Chapter 2

After settling into the routine of school, Benji try out for football while Aaron and I have been hanging out a lot. Anyways it is the end of the school day and I am walking to my car when Aaron called out my name. I stop and turn around, seeing that he is shirtless and running to me. 

“Hey bro,” I reply, trying to contain myself. “What’s up?”

“Nothing much,” Aaron say. “I just got out of the gym then I remember that I did not get the first half of the notes for AP Psychology and I was wondering if you are willing to help me out.”

“Sure,” I reply, grinning

“Cool,” he say. “I will see you tonight for dinner then we can go over the notes and study for that quiz for criminology.”

“Sounds good.” I say. I got into my car and wave to Aaron as he put on his shirt and vest and jump on his bike and take off. I start the engine when Ben call me. 

“Hey what up bro?” I ask

“Nothing much,” he reply. “Hey I was wondering do you think you can help me with something because it is a family emergency.”

“Sure,” I reply. I put my car into gear and drive home. Anyways for those who don’t know, family emergency is a code word that my mom and twin come up with for the supernatural situations that we are into. When I finally got home, I enter the house and I hear a boom in the kitchen. 

“Ben are you in the kitchen?” I ask

“Yeah” he reply. I enter the kitchen and I see my twin at the stove with a cauldron and him waving away the smoke.

“Are you sure you make that potion correctly?” I ask

“Yes,” he reply. “It suppose to do that. Plus I added a part of the demon flesh in it too that the reason it went boom.  Just imagine the amount of damage it does on the demon we are hunting for.”

“Cool,” I say grinning. “Let me change into workout clothes because I told Aaron that I am going to the gym.”

“Okay,” Ben say, “just hurry.”

“Fine,” I reply. I run up to my room and change into my workout clothes and run down the stairs. 

“That was fast,” Benjiman say.

“Told you it was going to be quick.” I reply grinning. We open the door to head out and got into his car. There Benjiman drive to the area where the demon is sighted. Benjamin got out of the car and so did I. We walk to the alley and there we find a demon trying to harm an innocent. 

“Hey,” Ben say walking up. “Leave that guy alone.”

“Yeah,” I reply.

“What are you going to do about it? You can’t be any older than 16. 

“We are 18,” Ben say. 

“Give me a reason not to hurt the innocent.” the demon say

“Because we are able to end you,” I say

“Really?” the demon ask.

“yeah ,” Ben say. Ben move the innocent by waving his hand. “Run,” Ben continue as soon as he see that the man was safe. The innocent run away unharm. There the demon turn to Ben surprise. “You are not…”

“Yes we are,” I say and throw the potion at him which set him on fire, vanquishing the demon immediately. 

“Well,” Ben say. “That was easy.” 

“Could say that again,” I say laughing. We walk back to the car and drive off back to the house. “Crap,” I say. “I smell like burnt flesh.” 

“Well,” Ben say,” it come with the territory,” 

“Yeah,” I say. “Great I need a shower before going to Aaron’s.”

“Yes you do,” Ben say. We finally arrive at the house. We walk in the house and find that our mom is home.

“Hey mom,” we say grinning.

“Hi,” our mom say. “You vanquish a demon didn’t you?”

“Yeah,” Ben say. “I might say that potion is pretty effective.”

“Was it easy?” our mom ask

“Yeah,” I reply, “Just a lower level demon. Not that hard.”

“Okay,” our mom say. “Well just keep that to yourself. 

“Yeah,” we say. 

“Hey,” I say. “ I am going to shower then head over to Aaron’s for dinner and a study session.”

“Okay,” our mom say.

“Sounds good,” Ben said, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Shut up,” I say. I go up to my room so I can shower and get dress. After showering I put on my briefs, t shirt and shorts and went downstairs. I see that my mom is in the kitchen cooking. 

“Bye mom,”I am leaving now.”

“Bye sweetie.”. I walk out the door and to my car. There I put my car into gear and drive to Aaron’s house which is 5 minutes from my house. Once I get there, I park my car and get out of my car, close the door and lock it. I walk up to Aaron’s door and ring the doorbell. I wait for 5 seconds when someone open the door revealing that it is Aaron shirtless and in a towel.

“Hey,” I say, trying not to ogle him. 

“Hi” Aaron say. “Wanna come in?”

“Sure,” I say. I walk through the door and Aaron close it. He lead the way to his house which is upstairs. “Here is my room,” he say as he open the door, revealing his posters of baseball and baseball trophies too. 

“Nice,” I say. 

“Hey,” he say. “ I am going to put some clothes on so we can study.

