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End of Part 9

They sat for a long time watching the fire and cuddling. As the last embers died down the judge whispered, 'it's time for me to get you into bed.'

Part 10

The judge took Dexter by the hand and led him into the bedroom. In the semi-darkness both disrobed and got under the covers. The judge had been right, the temperature outside had cooled down and they snuggled up under the covers. Their bodies touching, the judge reached over and kissed Dexter's lips.

'I just wanted you to know that it's been a wonderful day. If I were only fifteen years younger,' Yethro moaned. 'I would really make love to you!'

'You should stop thinking about your age. You are a man at the top of his prime. You are doing very well. I could not have wanted a better lover and your age is not a problem for me. Thank God you're not fifteen years younger, if you were, I would be too young for you,' Dexter laughed. 'I would be only about six years old!

'Ahhh haaa but surely you must know that as a Bedouin it would not have been unusual for me to have had sex with you at that tender age. Maybe, and I say that just maybe, I would not have entered you at that time. However, I could and would have done lots of other things to you in order to prepare you for your deflowering at a later date,' the judge whispered. 'Say when you were perhaps seven or eight.'

'You must be joking! I don't believe that. You dirty, lecherous old desert fox! I should spank and punish you for those perverted thoughts.'

'Perverted thoughts? Oh so, I'm the pervert now? You lustful young ingrate! I was watching you in my court! You and those big blue eyes of yours, flirting with me and then outrageously using that sexy, light skinned body of yours to entice and corrupt this honored jurist into a life of lust and depravity. Spank me! Hell no! You're the one who should be spanked! Calling me a pervert.... No one calls me names and gets away with it. Over! Over on your belly! Take your just punishment.' Yethro demanded as he pulled Dexter over onto his belly and grabbed his ass and playfully squeeeeezed it. 'I love that ass of yours, but it is still too white for my taste. It needs to have more color in it.' Splat, spank his hand went as it smacked down on the hard globes as Dexter faked crying sobs.

'Ouch, you hurt me! Now kiss it and make it better,' taunted Dexter.

'I'll make it better,' the judge said as he leaned over and kissed the mounds of flesh and then nibbled on the succulent flesh. He next used his tongue to lap around the exposed anal passage. Placing his lips over the ring he blew hot air around the rosebud and then slid his tongue in ever decreasing circles until the tongue tip rested on the foyer of the love canal.

'Oh God! That feels so fantastic. Yes, hell yes! Slide that hot tongue inside me. Shit! Uhh, OHHHHHH! That's it, you perverted son of the desert. Oh yeah, cram it all the way up my ass. I want it all.' He moaned as his bullish, young balls slapped against the judge's chin as he rocked back and forth trying to fuck his ass on the judge's tongue.

The younger man moaned and groaned without restraint as the older man slid his probing tongue in and out of the passageway to the humid rectum. Dexter's tender love chute quickly became slick and relaxed. Feeling this Yethro removed his tongue and slid first one, then two fingers deep into Dexter's twitching butt hole.

'Oh yeahhhh Fuck me!' He cried out. 'I want to feel your big Bedouin cock rampaging and pillaging inside me.'

The judge pulled his fingers out of Dexter's ass and eased the head of his dick between the cheeks of the younger man's yawning buttocks. As he pushed in, Dexter closed the rim of his asshole snugly around the judge's cock like a silky glove. The sensual heat radiating from his moist love hole subjected the apex of the judge's organ to a pleasure that cannot be put into words. Inward and forward he pushed and probed until his big, hairy balls slapped against Dexter's pods. Dexter howled with both agony and lust as Yethro thrust all the way into his welcoming man cunt.

'Oh fuck, it hurts!' He cried as his thighs trembled and as he felt Yethro encase his slender waist with his hairy arms and hold him against the savage thrusts of his rutting cock. In and out. Out and in. At first slowly, savoring the hot moist inviting silky love canal. Then picking up speed he drove faster and faster as Dexter's handsome face became contorted with savage passion. Yes, it was savage it was even brutal. You could say it was even ruthless, but somehow it was also tender. Dexter found himself confused - God knows this was not his first sexual encounter. After all, he was a professional and not unused to large cocks, small cocks, all kinds of cocks, and also rough sex. For the most part all his customers used force as a means of 'conquering' him. Most if not all his clients had the desire to prove their manhood and their ability to subdue him. And when he asked Sultan about this common tendency among his clients, Sultan laughed and told him that to his customers, Dexter was a white Christian and fucking his ass was pay back for the crusades. Dexter at the time had thought this was silly until the brothel owner explained it all by way of a history lesson. After defeating the crusaders, the Arabs had gathered vast armies and had in retaliation invaded and occupied most of North Africa and Europe. They had finally been stopped at the gates of Vienna and slowly been pushed back. The Arab hoards had been humiliated and pushed out of most of Europe and the European countries had taken over most of North Africa. Islam had been on the decline ever since. Now that Islam was again on the rise, the infidel Christians would be made to pay in blood.

