Ch. 6.

My Saturday got pretty interesting. After confessiong our love for each other, we messed around with some more hot jerk off sessions. But like all good things, it must come to an end. Aaron announced that I needed to be home because he has some stuff to do. I agreed and told him the same thing. After he left,  I closed the door and went upstairs again. I go to Ben’s room and knocked on it. 

“Come in,” Ben says. I did and see that he is shirtless and playing video games. 

“Today was pretty interesing huh?” I ask

“Yeah,” he says. “You can say that.”

“With the whole you guys coming out and stuff,” Ben say. “Plus fighting off Jeremy.”

“Yeah,” I say. “Well I am beat so I am going to head off to bed.”

“Okay,” Ben says. “Good night.”

“Night,” I say and walk to my room. It is almost midnight and I decide to call Aaron.

“Hey babe,” I say

“Hey yeah back,” he says. “What’s up?”

“Oh nothing much,” I reply. “Just miss you,”

“Aww,” he says. “I miss you too. “Can we discuss something.”

“Yeah,” I say. 

“Can we keep this a secret? I am not ready to be out to my family and friends yet. 

“Yeah,” I say. “I understand. “Ben and my parents already know that I am gay but only Ben knows that we are dating if that is okay?”

“Yeah,” Aaron says. 

“Cool,” I say. “It’s okay that we pretend to be friends for awhile. Anyways I was wondering if my boyfriend would want to go out with me this Friday”

“Yeah,” Aaron says. “I would love to. Can’t wait to see you on Friday. 

“Me too,” I say 

“Well I am beat so I am going to sleep,” Aaron say. 

“Yeah,” I say me too. “I love you Aaron.”

“I love you too Bran.” Aaron says.

 After that we both hung up and hit the sack. The next day was pretty uneventful for me which was amazing. I just got up go to church, lunch and text Aaron throughout the day, do some reading, talk to Aaron on the phone and headed to bed. The next day I wake up and head on downstairs to see that my twin and my parents are already there.

“Hey,” I say greeting them and grabbing an apple . 

“Hey to you too,” Ben says. “You’re awfully chippy and smiling. Is there anything new?”

“Shut up,” I say punching him 

“Hey,” our mom says. “Watch your tone. It’s too early for this. Anyways you guys got school to go to.”

“Yes mom,” Ben and I say.

Ben got up and drink his orange juice and grabbed a granola bar. He also grabbed his bag, back pack, wallet and phone. “You’re driving today, bro.”

“Fine,” I say. I grab the same things as Ben with one more item, the keys. We both kiss our mom good bye on the cheek and head out the door. We head to the car and I start the engine. 

“So?” Ben asks.

“So what?” I say

“Are you guys an item?” Ben asks

“Yeah,” I say. “Don’t tell anyone. Please. Aaron and I want to tell other people at our own time.”

Fine,” Ben says. He turn on the radio and switch to the station that we both love. I start the engine and drive to the school. 10 minutes went by until we got there. I park the car and get out. There I see the sexiest guy on the mortorcycle there. He took of the helmet to revealed himself to be Aaron.

“Hey,” I say

“Hey,” Aaron says. 

“Hi, Aaron,” Ben says grinning. “How’s that head of yours?”

“Yeah,” Aaron, Ben and I hear a voice. “I was wondering about that. We turn around to see Oliver and Gary there with their dates.”

“Fine,” Ben says. “I crash at Ben’s and Brennan’s. Brennan was such a sport and he let me sleep on his bed while he took the couch.”

“Really?” Gary asks. “He slept in your bed?”

“More like passed out,” I say laughing. “I was lucky enough that he didn’t puke on my pillow.”

“Shut up,” Aaron says as we both walked to our lockers. Once we got to the lockers, I say bye to Aaron, Gary and Oliver since they already have their stuff and decided to go to class. Ben and I continue to our lockers and there we see Kevin, one of the biggest bullies in the high school. He was picking on a Freshmen. 

“Hey kid,” Kevin says. “Give me your lunch money.”

“W--w-w-w-Why?” stuttered the scared kid. 

“B-b-b-b-becasue I s-s-s-say s-s-so” mocked Kevin. Kevin was not alone He has his group of minions around him. They are Justin and Ryan. They are really the cruelest students of this school. To be honest, seeing this make my blood boil.

“Ugh,” I say. “I really want to freeze them and have you move them across hallway so hard that their heads will spin.”

“I know,” Ben says as he closed his locker after he grabbed his books. “But there is nothing we can do about it. We use our powers to protect the innocent not punish the guilty.”

“I know,” I say while opening my locker to grab my books I needed and close it. “It just sucks.” 

“I agree,” Ben says. We both walk past the bully bullying the freshmen and act like we didnt see it. However, I got involve and stop the bullying. 

“Hey,” I say. “Pick on someone your own size.”

“Why,” Kevin asks. “It is much fun to do that.”

“Shut up,” I say to Kevin. I turn to Ryan and Justin. “Dont you have a class to go to .

“Yeah,” Justin says. Fnally the boys left leaving the bullied alone.

“Hey,” I say. “I am Brennan. This is Ben.” 

“Hi,” the boy says. “I am Kyle.”

“Nice to meet you.” I say. “I am sorry that you have to go through that. Did he take your lunch money?”

“No,” Kyle says. “He stop the moment you intervened. 

“Okay.” I say. “Well, if you need anything, dont hesitate to look for me okay?”

“Okay,”Kyle says. I give Kyle my number and so did Ben. After we say our good byes, Kyle left to go to class. 

“We better get to class,” I say

“Yeah.” Ben says. We are walking to class when something caught my eye. Something very familiar about the guy standing there enjoying the show. Something very familiar about it. 

“Ben,” I say. 

“Yeah,” he asks.

“Does that guy look familiar to you?” I ask pointing very discretly at  the guy watching the bully going at the freshmen. Ben look at the guy that I was pointing at and froze.

“Holy,” Ben says

“Shhh,” I interrputed him. The guy there that was watching the whole bullying the went down was still there and smiling. 

“It can’t be,” Ben says as we walk to claass undetected by the guy

“It is,” I say. We walk past the guy who was standing there and my suspicion was correct. It is the warlock that our mom and our aunts had vanquished. The warlock’s name is Nicholas. He is still alive and kicking, but has a different appearence. A younger, healthier apperance. He’s back and  is looking for vengence. 




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