Chapter Twelve

The blare of my alarm woke up up with a start. I hit the snooze button and jump out of bed. I walk to my bathroom to shower, shave and brush my teeth. After getting dressed in my slacks and a dress shirt, I open my door and walk into the living room area. There I see Ben in the kitchen area, cooking shirtless with an apron covering his torso, in his tight fitting boxer briefs.

“Morning,” Ben says turning to me. 

“Morning,” I say looking at him. “Why don't you have clothes on?”

“Oh,” Ben replies. “I don't want them getting messed up with food and stuff since I will be needing it later on.”

“Okay,” I say grinning. “Then why don't you use some other clothes?”

“Because A, I am hot and B, I need a picture of me shirtless with an apron.” Ben says. 

“Why?” I ask.

“Hello. I need a picture to impress the ladies on this app called tinder.”

“Really?” I ask. 

“Yeah,” Ben replies. He shows me some pictures of himself shirtless, with a shirt and sunglasses, no sunglasses, and with a puppy.

“Uhh. Where did you get a puppy? We don't have one of those.” I ask.

“I borrowed the neighbor’s.” Ben replies.

“Really?” I ask, shaking my head. 

“What?” Ben asks. “Chick digs guys with puppies.”

“Alright then,” I say grinning. “You signed up for tinder?”

“Yeah,” Ben says. “You have a problem with that?”

“No,” I say. “Just shocked.”

“Okay,” Ben says grinning. There is a beep and Ben look at his phone. 

“Got a new message from a chick.” Ben says grinning, showing me his phone and message. 

“Cool,” I say grinning. “Happy for you. Apparently she likes you, and wants to meet you today.”

“Yup,” Ben says grinning. He put on a white shirt, pants and his chef coat. “Anyways I need to head to work. So do you. I will see you at dinner.”He grabs his phone, wallet and keys. 

“Okay,” I say. Ben opened the door and left. After seeing him leave,  I got ready to leave when I got a text from my mom.

There was an earthquake around our area. We are fine, but there’s a large sinkhole on the area.

I replied.


I get ready and leave. I close the door and lock it. I go to my car, unlock it and start the engine. I drive to the my work place, which is 10 minutes from Ben’s and my apartment. I walk in through the office doors and see that my coworkers were in motion and working already. I walked into my office, checked my emails, my messages and sighed. Today will be a long day I thought. 


The black smoke followed Brennan undetected. This smoke is referred to as the Woogey man and he escaped from the sinkhole that appeared after the earthquake. He followed Brennan at a safe distance so that he would not be seen. He watched as Brennan entered the office and decided it was time to make his move.


I am in my office when my boss walk in and ask for the papers that he needs. I give them to him and he left. He’s looked at it and smiled.

“Good job Bran,” my boss says, turning to me.

“Thank you sir,” I reply. “If you have any questions, do no hesitate to ask me.”

“Will do,” my boss says and left. He closes the door. Grinning, I get up to go meet up with some of my coworkers for lunch. After eating lunch, my co works and I head back to the company and I enter my office. After a few uneventful minutes of work, I get up to go to the bathroom. I walk to the bathroom to go to a urinal so to urinate. I finish, zip up and turn around when I come face to face with the black smoke. I stop.

“You can’t take me. I am a good witch.” I say.

“Aww. It doesn’t matter,” it replies. “I will always find away to get my victims.”

“No,” I say. “I am light. I am one too strong to fight. Return to dark where shadows dwell.” 

The woogey man had its smokey hands around me. 

“You cannot have this Halliwell.” I say. 

The wooegy man laughs and dives into my body to possess me. I try to fight him off but he’s too strong. I struggled to the bathroom mirrors. There I see my eyes turn black and then turned into my normal hazel eyes. I walk out of the bathroom. My boss sees me and calls out my name.


I turn around and see my boss following me. 

What the fuck now? I think.

“Can I ask you something about the report?”

“Why?” I ask.

“Because you say that if I need ask questions I can,” my boss says. 

“Well, I changed my mind.” I say. “Why don’t you go figure it out yourself. You’re the boss.”

“I am,”my boss says. “ I demand you to tell me.”

“Demand?” I ask. “Fuck you! Go do it yourself!”

“What do you mean?” my boss says. “What’s gotten into you, do you want me to fire you?”

“Fire me, you prick,” I say. “I am sick and tired of you and to be honest I think you have a really small penis.”


“Fine,” I say.  I make a knife appear with some black smoke, but then changed my mind and made it disappear. I go to my office to pack my desk with the box and left. I pass my boss and my coworkers and without another looking. Before I left, I grabbed the air with my hand and tightened my boss’s tie and he chokes a bit. 

I walk to my car and enter it. There were voices in my head.

You need to kill Ben. He’s the reason that this happened to you. But first, why don’t you mess with him and his date as payback. I grinned at the end of the the thought and drove home.


 I enter my apartment and went onto Ben’s laptop. I went into my brother’s tinder account and saw the location where Ben and his date Tiffany were going to meet up. I got the address and message Tiffany that I wanted to change our meet up time and meet up now. She agrees. I left, locked up the door to meet up with Tiffany. 

I drove to the cafe, parked the car and got out. I walk over to a free table and sit down. There I wait for Tiffany. After a few minutes I saw Tiffany coming this way and grinned. 

“Hey Ben,” Tiffany says.

“Hey,” I respond. “Want to order?”

“Sure,”Tiffany says. “What are you having?”

“I will probably have a Cesar salad with some water,” I say grinning. “Sorry about the sudden change of plans.”

“No problem,” Tiffany says taking my hand. “I feel like we really connect.”