But the judge's actions had nothing to do with force or power or conquest. This was not a power thing. It was as if a dam broke and instead of water overflowing to drown him, it was love. And it was beyond control and engulfing him. Everything was past control. While Sultan had taught him to yell and scream, this was not rehearsed. It was not play-acting. He had never felt this way and his lustful crooning and groaning was sweet music to the both of their ears. At this point the judge slowed down and began humping Dexter's ass slowly, rhythmically, one could even say musically. Yethro's body became the grand maestro conducting a great symphony orchestra using his cock as a baton. And to the maestro, Dexter was a melodic rhapsody to be savored. At last --- at long last he had found someone --- someone to make love with and that someone was returning his love - in his mind he could hear and feel the rising and falling crescendos, as note after sweet note, thrust after thrust, build and build like the hypnotic and rhythmic melody of Ravel's Boléro.

With labored breath, Dexter slammed his ass back against the Judge's groin, keeping pace with the Judge's deep-penetrating thrusts. 'Fuck me, fuck me harder!' He demanded. His sweet, young ass possessed a truly wicked appetite for this man's cock. His slick rectal tunnel clung steadfastly to the Judge's lunging cock like a silky glove. The spastic rippling of his embracing bowel was an irresistible enticement for his lover's swollen testicles to surrender their milky, pent-up seed. There was no way to restrain His Honor now. The hot, milky contents of his nuts were already welling up at the base of his manhood, and the urge to explode was growing more volatile and volcanic with each pelvic thrust.

'You're getting close,' Dexter panted. 'I can feel your cock swelling up in my hole. Shoot, blast me. Drench me with your baby makers.'

Sweat and tears stung the corners of the judge's eyes, and his ears rang with the ceaseless drumming, pounding and thumping of a lust filled heart. He reached around and found the hardness of Dexter's cock and played with it as his own balls continued to tighten. Huffing like the fireplace bellows, he rammed his cock deep into the torrid depths of the tight, young ass and held it there as his cock became a machine gun unleashing a barrage of semen bullets from it's tip while sinking deeper and deeper into an orgasmic rapture, the like of which he had never known before.

With the judge's organ still held firmly in the grasp of Dexter's convulsive rectum, the young man shuddered blissfully. Grimacing with gratification, he held his ass against the judge as he shot his own load.

As the final waves of ejaculate spewed from the both of them, Dexter leaned back into the Judge's arms, pressing his back against the older man's heaving chest. His head came to rest on the judge's shoulder. Affectionately he nibbled on his ear.

The judge turned his lips to Dexter's lips and kissed him tenderly.

'Thank you!' Muttered the judge 'I don't think I ever had sex like that before.'

'You may think I'm lying to you, but I know I have never had such a wonderful experience before.' Dexter said, 'And that isn't some 'cat house' bullshit. I mean it. You are the first man to take me without a condom. I feel like I have lost my virginity to you.'

'Well I am not a virgin, but to tell the truth, I can not ever remember feeling this wonderful, even the first time I did it.'

Sweat and tears streamed down the Yethro's face as he reluctantly freed his body from Dexter's backside and slid down beside him. Deep in his sole he knew that his quest was over. This is what he had been longing for. After all these years, he had found what he had been searching for. 'Now what do I do?' he whispered.

'Well for one thing, I suggest that we both get a good nights sleep,' Dexter groaned. 'Then we can start again in the morning.'

'That's not what I mean,' the judge said as he lay beside him. 'I can't let you go back to Sultan's. I would die every night thinking of you in someone else's arms....'

'I know how you feel. I, too, feel that way but there is nothing we can do. All vacations have to come to an end. The end of the week we both go back to work. You to your courtroom, me to my profession. Let's just enjoy the rest of the time we have together.'

'I know what I can do! What I must do! What if I were to buy you from him? Would you like that? Would you like to belong to me?'

'What does it matter what I like? What does it matter what a slave likes or dislikes. Besides Sultan would never consider selling me to anyone. Several men have tried to buy me but he has refused their offers. Even the Chief of Police has put in a bid, but Sultan refused to sell me. Even if he would, you would not and could not afford my price.'

