"So we are in agreement then? You will run for the Lieutenant Governor's spot. You will not challenge the Governor in the primary and you will support the Party," Dan said.

"I will have to talk this over with Jess. I know this will be a great disappointment to him. He was looking forward to living in the Governor's Mansion. However, I do know he is against my running in a primary. In fact, whenever I talked about the possibility, he was vehemently opposed to it. Along with other reasons, he thought it would be fruitless and would only make more enemies than friends."

"He was right about that. Besides costing millions, primaries do not weed out the weaker candidates but they do hurt the party unity. In the old days candidates were chosen by party bosses who knew who could win. And winning was all that mattered. That kid of yours has a good political mind. We will have to watch him and be careful with him," the Party Chairman laughed, "or, he may wind up becoming the puppet master and pulling our strings."

"That's why I'm training him. And why I need you to also help me train him. Like I told you before - by the time we are ready to make our big move – he will be 'one of us'. He will be a secrete but loyal member of the Army of Islam. And, as such, we will direct and control him," the Judge assured his relative. "I can almost see it now. He is going to be the Al-Mahdi (savior) who will avenge our an-Nakba (Catastrophe). With him in the White House and you and I right there behind him, we will not fail this time. We will change the whole country to the ways of Allah. We will institute our law and rule by the will of Allah. There are times when the soldiers of Allah must ally themselves with the enemy in order to win the ultimate prize. This may be one of them. As far as the deal which you just offered, I will talk to him and let you know our answer as soon as possible."

"No, Yethro. I'm sorry, but that is not good enough! This is one of those times when we act now or lose the opportunity. I must have your answer tonight. The Party has to have the time to arrange the change. There must be some political inducement for the present Lieutenant Governor to give up the position."

"Does he know about the cancer?"

"No, aside from his doctors, family, you and I, no one else knows and it can not get out or we lose everything."

"What little tidbit are you going to dangle before the present Lieutenant Governor's eyes to get him off the ticket?"

"A seat on the State Appellate Court has opened up and we must fill it right away. It should be enough to make him happy and I know that he will prefer that, rather then having to run in another political election," Dan said. "After all he is a lawyer and this will give him a chance to rewrite the law as we want it."

"That should be enough to seal the deal. Okay, I'll tell you what. You go back out to the pool and tell Jessie to come in here. I'll talk it over with him. While we are doing that, you and the guys can change into swim trunks and take a dip in the pool. After Jess and I talk it over, we will join you and let you know our decision. Is that fair enough?"

"It sure is and Yethro, believe me, this is the best deal you are ever going to get."

Yethro sat down and finished his cup of tea as Dan went back to the pool where he found that the other members of his committee and Jess were already in bathing gear and splashing around in the pool. Jess did a Jackknife dive off the board and when he came up Dan signaled him to come to the side of the pool. "Your father would like to talk with you in the library. He wants your opinion on what we just talked about. If I were you – I would make him see the logic of the situation and I hope you can convince him to work with us."

"Sir, as a relative, you know that once the Judge has his heels set in the ground, there is usually nothing anyone can do to change his mind. I love him – but..."

"Yes, I know that streak of stubborn 'Bedouin' in him, but if anyone can change his mind, it is you! Go, he is waiting for you! Just dry yourself off and go right in. Not being a full Bedouin myself, I can not understand what you have that makes him so receptive, but as long as you can make him see the light, you have my seal of approval. Try anything. Use your charms. I'm sure that once you think about it you yourself will agree that it really is a good deal and the only chance we may have. Now, be a good boy and show me where the trunks are. The pool looks real inviting. I'm going to join the boys. When you and Yethro are finished come join us."

Jessie showed him where the extra suits were and then wrapping himself in a large towel he went into the Library where he found Yethro sitting in the big overstuffed chair behind his desk. "Quick, close the door! I want to get your opinion on this offer. It is better than I expected. I don't even have to fight for the job. They are giving it to me on a silver platter." Yethro swore him to silence and then explained the deal. "Well, what do you think of it?"

Jessie went over to him and asked, "Is it permitted to kiss the next Governor? I think it's a great deal. Even, if by some chance the man lives out his entire term in office, you will still be in place to replace him in four years. You get almost everything – without having to battle for it. It will give you a foot in the door of power. Once that door is ajar – we can kick down the door and take it all! Yes, lover, take the offer and take it quickly, before they realize what they have given away and change their minds."

"Good! I'm so glad to see that you think like I do. I'm glad you agree with me. It is even better than I thought it would be. Let's tell them our decision and let's do it now," Yethro said as he smiled, walked to the door, opened it and then they made their way to the pool area. All of the committee members were now in the water splashing and having a good time Yethro approached and said, "Gentlemen, after due deliberation with my son, we have made a decision! For the good of the party, I will accept the second spot on the ticket. I will not challenge the man for his seat and I will support the party."

The men cheered and swam over to shake his hand. The Chairman grabbed his hand and shouted, "Yethro, we think it's about time you got your feet wet," – and pulled him into the water.

