Holy shit, thought Dexter, I'll never last the night. This guy is worse than an animal. He is going to rip me apart. That cock of his is going to slash through me like a hot knife cuts through a tub of butter and come out my mouth. I'll never survive. If I do get out of this alive, I'm going to kill Sultan. The thought of Sultan made him think back to their training sessions together. Over and over the big Sudanese's words came back to him reminding him that the key to surviving a rape or violent sex, is learning to relax.

'If there is one thing you have to remember it is this,' he said. 'If the guy is bigger and stronger than you, there is little you can do to prevent the rape. You are bound to lose anyway and by fighting it, you only delay the inevitable and add to your pain and suffering. Most of our clients are not really looking to hurt you. They are only looking to have a good time. For that good time they are paying a very high price. They expect to get their money's worth. All of them have fantasies and you are their means of fulfilling some of their fantasies and erotic dreams. They are role-playing and mean you no harm. Once you get to know them, you might even enjoy their antics. I will do my best to keep out the real nut cases. However, as much as I try to weed out the real psychopaths, there are a few clients that for political and other reasons, I just can't stop from coming here. I must be careful with those bastards. I have to walk a fine line. Some of them, like the Police Chief, are powerful enough to close me down. They are just looking for any excuse to do it. If they do manage to put the lock on the door - then you and all my 'goods' would have to go on the block. If that happens, your ass goes to the highest bidder and as I've told you before - you don't want that to happen. Who is going to want you? There are not too many out there that could afford you? With the exception of maybe a few rich men or some ugly rich cock hungry female, the only people that could afford you at a public action, would be the drug dealers and users who run the lower class brothels in town. Believe me, you don't want to wind up in their hands.'

The best advice Sultan could give him was to enter this world of role-playing together with the client. Make a game out of it. But never, let on that you are doing this. If they suspected you are faking they might really hurt you. One good way to do this is to learn to act. Make like you are resisting him and scream. I know this is difficult to understand, but you have to get your body to relax. By relaxing you can take the biggest cocks, and survive the roughest of rapes without serious injury to yourself. For some reason, screaming helps you to relax. Tension is your enemy. It causes your body to become stiff. Flexibility is what you want and to get this, you must relieve the tension. The more tense your body, the more you will be hurt. So, as silly as it may sound, you should always remember to scream. Not only will screaming help you relieve the tension, but it will also make the customer think he is getting more than what he paid for. Seduction, so they think is for sissies, rape is for real men and being a real man is what they are pretending to be. Making your clients feel like they are real men is what makes a common prostitute into a courtesan.

All these and other thoughts passed through his blonde head as the cop positioned him on the bed. He knew he had been trained to take huge cocks. Sultan had repeatedly inserted several dildos, starting with a small size and working up to that last humongous dildo. That last dildo, so Sultan had told him, made him open his backside to the point where it was almost capable of accommodating a cock the size of Sultan's big manhood. Now, over and over, Dexter kept telling himself that the Police Chief could never measure up to that last imitation dick. This cop was nowhere as big as Sultan, few men were, but he was mean, rough, and obnoxious. And he was capable of doing him great harm. For all Dexter could remember, this cop might even be smaller than that bastard, Achmed, the one that had got him into this mess to begin with. Remembering that slob brought tears to his eyes. If it hadn't been for that filthy shopkeeper he would not be on all fours now waiting for this so called law officer to shove his dick up my ass.

Dexter now felt the cop's strong body slithering and pawing his way up his back, mounting him like some wild beast in rutting season. It was as if the cop was a heavy hairy ape who had carried him to his nest and now was about to take possession of his being. He could feel the tip of his raging cock acting like a probing master key, rubbing against his ass, searching for the keyhole to open the lock. He felt the cop's strong hairy arms encircled his mid-section as the cop adjusted his body and got into position to penetrate the gates with his steel lance. Harder and harder Mike squeezed the blonde; pulling and yanking his body back against his cock. Grabbing Dexter's long blonde hair and using it as horse reins he pulled his head back, arching his body as his dick pushed and forced its way into his ass.