“Thanks,” I say. “I…” 

“What is it?” Tiffany ask, then the waiter came with our food. 

“I will tell you after we eat.” I reply. 

“Okay,” Tiffany says hesitantly. We begin to eat and had a little bit of small talk. After eating our fill, Tiffany turns to me. 

“So what did you want to say?”

“Ok I’m just going to cut to the chase, I’m not actually straight, but I need date a girl in order to look straight, so I want to ask if you would like to pretend to date me.”

There was a shocked and slightly disgusted look on her face.

“Is that a yes?” I say. 

Tiffany got up and walked over to me and slapped me square across the face. 

“How dare you. Why the fuck are you waste my time? Do you get off of you leading girls on? You make me sick.” She storms off. I pay the tab and walked to my car grinning. I checked the rear view mirror and saw the crazy chick left a red mark on my face. I touched it and grinned. 

Now you know what to do. Finish Ben off. I smiled in agreement. I drove back to the apartment and notice that Ben was there already.

“Hey,” I say. 

“Hey,” Ben replies. “ I just got a text from Tiffany. She’s telling me I’m a horrible person for leading her on when I’m gay. Do you have any idea why she would such a thing?”

“No I don’t” I reply.

“Well I think you do,” Ben says. “Why was my laptop open on Tinder when I came back home?”

“Why?” I ask. “You don’t get to know why.” I materialized a knife with smoke and threw it at Ben. 

Ben dodged the knife, shocked

“What the hell Brennan? What did you do that for?”

“Because you’re an ass,” I say. I materialized an energy ball and threw it at him. Ben deflect the energy ball and it hit something else. 

“What the fuck?!” Ben exclaims. I threw another one and another one. Ben kept dodging them. Ben dodges the last energy ball and yells.


Kyle appears out of nowhere. I throw an energy ball at Kyle and it missed Kyle by inches as he orbs out of the way. Instead of hitting Kyle, it hit a toaster. 

“That was a great toaster!” Ben yells.

“It was a stupid toaster,” I say laughing. “You guys make me sick.” I threw Kyle and Ben out the apartment. They landed right on their backs. I close the door on them. 

“What was that?” Kyle asks. “Is Bran possessed or something?”

“ I think so,” Ben says. “How else would you explain his behavior?”

“Puberty?” Kyle asks. 

“...Really?” Ben responds. “I think it’s the woogey man.”

“Seriously?” Kyle asks.

“Yup,” Ben says. He gets up and walk over to the door to touch it. It shocks him which sends him across the hall a bit and he falls on his ass.

“You okay?” Kyle asks, helping up Ben. 

“Yeah,” Ben replies. “Just bruises on my ass and dignity.” 

“Here let me try,” Kyle says

“Dude it is not going to work.” Ben states.

“Let me try,” Kyle replies

“Fine,” Ben says. “Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Kyle walked up to to door and touched it. He instantly got electrocuted. He got knock off his feet and land on his back.

“You okay?” Ben asks.

“Yeah,” Kyle says.  “Why don’t you jut orb in?” Ben asks.

“Right,” Kyle says. He takes Ben’s hand and orbs in the apartment. There they see that I am  watching tv.

“We are back,” Kyle says. 

“We are getting you out woogey man.” Ben continues.

“No you are not,” I say in a deep, different voice. “He is mine now.

“Really?” Ben asks. “I am light. I am one too strong to fight.”

Brennan boy reacts. Ben continue to chant “ Return to dark where shadows dwell. You may not have this Halliwell. Brennan body convulsed and the Wooegy man’s black smoke starts leaking out. Ben continues with “So go away and leave my sight. And take with you this night.” 

The Wooegy man disappears with a echoing scream. Brennan opens his eyes and looks up at Ben and Kyle. He sees the destruction in the apartment. 

“Did I do this?” I ask. 

“Yeah,” Ben says. “Along with getting fired and getting Tiffany to hate me. Plus you tried to kill me and Kyle.”

“Damn it,” I say. “I’m sorry. Something took over my body.”

“It’s alright,” Kyle says. “I will help you with the clean up.”

“Ky,” I start. “That’s not necessary.”

“Its fine, Bran,” Kyle says poking my face. We will clean up the apartment together. Afterwards, Kyle comes up to us.

“I have to go,” Kyle says. “I have some other charges that needs me. I will see you guys soon. Remember, I’m just a call away. Also, Bran if you need a job, I know an opening at a bank. It’s a bank teller position.”

“Okay, thanks Ky,” I respond.

“No problem,” Kyle says. “I’ll see you later.”

“Okay,” Ben and I respond “See you.”

Kyle orbs away. Ben turned to me and I look at him.

“I’m sorry,” I say. 

“It’s fine,” Ben replies. “I will think of something for Tiffany.”

“No,” I respond. “We will think of something for Tiffany.”

“I agree,” Ben says. “Also, that was my favorite toaster...”

“It sure was,” I reply laughing. “ I really am sorry. We will get another on”

“It’s alright,” Ben says, hugging me. “ We sure will. We are not really the Charmed ones unless we date a demon, try to kill our siblings and or turn into something.”

“True,” I say, laughing. “I love you.”

“Love you too,” Ben says. “See you tomorrow?”

“Yeah,” I say. “Just going to change and relax for a couple minutes. I will see you at dinner.”

“Okay,” Ben says watching Brennan go to his room.


As soon as Brennan left I walked over to my toaster that was destroyed by Brennan when he was possessed. I touched the toaster. 

“It’s okay, Billy Bob... It’s okay... Papa is here.” I said, hold the toaster, petting it.




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