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End of Chapter 17

"It is too bad your parents did not see fit to do it at your birth, like most Americans. In some ways I'm glad, as I love to nibble on it. But you will keep your skin until you decide that you want to convert. I promise that I will never pressure you again. You will be free to come and go when and if you want. To everyone out there you will always be my son. Between us we will be lovers....."

"Yes, Abba (Papa)", said Jessie as he stood up and started to remove Yethro's clothes.

Chapter 18

"It's nice that you choose to call me 'Abba', however, remember that when we are alone, we are still lovers.'" Yethro said as he quickly removed Jessie's shirt and then stopped short as he saw teeth marks on Jessie's neck and arms. "What the fuck? What the hell is this? Did the police and those beasts in the jail do this to you?"

"Well, no," said Jessie as his face blushed.

Becoming upset Yethro started to shout, "Well then what has my lover been doing these past few days? I know it couldn't have been me that did this to you! I was alone in this big house worried to death about you. Not knowing if you were dead or alive. Not knowing if you are ever coming back. Hoping that you were okay. Praying that you were not in the gutter, stabbed and robbed or perhaps the victim of some sex crazed pervert. It got so bad that I even thought of killing myself! Those were the worse two miserable days of my life. And while I'm here alone and miserable, are you remorseful or even sad about the fact that we are parted? Did you even think of calling me and letting me know that you were okay? Did you for one minute, for one second, even take the time to feel sad that we are not together? No! What's the first thing you do? The very first thing?" The Judge shouting and pointing his finger at him continued, "You grab the first young bit of cunt that comes your way and bed her down!! Tell me Dexter or Jessie, whichever your are, was she worth it?"

"I'll not deny it. What was I to do? I wanted to test my freedom! Yes, I slept with a woman. I had to do it again. Yethro, it's been over two years. I had to find out if I could, or if I even wanted to bed women again. And to tell the truth, it felt good. It was nice. But, it was not you, nor was it the paradise I remembered. Afterwards my thoughts came back to you. I could not make myself believe that a life without you was what I wanted for the rest of my life. I wanted to come back to you, even if it meant I would have to enslave myself to you again. Yethro! Look at me! No one forced me to come back here. I'm here with you--- I came back to you - because I wanted to, not because you or anyone else forced me to. I missed you. The very next morning I woke up and I missed your warm body next to mine. Yes, she was a beautiful, passionate, warm woman, but she was not you." Jessie said as he grabbed Yethro and pulled him to his body and covered his face and neck with his mouth leaving a trail of love bites. "There you have my passion on your body and, Yethro, no one can say that but you. And from now on it is going to be just you and me. I promise."

Jessie placed Yethro's legs on his shoulders and placed his cock head against Yethro's rosebud and sank into him. Pressing deeper and deeper until his balls rested on the Judges ass. "Now tell me, my passionate desert lover, tell me to leave you! Cast me out into the cold - and I promise that I will cut my wrists and bleed to death on your doorstep," he whispered as he started to pull out.

"NOOOOOOOOooo! Stay! Don't move. Stay in me. Stay deep in me. I missed you so much. Don't leave me again," the judge screamed as he clamped down on Jessie's cock and hooked his heels around his neck making it impossible for Jessie to withdraw his hard cock from the Judges asshole. "Stay, stay. I want you to fill me with your love. I want to be impaled upon you forever! Just stay there in me and don't move. I want to imprison that wonderful cock of yours forever. Let my ass be your jailor. Let it suck your love juice out of you. Don't move back and forth – just stay there! Let me do all the work!"

And so they stayed like that for a while. Yethro's ass clinging and squezzzzzzzzzing his lover's invading love tool, until Jessie could no longer hold his orgasmic explosions. Yethro's ass continued to masturbate and milk the uncircumcised cock that without any movement shot rope after rope of cummm into his lover. Jessie felt just like a stud dog that had knotted to his bitch and was blasting his baby makers deep into its bitch's cunt. Finally after what seamed like hours, the Judge let his legs slide off Jessie's shoulders. Jessie slid his rod out of the still throbbing ass and lay down beside the Judge and rested. After a while the Judge opened his eyes and said, "Was I as good as that whore you slept with?"

