The Customer/Dexter's Saga

Chapter #32

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End of Chapter #31

That's it gentlemen, please take Jesse down to the 'War Room' now." he said, rather exhausted and collapsed into his leather chair and looked out at the White House lawn. "Anyone who wants this job, has to be crazy," he sighed....

Chapter #32

Down they went to the "Recreation-Room" where they spent the next four or so hours discussing how to proceed. It was hard to come up with anything positive. The President's Chief of Staff, used to controlling everything, wanted to run the entire operation and insisted that Jesse disregard the President and go through him. He did not want Jesse calling the President directly. At first both Jesse and Phillip Green tried to point out that that was not the way the President had directed the operation be set up.

"You heard him as well as I did," shouted Phillip. "He wanted Jesse to call him directly, anytime he felt that the President needed an update."

"Do you think that I'm trying to hide something from the President? The President trusts me to keep him informed and to sort out the unimportant things. I would not last long here if he thought I was doing that."

"Well someone must be doing it," Jesse shouted. "He sure as hell did not know what's going on. And I blame that on the fact that he is cut-off by well meaning people who are trying to 'protect' him. Well, someone has to inform him directly and he has chosen me."

"Jesse is right, in fact he even cut me out of the loop," Phillip said.

At times the discussion got a bit more animated. One word led to another and Jesse almost lost his cool. Disgusted, after a particularly obnoxious segment, he got up and said he was walking out.

"That's it. I've had enough! But before I leave I'm going to tell you one more time. I will try to use words of one syllable so listen carefully."

"I happen to be a university graduate and I will not be spoken to as if I was retarded," he answered back.

"Look, you idiot, I don't care about your education, who you are or who you think you are, we are talking about my life here! Neither you nor the President has to live 24/7 with these people. I can't afford to let down my guard for one second. There is no relaxing for me. I don't have time to play golf at the national golf course nor do I have a personal, private vacation home where I can get away from it all. As for the lake cabin, I'm sure Yethro has me being followed and has the cabin bugged. I may be getting a bit paranoid, but in this business that is not a bad thing. Some of the most successful agents we have are. I'm beginning to think all those right wing talk show hosts are right. Either both the President and you are part of this conspiracy or the both of you are just stupid and have no idea what you are doing. And what's worse is, I don't know where the truth lies. How many times do you have to be told! These people are not peaceful. They could not and do not yearn for peace in any form. They are out to take over the civilized world," an angry Jesse almost shouted. "They are convinced that it is not only their God given duty to do so, but it is their destiny. They are waging Jihad and they don't take prisoners. There is no place for Christians, Jews or infidels in this utopia they are espousing. They kill those that oppose them. They have no problem or respect for our laws, regulations or the lives of others when something or someone gets in the way of their so-called destiny. They glorify in bloodletting. They would rather slit your throat then reason with you. Public executions are the norm. Prisons are for holding the unconverted until they either convert, are enslaved or... The 8th century is the highlight of their dreams and fantasies and they will do anything to drag the entire world back there. There is no reasoning with them and if your boss thinks he can reason with them, he is more dangerous than they are. You can tell him that he can go to hell, but make sure you also tell him that I have no intention of joining him there."

"Well, 'Mr. know-it-all', what are you proposing to do?"

"I'm not proposing to do anything. What I am going to do is just continue to watch the situation and wait. If I were to propose something to them I would become a part of this treason. They would then declare that the Government had encouraged them and entrapped them. There is no need to give them any ideas. They have enough of their own. They will soon decide how and when to move and I must be in a position to learn of the plan and either report it to you or perhaps take action myself." Jesse said, rather annoyed and tired of the whole thing. "Sooner or later they will try to overreach themselves and they will violate our laws. At that point we will be able to act. As far as I know, until now they have not. The only thing that might be a bit 'off kilter' is this clandestine shipment of convicted prisoners overseas to serve out their life sentences as indentured slaves. What I suspect is that there is something else going on. We know there have been agents within the prisons that have been working for years to convert these people to Islam. There is nothing illegal about it. While other religions have been doing this for years with the hope of reforming the prison population, Yethro has just improved upon the concept. He has taken the process one step higher and made sure the system not only pays for itself but also shows a nice profit. In addition to conversions, I think perhaps he has found a source of additional violent Jihadists. These condemned criminals will grab at any opportunity to get out of jail. As far as their slavery is concerned, I have heard rumors that once they have converted to Islam and come under Shariah Law, they can not be held as slaves and thereby gain their freedom, but not before they have been radicalized and trained to become Jihadists.

