visit your brother. He’s been on edge too since that day also.”

“Okay,” I reply. 

“Ready to go?” Kyle ask hold out his hand.

“Yeah,” I say taking it, smiling. Kyle and I orb to Ben’s apartment which is not far from mine. We orb outside the door. I knock on the door. I hear footsteps from the other side and the door opens.

“Hey Ben,” I say. 

“Hey,” Ben says, shirtless. “Whose the dude.”

“Oh,” I say. “An old friend.”

“Okay,” Ben says skeptically. Ben let us in and we see that Ben’s place is really nice and have two rooms. He also have  the Book of Shadows. Ben, seeing the book hide it from Kyle and put it away.

“Sorry for the mess,” Ben says.

“Not a probelm Ben,” Kyle says. 

“How you know my name?” Ben asks.

“The same way I know that you have not been using your powers. Also that you help me from bullies too.”

“Kyle?” Ben asks.

“Yeah,” Kyle replies.

Ben run to Kyle and hug him. “ How?”

“Well,” Kyle says. “ I am your guys’ new whitelighter along with many others too. So if you ever need me, I am a call away.”

“Okay,” Ben says grinning. “You look good Ky.”

“Thanks,” Kyle say grinning. “I need to get going but yeah. I want you guys to move in if you want so that way you guys will be stronger together.”

“We will think about that,” Ben says. 

“Okay,” Kyle replies. Kyle then orb out and disapper.

“Kyle is a whitelighter,” Ben says. “Our whitelighter.”

“Yeah,” I say grinning.

“You okay?” Ben asks.

“Yeah,” I reply. “Just happy that Kyle is okay. Do want me to move in?”

“Do you even have to ask?” Ben says grinning. 

“Okay,” I say grinning. “I will be talking to my landlord about my rent and will be moving in tomorrow. We are Charmed, back and still kicking.”

“Okay,” Ben says grinning. “I agree.” I nod in agreement with my twin then open the door and left, forgetting to close the door. Ben smiled shaking his head. With the wave of his hand inward, Ben shut the door, behind him. 




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