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End of Chapter 16

Jessie went back to his motel room and after a long hot shower he collapsed on his bed. Thoughts of Phyllis filled his head. She was something else. If he did not have to go back undercover, he just might like to spend a lot of undercover time with her. He was sure he was not in love with her, but he did miss a woman's soft body under him. Then Yethro came into his thoughts......

Chapter 17

It was late afternoon when Jessie was awakened by the ringing of his cell-phone. Looking at the caller I.D., he said, "Benson here, what's up Phyllis?"

"You sound like you just woke up," she whispered.

"I did. Had a rather busy night last night and I have to get my rest for tonight!"

"We might have to cancel, the boss wants to see you A.S.A.P. He's got an agent here and he wants you to meet with him. It sounds real important, Jess, and he told me to tell you to get ready to go back in."

"Shit, I was so looking forward to our date tonight!"

"Well, in our business, we never know from one day to the other. Duty first! See you soon."

"I'm on my way."

Jessie dressed, packed his stuff, drove down to the office and parked in the office parking section. He locked the car and took the elevator to the office floor. He opened the door and saw Phyllis sitting at her desk.

"Wait one minute while I notify the boss you're here," she said as she pressed the intercom button and said, "Jessie is here, should I send him in now?"

"Yes, please do."

Jessie threw Phyllis a kiss and opened the door and entered to receive the shock of his life. Sitting across from the Director was Mike, the Police Chief.

"I think you two know each other," the Director said.

Jessie, A.K.A. Dexter, was stunned, but recovered quickly.

"Well, yes, I know him. How are things back home Mike?" Jessie asked extending his hand to Mike.

"About the same except we all miss you. The Judge asked me to see if I could find out what happened to you. I told him I would put out a pick up order on you, but he told me to let you go. He says he wants you to come back on your own. The Director has been filling me in on your mission and if I had known who you were, I would have helped you when you asked me to."

"If you had, I would not have been able to embed myself as well as I did. Do you think we could work together from now on? You would make an excellent contact between the Director and me."

"That's what he was telling me and I agree. No one in town is going to question the Chief if he has to take a trip out of town to attend a meeting at State or Federal law offices. You would have a hard time if you had to do that. And I have no problem with you being in charge. When are you going to come back in? I have a great method for your reentrance into town. The Director and I think it would be best if I arrested you when you crossed the border. It would look better that way then you just showing up at the Judge's door. As standard operating procedure I would have to fingerprint you. When I run your prints thru the system, they will match a bogus file we set up that proves that you are just an ordinary guy."

"I suggested the name Jessie Poindexter. Thereby connecting the name Dexter with you," the Director said. "It gives you a history and if the Judge should ever have to check up on you, he will find that you have a legitimate background."

"Great! So when do I go back in?"

"As soon as you can, the Judge has some people coming over this weekend. We think they are going to ask him to run for Governor and we would like you there to find out what is going on."

"You want me to spy on a legitimate candidate for office?" Jessie asked. "Is that legal?"

"Ask yourself this question. Do you think that when and if the Judge is elected to office, he will be able to truthfully uphold the laws of the United States of America? Someone has to stop him and you are the only one that I think can do it."

"You may be right, I'll go back in."

"Everything is set up. Mike will take you tonight to the town across the border. You will get a room in a motel and cross over in the morning. Are you ready to go?" asked the Director.

"Yes I just have to turn in my car and papers."

"Phyllis will take care of everything. Good luck, Jessie."

They shook hands and Mike and Jessie went out into the outer office where Jessie turned over all his paperwork and car keys to Phyllis. "Sorry about tonight, maybe next time we will have more time together. Duty calls!"

The cop and Dexter went downstairs and Dexter placed his luggage in the back of Mike's car. As they drove off into the evening Dexter said, "Well it was nice while it lasted, but all good things have to come to an end."

"Don't look at it that way, Dex, at least we are both on the same side now," Mike laughed as he placed his hand on Dexter's crotch and gave a little squeeze.

"Behave yourself my friend, remember I'm still your boss and there will be no sexual hanky panky between us," Dexter said as he removed Mike's hand, "I will have to concentrate on the Judge and his plans to take over the government. Do you really think he has any chance of becoming Governor?"

"I hope not, but then I never thought they could take over our town the way that they did. But they did and it really was not very difficult for them. There are people who even think it is better with them in control. I'm not sure that if a vote were taken today, the majority would not be opposed to Shariah law replacing our common law. I know lots of the men that would like certain parts of it to be implemented."

"That's because they don't really know what it is!"

On and on they drove and talked about the situation. At one point Mike asked Dexter why he thought that Yethro had freed him.

"Well," said Dexter, "I know the Judge has ambitions of becoming Governor and I don't think he would like it known that he has a slave living with him. A great number of blacks in this country are Muslim and not too friendly to slave owners even if that slave is a white man. This might just be his ticket to winning over the 'Black Vote'. Then again he just might have thought that having a young Christian friend could be helpful politically."

"Well, we will find out soon enough, I hope," said the cop as they pulled up to the motel. "This is where you get off, Boss. Be careful and remember I'm here for you."

Dexter took his bag and walked down the road to the motel and checked in and paid cash for the night. In the morning he hired a cab and went to the border, where he was stopped and placed under arrest. He was hauled down to the police station in cuffs, fingerprinted and processed and placed in a jail cell by himself.

"I want to see the Chief. Why was I arrested? I did nothing wrong. My papers are in order. I want my lawyer."

"Shut the fuck up or I'll come in there and teach you some manners," shouted the guard as he came in and ran his nightstick over the iron bars. "Just keep it up and just give me an excuse to ram this stick up that ass of yours. Maybe you would like that... but I think not. You hear those beasts in the tank. They know there is fresh meat in here and they would love to have you for lunch. Now shut the fuck up."

