As they moored the boat, Dexter got out, tied the boat to the dock and helped Yethro out. 'You want me to help you gut the fish?' Dexter asked.

'No,' answered the judge. 'I know you can't wait to go in for a dip. You go in now and I'll join you later after I prepare the fish and refrigerate them. I liked that idea of the two of us bathing together.'

'Suit yourself,' Dexter said as he dived into the water nude. When he surfaced, he playfully splashed a bit of water at the judge. 'Better hurry up or I'll turn into a fish, swim away and you'll never hook me.'

'Oh, I'll hook you. You better believe that,' the judge laughed as he picked up the fish and the equipment and headed up the pathway to the cabin. When he reached the cabin he left the rods outside and dumped the fish into the sink. Turning on the security camera, he smiled as he watched the nude body swimming and splashing around in the water. Dexter was putting on an Olympic swimming display. This is better than watching a porn flick Yethro thought to himself as he smiled and watched the blond put on a show. Dexter's sleek body cut smoothly through the clear water as he swam out to a wooden raft, which was anchored about sixty feet from the end of the pier.

Cleaning and gutting the fish, the judge almost cut himself when he saw Dexter climb aboard the raft, stretch his arms out over his head, do a few jumping jacks and then bent over and touch his toes. Smiling the judge thought, I'll bet that little tramp knows that I can aim this camera almost anywhere I want. Thinking this he zoomed in on Dexter's backside and salivated. Oh yeah! You pussy boi, you know I'm watching. You, my friend, are playing the big tease now. Just wait until I get that ass of yours in bed. Yeah, your sweet ass is mine.

Finishing the fish, he wrapped them, refrigerated them, rinsed his hands then grabbed a bar of soap and towels and walked down to the lake. When he got there, Dexter was back in the water floating on his back about 10 feet off the dock.

'I brought you the soap. You want me to wash you or are you just going to float around out there with that big periscope sticking up.'

'Join me! The water is beautiful. Forget the soap. We can wash later in the shower.'

The judge stripped down and started to let himself down the ladder. Just as he got both feet into the water, he felt two hands grab him from behind. Dexter, who had swum underwater to the dock, was now pulling Yethro off the ladder and into the water with him. They caused a big splash and the two of them playfully pushed, shoved and dunked each other just like kids. 'Isn't the water wonderful?' Dexter shouted. 'I could stay in for hours. Come on I'll race you to the raft.'

They raced to the swimming raft and Dexter let him win. They climbed out of the lake and onto the raft breathing heavily.

'I'm not as young as I used to be,' said Yethro as they laid down in the warm sunlight next to each other. He leaned over took a few of Dexter's blond locks in his fingers and kissed them. 'Such beautiful golden locks. You let me win that, didn't you? Are you having a good time?' he asked.

Dexter, not admitting to the throwing of the race, turned to face the judge and raised himself on one elbow. He looked into the judge's eyes and answered, 'A good time, who wouldn't? It's so peaceful ¬¬¬¬¬¬and wonderful here. It almost makes one forget about being a slave. Why, why are you being so nice to me? You don't have to be. It's not that you have to seduce me. I'm not a date that you picked up in some bar and now you feel that you have to wine and dine me to get me into your bed. I'm a male prostitute. A whore, a professional! Stop treating me like your boyfriend. You keep this up and I might never want to go back to Sultan's. Don't you see that it is making it harder on me? Next week it will be back to two or three men a night. Doing all sorts of dirty things with filthy, ugly men that make me sick. They will pay money and think that they own me. And for a few hours--- they will!'

'In the first place, I thought you said you wanted to be treated like a human being and not a slave. And secondly, I'm not a customer and you're not a prostitute this week. I asked you to come here as my date. I did not order you to come. Nor do I plan to pay for you services. You accepted my invitation. You are free to go back to Sultan anytime you feel like it. I would hope you want to stay with me, but I will not keep you here against your will. So tell me, what is it to be? My date or Sultan's meal ticket?'

'Well when you put it like that, I like the date idea. Yes! That's what I like and I could not have picked a nicer one.' Dexter said as he kissed the judge's lips. 'You know, what I said before about your being a good looking guy was not some whore house bullshit. Not only are you good looking but you also have a good heart. I feel that I am lucky to be here with you. I feel that someone up there is looking after me.'

'You are the first person that I have invited to come up here with me. I have always regarded this as my personal escape place. I never planned to share it with anyone. Until now. This is the haven I run to from that everyday hellhole I live in. If you really mean that you would rather be here with me than some young good looking guy, it really makes all the money I invested here worth it.'

