The Customer/Dexter's Saga Chapter #28

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End of Chapter #27

Well, then it will be a new experience for the both of us. Both of us virgins. Like we are on our Honeymoon. I promise to take it slow and easy and make sure you enjoy it.. Now just lie back, my big strong Turkish delight and let my sugar cane show you all about that Garden of Eden you look forward to visiting. Try it - you'll like it, baby!"

Chapter #28

Jesse ran his fingers over the back of the Arab and watched as his ass cheeks twitched whenever his fingertips passed over his sensitive hot hole.

"There, there! Relax! Pretend that you are in the Turkish Baths and I'm a professional masseuse", he whispered into Rashid's ear and then licked it. "There that's better, relax. Your ass is still too tight, too tense", he again murmured into his ear then moved his lips down to the Arabs balls and while his fingertips continued their exploration; he kissed first one and then the other of the low-hanging large gonads. Running his tongue over the sensitive skin behind the balls he started to lick and soak the hot valley up, down, over and around the firm ass mounds. Unable to resist he started to nip and suck on the loose skin.

"OHHHHh SHIT!" moaned Rashid! "What Turkish Baths have you been going to? I never haddddddddddddd anything like thissssss", he screeched as Jess' fingers exposed the tender ass lips then spread them so that his tongue tip was able to pierce the ring and flitter in and out of the hole quickly.

"I see there are a few bits of your education that have been neglected. You have a lot to catch up on", he said as he removed his tongue, spread the ass-lips apart and split a bit of phlegm into the open hole then inserted one finger tip in and worked it around.

"Hey, I thought you said you had some lube in the draw."

"I do, but that's for later. I like to open you up with natural lube first. It sort of prepares the territory for invasion and ultimate conquest in a more personal and humane way. It's more like making love to your man pussy - rather than ravaging the 'Garden of Eden'. I thought you would like it better than my just taking you in a forceful beastly way. You can call this your introduction to the 'Christian' way of lovemaking. As you can see ¬- it is a bit different from what you were brought up with. We Christians just don't ride in on our camels and take whatever we want. We take our time and gently prepare our bed partners. Perhaps that is the reason that your people have to maintain that 'Harem' system of yours."

"What the hell do you mean by that? There is nothing wrong with having a Harem."

"Well, with your people, when a man is finished with his lover he sends his lover back to the Harem. The question is does he do this for his comfort or for his safety? I always wondered if the man was really afraid to close his eyes and go to sleep with someone he had just taken and treated worse than a slave."

"What about you and Yethro? You told me before, that the two of you were lovers even though he 'purchased' you from a slave harem."

"That only proves my point! Yes, he purchased me - but he never owned me! I didn't accept Yethro as a lover until he freed me. And he was never free to enjoy our lovemaking or trust that I would not cut his throat while he was asleep until he set me free. Then I was free to love or reject him on terms that were acceptable to both of us. We were able to work it out to our mutual benefit and satisfaction. Now we can both sleep in the same bed without the fear that the other will cut his throat", Jesse said as he squeezed some of the lube into Rashid's backside and rubbed some on his own cock. "This might hurt a little, but I will try to go slowly."

"Yeah that's what I always say when I'm about to fuck the hell out of someone", Rashid laughed.

Jesse positioned himself and placed his cock against the well-lubed hole and pushed into the now moist interior slowly as Rashid screamed. Jesse stopped and waited.

"Should I pull out?" he asked.

"It hurts but let me get used to it. Maybe you should try for one quick push and get it over with!"

"I might either rip your ass or do damage to my own cock if I did it that way. Slow and easy. We are not in a rush. This is not a war it is a seduction. No, you just try to relax and I'll wait until you are ready", Jesse said as he continued to kiss and lick the Arab's neck and ear. After a while he pushed in a little more and then withdrew and pushed in deeper. This time Rashid did not scream but sighed and Jess repeated the process again and again until he hit home. There he rested and whispered into Rashid's ear, "There it is done and now your cherry is mine. You are mine and now I'm going to breed you. I'm going to feed you my Christian baby makers."

"OH YES! You were right. Yes, it feels fantastic", the Arab, giggled as he pushed back against Jesse's cock. Then he himself started bucking erotically, "Yes, yes fuck me, fuck me man...fuck me hard."