"First of all, she was not a whore. Secondly, no one is as good as you are. And thirdly, I found out that women just don't do it for me anymore. What we just did - was the best sex I have ever had. Now let's forget that I ever went and bedded the bitch. I did something that I'm sorry about. It will never happen again. That's in the past. From now on it's just you and me. You can even enslave me again, if it makes you feel more secure. I don't care as long as you love and want me."

"No more talk about slavery. You were right – there is nothing as good as the right to freely choose your lover," whispered the Judge.

"Okay, as long as we agree on that, let's talk about the future. Summer is coming and I hope we can go up to the lake again. Perhaps we could go up this coming weekend?"

"No, I'm afraid not this weekend. We have people coming over to talk to me about running for office. My relative is the Party Chairman and I think they are going to place my name on the primary for Governor."

"So soon? This Governor still has another year in office and he may want to run again! I don't think it would be wise for you to force him into a primary battle. That could cause bad feelings in the party. Primaries are a rough and dirty business, to say nothing about the millions it would take to unseat the incumbent. And then, you might even lose."

"Well you and I disagree there. I think I could win. However, the real powers have something in mind. I don't know what it is, but I told them I would listen. Now that you are back, I want you to sit in on the talks. It would be a good opportunity for you to get your feet wet, so to speak. Besides I need you and your advise on this democracy business."

"Don't you think that they would think it rather unusual that your ex-slave was at such a meeting?"

"Ordinarily, I would agree with you. However, they all know my history. Even you know that I have been thinking of going into politics for a while now. First my being a lawyer then being a judge was but the first steps. When a man runs for public office, a good home life is required. However, my wife was a problem. As I told you, she refused to have sex with me and without sex there can be no children. It is required that a Muslim has a male heir. While they would like a married Muslim to run for office, the party and most people know that the reason I left my wife was not only because she refused to have sex with me but that she would not even allow us to adopt a child as required by our customs."

"And I thought it was because you fell in love me."

"You may have been the catalyst for my divorce, but I was thinking of it long before we met. This was the prime reason I was awarded a divorce. You see for Muslims a marriage is not for love, but rather to provide a male heir. If one is not produced within a reasonable time span, one is permitted to take another wife. In countries where polygamy is not permitted, it is not only possible to get a divorce or annulment, it is required. This is a common reason for many Muslim separations. It is also common for Orthodox Jewish divorces, as well. I have already done a little research and spoken to some party people about you and our situation and they think that you will not hurt my chances. In fact, to tell you the truth, setting you free was all part of the plan. With you as my slave, I could not have hoped to run for any other office. When I freed you and you left, I told the party that if you ever came back I was going to adopt you as my son. They seemed to think that as long as it was legal and we acted the part – there would be no problem."

"I think they are wrong. Americans do not like homosexuals and will not vote for anyone whom they even suspect of having such deviant behavior. They would object even more so if one party is much younger than the other."

"Perhaps so. But, I think times are changing. Look at all the States that are now allowing them to marry. There are many in the Halls of Government today that have both bi- and homosexual relationships, right there in congress, some even with underage partners. Some even right out there in public. You would think that they were a bunch of Bedouins," Yethro laughed.

"Well at least we are both adults, but let's get back to the subject of the lake." Jessie said and he asked, "When do you think we will be able to get back up to the lake? You know I love our house in town, but I also love the serenity and freedom of the lake."

"Well, let's see, tomorrow I want to file the adoption papers. Then there is that meeting this weekend and you also know that you have your work as court clerk to catch up on. So, unless something comes up unforeseen, I think that we should be ready to leave for the lake in about two weeks. Even then we may have to commute to town from the lake before we can take a real vacation."

