Ch. 4

It’s been been a week after I come out to Aaron and our friendship have been stronger than ever. He have been very supportive of it. So tomorrow will be the dance and we will be dateless however, he is willing to with me with a group of friends as previously plan. Ben will be going with us with his date in the same limo as us. Oliver and Gary both have dates. The day has finally come and we are dressed in our blue and black suits. As soon as I come down from my room my mom and dad want to take pictures of me, which can be pretty embarrassing. Luckily Ben was there to help me out. After taking couple of pictures, we got into the limo and tell the driver to drive to Aaron’s place to pick him up then to Gary’s and Oliver’s place. Once everyone have been pick up, we head to Disneyland hotel to eat and dance the night away. Once we got there, we get to pick where we want to sit. I get to sit next to Aaron while my twin and friends sit next to their date. We order dinner and we eat it in silence. After finishing, Gary’s date turn to me smiling. Her name is Jasmine. 

“Hey,” she say

“Hi,” I reply smiling.

“Wanna get up and dance for a bit?”

“Sure,” I say laughing. We both got up and dance for a bit after two songs I go back to the table to find Aaron there. 

“Hi,” I say

“Heeeey, Bran.” Aaron slurred

“Dude,” I say. “Did you drink something with alcohol in it?”

“Nahh,” He say. “But I did have some punch.”

“Here,” I say. “Can you hand it over to me?”

“Nooo,” he slurred. “MY PUNCH!!! GET YOUR OWWN!!” I shake my head and got up to get some punch in my cup. I take a sip and sure enough it was spiked. “Great” I thought. I look around to see if  I can find my twin. Finally I did and go to him. 

“Bro,” I say. “Aaron is drunk out of his mind.”

“For real?” Ben ask

“Yeah,” I say. “He drink the spike punch. Did you have any idea about that?”

“No,” Ben say. “Look, I would never do that to anyone here. Hey look at me. We need to get out of here and fast. We don’t want Aaron to get caught being drunk by the teachers.”

“Okay,” I say. Ben and his date and I left to look for Gary and Oliver who are with their date. We ask the the same question and they deny seeing who spike it. 

“Great,” I say. “Now Aaron will pay the price.” I go over to Aaron and take away his drink. “Come on,” Aaron slurred. “Give it back.”

“No,” I say. “I want you to graduate with me and the class. If you get caught you will get suspended or worse expelled.”

“Fine,” he say. He got up and stubble a bit. 

“Easy there big guy, I say holding him up. My friends and I all walk Aaron to the limo and tell him to take Aaron to my house but first to drop off the girls and our friends first. After dropping off the girls and my friends, the driver take Aaron, Ben and I to our house. Ben and I both help Aaron up the stairs and to my room. 

“I got it from here,” I say to my twin.

“Okay,” Ben say. As soon he left I call Aaron’s parents telling him what is going on.

“Hey,” I say. “ This is Brennan, Aaron friend.”

“Oh hi, his mom reply. 

“I just want to tell you that Aaron is impaired here and I decided that it probably best if he sleep it off.”

“How impaired is he?” asked Mrs. Morales.

“He drink about 5 cups of spike punch in an hour.”

“Oh,” Mrs. Morales say. 

“I don’t think he knows that it is spiked.” I reply. 

“Okay,” she say

“I will take care of him,” I say

“Okay,” Mrs. Morales say. “Good night Brennan. Thank you for taking care of my baby.”

“Night,” I say. "I am happy too." After hanging up , I undress Aaron and he flop on my bed. After doing that he start to giggle.

“Bren,” Aaron slurred. “I love you.”

“Aww,” I say. “I love you too.”

“Noo,” Aaron slurred. “I really love you Brennan.” After saying this he kiss me on the lips with tongue which turn into a make out session. During that I kiss him back but then I feel wetness of my underwear after I break the kiss. I look down and see that I come by just kissing the guy. After seeing this, I change into my different underwear and knock out next to the guy who kiss me while he is drunk and as a result make me ejaculated. I then go to sleep and enter dreamland with the boy that I love more than a friend sleeping beside me. 




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