Ch. 9

It was a dark and stormy night with thunder and lightning which woke me up with a start. I realized that needed to pee. After going to the bathroom, I heard a noise that’s coming from the attic. I walked up there to see a demon trying to take the Book of Shadows. He was in all red and blue with a black t-shirt and khakis. When he tried to grab it, it moved off the stand. I gasped. The demon turned around and saw me. With a knife he came at me. I froze him on the spot. I grabbed the knife and cut off a small piece of his flesh from his stomache. The unknown demon unfroze and screamed. He shimmered away, hurt. Hearing all the commotion, my twin ran upstairs to see the book on the ground and me with a knife and a piece flesh.

“What the hell happen?” Ben asked. 

“Demon attack.” I replied. “Evil try to get the book of shadows.” I picked up the book and put it on the stand where it belonged. 

“Just my luck,” Ben said. “Well at least you get that flesh so we can make a potion with it.”

“I agree,” I said. Ben and I went back to bed to sleep and this time with no more interruptions and  commotion.


The unknown demon shimmered back to a house. There he saw that his wound was small but it still hurt like a bitch. He walked over to grab some hydrogen peroxide  and a band aid when he heard something. He turned around and turned into his human form when someone walked in. 

“Aaron what are you doing up?” Mr. Morales asked.

“Nothing,” Aaron replied. “I’m just tending to a cut I got when I hit something while sleeping.”

“Be careful,” Mr. Morales said turning around and leaving his son be.

“Yes sir,” Aaron replied. As soon his dad left he continued to tend to his wound and cuss. Out of nowhere, his new friends Nick and Jeremy who he made couples days ago arrived. 

“Did you try get the book?” Jeremy asked.

“I did,” Aaron replied. “But the book protected itself, Brennan noticed, froze me and took a piece of flesh from me.”

“What?” Nick replied. “Damn it. Those are the twins. They are the Charmed one’s offsprings.”

“Are you freaking kidding me?” Jeremy asked. “Damn it. No wonder they can vanquish me like that.”

“Fuck a duck,” Aaron said “I am dating one of them. Is that where they were doing? Vanquishing demons? Well that explained why Brennan and Ben always said that they had family emergencies.”

“Yeah,” Jeremy said. “Us. They vanquish us.  Now if you playe your cards right and you really are dating Brennan, I recommend you not let him know that you are a demon or else they will vanquish you in a heartbeat. They are fucking powerful ass witches. The only reason we are standing here is that the source brings us back.”

“Shit,” Aaron says. “I will try to lay low and stay in my human form. But if and when needed, I will attack and take no prisoners.”

“Are you out of your fucking mind?” Jermey asks. “They are the charmed one’s offsprings. They will vanquish you in a second. Hell, that’s why they took part of your flesh so they can make a potion.”

“I can handle them.” Aaron says.  

“No you can’t” Nick says. “We have all tried and failed. They are powerful as fuck.”

“Fine,” Aaron says. “Have it your way. But if you guys get vanquished again, I will take care of them and kill them myself. I even will bring in Tempus.”

“Ok,” Jermey says. “But the source wants us to work together to wipe out the the witches. Tempus can tag along if you want.”

“Cool,” Aaron says. “Can not wait to get back at those witches.”

“Same,” Jeremy and Nick says. After the meeting Aaron went back to his room and went to sleep. He will be needing it because he will not only taking on the most powerful witch ever but also taking out the guy that his human half loves. 


Finally Friday arrived and I can’t be any happier. I jump out of bed to shower, change, and brush my teeth. It is the day that Aaron and I will go out on our very first date and it will be totally awesome. I will also see him tomorrow for his sister birthday party. After finishing my morning routine, I walk downstairs to see my twin and parents.

“Good morning,” I say happily.

“Morning,” my family replies

“Someone’s happy,” my mom says.“Does it have to do anything with Aaron?”

“Yeah,” I say grinning. I grab a granola bar and down some orange juice. “Ready?” I ask my twin.

“Yeah,” Ben replies, getting up from the counter and putting away his dishes. From there we walk to Ben’s car and he shifted it into gear. We arrived at school fifteen minutes later. Ben shifted the car into park and got out of the car. He noticed that I have come out yet. He got back in.

