Ch. 18

I was washing the dishes when Kyle orb behind me and hug me.

“I miss you,” Kyle says kissing my neck.

“I miss you too,” I say grinning. I turn around and kiss him. “Can’t wait for our double date tonight.”

“Same,” Kyle says. “I just wanted to pop in to see you.”

“Alright.” I say. Kyle kisses me. “I have to go since one of my charges is jingling at me.”

“Okay, mind if I jingle you later?” I say, smirking.

“Haha, maybe,” Kyle says and orbs out.

“Was that Ky?” Ben asks ask he comes out of his room, dressed in slacks and a nice dress shirt. 

“Yeah,” I say. “What are you doing up so early?”

“Oh,” Ben says. “Getting ready for my lunch and our double date later on.”

“Oh, nice,” I says. “What is her name?”

“Stacey,” Ben says. “She’s totally cool and you will love her.”

“Really?” I ask, grinning. 

“Yes,’ Ben says. “Oh, by the way we are going to my restaurant for dinner so it's on the house.”

“Seriously?” I ask.

“What?” Ben says. “Can’t a guy show off?”

I  scoff. “Fine. Just don't blame me if she thinks you are cheap.”

“Okay then.” Ben says. He then grabs his phone, wallet and keys. “I will see you at dinner.”

“Okay,” I say. I watch Ben leaves. I begin to clean the apartment again when I get a phone call. I stop what I was doing and look at my phone to see that my brother, Brian is calling me.

“Hey,” I say as soon as I pick up.

“What up, my brother,” Brian says giggling.

“Nothing much,” I reply. “Just cleaning. What is going on with you?”

“Well not much. Just hanging,” Brian says “Oh,  I mean to tell you that I talk to dad and mom and they are completely on board with this. I even talk to Ben.”

“Okay,” I say puzzle.

“Well,” Brian says. “I am moving in with you and Ben so that we can have the power of three under the same roof.”

“Seriously?” I ask 

“Yeah,” Brian says. “Do you have a problem with that?”

“No,” I say. “I love it. Just that we only have two bedrooms so one of us with share it with you or me or Ben will sleep on the couch.”

“Nah,” Brian says. “Its cool. I talked to Ben and he says that I can room with him.”

“Alright,” I say laughing. “Just FYI Ben kicks in his sleep. So be prepared for that.”

“What?” Brian asks. “He kicks in his sleep?”

“Yeah,” I say. “So you can either room with me who doesn’t kick or you can room with Ben who does kick. All up to you.”

“You,’”Brian says quickly.

“Alright you make a wise decision,” I say laughing. 

“Alright,” Brian says. “I will see you tomorrow or Tuesday so I can move in.”

“Cool,” I say. “Later bro.”

“Later,” Brian says as he hang up. After Brian hangs up I continue to clean the apartment and wash the dishes. Once I am satisfied that it is all good, I get ready to go to the mall to window shop. I walk around to kill time. I even stop and eat potato corner. Once I am done with my snack, I continue to window shop. After window shoping I decided to go back to the apartment and kill time there by watching movies on my netflix. After watchng couple movies on netflix, I shower and get ready for the double date with Ben and his date. As soon as I finish getting ready, Kyle, who is dress in slacks and a nice dress shirt, orbs in.

“Hey,” Kyle says as he walk towards me.

“Hey,” I say smiling. Kyle and I kiss. 

“Ready for the double date?” Kyle asks.

“Yup,” I say. I kiss him again when Ben enters the apartment.

“Awwww,” Ben says. “That is cute.”

“Shut up,” I say as I break the kiss. 

“Alright,” Ben says. “We are going to drive to Stacey’s and pick her up.”

“Cool,” I say. I grab the keys when Ben grabs them from my hand.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

“I am driving,” Ben says, grinning. 

“Fine,” I say. We all leave the apartment and walk to the parking structure. From there we drive to Stacey’s apartment. Ben then park the car. He gets out of it and walk to the door. He knocks on it. Someone open it and let him in. 

“Well, what do you think they are doing?” Kyle asks.

“I really don’t know,” I say. As soon as I say that I see that Ben and is coming out with a girl in a sundress. They walk to the car.

“Guys, this is my date, Stacey.” Ben says.

“Hey,” Stacey says. 

“Hey,” Kyle and I reply. 

“I am Brennan. This is my date Kyle.”

“Cool,” Stacey says. We drive to the resturant. Once we get there, Ben use the vallet parking and toss the keys to the guy.

“Thanks for helping me out Kev,” Ben says.

“No problem boss,” Kevin replies smiling. We all walk into the resturant and a hostess greats us. 

“Mr. Halliwell,” the hostess says. “Let me show you guys to your seat.”

