'I have $5000 for a night with this bundle of sex.' Sultan exclaimed, 'Who will give me $5500? Come on gentlemen. This is for an entire night in 'Jannat 'And' (the Garden of Eden).'

The bidding went on and during one slow period, in an effort to speed things up, Sultan signaled Yussef to come from the stage wings. He whispered to him to go to Dexter and play with his cock.

Yussef approached and knelt before the hanging blond. Running his brown hands up and down the white legs he took Dexter's cock into his mouth and started to suck on it. This was not in the script and Dexter was unprepared for it. He started to fight and wiggle.

'As you can see even my professionals cannot keep their hands and mouths off that delectable sweet young body.' Sultan said to the bidders and then to Yussef he yelled, 'Make sure he does not waste his cum on your worthless throat. If he does cum, I will personally cut that lovely throat of yours. Tonight, his first milking belongs to one of these fine gentlemen here not to a worthless slut like you.'

'Gentlemen, I beg your pardons and offer my apologies for that ingrate's actions. I will discipline him later, however, just think about what you have witnessed here for a few seconds. That could be anyone of you! Visualize it - your lips milking that beautiful cock draining those big balls.... sucking out the sweet nectar..', Sultan said as Dexter let out a scream that echoed and vibrated from one wall to another. 'Come my friends, after all it is only money. Fantasize it, picture your lips around that beautiful cock--- or better yet think of those beautiful lips and that warm welcoming throat of his swallowing your cock or his throbbing pulsing ass hole enveloping your cock and squeeeeezing.... The bid is sixty five hundred.. I have $6500--- going once --- who will make it an even 7000.'

'Seven thousand even and he better be worth it or else.' Came the bid that Sultan had been hoping to get from the beginning.

Yes I see your bid Mike-- $7000 once -- Going twice ---please, please - isn't there anyone here who wants to save this delectable young blond boy from our ravenous over sexed Police Chief?' Hearing no further bids he slammed down the mallet and proclaimed, 'Sold. Or should I say stolen by our Police Chief Mike for the bargain price of $7,000. A night in paradise for the measly sum of $7000! A steal.' Sultan said as he smiled, licking his chops with both greed and delight, knowing that this was the most he or any of the other brothel keepers had ever gotten for a male whore. Not only that, it was the most ever paid for any whore- Male or female. The word would spread like wide-fire and soon he would have to turn away the sex hungry clients that would line up for not only Dexter but for any of his other whores. He was going to be rich - very, very rich. 'Come up here and collect your purchase Chief.'

The Police Chief jumped up onto the stage and playfully dragged Yussef away from Dexter's cock. 'That's mine, boy. Take your filthy hands and mouth off my property.' He said as he approached the hanging blond body now covered with a thin layer of sweat. Extending his fingertips the cop reached up to Dexter's forearms and ran his fingers down to his armpits and then slowly over his chest. From there he continued down the rest of his body. Taking his fingertips into his mouth he sampled the salty taste. Licking his lips, he then bent down and picked up the long discarded loincloth that had covered Dexter's private regions. Raising it to his nose, he inhaled the lingering perfume of his new slave's sex. Closing his eyes, he allowed the fragrance to invade his sinuses to the point where he almost fainted. Whether this was true or just play-acting was difficult to tell. Everyone there knew that it was totally out of character and unlike the big tough cop to show weakness of any kind. Regaining his composure he took the sheer black material, tied it over Dexter's mouth and under his long blond hair and pulled it tight.

'There that should keep you silent for now. Later when we are alone, then I will remove it so that only I have the pleasure of hearing those screams of both pain and passion that I intend to inflict on you. Now be silent and stand still while I make sure that the goods that I have purchased are not damaged, too badly!' He said as he took this last opportunity to make a finial inspection of his purchase. First he took both Dexter's cock and his balls in the palm of his hand and he hefted them as if weighing them or inspecting to see if they were in working order. With his fingers he next stripped the foreskin back and ran his finger over the inflamed head parting the piss-hole. Seeing a pearl of pre-cum ooze out, he flit his tongue out and licked it clean, savoring its salty taste. Then he turned the nude body around and reached over with both hands and spread the white ass mounds apart. Placing one finger over the rosebud he applied pressure and probed as deep as he could into the chamber. Ramming it in and out a few times, he withdrew the invading digit and lifted it to his nose where he first smelled the sweet aroma and then placed it into his mouth and sucking on his finger, he proclaimed the boy pussy, to be, both tight and tasty. Then giving Sultan the OK sign signifying he was happy with the condition of his purchase he gave the ass a few love slaps and smiled.

