Ch. 22/Epilogue

I wake up with a start when I notice that Kyle was not in bed besides me. 

“Ky,” I yell as I get out of bed.

“In the kitchen,” Kyle yells back. I walk out to the kitchen area of Kyle’s apartment and there he was. He’s in just an apron and cooking.

“Morning,” I say.

“Good morning babe,” Kyle says as he turns around. He grins. He turns back to the stove and continue to cook. He then turns off the stove.

“Babe I want you to be in bed.” Kyle says.

“But-” I say confused.

“Go,” Kyle says. 

“Fine,” I say as I walk back. I sit on the bed. Sighing, I pick up a book and begin to read it when Kyle appears with a tray with food on it and a class of coffee and flowers as well. 

“Happy birthday my love,” Kyle says as he walk over the food to me. In the nude, I might add. 

Grinning from ear to ear, I laugh a bit. “Thanks,” I reply. 

He sits done on the bed while he watches me eat.

“What?” I ask. 

“Nothing,” Kyle says as he watches me eat. “You are so cute when you eat.” 

“No I am not,” I state.

“Yes you are,” he replies. He then kiss me on the lips. 

I continue to eat and drink my coffee. As soon as I finish, he takes the tray out with the dishes and wash them and put them in the washer. He then returns after finishing. 

“Hmm, I am going to give you your birthday present now,” Kyle says as he began to kiss me. 

“But,” I being.

“No buts,” Kyle says. He then kiss me which leads to a hot make out session. He takes off my shirt and my boxers leaving me in my naked glory.

“Hmmm,” I moan as he kiss my neck my chin and my chest. He then lick my nipples, making me moan and gasp.

“You like that babe?” Kyle asks.

“Yes,” I moan back. 

He then continued to lick my other nipple and lightly bit it, making me moan more. Once he is satisfied, he lick my stomach then my lower stomach, which then lead to  my penis. 

“Hmmmm” I moan. 

Kyle then kiss my penis and suck it, making me moan even more. 

“Fuck yeah,” I exclaim. “Suck my dick.”

“MMMMM,” Kyle moan back with his mouth full with my dick. 

He continue to suck and lick my penis and my testicles, making me moan and gasp as he continues to pleasure me.

“MMMMM keep that up babe,” I moan as he continue to pleasure me.

“Mmmm hmmmmm,” Kyle moan. 

I continue to moan as he sucks my penis, the mushroom head and testicles.

“Hmmm, I am so close babe,” I moan.

“MMM,” Kyle moan back.

“FUCK,” I exclaim as I ejaculate my semen into his mouth. Kyle keeps up with me as I shoot 6 ropes of semen in his mouth. 

“Damn,” I say as I breath deeply in the afterglow of my ejaculation. Hmmm, my dick is sensitive babe.”

Kyle then lets go of my penis.

“hmmmm , that was amazing,” Kyle says. 

“Yeah,” I say grinning. I kiss him, tasting me and my semen. Kyle then gets up to go shower.

“Want to join me?” He asks as he get up and walk to the shower nude.

“Yeah,” I say, grinning. I follow him to the shower. From there we wash each other’s bodies, hair and play each other penises for a bit. After showering together, we got out of the shower and got dressed. Kyle walks over to me and kiss me on the neck.

“Hey,” I say as I turn around and he kisses me on the lips too which lead to a make out session.

“I am going to have a birthday dinner with the family. Do you want to come?”

“Yeah,” Kyle says. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world. But I have to go babe.”

“Okay,” I say.

Kyle kisses me then orbs away. 

I sigh as he disappears. As soon as he is gone I got a call from my brother Ben,

“Happy birthday bro.”

“You too,”  I reply. “Cannot believe that we are 29.”

“I know right.” Ben replies. “You going through with this situation tonight?”

“Hell yeah I am,” I reply. “What about you?”

“Yeah,” Ben replies, grinning. “What are you doing now?”

“Nothing,” I reply. “Why?”