It was then that Dexter remembered what Sultan had told him about the police and the way they loved mistreating prisoners.

"Can you let me call my lawyer? I am entitled to one call! PLEASE!"

"As soon as the duty officer gets here. He should be here soon. Now shut up!"

About an hour later the Duty Officer came in and said, "I looked at your file and you are in trouble. You don't seem to be who you are. Your papers say you are a former slave named Dexter, but your prints say you're a 'Jessie Poindexter'. Which is it? Who are you?"

"Jessie who? Dexter? Oh my God. I'm both. I mean I remember now! Please call the Judge. He will know who I am and he can explain it all."

"You mean Judge Yethro Allwadii?"

"Yes. Him. I am a good friend of his and he is going to be pissed off at you idiots. Now either you let me call him or you call him and ask him to come and get me."

"O.K. but if this is some sort of trick... I am going to haul your ass into the tank and let those beasts have a go at you. A good-looking guy like you would almost make their stay here a day to remember," the guard said as he left the cellblock to place a call to the Judge.

Five minutes later the officer was back looking kind of white faced. I'm afraid there has been a slight error. His honor is on his way down. Do you want to come and wait in the office? I'm sorry but if you do, I will have to keep you handcuffed until this is resolved."

"I'll wait here," Dexter said and sat down.

"Open that cell you idiots," shouted the Judge a few minutes later as he entered the cellblock. "That man is my law clerk. He has done nothing wrong. He works for me. What kind of nonsense is this? Where is the Chief? He knows that this man is not a criminal. Who is the block head responsible for this outrage?"

"Easy, Judge, they were just doing their job. And it's a good thing that they were. They were able to get my identity back. My first name is not Dexter – its part of my last name - Poindexter. And I now remember my past or at least most of it," Dexter said hugging the Judge.

"We'll get this sorted out at home. I'm glad to see you. Perhaps some good has come out of this mess. Come, I have the car outside and I'm even going to forgive the police for this business," the Judge said. "You were coming home - weren't you?"

Dexter smiled as he was handed his luggage and said to the Judge, "I can't wait to get into the pool, Judge and back into my life here."

The Judge beamed and led Dexter to his car. "You were right Dex, about being free and us. It is better this way."

The car sped to the house and Dexter and Yethro entered the front door and embraced. Kissing each other and ripping the clothes from each other, Dexter playfully hoisted the nude body of Yethro over his shoulder and carried him kicking and screaming into the pool area of the house. He then tossed him into the pool and jumped in after him.

"Oh God, it has been only a few days but it feels like a life time since we were together," the Judge cried as he tried to splash Dexter, "I missed you so much. What the hell do I call you? Dexter or Jessie?"

"Since we are going to start a new life together, why not use Jessie Poindexter? Perhaps in the bedroom you will come up with a few new names. Judge, I love you and that's all that matters," Jessie said as he held the Judge in his arms and kissed him over and over. "Come I want you now, I need you now, this will be the first time that I will be giving myself to you as a free man. I want you in me............... I need you..."

Yethro took his hand and pulled him from the water and the two of them made their way into the showers where they took a hot shower together and dried off.

"You don't know how I have wanted this day to come. These last few days have been a nightmare without you. I even had to close down the court. There was no way I could render a judicial decision that was fair. I even thought about going out and finding you," whispered the Judge. "I could not go on without you, I even thought of doing away with myself."

"I don't want to hear you say that ever again. From now on we are one, you and I, no mater what," Jessie told him as they entered the bedroom together and he went to sit upon the bed and pulled Yethro down beside him.

Yethro pushed Jessie away and said, "I really meant that I was thinking of cutting my wrists and bleeding to death. Without you, there was nothing here to make life worth living. If you had stayed away much longer, I would have. Then I decided that if you ever came back to me, I would make sure that you would never leave me again."

Jessie at this point really became worried and began to pull away from him and holding him at arms length asked him, "And just how do you think you could do that? You are not thinking of enslaving me again, are you? Yethro, I don't understand your Bedouin brain. Is not my self-imposed slavery enough for you? Do you really think that placing me in physical manacles will make me love you or want to stay with you?"

Yethro laughed and said, "The picture of you chained to my bed is really appealing and I might even try it sometime, but no, that is not what I had in mind. There is a Bedouin custom that is older than even Islam itself and I intend to exercise it."

"What is this custom?" Jess asked.

"Just listen and hear me out. When a Bedouin is childless or if his wife has not given him a son--- he can and does adopt one from either his slaves, captives or sometimes one of the tribes orphans, and that is what I intend to do. It is well known that the prophet Mohammed was himself adopted and that he himself did adopt several captives and that he took them to his bed."

"Weren't they all female?" Jessie asked. "And weren't they all Moslem?"

"Mohammed, like myself, was a Bedouin at heart, and you know what they say of us! 'Goats, women and boys'. As for the religion of his wives one was Jewish, if I remember right. In your case, while I hope you will convert, that, my love, will be entirely up to you. If you agree to become my son, then all I have will belong to you and we will be living together until death just like we were married. Just say you will do it and I will have the papers drawn up and filed."

"As long as I do not have to have my foreskin removed, I will consider it. That part of the conversion has me scared."

"It is too bad your parents did not see fit to do it at your birth, like most Americans. In some ways I'm glad as I love to nibble on it. But you will keep your skin until you decide that you want to convert. I promise that I will never pressure you again. You will be free to come and go when and if you want. To everyone out there you will always be my son. Between us we will be lovers....."

"Yes, Abba (Papa)", said Jessie as he stood up and started to remove Yethro's clothes..........

To be continued


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