The Customer/Dexter's Saga Chapter 22 By Joystick

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End of Chapter 22

They took showers and Jesse got dressed in one of the Arab outfits Yethro had purchased for him. When Phyllis saw him, it nearly knocked her off her feet! "OHHHHHH! My god. If that desert Sheik, Albert mentioned, looks anything like that - I might get to like warming his bed in the desert. You look so handsome in that outfit. Forget about bringing a robe and pajamas to my apartment. Bring that! I love it!"

"Tell you what - I'll have one made up for you also..."

Chapter 23

"Right now I'm starving. Come, we are going to raid the freezer and the two of us are going make something to eat," Jesse said as they returned to the kitchen area. "As I remember, you do know how to cook. I remember that delicious dinner you made for me on our first date."

They raided the freezer and concocted a nice dinner and then set the table with a tablecloth, wine glasses, silverware and the two candles that Yethro kept on the mantelpiece above the fireplace in case of a power outage. Jesse lit the candles and turned down the rest of the lights making the room romantic in a rustic sort of way. He bowed and pulled out the seat for Phyllis to seat herself and held it as she adjusted herself and placed a napkin in her lap. He then returned to the kitchen area and set what they had prepared before them. Just as they were starting to eat, Jesse's cell phone buzzed. Seeing the caller ID he answered the phone. "Jesse here, you sure pick rotten time to call, but what's up Boss?" They spoke for a few minutes and then he hung up.

"That was Albert Green, he sends his regards and wanted us to know Yethro and Dan must have finished what they were doing on Lake Huron. They just pulled the boat out of the lake but it looks like they are going to stay the night in the Motel rather attempt coming back here tonight. They most likely will start back first thing in the morning. Albert says he has a couple of guys keeping an eye on them and he will notify me if anything changes. But for now it looks like we are clear until about tomorrow afternoon at least. I'm glad because that means we can sleep in the same bed.

"I think you should still make up the sofa just in case they come early you will still have time to jump onto it to protect my honor," she laughed.

He bent over and took one of her hands in his and kissed her fingers. "My dear, your honor is always safe with me," he said gallantly.

They finished eating and they both did the dishes. Then Jesse made up the sofa on which they sat and listened to music on the CD player until about midnight. Phyllis got up and went into the bedroom and got ready for bed. After getting into bed she called Jesse and wished him a good night. After turning out the lights and securing the cabin Jesse then went into the bedroom and lifted the cover and joined her in the big bed.

'MMMmmm I see you did not bring any pajamas," he said as he snuggled up to her nude body. "I might get to like this, honey."

"And I thought you said my honor was safe with you," she whispered.

"Never ever trust the words of a Bedouin and even less those of his son! We will lie, we will cheat, we will steal, we will pillage and rape and if need be, we will murder in order to get what we want," he said as he put his arms around her and pulled her to him, "And right now it is you I want."

He planted his lips on her shoulders, tasting the sweet yet slightly salty skin. "Hmmmmmm you taste so good! I am going to devour you whole, baby!"

Feeling her body relax in his embrace he moved his lips to her ear and ran his tongue tip around and into the ear. Then withdrawing it, he alternated between sucking and nibbling on the lobe. Feeling her body respond and her breath deepen his lips moved down her neck and back and forth over her collarbone and then to center of her chest. Her nipples became erect and hard as he took them into his mouth and lightly sucked on first one and then the other. She sighed heavily as Jesse ran his tongue around the curves and worked his way up and down between the valleys formed by her tits then down to her belly button, which he bathed in saliva. She throbbed in ecstasy as his tongue continued its voyage down, down to savor her sweetness. He could feel her body stiffen as his lips touched and teased her womanhood and his tongue tip probed deeply into her most secret place. She moaned and tossed her head from one side to the other. His hands and fingers roamed her thighs feeling the softness of her warm flesh. He parted her thighs and softly ran his fingers over the sensitive lips of her pussy and inserted a finger. At first she resisted but then Jesse found her clitoris and she threw her head back biting her lower lip to prevent screaming out as he teased her clit with his finger then lowered his head and pressed his lips to kiss her pussy. He raised his body up and she reached her hand down and took his hard, hot vainly cock in her hand and guided it to her cunt. Although he had meant to be gentle he could not control himself and inserted his manhood almost violently into her. So rough that she winched and grabbed at his shoulders, her fingernails scratching his back as he then violently bored into her and started to pump her. Her thighs wrapped around his hips, her heels digging into his ass as he thrust in and out of her over and over. Finally, after a few moments he felt his orgasm peek and he pressed fully into her as his hot cum filled her cunt. He could feel her cunt squeeze his cock as she came also. He thrust into her a few more times to ejaculate his last drops into her as her continued orgasms milked him dry. Then they both collapsed in each other's arms and soon fell asleep.