“Well I am going to treat myself for some birthday lunch. Do you wanna join?”

“Sure,” I say grinning. “How about Brian?”

“Sure thing,” Ben says. “We will see you in a few.”

“Alright then,” I say grinning and hang up the phone. Soon enough, after ten minutes of driving, Ben shows up at Kyle’s apartment. 

“Ready?” Ben asks.

“Yup,” I reply as I lock up the apartment. We both walk down to the car where my other brother Brian was sitting, waiting patiently.

“Well it is about time,” Brian exclaimed. “Do you know how hungry I am? Plus I am mad that I am hungry. So I am hangry.”

“Okay, Bry,” I reply laughing. “Hang in there. We are going to Ben’s restaurant for lunch then for dinner we are going to Old spaghetti factory.”

“Sounds good,” Brian says grinning. “Besides happy birthday guys.”

“Thanks,” Ben and I reply. 

 Ben drove for the next fifteen minutes before driving into the parking lot of his restaurant.

“You guys ready?” Ben asks.

“Yeah,” I say grinning. 

Ben, Brian and I then exit the car and walk to the restaurant. From there we walk to our table where the waiter takes our orders and serves us our food. After serving our food we eat it and have our desert while catching up with one another. After finishing desert, Ben turns to me and grins. 

“I will show you mine if I show you yours.” 

“Okay,” I say laughing.

“Wait, what is going on?” asks Brian, curiously.

Ben takes out a black box and open it. Inside it is an engagement ring. The 2 carat ring with a rose gold band.

“Wow,” Brian and I say. 

“She’s going to love it,” Brian continue. 

“Awesome job man,” I say grinning.

“Alright now your turn,” Ben says turning to me. 

I pull out a black box also and open it. Inside is a gold band with the design of intertwining with each other like a infinity sign.

“Wow, “ Ben and Brian says. 

“Yeah,” I say grinning.

“Is that the Doux bebe?” Ben asks.

“Yeah,” I say grinning. I take it out and show my twin and Brian the inscription: To my love and my partner. I love you to infinity and beyond. Love always and forever  -B.

“Okay that is amazing. I love it.”  Ben says grinning. 

“I know,” I say grinning. “Ready to propose to our significant others?”

“Yes,” says Ben. “You?”

“Yup,” I reply grinning. We all get up, I grab my ring and put it back into the box while Ben grabs his black box. We all walk out to the car and get in. We drive back to our apartment and walk to the couch. We sit there and flipping through channels when Kyle orbs out of nowhere.

“Hey guys,” Kyle greets us.

“Hey,” We reply. 

“Oh one more thing Happy birthday.” Kyle says grinning. He give me a bag with a box in it.

“What is it?” I ask

“Open it.” Kyle replies

I did and I see it is a bracelet which is a black diamond bracelet with stainless steel and nylon. 

“Wow,”  I say grinning. “I love it!”

“Really?” Kyle asks.

“Yeah,” I say grinning. “I am never taking it off unless it's for showers and washing things.”

“Okay,” Kyle says grinning. “Anyways I am heading over to my place so I can shower and dress so we will not be late for that dinner party for you guys.” 

“Okay,” I say grinning. 

“See you guys,” Kyle says to Ben and Brian.

“See you,” They reply. 

Kyle then orbs out. 

“Well I am getting ready for my birthday dinner,” Ben says grinning.

“Cool,” I say as Ben walk to the bathroom to shower.

“ I will shower after,” Brian says

“Ditto,” I say grinning. Brian and I go to our room so we can change. Once we are done changing I put the black box inside my jacket pocket, and walk out to the dining area with Brian to wait for Ben. After waiting for a few minutes Ben finally comes out to where we sitting at, dressed in khakis a polo shirt and a nice jacket. 

“You got the box?” I ask him

“Yup it is in the jacket pocket,” Ben says grinning. 

“Cool,” I say. “Let’s head to mom’s and dad’s.” 

