The Customer/Dexter's Saga Chapter #27

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End of Chapter 26

"I hate to think of the day when you are forced to take a woman to your bed in order to give us a son. I will hate every minute that you have to spend with her making her with child. Just remember that when she has a boy, it will be 'OUR' son, yours and mine, not hers."

Chapter 27

"If that is the case - why not skip the whole marriage bit and we just adopt a child of our own right now? It would be much simpler that way."

"Yes, perhaps in your world, but in mine it would be an admission that I have not been able to sire a child and that all the rumors about us having sexual relations are true. And doing that is a NO-NO. We cannot admit to that in the open. Even you have said it would be the end of my political life as well as any hopes of your following in my footsteps. I was able to adopt you only because my ex-wife refused to have children of her own. Besides if we do have to adopt a child it would have neither your nor my blood in him and that is unacceptable to me."

"In today's world, I can not see that that makes any difference. I really don't get this duplicity, but if it makes you happy..."

"That is because you are still Christian and you live in a world that says, 'Love conquers all!' Laws, customs and tribe mean nothing to you. Only Love! When will you get it through your head that 'love crap' fades in time? It, like the rest of your society, will soon perish when we take over. But you, my love, have nothing to fear. You are my son and after your conversion you will be one of us - a child of Islam. Until then, you just keep doing what I tell you to do and it will work out just fine. For now all you have to worry about is the security of the President," Yethro said. "That should keep you busy for a while. Now get out of here, I have to see Dan and tell him about these developments."

"You should keep it quiet for a while, at least until I get back and we are sure that he is coming."

"You may be right about that. However, I know he is going to put in an appearance. He has to. This is a great opportunity for him to try to cut me down to size."

"It can also be your opportunity to be the diplomat and try to win him over. After all if he does have Muslim blood in him, he can't be all that bad," Jesse laughed. "After all his father was one of "us" and it has to come out in the long run! Now it's time to get back to work. We are supposed to be on State Time, you know!"

"Fuck State Time, we need to relax more. Just remember to schedule another "Break" before you leave for Washington."

"I can't promise, but I'll see what I can do. It all depends on what Mr. Green has to say tomorrow. I was hoping to go to Washington early next week and get the security thing settled. However, I have to try to get to Mosque and class this Friday. The Imam was very angry with me during our last lesson. I guess I was kind of flippant with him and he almost threw a fit."

"What did you do now?" Yethro asked exasperatedly. "Will you just try and stay on his good side ¬- for now ¬- we may need him in the future. Besides when you do convert, it will be him that most likely will perform the circumcision. I think you would like to stay on his good side. You never know - that knife might just slip. I thought that the two of you were getting along so well."

"Circumcision, that's what caused his tirade. I thought that we were getting along also. But this last time he just turned purple when I asked if it was that important that I get "cut" in order to convert or if it was really important that it be done without anesthesia," Jesse said. "I never saw him so upset. You would have thought he would have pulled out a blade and done it right there! Why?"

"I guess it is partly my fault. I should have warned you. I'm surprised he was that angry with you. You could not have known the real deep root connection between circumcision and the Muslim. He was really angry with me for not telling you this. As your father, I should have been the one to tell you this. Jesse, you have to understand we never use the term 'cut'. You see circumcision is a badge of honor to us Muslims. We never refer to it as 'being cut'. While there may be some academic/health and religious reasons for this practice among non-Muslims, for the Muslim man it is fundamental to his inclusion in Islam. It is our connection to the prophet Mohamed and father Abraham. It is often referred to as the "ring" of Abraham (like a ring in a marriage). Your flippant referrals to Muslims being "cut" could be considered blasphemy because it undignifies this act. We view this as being a gift from God and as such it is of fundamental importance to Islam. Also the roots of Islam come via the firstborn son of Abraham, Ishmael, and not the second born Isaac as in Judaism and Christianity. When you read your Bible it is Isaac who is the sacrifice, whereas in our Koran it is Ishmael. The circumcision, therefore, is in remembrance of a blood sacrifice to honor God, and a reminder of father Abraham's willingness to do all that God commanded him to do. Until you realize this and believe it, you will not be worthy of being considered a Muslim. So if you want to enter into the faith of Islam, I suggest that you show some respect for the basics."

"I never thought of it in those terms. But why not do it at birth?"

"Its being done at birth would make it very simple and easy ¬- but the way of Mohamed is not easy nor simple. I remember when I received the "Ring" at the age of 10. It was as if I had received a gift from God. Yes it hurt but it also made me proud. So until you can feel that way, and until you can accept Islam within your heart, I suggest you delete the word "Cut" from your conversations with the true believers. Is that understood?"

"Yes, my lord! However, is it still permitted for me to kiss "the Ring"?

"Ohhhhhh I can see that you are going to be difficult..." Yethro smiled. "However, when we are alone, I will permit you to kiss my "Ring" and only mine as long as you follow the correct procedure of kneeling before me and.... Ohh you will be the death of me yet! Get back to work now you scoundrel." Yethro laughed.

"Yes, my love and remember we have an appointment for another "relaxing session" ASAP!"

