The Customer/Dexter's Saga

Chapter #30

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End of chapter 29

Jesse grabbed the back of the Arab's head and wove his fingers through the black hair, pulling his face to his throbbing cock. He then thrust his rigid meat deep into Rashid's hot, wet mouth. Furiously, he began to fuck his face. Thrusting in and out, feeling his balls slap against his lover's chin, he could feel the powerful orgasm building more and more........

Chapter 30

Sunday afternoon, after cleaning the cabin and washing the bedding, the two men packed up the car and headed back to the city.

"Rashid, just in case I forget later, I want to thank you for a wonderful weekend," Jesse said. "I feel really relaxed. It is not often that I get the chance to really have a fun time."

"I would think that with Yethro's and your lifestyle that you would have plenty of time for relaxation. Living in the Governor's mansion with all those servants and guards must be nice."

"It is not that simple. Even with all those amenities, we are always under the magnification glass. There is the legitimate press and, to add to this, there is the ever-lurking paparazzi always sneaking around. That is why I like coming to the cabin so much. With the fence and the police patrols, it is more or less secure here. Here at least I know that the Police Chief is an old friend of ours and can be trusted to keep his mouth shut as well as keep his men in line. Everyone of them is hand picked and most of them owe their jobs to Yethro."

"I still think I would love to live like that. At least I would not have to worry about work and money!"

"Rashid, you do have a lot to learn. Working for Yethro is no holiday and while the money is good, there is no such thing as an eight-hour day," Jesse laughed. "You can be in the office until after mid-night and there is no overtime pay."

They drove on and after a while, Jess pulled to a stop in front of the liquor store. "Speaking about money, I almost forgot we have that cooler to return."

"Yes, I forgot about that also. We should keep it as I hope we'll be making more use of the cabin."

"Well, beer is nice for a first date. But now that we are more or less going steady," Jesse laughed. "I think wine is a more appropriate drink and we have plenty of that at the cabin. However, if you insist I could always have a few cases of beer sent up there and stored in the cold room."

"That might not be a bad idea. And before you lecture me about Muslims and alcohol, I have to admit that I do like a cool one in the warm weather," Rashid said as he got out and took the cooler out to bring it back to the storeowner.

After returning the cooler they continued on the way to Rashid's place. The house might have been in a lower class area of the capitol, but it was well kept. Jesse could see that Rashid's mother must have scrubbed the front pouch and steps, as you could still smell the bleach. In addition, Jesse could see some of the neighbors peaking out from behind their heavily draped windows to inspect the newcomers. Jesse smiled as he whispered to Rashid that it looked as if his mother had notified the entire neighborhood of their imminent arrival.

"I really doubt that! We are a very private family. At least we were. I think that is about to change. The truth of the matter is that it is very rare that a BMW passes through this area, let alone parks here - and the word spreads quickly. They must have seen her scrubbing the steps and figured that an important person was coming. Not that she doesn't do it everyday, but I'll wager half that "bride price" Yethro is going to shell out that she really did a thorough job of it today," he chuckled as he placed his key in the door lock and opened the door. Once opened he quickly ushered Jesse into the house, and he whispered, "Let's get inside before the nosey peasants decide to join us for a visit."

They entered the house and Rashid called out in Arabic, "Mom, I'm home and I've brought some company," he shouted as he directed Jess into the living room, where they were soon met by an older woman looking like she had just come out from the kitchen (which she had). "Mom, I want you to meet Jesse ibn Allwadii. He is one of the students in those classes I'm taking with the Imam."

Bowing her head slightly, she said, "Yes, my son has often talked about you and how well you are doing in your studies. The entire Muslim population of the state is proud of your father and the job he is doing in the Governorship. We are also proud that his adopted son is studying to be a Muslim," she said in halting English with some Arabic mixed in, which Rashid translated. "But I am most proud of Rashid for having such an important man as a friend. I just wish his father were alive to see this. Please sit down and make yourself comfortable. Perhaps you would like a lemonade or coffee after your long trip and before we sit down to eat. There is still a few things I have to finish in the kitchen, but I will have my granddaughter prepare a pitcher of lemonade or some coffee."

"Please, if it is not too much trouble, a lemonade will be fine, thank you."

"Good, Rashid please see to our guests comfort while I go back to the kitchen," she said quickly in Arabic.

Rashid fluffed up a cushion on the big overstuffed chair and told Jesse to sit. "You sit here and act like a Pasha about to sample his latest harem slave." He laughed.