Jesse withdrew and then reentered as hard as he could - over and over until he felt his pale balls slamming hard against the now wildly humping brown ass. Once in a while he would stop and hold himself from coming and to make sure Rashid was enjoying it. All of a sudden Jesse knew for sure that Rashid was enjoying it. He could feel one of Rashid's hands reach behind and cup Jesse's balls and circle his cock base with his fingers.

"Oh yeah I want to feel you cum in my ass", the moaning Arab whispered.

"Just hold it lightly, don't squeeze too tight", Jesse moaned as he became really excited and began pumping faster and harder.

Rashid's other hand disappeared under himself as he began to jerk himself off in concert with Jesse's movements.

Jesse's excitement became overwhelming and he lost all control, he moved like a jackhammer, in and out, in and out - feeling not only the friction of the tight man cunt but also the fingers of Rashid playing on his cock and balls. "I'm cummmmmmming. I'm going to shoot my load. Here comes my load!" he screamed and warned the Arab as he felt Rashid speed up his own self-masturbation.

The two men in the throws of sexual ecstasy shouting and laughing, continued their dance of lust and love.

"Me toooooooo", shouted Rashid as he too exploded. Then there was a deathly quiet as Jesse collapsed and lay upon him. Not a sound until both began to breath normal again.

It was scary, almost as if the rest of the world had gone off somewhere. Or maybe they had left the cosmos and entered the void of sensation and the quite of deep space. Then Jesse began to lick the sweat off the back of Rashid's neck ... "Are you alright?" he was finally able to whisper into his ear.

After a short while, during which Jess almost thought he had either killed or done serious harm to him he heard, "Jesse"... the Arab sighed, "Promise me! You must promise me. No one can ever find out about this.... Ever. Whatever happened is just between us!"

"If that's what you want, O.K. I'm sorry if you didn't like it."

"Didn't like it! Didn't like it? Are you crazy? I may never want a woman again! It was wonderful. No woman or man has ever made me feel this way before. Is it always that intense, always that....? I feel like I have a million questions.. Can we do it again? I don't care if you never let me enter you as long as you keep me for your lover. I'm yours, forever. Never realized it could be so........."

"Hey, take it easy! We would have to be very careful. Yethro might not understand." Jessie warned. "Besides, I'm not sure I even understand it."

"Fuck Yethro. He is an old man. You and I are both young. Life is made for the young. Besides how long can he live? He need never know, we can keep this between just you and me."

"We better do just that. You realize that if he finds out - you may find yourself with your balls cut off and stuffed into your mouth.. And I would hate to see that happen now that I have taken your cherry, lover! I would not like to lose you!"

"Am I to take that as meaning that you liked it as much as I did? Are we lovers now?"

"Well, after you have taken me, as I just took you - we will be one ¬¬officially, but for now... let's just have some supper and we can talk about it later. For now we should shower and eat. Later after we have eaten and enjoyed the evening sunset and watched the stars come out, we can seal the bargain."

"Are you going to set a fire in the fireplace so we can make love again on that rug you have there?"

"It may be a bit too warm for that, but there is that padded swing on the porch that we can use", Jessie laughed. "Come let's shower and I'll put up supper, we will refuel and then start again."

They did make love over and over again both outside on the swing and once more again in the bed.

The next morning Jessie awoke to the smell of eggs cooking... He got out of bed and went into the kitchen. There was Rashid, with just his pants on cooking eggs for him. "Well, you never told me you could cook, also", he said as he slid up him and kissed his lips.

"Be careful - this is hot! Sit down. We have to talk."

"Uh oh sounds serious, but first we eat. I don't like to talk on an empty stomach."

They ate and then had a cup of coffee. "Look I want you to know that I really enjoyed our time together and I would love nothing better than to continue our 'relationship' together."

"But?" questioned Jessie. "That sounds like there is a 'but' somewhere in there."

"This just won't work. I have been thinking about us and it just won't work!" Rashid said. "I may have to leave the country soon. I don't know if I will be able to come back."

"Why? Have you done something wrong? Maybe I can have Yethro help you out! He's very good at fixing things. He might even give you a position in the government."

"No. I have committed myself to the service of Allah! I am in the Army of Allah. I'm a recruiter for Islam. It's my job to find and recruit nice Christian boys like you." Rashid smiled. "We train them to fight for Islam."

"I'm afraid that you are a bit too late. I have just about decided that I am going to convert."

"I'm not talking about converting although that's wonderful. Did you ever think that you might be worth more to us as an unconverted Christian?" Rashid said.