The next morning, Jesse drove to his meeting with Mr. Green. Sitting in the rented hotel room, the Director informed him that a meeting had been arranged with the President and would take place in the President's residence. He would be smuggled in there under the guise of a regular tour. The meeting is scheduled to last for fifteen minutes.

"Fifteen minutes? That's all I have?" Jesse laughed. "It hardly seems worth the trip! What do you think I can tell him in that short of time?"

"Knowing you, I'm sure you can think of something to catch his attention. If you can get him interested he most likely will grant you more time, but fifteen minutes is the usual time allotment for interviews," Philip said. "After all, the man is busy and he will be given a copy of your service record and a summary of your proposed report before hand to look at. He just wants to meet with you and see the agent to get a feel for your veracity."

"So, will I have to prepare a statement of my thoughts?"

"No, not from scratch. In order to save you time, I took the liberty of preparing an outline for you to work on. It is based on our conversation the other day. This is your chance to let your boss know what you think - so make the most of it. While he most likely does talk with his security agents often, I doubt if they discuss the topics you will be discussing. Believe me, it is not often that he is given the opportunity of meeting a field agent, nor is it common practice for a field agent getting the chance to meet with the President. I, myself, have met with him only a few times one of them being the interview before he nominated me for the Directorship. I now report to the National Security Board of which I am only one member. Here is a copy of the paper I prepared for you. I typed it double-spaced, so you can read it and make any corrections or additions you may feel like making. You can change it if you want. Go sit at the desk and read and work it over. What is written there are 'my words', but I want them to be 'your words and thoughts'. But try to confine it to one page."

Jesse did just that and for the next hour he reworked the report over and over. When he was finished he handed it to the Director and said, "Well I hope this will do it? Let's go over it and make sure we are both in agreement before you redo it."

They worked out a new draft and both the Director and Jesse approved the final rework. "I'm not being too presumptuous, am I? You know the more I think it over, the more I ask myself who the hell I think I am to even think I know it all! He surely knows whatever I am going to tell him and he may not even want to hear it coming from me."

"Don't chicken out on me now. It took a lot of dealing to get you this interview and I had to call in a lot of favors. I would not have gone out on the so-called limb if I did not think what you had to say was not only important but needed to be said; and said to his face. Even if he does not like what you have to say - at least he will have heard the truth of the situation from an insider's point of view. He needs that and if he fires you - so be it! He may even fire me at the same time, but I don't think so. In any event it will be interesting to see what happens."

"Why don't you think he will not fire us?"

"For two reasons. One: Because if anything goes wrong in the future he will have me to throw to the wolves. And two: He knows that as long as I'm working for him - I'm not going to rat on him. We each build up points and when the time comes, we are able to redeem them as favors. That's how I got you this meeting and it's the Washington way of doing things ¬- called deniability and payback."

"We have that on the State level also. It sucks, but there is nothing you can do about it. Yethro tries to get things done but he finds that he has to 'make deals' himself. I dread to think of some of the things he had done in order to ram through most of his program. Who knows how many State legislators are using his 'Shipments Overseas' before they are packaged up? He also deports some very hot women inmates. Mostly young blonds, so I hear. I don't know why these people volunteer to be shipped out of the country. I guess they figure that anything is better than being locked up."

"Yeah! And they think there is always the chance of escaping. Yethro has that way about him. I think he could sell air conditioners to the Eskimos. They call it the 'Art' of Governing," the Director said. "You'd better get back to the office now. I'll have this typed up and I'll submit it to the 'Boss' and we'll see what happens. Perhaps we can be able to make the trip early next week. How are things going at the Mosque? Anything new there?"

"Not a thing. The young people are becoming bored with me. They want me to date their sisters or at least to pal around with them more. I think they are beginning to consider me as 'one of their own'. It is a lot more relaxed and family like. I wish that I had more time to spend among them but running the office is very time consuming."

"Perhaps they are right, you should get a bit more involved with them. I have always thought that Yethro was a bit too old to really be involved with the 'Brotherhood' and even though we saw him meet with one of the leaders - I still had reservations. Since the crackdown in Egypt I think the leaders have given up on Yethro's generation and are looking for new, younger leaders. They want leaders who are going to take their orders and carry them out. Action is what they want and they want it not tomorrow but yesterday. They are tired of trying to gain power through the old methods and want results. They are no longer willing to wait and gain power country by country, they want it all and they want it now. A world wide Caliphate and nothing else will satisfy them. You can see the results in the Middle East. It has started there already. An Islamic State from Spain to China. One State, One law, one religion, and soon one Caliph. Yethro and this generation are too old for them. Too set in their ways. They have been poisoned and corrupted by the west. The fact of the matter is that they maybe more interested in you. Someone new, fresh, impressionable and most of all controllable! You might be the link they are looking for. They have been enrolling more and more, younger new converts and pushing them into leadership positions. Newly converted Americans have climbed very high in the higher achy. There have been a few of them that are terrorist leaders. An American Caliph, why not?"

"They would be crazy if they thought that, but they have done lots of crazier things. Maybe you are right and it will have to be the younger generation that will have to flex its mussels sooner or later. I'll give it a try and see what comes of it. I will be going to Mosque tomorrow anyway and I'll sniff around. There is one guy that seems to like me and has offered his friendship to me. He is a bit different than the others. Unlike them, I don't even think he has a sister that he is looking to 'fix me up with'. If he had one then I could understand his attentions. He appears to be a sort of leader of some kind. There are always guys that come to him and they sort of pay him homage."