A few minutes later this beautiful, young body floated into the room and placed a tray with a pitcher of lemonade and some glasses on the low table before Jesse. "Jess, may I present to you my niece, Rania. You can call her Ronnie if you prefer."

"My God, how can this be? She is beautiful!" he said taking her hand and bringing it to his lips and lightly kissing it. "You never told me I would meet this vision of paradise. Come sit and join us for some lemonade and conversation. I have been talking to your uncle all weekend and for a change, I would prefer some female tones in the air."

"No I can't, it is not customary for a single girl to...

"Nonsense! I do not wish to violate your customs. Rashid will you permit her to join us for a drink? I insist on it! Such beauty must not be hidden in a kitchen. This is one Muslim tradition that must go in this era."

"You, my friend, must learn that change takes time. But in this case, yes, she may stay. You are our guest and as such we accede to your wishes. However, you must remember, while it is very unusual for a girl to talk to non-relatives, in this case, I do not have any objections."

They sat down and she poured them three glasses and Jesse smiled at her as he lifted his glass in salute to her. That photo of her did not do her justice at all. With a good photographer and agent she could become a high-class model. She really was a beauty with those dark almost black eyes peering over that thin transparent veil. If that was meant to hide her gorgeous face it failed and did nothing to hide the treasure that was beneath. That treasure was finally revealed when she had to lower it to drink. Her skin looked clear and slightly olive in color. Her lips full and naturally red, not painted. And the 'Jalabiya' she wore, while it covered her body from head to toe, it was as if she were nude sitting there just waiting for him to reach out and remove one layer of clothing after the other. Clearing his throat he thought that the Muslims were right is insisting that women cover the entire body. This blossoming woman proved that what one cannot see ­only makes it more desirable. And from what he could see, this girl had already burst out of her puberty. Although stunned by the utter radiance of her presence, he was finally able to ask her questions about her background and was shocked to find that she had not attended school. "No! No! We cannot have this, Rashid. This girl must attend school. Perhaps a good female Muslim college, if there is such a thing. I know it is not usual, but she is wasted sitting around the house all day."

"Her time is not wasted!" the young Arab protested. "She is being taught to be a good Muslim wife here at home and, besides, there is little if any money for such silly nonsense as education for women. With us, a woman's job is to look after her home. Our men are not looking to marry some educated American schoolgirl. If they want to know something, they can always pay some college professor to find out. A wife has other duties that are expected of her. She must be able to run and maintain an orderly home and also give the husband plenty of male children. By the time your educated women are ready for the marriage bed, they are dried up and too old for both children and sex. No wonder you American men are always so horny. You educate your women, use contraception, and live with them without marriage and then if you have children, you are too old to rear them," Rashid laughed. "And look at what it has got you."

"You might be right about that, but I'm sure there must be plenty of men who would love to date her."

"There are a lot of them, but few if any that I would accept," Rashid stated. "And in this family, I am the one who will choose who she goes out with."

"Dinner is ready!" Rashid's mother called from the doorway. "Come right this way. There is the restroom for you to wash-up. I'm sure after your trip you would like to refresh yourselves. When you are through, please join us in the dining room."

After washing, they rejoined the women at the table, another innovation, as Jesse was to find out. Muslim women seldom if ever sat at the same table as their men. There was plenty of good food to eat (Jesse knew that the family must have spent way over their weekly food budget on this meal alone). He ate and really stuffed himself to the point that he was afraid that he would explode. Over steaming hot Turkish coffee, they talked about the conditions within the Arab community and its relations with the Americans. All evening long Jesse could not take his eyes off the young girl. It was as if they were the only two people in the room. She was intelligent as well as beautiful and Jesse found himself captivated by her. When she spoke, her dark eyes sparkled and her sexy accent enchanted him so much that when dinner was over, he was very reluctant to leave. However, it was getting late and Rashid would have to go to work in the morning. Besides, Jesse was finally able to remind himself that he did have to prepare for that trip to Washington. Much to his regret at 10 o'clock he told everyone how glad he was to have had the opportunity to meet them and he hoped that he could soon return the favor and invite them all to the Governor's mansion for a return meal. "I would love to see you all again and I'm sure my father would love to meet both you and your family. If there is one thing he misses in the mansion, it is the company of his fellow Muslims at his table and I'm sure he would welcome the chance to talk Arabic and hear the news from his homeland. He has trued to teach me Arabic, but as hard as I try, I am a slow learner. Come Rashid; please walk me to my car. I would like to speak further with you." And turning to both women he again thanked them for their hospitality and took Ronnie's hand and brushed it with his lips and whispered that he was really looking forward to seeing her again. She retrieved her hand and pressed it to her bosom and blushed like a very young schoolgirl.