"But I thought that Allah wanted the conversion of all us infidels. If we die unsaved, we would have no place in the world to come. At least that's what the Imam says."

"Yes, he does and every Imam will tell you that. That is their business and from the number of converts they bring in, they do a good job of it. Most of these converts will be good Moslems, but we do not need more Moslems, we need more activists. Activists who are looking to join the great Jihad. People are needed who are willing to put their lives on the line. We realize that not all infidels will convert by their own free will. Some may-but most will not. There will have to be a great war. Many will die. The rest will be offered conversion or slavery just as it was in the time of the Prophet. And this is good in a way."

"Good?" Jessie asked. "How can this be good?"

"Those not converted will be trained to serve the rest of us. What I'm telling you should come as no surprise. This should not be new to you as a Christian. Remember your 'End of Times' teachings? It's the same thing. Except that it will not be Christ, but Al-Mahdi who comes. We as Soldiers of Allah must lead the fight. We will do everything in our power to accomplish this. This includes the conscription of 'Secret Muslims'. These soldiers in some cases must forego the rite of circumcision in order to conceal their identities, at least until the 'End Times'. They will get their rewards in Paradise. We do have lots of them in our 'Army'. They are really worth their weight in gold to us. To have you as one of us would be worth more than all that gold in Fort Knox. Like I told you before, Yethro is getting older and the powers that be have become convinced that he is unstable. We need someone to keep him in line. He has become too big for his own britches as you Americans say. They think you might be that person. The leadership knows that Yethro will never be able to run for the Presidency. No matter how much he believes he can change the Constitution, he just will not have the time to do it."

"I think he can do it! Look at what he has accomplished here in this State and in only a few years. It will take about twelve years, but I know he can do it."

"We are not willing to wait that long. And by that time he will be too old and we need young blood. You are what we need. Besides the decision has been made and a secret fatwa has been issued. One of our "Gold Coins" will be groomed to be the Caliph."

"I'm afraid the Brotherhood is again jumping the gun, as they did in Egypt."

"I did not say the Brotherhood. They are just one of many parts of the organization. Damn it; get it through your head. We are all one. We are united together. Do not think that we are unconnected little groups! We may split up into small groups, just as Mohammed's successor did when he conquered the world, but that is just our method of operation. We are all the 'Army of Allah'. Every single group that the west calls terrorist, and some that they do not even know of yet, are united in this."

"Yes, I can see what you mean. You're then able to loose one battle after the other, while wearing the enemy down until he is exhausted and tired of fighting. Them you can rush in with the real army and just overwhelm the war exhausted survivors. Sort of like our George Washington. He lost almost every battle of the revolution until Yorktown. And then the British just collapsed. They were too exhausted and just quit."

"Now you have it! Yes, now you get it! You see one of the reasons they sent me here was to check on Yethro. His adoption of a Christian, well, at first it was a bit much! Then to see that you were interested in Islam.. They could not believe it; they just had to have a more trusted opinion. So I was given the job. I was to see if you were all that he thought you were.. If you were, then they wanted someone younger and less tainted by the American way to confirm your suitability. I am now convinced that you are that person. If you think you might want the job, I could put in a word for you. Once they accept, I would be assigned as your contact and that way, I will be able to be with you and not have to return home. With me behind you, guiding you, we would convert the whole country and bring Allah's rule to the West at last. I am sure that I can convince them that you would make the best replacement for Yethro if he passed away or when they decide to eliminate him."

"I'm sure you can, and besides it would be nicer to have a younger body in bed with me. Yes, I like the idea and in the meantime, with you as my teacher, you and I will be able to be together."

Yes, together! You and I! This will bring me closer to Yethro himself and when the time comes... thought Rashid to himself, but said out loud, "I can be your teacher and Yethro will never need to know anything about it except that we are friends. I can even get the Imam to tell the Governor that he has appointed me as your study partner. We can let Yethro think that he has a chance to continue on with his quest to become the first Muslim President. He won't be able to do it, but he may open the way for you. You remember how the country felt after the death of Kennedy? They fell over themselves to pass all kinds of 'New Frontier' type laws that never would have passed otherwise. Who knows? Yethro's death might cause the same reaction and propel you into the Presidency'."

"I think that would work fine. We would just have to be extra careful. Perhaps we could use this cabin as our 'Study Hall' or do you have someplace else in mind?"