"What is his name?"

"Rashid Hussein" Jesse said.

"No relation to Sadam?"

"Not that I know of. Look it's a fairly common Arabic name spelled in many different ways. Almost like Smith or Jones is in the USA. Hell, it is also our President's middle name. In any event, I seriously doubt that there is any connection but run a check on him anyway. See if you have anything on him in your files?"

"I'll check it out and let you know. I would have thought that if there were something, I would have been told. With a name like that I would think he would have changed it. But then again you never know. He just might have felt that since the name is rather common, we might over look it. Anyway, I'll double check it anyway," the Director, said as he wrote the name down. "You'd better get back to your office, now. I'll be in touch."

Jesse returned to the executive offices and told Yethro about his meeting with Mr. Green and that he would make arrangements for him to meet with the security people about the up-coming Presidential visit. He did not tell him about a possible meeting with the President. He mentioned that Green said he would arrange everything and get back to both him and Yethro sometime next week when he had arranged it all.

"Yes I know," Yethro said smiling. "He called after your meeting to say that he was very impressed with you and that he could now understand why I wanted you to be in charge of this. You must have made a very good impression on him, because he sort of hinted that if he could, he was going to have you meet the President before hand. He did say that you looked a bit uptight about the President's visit and this might calm you down. In any event, he suggested, and I agree, that it might be a good idea if you were to take a few days off to relax and get ready for your trip."

"Yethro, what do you say to both of us going up to the lake for some rest and relaxation time? It would be good for both of us."

"I would love to, but you know my schedule and you of all people should know I can't. But he is right; you go on and do it. You have not seen Phyllis in a while. Why don't the two of you make use of the cabin this weekend? I hear the weather is going to be perfect for swimming."

"Why are you still pushing me to go out with her? Is it not enough that I talk to her at least three or four times a week?"

"We still need her father's support and good will, to say nothing of his money. Remember we still have to think about my next election." Yethro almost shouted at him. "Besides, I got to like her during the campaign. She is bright and interesting and I want you to keep her around. Is that understood?"

"We are still friendly but I don't think that would be a good idea for us to go up to the lake alone again. I don't want her to get any serious ideas about our relationship. I thought that I had made it clear from the beginning that marriage was out of the question. Now, I think she is becoming a bit too attached to me. I keep telling her that I'm going to convert and when I do, I will have to marry a young Muslim. She says that she would look good in a long dress and head covering and likes to tease me by doing a very poor imitation of a belly dance. However she is getting up there in age and not really very good at it. Besides she doesn't like fishing. Maybe a little fishing is what I need to relax me. Yes, that's what I'll do."

"I don't want you to go up there alone! You might get hurt and be unable to call for help. Should I inform Mike that you would be there and have him check up on you? Better yet, would you like to invite some of the guys from the Mosque for a weekend of fishing? It might sort of help you to relax and have a bit of fun. You have been working too hard."

"As far as Mike goes - I know he patrols the compound, but, please, keep him away from me. He still scares me!" Jesse said. "As for inviting some of the Mosque guys go, that might not be a bad idea. It might even be fun and I would be able to get to meet some of the other young people socially. I have been pretty much of a loner and I should become friendlier if I am to convert. Do you have anyone in mind?"

"No one, just make sure you don't wreck the place. Don't bring too many now as there is not much room and I don't want Mike calling me in the middle of the night to tell me you have wrecked the place. Remember that I don't want to see or hear about any drugs or hard liquor," he jested.

"You know me better. Only a little beer and perhaps some wine. I'll behave myself and you just tell Mike that he is to keep away from me. I still think he is looking to grab my ass again."

"Why do you say that? Has he made any moves on you since that last time?"

"No, Not really. I just don't trust him. He acts sort of sleazy with me."

"Jess, get that thought out of your head. Maybe when I was just a Judge he might have thought he could get away with a lot of things. But now he knows that if he tries any thing like that again, I'll kill him and skin him alive! There is not a law officer in the world that wants the Governor of his state on his bad side. He might find himself behind bars as the plaything for a few of the guys he sent up the river.... Even if he were in the best of physical shape, as Mike is, he would not last long. The 'big house' is just full of rough inmates that have nothing to loose and would just love to 'entertain' our law officer. In fact, I can think of a few that have been dreaming and planning on it for years. He is also aware of my ability to have him 'Exported'. He knows that I could just as easily include him in one of my overseas consignments. I know he would not like to find out that his next job is as a ball-less eunuch guard at some mid-east harem. So you can be sure he will behave himself and he will try to keep as far away from you as he can."

"You know, you are right! I never thought about that," Jesse laughed. "Yeahhh, I can see it now, Mike surrounded by big hardened criminals, cringing and sweating as they close in around him...."

"You do have a mean streak in you!" Yethro laughed. "That's what I love about you. A born Bedouin."

"Well he did hurt me that first time and I do have a long memory. I would love to see him in that same situation... Again you are right, I am turning into a mean S.O.B. But not a 'Son of a bitch', rather a Son of a Bedouin!" Jesse smiled and kissed his father.