The next morning, as the sun came up over the big lake the two men were already in the motel dinner having finished their breakfast and were having their second cup of coffee. Yethro had wanted to get an early start and could not wait to get back to find out how Jesse had made out. Meanwhile he and Dan were talking, in Arabic, about the visit of the Egyptian Cleric. "You must hear what I am saying, Yethro, I do not think the Brotherhood will allow you to operate without their blessings. They are too strong and besides that the man that you met yesterday was an Imam and even the old government did not try too hard to overrule him. They never even arrested him."

"I know the power that he has, but we are not in Egypt. How many times do I have to remind you and the Brotherhood of that fact? This is America and like it or not, things have to be done differently here. For us this is a whole new world and it is the reason they sent us here. We were to learn their ways and as I told him, his high-handed methods will not work here. We have to take our time and do this in the American way. We have to prove that we are not going to take over their government. We must lull them. Put them at ease and then slip into all the right positions and then and only then - when we have the power, do we close the steel door and lock it. At that point their entire system will have fallen apart and they will be on the brink of collapse. They will come begging us for help. At that point it will all fall into our hands without even any loss of life. I think I made him understand that and if he is so hardheaded as to not understand what other choice does he have? Is he going to overthrow years of work and start again? I made him see that we have to go this way and that Jesse and I am the only choice they have. He finally agreed that as Jesse says, 'we must first get our foot into the doorway legally before we can rip it off its hinges.' Even in Egypt they waited until others had taken the risks before they showed their hand. Then and only then were they strong enough to uncover their true intentions. They may have acted too fast even in Egypt for once you start a revolution, unless you control it, it can go anywhere. I think he understood. He did promise to try it my way. He agreed that by my becoming Governor, we have won the first step in our battle. In any event, we did part as friends."

Dan laughed at that. "Friends? Don't make me laugh. Just watch your back. I think you might have made a very dangerous enemy yesterday."

"You need not worry about that," Yethro said as he finished off his coffee. "Like all good politicians and sons of the desert, I keep my friends close to me and my enemies even closer. Come, I think we should finish up here and get on the road now. I want to get home as soon as I can. I miss Jesse and to tell the truth I want to find out how he made out with that Goodwin girl. I really hope he has not offended her or worse yet forgot how to treat a woman. If he screwed that up - we might as well pack up our tents, load our camels and move back to the bloody desert."

He paid the bill and left a nice tip. After they walked out, two other men leisurely asked for their tab as they watched Yethro and Dan get in the jeep and leave the parking lot with the trailer and boat in tow. After they left one of them picked up his cell phone and placed a call to his boss. "Yes, Director Green, they just left and it looks like they are heading home. You better warn Jesse. It should take him about three to four hours." He then reported everything He had heard the two men talking about during their meal."

"Good work and thanks to your knowledge of Arabic, we now know what that Egyptian S.O.B. was doing in Canada. I'm going to call Jesse in an hour or two and tell him Yethro is on his way home. I don't think there is any need to wake him this early. Let him have his rest. He is going to need it."

However, there was no need to wake Jesse, as he was awake already. Phyllis had made him get out of bed long before sunrise and exiled him to the sofa in the living room where he tossed and turned and tried to fall back asleep. However, sleep did not come, it was of no use and at first light he got out of bed, stripped nude took a towel and went down to the dock where he jumped in and swam to the raft and back a few times. Ever since his first day up here at the cabin he loved swimming at this time of the day. The water was a real delight in the early morning. The air was calm and the birds were just beginning to sing their songs. The water, while chilled from the night air, felt good on his nude body and really woke him up. It was not like at home in the pool with its chemically treated and heated water. This water was fresh and it woke you up. After the last lap he got out of the water, dried himself off and started back up the path to the cabin. As he was walking he spotted the police chief's motorcycle at the gate and wrapped the towel tighter around his midsection and went over to see what he was doing there.

"Good morning Mike, What brings you up here so early. Not playing the 'Peeping Tom' are you?" Jesse laughed.

"Not really although I must say seeing you like this does give me the hots. I was just making my rounds and I spotted your rental car and thought I would check up on you."

"Thanks, I would invite you in for coffee but I already have company and you know how women are in the morning. She might not like having uninvited guests for breakfast. She is not 'made up' yet. I'm sure you understand."

"I don't think that one has anything to worry about. She is a stunner anytime of day. However I understand. Please give her my regards and remember that I'm here in case the two of you need me," he said as he turned the cycle around, waved goodbye and continued on down the road.

Jesse walked into the cabin where he still found Phyllis asleep. He prepared breakfast and then woke her up. While they were eating he got a phone call from Albert. After he hung up he told Phyllis that Yethro was on his way and that they should get ready.