'Nice, nice and so far worth every cent I paid for you, Boi. But, as my dear Mom used to say, 'The proof of the pudding - is in the eating'.' He proclaimed and then he reached around to the rear of his belt and removed the pair of handcuffs that hung there and after unchaining Dexter's hands one at a time he brought them down and cuffed them behind his back. Dexter then felt himself being lifted up and tossed like a sack of grain, over the cop's broad hard shoulder, his exposed ass held high above his bound wrists, his blood rushed to his dangling head, which was covered by his long blond hair. With Dexter's succulent ass thus displayed, he was carried around the stage. Then, to the cheers and applause of the audience, flaunting his purchase, Mike carried his trophy down the steps and into the audience where the cop worked his way through the small crowd of men.

They crowded around to congratulate Mike on his purchase. Unable to resist this golden opportunity, like vultures, most of them ran their dark fingers over Dexter's blood drained white ass. A few of them, while patting Mike's shoulder, reached between the two bodies and fondled the exposed cock and balls while telling Dexter how lucky he was to have been purchased by the Police Chief. After making the rounds of the audience, Sultan reluctantly ordered Yussef to take Mike by the arm and direct him to a suite of rooms reserved for his special clients.

'See that they have everything they need and want. Tell Mike that I want that body back in reasonable shape.' Sultan said with a tinge of sadness in his voice, while thinking that it really should have been me fucking him....

Mike entered the suite and threw the handcuffed boy on the bed and started to undress himself. After he had removed his shirt he noticed that Sultan had thoughtfully provided champagne and other delicacies.

Sitting on the bed next to Dexter he removed Dexter's gag and asked, 'Would you care for some refreshments before I fuck the shit out of you?'

'Yes I would, I'm starving. As a matter of fact they have not given me a thing to eat since I was purged and put on display. Would you mind removing these handcuffs so I can eat? I promise not to run away.' Dexter said casting his blue eyes seductively up and down the tall, 6 foot 1 inch 40-year-old man that was now standing bare-chested before him.

'Well I don't know.' The Chief said with a smirk on his face. 'Sultan said you were a wild one. But I think I might just be able to handle you.'

I'll just bet you can Dexter thought looking at the mass of hard brawn standing before him with his arms crossed as if daring him to make a run for it. Mike, unlike most of the Police officials Dexter had known, was well built. Combine this with the fact that he was rather good looking in a rugged sort of way, he was not hard to take. His dark hair and brown eyes made you think he was one handsome guy despite the few visible imperfections, which only tended to supplement the impression most people had of the cop. That impression was that this was not a person to fool with. It was his towering stature and presents that held your attention. Mike's body was his pride and joy. He loved to show it off. Not that he was conceded, but facts were facts, and he appeared to have it all. Being the absolute ruler of the Police Dept., he could run it anyway he wished. And his wish was to surround himself with young vigorous men. Those men were men who were not only good looking but were extremely strong and active both mentally and physically. While he liked women, he preferred young men both sexually and socially around himself. Not being one to satisfy himself by sitting behind a desk, drinking coffee and eating donuts eight hours a day, he maintained his own fitness by being a 'working chief'. Early in his career he had established the habit of arising early every morning and going to the police gym where he worked out. When he finally became Chief his fixation with physical fitness had shaped his police force into one of the leanest and most fit in the state. He would not tolerate fat over weight cops on his force. He set the standard. His body was the model for the entire force. Any cop who did not meet his high standards as well as pass bimonthly physical tests that he himself devised and supervised, was fired on the spot. They all knew the rules and that there was no appeal. Mike's word was law and if it was one thing his men feared more than anything else, it was being fired. Aside from the fact of being held in disgrace, there was the thought of losing all those many perks that were available as Police Officers in this town. Besides every cop knew that for every vacancy that occurred, there were at least twenty young men waiting and eager to take his place.

Seeing Mike standing over him reminded Dexter how Sultan had warned him about not trying to escape the island. He recalled being lectured that there was no way he could get away and once he was in the hands of the cops, even Sultan would not save him. Dexter, by trying to get away, would have left the protection of his owner and become a fugitive. Nothing Sultan could do, at that point, would be able to prevent his being raped to death. First the police would each have their turns and then if he was still alive the prisoners would lineup for the leftovers. If by some chance he were to survive this... well no one had ever been know to survive the gang rape, so there was no use to even think of it.

Looking up at the imposing body towering over him Dexter could believe all of it now. His eyes moved down from the cop's wind burned almost handsome face to a muscular neck. There was raw power in that neck. Dexter shivered as his glance moved down to a set of broad, thickly veined strong shoulders. The male whore knew those shoulder muscles well as he had felt them rippling and pressing against his cock and balls when the officer had carried him around, displaying his ass for all to touch and fondle. Below the shoulders were two hard, erect reddish-brown nipples set in the center of massive pectoral muscles that tapered down, in a perfect 'V' past a rippling eight pack to a 34' waist. From there, although at this time covered by very skin tight pants, his body preceded down over a strong bubble ass to strong legs that looked like tree trunks.

