A few days passed and with each day another small detail forced its way into Cleo's consciousness. He started to remember coming to the Shuk looking for some furnishings, but every time he was just about to make a breakthrough, he lost it again.

Sultan stood by and played the role of mother hen. He would spend several hours a day with him, hearing his ramblings, applying cold compresses to

his face and changing the dressings. Then one day about a week and a half later, Cleo remembered his name and soon after that almost everything that had happened came back. He started to cry and then became furious. Sultan held him in his arms and tried to calm him but it was too much for him to grasp. He could not understand this idea of ownership that Sultan had talked about. Over and over Sultan tried to explain how he could now own the blond man.

'You said you purchased me from that pig and that I am now your property. How can you purchase a human being? How can you purchase something from someone who does not own it? Achmed never owned me. I was and am a free man, not a slave that can be purchased, sold or traded. How can you own me? What the hell is going on here? Did I fall down a rabbit hole or something?' Dexter demanded.

'Calm down and I will attempt, one last time, to explain the unexplainable to you. I guess in a sense you did fall down the 'Rabbit Hole'. As you know our town is an island. In order to get here you had to take the ferry. We have our own little community here. It is a separate incorporated town. Muslims founded this town many years back. We have formulated and live by our own laws. Our own courts and justice department are under the control of the community. For a price, the local and state authorities are all too glad to let us handle our own affairs. That price is very high and as long as we make the bribe payments in full, on time and don't cause them problems, they are happy to let us police and tend to our own needs. You, my dear, unfortunately stumbled into our community and Achmed's stupid lust made him take you as his bitch.

'I had no choice. He never asked me. He drugged and raped me!

'That may be so and if it is true, we will take care of him later. The fact remains that he made you his bitch. This meant that your body belonged to him. Now this may be against your laws but it is not against ours. Achmed is one of us and we protect our own. After he had his fun with you, he then decided to make some money off of you. He called me, knowing that I run the best brothel on the Island and he knew I would pay lots of money for a blond. The moment I saw you I knew we were in trouble so I formulated this plan to get you out of there. We just could not let you return to the outside world and ruin our set-up here so I had to think fast. I could think of only four options.'

'Number one, I could have refused to buy you, but Achmed would have only sold you to one of the other brothels. This was unacceptable to me because I am first and foremost a businessman and I could not permit that beautiful body of yours to be used by one of my competitors.'

'Number two, I could have taken you from him by force and then let you go. This too was unacceptable because again you could have exposed us to the outside world and we could not have that.'

'Number three, we could have killed you and disposed of your body. It would not have been difficult to do. Nobody but the two of us would have known about it... But, to get rid of such a wonderful body again as a businessman.... that would have been too much of a waste.'

'Number four, I could have purchased you from him and taken you to a safe place to treat your wounds and give us time to perhaps find a better way. As you can see, this is the one I decided to take.'

'So, I paid him cash for you and by our laws I now own you. You are mine to do with as I please and it pleases me to have you work for me.'

'But I don't want to work for you. I have a good job and I make a good salary.' Dexter said.

'That may have been so, but no more. That life no longer exists. It's gone, learn to live with that fact. You could do a lot worse. I run a high class house here and like it or not you are going to be one of my employees now.' He told him. 'You must accept that fact or..... or something worse will happen to you. Your life has changed and you can make of it what you want. If you willing work for me I will see to it that you have a good life. If not, since I do not believe in forcing people to do anything, I will just sell you to one of the other brothels. As much as I hate the thought of doing this, you will leave me no choice. Unlike me, they seem to have no problem with the use of physical force and/or the use of drugs. In fact some of them prefer to do that, just like Achmed. They can and will make you service all the low lives in the community. As you know blonds are a rarity if non-existent here and I could get a very high price for your body, perhaps two, three hundred thousand or more. The men would be lined up for miles. You will be raped over and over until you are senseless. You will come down with every vile disease there is. You will pray for death, but it will not come soon enough for you.'

'And if I work for you, why will it be any different?' Dexter asked.

'I like to think that I run my establishment different. I do not allow just anyone in here. I would not have clients the caliber of an Achmed. My customers are wealthy and clean they are not from the bad end of the town. They would not patronize a place that did not have high standards. Some of them are even members of the government and one of them is our police chief along with several of his finest officers. They come from the finest families and while they do like their sex on the wild side - they know and respect the fact that I do set limits. No one that has ever worked for me has ever been treated like you were when you were with Achmed. I will not permit it. And as you saw, I do have the services of a first class doctor who tests and cares for both me and my people.'

