Ch. 21 Part 1

I wake up with a start to someone kissing my stomach. I see that Kyle is moving down to my penis.

“Hey you,” Kyle says as he kisses my lower stomach and finally my penis. He begins to suck my penis, making me to moan.

“MMMM FUCK. That’s it. Suck my dick.”

“My pleasure.” Kyle replies. He sucks and licks my head. He continues to suck me. 

“MMMM fuck yeah,” I moan. “This is such a good way to wake up to.”

“Good.” Kyle says as he take his mouth of my penis. “You deserve some pleasure. I am going to service you then you will fuck my ass.” He then continues to suck me.

“YESS!!” I moan and inhale sharply, grabbing the sheets on Kyle’s bed as he continue to pleasure me. He continues to suck me.

“Babe, I am so close,” I moan.

“Hmmmmmmm,” Kyle moans back. He continues with licking and sucking my penis, the head and focusing on my balls. I continue to moan and groan. Finally,

“FUCCCCCK I AM CUMMMING,” I moan as I shoot my semen in Kyle’s mouth. Six shots and he keeps up with it. 

“Fuck,” I say as I catch my breath. He continues sucking a bit then finally remove his mouth. He swallows my cum and looks up and smile.

“I hope that was amazing for you as it is for me.” Kyle says.

“It is,” I reply, grinning. Kyle then kiss me on the lips. I can taste my cum in his mouth a bit. The kissing lead to a hot make out session. 

“Let’s eat breakfast then we can have dessert after,” Kyle says.

“Ok,” I say grinning. We both walk into his kitchen nude. There he cooks breakfast for the both of us which was toast, eggs and bacon. After eating in silence, Kyle clears the dishes and I help out a bit. Kyle then run the dishwasher. He then turn to me with grin and a mischievous smile.

“Ready for round two?” Kyle asks.

“Fuck yeah,” I say. I pick Kyle up and carry him to his bedroom.

“Wow,” Kyle says. “Stealing moves from me eh?”

“Shut it,” I say grinning. We enter his room and I gently put him on his bed. Once I finally did, I kiss him and he reciprocated the kiss.

The kiss then turns into a hot make out session. The make out session last a couple of minutes when I break it. I start to kiss his chest and sucking on his nipple leading him to grabbing the sheets and moaning my name.

“FUCK YEAH BRAN,” Kyle moans.

I continue to suck and kiss the nipples then his stomach and his lower stomach which then lead to his erect penis. I then lick his mushroom head, making him moan. I continue to pleasure him by sucking and licking his penis and testicles. He continue to moan as I pleasure him.

“Fuck babe I am so close,” he gasp and grab his bed sheets.

“Good,” I say taking my mouth off of his dick. “I want you to cum in my mouth.”

“Okay,” he say breathlessly. 

I continue pleasure him when he moan out


He ejaculated his semen in my mouth. 6 ropes of it. Once he is done ejaculating, his breathing started to slow down but I continue to suck him a bit. 

“Hmmmm,” he say. “That was good. Please let go, my dick is sensitive.” Kyle says. 

I remove my mouth from his dick. “Fuck man. I miss this.”

“Me too,” Kyle replies. We lies there side by side. I turn to him. “Want me to fuck that ass?”

“Yeah,” Kyle says. 

I roll over towards him to kiss him and that lead to another make out session when Kyle stop.

“Fuck,” Kyle says. “ I need to get ready and go. One of my charges need me.”

“Okay,” I say kind of disappointed. “Want to shower with me?” 

“Yeah,” Kyle says grinning. We walk to the shower together and get into it. There we wash each other’s hair, bodies and and play with each other penises then get out so Kyle can go help his charge and leave by orbing out after getting dressed. Once he have left, I got dressed in his clothes and just relax there since I had a brutal week at the bank. I watch a bit of tv when my brother calls me.

“Sup bro,” I say as soon as I answer the phone.

“Hey,” Ben says. “Where are you?”

“At Kyle’s” I say.

“Cool,” Ben says. “ I read the note. Anyways can you get here?”

“Sure,” I say. “Mind picking me up?”

“Why?” Ben asks. “Didn’t you take your car?”

“Nope,” I reply. “Kyle orb me to his place he just left to help out his charge.” 

“Okay,” Ben replies. “I will be there in ten.” 

“Okay,” I say as I hang up. I wait for ten minutes for Ben to show up. He finally knocks on the door and I open it. There I see Ben.

“Ready to go?” Ben asks. 

“Yeah,” I say. “Let me leave a note for Kyle.”

“Okay,” Ben replies. I write a note for Kyle then turn to leave to go with Ben when Ben yells

“Bran, look out.”

  I turn around to see a demon. I try to freeze him.


Brennan was writing the note and turn around to walk to join me when a demon show up.

“Bran, look out!” I say.

Brennan turn around and see the demon. He tries to freeze him .but the demon knocked him out. I try to use my power on him but to no avail. The demon pick up the unconscious Brennan and then flames out. 

