Ch. 15 Part 2

I wake up with a start next to an empty bed. I look around. Why the hell that Deja Vu feeling? 

“Morning sleepy head,” Kye says walking in.

“Morning,” I say. “You make me breakfast in bed?”

“Yeah,” Kyle says, kissing me on the forehead.

“Thanks,” I reply. “You going to ask me something right?”

“Yeah,” Kyle say puzzle. “How did you know?”

“You’re going to ask me to be your boyfriend.” I say. “Just to let you know I say yes.”

“Okay,” Kyle says.” How do you know I am going to ask you that?”

“I don’t know,” I reply. “Just have a feeling that I have been through this day before.”

“Really?” Kyle ask. 

“Yeah,” I say. “You’re about to ask me to shower with you.”

“Really,” Kyle ask. “How do you know?”

“Deja Vu,” I reply. “Anyways let me show you something. I walk to the window and see that McNelly’s car is parked on the street. Kyle follows me looking confused.

“In ten minutes the McNelly car will get sideswiped by some idiot.”

“You’re joking,” Kyle says. 

“Nope,” I say. Soon enough the McNelly’s car gets sideswiped.

“Okay,” Kyle says. “This is freaky.” 

“Want to know what’s freaky. You are going to go get ready and go to a charge because they need you. I will then go watch tv, then watch “Saving Private Ryan,” clean the apartment, and go  shopping. We go meet for lunch at Olive Garden. You will insist on paying. I agree just as long as I pay for dinner. We will then go to the movies and watch nerve. Oh one more thing. Aaron is back.”

“You’re bloody joking,” Kyle says.

“Nope,” I say. Kyle just looks at me shaking his head. “We have to go through this day like nothing happen,” Kyle says. 

“Okay,” I reply. Kyle and I shower together and jerk off each other in the shower to. Kyle then gets dress, leave for his job. I watch tv, then watch “Saving Private Ryan,” then clean the apartment. I however make a vanquishing potion for Aaron as well with the leftover flesh that I got from my apartment when Ben  is at work. I put in a couple of vials just in case Aaron decide to destroy one of them. I drive to the mall, window shop and go back to the apartment. I get a call from Ben, I talk to him, and hang up. I get ready for my lunch date, then we go watch nerve. After watching nerve, Kyle and I watch How to get away with murder. We go to dinner. This time however, is different because Aaron decide to do a sneak attack on me and Kyle.

Aaron was disguised as a waiter who walked up to our table.

“Do you need anything else?” 

“No,” I say looking up to Aaron and have a chill go right through me.

“Nice to see you again,” Aaron reply. 

“Aaron?” I ask shocked.

“In the flesh,” “And this is your whitelighter boyfriend?”

“As a matter of fact I am ,” Kyle says. Aaron  turn into his demon self and materializes an energy ball, about to throw it, when I blow it up in his face.

“What the?” Aaron says.

“What?” I ask. “What’s the matter?”

“I am just surprised.” Aaron says. 

“Good,” I say. “Here’s another surprise.” I throw the vanquishing potion at him, and he dodges it. I throw another one at him and this time it hit, and he blew up. 

“How did you know that he would arrive here?” Kyle asks.

“I didn’t,” I reply. “Just got a feeling. Can you get the elders to erase these people’s mind?”

“Sure,” Kyle says. He calls for the elders and they arrive. They replace everyone’s memory with something to fill in the blanks with memories that make sense to them. 

I call for the check and pay for it. Later on, we drove home and cuddled.

“Wanna watch--” Kyle starts

“How to get away with Murder?” I finish.

“Yeah,” Kyle says. 

“Sure,” I reply. We watch two more episodes, before going to bed.


Aaron screams his head off again, and appears next to the demon, Tempus.

“I swear,” Aaron starts. “That boy knows what is going on, or at least has a feeling.”

“Seriously?” Tempus says. “Then you know what you have to do. You have to do the sneak attack on him.”

“I agree,” Aaron say. “Third time's the charm.” 

Tempus turns back time for the last time.


I wake up with a deja vu feeling again. I reach over to see Kyle’s side of the bed empty. I hear the door open and see, Kyle walk in with a tray of food and coffee.