Outside, Jesse took Rashid in his arms and kissed his cheek in Arab style. "She is wonderful. You did well in her education and bringing her up."

"Yes I did! However, I think you have ruined her this evening with all this hand kissing baloney and permitting her and my mother to talk at the table. A few hours with you and there goes seventeen years down the drain. I warn you Jesse, you had better marry her! You spoiled her!" Rashid warned. "Go, talk to your father."

Yes, I will try to get Yethro interested in her. My love, you have a gold mine there in Ronnie. But, I changed my mind; do not bid too hard with Yethro. While the old bastard loves a challenge and to bargain, he just might have your throat cut and steal that lovely thing for his own pleasure," he laughed and got into his car. "I will call you this coming week," he shouted as he drove off toward the Governor's mansion.

A short time later, driving to the gate, the guard stopped him. "Welcome back sir", the officer of the day greeted him and lifted up his phone and alerted the house staff that Jesse was back on the grounds. By the time he reached the front door, Yethro was there to welcome him home. Once the door was closed, Yethro grabbed him and hugged him. "It's good to have you back. You look rested and that sunburn looks good on you. I wish I could have gone with you."

"It was nice to have Rashid, but I missed you also. Well, maybe next time. Any news from Washington?"

"As a matter of fact, there is news. Mr. Green called and said that arrangements are well underway for a meeting in Washington later this week. He said you should be packed and ready by Wednesday. The Secret Service will meet with you on Friday. Now tell me about this weekend. Did you and your friend party with any women. I remember when I was your age, my friends and I really would play hard. Will I have to send a construction crew to rebuild the cabin from the floor up, or will just a clean-up crew do?"

"Everything is fine at the cabin. We cleaned up before we left. We did not have a wild party. There was just the two of us and we swam and had a few beers. We could use a case or two of good beer. Rashid is a traditional Muslim and comes from a good family, but he does like his beer in warm weather. I told you he is in my Islam class at the Mosque.. He is not like most of the others. He takes his lessons seriously and he invited me to his home for dinner this evening, so that I could see a traditional Muslim home and enjoy Arab food. His mother and niece prepared it and they went out of their way to make me feel at home. They not only prepared it but they broke tradition and ate with Rashid and me in order that I would feel at home. It was a really lovely experience. I hope you do not mind, but as a matter of courtesy, I told them that I was going to ask you for permission to invite them for dinner here some evening. I think you will like them as they are real traditional Muslims and they come from Syria."

"Traditional? What do you mean by that?"

"Well, Rashid is the only male member of the family left so he takes care of both his mother and niece. He works hard to support them and he keeps a close eye on his niece since her mother and father were killed in the civil war. He has her under his protection and has not allowed her to date anyone. She is a seventeen year old and from what I can see, she is well brought up in the traditional ways."

"Seventeen," Yethro said and Jesse could almost see the wheels turning in his brain. "Is she good looking?"

"I guess so. It is hard to tell under that veil," Jesse lied. "Rashid said he has had a few offers for her hand in marriage, but he has turned them down. Most of the men are either young boys who can not even support themselves or older wealthy men looking for a young wife to care for them and ...." Jesse did not finish as Yethro interrupted him.

"Yes, I know what you mean. She sounds like the type of woman I would have liked for my second wife, if I had not found you instead. Most Arab men will look for such a girl when they are in their older years, and their wives have dried up. Someone to warm the cold bed and their bodies. In fact, if you remember, I have often told you that when I think it is time for you to produce children, that is the type I will choose for you. Are you interested in this girl?"

"Me?" Jesse blushed and almost shouted, "Hell no! I told you a long time ago that I'm not interested in girls. It is you that I want and only you. Now don't even think of it. I'm having a hard enough time with Phyllis, who you forced on me. I have always tried to do what you want, but this girl is little more than a child. And she is the niece of a good friend of mine and not the daughter of some party member you wish to impress. Besides, as a good Muslim, I'm not sure Rashid or his mother would want an infidel to be a part of his family. He does have his standing in the community to think about."

"Not want the son of the first Muslim Governor in his family... Who does he think he is?"