Stunned and scared for Brennan I did the only thing that I can think of.

“KYLE,” I yell out. 

Kyle orbs here out of nowhere.

“Brennan, what?” Kyle says as he orb in. 

“Ben?” Kyle asks.

“Yeah,” I reply. “A demon attacked, he knocked out Brennan and kidnapped him.”

“What?” Kyle asks.

“Yeah. Can you go get Brian so we can go find where the hell that demon take him to?” I ask.

“Sure,” Kyle says as he orbs out.

“Please be safe Bran,” I say, sighing.


-The Underworld

The source is there along with the seer. 

“Well, I have Brennan. So all I have to do is to convince him that he is not a witch and that he is crazy. That will bring him to the breaking point and that will give up his brother’s and his powers as well.”

“Okay,” the seer say grinning. “I like the idea. How are you going to do that?”

“By projecting myself into his mind.”


-In Brennan’s mind-

I wake up with a start and see that I am the ground. 

“Owwww.” I say as I grab my head. I looked around confused. I see that there are other people walking around here and they seem mentally ill.

“What is going on?” I say. I try to grab the guy but he refuse my touch and runs away. 

“Kyle!!!!” I yell. 

“I am here,” Kyle says. He shows up dressed in a white doctor coat.

“What is going on? What are you wearing?” I ask

“I am a doctor Brennan.” Kyle says. “You are fine. You had an episode. You threw yourself against a wall and knocked yourself unconscious.”

“I don’t have episodes.” I say. “Brian, Ben.”

“Ben and Brian are here,” Kyle says. “Why are you calling for them.”

“They are my brothers Kyle,” I reply

“Brennan,” Kyle starts. “You don’t have any siblings. You are an only child.”

“Something is going on. I bet there’s a demon behind this.” I say

“Demons?” Kyle asks. “There are no demons Brennan. They are just a figment of your imagination.” 

“What?” I ask. “I vanquish demons everyday. They exists.”

“No they do not Brennan.” Kyle says. He then turns to a nurse. “Can I have Brennan’s medication since he needs them. It’s around the time he need to take the anxiety medication.”

“Kyle. I don’t have anxiety.” I say as I run out the door. I run out to the street and see a car is coming. 

“Crap,” I say. I try to freeze it but nothing works. I instantly get hit by the car and fall over it knocking me unconscious as it continue driving.


-The underworld.

Brennan was in a bubble and blood coming out of his mouth.

“Damn it.” the source says. “That took a lot more power than I anticipated to project into his mind.”

“Well,” the seer says. “You need help. Why don’t you focus on the other siblings.”

“No,” the source replies. “ I want that spell and I want Brennan to say it. Beside that should teach him a lesson” 

“Okay,” The seer says. The source continues to project into Brennan’s mind. 


-Brennan’s Ben’s and Brian’s apartment.

“Come on, come on. Work!” I say as I continue to try scrying for Brennan. Nothing shows up.

“Damn it.” I say. “I don’t get it. Why didn’t it work?”

“No idea,” Brian says. He takes the ingredients which are a pinch of rosemary, a sprig of cypress and a yallow root and put it in a bowl. “How about this. Power of the witches rise. Course unseen across the skies. Come to use who call you here. Come to us and settle here.” Nothing happens. 

“Dang it,” Brian says. “That didn’t work. Brian take a knife and prick his finger and let it drip in the bowl and he chants.

“Blood to blood I summon thee. Blood to blood return to me.” Still nothing.

“Okay,” Brian says. “This is really getting frustrating.” 

“Tell me about it,” I say. I turn to Kyle.

“Can you sense him?”

“Yeah. It is super faint. My guess he is in the underworld.” Kyle replies.

“Okay,” I say. “Why can’t we go and get him.”

“Because we don’t know what we are up against.” Kyle replies. “I will go check, ok?”

“Okay,” Brian says. “Hurry.”

“Alright,” Kyle says as he orbs out.

“I hope Bran is alright.” Brian says. 

“Me too,” I reply sighing. 


I orb into the underworld. From there I walk down to the corridor and from there I see that Brennan is in a bubble and some demon is holding his head. 

“Crap,” I say. Satisfied with the information and scared for Brennan and getting caught, I orb out to warn Ben and Brian what is going on.


I see that Kyle orbs back. “What is going on?”

“The source has Brennan in a bubble and is keeping him alive. He wants him to say the relinquishing spell.” 

“He would not do that,” Brian says. “Besides how does he know about that spell? I don't remember seeing it in the book.”

“I know,” I say. “Mom show it to us before ripping it out and throwing it away. She say that it's should never be in the book because our magic is a gift.”

“Okay,” Brian says. 

“I don't know what is going on but I know that the source likes mind games.” Kyle says. 

“Yeah,” I say. “So what are you getting at?”

“Why don’t we go into Brennan’s conscious and see what is going on?” Kyle says.

“Can we really do that?” Brian asks.

“Yeah” I say as I walk to the book. “ I think we can find a spell for that.” I start flipping through the book of shadows.


