Ch. 13

 After a week of my possession, I wake up with a start and notice that I have an erection from the erotic dream I had. Kyle, and I, together. Kyle started to stroke my penis which got me moaning. He then leaned over to suck on my penis getting me to moan even louder. I sigh. I walk to the shower and start the water. I jump in the shower, wash myself, and brush my teeth. I’m still hard from the dream so I start to stroke myself and moan loudly as warm water slid down my back. I moan Kyle’s name. I imagine him sucking my penis, whispering my name, licking my balls, and mushroom head. I moan louder, yelling Kyle’s name as I ejaculate my semen. I’m breathing hard when I rinse my body off. I shut off the shower and open the shower curtain when I come face to face with Kyle. Shocked, I slipped and fell on top of him. He’s fully clothed and shocked to see me nude.  He stares at my penis, 4 inches soft and cut, as I lay on top of him. Now he is wet because of me.

“S-ss-sorry.” Kyle stuttered, blushing.

“It’s fine!” I say covering myself as I get up. I am red in the face. “I’m sorry that I got you wet.”

“ It’s fine... It’s just I heard my name,” Kyle says. “I thought you was in trouble.”

“I’m fine!” I say quickly. “I was doing... something.”

“Okay,” Kyle says skeptical. “I am going to dry off. My clothes are super wet.”

“Ok,” I say. 

“Can I borrow some of your clothes Bran?” 

“Sure,” I respond. 

Kyle leaves the bathroom to go to wait in the family room. After drying off and getting dressed, I  walk to my room and bring out my t shirt and shorts that he can borrow. I walk to the family room and see that he’s standing and waiting around.

“Here’s the shirt and shorts  you can borrow, bud.” I say

“Thanks,” Kyle says as he go into the bathroom. I  realize that I forgot to give Kyle boxers and I walk back to my room. There I grab my boxers and walk to the bathroom. I just walk in and see that Kyle is naked. His penis is out, soft at 4 inches, cut, and in plain sight.

Kyle realized that I walk in and covered himself up quickly. 

“I’m sorry!” I say. “I just realized that you might need some boxers, so yeah!”

“Okay,” Kyle says. “Thanks man.”

“No problem,” I say as I open the door and close it behind me. I wait in the living/family room and shake my head.

Holy fuck, he is hot. That package though. Mmmm. I thought. I was interrupted when Kyle walked in.

“Hey,” I start. “ I’m so sorry. I should have knocked.”

“It’s fine,” Kyle says. “ I am sorry too. I guess now we’re even.”

“Yeah,” I say laughing. “ That was super awkward.”

“Yeah,” Kyle says. “At least we get through the first awkward stage of seeing each other nude.”

“Yeah,” I say. “ Do you want to watch a movie?”

“Sure,” Kyle replies.

“What you want to you watch?” I ask

“How about Inglorious Bastards?” Kyle asks.

“Sure,” I say. I get the movie and put it in the DVD player. After watching the movie for and hour and forty minutes, I got up and take out the DVD. I then turn off the DVD player. I walk back to the couch and sit next to Kyle.

“I want to tell you that I- I”  I start when Kyle suddenly interrupts me, kissing me for a full 2 seconds. After what felt like forever, his lips left mine. 

“I know,” Kyle says. “I love you too.” He continues to kiss me. I then got onto his lap and continue to kiss him. I touch his chest and start to inch down towards his pants when Ben opens the front door, seeing me on top of Kyle and and kissing him. 

“Am I interrupting something?” Ben asks. 

“No!” Kyle and I say together. 

“Okay,” Ben says skeptically. “I am going to my room to change. See you Kyle.”

“Later,” Kyle replies. Kyle turn to me. “I have to go. If you need me, I am just a call/yell away” 

“Okay,” I say. Kyle orbed out. After Kyle left, Ben opens the door and walk into the living room area. 

“I’m so sorry.” Ben says. “I totally walked into something.”

“No,” I say. 

“Really?” Ben asked, giving me a look. 

“Fine,” I say. “You interrupted something.”

“Sorry,” Ben says. “How was it?”

“It’s good,” I say grinning. “I really like him.”

“That is good.” Ben say. “Well remember Tiffany?”

“Yeah,” I say. 

“Well, she is great but say that she not looking to date right now.”

“Oh,” I say. “I am sorry.”

“It’s cool,” Ben says. “There are so many chicks in there that will want a piece of the Ben.”

“Ugh,” I say. “You are so self absorbed. It’s disgusting.”

“Haha,” Ben says. “I am joking. But yeah, I am alright.”

“Okay,” I say. “Good to know.”

“Yup,” Ben says. “I need to get to the restaurant. You my friend need to get to that job interview. It’s at 2. Remember that and to call Kyle if you need anything. If not,he will meet you there.”

“Okay,” I say. “Thanks Ben.”

“No problem,” Ben says. He got up to grab his keys, wallet and phone. He opens the door and closes it. After he left, I got ready then head over to the place I suppose to get interviewed. After driving ten minutes, I park my car and got out of it. I call Kyle on my cell because I know it will be hard for me to explain how he got here so fast. After waiting fifteen minutes, he arrive by bus.

“Hey,” Kyle says. 

“Hi,” I reply.

“Ready for the job interview?” He asks 

“Yeah,” I say grinning. Kyle and I walk in and see that the manager was there. He asks me to go in with him while Kyle wait outside. After 20 minutes of getting interviewed, I got the job which I accept immediately. I thank the manager. He says that he will see me next week on Monday. I thank him again, push in my chair and give him a firm handshake. After leaving the office, I walk in the lobby to see that Kyle was there waiting for me. 

“I got the job,” I say.

“Congrats bud,” Kyle replies. 

“Thanks,” I say, grinning. “Do you want a ride to your apartment?”

“Sure,” Kyle responds. After Kyle give me the address, we drive to his apartment which was 15 minutes. After getting there I pull over and park in front of his place. 

“Well,” I start. “I guess this is goodbye.”

“Yeah,”Kyle says. “Uhh. Bran, if you want you can come up with me to have a couple of drinks and talk.”

“I would love that,” I reply smiling. I got out of the car and walk up the stairs with Kyle.




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