'Well, that would depend on who the guy was,' Dexter said with a smile in his eyes. 'You might not believe it but I would rather be with you, in your arms and have your warm body next to me then most of the men I know, younger or older. Not only that, but I would prefer you to anyone, male or female. Yes, even more than a young female with tits the size of cantaloupes. This entire man/man thing is new to me and it took a while for me to realize it but I now know that I love men. And of all the men I have met, I think you are the most wonderful and gentle of the lot. Not only that, but you are by far the most intelligent and interesting person I have ever known. I feel like I could talk to you about anything and feel comfortable. Our sexual exploits might be wonderful, but I think they will be only secondary to our other times together.'

'That's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me and I hope you mean it,' the judge said as he leaned in and took Dexter into his arms and kissed him. Then he rolled over atop of him and pinned him to the wooden raft. 'I want you, Dex. I need you.'

Dexter enclosed him in his arms returning his kiss, his tongue entering his mouth and rubbing along the judge's tongue. The two kissed deeply and passionately. Dexter spread his legs wide as the judge's naked body sank between them. Yethro rubbed his cock against Dexter's.

'Yes! Damn it! I want you Dex and I want you now.' Yethro screamed. 'Son of a Bitch! I don't have a condom on me - you wouldn't happen to have one, would you?'

'Are you serious? I'm nude, the same as you! WHERE WOULD I HIDE ONE? I seem to have left them in the night table drawer. I'll remember not to be caught short next time,' he smiled then he said seriously, 'look Judge about condoms; let's get one thing straight from the start. I'm clean and both my boss and I want it to remain that way. I'm sure you are clean also however, if something were to happen, Sultan would cut my throat. Please, if we are to ever see each other again, we should wait until later and always play it safe. There are lots of other ways we can enjoy each other.'

Dexter reached down and captured Yethro's hard manhood and gathered it up along with his own. Encasing both in his palm and working them together he started using his palm as a pussy. Both men humped the substitute cunt rutting like a pair of wild animals.

After a short time the judge pulled away and said in disgust, 'No! No, no, no, not this way. This is not the way! I want us to be joined. I need to be a part of you and you a part of me. Jacking off is for snot nosed teens, not grown men. It is something you do when you are alone. Not with a lover. I'm not as good at this as you are, but I would like us to...'

'Us? By us you mean both of us? Are you sure?'

'Yes, I would like to learn to suck your....'

'You're kidding me. You mean you have never sucked a cock before?'

'No, never! Not that I didn't want to. But since I have always topped, to suck cock, so I thought, would mean I was less of a man,' the judge confessed. 'But seeing you suck my cock has not diminished your manhood in my mind's eye one Iota, so I know it's not true.'

'That concept is just a cultural hang up. Not only is it not true, but also it is stupid. You would not consider men like Sultan anything but masculine would you? Look, like any sex, the act itself can be either a dirty or beautiful thing. It depends on the couple and why they are doing it. In reality, it is just another means of giving and showing love. It's time you learned. If you want, I will be glad to teach you how to do it.'

'You mean you can be taught?'

'While I can't be sure I think that before I came to this town, I was a complete virgin. After Sultan purchased me, he took me in hand and educated me. Most of it is instinct, but the basics can be taught. He was one of the best teachers in the world. If I could learn, so can you. If you want, I will show you.'

'Yes, I want to learn, but I'm really afraid.'

'O.K. then, we start 'Cock Sucking 101'. We will take it slow. You will try to imitate my movements.' Dexter said then moved his body so that they were foot to head. Starting at the judge's feet and taking one of his toes into his mouth he started to suck and lick on it. The judge followed suit.

'Yes that's right. You're doing fine.' They continued to suck on each other's toes for a while then they move up the foot and started licking along the inside leg. 'Savor it like fine wine, slowly.' At this point Dexter noted that Yethro was beginning to drib precum. If this kept up the judge was going to blow his load. He had to so something to calm him down.

'Easy Yethro, try to control yourself, I know it's difficult but try to think of something else. A law case, fishing or anything to take your mind off of it. We have all week and there is no need to hurry.'

'Easy for you to say!' the judge said. Then forcing himself to think of something else he finally did manage to regain some sort of control.

'That's it. You're doing great,' Dexter encouraged him. 'Now lick up under my balls.'

Yethro's tongue lapped Dexter's balls and Dexter took one of the judge's balls in his mouth and sucked on it.... From this point on the judge needed no further instructions. His animal instinct took over. His tongue licked around the base of the eight inch uncut meat, as his nose inhaled the man musk. His lips rubbed along the pole, up and down until they touched the foreskin. The silky feel and smell got to him. He wanted to inhale it. He wanted to nibble it. His tongue tip, like a snake's fangs, probed the skin pushing it, digging around the gland and now and then nibbling on it.