“Okay Darcey” Ben says grinning. He turns to his date, Kyle and me. “Don’t get lost guys.”

“We won’t,” I say. We follow them to our table which is in the back.

“Thanks,” Ben says once she show us to our seats. 

“No problem, Ben.” Darcey says then leaves. We all stare at him.

“What?” Ben says. “It handy to know the hostess and the vallet people by name.”

“Nothing,” Stacey says, breaking the silence. “I am just impresssed that you remember people’s names.”

“Yeah,” Ben says, grinning. Soon enough the waiter comes to our table to take our ordrers. Once he finishes taking the orders, he leaves. 

“So how do you guys know each other?” Stacey asks me and Kyle

“High school,” Kyle says. “We lost touch a bit over the years but we reconnected and been going strong ever since.”

“Yeah,” I say, in agreement, smiling.

“Awww, that is so cute,” Stacey says. 

“So how did you meet my twin?” I ask.

“Well,”  Staceysays. “We meet at the cycling class and from there we hit the juice bar. We just hit off.”

“That’s awesome,” I say grinning. “Ben here is an awesome guy but he can be a little annoying.”

“Hey,” Ben says defensively.

“I am joking,” I say, grinning. “Ben is a great guy.”

“Yeah,” Stacey says. Soon enough the waiter bring our food. We all eat in silence. Once finish, we learn more about Stacey. She is a child psychologist who work with special need children. Once we are done with dinner and talking, Ben starts to get up and turn to me.

“Ready guys?” he asks

“Yeah,” Stacey says. “But don’t we need to pay?”

“No,” Ben says. “It is on the house. So we can can leave if we need to.”

“Cool,” Stacey says. “I think I should be heading out since I am beat.”

“Yeah,” Kyle says. “Me too since I have an early day.”

“Okay,” Ben says. “We will take Stacey home then you Ky.”

“Okay,” Stacey says. We all walk to the vallet parking and wait for our car. Once we got it, we took Stacey home and dropped her off. Once we leave, we drive to our apartment. There, we enter the aprtment to see that Brian is already there and our parents.  “Hey,” Brian says. “How are you guys?”

“Good,” we reply. I walk up to Brian and give him a hug. “How are you guys?” I ask my parents

“Good” our mom says. 

“That’s good,” I say grinning. “This is a surprise that Brian is here already.”

“Yeah,” my dad says. “He just can’t wait to move in with his favorite brothers. Anyways we need to head out. Early day. Anyways behave Brian.”

“Yes dad.” Brian says. “Byes guys.”

‘Bye,” Our parents replies. We all watch our parents leave. As soon as they leave Brian turn to me and smile . “It’s awesome to have the power of three under one roof, huh?“

“Yeah,” Ben says, ruffling his hair. “Is that everything?”

“Yeah,” Brian says. “For now. Mom and Dad will drop the rest off tomorrow.” He notices Kyle.

“Who is this guy?” Brian asks. 

“Oh, this is Kyle.” I say grinning.

“Cool,” Brian says. “Nice to meet you man.”

“You too.” Kyle says. Brian turns to me.

“Does he know?” he asks.

“Yes,” I say. “Also he is our new whitelighter.”

“Really,” Brian asks. He then look at Kyle and me. “Are you dating a whitelighter?”

“Yeah,” I say. “Got a problem with that?”

“No,” Brian says. “Wait I have an imaginary friend name Kyle. You guys are not the same person. He turns to Kyle “Right?”

“We are,” Kyle says. “Sorry, I disguised myself as an imaginary friend, so I could help you use your powers and handle you easier.”

“Wow,” Brian says. “You are amazing.”

“Thanks,” Kyle says. “Anyways I am heading out. Early day.”

“Alright,” Brian says. “Later.”

“Later guys,” Kyle says. Kyle turn to me. “Good luck on your first day of job tomorrow babe.”

“Thanks,” I say. Kyle orbs out.

“Alright,” Ben says. “Who is ready for some sleep?”

“Not I,” Brian says as he race to the T.V. He turns it on and switch the channel to cartoon network.

“Okay, I say grinning.” I turn to Ben. “You joining us?”

“Nah,” Ben says. “I am heading to bed but first I will text Stacey.”

“Alright,” I say. Ben heads to his room.

“Ready for some tv?” Brian asks grinning.

“Of course,” I say. We turn on the tv when Stacey appears out of no where.

“Stacey?” I ask. “What is going on?”

“I just got kidnap,” Stacey says. “A demon attacked me, thinking I am a charmed one. I am somewhere in the city. Hurry.” Stacey’s astral self then disappear.

“Ben!” I yell. 