'You make it sound so respectable.' Dexter said. 'I'm sure it is not as wonderful as that.'

'There's some nice things about working for me, however, once you decide to work for me, don't even think of trying to run away. Running away is THE BIG NO-NO. Even if you were able to get off my property, you would not be able to leave the island. My friends in the police would be only too glad to use their dogs and they would hunt you down like you were a wild animal. Once you were recaptured, they would however not return you to me. No, once off my property, you would no longer be under my protection. You would be deemed fair game. You would be stripped nude and placed in our county jail here on the Island. Once that happened, I'm afraid that I would have no say in your treatment. There you will be forced to service the prisoners and the guards until you beg to come back here. But by the time they were finished with you - you would be either dead or of no use to anyone. Do you understand this? I want you to know all this so you can make an intelligent decision. It is up to you. Tell me what you want to do.'

'I want to be free. I want to get out of here and away from you, your laws and your friends.'

'I know you do, however that is not an option. Be realistic, work for me and I will see to it that you are well cared for. Perhaps someday if you work hard and prove to me that you have become resigned to your new life, I might even free you. But you must learn to not only accept this new life but also to love doing it. By that time we will have made each other rich. Who knows you may have even found a lover who will care for you. This has happened to some of my former employees. Think about all this. I will be back after lunch for your answer.' He said handing him a package. 'By the way, here is a small gift for you. Since Achmed threw away all your clothes, I thought you might like to have a pair of pajamas to wear. It is my first gift to you.'

'Thank you.' He said taking the gift.

'Eat lunch. Take a shower and put them on. There is nothing like pure silk next to your skin, to make you feel and look sexy. Think about what I have said. I will return and I will want and expect your answer after lunch. After all, I can not have you laying around all day not earning money for me.' He said with a big smile on his face. Then turning serious he stressed. 'This will be your last chance to make this decision. If you decide not to take this opportunity...then....' He said holding his hands palms up, 'it will be your choice, not mine...'

He left Dexter and arranged to have Yussef bring him his lunch. When he arrived he found Dexter still in bed. 'Good afternoon. Do you want your lunch served in bed or on the bedside table?'

'Thank you. On the table, Yussef please.' Then swinging his bare legs off the bed but still keeping himself covered with the sheets, he began to eat. Lifting his fork and pointing it at Yussef he asked, 'can I ask you a question?'


'I want an honest answer now. This is just between us. I will not say anything to Sultan.' Dexter said. 'What is your job here and do you like it?'

'I thought you knew.. I am one of Sultan's male whores.'

'Do you like it?'

'It is better than any of the other work I had done before I came here. But then, I was a small time pick-pocket and not a good one at that.' He laughed. 'Sultan has been good to me as he is to all of us. Ask anyone. Even when he gets angry and he could beat us, he has never raised his hand to any of us. He always tries to reason with us. Believe it or not that giant is a gentle person. He hates bloodshed. He does not have to beat or hurt us. We all know that all he has to do is to sell us to one of the other establishments on the Island.'

'Thank you, Yussef.' He said finishing his lunch. 'You can take the dishes back now. I am finished eating.'

'Now can I ask you a question?' Yussef asked clearing the dishes. 'Is it OK?'

'Yes. Ask.'

'Are you going to stay with us and work for Sultan?'

'He has told me that he purchased me and he owns me. He has demanded that I work for him here.'

'Then I guess you will have to work for him. There is no way you can get away.' Yussef said. 'You're very young looking, handsome, and from what I can tell, you are educated; and on top of that you're a blond, you should have it very good here. You will be treated very well and you will get the best of the clients. Sultan will see to that. As his only light skinned whore he will treat you like royalty. If you need a friend to talk to - I am here. I know you will not be happy in the beginning, but I will help you if you need it and I'm sure the rest of us will help you also.'

'Thank you.'

After lunch, Dexter went into the bathroom, took a shower, dried himself and used the electric razor and after-shave lotion that Sultan had provided for him. Then he got into the only clothes he now possessed, the silk pajamas that his new boss had given him. After dressing he sat on the bed awaiting his captor's return. The silk felt wonderful on his skin. It was great to feel some kind of clothing on his body after all this time. He rubbed the silk over his arms and felt his skin turn to goose flesh. It almost made his head spin.