"But do they know that they could, and most likely will be, used as sex slaves until that time?"

"Do you think that makes any difference to them? What the hell do you think they are being used for in our prisons? Most of them, and especially the healthy younger good-looking ones, are lucky if they make it past the first night in prison without being sexually violated and becoming the playthings of either some convicted ruthless killer or the guards. They will do anything to get out and they hope this is a way out. What happens to them after they leave the United States has not been our problem as they give up their citizenship and rights to due process to live outside of the U.S.A.," Jesse said, and then added, "Look, the only thing we can do now is to let me play their game with them and let them think that I'm going along with them. Only by getting deeply embedded into their confidence and being like a fly on the wall can I hope to perhaps get into the inner-circle and find out if there is some really treasonable crap going on here."

"O.k., I'll let the President know what we decided," the C.O.S. said in surrender. "Here is that telephone number he wants you to have. As a personal favor, you will notice, I have also included mine. It is my wish that you will also keep me informed as I would like to have some input."

"I can't do that as the fewer people who know about my true role, the safer I'll be. As far as keeping you informed, that's for Phillip and the President to do, not me. Like he said, I'm in charge and until he says differently, I intend to act that way."

Jesse could see that this did not please the Chief of Staff, but what the fuck, it was his life on the line and he would be damned if he was going to trust him, the President, Mr. Green or anyone else in this matter.

"Now that that's settled, what are we going to do about the President's visit? Do you think it will be safe for him to come to the convention?" Mr. Green asked.

"That's up to the Secret Service guys to work out. They have made it clear that they are going to be in charge and for my part; I will give them anything they need. I presume the President at some point will address the conference at a luncheon seminar or dinner, which we will be happy to host for him. I think that is the usual way that these things are done. Will he be coming alone or will his wife be coming also? This is, after all, a social as well as a political event. I think the attending Governors and their wives as well as myself would love to meet with him and his wife."

"That is the way it usually is conducted and I don't see any reason to change it, unless you think it is unsafe."

Jesse could not help but 'stick it to the guy' as he said, "I can only speak for the Governor and myself, we'll do everything we can to assure that it goes off without a problem - I'm sure the Secret Service will do the same! I will provide you with a list of the people who will attend the affair. It will contain the names of the Governors and their wives. I myself might want to impress a few people and invite them as well. The Governor will vouch for them. It's for sure none of us would like having our loved ones become the target for some nut job. Is this acceptable?"

"Yes, as long as the Secret Service will be in complete charge of the security and all the names of the guests are vetted before hand," declared the Chief of Staff. "I think we are done here, agent. Good luck."

After they left the White House, Phillip blew his top at Jesse. "What the hell are you trying to do? Get me fired! You just can't talk to the Chief of Staff or the President that way. It just isn't done..."

"I don't see why not! As a citizen, I do pay his salary and he does work for me. It's my ass on the line and I don't trust anyone with its protection but me. It was your idea to be both truthful and forceful in the first place and it worked. Now when I get back I'm going to tell Yethro that you arranged for me to see the President and that I agreed to spy on him for you."

"Why the fuck would you do that?" the Director almost screamed.

"Possibly, because he already knows this. You don't think that hanky-panky crap you did this morning, sneaking me into his office or our meeting has not been reported to him already. What would surprise me would be if he did not know about the entire operation from the get-go."

"What the hell you talking about? Now I know you have lost your mind."

"No, I have not! You know the first thing we learn, as a field agent is to assume that the enemy knows everything and that he is not stupid. Well, if there is one thing that I've learned it is that Yethro is not a fool. He has sources and ways of knowing things that you and I would never even think about. No one survives in this line of work for very long by being stupid and Yethro has been at this for a long time. Don't look now, but there has been a man who has been following us since the morning I went to that hotel room you rented the other day. He is very good, but I spotted him right away. He's so good that if he were anything other then one of Yethro's Jihadist buddies, it would surprise even me. If there is nothing else you need me for, I suggest that I get back to Yethro.