“What?” Ben ask running out of his room in his boxers, holding a bat.

“What’s up with the get up?” Brian asks, laughing.

“Shut up,” Ben says. 

“Stacey got kidnap.” I say. “She astral projeceted here.”

“Seriously?” Ben ask. “She’s a witch.”

“Yeah,” I say. “Now that we know she is a witch, we can scry for her.”

“Okay,” Ben says. “Let’s get on it.” We all walk over to the table to scry for Stacey. We scry for her after ten minutes, the crystal lands on the map at the area where Stacey is.

“Come on,” I say. We all leave the apartment and drive to the area where Stacey is.


The demon appears with me when I break free from him by kicking him. 

“Hold on there, my pretty,” the demon says. “I have to bring you to my boss.”

“Nick,” the demon says. “ I got what you wanted.”

Nick appears out of nowhere. “What do you want?”

“I have one of the charmed ones here.” He push me in front of the demon name Nick.

“Are you kidding me?” Nick yells. “She is not a charm one, you imbecile.” He hits the demon upside the head. “They are guys. The twins Ben and Brennan. Begins with a B.”

“Seriously,” the demon says. “I thought the charmed ones are girls and have P names.”

“I don’t have a P name,” I say. I am shocked that my guy is a witch. Not only that but he is a charmed one. Seeing that Nick and the unknown demon is distracted I use my power to astral project to the twins. I tell them what happen and return all within 4 seconds.

“Seriously,” the demon ask. “Gosh, I am so sorry.”

“No matter,” Nick says. “I will go after them myself. One thing I learned is that if you want soemthing done right, you have to do it yourself.” He turns to the demon. “Imbecile,” and hits him on the head again. Nick leave and the demon begins to whimper. 

“I am sorry,” the demon yell after Nick.

“Seriously,” I ask. “You’re whimpering? What kind of demon are you?”

“None of your business,” the demon replies and begins to walk towards me. He materlizes an energy ball and throws it at me but I move it out of the way. I throw a potion at the demon and he dies. I sigh. Well know all I have to do now is wait for the twins to show up I thought.


 After driving for like 15 minutes we get to the area where Stacey supposedly is. We enter the room and there we see Stacey. We rush over to Stacey.

“You okay?” Ben asks Stacey.

“Yeah,” Stacey. “Nick just left.” 

“Okay,” I say. “Let’s get out of here before he returns.” We all get up and were about to leave when out of nowhere Nick returns.

“Leaving so soon?” Nick.

“Yeah,” I say.” "Didn't  I vanquish you from somewhere?"

“Really,” Nick says. “You know I can’t do that.” He walks towards me and points a ring at me but it does nothing.

“Seriously,’ I ask. “Is that ring still suppose to scare me?” I freeze him.

“Move him,” I say to Brian and he did. Nick unfreezes. 

“Freeze him,” I say to Brian and Brian did.

“Get him! Get him right in the face!” Stacey yells in the background swinging her fists in the air.

“Hold our hands!” I continue and he does. 

“Yeah show him whose the boss,” Stacey yells from the side, knowing that they are about to use the famous powerof three spell.

“Lavender, Mimosa, holy thistle. Cleanse this evil from our midst. Scatter it’s cells through out time. Let this Nick no more exist.” Ben, Brian and I chanted. 

Nick spins around screaming his head off and explodes.  We hide our faces because of the explosion. Once that is done Brian, Ben and I rush over to Stacey who is in awe and shock

“Are you okay?” I ask.

“Yeah, you guys got him so hard!” Stacey says. “You guys are the Charmed ones?”

“Yeah,” Ben says. “I am sorry that I didn’t tell you. Forgive me?”

“Yeah,” Stacey says. “I didn’t tell you guys that I am a witch too. So I also understand. Anyways I have heard so much about you guys. You guys are, like, literally, like, so great! I am like, totally you guys’ biggest fan! I definately don’t want to be on your bad side after seeing that”

“Thanks,” Brian says grinning. “ We are flattered. Ready to head on home?”

“Yeah,” Ben, Stacey and I replies, grinning. We all walk to the car and drive to Stacey to her house again. 

“Here we are agian,” I say as I pull to the curb. “Ben, do a demon check, okay?”

“I am on it,” Ben says. He walks Stacey to her door. They both enter the house and walk in.

“Good idea,” Brian says grinning looking at me.

“Yeah,” I say. I finally see Ben leaves and then turn around and kiss Stacey. He walks down the steps and to our car.

“What?” Ben asks.

“Nothing,” I say. “Just happy for you.”

“Same,” Brian says. I drive us back to our apartment. Once we are there, we all get ready for bed and hit the sack. Soon enough we are off to dream land.




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