"Hey! Stop it! He is a nice guy who is a good Muslim and does not want to pollute his family tree with a Christian."

"We will see about that! For the right price he will accept a pagan!"

"Yethro, control yourself. Just remember the last time you tried to mess in my sex life, you almost got me married to that Phyllis. And it almost caused us to split up. Besides, you have not even met this girl yet! And more to the point - I have not decided to get married, nor do I wish to at this point."

"At this point! If I leave it up to you - you never will. It is about time you started to think about it. When are you going to want to? When you are too old to do your husbandly duties? You are well able to support a wife or two. I am not getting any younger and I told you that I want us to have children. True enough, they will be my grandchildren, but that is only a matter of semantics. You do not need to love her­ - all I ask is that you sleep with her a few nights a week and knock her up. Is that too much to ask after all I have done for you?"

"No, it is not too much to ask," he said sarcastically. "You just want me to sleep with a person I may not love for the rest of my life! And I don't even know what she looks like under those robes."

"One body is the same as the other. But if it will calm you down, I will have Dan check on this girl as well as others. It is time for you to think of the future. When I decide, you will obey me! You know I love you and will choose the right woman. I will see to it that she is a wonderful wife and young enough to have many children for us. As long as she is Muslim and promises to bring our children up as such, it will change nothing between us. You will still be my lover and she can be your first wife and the queen of your entire harem for all I care! When you are President you will make the laws and the country will abide by Sharia law."

"As long as I have the final say in this matter. You cannot expect me to marry someone I do not even like! After all, it is I who will have to sleep with her, if not every night, then at least one or two nights a week," he shouted as he turned around and stalked off to his room.

"Don't you turn your back on me, young man," Yethro fumed and chased after Jesse as he went to their private rooms. Then realizing he had gone too far, he caught up with him and blocked his way. "Please Jesse, just let me have Dan investigate and find out about Rashid and his family. After all, if I am going to issue a dinner invitation, I want to make sure that this Rashid is not going to kill me. You can never be sure. They may be assassins and may have been sent to kill me. If they check out, we will invite them to dinner and I promise to be a good host."

"Well in that case, I think it will be okay,"

Jesse said, calming down. "You are right. We just can't ask anyone to the Mansion. I'm sorry I blew up just then. I really know you are only looking after my own welfare. Go on, do what you have to do...."

"I'm sorry, too. Please forgive me. I should not have pushed you so hard. Like you said, I'm only doing this for your good. Once you are married, you will find that we can even have more sex together. You don't believe that now, but just wait and see."

"I can't see how that can be. A woman is not like a man. They demand that you spend time with them. But if you say so, I'll do it. Only one stipulation."

"Don't worry, you will have the final choice. I'm not going to saddle you with some ugly girl."

"Thank you for that, but that is not what I had in mind. The girl must be at least eighteen. I'm not going to run for office with a baby bride on my record."

"That's what I love about you Jesse. You have such a cold, practical and political mind. Most men would demand that their future wife be beautiful and bring money or property to the marriage bed. Not you! You just don't want to be taken for a child molester. Okay, it's a deal! You do not have to marry any very young girl. We can wait until she is 'Legal', but she must be Muslim and a virgin, that I insist on. We may have to 'import' one, as an eighteen year old American virgin is so hard to find."

"Well in that case, I guess I'm safe for a while," Jesse smiled.

"Don't plan on it! Once I put Dan on the job, I'm sure he will come up with something. He does have a special talent for finding young girls for my friends back home." At this point Yethro burst out into laughter. "Yes, if I remember right, it was Dan who suggested Phyllis."

"He might have suggested her, but it was you who insisted on her. She was too old for me. You said that from the beginning, but since I was not going to marry her and she was perfect for part of 'show and tell', I agreed to it."

"Yes, I did also. If you remember we were looking for someone to hide our relationship. And she played the part to perfection. For that play-acting I will always admire her. In any event, Dan has a lot of connections with the Arab community and I'm sure in addition to those hot American whores he has a list of eligible girls from good families. I'm sure you can pick one out."

"All this talk of marriage and sex has me exhausted. It's late and I have to go to the office early tomorrow. Let's get to bed."

"Yes, I thought you would never ask," the Governor smiled and put his arm around Jesse leading him to their private rooms. "I missed you beside me in bed this weekend. I must confess that yesterday and today I snuck into your office and lay down on that leather couch and....

To be continued...


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