'Everyman has his price, even Sultan. Even if it were just money he wanted I think I could meet his price. However, money is not the only thing he wants. He wants protection. He needs the protection and legitimacy of the law. A man like Sultan craves respect and security. He wants to be able to walk down the street and feel that he is above the rabble. I heard and even saw him parading you around the market place. He was using you to show off his improved status. Showing the rabble that he was better then they. I know this feeling, did I not claw my way up from the gutter. The old saying is true, 'it takes one to know one'. I could and would make him a really good offer. One that he would not refuse!'

'What are you?' jested Dexter. 'The God-Father or something?'

'You could say that except that I would do it within the law. Again I ask if you, would like that?'

'Yethro what happened here today and this evening, was wonderful and I would love to be able to live that way for the rest of my life. For a few hours today I forgot that I was a slave and you were the master. But now that the passion is cooled down, I still am what I am. You can't ask me to willingly enslave myself. Yes, no doubt, you might be a better master to me and perhaps you would not 'rent' me out to your friends, but as your possession there would be no guarantees. Then there is also the small problem of your wife. As your wife, I would also be enslaved to her. What would your wife say about this? She would still be a splinter in our sides. As your slave I would always be at her mercy. If you were to die I would become her property and she could sell me into the mines at best or perhaps have me emasculated for her amusement. Your laws are confusing and what will happen to me when you die or get tired of me.'

'I will never tire of you. I have been looking for this all my life and you just have to say yes and I'll make it happen.'

Dexter thought about it for a while then said, 'You can do what you want. I don't care. What difference does it make? I am property. No more, no less. You might be a better master to me, but I would still be enslaved. As long as I can't be free, I guess it would be best to have the same man in my bed every night.

'Then, since you would not object, I will try and see what can be done. One way or the other, I am going to take you out of that place and give you a good life. Would you like that?'

'Whatever.' Dexter said and turned over and fell asleep.


The next few days passed with a rapidity that shocked the judge. He was happier than he had ever been. He took Dexter fishing and boating and enjoyed seeing the young man drive his powerboat all over the lake. As the days passed, Dex began more and more to hate the thought of returning to the brothel. When the judge would let him take the boat out alone, Dexter would pull the boat into some hidden cove, drop anchor and go off looking for a way to escape. He hoped to find some hole or way of climbing the sixteen-foot fence that surrounded the property. He soon discovered that there were none and to top it off there was barbed wire stranded over the top. Several times he hid in the bushes as he watched and counted the times that the security patrol passed by. Even if he could somehow get out - there was always the Chief of Police to worry about. He could just about imagine what plans that sex mad deviate had in mind for him. What was that old saying about jumping out of the pot into the fire? He soon came to realize that escape was not an option, at least not yet, if it ever was.

Yethro knew that Dexter was trying to escape. He had security cameras hidden all over the place and he loved to watch and laugh at the young man's efforts. Several times he would radio the security patrols telling them where Dexter was and he would have them stop their cars and check the fence to make sure it was secure. He mussed, that boy is a Bedouin at heart. He will try and try to escape. He will never be happy until he is free or dead.

Two days before he had to return Dexter to Sultan, Yethro told Dexter to take the small motorboat out and go fishing and not return until he gave him a call on his cell phone.

'Are you tiring of me at last? Why are you throwing me out?'

'I am not throwing you out. Yesterday, when you were out boating, I got a call from my office. It seems that I have an important case coming up in court on Monday and I need to confer with the lawyers involved in the case. I just want some private time to go over some of the paper work before I have to meet with them. I have asked them to come here for a meeting and Dexter I do not think it would look good for them to see you here now. It would be different if you were my slave. These people know my wife and there is no need to start anything now. They might even try to blackmail me. Do you understand?'

'Yes, you are ashamed of me and...'

'This has nothing to do with shame. Just do this for me now. If you want to stay and listen to some boring legal crap I could cuff and gag you and hide you in the closet. I don't want to do that.'

Dexter gathered up the fishing gear and started to leave. He was at the doorway when the judge stopped him and said, 'Dexter, I could never be ashamed of you. After these few days together and how I've come to think of you, I could never hurt you that way. I'm in love with you. I don't want you to be hurt by the looks and remarks of what others may say or think about you and me. It is not my feelings that I am concerned about. It is yours. As you know it is nothing for Muslims to have sex with others both in marriage and outside of the marriage bed. Many Arab men have many wives as well as concubines and male lovers. It is expected and this can and does happen within my culture. Unlike your people, mine would and do look at it as a normal way of life. As for myself I do not care, but I love you too much to see you hurt that way. If you were just my slave I would not give a shit what anyone thought. I have never thought of you as my property - nor will I ever. That is why I don't want to see you hurt. Do you understand?'