Son of a bitch, Sultan was wrong - this bastard was hurting his ass. The cop yelled at him, 'take my cock, babe. I'm going to rape that sweet ass of yours and rip it to shreds if you don't let me in! Didn't that black bastard teach you anything? I know you're not a virgin, but you sure are tight.' Then it happened the head pounded against the locked door and the gate opened a faction. Suddenly the hard dry cock head burst into his boy pussy as the cop pushed in, like a voracious thief in search of booty. In it went almost in one forceful smash. Forcing its way all the way in until there was nothing left to plunder. Dexter screamed bloody blue murder. The sound hit the ceiling reverberating and bouncing from one wall to another. Most of the Clients and whores that were in the establishment stopped what they were doing for a few seconds, and wondered what the hell was going on. For a moment or two, some of them thought that perhaps the Police were raiding the establishment. But then they remembered that the police chief was himself a customer tonight and that the screams were most likely coming from that new whore for which he had paid that ridiculous sum of money. Laughing, they thought that Mike was just being Mike, and was just living up to his reputation.

'That's it babe. That's what I want to hear. Scream! Scream, you no good whore.' Whispered Mike into Dexter's ear, 'that's what I want to hear. Scream!' he said over and over again, raising his voice and then he lowered his mouth to the exposed nap of Dexter's neck and bit him hard and shook his head back and forth just as a wild Panther does when he takes possession of his mate. Holding Dexter's neck in his mouth and using his strong arms to keep him in place, the cop humped, pumped and pounded Dexter's body wildly. He continued to do so even as the young man ceased struggling and passed into that dark, deep hole of near unconsciousness. Mike fucked the comatose body over and over until he sprayed his seed deep into the anal cavity of the now numb body beneath him and then he rolled off his exhausted prey. 'You no good whore, you passed out on me. I'm not finished yet. I want more!' He flipped him over on his back, lifted his legs to his shoulders and punched his cock repeatedly into the now well spermed hole and fucked him again and again.

Hearing the scream in his office, Sultan sitting at his desk, bolted up, knocking over his chair, and ran to the door. Flinging the door open, he almost ran into Yussef. 'What the hell was that?' he asked him.

'Must be Dexter, Mike must be riding him like he rides that motorcycle of his.'

'I told you to warn him that I wanted Dexter back alive. We got to stop him. He will kill him.' Sultan said.

'No you don't. Leave them alone. It's good for business. You trained Dex well, but you know how Mike is. If he comes out of there smiling and not asking for his money back - we have it made. Every man in the county will want a night with your blonde sexpot. You know how our clientele loves to brag. They will all want to try to make Dexter say they made him scream as much as Mike did. Money, money, we will be rolling in it. Go back in your office and stuff your ears with cotton or something. I'll watch.'

'Ok. But just in case, I want you to stay near that door. If it gets too loud, or if you feel he is in real danger, you are to bust in there and stop that son of a bitch before he kills my prize whore. I don't care if he is the fucking Chief of Police. That bastard can't kill one of my whores.' Sultan instructed him. 'A dead whore is of no use to us if we can't continue to rent him out. I already had to pay medical bills to repair that boy's ass hole. And I'm not going to make that fucking doctor richer every time some client plows that blonde's asshole! '

Yussef ran and posted himself at the door of the room. His ear to the door, he listened and soon heard the renewed sounds of the bed bouncing up and down. Dexter must have recovered. Now and then he heard Mike laugh and tell Dexter what a great fuck he was. He relaxed when he heard Dexter begin to beg Mike to fuck him harder. Then there were quiet times when he heard just the sounds of kissing and sucking; these were followed by short periods of silence. Finally, Yussef thought he heard Mike laughing and then say at last that Dexter was a great fuck and he was satisfied for the time being.

'I broke my record. I came six times in one night! You were worth every cent I paid for you. Don't tell Sultan I said that. Now let's both try to get some sleep.' The chief bragged, 'maybe we will continue in the morning.'

By that time it was about five AM. It became still in the room and then the only thing the Arab servant could hear was snoring. Thank God he thought and then he, himself, went to sleep.

Later that morning Yussef arose and prepared breakfast, which he served to both Dexter and Mike in bed. Upon entering he was glad to see Dexter was still alive. Mike sat up and ate like a horse, Dexter like a bird. Yussef left the room and after, eating Mike again wanted to fuck Dexter. He would have, too, but the pounding on the door stopped him. 'It's 10:30 AM and your time's up. You've had your breakfast and more than your money's worth.' Shouted Sultan as he forced his way into the room.

'Well you can't blame a guy for trying. He was worth every cent of it too.' Mike said patting Dexter on the ass and getting out of bed. 'You wouldn't think of selling him to me, would you?' He asked as he pulled on his pants.