“Ok,” I say. Once he left I breath out, thinking  shit he is hot. Once he return, he is dressed in shorts and a tank top that show off his body. 

“Bran,” he say. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” I reply. “Here are the notes for psychology.” I give him my notebook.

“Cool,” he say. “Thanks man.” He copy my notes. Once he is done he turn to me and say “wanna watch tv since my parents won't be home around 6:49.” 

“Okay.” I say. “Sounds good.” We walk downstairs and watch movies tv. We are watching Big Bang theory when Aaron’s mom come home. 

“Hi mom,” Aaron say.

“ hey Mrs. Morales,” I say. “How are you?”

“Good you guy,” she reply. “Going to make pasta for dinner so I want you guys to wash up soon.”

“ Okay,” Aaron and I say. We both go upstairs to his room so we can wash up. He used his bathroom while I used the bathroom outside his room. Once I was done I go back to his room see that he is shirtless. 

“Hey,” I say. What's up?”

“Nothing,” Aaron say. “Can I at you something?”

“Sure,”I reply. “What's up?”

“Well, I want to know if you like me more than as a friend.” Aaron mumbled

“What?” I ask since I didn’t hear him.

“I was wondering if you could help me with some of the swimming strokes and flip turns.” Aaron say

“Sure,” I reply. Well he will tell me what it is on his mind when he is ready. As soon as dinner was ready Aaron’s mom called up to us to come down to eat dinner to which we did. There I see that Aaron’s younger sister is there. Her name is Melissa. 

“Hey Melissa,” I say.

“Hey, Bran,” Melissa replied smiling. I also greated Aaron’s dad and he greated me in return. We all sit down and eat in silence. When we are done question were ask about school and work. Once everyone is done, Mr. Morales ask me to help him with the desert. I got up and follow him to the kitchen. 

“Bran,” he started. “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure,” I reply

“Is your mom Piper Halliewell?”

“Yes,” I reply. 

“Okay,” he say. “Are you following her footsteps?”

“Yeah,” I say. “Me and my twin, Ben.”

“Okay.” Mr Moales say. “I was wondering because your mom and aunts help me out a lot. I was hoping you guys can help me out too.”

“Sure,” I say. “With the supernatural right?” I whispered.

“Yeah.” He reply. “I have a case that involves children disapearing and reappearing but they are blind. I think it involves with grimlocks.”

“Oh,” I say. “And you might need our help if it does turn out to be that?”

“Yeah,” Mr. Morales say. “Please. Help me. Not for me but for the innocent people, especailly the kids.”

“Okay,” I say. “I will ask my mom and my twin about it.”

“Okay,” Mr. Morales say. “Hey, are you going to tell Aaron about this?”

“Yeah,” I say. “Not just yet because I want to protect him from this world. It is hard especially if it involves evil and demons and warlocks.”

“Yeah,” Mr. Morales reply. “Thank you for that. But I want you to know that I won’t say anything to Aaron. You will tell him on your own terms. Okay?”

“Okay,” I reply. We got up and take out the desert which are ice cream and cakes. After eating our fill, Aaron and I decided to go upstairs so we can study for criminology. After reviewing and testing each other we decided to call it quits. I got up and grab my stuff. “Hey man,” I started. “I am going to head on home.”

“Okay,” Aaron reply. “Hey I was wondering if you want to stay overnight. I wouldn’t mind. My parents wouldn’t either.”

“Nah,” I say. “Not to night. Rain check?” 

“Okay,” Aaron say. He also got up so he can walk me down. As soon as I got down stairs I said bye to Aaron’s parents and little sister. Aaron’s dad whipered “Think about what I told you.” I nodded my head. I also hug Melissa. I open the door and closed it. I walked to the car and drove home. After arrivivng home, I see that my mom was still up. I guess that Ben and my dad is asleep.

“Hey mom,” I say

“”Hi sweetie,” she respond. “How was dinner?”

“Good,” I reply. “Mr. Morales say that you and my aunt help him out back in the day. Is that true?”

“Yes,” she reply. “Did he ask you and Ben to help him out too?”

“Yes,” I reply. “He think that the disappereance of the children has to do with the Grimlocks.”

“Okay,” she say. “He just want to make sure if it is or it is not. 

“Yes,” I Say. “So I told him I will think about it and get back to him since I need to talk to you and Ben.”

“Okay,” she say. “We will talk about it tomorrow after schoool. Go get some sleep sweetie.”

“I will,” I say. “Good night mom.”

“Night,” My mom say. I walk upstairs and to my room, undressed and hit the sack. I went to dream land in seconds. 




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