“Morning,” Kyle says as he kiss me on my forehead.

“Morning,” I say. “You make me breakfast in bed and ask me to be your boyfriend.”

“Yeah,” Kyle says. “How did you know?”

“Deja vu babe,”I reply. “I think this day happened more than once.” I eat my breakfast and rush to the window. 

“I will show you,” I say as I grab Kyle hand and walk him to the window. “In, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, car honks (car honks), skids, (car skids,) McNelly’s car (car hits). Thank goodness it's not my car right?

“How did you know?” Kyle asks, shocked.

“I don’t know,” I reply. “But I have a feeling that a demon is behind this. I think it's Tempus. He has the power to turn back time. He’s probably teamed up with Aaron so Aaron can kill me, you and Ben.”

“Okay,” Kyle says. “We need to go through this day like nothing happen.”

“Okay,” I say. “You’re about to ask me to join you in the shower eh?”

“Yes,” Kyle replies grinning. We shower together, wash each other's hair and body. After that we jerk off together. Kyle leave to take care of his charge. Once he is gone, I clean the house, watch tv, then watch “Saving Private Ryan,”  create more vanquishing potions for Aaron/Belbeirth before going to the mall. I window shop, drive home to see that Kyle and Ben there. 

“Hey,” I say.

“Hey,” Ben replies. “Kyle told me what’s going on.”

“Yeah,” I said. “Aaron is back and is working with a time looping demon named Tempus. Anyways did you make the potion with what’s left of Aaron’s/Balbeirth  skin?”

“Yeah,” Ben says. “I hope that is enough.”

“I think so,” I say. “If not then we will just use other vials I have prepared just in case. Besides we need to take Tempus out of the time he’s in. That’s the only way to kill him and breaking the time loop”

“Okay,” Kyle and Ben says. “How do you know?” they ask.

“Long story,” I reply.

We walk to the kitchen when Aaron breaks through the door. 

“Did you miss me, bastards?” Aaron asks in his demon self. 

“Nope,” I say, freezing him

“Say the spell now,” Kyle suggests to us.

“Winds gather around, give me wings to speed my way. Rush me on my journey forward, let tomorrow be today.” Ben and I chanted. 

The clock's hands move forward and Tempus look around. 

“Fuck a duck,” Tempus says as the clock hit midnight and Tempus go up in flames, combust and disappear. 

Aaron then unfreezes.

“What just happened?”

“Tempus is gone Aaron,” I say. “You are done.”

“No I am not,” Aaron/Belberith says. He marterlize an energy ball and throws it at me and Ben. I freeze it along with Aaron. Ben throws the potion at Aaron as Aaron/Belbeirth unfreezes. 

He goes up in flames then blow up.

“Well that’s the last of him that we have to worry about.” Ben and I say.

“I agree.” Kyle says grinning. “It’s a new day. What should we do?”

“Enjoy it.” Ben says grinning. “Want to go to Knotts since it is midnight?”

“Yeah,” Kyle and I say together. Ben and I leave Kyle’s apartment and walk to the car.

 “We need some rest bro.” I say.

“I agree,” Ben says. “Tomorrow, It’s Knott’s day. What could possibly go wrong?”


-The Underworld

The source appears with Nick, Jeremy, the Triad and a darklighter

“The twins vanquished most of my minions already.” the source starts. “It’s really starting to get on my nerves.”

“Hear, hear,” Jeremyw says. “I recommend we do something about that whitelighter of theirs.”

“Really?” The source asks. “What you suggest?”

“Kill the whitelighter. We can with the poison arrow of the Darklighter.”

“Hmm,” the source says. “That not a bad idea at all. That’s just might push the twins over the ledge to banish their powers. After all they will be lost without their whitelighter”

“I agree,” Nick says grinning. “Not only that, one of the twins is romantically involved with the whitelighter.”

“I am up for the job,” the dark lighter says.” I won’t let you down.”

“You better not,” the source states. 

The demons disappear together, leaving the source and the dark lighter. 

“You know what to do,” the source says.

“Of course your highness,” The dark lighter says and disappears. 

The source looks around for a moment then disappear as well.




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