Ch. 20

I wake up with  start due to the fact that there some noises outside. I groan as a sit up, stretch and finally get out of bed. I paddle across my room and open the door. I walk to the family room/kitchen. There I see Brian struggling with something in the kitchen which set off the smoke alarm. Ben was just standing there watching.

“Seriously,” Ben asks as he walks over to the smoke alarm and fix it.

“Gah, this is not good.” Brian says as he take out a plate of burned baked goods. “This is a second batch.”

“Morning,” I say and whistle using my fingers.

Brian and Ben turn around to look for the noise only to find me standing there. 

“Hey,” Brian and Ben says. 

“What is going?” I ask

“Well, Brian here volunteered to bake some baked goods for me so I can give them to Stacey but he accidently burn them. Hopefully the third batch will be good.” Ben says

“Alrighty then,” I say. “First time baking?”

“Yeah,” Brian says as he take out the burn batch and sighs. 

“Okay. Hey it's  sweet of you to help Ben out” I say. “That's really sweet of you also for having that idea for Stacey.” I continue

“Thanks,” Ben says. “  Ben continue with, “Thanks Bry for trying.” He turns to me and say “ That is what I was going for. Anyways we need to do something.”

“What do you mean?” Brian asks

“Well remember yesterday when two freaking demons show up to warn us that the triad is back?”

“Yeah,” I say. “What about it?”

“Well, we probably should find a way to end them.” Ben states.

“Probably,” Brian says. “It’s just that going up against the triad will be difficult. We will need to be careful and be able to control our powers.”

“Agree,” Ben says. “Anyways, do you guys have any idea where they are?”

“Well probably that will be in magic school. That is demon central for a while.” Brian says.

“Okay we should probably head over there and take care of that,” I say.

“I agree,” Ben says. “So how should we prepare for this battle?”

“Hmm,” Brian says. “How about we train for that battle?”

“Possibly,” I say. “We might need into include Kyle in this conversation.”

“Yeah,” Brian says. “Anyways, Ben I am going to shower. I think you should try to bake the next batch.”

“I agree,” Ben says grinning. Brian left to go to the bathroom.

“That boy does not belong in the kitchen.” Ben says grinning.

“I heard that!!” Brian yells

“I love you!” Ben yells grinning.

“Bite me,” Brian yells back.

“Quit it guys,” I say laughing. After Brian finished showering, I shower. When I come back from the shower, Ben takes out a perfect batch of baked goods.

“Boom,” Ben says as he take out a perfect batch. “I am amazing.”

“Yes you are,” I say grinning.

“Hear, hear,” Brian says grinning. “Wanna call Kyle so he can get over here?”

“Yeah,” I say.

“KYLE,” Brian yells.

“Brian? what?” Kyles says as he orb out of nowhere.

“Nothing,” Brian says. “I just want to see if you are willing to train us and help us prepare for the battle against the triad.”

“Sure thing,” Kyle says grinning. “How about we run through some simulations and we help you guys work on your powers.”

“Sounds good,” we all say.

“Awesome,” Kyle says. “I will text you the details on where we should meet.”

“Cool,” I say grinning. “I miss you.”

“Miss you too,” Kyle says. He walk over to give me a hug and a peck on the lips. “I need to get going, there are other charges that I need to attend to.”

“Alright,” I say. We watch Kyle orb out.

“Well,” Brian says. “That was cute.”

“I agree,” Ben says grinning.

“Shut it,” I say, blushing a bit.

“He’s totally blushing.” Ben says

“Definately,” Brian says agreement.

“No,” I say. “Probably just from the heat.

“Bran you have tan skin. The odds of your face of getting red is next to nothing,” Ben says laughing.

“Lay off,” I say. “Don’t you have to do something?” 

“Well,” Brian says. “It is Saturday so I am going to the movies with some friends. I will text Kyle and he will pick me up.”

“I am going to see Stacey,” Ben says grinning. “We will train and face the triad later. Don’t look so worry.”

“Okay,” I say. They all leave, leaving me in the apartment by myself. I clean the apartment and finally watch couple of episodes of Friends when Brian return with Kyle.

“Hey Bran,” Brian says as he enter the apartment with Kyle.

“Hey,” I say. “How did you guys get here?”

“Kyle pick me up from the mall.” Brian says. 

“Okay,” I say. “Where is Ben?” Kyle asks.

“With Stacey,” I reply. “He will be here any minute.”  As soon as I say that Ben enter the apartment. 

“Hey guys,” Ben says. 

“What up?” Brian and I say grinning.

“Nothing much,” Ben says. “Just went out with Stacey.”

“Cool,” Kyle says. “ I take it that you tell her.”