"And that's why you need a few days off - so you just go to Mosque tomorrow and then take a few friends to the cabin and go fishing, have a few beers, and relax. I just wish it could be me going there with you, but your Governor has to work so his lover can play," Yethro playfully sighed.

"If I didn't know better I would think that you and Dan were going to try out some of those men before you ship them out of the country..."

"Get out of here, before you find your ass on that list!" Yethro ordered as he kissed him and let him out of the office. "But remember, I want you back here for another session on that couch of yours before you go to Washington."

"So Rashid, what progress do you have to report on Yethro's son? Have you or any of the younger agents been able to get close to him yet?" Asked the Jihad agent as the two of them sat in a coffee house smoking hashish from a hooker pipe late Thursday evening.

"It's really hard to tell as he has that woman that he is seeing, but I think I will be able to report some progress soon."

"Woman? It was our feeling that he was perhaps on the 'Gay Side'."

"I really don't believe he is. He surely doesn't appear to look that way." Rashid said taking a big drag on the hookah and watching it bubble. "However, it is worth a try. We have a class with the Imam tomorrow and I will explore that road. Perhaps he and I will be able to explore this together. But I have to be careful. He might just deck me. Yes, I have to be very careful. Anyway just in case I do get lucky and it looks like I may be getting somewhere I will call and tell you that I will not be home for the weekend. In any event I think I should stop this smoking and get some rest as I might need it tomorrow."

"Good I hope we are on to something here. Yethro has aged and we must look for younger blood. And that blood may not be Arab. Some of our best agents, fighters and leaders are coming from the newly converted. That young man might be the answer and with a true Jihadist like you leading, guiding and controlling him, we can be sure that control will be to our ultimate benefit."

The next morning, Friday, Jesse went to the Mosque for services and classes. It was a bright sunny morning and the afternoon promised to be even hotter. It was a great day to go for a swim or fishing up at the lake. Even the Imam realized that it was useless trying to keep the class going and decided to let them out a little early.

After class, while packing his Koran and notebook into his backpack, Jesse spotted Rashid standing alone at the doorway. Smiling, Jesse walked up to him and asked how he enjoyed today's lesson.

"It was boring and I had trouble keeping awake! Don't tell the Imam I said that," he whispered. "Jesse, to tell the truth I don't know why I come to these things. The only reason I even look forward to being here is that I get to hang out with guys like you." Rashid said and seeing the look of surprise on Jess' face he quickly added, "Jesse, how do you manage to keep awake?"

"I really enjoy most of his classes, but I do agree with you that there are times I do want to nod off. I was hoping that he might take the summer off and give us a break."

"On days like this it's not too bad being in the Mosque. It was hot this morning and since the Mosque is air-conditioned - it was nice to cool off a bit. However, this afternoon it is going to get into the nineties and I would love to have a few cold ones and find a way to avoid the heat. Do you have any ideas?" Rashid asked. sort of hinting.

"By cold ones, I take it you mean beer. In other words, if I get you right, you would like to pick up a few six-packs of beer. Then drive somewhere, preferably out of town to avoid your co-religionists eyes, so that we could get some relief from this blasted heat," Jesse snickered.

"I'm glad to see that I do not have to paint pictures for you, my friend," he said placing his arm around Jess' shoulder and hugging him a bit."

"Ahhh, no," Jess said laughing and placing his arm around Rashid's waist. "You don't have to explain any more. I do like the way you paint pictures, but you can put away that paintbrush. Rashid, my friend I agree with you one hundred percent. What do you say we make it a real party and ask two of the sisters to join us? Then, since Yethro is busy this weekend, I can drive the four of us up to the lake, drink a few beers, have a little party, fool around a bit and perhaps cool off in the lake?"

"Hell no! Are you crazy? Are you looking to get our throats cut? Maybe you would like to place an advertisement on the Mosque bulletin board! At the very least you and I would become the subjects of the Imam's next sermon. Damn it, Jesse, there is no way to faster have him on our backsides than having a beer party with anyone from that group of religious fanatics! Has the heat got to you? What are you thinking and to invite some girls from the congregation?!!! We would never even get the girls into that fancy car of yours! Their fathers would come after us with their long knives or maybe their shotguns, as you Yanks say. No! That would never work! Besides I was thinking of something more discreet. More private. Just the two of us going to the lake and you could give me a sort of personal tour," Rashid hinted as he hugged Jesse a bit more. "Two single, young guys relaxing at a cool lake would not upset the big shots as much as our taking their daughters on a date without proper supervision, getting them drunk and then ravishing them."

Jesse leaned into him and whispered, "That thought about their fathers never entered my mind. If Yethro found out he would be the first in line to.. You are right my friend! Anyway the cabin is small and there is not room for a big party. There is only one bed! It might be a bit cramped with four of us. What do you say we just hop into my car, not tell or ask anyone else and travel to the lake? On the way we can find a liquor store or something, stop for some beer then drive up to the lake and have a cookout. We could even go for a dip in the lake if you like. The water is nice and cool this early in the season. I know Yethro would not mind that as he is always saying I should make more friends. I could even call and let him know - I'm sure he would approve."