Phillip was shocked and had to admit that he had not even realized it. "I guess I've been stuck behind that desk too long and have lost some of my field instincts. How long have you noticed him?"

"Like I said, since the day that you and I met in that hotel room. He was there when I entered the hotel lobby reading a newspaper and he followed me after I left. If you remember it was the morning after you called Yethro to tell him that the President would like to come to the Governor's conference." Jesse said. "I guess that Yethro is not so stupid after all. He has had me under observation since your call. He is covering his ass and even beginning to mistrust me."

"Maybe you should get out while you can. It sounds like we have been compromised." Phillip whispered.

"Not on your life. I can and will use this to bond even deeper with him. By telling him of your offer for me to work for you and that the President and I had a meeting, I think that it can only convince him of both my love and devoted loyalty. I know it will work and it will create a bond between us that his self-respect would never permit him to question again."

"I hope you know what you are doing!"

"I think I do. No! Change that to I better know."

Late the next day, upon arriving home, Jesse entered his office and walked over to the door connecting to Yethro's office and knocked.

"Enter," came the reply. And when he did, he saw a smiling Yethro at his desk with Dan sitting across from him.

"Hello Jesse, welcome home! How are you? How was the trip to Washington? Have you worked out the details of the President's visit?"

"Yes, I think it is all done and both he and his wife will be there. We are going to have to dine them. With all the problems that arose, I guess he could not pass up the chance to meet and greet. There are still a few details to work out, but I think it will go well. What's been going on here? It feels like I've been away forever and not just a few days. Is there anything new that has happened since I was away?'

"Yes, there are a few things," Yethro smiled and pointing to Dan said, "Dan here has done a complete investigation of Rashid and his family and was just giving me the details. He has prepared a very nice and informative record here. I must say, Jess, you can sure pick them. She is a beauty and I could not have found a better woman for you myself. While it is true that the family has come upon hard times, they are tough and are building a new life here. Besides, this may work for us in a favorable manner. We may be able to arrange a more favorable 'bride price' for her. Would you like me to start the process? I can't wait to get started on this."

"Keep your Bedouin feeling in check here, Abba. Hold on there, she is still too young and I really do not know her that well, yet. Let's not jump the gun. One step at a time! Besides I hope that you will not take advantage of their poverty. They may be dirt poor, but they are from proud Bedouin stock. Most likely the same stock as your family and mine, now that I am your son. It would not look good for people to be able to say that you got your son a wife in a bargain basement sale," Jesse laughed.

"You can be sure that when the time comes, I will not dishonor them or you. But you must remember, as you said, you are my son and as such are a really good catch.... And as such, you could get the daughter of any king or prince if you wanted one. In fact if you were a Muslim, you could get five of them," Yethro smiled. "By the way, again welcome back. I missed you and this place is going to hell without you around."

"Thank you. I missed being here. And thank you Dan, for your investigation. Both Yethro and I do appreciate the time and effort that you put in. It does set my mind at ease, but I will have to investigate Ronnie a little more on my own before I allow Yethro to commit me. Now, when you are through Dan, I would like to talk privately with the boss about my Washington trip as well as a few personal things."

"It will take me no time to finish up with Dan and then I will join you in your office. Wait for me in there. You can set up the coffee table by that new couch," Yethro smiled. "And we can have an early dinner sent in."

"O.K., in about ten minutes then," Jesse said as he turned to Dan and said his good byes and returned to his office and set up the table and ordered food sent in.

When Yethro came in, he sat on the couch and smiled. "You don't know how many times these last few days I have come into your office and just sat here and thought about the last time we made love here. I really missed you. Did you know that except for the time I gave you your freedom, this was the longest we have been apart?"

"I really did not realize that, but I did miss you also." Jesse said as the two of them began to eat. "I just hope that we can keep our relationship going even after I have to take a wife. That worries me and no matter how much you say that marriage will not affect our loving each other, I fear somehow it will."