"This is wonderful for the warmer weather. However, I was thinking of maybe when the weather gets a bit colder-- you do have that swimming pool in Yethro's town house", Rashid laughed and then took Jessie in his arms, kissed him and said, "But for now, it's not too cold out now to take a nude dip in the lake - is it?"

"Good idea! You are a man after my own heart. What a naughty boy you are, love. But this time I'm going to tie a plastic bag around my neck with a tube of lube inside. Damn you - you are still too tight to go into without a coating! I think I will leave the unused portion hidden there as well."

"Great, lets get started", Rashid agreed and opened his belt and let his pants fall to the floor. While picking them up and putting them on the back of the chair his wallet fell out and exposed a few photos. Jessie bent down and picked it up and happened to see the photograph of a young dark eyed girl, maybe about seventeen or eighteen.

"Hey who is this beauty? Are you holding out on me?" Jessie asked as he handed back the wallet, but held on to the photograph. "You know I am bi-sexual and would love to share her with you. Is she good in bed? Is she going to be my competition?"

"Watch your tongue! If you try anything like that, as much as I love you, I will cut off your balls! As far as I know she is pure. She most certainly is not your competition! She is my niece! Almost like a sister to me! She lives with my mother and me. Assad killed her parents, my sister and her husband in Syria and we took her in with us when we fled the country," Rashid said as he lovingly took the picture from Jesse and placed it back in his wallet. "She is the image of my sister who was murdered by that Alawite bastard. She is family and I'm pledged to find her a good husband. Do you think she is nice looking?"

"Nice looking! Hell yes. I'm sorry about what I just said. She is a beautiful looking girl - those eyes are like dark pools of water. How come you never bring her around to Mosque? Are you afraid one of us will try to take her off your hands?"

"If one of those pigs placed his hands on her, I would cut off his balls. They are all low lives and I want only the best for her. To tell the truth before this weekend I had hoped that maybe you might be interested in taking her as a wife. Now, I'm not sure you want a woman or that I really want you to have anyone but me", he laughed.

"As a wife?" Jessie gasped. "You do me great honor and it would be a pleasure to have such a beauty in my bed. While I do appreciate men as sex partners, I am bisexual. If you have any doubts, I'm sure Phyllis will be able to testify as to my ability. Yethro keeps saying that he is continually looking for a bride for me. When he does find one, I hope she is as pleasing to my eyes as your niece. After I get to know her I could learn to accept her as a wife and I think we could have many babies together, provided that you would not feel offended or object too much..."

"You appear to be making some kind of joke of this, but you know, now that I think about it, it may not be such a bad idea. You are going to have to take a wife and she is young and can give you many children. I know you would never hurt her. As for you and me... She is a good Moslem and would never try to mess in her husband's business or his personal life. As long as that messing is with me, that is", he laughed. "She loves me like an older brother and will do anything I want her to do. Do you think Yethro will go for it?"

"I think he might consider it-but not right now. I would like to get to know her first. While her picture is great, one should choose a wife carefully. He keeps saying we have lots of time. But, I know he is thinking of someone about her age and if I were to approve of her, he might not only approve of it but would even offer a very, very high 'Bride Price' for such a good looking girl, if she is a virgin and her family is acceptable."

"I had not even thought of that", Rashid laughed. "To the best of my knowledge she is untouched and I will see to it that no one comes near her, if you want her. She is yours so long as you and I can still remain lovers. She must not come between our plans for the future. In fact I know she can only help in that regard."

"Yes I think she can help. And even Yethro might like it, if it were made to look like it was his idea in the first place."

"I know I can convince my mother to agree to give her to you as your wife, even though she will be very reluctant to do so. After all, she is her companion as well as a constant reminder of her daughter. I know she is going to object to your being a Christian. But being the Governor's son, with the Imam marring you and your children raised Muslim; she will have to accept you. Now, just between us, how much money are we talking about here?"

"Well, if both Yethro and I decide she is worth the price- I would think thousands of dollars or more. After all he did pay $250,000 for me, or so I have been told. But then I was for his use. Do not forget he is a Bedouin and they do love to bargain. I should not have to instruct you how to dicker with him. You ask for half a million and feel him out. I think he might even go as high as 100 to 200 thousand, if I were to insist that she was what I wanted. It will be fun to see how this works out, lover. Play your cards right and you might become a very rich and powerful young man, my love. If I do fulfill you hopes for the future - you will be the man behind throne. But for now I think we should first go for that swim!"

To be continued....


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