“What’s up, bud?” he asks.

“Nothing,” I reply. “Just thinking about Kyle and wondering how he is.”

“I think he is fine,” Ben says. “Aaron said he would take care of it.”

“Okay,” I say. “It’s just not that. The demon that attack me last night is still out there. We need to end him.”

“I agree,” Ben replied . “Wanna get out of my car and head to class?”

“Okay,” I say. We both go our lockers and pick out the books that we need when I heard voice. “Hey Bran.”

“Hi,” I say turning around seeing Kyle. “How you been?”

“Better,” Kyle says happily. “Thank you for what you did.”

“No problem,” Brennan replies. “Anyways how’s the bullying? Anyone doing that still?”

“Nope,” Kyle replied. “The ones that bully me got expelled and the other got suspended.”

“Okay,” I say. “Hope you keep safe, bud.”

“ Thanks,” Kyle says. We all head to our classes. Throughout the day I hung out with Kyle, Ben, Gary, Oliver and Aaron. Finally the day came to an end and I said goodbye to Kyle and Aaron. Ben and I go home to get ready for my date. Right at seven, Aaron was at my house to picked me up for our date. We had dinner and some good conversation when Ben called me. “Excuse me,” I say. I got up and pick up the phone. “What’s up?”

“Brennan,” Ben says. “They are back.”

“Are you kidding me?” I ask.

“Nope,” Ben say. “They are here and they have Kyle.”

“Shit,” I say. “I have to tell Aaron what is going on. 

“Don’t,” Ben says. “Just say it’s a family emergency.”

“Alright.” I reply. I walk back to where Aaron is. “Sorry babe, but I have to cut the date short.”

“Why,” Aaron asks sounding pissed. 

“Something came up,” I replied. 

“Something always comes up,” Aaron says. “You know what I am done with this. You can’t put me first then we are through,”

“Aaron,” I say.

“We are through,” Aaron says. “Go on and go save the world witch.”

“What you say?” I ask.

“I called you what you are.” Aaron replied .

“No,” I say. “ I didn’t tell you, unless.”

“Yeah,” Aaron says, turning into his demon form. 

“Fuck,” I say. “Good thing I brought reinforcements.”

“What you talking about?” Aaron ask acquiring an energy ball and throwing it.

I froze Aaron and the energy ball. “This I say. I toss the potion at him. In a split second, Aaron unfroze and start to spin, grabbing his head and he exploded. I gasped. After everything settled down. I cried a bit, because I did love him, but he was evil. I called for the elders to get rid of the memory of the people who saw what happened. Luckily the elders complied with this idea. The people there will fill in the blanks with what makes sense to them. Remembering that Ben needs me, I raced home to see that my mom and Ben were battling Jeremy and Nick. Kyle was out of harms way. Jeremy went after Kyle, but I froze him in midair. But I didn’t see Nick. He grabbed Kyle and threw him across the room into a hanging clock. Nick turnned to me laughing. Furious, I vanquish him with the spell created for him and Jeremy. After vanquishing him, I ran over to Kyle to see that he was breathing although it was faint.

“Kyle,” I said. “Hold on. Help is on the way. Please”

“No,” Kyle replied. “It is fine, Bran.” 

“Kyle,” I start. “Don’t you dare close your eyes.”

“I am so tired.” Kyle replied“I have always wanted thank you for that day.”

“You are welcome Ky,” I say tearfully taking his hand and held it against mine. 

“Be safe Bran, I’ve always wanted to tell you… that I’ve loved you” Kyle said as he took his last breath, and his grip on my hand loosens. I gasped and started to cry uncontrollably. Ben and my mom quietly did the same in the background. We called the police and gave them a believable story, leaving out what really happen. After our statement, they took away Kyle’s body which was later brought to a morgue. After they left I went to my room to lie down for a while. I started to cry again. My twin walked in and hugged me from behind. We hugged each other to comfort one another, although it still hurt. I cannot believe that Aaron is a demon and is gone. I cannot believe that Kyle, just a freshman died. I cannot believe all this happened. It’s too much for me to handle. Finally both of us fall asleep holding each other.




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