The word was that he kept those legs as well as the rest of his body toned by riding his Harley motorcycle everyday. However this was not true, those regular visits to the police gym and running five miles a day helped. What he did love about riding his motorcycle was the feeling of real power that the machine transmitted to him while humming along the road as it vibrated between his legs. That sensation reminded him of his other love, sex. And not just plain, ordinary everyday sex. No, while he enjoyed all kinds of sex, his favorite was 'man-to-man' sex. It was joked that women as well as men intentionally speeded up when they knew he was on traffic duty in the hopes of being pulled over by him. While he seldom gave tickets to good looking young men, it was almost worth the price of the ticket to have him signal you to pull over off the road while he parked that motorized steed of his in front of your car. The site of him in that black leather jacket, those very tight canvas pants and boots as he dismounted that big, black motorized stallion and swaggered over to your car reminded you of that very young Mexican actor that played that California Highway Patrol officer. Those pants of his were so tight that the outline of his ass and cock could be seen clearly and he knew it and did he flaunt it!

It was almost ludicrous as he stood there asking if the hungry Dexter would behave himself. 'If I un-cuff you, can I trust you to behave yourself?'

'If that's what you want? I can do that!' Dexter said. 'The customer is always right. I can be as wild or meek as you want me to be. I'm here to please you and right now it looks like you have what it takes to please me.'

'You mean this?' He asked rubbing his fingers over his cloth covered crotch compressing what little slack there was in the material to reveal the outline of a rather big cock. 'If you want it that much, why don't you crawl over here, unzip me and fish it out for yourself. Let's see how you can do that with your hands in cuffs.'

'Yes Officer.' He said as he struggled to his knees before the big cop. 'I'll try!' Dexter said as he maneuvered himself so that his face was between the cop's legs. As he rubbed his nose into the groin, he could smell the man's sexual arousal as well as feel it. Running his nose along the cloth-covered sex it passed over the zippered fly and made his way to the pull. Using his teeth he undid his belt and somehow popped the top button of his pants. Again, using his teeth he maneuvered the clasp down to the bottom of the fly and with his nose he spread the fly open. The pants slid down to his knees exposing the white briefs underwear. Dexter reached up with his teeth and grabbed the elastic waistband and like an animal, shaking his head from side to side he lowered the cotton under shorts enough to expose the 8 inch cut cop dick.

He sat back on his haunches and now boastfully demanded, 'There, I did it, now uncuff me.'

Reaching down into his pocket he produced the keys and unlocked them. 'A promise is a promise and I always keep mine.' Mike said. 'Now what about something to eat? Or is there something else I can feed you now instead of food?'

'Yes, we will get to that later but right now there is something you can do for me,' Dexter said, rubbing his wrists to bring back the circulation, 'I feel stupid with you standing there half naked and me freezing my ass off. Before we eat, either you get undressed or else get me a bathrobe to put on. There should be two of them in the bathroom.'

'Well Sultan always thinks of everything. Doesn't he?' Mike asked as he headed to the bathroom. 'Tell me was it true what he said about his never having fucked you?'

'That was the truth. Sultan never fucked me. He taught me everything I know about the business, but he never put that big cock of his up my ass. He said he did not want to ruin it for his clients.' Dexter said. 'In fact until a few hours before he purchased me--- I had never been even touched by a man.'

Mike, who had gone into the bathroom where he removed the rest of his clothes, put on one of the robes and then returned with the second one, handed it to Dexter and said. 'Here put this on. I don't want you catching cold. You know, I find it difficult to believe that he never fucked you. The Sultan I know always samples his whores.'

'Well I don't care what you believe, but it is the truth.'

'Never?' the cop again asked incredulously. 'And before coming to our town you were never with a man? Then how did you wind up here as one of Sultan's whores?'

They sat down to eat as Dexter told him his story of woe. When he had finished, Mike just sat there shaking his head in disbelief. 'That's the most pitiful story I have ever heard and believe me I have heard them all. I can hardly believe it. And even if it were true, you know I can't help you.' Mike said as he sipped his drink.

'Can't or won't?'


'But why not? You're an officer of the law; are you not?' Dexter queried. 'It's your sworn duty to uphold the law.'

'Yes I am, but as Sultan told you, we have our own laws here and according to them you belong to Sultan. In a sense I work for him. How do you think I could afford to pay all that money for one night with an expensive whore like you?' The cop asked as he reached out and touched Dexter's face brushing away a tear. 'Look kid, I love my job and this town has been very good to me. One does not eat the hand that feeds you, BOY. Now let's see if you are worth all that money. Come here and kneel between your master's legs.'