"Now you're talking, but no need to even ask him. I'll just leave a message at my place and tell them to notify him," he said as he dialed his home and left a message on the answering machine that he was going with Jesse and he might not be home for a few days in Arabic. Closing the phone he said, "In case you are wondering about the call, I had to let my family know I will be away and not to worry. I had to leave a message, as they are not home right now. Maybe we should stop by the house so I can pick up my swim trunks ¬just in case."

Jesse opened the passenger side door for him and after Rashid had strapped in, he then walked around to his side and slipped in behind the wheel and placed his key in the ignition. As the powerful car started up he lowered the convertible top, put the car in drive and said rather naughty-like to Rashid as they pulled out of the parking lot, "Why spoil the fun? As long as it is just us men, there is no need to stop for your bathing trunks - I seldom if ever swim in anything but my birthday suit..."

"You're kidding me!" Rashid said as he reached over and put his hand on Jess' thigh and let his fingers lightly move up and down as he playfully leaned in and kissing his ear whispered, "You mean I am really going to get the chance to see - the real you!"

"Why would I kid you? The lake is completely private. The swimming area is hidden from the main road and patrolled by Yethro's handpicked guards to keep the public away. They would never violate our security or privacy. No one else is there and besides no one knows we are going to the lake anyway. If you have never tried it before you will love it. There is nothing like swimming nude to refresh the body and soul. You are not ashamed of your body or having me see you nude are you? If you are, I'm sure I can dig up a suit for you or you can always swim in your under shorts," Jesse said. "But, I can assure you that you have nothing there that I have not seen before."

Moving his hand up to Jess' crotch and feeling around, he said, "Mmmm! Maybe not, but I think I might have you beat, but not by much."

"Please, while I'm driving keep your hands to yourself. As you can see - I'm easily aroused and I like to keep my eyes and mind on the road. My father would not like it if I were to run into a tree." Jesse said as he lightly removed Rashid's roving hand. After traveling a while Jesse pointed to a store and said, "Look, there is a supermarket up ahead. I'll stop but you will have to run in and buy us some cold six-packs, while I try to cool down and adjust myself. It would be embarrassing if I were to walk in there sporting this erection. How are you fixed for money? Do you need any?"

"No, this will be my treat. Any particular brand you like?"

"If it's not too expensive, get a good German or Dutch beer."

"Okay. I'll take care of everything. You just stay here, wait but don't cool down too much. I prefer my beer cold but my men to be warm, able and ready..." He said as he again leaned in and kissed Jess on the ear and whispered, "Just keep that sex motor of yours running...."

While Rashid was in the store, Jesse called Yethro's personal phone and left a message as to where he was going and with whom. He then also notified Mike and told him what was going on and telling him not to interfere.

A little while later Rashid came out with another guy carrying a large cooler containing the beer packed in ice and Jesse popped the trunk while they placed it in the rear and then Jess and Rashid continued on their way.

"I had to leave a deposit on the cooler. Let's remember to return it on the way back," Rashid said as he leaned back, placed one arm around Jesse and closed his eyes and enjoyed the air blowing over them.

They made it to the lake by 2PM and Jesse gave the gate key to Rashid and told him to open the gate. Jesse then drove in closed and locked the gate and opened up the cabin and aired it out. Then he showed Rashid around the cabin. They placed most of the beer in the refrigerator and then he had Rashid take the cooler with a few bottles down to the dock. "I'll be down there soon. I'll make and bring something light down to nibble on before we swim. I can make a meal later. We have lots of fish here, but it has to defrost first. How does that sound?"

"Sounds good to me, babe. Do you mind if I have a cool one while I wait?"

"No, go on, enjoy yourself. Have two if you want! I'll bring the towels when I come down. Will you want me to scare up some bathing suits for us?"

"What and miss the opportunity of seeing you in the altogether? Besides, I wouldn't want you to carry too much. You might hurt that beautiful back of yours and instead of swimming I will have to spend the time massaging you. No, forget the suits. Just hurry! I can't wait to see what you have been hiding from me."

Jesse opened the freezer and took out some fish and frozen vegetables and set up the meal getting it ready to cook later. While he was at it he placed two bottles of white wine on ice. After putting together two sandwiches he walked over to the hidden security screen and turned it on so that he could see Rashid down at the dock. He saw him strip off his shirt and open a bottle of beer. After taking a long sip he just stood there looking out over the lake enjoying both the view and the slight breeze. After a short time he removed his shoes and socks, sat down on the dock and dangled his feet in the water. Jesse then shut off the monitor, grabbed the lunch, some towels and took off for the dock.

"Boy this is really something. It's what I call living! I never dreamed it would be like this. I pictured a broken-down shack but this is fantastic. Is it true Yethro owns all this land around the lake and one-day it's going to be all yours? The Governor is going to leave it to you, isn't he?"

"He has already made me a co-owner in most of his property as well as made me the executor of his will."

"You, my friend are one lucky guy to have a place like this. I was just enjoying the cool view and soaking my feet. It is so quiet and beautiful here. Do we ever have to go back to the city? Lets just stay here forever, just you and I."

"You do know how to paint those beautiful pictures. That sounds fantastic. However, we would have to find a way of getting more to eat than just fish."