About an hour later they were sitting on the rustic chairs that lined the outside porch when Yethro's jeep came up to the gate. Jesse got up and waved to them as they pulled in.

"Hello," Jesse shouted as he ran to the gate and opened it. The Judge pulled into the parking lot, parked and got out and Jesse hugged him and whispered that he had brought home a guest and took him to meet Phyllis. "Judge I would like you to meet Phyllis Goodwin. You already know her father." Then to her he said, "Phyllis, this is my father, Yethro."

She reached out her hand and shook Yethro's hand and said, "Your honor, it is so nice to meet you at last. Both your son and my father, who by the way sends his regards, have been filling my head with lots of stories about you - so many that I feel I know you already. My dad did instruct me to sends his regards."

"Ahhh then your father knows you are here. It is nice to meet you, finally. I wish I had been here to greet you properly when you arrived. Had Jess mentioned that he might be bringing you here I would have made it my business to be here. Among my people it is not proper for a young lady to - but I forget this is America and much to my regret, things are not the same. After Jess left on Friday, my cousin and I got the feeling that we wanted to take the big boat for a spin on the big lake." Then turning to Jesse he chided him, "Jesse you should have called me. What will her father think of you bringing her here like this? It is not nice for the head of the house not to be here to welcome guests. Didn't your customs classes with the Imam not instructed you of this?" he questioned but realizing that Jesse, on Friday, did not know that the Judge would be away from home. He then introduced Dan to her and after Dan told her that he, too, knew her father and was glad to meet her, they all entered the cabin and Jesse cleared off his bedding from the sofa and they sat down. Jesse made them all some coffee.

"You have a very lovely cabin here, your honor and I feel terrible that I have invaded your space by sleeping in your bed last night. We did not know you were away and had planned to return home last night after sundown but Jesse insisted I had to stay and meet you as well as see the sunrise over the lake. It must be nice to have a place to get away to like this."

"Yes it is very nice and we have been thinking of adding on a bed room or two, but Jesse does not want to spoil the rustic feeling. I do hope you had a good nights sleep and that when you come again, Jesse, will bring not only you but your father also to our town home where we can give you more suitable accommodations. Perhaps a suite of rooms. Please, drop the 'Your Honor'. My name is Yethro to my friends and I hope you will think of me as a friend."

They talked for about an hour and then Jesse told them that they had to get back to the city, as she had to get to work in the morning. He helped load her stuff in the car and while she waited in the car he excused himself and went back into say his goodbye to Yethro.

"Well," Jesse asked. "What do you think? Will she be acceptable as my 'Girl friend'? Should I keep her - or look around someone else?"

"I think you are having too much fun with this 'girl friend' thing. She is lovely - but did she really sleep alone in my bed?"

"Unfortunately," Jesse smiled. "She did and if we are going to do this again I want a pull-out bed in here. She did not even want to stay in your house without you here. I almost had to force her to stay. She didn't even want to sleep in your bed. She wanted to sleep on the sofa, but I insisted that she use your bed," he lied.

"My son both you and I know that you are a big liar. However, I like her," Yethro laughed. "Now take her home and get back here so I can fuck the hell out of you. But only after I remake "OUR" bed." He grabbed Jesse and kissed him hard. "That my love is just to remind you that you still belong to me - free or slave."

Jesse smiled and whispered, "no, my love, never as a slave, but as a free man I'm always yours."

As they left the compound and the car proceeded down the road, Yethro said to Dan, "I like the girl, I just hope we won't have to kill her later."

"Kill her!!!" Dan shouted. Why in the hell would you want to kill her or even harm her? We still control Jesse and I think, in time, we can do the same to her."

"I saw the way Jesse looked at her. It was not the way you or I look at women. I think he is falling in love with her."

"Well, Yethro, just in case you forgot, Jesse is not one of us! Not yet anyway! I know he loves you and will do anything you want him to do. Besides, if we do have to remove her there are other more profitable ways of doing it. I think we could get a nice bit of gold for her and perhaps have a bit of fun at the same time?" Dan smiled. "Yes we can and will drug her and ship her off to one of your family in the dessert or perhaps to some brothel in Singapore, where they know how to use a beautiful body like hers and no one will ever hear from her again."

"That's what I like about you, Dan, you always come up with these wonderful Ideas. Are you sure that you are not Bedouin?"

"I guess hanging around with you has rubbed off on me."

"Could be that, Yes it could be! I just hope it has also rubbed of on Jesse," The Judge moaned. "I can see the change in him everyday. I can almost see the wheels in his head plotting and scheming. Just like one of us! I cannot wait for him to choose the way of Allah. My only regret is that he will have to loose the foreskin.. Well, time will tell."

"Yes it will - but do we have that much time?"

To be continued...


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