'GOOD!' Dexter moaned, 'The pupil is progressing very nicely. Now, my love, take just the head in your mouth. Watch the teeth! Yes. Cover them with your lips and savor the taste. That's it! You're doing just great. Now rub your tongue around under the foreskin. OHHHHHHHH yeahh, you are a quick learner... Ahh yes, now go deeper, yes deeper. You're a natural, baby.'

As the judge tried to take in the entire cock, he started to gag. 'No, no, not so deep, Not the first time. That will come later. Just run the lips up and down. Yes, just like that. Use your mouth as a pussy. Suck it in and then push it out with the tongue. Lap your tongue over the head and then suck it in again.'

Dexter ceased instructing him and took the judge's dick into his mouth and using his lips and tongue he sucked the pole harder and harder. He placed his fingers on the man's ass and rubbed along the valley until his finger pressed on the rosebud. He was surprised to feel that the judge had followed his lead and when he felt the judge's finger penetrate his rosebud both of them were no longer able to contain themselves. They exploded. Coming hard, very hard together. Dexter swallowed, but the judge could not make himself and he spit most of it out.

Dexter not wanting to make the judge feel bad said, 'It is O.K. You don't have to swallow now. That too may come later, in 'Cock Sucking 102'. You did great for a first time.' Then he righted himself and took the man in his arms, holding and kissing him. They sat like that for a few minutes, rocking in each other's arms, enjoying the sounds of quiet and the sounds of the water lapping against the raft.

'It was wonderful,' Dexter said. 'And you did great, fantastic, especially for a first time. How do you feel? Did you like it?'

'The right question should be, did you like it?' asked Yethro. 'I tried to give you enjoyment. Did I?'

'More than you know. I think that this is the first time that anyone has given me some iota of joy since I came to this damn town. Thank you Yethro. You can be a great lover and don't let anyone say you are not. You are a giver as well as a taker now. Now, I think we should swim back and clean up for dinner.'

'Where did you learn that thing about taking your mind off of sex to avoid ejaculation?'

'Sultan taught it to me. What did you think of?'

'My wife!' he laughed. 'Come on I'll race you back to the dock.'

The two of them dove into the water and swam back to the dock, got out and dried off.

'I'm starved. How are you going to cook that fish?' Dexter asked. 'I'm so hungry, I could almost eat it Japanese style.'

'Ahhhhh youth! Sex first, or is it food then sex. I'm too old to remember,' the judge sighed. 'I thought I would pan broil it, rather than serve it raw.'

'Well, a little to eat and then a bit of wine, it you have some, can restore both our libidos and then we can rest by the fire place until we are ready for the second act.'

'You know as a Moslem, I am not allowed to drink wine. However, I am not a very strict one and I do keep a bit of very good white wine in the cabin that, so I'm told, will enhance the taste of the fish. You will keep my secret, won't you?'

'Yes, you keep it for cooking and medicinal purposes only,' Dexter laughed. 'No one can fault you for that and your secrets will be safe with me.'

'I'm not so sure of that Dex.'

'Sure of what?'

'My secrets. I'm not sure of that, yet,' the judge said. 'After all we just met and while I would like to trust you, I really don't see any reason why I should. You are not even a member of my faith. You are an infidel and therefore not worthy of my trust or my love let alone my secrets.' Then seeing the look of hurt on Dexter's face he added, 'You should not look so downhearted! You see, I am not only a Moslem but a Bedouin as well and we distrust everyone including ourselves.'

'You must be very lonely then. I will have to do something to earn your trust. I know what it means to be without friends or contacts. Without Sultan and Yussef, I would be lost. I don't even remember who or what I was before I woke up in Sultan's bed. I doubt it but who knows, I could have been like you, a Bedouin. I could have been anything. It was all a fog. Little by little, I eventually did remember my name and a few details, I remember looking for some things to decorate an apartment, but where or when, I just can't seem to remember. The doctor said I may never remember everything and to forget about trying too. I'm just to make the best of the situation and someday it may come back to me without my trying to remember.'

'Well as far as being a Bedouin or Muslim, that I can swear you're not. I would be able to tell,' the judge laughed. 'For one thing your cock tells me that. We would have trimmed your foreskin. Perhaps, if we wanted to get romantic about it, we could make up all kinds of fancy stories up about your being the illegitimate great grandson of Laurence of Arabia. But, that wouldn't work well as he was a homosexual and never had children. It is much more likely you might be one of those poor Christians that are regularly captured by desert slavers, then taken and sold to some handsome Bedouin chief at one of the better slave auctions. They have been known to strip their captives' nude, tie their nude bodies over their saddles and ride off into the desert sunset for a life of wild sex. You know like those weird musicals Hollywood liked to turn out years ago. Yes, now that story has possibilities.'

'I think I might like that story. Who would that handsome Bedouin chief be?'