"We could live off the land here. I'm sure there are deer and other game. We could even build a hen house and have chicken and eggs. Why do you ever leave it? If I owned it I would live here all year round and never go into town," he said as he got up and opened a beer for Jesse and handed it to him. "Then we could live up here, drink beer and do a little pot together. I'm so glad you asked me to come with you today. How can I ever thank you?" he said as he picked up his own bottle and clicked it against Jess's bottle. "To us and our new friendship."

"You can thank me by not smoking anything at all when you are with me. Yethro would have a fit if he ever caught me near that stuff. I also think that stuff is repulsive. I hope you will honor our feelings. It is and will be my father's and my pleasure to have you here anytime you want to come, but you must obey our rules. You are right, we do love it here and yes, from spring to autumn it is nice here. If you think it is beautiful now - you will have to come back in September, when the leaves begin to turn color. Even in the winter, while there is not much to do except build snowmen, ice fish and sit around the fire in the fireplace, it too has its special beauty. The snow covers the trees and makes the place look like a Christmas card. We can even go ice-skating. While I do like the seclusion and privacy here, there are times that I wish I had younger company - like right now," Jesse said again clinking his bottle to Rashid's. "To us."

"Yes," said Rashid. "To us! From now on let it always be the two of us. When I am here and with you I will obey the rules."

They each drank a bit and then, emboldened by the beer, Rashid put down his bottle and took Jesse in his arms and kissed both his cheeks. Then seeing that he didn't resist - he lightly kissed his lips. When Jesse still did not resist his kiss, a surprised and overjoyed Rashid pulled back and looked into his eyes questioningly.

Jesse smiled and asked, "You are shocked aren't you? I can see that."

"Well, yes I am. Why the big change? The other day I thought you were heterosexual. Have you? Were you fooling with me all this time? I mean I thought that you and that woman.. that you were not interested in men...."

"I'm sorry if you got that impression. I was not fooling you. Just being careful and I'm sorry about that. I was not sure I could trust you. You see, for political reasons the Gov. wants me to appear bisexual and for the most part I am. That's why I have been seen with that woman. Yethro chose her and insists that I keep her around for appearances sake. But, to tell the truth I do favor men more than women. A strong man with a good body holding me in his arms turns me on. I like to feel a nice strong body in my arms crushing me to him," he said as he ran his fingers over the curly hair on Rashid's chest, his fingertips touching and teasing the hard nipples. "Yes I do like men and I can see that you are all man! I was not always this way. Maybe I should tell you the truth.. Yes, I think I would like to tell you how I became this way...."

"No, it's not necessary, I understand. As a matter of fact, as long as it is just the two of us I might prefer it that way myself. I have played with lovers from both sexes myself and as long as the men are not Muslims or fem I find them preferable. As you know some of us have no objections to having sex with non-Muslims both male and female. It's not considered to be sex as such and not really forbidden. In the past and even today in most sophisticated rich circles, male/male relationships are the norm. In fact most if not all of the married men in my family have very close and long lasting male friends that they associate, go to parties and on holidays with. As you will see when you get to know us better the men prefer other men even in the coffee houses. It is very rare that you will see men and women even eating at the same table."

"Being a Christian, I do not like the fact that you and many other Muslims treat me as someone you can enslave, use and then dispose of and that we are not your equals. Do not deign it. I know about your cultural fixation that every Christian, past, present and future is a direct descendent of the hated Crusaders. I know all of that too well and from first hand experience. However, I do insist that you know what you are getting into before this goes any further." Jesse said and then told him a shortened story about his enslavement, his sex life working for Sultan and how he and Yethro became father and son. "I'm telling you this, but you are not to reveal it to anyone. While it is not really a secret, the Governor would be angry if it became common knowledge. There is no way I can predict how he would act or what he would do. You might not like what he would do to you or your family if you were the cause of any of this becoming common knowledge. As for myself it is getting more and more difficult to stay in the closet. I wish he were more of a Bedouin. It seems that the Bedouin are more accustomed to that type of relationship than we city people are. The dessert people are more realistic about such things. This is very confusing to you, I know, but that's the story. Take it or leave it."

"It's not confusing to me at all. But, why did you tell me all this? You did not have to. You could have pretended to make me think that this was all new to you."

"First of all on one level, while this is not really new to me, it is new in a very special way! You see this is the first time that I made the choice. Yes, I made the choice, not someone else! I chose you of my own free will. All of the others from Achmed to the Judge were in one way or the other forced on me. So you see this is my "first time". If we continue to see each other and become good friends, someone would sooner or later have told you. Then you would be angry and hurt. I wanted you to hear it from me first. This way you will have no reason to come back later and throw it up in my face that I never told you about my past. Now is your chance to pick up your dignity and leave. I would hate it if you did but I would understand. I still want you as a friend. Are we still friends?"

"My dignity? At this time I don't think I have any, nor do I want any. As for our being okay, you bet we are," Rashid said as he pulled Jesse into his arms this time for a big passionate kiss grinding his hardened crotch into Jesse. "There, does that answer that question? Now that that hurdle is overcome, which should we do first, go to bed or go for that swim."

Gasping for air, Jesse moaned, "I think it would be a good idea to at least go into the water for a while. You know - I never did ask if you could swim!"

"I swim and I swim very well."