'Well, perhaps I might. But first I'll have the doctor look him over and assess the damage you've done to him. You and that big cock of yours may have ruined him. He may not be worth keeping now.' Sultan cried, 'He was worth three quarters of a million. But that was before you got your filthy hands on him. Now, I'm lucky if I can get a half million. It all depends on his healing ability. If he heals quickly, I may be able to use him as a house servant, like Yussef, for a while. I think I will be able to absorb the loss for a few days. However, if he doesn't heal fast, I will be forced to sell him and you may have him for two hundred and fifty thousand.' Then to Dexter he said, 'You, you worthless piece of shit, get your sorry ass out of bed and report to Yussef, upstairs.'

After Dexter left, Mike handed Sultan $500. 'Give this to the kid, he was great in bed. You better treat him well because if you don't, you'll have me to answer to. I would like to buy him from you. Right now I'll give you one hundred thousand. That would make you a very nice profit. From what I hear you almost stole the kid from that slime ball, Achmad. You would be well advised to take it. You might not know it, but the kid is planning on escaping. The fool even begged me to help him. I refused to help in any way. There is no need for me to give him any assistance. I'm sure he will try soon and I don't need to remind you that when he does, he leaves your protection and enters mine. When that happens, you can be sure, I will get my hands on him and you will never see him again. There will be no jail for that one as the others I've recovered for you. Hell no! I'll not let my deputies or the prisoners near him. I'll keep him locked up in my house and you and everyone else in this fucking town can go to hell if you think I'm going to let you or anyone else touch him!'

Sultan chuckled and said, 'hmmm, one hundred thousand - was he that good? Maybe I'll try him myself. Don't worry, Chief, I'll take good care of him. This one won't get away from me! Even if I have to chain him up. Now you finish dressing and get back to protecting our little town. Next time you come here I might even give you a discount on any other whore you might want, but Dexter is not included in that deal.'

The Chief left the building in a happy mood, mounted his motorcycle, started the engine and with a mighty roar that reverberated throughout the parking lot, left the area. Sultan smiled, knowing that the entire town would soon be informed that their Police Chief had a very successful night at 'Sultan's House of Delights'. He watched, smiled and shaking his head, ran upstairs to the apartment to check on Dexter.

'How are you feeling? Did that bastard hurt you? Come, lay on the bed and let me exam you.'

Dexter lay on the bed exposing his rear end for Sultan's examination. 'Don't be such a mammy. I'm O.K., just a little sore. He really didn't hurt me that much. He was rough, but not too bad. I should be fine in a day or two.'

'Then what the hell was all that screaming about last night? It sounded like he was killing you. I had Yussef stay by your door last night - just in case. I was almost going to bust in and throw out that son of a bitch. From now on we will have to set up a code word you can yell if a customer is getting too rough.'

'What the hell did you expect? Hey, I was just doing what you taught me to do. You said to scream and act like he was killing me. Make the client think you have never seen such a big cock. Act like a pure, sweet and untouched virgin. Those were your very instructions.'

'Well that was some acting then. You sure scared the piss out of everyone here.' Sultan slapped Dexter's ass, turned him over and took him in his arms and kissed him. 'You sure you are OK? You're not just saying that just to please me are you?

'And why should I want to please you? He could have killed me for all you care!'

'I do care, you are my little moneymaker. You did well, and look, you earned a $500 tip to boot. I told you, you were going to be a big moneymaker for us. And it looks like I was right. Now I want you to rest a day or so, then we can put you back 'on line', babe.'

'You going to give me a room of my own or will I have to move into the dormitory.'

'No, baby, for the time being, you stay right here in my room when you're not working so I can keep an eye on you. I don't want you associating with the riffraff. We have to keep you high class. No telling what them common whores will teach you. Besides there is still much I haven't taught you.'

So for the next few days, Dexter rested up. Sultan hovered over him like he was guarding his life. He kept him a virtual prisoner in his room. Dexter was going stir-crazy.

'You really should let me get some fresh air and sunlight. I am going to waste away up here. I need some exercise.' Dexter complained. 'I'm really feeling good now.'