There was a soft knock on the door. 'Yes who is it?' he asked thinking it might be Yussef again.

'Sultan, may I come in?

'Need you ask? Since I am your captive do I have the right to keep you out?'

In walked Sultan who was dressed in the most ornate Jalabiya Dexter had ever seen. It was pure white silk with gold, silver, black and red embroidery. He had a matching fez atop his head. He too, had bathed and anointed his body. His shiny black skin and muscular body against the white flowing robes was breathtaking to say the least. Every inch of him looked the part of the great Sultan entering the bed-chamber of his latest virgin conquest.

'I was hoping that you would want to welcome me to your bedroom. You look very handsome in your new pajamas.'

'Thank you.' Dexter answered. 'And that is the most stunning robe I have ever seen.'

'Do you really like it?' he asked turning around and around modeling it. 'I will have one made up for you, also. Come to think of it we will have to get you all new clothes soon although it is a crime to cover that body with anything but the richest silks.' Then removing his fez and placing it on Dexter's head he smiled as he tilted it at a jaunty angle. 'It looks real cute on you. Perhaps a few of these also.'

Taking the fez off the blond head and placing it on the table, he sat on the bed next to Dexter and said, 'MMMM I see you have bathed and shaved.' Taking Dexter's his hands in his and bringing them to his nose he smelled and then kissed the fingertips. 'You smell so pure and sweet. I hope it was all for me and that you have been thinking about what your decision is going to be?'

'That is all that I have been thinking about. You leave me little choice, I either sell my body for you or ....' he said lowering his eyes and his voice. 'The only real regret I have is that it is being forced on me instead of being a free will decision of my own. Perhaps it might have been different if Achmed.....'

'There are many things that I wish. I wish that I had been the one to first see you. Then you would not be in this situation and I would not have had to force you into prostitution. I do not relish doing what I had to do. If it were different and if I had asked you, what would you have said?'

'I don't know.' Dexter said. 'And we will never know now. There is no use in looking back and wishing now.. What do I have to do?'

'We will start your education right now. You will be trained to be what we at Sultan's Palace call a courtesan.'

'What is that?'

'It is a fancy word for a prostitute. You will be a male prostitute. Not just any prostitute but one who is especially trained to associate with rich, powerful, upper-class men who can afford to pay me for your sexual services and who, if they are satisfied, will provide you with luxuries and favors. Some of these men are very wealthy and the extra in tips that they may choose to give you will be yours to keep. If you want I can arrange to put that money in a special bank account for you to use as you see fit. You will be taught to please these men and also you will learn to enjoy it yourself.' Sultan said smiling. In time, you may even have your own room here. You will not have to live with the common whores.

'I will enjoy it?' Dexter asked. 'I don't think so. Who is going to teach me?'

'Since I have the most to gain or lose,' he said, 'I thought I should be the one. That way I can make sure that you learn to enjoy the sex. I will teach you every thing you need to know. The method that I use is rather simple. I will do it first to you and then make you do it to me. You will do it over and over until I am satisfied that you meet my high standards and that you are able to convince me that you are ready and willing to be trusted with my clients. I will make sure you are safe and that you never get hurt again. What do you say? Will you at least try my way?'

Dexter broke down and cried. 'You know I don't want to do this.'

'I know that but will you?'

'Yes.' He said so low that Sultan had to demand he repeat it over and over again until not only he heard him but also that even Dexter believed it.

Sultan put his arm around Dexter's shoulder and took a tissue and blotted his tears away. 'The first thing you have to learn is to kiss a man. It won't be too bad.' He said and then he kissed him lightly on the lips and he made Dexter cuddled up with him. In between the young man's sobs, Sultan was able to run his tongue over Dexter's tear stained face and closed lips. Forcing the compressed lips aside with his tongue, he now encountered the clenched teeth. Rubbing the tongue back and forth over the clenched teeth he continued to try to gain admittance. At first the student tried to fight against it but the teacher's tongue was insistent and somehow in between Dexter's sobs and his gasping for breath, he was soon able to slip it between his teeth and enter his mouth. Once inside it was able to explore the student's mouth and his explorations included every nook and cranny that the hot insistent tongue tip could get into.

Dexter had never before experienced the feelings that now assaulted his body and mind. His body became weak. His mind and senses, like an electrical circuit, became confused and overloaded.