We all leave to go to our parents house and pick them up. From there we all head to the restaurant where we will be meeting Kyle and Stacey. I am super nervous but also excited for this night because it is not only my twin my birthday but also the day that we propose to our significant others. 

Finally we arrive at the restaurant after fifteen minutes of driving. We all exit the car and walk in the restaurant.

“You guys ready?” our parents asks with grins on their faces.

“Yeah,” Ben and I reply. After sitting down a bit, Kyle and Stacey show up to the restaurant and soon enough we order our food  and dessert. As soon as we are done our parents grin and yells. 


“Fine,” Ben and I say grinning and get up and head to the head of the table.

“Thank you you guys for showing up and supporting us through thick and thin.” Ben and I both say.

“We couldn’t do it without you guys. Especially our parents.” I continue grinning. 

“I would like to make a toast to our parents and our family and significant others. Thank you guys.”

“Hear, hear,” everyone replies.

“Anyways I also have another announcement and so does Brennan. But I am going first since I am and will always be older than him by two minutes.” Ben says grinning. 

“And you will never let me forget that.” I say grinning. 

“Anyways,” Ben begins as he turn to Stacey. “Will you come up here with me?”

“Okay,” Stacey says, confused. 

“For those who don't know Stacey, she is my girlfriend for more than a year. She’s amazing woman who I love and adore.”

“Okay,” Stacey says, still a little clueless. 

“Stacey, I love you so much. You are my everything.” He kneels on the ground on one knee, in front of her and pull out a ring.

Stacy gasped with her hand to her mouth.

“Stacey Marie Montgomery will you give me the honor of being my wife?”

“Yes,” Stacey screams as she jump hugs Ben and kisses him as he stands up.

“Thousand times yes.” She says grinning. “Do I have to put the ring on myself?”

“No,” Ben says grinning. He put the ring on Stacey’s left ring finger. Ben then turn to me and grin.

“Your turn,” he whispers as he pass me. 

I grin and nod.

“Now it's my turn,” I say grinning. I turn to Kyle and grin. 

“Will you join me up here?” I ask

“Okay,” Kyle says. He get up and walk up to me.

“Kyle, you are my light and my life ever since I met you that day in high school. I love you so much. I promise to be there for you and love you to the moon and back. I am so lucky to have you in my life.” I kneel on the ground, on one knee and pull out a black box in front of him.

Kyle gasps as well.

“Kyle Matthew Benson will you give me the honor of being my husband?”

“Yes,” Kyle says as he hug me and kiss me. “I love you Bran.”

“I love you too.” I say grinning as I kiss him back. 

“I will like to make a toast to my twin sons and their fiances. That they may be happy and have a great life. To Brennan, Kyle, Stacey And Ben.”

“To us,” Ben, Kyle, Stacey and I say while Brian and our mom repeat our dad. 

After toasting and speeches we all left the restaurant and our parents take Brian so Ben and I can spend some time with our fiancé. Kyle and I drop off Ben and Stacey at Stacey’s place. We then drive back to our apartment. As soon as we get there Kyle grins.

“It's time for your second part of the surprise.”

“Oh really?” I ask giggling as he carry me upstairs. Once we reach our bedroom he grins and closes the bedroom door. We then make love that night sensually and intimately.

 I thought: I love this man so much and I want it last forever. How lucky I am to have him.


Couple Months later/Epilogue

After getting married to Kyle, Ben, Brian and I continue to fight demons. I also however find a new calling in my life which was teaching at an elementary school. Kyle on the other hand still helps out whitelighters to be and witches by teaching magic school after taking it back from demons. Ben continues to own his restaurant and keeps it as one of the top ten best in the area. Stacey on the other hand is still a child therapist but is taking off some time from work because she is pregnant with their first child. Kyle and I discuss surrogacy if and when we are ready to have a child. Soon enough we all will be able to pass on the fighting and all the knowledge on demons not only my children and grand children but to all future generations as well. This is why I believe that we are always charmed.




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