"You will see that it will not. It may even deepen it. When you have a baby it cannot help but add to it. But, we will face that when we come to it. Now tell me about your trip to Washington. I have never been there. Is it really as imposing as they say?"

"Yes, it is all that and also a bit disturbing."

"Disturbing? How so?"

"Yethro, my trip was not what either you or I thought it was going to be. I thought I was going there to talk to the President's security people about his coming here. It turns out that Mr. Green is the Director of the Homeland Security Department and while he did make arrangements for me to talk to Security Agents for the President's visit, there was another reason he wanted me to come to Washington."

"What was that?"

"It seems as if both the President and Director are getting worried about your rise in popularity. In fact, it turns out that was the real reason for our trip. Anyway, Mr. Green arranged a secret meeting between the President and me yesterday. It was all so surreal. The two of them tried to get me to spy on you. They are really afraid of you and think you are a danger to the country. They want me to report to them anything that I think you are doing to take over the government."

"Well I can't say that I'm surprised. I was wondering how come it took them so long to wake up. What did you tell them?"

"Well I told them that as your son, I could not do it. They really put the pressure on me and kept at it and finally, in desperation to get out of there, I agreed to report anything that I thought was unlawful to Mr. Green. I'm sorry, Yethro, but there is just so much pressure you can take when you are face to face with the President," Jesse said with tears in his eyes. "Now you can fire me. I am not any good. I have betrayed you. You will never trust me again."

Yethro took him in his arms and said, "Look it was only a matter of time before my enemies would try something like this. I'm just surprised that it has taken them so long. Politics can get messy at times and that S.O.B. in the White House is a real pro at it. No, my love, you did nothing wrong and I'm proud that you have told me this. We can use it. You will just tell him anything that you and I want to tell him. After all, how long does he have in office. If things keep going as well as they have been - soon we will be too strong for them to oppose us. One way or the other we will take over. And when we do, you my love, are going to be in a position to stick it up their backsides."

"There you go again... Sex, sex, sex. Is that all you can think of."

"Yes, come here my little sex slave before I am forced to defile you!"

He pulled Jesse to him and kissed his lips. While doing this he was pinching his nipples. Yethro tore open Jesse's dress shirt and sunk his teeth into one of his nipples. Jesse noticed that the connecting door was still open and he disengaged himself, locked the door and returned to the couch where he again embraced the Arab and Jesse groped the man's ass and then made his way to his crotch where he found his dick was alive, hard and wanting to be played with. Jesse quickly unzipped the man's pants and reached in and pulled out the rock hard meat and took it into his mouth and devoured it. Taking it deep in his throat and working his tongue along the bottom of the cock he sucked hard. Finally unable to content himself with just sucking, Jesse undid his own pants and pulled his cock out of his pants and then stripped off Yethro's pants and bent him over the arm of the sofa, parted his ass globes and rammed his cock into his asshole. Yethro's anal muscles stretched to it's limits because it seemed that the situation had made Jesse even larger than normal... Jesse started fucking him in long slow strokes at first...Then they became faster...As he fucked the governor's ass he reached around and grasped the circumcised cock in his hand and fisted it and set up a common rhythm in an attempt to coordinate their orgasms...He then turned him over onto his back without removing himself from his ass and increased the speed. Thoroughly turned on by this, the Governor fucked as if this would be his very last fuck ever in life. Too soon, they both knew they could not last much longer and Jesse whispered urgently into his ear that he was about to cumm.

"Yes," screamed Yethro. "Cumm YESSSSSSSSS! Nowwww! Me toooo!"

And Jesse came and sunk his teeth into Yethro's pecs to stifle his screams. At the same time as he was emptying his balls into Yethro, the Gov lowered his head and sunk his teeth into Jesse's shoulder. They kept cumming and coming for what seemed like several minutes before they started to breathe normally.

"I love you Jess, and I just wish we could stay like this forever, just the two of us, alone in our own world. I don't care what the world, the Koran or the Imams say or want. They always preach that we should aspire to go to heaven. What we have can't be sinful or wrong. It's too good to be anything but paradise on earth. It is pure ecstasy and that can't be wrong. I not only love you but I trust you and know you will never betray me. And I promise you that I will never betray you. I trust you to do the right thing, my love and partner for life."

To be continued..


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