“Yeah,” Ben says. “She is cool with it. Anyways I tell he what is going on and she have complete faith in me.” 

“That is good,” I say. “Let’s get to the training.” 

“Agree,” Kyle, Ben and Brian replies.  We all drive to the place where will be training with Kyle for the battle with the Triad. We train hard by running exercises to keep up and maintain our powers as well as we come up with the scenarios that involve us battling the triad. After training for couple of hours we are finally ready. 

“Well,” Ben says as he sip on water bottle that we brought. “The triad better look out.”

“Yeah,” Brian says. “Anyways how the heck are we going to the magic school.

“There is a stairways in mom’s house, so we can use that,” I say.

“Then that means we have to tell mom.” Ben says, sighing. 

“Yeah. I will call her.” I say. 

“Alright.” Brian says. I call my mom and tell her what is going on. She is freaked out and scared but knows that is what we have to do

“Just be careful,” our mom says on the phone.

“We will,” I say. I hang up and put the phone in the pocket. “We are going over there at 4, battle the triad, survive and go out to eat dinner.”

“Okay,” Ben says. “Sounds good.” We all get ready and drive over to our mom’s house. We park at the curb an exit the car. We all enter the house using the key. Our mom was there to greet us.

“How are are you guys?” our mom asks.

“We are good.” I say. “Just a bit scared.”

“I know,” our mom says. “You guys will be fine. Just go up the stairs and the door will appear.

“Okay,” Brian says. We all walk up the stairs and knock on the wall. From there a door appears

“Here goes nothing,” I say. I open the door and we enter the door and it close by itself and disappear.


Ben, Brian and I arrive at magic school and we walk through the corridor. From there we walk for a while until we spot the triad together doing some magic in a circle.

“How the heck are we going to break that up?” Brain ask.

“Well I am going to distract them.” Ben says. He gets up and whistles I do the same too. One of the triad guys break the concentration and throw an electro ball at us but I blew it up which knock Ben and into the wall. 

“I'm gonna get one of them to go after me.” Ben whispers. 

“Okay,” I say. I watch him run through the corridor when one of the triad guys go after him. the other triad guys yells “wait we are stronger together.” But triad guy one ignored him and throws the electro ball. Ben dove to safety. 

Seeing this the second triad guy then throw the electro ball at Brian. He freeze it and the triad guy . However the triad didn't freeze but he threw the electro ball in slow motion. Brian move out of the way and move the third triad guy towards it and unfreeze the scene. The electro ball hit him instantly vanquishing him. The second triad guy look around and about to attack when I try to blow him up but that fail. I grab Brian’s hand and we blew him up together which finally works. Ben appear next to us. 

“That was close.” Ben says. 

“I agree.” I say. The triad guy run towards us to see that his friends are gone. He freeze.

“I am going to kill you.” He says. He throw the electro ball at Ben and hit him but didn't hurt him. Ben smiles and his astral self disappears.

“What?” The triad guy ask. 

“Looking for me?” Ben asks standing behind the triad guy. The triad guy turns around and Ben throws the vanquishing potion at him. The triad guy goes up in flames and disappears. 

“Well that was easy.” Brian says, sighing.

“Yeah,” Ben says out of breath too. “That was a good workout.”

“I agree,” I say, grinning. “Let’s get out of here.”

We all walk down the corridor and use a door to enter mom house and walk down the stairs. There we see that our mom was in the family room waiting for us.

“Hey,”Ben says as he walk to our mom.

“Hey,” Our mom says. “Thank goodness you guys are alright.”

“We are,” Ben say grinning. “We are all fine.” We hug our mom. 

“I can see that,” our mom says. 

“Anyways we are going out to eat dinner. Do you guys want to join us?” I ask.

“No it is alright,” our mom says. “We are going to eat at home. Rain check?”

“Sure,” I say. We are leave to go to the restaurant of our choice, eat to our fill and go home. From there we enter the apartment. As soon as we are there we call Kyle and he appears.

“Hey,” Kyle says.

“Hi,” I reply, grinning. 

“I take it, you took out the triad?”

“Yeah,” Ben says. “All three of them which is good.”

“I agree,” Brian says. “I am beat. So I will shower and go to bed

“Okay,” I say grinning. 

“Well I am going to the market since I need some supplies for the date with Stacey tomorrow.”

“Okay,” I reply.. As soon as Ben left Kyle kiss me which lead to a hot make out session. 

“Wanna celebrate this victory at my place?”Kyle asks

“Sure,” I say. I write the note to my brothers where I will be.

“Ready?” Kyle ask

“Yup,” I say grinning. Kyle and I hold hands and he orbs me to his apartment where we can have some fun.




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