"Great! That way, at least if anyone were to ask us why we were here - we could truthfully say we came for the swimming," Jesse sighed and smiled, "come lets see how well you do swim. Let's get out of these cloths and I'll race you to that raft out there."

The two of them helped each other discard their clothes on the dock. Once nude they jumped into the cold refreshing water and swam out to the floating raft. Laughing they pulled themselves out of the water and up onto the raft. Jesse lay on the raft, his light skinned body stretched out on the wet dark wood top, his blond hair now darkened by the water spread out while the olive skinned Rashid stood above him and looked around surveying the surrounding landscape. "You really can't see anything from here. I still can't get over how beautiful it is here. It is like some Hollywood movie set. I half expect some man to shout out, 'lights -camera - action!' Or that I will wake up and find that this is just another one of my erotic night dreams. Are you sure there is no one around?"

"Just the birds and now and then a fish or two," Jesse quipped as he spread out his arms and layback against the wooden top of the raft, welcoming Rashid, "Wow, you sure can swim. I'm beat. Come, lay down beside me and we can enjoy all this beauty and quietude together and forget about the outside world for a while."

Rashid got down besides Jesse, reached over, cupped his chin with his fingers, ran one finger over his lips and gently inserted it into his mouth. There it rubbed over his teeth, searched, found and played with his tongue. Jesse moaned as he began sucking the finger. This excited Rashid to the point where he moved his own lips to Jess' lips. He extended his own tongue and the two fleshy organs acting as one moved along the invading finger. They kept this up until the Arab removed his finger and said, "Man, laying there on that wood background, you look like that white god. Like you were crucified. At this point, I don't care if it is a sin. I want to ravage you, Jesse. I want to eat you up. But I cannot, I am such an idiot. But it is not all my fault! I wish I had known better."

"What's the problem?"

Shit, I wish I had some condoms with me but there are no pockets in my birthday suit. Nor did I have the sense to pick up a pack at that supermarket, as I was not expecting to need them. I'm completely unprepared. I just hope you have some back at the cabin or maybe we can make a trip into town."

"And I thought you were a good Boy Scout and 'always prepared', as they say. However, if I remember right, there is a supply of lube and plenty of rubbers in the bed stand back at the cabin. You know for some time now, I have been thinking of putting a waterproof container on the raft and filling it with condoms, but I never got around to it. Never-the-less, there are lots of things we can do here before we get to that point," Jesse said as he reached for Rashid's hard cock and held it softly in his hand and rubbed it up and down as they continued to kiss, tongues exploring each other's mouths.

As the kisses deepened and became more passionate Rashid moved his lips to Jess' neck and started to nibble there and then he moved down to Jess' shoulders. Licking his way down he soon reached Jess' chest kissing and sucking on the now cool and still wet skin. His mouth went to one nipple and then to the other and Jesse placed his hand on back of the Arab's head and pressed his olive skinned face to his body, holding it there and whispering in a raspy voice, "Don't bite baby, oh yeahhhh, suck it - milk my tits." Jesse continued to moan over and over. "Good boy that always excites me."

Rashid's thick lips continued to nurse rather ravenously until Jesse was able to pull his mouth off and guide it down to his pubic hair and he then took his leaking cock head and rubbed it around the dark skinned face and the Arab's thick hot lips. "That's it baby open those beautiful lips and let me feel them worshiping my manhood. Take it in your hot wet mouth. Make love to it. Kiss it and suck it. Feed on it!"

Rashid, surprised at the aggressive nature of the blond, took Jess's manhood into his mouth and closed his lips around it and moved up and down the shaft as his dark fingertips grabbed at Jess' twin ass globes, spread then and with his middle finger trekked and surveyed the white valley till it rested on Jess' hole. Rubbing, exploring, pushing until that one digit entered and probed deep as it laid claim to the hidden treasure. Jesse moaned and relaxed his ring as the finger twisted, turned and was soon joined by another as Rashid continued to suck and tongue the white cock as he buried his nose in the blond pubic hair. Jesse came and came hard. Rashid took it all, delighting in the salty taste. Milking the last few drops from the now deflating cock. Sucking and nibbling on the foreskin.

"MMMM it is seldom that I get to suck on foreskin. It is as sweet as those 'Christian' candy canes they have at Christmas, I could eat you up." Rashid gasped swallowing the last of Jesse' thick cummm.. "I will miss that when you convert."

Jesse lay back exhausted against the wooden floor of the raft, smiling. He pulled Rashid's face to him and kissed his lips, "If you really like my foreskin maybe I will not convert. I'll just tell the Imam that it is reserved for my lover!"

"You do that and the Imam will see to it that the both of us will become eunuchs."

By Allah, you are beautiful, Rashid. Absolutely beautiful, my Turkish delight," Jesse smiled shyly up at him and whispered, "and now it's my turn."

"No, not here. After what I just did, this is going to sound rather silly, but I want to continue in private. I've never done this in public. I want you, but I want it to be just the two of us. I want it to be personal. Not even with just the birds and fish around. Out here I feel restricted and keep looking over my shoulder all the time. I think that I'm about to sin in a big way, may Allah forgive me."

"Well if it will make you feel better, let's go back to the cabin." Jesse said getting up and diving into the water and urging Rashid to follow him. "I'll race you back to the dock."