"Is there anything I have to do to get ready for this weekend? Perhaps you want me to disappear for a few days?"

"No, as I told you, from now on we are partners. As my son you should be right out there with me if and when I run for office. I want you to get your feet wet."

The next day, Wednesday, the Judge filed all the adoption papers. Jessie felt funny appearing with Yethro before a strange judge in another district and telling the court that he agreed to be Yethro's son and that he also agreed to a name change. He was informed that he would now be known as Jessie ibn Yethro Allwadii. When they left the courthouse he turned to the Judge and said, "Boy, three names in two days... I don't know who I am, now."

"You are exactly who your new name says you are 'Jessie the son of Yethro Allwadii'. My legal son and heir.''

"I hope I can live up to it, Abba."

The next few days were busy days with lots of people coming over to the house to offer congratulations to both the Judge and Jessie.

Friday, as an added means of getting community approval, the Judge took Jessie with him to the Mosque where he was introduced to the Imam. The Judge requested that the Imam instruct Jessie in Islam. He told him that while Jessie was still a Christian, and was not yet a candidate for conversion, he would like him to become educated in the faith so that when the time came he would be ready.

Ignoring Yethro, the Imam took Jessie aside and asked him, "Is this what you want? Do you want to become a Muslim?"

"I don't really know yet, but I would like to know more about it before I decide."

"An honest answer and I will be glad to help all I can. I would suggest that you come to Mosque every Friday and you sit in the visitors' gallery. After services I will take you into my office for private instruction."

"Every Friday?" asked Jessie.

"Yes," the Imam said, smiling and turning to Yethro with disdain said, "If I am going to convert you, I am going to be your sponsor and teacher. As such, I'm going to see that you do so as a proper Muslim. You will not be like your father here!"

Jessie getting mad raised his voice and protested, "My father is a good man and a great Muslim and I don't like you saying otherwise. He may not be bowing with his face in the ground 5 times a day but he is a caring human being and a good Muslim. I will not have you saying anything else about him – even if you are an Imam. Is not respect for your father a cornerstone of the Islamic religion?"

The Imam placed his arms around Jessie and kissed him on both cheeks. "Welcome my son! You have learned your first lesson today. Respect for your parents and elders is like submission to the will of Allah. If one cannot respect the one who gave him life—he cannot respect the One that gave us all life. I will look forward to seeing you at Mosque, if not every Friday, then as many times as you can make it." Then he said to Yethro in Arabic, "He will make you proud and I will make sure he is a good Muslim. I have thought you wrong many times in the past, but adopting him will not be one of those times. It will be nice to see you in mosque even more now!"

When they were outside Jessie asked, even though he knew the language, "What did he say to you in Arabic?"

"Just some personal stuff. He just had to get in one last dig. But for the most part he was right. We could all be better Muslims. And both of us are going to have to work at it. And that includes trying to attend more services. Now lets get back to the house and get ready for the meeting tomorrow night."

After making sure that the house staff had prepared enough refreshments and had cleaned the house to perfection, Jess and Yethro went for a swim in the pool and then showered and dressed. Yethro had insisted that Jess dress in one of the expensive Jalabiyas that Yethro had his tailor make for him last summer.

"I love that on you. I'm going to have a few more made for you. I want you to wear one of them for my inauguration."

"Aren't you getting a bit ahead of yourself here? First you have to win the primary, then the election."

"You're right, one thing at a time. Tonight is the first step and I'm sure things will move fast after this," Yethro said as they left the bedroom and headed back to the Pool Area, there to await their guests, No sooner had they settled in their chairs then they heard the front door chimes ring and knew that the butler was opening the door and greeting the guests. After taking their hats, he said, "If you will follow me, His Honor and his son are awaiting you in the pool area."

"Come in gentlemen. Welcome to our home," the Judge said, standing up, greeting them and introducing Jess to them. Can I have our servant prepare some drinks for you? I've taken the liberty of also having the cook prepare a light repast for us. I thought it would be pleasant if we had it by the pool. Please help yourself to the buffet. Later, after we take care of business, perhaps you would like to join us for a swim. We have plenty of extra swim suits if you should so choose."