He had been kissed and had kissed many women but never had any of them kissed him like this. What was it that was different? Was it the big puffy lips or was it something else? Was it the fact that Sultan's efforts reminded him of his own early attempts to kiss unwilling girls? He did not know. At first it was disgusting but after a few moments, he found that he no longer cared. He forgot that it was another man's arms enfolding him and that it was another man's mouth on his or that it was this black man that said he owned him that now had reduced him to a pile of refuse that was softly moaning and yes, wanting more, much more. Soon all his inhibitions began to crumble. It was like a wall had fallen or there had been an earthquake and he had fallen into a chasm. Could this big black giant have drugged him? At first he thought that he had been drugged again but he knew this time it was not the effects of drugs. No, this time against his will, he began to react. There was no reaction with Achmed except maybe revulsion. This time, yes, he began to like it. He WANTED it now. When he was drugged, it was different. His body accepted it because he had no choice. In a short while it was like the person known as Dexter had disappeared and had been replaced by a stranger called 'Cleo'. That stranger had entered his body and taken over. His new body and mouth began to react and he could not help but suck on the invading hot tongue. Where before he had found it repugnant, he now found it delicious, and when Sultan withdrew his tongue - Dexter (Cleo) passionately used his own tongue to chase after it into Sultan's hot mouth where it in turn was captured, imprisoned and sucked upon. New - this was all new to him. Yes, he had French kissed many women before and found it pleasant - but he never felt that he wanted to keep it up forever. No that was only the prelude to getting into her pussy. This was different. It may sound ridiculous but he wanted to enter Sultan's mouth and as stupid as it sounds he wanted that mouth to possess and consume him. However as we all know, all good things have to end and after a long time they broke the kiss, moved apart and came up for air.

'There that wasn't so bad was it, Dex?' he said shortening his student's name and hugging him almost fiercely. Then trying to show his affection for this new 'Dexter' he held his face in his two hands as he kissed his chin, his neck and eyes then he moved his big black fingers gently through his flaxen hair.

'Ummmmm we are going to have to let this beautiful hair grow long, at least until it touches your shoulders. Perhaps we will even streak it, make it blonder. Make it look like the sunlight has kissed the ends. We will see.' He whispered into his ear as he sucked on the lobe. 'It will be an added turn on, not that you need one. Do you know that you are beautiful? I'll bet you never even realized that. You make my blood boil and if you can do that to me I am sure you will have many men lined-up for your services. Now tell me, lov, did you feel anything when we kissed?'

'No, not a thing.' He answered too quickly.

'You lie!' Sultan laughed and gently, almost lovingly slapped his face with his fingertips. 'You don't want to admit it yet, but you will soon. You see I know what your problem is. You are afraid to admit that you liked it. It is that rotten Christian 'up bringing' isn't it? Well forget that nonsense. It is just added baggage, which you don't need. Like a lot of that religious crap; it is wrong and meant to make you feel guilty. You liked my making love to you! Don't be afraid to admit it. I can tell. You kissed me back. There is nothing shameful in that - nothing to feel guilty about. Sex is sex and sex itself is beautiful. It can be between man and man or man and woman or woman and woman. It is something that makes you feel good and sooner or later regardless of the guilt, it gets to feel right, also.' Again he pulled Dexter to his black body and he kissed his lips and chin and then he moved down to the hollow in his neck and licked. Dexter was starting to breathe harder and faster as the big black man's fingers undid the silk pajama tops exposing his chest to those puffy full lips and his tongue. Down on the now bare white chest they moved licking, then kissing and finally settling on one of his nipples sending Dexter into over-drive. He nibbled and rubbed his teeth over one sensitive nub and then switched to the other. Back and forth he moved as he noted the nipples becoming erect.

'Hmmmmmmm you have very sensitive nipples.' he whispered. 'I like that. It is always a good sign in a prostitute.'

'I do not - it just tickles.'

'You lie again I can tell.'

'Ridiculous! Are you telling me that you are a mind reader now?'

'I don't have to be a mind reader to tell that.'

'Oh no then how can you tell?'

Reaching down and running his big hand softly over Dexter's crotch, he smiled and said, 'Your hard cock tells the truth even as your soft lips lie.'

Dexter turned beet red.