'No, I do not understand. It may be your custom, but I cannot bring myself to understand it. Perhaps I need time. Time to learn and appreciate your way of life. O.K., I will go fishing now, call me when you are done,' he said as he continued out the door. 'Yethro, thank you for considering my feelings. I guess I'm just not used to having others think of me as anything but property. Few if any people here have ever worried about my feelings since I came to this place. The fact that I will have to return to ...' He could not even say the word... 'I just wanted what little time we have left to be spent together. I did not want the outside world invading 'our space'.'

'I'm sorry and I too, would not have done this if it could have been avoided. Our time here has been wonderful and if this was not important - I would let it go until I got back on Monday, but it will only take a few hours or so. You go fishing and I'll see you later.' Yethro said as he patted Dexter's ass and kissed him. 'Now get out of here!'

A half hour later the judge was sitting on the porch watching Dexter fish through his field glasses, when his Jeep and driver came to a stop before the gate. He buzzed it in and Sultan got out of the Jeep and came on the porch to sit beside him.

'Thank you for the invitation to visit you here. You certainly have a beautiful place here. I feel honored that you asked me to come. I can understand why you like to come up here. Where is Dexter?' Is he all right? He hasn't been hurt or displeased you in anyway, has he? If he has done anything to hurt you in anyway- I will whip the shit out of him.'

'Dexter is fine and is out fishing,' the judge said pointing out to the lake and handing Sultan the field glasses. 'See for yourself.'

'OHH yes, I see him. My, he has turned brown. Damn him, I told him to avoid the sun. I shall have to punish him for that.'

'You will do no such thing. He looks so much better with a healthy tan,' Yethro said. 'There is something that I want to talk to you about.'

'And what is that?'

'I seem to have grown very fond of the boy. I find that I don't want to return him to you. In fact, if we can come to an understanding, I'm not going to do it!'

The brothel owner became uneasy and started to laugh rather nervously; 'there is no way in hell that is going to happen. He is my property. You even ruled him as such in court and your ruling is final.'

'That was before I had all the facts of the case. I admit I made a mistake and should not have ruled that way. Yes, you did buy him in a legal way, but from what I can now see, the sale may have been illegal to begin with.'

'But I did not know that and why should I suffer a loss because of it? According to our law, I own him.'

'You are right, and I do not wish to cause you loss, so I will buy Dexter from you. I will make sure you do not loss too much money. If we can come up with a fair price all will be well.'

'One million dollars. I want one million!' Roared Sultan.

'Calm yourself. He is worth it! I will admit that and while I can afford it, I will not pay that price. After all, as an Arab and a Bedouin, bargaining is a way of life with us. To accept the first offered price is unheard of and rather unsportsmanlike. There are other ways for me to take him from you and I would not even have to pay you one cent. I can just issue a certificate of emancipation and you would not get anything. Or I could order the Police Chief to close you down,' the judge said smiling. 'In fact I could close all the brothels in town and free all the 'lost souls'. However, why cause bad feelings. I know all the people in the town would be 'up in arms' if I were to do that. So-- let's just sit down here and come up with a more realistic figure, say $50,000.'

So that's the way it is going to be thought Sultan. If I don't sell at a low price, the bastard will close me down. He has me at a disadvantage and he knows it. He knows that I will have to give in sooner or later.

'Come now Judge be fare, a man of your means can afford more. Don't insult me. You can do a hell of a lot better than that. You will have to come up a whole lot or I will lose face.'

'Yes I can, I just wanted to set a starting point. So between 50,000 and one million. We have a starting point.'

And they bargained and bargained and finally the price was agreed upon. That price being, $250,000 and Yethro's unwritten promise to protect Sultan's business interests. Sultan realized that this last part was worth more than any additional money he could wring out of the judge.

'I hope you will treat Dexter well. I never wished him anything but good.'

'Have no fear of that,' the judge pledged as Sultan signed the papers the judge put before him and he gave him a money draft for Dexter.

'What will you do with him now?' asked Sultan? 'I would like to say goodbye to him, if you do not mind.

'Perhaps later after I inform him that he is no longer your property and I have time to fax a copy of this bill of sale to the county clerk. What do I plan to do with him? That, is no concern of yours, now!' Yethro said. 'But you can be sure that I will treat him well. Good-bye, my old friend. The driver will take you back to town.

Sultan got up and went to the Jeep where the driver had been waiting.

'Good bye Judge and enjoy your purchase.'

'I will! You can be sure of that!'

To be continued...


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