Surfacing and spitting out water, the Judge laughed and swam to the stairs, got out of the pool and said, "Damn it Jessie, break out the Champagne for every one. If I'm going to drown, let it be in wine."

"And I thought you Muslims did not drink," one of the committeemen said.

"Not usually, but this is a special night and I'm sure Allah will forgive me, but a little wine can not hurt. We do keep a supply of good wine for special celebrations. Jess, please ask the butler to set up some glasses and chill a few bottles of the good bubbly for us."

Jess rang for the help and then directed them to clear away the food and open the bar. After a few toasts to the upcoming successful campaign and a bit more swimming, one of the committeemen took Yethro aside and started to compliment him on his son. "That is one good looking kid you got there. What does he do for a living? Is he working? Is he going to school? Is he going with someone?"

The Judge told him about Jessie working as his law clerk and studying for the law. He also explained that he had just adopted Jessie and had not arranged for his marriage yet. "As far as a girlfriend, we Muslims have our methods and when the time is right, I'm sure the matchmaker will come up with a good match. Why are you asking?"

"Well, I like him and I just happen to have a single daughter and I'm always looking for a good match."

"And how old is this daughter of yours?" Yethro asked warily.

"She is beautiful and well educated."

"How old?"

"She has a nice job working as a secretary to a very important government official."

"How old?" Yethro repeated.

"Twenty six," the committeeman answered sheepishly.

"I mean no disrespect, but my son is much too young for her or for any woman right now. He has to finish his schooling and pass the Bar. By the time he is ready to settle down and take a wife, your daughter would be past childbearing age and while I'm sure she would be a wonderful catch, it would be unfair to ask that she wait that long. I thank you for your offer but when the time is right I will arrange for a woman who will be able to produce many male heirs."

"You make it sound so clinical, sterile, devoid of love and old fashioned. Why not introduce them and let them decide?"

"Perhaps that is the "American Way", but it is not my way or the way of my family or my people. Jessie is my adopted son and while he is not really a Muslim yet, it is my desire that he try to honor my ways as much as he can. However, this is a free country and as they say, he is over 21. Therefore, you can if you want, talk to him about it. I would not object if he were interested enough to date your daughter."

"No, I would not do that as it will only cause trouble between you and your son."

"But I insist that you do. I would not like him to find out that I turned down an opportunity for him to meet a young woman. I'm sure that if he were to find her attractive and want to consider her as a wife, we could work something out in a marriage contract," Yethro smiled. "That, too, is a tradition along with the 'Bride Price' I would be required to pay you for losing your daughter."

"Well if you really do not object – do I have your permission to at least talk to him?"

"Yes, of course you do. I just don't want you to feel bad if he turns you down," Yethro said as he looked around the room, spied Jess and called him over. When he came over the Judge introduced him to the committeeman. "Jess, tonight seems to be our evening for making deals. This gentleman has a daughter that he thinks you might like to take out on a date. I will leave the two of you to talk over the proposition."

Jessie put his arm around the man and directed him to one of the corner tables where they could talk privately.

"I was just thinking, that when you move out of this area and into the State Capitol, you might need to make a few new friends. I know it can be lonely for a young man, such as you, to be in a big city without friends. When my wife and I moved to the State Capitol my daughter had a really hard time. Until she got her job and made a few friends she was at loose ends. So I was thinking – you just might like someone to show you around."

"That's very nice of you. I appreciate your concern and I'm sure it would be very useful and pleasant. However, as of now, I'm not sure I will be going with my father. You see I do have a job here and someone should look after Yethro's property and interests here while he is away. I'm still the court clerk and unless he needs me, I think I'll be staying here."

"Well the Capitol is not really that far away and if you should need a guide, I could give you her name, address and telephone number," He said as he took out his wallet and laid a picture on the table. "This is her picture."

Jess picked it up and looked at it. Shit, he thought, of all the women it had to be her. Phyllis! Without showing any emotion he returned the photo and said, "She is a very nice looking woman, and perhaps if I were to come with my father, it might be nice to have her show me the town. I have to be honest and I must warn you and your family that I am not in the market to settle down just yet. This conversation is rather embarrassing. You see my father is...."

"Yes I know. He told me all about the customs, etc., but I just thought I would try anyway. I know it was a long shot, but I had to try."

"I am honored that you did. It is not often that I am offered the opportunity to meet beautiful women, but with the Judge running and my own education ... I just can't find the time right now." Then, red faced the committeeman shifted the conversation away from his daughter and talked about the coming campaign and about his job and what Jess wanted to do for the summer. Then Yethro came by and they all called it an evening.

After the guests left the Judge asked Jess how he had handled the over zealous father.

"Evidently, someone forgot to tell him that I'm gay. I just told him that I was too busy with work and studies to even think about taking on a girlfriend at this time. He seemed to take it very well."

"When we decide you want a wife for bringing a child into this world, I will pick out a young fertile Arab girl for you," the Judge said patting him on the back. "I don't want you tied down to some spoiled American bitch. Besides, that girl is much too old for you anyway,"

"Too old for me?" Jess laughed and put his arm around Yethro. "You know very well that I go for older lovers! Let's get to bed, 'old man' and you can show me how age can be a rewarding experience."