'See even your face tells me the truth.' He said as he reached into the pajamas pants fly and pulled the hard eight-inch uncut cock out and started rubbing it up and down making it leak a bit of precum. 'See is there any question now?'

He eased Dexter back down on to the bed and undid the silk pajama ties spreading the fly open. The hard cock stood at attention and made Sultan smile as he placed his mouth on the white abs and ran the tip of his tongue over the hard belly. Dexter's midsection raised up off the bed to meet the marauding mouth and tongue as they attempted to devoured him.

The Sudanese could not contain himself. While his insistent mouth was sucking on the belly button, the busy fingers of his hands roamed along Dexter's sides down to his hips where one hand moved gently over to encase his testicles while the fingers of the other hand encircled the hard cock. The nimble fingers moved up the shaft to the cock head where a glob of precum was leaking from the cockeye. Swiping his finger over it Sultan picked up the liquid and showed it to Dexter.

'See another sign that you are enjoying this.' He smiled and placed the cumm-laden finger under his student's nose, allowing him to see and smell the elixir of love. Then he rubbed the finger over both Dexter's lips and then his own. He kissed Dexter and let him taste his own precum. Breaking the kiss and moving quickly, before Dexter could protest he slid down to the base of the moaning student's cock, as his tongue flitted in and out tickling his balls. The cock shaft itself was moist with the over flow of still more precum.. Licking up the shaft and around the head he stripped the foreskin back and ran his tongue tip over the pee slot and then under the foreskin licking up all the love honey there. Opening his mouth so that his fleshy lips were just touched the steel shaft - He plunged down taking all eight inches at once.

'EYYYYYYYYYYYahhhhhhhhhhhhh!' screamed Dexter as his cock became encased in the man's throat. And then began the blowjob that he would remember for the rest of his life. Sultan was the master of this technique. Using his throat mussels alone he began to compress and relax his throat. Sultan's throat actually sang around the cock. It was like an orgasmic pussy drawing and forcing the sperm from Dexter's balls up into his cock. Dexter thrashed around on the bed, his head banging from side to side, his mid-section attempting to rise and fall while his fists beat against the mattress and then his fingers grabbed the sheets pulling them until his finger nails ripped and destroyed them. Then it happened. The volcano, which had been building within his brain, exploded into a hot white and orange ball followed by a mushroom cloud. The heat, the fire, the passion was too much as Dexter screamed again and again as rope after rope after rope flowed down Sultan's throat. And he took it all, continuing to milk the last drops of sperm and even when he was drained he would not let go of the exhausted student's penis.

'Oh man that was something. How do you do that?' Dexter gasped as he slowly recovered his breath. 'And are you going to teach me that?'

'AHHHH HAhhh now the student wants to become a scholar!' Sultan smiled. 'Yes I can and will be glad to teach you that. But you must be patient. It will take a while for you to develop the ability to do this right. I am glad to see and hear of your interest.'

'I'm not really interested--- just curious.' He lied.

'Again with the lies!' Sultan admonished him shaking his finger at him. 'Dex, no more lies. Remember I can tell when you are not telling me the truth.'

'Well I'm asking only from a professional point of view.' Dexter laughed. 'You did want me to be a professional courtesan, did you not?'

'That is true, but there is one thing that you must remember.'

'What is that?'

'The first rule of a great courtesan is that they will always play the virgin angle. The really good professionals never ever let the 'Johns' feel that you know it all. While you are also a man, your partner still likes to think that he is god's answer to sexual knowledge of all sorts.'' The teacher instructed him. 'Remember the 'Virgin' factor. Every man loves to think that it was he that took your cherry.'

'Even if I am called upon to have sex with a real virgin?' Dexter asked.

'Well that's the exception.' Sultan said. 'In that case you are being hired to teach. But let's get back to your lessons. The sucking of your partner's cock is the second thing that you must master. The first was kissing and from what I saw before I would give you rather high marks on that subject.' Sultan said.

Dexter watched in awe as Sultan got off the bed and slowly pulled his silk robe off exposing his magnificent body. Except for vague drug induced memories of Achmed, he could not recall seeing a naked male body and certainly not one as so well developed. He sat there with open mouth staring as Sultan took his flaccid penis and gave it a few tentative rubs to get it hard.

'That's humongous.' Dexter said as he at first tried to move away.

'Great first reaction. Remember always to act that way if the John's cock is anything above six inches. Everyman likes to think he is well endowed.'