'Why me, of course! After all it is my fantasy we are talking about here. Would you fight me or would you submit?'

'Oh yes, in the beginning to protect my virtue I would have to resist, but sooner or later I think I would have to give in and succumb to your charms.'

'Sultan trained you right, come let's get up to the house.'

'Oh no! Where is your white steed? No big white stallion, I'm not going back to your tent!' Dexter playfully pouted and shouted at him.

'Yes, you will,' yelled the judge as he grabbed Dexter with his powerful hands and slung him over his shoulder and somehow managed to carry him up the steps to the cabin while he slapped his rear end lightly. Entering the cabin the judge threw him on the bed and huffing and puffing he playfully asked, 'do I have to whip you with my ridding crop or will you obey your new master?'

'No master, not the whip, I will obey.'

'Good! Now you're behaving, as my sex slave should act. Get washed up and ready for supper. Do you have some nightclothes you could wear? If so, get into them and join me at the table. We will eat and then you can clean up the dishes while I prepare for bed.'

'Yes Master,' he said as the man put on a robe and went into the kitchen.

Dexter took a shower, shaved and then got into the sleeping toga he had brought with him. The toga was a white silk wrap-a-round so thin that it was just about transparent. It had one short sleeve to hold it up onto one of his shoulders. The rest was wrapped around his body exposing one nipple and his other bare arm. It fell in folds to his mid thighs and was tied at the waist. It was worn without pants. Sultan had jokingly said that it afforded his clients easy access. They were comfortable and the paying customers were spared the trouble of having to undo button after button. His whores said that the real reason the boss liked the 'robes' was because one size fill all and they were cheaper to purchase in large quantities.

As Dexter entered the living room the judge just stared open-mouthed, 'is that all you brought to wear at night? He asked. 'You will freeze. Like I said it gets mighty cool up here in the evenings.'

'Sorry, but Sultan doesn't provide winter pajamas. for us. He expects the customers to keep us warm.'

'I can see how that might work, but for now and until I can buy you a warmer set of night clothes you better start a fire in the fireplace while I serve dinner. It's all set up and there are some long matches on the mantel place.' The judge watched as Dexter went over to the fireplace and lit the crumpled newspaper under the kindling and wood. It caught fire and soon the room was filled with warmth, the crackling sound and perfumed odor of burning wood. Rising to his feet, he stood and took in the warmth. The firelight illuminating his nude body beneath the toga. 'I always loved fireplaces. They bring more than heat into a room.'

'Yes they sure do', salivated the judge as he smiled at the nude form. Come sit down, let's have some wine first then we can eat our catch. There is nothing like the taste of fresh caught fish.'

They sat and drank and ate. And it was delicious. 'Yethro, this is great. You are a fine cook. Now you go sit by the fireplace and I'll clean away the dishes.'

'Thank you, but I think I will shower first then I'll open another bottle of wine for us and when you finish the dishes you can join me by the fire.'

The judge took a quick shower, put on a robe and sat by the fire watching Dexter clean away the dishes. As Dex finished drying the plates he reached up and put them on the dish rack above the sink. Doing so raised the hemline of his toga and exposed his white ass globes to Yethro.

Yethro smiled and raised his glass to toast the site. 'Now I know why I had that shelf put so high. Finnish up and join me or I will throw you over the sink and rape that sweet ass of yours.'

Finishing the last dish, he took his glass of wine and joined the judge by the fire sitting at his feet.

'Come up here and sit on my lap.'

When he did, they sat and watched the fire and finished the wine. Dexter took both glasses and put them on the table and then leaned back into the judge's arms his head on his shoulder. The olive colored fingers pulled the tie open and began to explore the white skin and ran up the torso to Dexter's neck, throat and then his chin. Lifting the chin up to his lips he brushed them with his lips and then he extended his tongue and ran it over his lips. Dexter opened his lips and let the judge's tongue enter him. He sucked on it and let it roam about the moist hot cavern.

'MMMMMmm. You taste good. No dead fish here,' said the Judge.

Dexter slid down the judge's body to kneel between his legs and he opened his robe and ran his fingers over the hot, hard man meat. 'It's hard again! We are going to have to do something about that. We can't have you hard all the time.'

'No! Why not? I thought that was supposed to be your job,' the judge joked. 'You do it so well and so far I did not have to take any Viagra.'

As Dexter laid his cheek against the judge's leg he felt the man place his hands on his head and push his face away. 'No, lov. Let's just cuddle by the fire and just hold each other. It's been a long time since I have been able to relax and feel satisfied that I just want to enjoy the moment.

They sat for a long time watching the fire and cuddling. As the last embers died down the judge whispered, 'it's time for me to get you into bed.'

To be continued...


Jay Benson/Joystick

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