-Brennan’s mind.

I wake up with a start with a broken arm and everything hurts.

“You okay?” the doctor asks. “You just got hit by a car.” 

“Owww” I say.

“I know,” the doctor says. “There is only one way to help you. Say the relinquishing spell. You want a normal live don’t you. Do it for your family and Kyle. The doctor helps me into a wheelchair and roll me outside to the sun room. There Christian and his his wife arrive  with a baby boy. 

“Hi Brennan,” Christian says.

“Hey,” Christina says. “This is baby Ryan.”

“Hi,” I say to the baby.

“Okay, I this this is enough for one visit.” the doctor says. 

“Brennan. You need to get better. Say the spell.” 

“Do it Brennan,” Kyle says. “Do it for me, for you, for our future.”

“Okay,” I say. The doctor then roll my wheelchair to the part of the scenery. 

“Think about it Brennan. I know you will make a right choice.” He then leaves me there. Once he left, I start to cry and second guessing myself.


-Brennan’s, Brian’s Ben’s apartment.

“Ha, I found it,” Ben says. “Come on  Brian.” I wave Brian over as I write down the spell.

“What do we need for this spell.” I ask.

“Candles in a circle,” Brian says as he grab the candles, light them and put them in a circle.

“Ready?” I ask

“Yup,” Brian says. I enter the circle of Candles. “Kyle orb with Brian to the underworld and find a way to get to Brennan.”

“I will,” Kyle replies. 

“Life to life, mind to mind, my spirit will now intertwine. I mound my souls and journey to. The one whose thoughts I wish I knew. I lay unconscious on the ground and appear in Brennan's mind.


-Brennan’s mind.

“Bran,” I say rushing over to him. “We are here. Please don’t do this. I am your brother. Please don’t do this. There is a spell that can help us out.” 

“No more spells. Leave me alone. I don’t have any brothers.” Brennan says. 

The doctor storms out. “You are too late. Let them him watch while the charmed  powers disappear.

The other nurses hold me back while I try to fight to get to Brennan.

“Please don’t do  this,” I says. “Our magic is a gift.”

Ignoring my pleas  Brennan start to chant.

“From whence they come return them now. Vanish the words, vanish our powers.”

“No,” I say fighting back the nurses who are now holding me back.

“That’s it,” “Kyle says. “Just two more times.”

“From whence they come return them now. Vanish the words, Vanish our powers.”

“One more time,” Kyle says.

Brennan nodded.


I orb into the underworld with Brian and the Source sees me. He throws the electro ball at  me but misses because I orb out. I orb back in 

“I normally don't hit women but you’re an exception and I punch the seer in the face.”

Furious a demon throw a fireball at me and I orb out to which hit the seer who flames up and disappears

More furious the demon attack Brian who use his powers to move the energy ball and hit the demon, vanquishing it. Brian then turn to the source and blow him up, only hurting him. Pissed, the source flames out because he knows that he is outnumbered.

“Go to Brennan,” Brian says.

“Okay,” I say. I walk over to Brennan and put my hands on Brennan’s head.


-Brennan’s head.

“Don’t do it please.” Kyle says. Then imaginary Kyle and doctors disappears.

“From whence they come return them now.” I say.

“Don’t do it babe,” the real Kyle says grinning. “Ben is telling the truth. Kyle then wave his hand over my face and healing me.

“You’re my boyfriend?” I ask.

“Yup,” Kyle says grinning.

“Okay,” I say. “Good because that demon is freaking me out. He’s gone right?”

“Yeah,” Kyle says. “Let’s get out of here.” 

“I know how to ,” Ben says. Ben chant the spell and we appear in the underworld. 

“Well, that took you long enough,” Brian says. “Let’s get out of here.”

“Hear, hear,” Ben says. We all orb to our apartment.

“Well, will you be okay here?” Kyle asks.

“Yeah,” I say. “Been a long day. I just wanna eat dinner then hit the sack.”

“Okay,” Kyle says. He then orbs out. 

“I will cook dinner.” Ben says. He then go cook some steaks and potatoes. 

“Bon appetite,” he says as he he plate the food and put it in front of me, himself and Brian. We all eat in silence. As soon as we finish we all clear the table and put it in the dishwasher. Ben then starts it. 

“We have a long day. So I am going to sleep.” I say.

“Same,” Brian and Ben says. We all get up and wait for the bathroom and all hit the sack as soon as our heads hit the pillow.


-The underworld

The source appears with the new seer.

“That didn’t got as plan,” The source says.

“It's alright your highness,” the seer says. “We will find another way.”

“I did already,” the source says. “I am going to summon the hallow.”

“What? That is forbidden. That will go against the pact.” the seer says.

“Well, are you questioning my decision?” the source ask.

“Never,” the seer says. “I am just stating there might be other ways to go about this.”

“I know but I am choosing this way and no one will stop me.” the source says.

“Yes master,” the seer says. 

The source nodded then flame out, leaving the seer by herself. She sighs and then shimmer out. 

To be continued. 




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