'But man--- You Really are!'

'I know but you must not let that frighten you. Now listen to me. You are going to take my cock into your mouth as far down as you can. At that point you will gag. This is a natural reaction and one you must learn to overcome. You must learn to breathe through your nose. Then I want you to thrust your throat opening against my cock head until you feel the gag reflex subside. Take in a little at a time. It will go down. Even this monster will. Once you're accustomed to having my dick in your throat, I want you to start to hum. You can hum any note you want; I don't care. But I want you to hum loudly. Is that clear?'

'Yes Sir. I understand Sir,'

It was enormous and the student took it into his mouth and slobbered all over it. He found himself wanting it and he sucked it into his mouth until it reached the opening of his throat and he started to gag. He backed off a bit and then moved forward again. He did this over and over pressing forward again and again. The sheer size and mass of the cock was almost too much for him to take.

'That's it Dex!' Sultan moaned and encouraged him. 'A little at a time. Easy does it. You are doing fine. I know it's big but you can do it. Once you have taken this - you will be able to take anything.'

Dexter encouraged by Sultan's words kept up his efforts and pushed against the cock head so that the warm slab of meat passed his throat opening and slipped into his throat.

Sultan screamed and with his black fingers in the blond hair he pulled Dexter even farther onto his long cock. Dexter had it all now. Sultan's balls were hitting his chin. You could see the outline of the big cock as it inflated Dexter's throat.

'Now breathe through your nose and hum some notes. That's it ---but louder louder. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Fantastic Dex. Ohh God... ohhhhhh yes!'

Not that this first time was perfect, it was not, but with a little practice he would soon reach that degree of expertise needed to satisfy even the most particular of Sultan's clients. And after a few times his protégée was even able to deep throat Sultan's big dick if not in one plunge then in two. Sultan proudly told his student that now that he had mastered his monster, he could take any cock. And for some reason, this pleased Dexter. That was only the beginning. Over the next week he taught him how to really please men. He took him into the shower and showed him how to bath a man.

Next he opened his ass up in stages using different size dildos that were well lubricated. Dexter fought him at first but then realized that he had no choice and then as the master used the dildos to massage his prostate he began to enjoy it. He came to love the attention that Sultan was lavishing on him. And the brothel owner took pride in his student and rewarded him whenever he could.

Sultan, true to his word had the best tailors in the community design and fabricate clothes for him. He had a hair stylist come in and curl and trim his golden locks as they grew to his shoulders. In that past life that was fast vanishing from his memory, he had never had this much attention or love from another person, male or female. He began to look forward to these lessons now and his teacher began to see real progress. Both of them looked forward to their time together. In fact, after the first week or so, Sultan had him move into his private rooms so that he could give him all of his attentions. This was unheard of and people started to gossip. Yussef had seen them sitting at the table with Sultan feeding him from his own plate. There were times the black man sat in his big easy chair and made Dexter sit on his lap with his head on the giant's shoulder while the big man stroked his white body. He loved to run his fingers through the yellow hair curling it around his digits and kissing and nibbling on the hair ends as well as his student's lips and face.

All the scars had healed except for one faint one on his cheek that Sultan loved to trace with his tongue.

However, for some reason known only to himself, Sultan never fucked Dexter's ass. He instructed him in rimming and other ass play, but always stopped short of inserting his humongous cock into his ass.

One night about a month later while the two of them were in Sultan's bed snuggling up the giant whispered to him, 'Dex, I think you are ready for graduation. You know what that means don't you?'

'It means that you are going to fuck me.' Dexter said almost looking forward to it.

'It depends. Yes you are going to be fucked. Whether I'm going to do it or someone else is going to have you is up to faith. You will be put up for auction on stage at Saturday night's Orgy. I really wanted to be the one to bust you open but you are here to make money for me. I know it's hard for you to understand this, but you are not to be afraid. You have been trained so you should have nothing to worry about. That last dildo was the large size. It is just a little smaller than I am. You should have no problem taking me or anyone else. Whoever does it to you; I want you to scream anyway. I want you to fake resistance. Make the man think he has to work for it. I want him to think of you as if you are a virgin. Every time a man enters you - make him feel that he is the first man to do so. I want them all to know that you are the best bitch I have in my harem and that when they fuck you they are fucking the best I have to offer. They will be fucking Sultan's queen.'

To be continued...


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