As they walked into their bedroom, Yethro said, "I think we had better shower and get this chlorine off our bodies first."

Dropping their wet clothes to the floor, they hurried into the bathroom. Jess entered, adjusted the shower temperature and when it was just right, he took Yethro by the cock and guided him into the large shower stall. He reached for the soap and a washcloth and started soaping up the older man's body paying special extra attention to his genitals and his ass. He loved the way the older man's body hair caused the lather to burst up from the bar soap. When he finished, he gave the washcloth and soap to Yethro and he reciprocated. They rinsed each other off and they embraced and kissed as the water cascaded down on them. The Judge broke the kiss and turned Jessie around so that he was facing away from him. He then bent him over and without any preparation or lube other than the falling water he forcefully penetrated his ass. The Judge, trying to prove his manhood, became a viscous wild animal and rammed his cock in and out with the power of a twenty-year-old stud. He grabbed Jessie's chin and tilted his head back and kissed him ferociously. Passion overcame him and as he was about to ejaculate he sunk his teeth into the nap of his victim's neck and he bit and sucked on the tender skin.

The younger man tried to pull away but the Judge grabbed his cock and balls and squeeeeeeeezzzzzzzed hard. "Don't ever try to pull away from me again! You are mine and even if you are no longer my legal slave – there will be times when I may want to treat you as one. And tonight just happens to be one of them," Yethro shouted.

Jessie stomped his heal down hard on Yethro's instep causing him to release his hold and pull away. "Just remember, my love, two can play that game and if it's a game we are going to play, let's set up some basic rules here. The first and last rule is, No means NO! And it is going to be that way or no way. Understand? Just remember that I am now your son as well as your lover. You will treat me with respect – just as I will respect you. If either of us says NO to anything – that's it. Is that understood?" He shouted.

"Understood," Yethro said as he hung his head, got out of the shower and handed Jess a towel. "I just got carried away. I'm sorry. I just wanted to prove I wasn't a worn out old man. It will not happen again."

They dried each other off and Jessie said, "I'm afraid it will happen again. We both must face the fact that we are sexual animals. But we must learn to control the urge to devour each other. There are times when, I too, feel the need to vent my sexual desire on you. However, I am not like you, my love. I was born in a more civilized culture. You are the spawn of the desert. A hot Bedouin and I realize that, for thousands of years you and your people have been violent takers of the things you wanted. It was the only way they could survive. So... they became a law unto themselves. I must admit that was and still is what attracts me to you. And yes, I still dream that crazy fantasy of being a Christian Crusader Knight captured by you. The one you strip nude, abduct and carry across your saddle as your trophy of war. As we gallop across the blazing desert, you hold me close to your body and play with my sex as you nibble on my ear lobes. You see how this arouses me and as I press back into your arms, we kiss. On we ride to your secret oasis. There you dismount and you carry my nude body over your strong shoulders into the cool shade of your goatskin tent. There, in what at first appears to be a vast wasteland, but which I soon learn is also a place of stark beauty and danger, you rape me. In the stark barrenness of your tent, you force me to play the part of your passionate sex slave. Later, with time, kindness, and love, the playacting becomes real and natural. We soon learn to love each other. It is like that Broadway play, 'The Desert Song'. But Yethro my love, the operative word in this fantasy is love."

"For a so called civilized westerner you know me like a book. This is not an easy thing for outsiders to do. Jess, not only do you know me, but there are times that I forget who and what you are. I cannot make myself believe that you are not a Bedouin or at least have the heart of one transplanted in you," he said as he again took the younger man in his arms and kissed his face and lips. "Yes, you may be a gentle Bedouin, but a passionate one just the same. And I promise to become one myself. if you will just give me the time."

They kissed and molded into each other's embrace. Yethro placed Jess gently down on the big bed and lay down along side of him. He reached over into the night table drawn and brought out the tube of lubricant and handed it to the young man. "See, my love, I can be gentle and caring. To prove it I'll let you do all the work. Here, you lube up my cock then mount it at your own speed and pleasure. Then I want you to be my Bedouin lover, I want you to ride me like a camel into the sunset."

Jessie smiled as he lubed the dark olive colored circumcised penis and lowered himself slowly onto the Judge's cock until the hard rod was firmly ball deep in his ass. Then he rode him with movements that imitated the sideways lope of a camel. Slowly he milked the Arab cock with his ass using every trick that he had learned when he worked in Sultan's brothel.

Yethro's dark fingertips rubbed along Jessie's white thighs, leaving small slight red scratches, as he slowly met each thrust with a counter thrust. He loved the way his dark, lube coated cock looked, as it breached the white cliffs of Jessie's ass. Just like a battering ram. He moved his fingers and grabbed hold of Jessie's cock and played with his foreskin as the hard shaft beat against his belly. "Oh! Make this last, I love this, lover, Yessss make it last! Make it last, my camel riding Crusader lover," he hissed.

To be continued...


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