"I must say Judge, I think I am going to like this evening very much. Is this an Arab custom doing business in this way? If it is, I think I really approve of it," said one of the committee members as the others agreed and helped themselves to plates of food and sat down around a large table set up by the pool. The butler and his assistant served them drinks and after they were settled, Yethro dismissed the help.

"Thank you, Allie. You and the help can go back to the kitchen now. I will ring for you if we need anything else."

When they left Yethro said, "O.K. gentlemen, we can now eat and discuss what brought you here tonight. Although your chairman and I are related, he has not told me anything. Is it more money or support? I think both my son and I will see fit to help all we can. Just ask and we shall see what we can do."

They ate and talked politics. They told him how they would like to have a Muslim of the Judge's stature on the ticket this coming election. They would even like to have him head the ticket, but the Governor had decided to run for re-election and would most likely be elected by a small majority. And this might be a problem.

"We need a much better showing than the last election. We have a big agenda and this Governor is not capable of getting out the big vote. However, if you were to run as his running mate, the Governor would win in a landslide. We need the Arab votes to really cement this election. Therefore we are offering you the post of Lieutenant Governor. I know it is not what you wanted and expected, but let me assure you that this could lead to much bigger things."

"Well, Gentlemen, I must say that I am a bit disappointed. However I do want to see the party win and win big. I will talk it over with my son and we will give you an answer soon. How long will we have to decide?"

"Before you do that, Yethro, may I have a private word with you?" asked the Party Chairman.

"Yes, of course you can," said the Judge, taking his cup of tea and standing, "Would you care to take your drink and join me in the library? It is quiet there and we can talk freely." Then he turned to Jessie and said, "Jess, would you be kind enough to see to our guests comfort while the chairman and I talk."

The two of them went into the library and shut the door. Yethro sat down and said, "Now Dan, what is it that is so hush-hush that we could not let the others in on it?"

"You and I and our families go back a long way. As an Arab myself, I know what you have had to endure just to get to be a judge. We both have had to make deals and sneak around the corners, here and there. What I'm going to say now is between the two of us. Is that clear?"

"Yes, it is."

"Yethro, I know you wanted the Governor's slot and you deserve it, but you can never be elected to it on your own. Let's face it. You do control a lot of votes – enough to turn the election, but a Muslim running for statewide office would never make it. If you accept the second place on the ballot for this election, I can guarantee that you will be sitting in the Governor's chair within one year after the election."

"What, what are you saying? What's going on here? Are you planning to knock him off? You know that as a judge, I could not be directly connected to such a plan." Yethro smiled.

"He has cancer! He will not last past his first year in office, if that long. This was his idea. He wants you to take over for him and, I as Party Chairman, agree with him. It presents the perfect opportunity to place an Arab into the Governor's mansion and have the people get used to having a Muslim chief executive. You must do this! It is the only way."

"The only way? What do you mean by that? You don't believe I could be elected on my own?"

"Yethro, face the facts! Do you think you or any Muslim could be elected to any high office in this country? You would have to be nuts to think so. Forget the religious question – your relationship with that son of yours would hold you back. But once you were in office that would open the door to power and with power we can make anything happen! Why with the proper training, we might even be able to put that boy of yours in the White House as long as he follows the line. Now that would give you and our people all the power in the world."

"He will be ready. Yes, when the time comes he will be one of us and with us. I guarantee it. He is going to be the one who we will use to get our revenge. I already have him in the first stages of conversion. He has everything we need, blond, blue eyes, good looks and American. With my training and direction, he can be the perfect puppet. He will be the one to turn this country around to our way and once we have the United States - it will be a Muslim world. We will have avenged the Crusades. We will have a new Islamic world Empire with him as Sultan, but you and I will be the real power behind the throne."

To be continued...


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