The two of them swam back to the dock and got out of the water and wrapping themselves in the towels grabbed their clothes and headed up to the cabin. Laughing and hugging each other, they entered and Jesse reached down and lifted Rashid into his arms like he was a bride, kicked the door closed and carried him into the bedroom.

"Here, is this private enough for you?" he said as he kissed his lips and then dumped him onto the large bed like a sack of potatoes."

"Yeah this is much better! Come join me there is plenty of room," Rashid said patting the empty space on the bed beside him.

Jesse sat on the bed and gently laid his hand on Rashid's knee and slowly slid it up the inside of his thigh, until he reached his throbbing cock. The Arab closed his eyes, sighed deeply and leaned over to place his lips on the soft inviting lips of Jesse. Their tongues probed each other's warm inviting mouths. Rashid moaned and started to squirm with ecstasy as Jesse started to massage his big cock, pumping it up and down. Rashid placed his fingers in the blonde's hair and directed his face down to his pulsating cock. As he rubbed the leaking head over Jess' lips, they parted and the Arab thrust his rigid cock deep into Jess' throat. Furiously, he began to fuck Jess' throat. Thrusting in and out madly unable to slow down and feeling his balls bouncing off the chin of his new conquest. He could feel the beginning of a powerful orgasm mounting. Harder and harder he pounded. His mind and body fighting a loosing battle. Grunting and groaning and pounding his balled fists on the bed then ripping the sheet with his fingernails, he came and exploded in Jess' throat. Lying on the bed facing up and looking at the ceiling he closed his eyes and lay back exhausted. "Jesse, Jesse, that was fantastic. Never have I felt like that. Never! Not with a woman nor a man," nor a goat he laughed was all he could say over and over again with tears in his eyes. I tried to hold back, but I could not. I'm sorry I shot my load.."

"Shot your load? No not really. A big man like you must have much more. That was just the beginning! Now we get down to the main event," Jesse said as he reached over to the top draw of the nightstand and removed a tube of lube and a foil wrapped condom. "Now, you are going to come again as I fuck the living daylights out of you," Jesse vowed as he tried to turn Rashid over on to his belly and spread both his legs. Placing the foil on the bed he opened the lube and started to cover the Arabs ass ring with some of the lube rubbing it in with his finger.

"What are you doing? You were not planning on shoving your cock into me? I'm not going to allow you to fuck my ass! What do you think I am - quire? I'm not a fagot," the Arab screamed.

"Oh! And you think I am?" Jesse said raising his voice a bit. "Rashid, while it is true that we are both young men looking to have a good time, I had hoped that we both wanted more then just a blowjob. We could both get that on any street corner for a few bucks. I want you to feel right about this and I thought that there was more than just sex here. Maybe even a long-term relationship. Lets get one thing straight here. If this is going to continue we will both have to exchange rolls from time to time and feel comfortable in doing so. There will be times when I will want to be the top and other times when you will want to be the top. If this is not what you want or need, I apologize for the misunderstanding and you can just get dressed right now and as much as I hate it, I'll drive you home. I like to give, as well as take. This is how I am and you must learn to live with it. I have never understood why Muslims have this weird idea about man/man love."

"Jesse, man/man love, as you put it is nothing more than homosexuality and my religion strictly forbids this to the point where we have put men to death, if they are caught in the act. Once you convert we would never be permitted..."

"That is all bullshit. Just a second or so ago, you were willing to take me..." Jesse interrupted him. "Look, I know for a fact that male bordellos exist in Muslim communities. I won't say all Muslims do it but from what I saw, Sultan did a very good business. Admit it, you Muslims love it and while it was true that some of Sultan's 'house staff' was Christian, most were Muslims."

"Jess, we all know that men have this urge to fuck anything with a hole. It is our dark side and part of our genetic makeup, born into us. It is like we are always looking to return to our mother's womb, so to speak.. We are taught that women are meant only for childbirth and to provide us with children to carry on the family. There is, however, this inborn need that lives in all of us. It is like a dam - building and building until... We try to hold it in, but we soon realize we must find a means of releasing our pent-up semen. Hence the expression, 'Women for procreation-Goats and men are for recreation'."

"Well, Yethro says it the Bedouin way but it is basically the same," Jesse said shaking his head. "It is still homosexuality. Man/man sex."

"No, it is not. You do not understand! - A man is homosexual if he falls in love with another man...the sex has nothing to do with it! It is just for fun as long as I am the top!" Rashid said, "Besides I've never bottomed before and bottoming to you or any man would look like I was your woman..."

"So what would be so bad if one time you were the woman and the next time I was? Would it make either of us less of a man?"

"Won't it hurt? - I have never.....

"A virgin?" Jesse smiled wickedly and said, "you are a virgin, and this is really a first for me. I have never had a virgin."

"Yes. I have never been 'a woman' before."

Well, then it will be a new experience for the both of us. Both of us virgins. Like we are on our Honeymoon. I promise to take it slow and easy and make sure you enjoy it.. Now just lie back, my big strong Turkish delight and let my sugar cane show you all about that Garden of Eden you look forward to visiting. Try it - you'll like it, baby!"

To be continued...


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