Dexter moved between Mike's legs and lowered himself to his knees. He reached up and undid the ties on Mike's bathrobe, letting the front fall open thereby exposing the big slab of semi-hard meat. Dexter felt Mike's hand on the back of his head pulling his face to the hardening cock. It was warm and by the time his lips kissed the leaking head that cock was hard as a rock. Taking the cock deep into his throat Dexter could feel Mike's fingers in his blond hair as they grabbed fistfuls of the long thick locks and at first he used them to pull and then push Dexter's handsome face up and down his big cock. 'Yes yes YES! Sultan taught you right! I can see why he said you were the queen of his harem. That's it, you damn cock hungry whore, take my cock deep in your throat' He screamed as he began to breath hard and heavy, ramming his hot poker in and out of Dexter's throat. Then he pulled away from the sucking whirlpool and with bated breath whispered, 'No you don't you fucking cunt. As good as that mouth of yours is, seven grand is a lot of money to spend for a blow job. Any street corner whore can give a good BJ for a lot less. I'm not prepared to dump my first load of the evening in that sweet mouth of yours. No sonny boi, you are not going to get off so damn easy. Nope, for that money I want it hot, I want it hard and I want it long.'

Dexter looking up from his kneeling position into the eyes of his first customer as he reluctantly slid his lips from the hard cock. He leaned back on his haunches and asked, 'I am at your service Master. How can I please you officer Mike?'

Lifting Dexter up like a rag doll by inserting his strong hands under his armpits he undid the blonds robe and let it fall to the floor. Mike pulled the young body to him and buried his lips on first the right and then the left nipple of the moaning and waning body. Sucking and chewing on the erect hard nipples and seeing the young body going limp he lifted him in his arms and carried him once more to the bed.

'You keep carrying me around like this and you will strain yourself, and then where will your $7000 be.' Dexter laughed.

'It will still have been worth it. But don't worry, baby, I am strong as a bull and I fuck like one and I'm just mean enough so that I will not give your boss the opportunity to say that his 'Queen' put the mighty cop in the hospital. Hell no! I'm going to eat your ass and fuck the shit out of you and make you my 'Cunt Boi'. When I'm finished with you.... You will beg me to carry off your nude body on my motorcycle and use you as my rear seat cover!' He said dropping Dexter onto the bed, flipping him on to his belly, and pushing a few of the pillows under his midsection.

'Now that is as nice an ass presentation as you would ever want to see, but it is not ready just yet. It looks too cold right now. I hate cold meat. It needs to be warmed up a lot more.'

'Do you think you are the man to warm it up?' Dexter asked. 'After all you only have until after breakfast tomorrow morning.'

'Oh, I won't need that long baby.'

Running his fingers over Dexter's back starting at the base of his neck and working down the spine, his finger tips counting each and every boney bump until they reached the slender waist then spreading them over the hills to the mountain peaks of his ass and then down, down as if on a toboggan they slid into the warm moist valley of his hidden treasure. Those thick strong fingers doing the walking, hiking around those full firm ass cheeks feeling the softness, yet at the same time the firmness, of that creamy skin. His caresses send wave upon wave of electric shocks through Dexter's quivering torso. Into that burning inferno slipped one of the digits of the right hand and then one of the digits of the left hand. Both fingers probing and twisting and pulling and spreading apart Dexter's cheeks slowly until he was able to see the wet interior. He buried his nose into that steaming cauldron and inhaled the sensual manly odor of Dexter's most personal private space. His wet tongue soon followed his probing, grasping digits. In no hurry, slowly, his tongue tip moved like the fangs of a poisonous snake acting like its antenna, seeking, tasting, and probing, into the source of its next meal. Back and forth, up and down, and around the dark interior he worked his dripping tongue, lubricating and getting the passage ready for the next invader. The tongue exerting gentle pressure and leaving a coating of saliva, preparing and giving a hint of what was soon to come.

Withdrawing his hot tongue from the love channel, he continued lapping up and down the deep valley and then over and around Dexter's balls. His mouth, lips and tongue then explored the low hanging balls and sucked on then one at a time. Although he tried, even the mouth of this big-mouthed cop was too small to devour them both at the same time. So he settled for taking little nips with his teeth and then he moved on to the super sensitive area between the balls and the ass. He used his tongue to lap around and into that wonderful area that drives most men wild with lust. After a while he moved his mouth a short distance away and just blew his hot breath there. By this time poor Dexter was almost comatose and sexually drugged. He could not have been more primed if he had been drugged with 5 bottles of poppers. He was breathing heavily, moaning deeply, shaking his head back and forth and pounding the sheets with his fists....

'Fuck me, damn it, plow me deep. Fuck me hard. I want that big cut cop dick in me. Please, please! I can't take much more of this!' He screamed over and over with each new assault that was made on his boy pussy.

Laughing, the cop taunted him, 'NO not yet! You are not screaming enough YET! This is only the preface, the foreword, and the preliminary. The main event is about to begin.'

To be continued...


Jay Benson/Joystick

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