'I don't want the sun to tan you, my love. The whiter your skin is, the more I like it. And what's more important is the fact that my customers prefer you light skinned and blonde. They love to see their dark skinned cocks sinking into that white ass of yours. I, myself, get a charge seeing my black hands moving over that smooth white body of yours. You know it is true what they say about us blacks; we are bigger and hornier than whites. And we do love blondes. Especially good-looking ones like you. Look at all those black athletes. They can have their pick of any black beauty they want and there are plenty of them that would love all that money and sex. But do they? No they don't. Are they not always screwing blondes? Light skinned beauties like you look so vulnerable, so sexy; we feel the need to protect you. I, myself, feel that you are like some delicate white lily in a field of dark weeds that are threatening to engulf you and you are screaming for protection,' Sultan said as he ran his fingers over Dexter's skin, his fingers rubbing over his chest and resting on his nipples. And then lowering his mouth to the young man's pink lips, he kissed him and enfolded him in his arms and let out a big sigh. 'Ahhhhh! What a waste! This face, this body, and what have I turned you into? A whore. And not just a common prostitute, but also one every man in this town would love to take to bed. Perhaps you were right, Dexter, I should let you go.'

'But you won't, will you? Why not?' Dexter asked. 'It is not just the money, is it?'

'Don't get the wrong idea. Yes it is the money! Damn it! I'm a greedy Whore Master and you are going to be my chief moneymaker. If you think I love you, you are wrong. If it's one thing I know - it's that I'm not in love with you. I can't fall in love with you.'

He took Dexter's face in his hands and kissed him gently on the lips again and then, as the young lips parted, he inserted his tongue and searched the inside of his mouth. He ran his tongue tip over the guy's teeth and plummeted his mouth with his probing tongue. Then, pulling away from him, he looked deeply into his eyes and said, 'Damn you, I can't afford to be in love with you, but I am. I am in love with you! What the fuck am I to do now?'

'Free me!' Dexter whispered. 'If you did love me, you would free me.'

'You know I can't do that. I know as soon as I did that you would be out of here and on your way out of the county and I would never see you again.'

'I just might want to stay here with you. But you have no way of knowing that, until I am free and able to make my own decisions.'

'No, you little vixen, I am not going to chance that. Do you really think I'm that much of a fool?' said Sultan grabbing and holding him close and sucking on his earlobe. 'Why would I? What the hell is love anyway? I can have you anytime I feel like it and you will have to like it or I will beat the hell out of you. But I won't do that, because while I love to think of myself as compassionate, I really am a cold hardnosed businessman. Now stop this shit about freedom. You are my slave and you will remain so until either I or my customers get tired of you. Forget it, It's time for you to get back to work. Let's put that white ass of yours to work making us lots of money.'

Seeing no way out of his dilemma, Dexter returned to work and began earning money hand over fist. The wealthy men of the town all asked for him when they showed up at Sultan's. They were the only ones that could afford his services. Although his nightly fees did go down a bit, he still commanded and got rather substantial fees. They had leveled off at about $2500 to $3000 for a night. Men still wanted him as it was said that he only improved as time went by.

In order to keep the town's cock hungry men interested, now and then Sultan would take Dexter with him when he went shopping. He had a metal neck collar placed around his neck and when weather permitted he would strip Dexter to the waist and lead him around the bazaar on a dog chain. Dexter knew it was all for show as there was no way he could escape. He knew that if he did try to run, he would soon be rundown and raped, if not by the towns sex hungry men then by the cops. Sultan told him it was good for business. It was like advertising. Men would come up and run their hands over his chest and some even went so far as to feel his ass. There was little Dexter could do as Sultan, who would always carry a small 'cat of nine tails' would wave it at the drooling men and tell them, 'You can only look. If you want more - it is going to cost you.' And as usual they would either smile and lower their hands or show up at Sultan's with money in their hands as well a nice tip for Dexter.

Some of them even sent additional personal gifts. A few of the more prosperous clients sent expensive clothes for him to wear during their next visits. One even presented him with a very expensive silk harem outfit, embroidered with gold and silver threads. The silk was so sheer that it appeared to be transparent. He insisted Dexter wear this flowing outfit while dancing before him. To provide musical accompaniment the client had hired live musicians to play that sensuous and enticing Arabic belly dance music. While Dexter danced, the client helped the near nude dancer remove one piece of clothing at a time, slowly and seductively, while his eyes, his fingers, his tongue and his mouth devoured every newly exposed inch of naked skin. Rich men fell over themselves making appoints for Dexter's evenings. Sultan had been wrong. He had hoped to have one rich man as Dexter's 'sponsor', but instead he now had all of the rich men of the county wanting him as a lover. Dexter was worth a fortune to him and the two of them were raking in the money to such an extent that 'Sultan's House of Delights' became not only the best brothel, but, it's owner became the richest and most powerful man in town.

Then one day while Dexter and Sultan were in the Bazaar, who but Achmed, the storekeeper, happened to spot them...

To be continued...


Jay Benson/Joystick

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