The Customer/Dexter's Saga

Chapter #33

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End of chapter 32

"What we have can't be sinful or wrong. It's too good to be anything but paradise on earth. It is pure ecstasy and that can't be wrong. I not only love you but I trust you and know you will never betray me. And I promise you that I will never betray you. I trust you to do the right thing, my love and partner for life."

Chapter 33

"If that is how you really feel - let's just forget about the whole shitting world and run away. Let's find a deserted island somewhere and the two of us build a shack on the beach and just swim and fornicate all day long. We can afford it. We have enough money to create our own universe. We can make our own laws and screw the rest of the world..." Jesse said.

"My dear Jesse, you know we can not do that. Sometimes I envy those convicts I send into slavery. They at least don't have to worry about their future. While they have no future to really think of, you and I do have a future and we cannot disregard it even if we wanted to. We will just have to stay here and face the fact that one way or the other you are to become the future Caliph and that's all there is to it." Yethro laughed.

"In that case, when I do, I will buy us an Island and we can go there on vacation at least six months a year."

"Now I'll buy that!" The Judge sighed and kissed Jesse on the nape of his neck, wrapped his arms around him and squeezed him hard. "We better get some rest as we have a very big week ahead of us."

As the Gov predicted, it was a big week-the final preparations were made for the conference and the President's visit. Along with this Yethro, insisted that he wanted Jesse to set up an appointment to see Rashid and his family as soon as it could be arranged. When Jesse asked why, the Judge told him that if they were to be his guests at the dinner, then he thought it would be only proper that he meet them before hand. "Besides, if she is to be my daughter-in-law, I want to approve her first."

"But I have not even asked her yet," Jesse protested.

"That is not the way it is done. You do not ask her to marry you. I ask the father or in this case her uncle, if he will sell her to you. If he wants to, then we bargain and come up with a mutually agreed price for her," Yethro said.

"She may not even want me."

"Want you? She will have nothing to say about it. Besides, what is this 'want you' shit? She will not only want you but I'll bet her uncle already has a big asking price for her in his mind! We will be lucky if we can afford a decent wedding party after he gets his 'Bride Price'," the governor jested.

"Well," Jesse quipped. "If we follow the Arab custom of buying the bride, can we not then follow the American custom of having the bride's family pay for the wedding?"

"That will all be decided in the negotiations," Yethro laughed. "Now set up that meeting. Besides, if she is as beautiful as Dan says, I want to meet her before that Uncle of hers sells her to someone else. You never know, I might take her myself."

"You keep your hands off her and you will behave yourself. You will bargain with Rashid in a suitable way. I really like this family and do not want to see them humiliated in any way", Jesse said in all seriousness.

"All I can promise you is that I will bargain like a true Bedouin. They would not expect or want me to act differently. After all I am looking to buy a woman for my only son and he deserves only the best!"

Jesse called Rashid, explained that he had spoken to Yethro and if Ronnie really wanted to be his wife, then under certain conditions it could be arranged. He told him that Yethro had requested that Rashid and his family come to the mansion Thursday for an informal lunch so that he could meet them. If he approved of the family he would enter into negotiations with the understanding that any marriage would be put off until the girl was over18.

"Why would we have to wait so long? Even in this country all that is required is that an underage bride has the permission of her family."

"He feels that as governor he can not sanction the breaking of the intent of this state law. He must set the example. However, if admirable terms could be reached then he would agree to announce the engagement of the couple. He would expect that she would remain pure and any contact between the two of us will be conducted in an honorable fashion. Is that acceptable to you and your family?"

"Yes, it is! As long as the 'bride money' is paid up-front as per our tradition. You see, Jesse, once the money is paid our tradition says that the two of you are man and wife. There is no need for any type of ceremony. If you or she should not consummate the marriage or want to marry someone else, you will need a divorce if you want to have a Moslem marriage." Rashid advised him. "You see we Moslems take this very seriously."

"I understand all that and so does Yethro. Be prepared. He is just itching to get into this bargaining bit...." Jesse laughed. "We will see you Thursday at about noon. I will send a limo for you and the family. It will be good to see you again. I have missed you."

"I have missed you, too, Jesse. When can we get together again?"

"I'm sorry Rashid, but with this Governors' Conference I will be tied up almost all the time. Perhaps once this conference is over I will be able to take a few days off and go up to the lake. You know that I would love to spend some more time with you, but my life is not my own and Yethro does come first."

"I understand-I don't like it, but I do understand." Rashid sort of whined. "It seems like years since we saw each other."

"YEARS! Rashid, get a hold of yourself. It's been only a few days since we were together up at the lake and we will be together Thursday and then again on Friday." Jesse said. "We both knew what we were getting into and you can't get goofy on me now. There is too much at stake here. Perhaps after class this Friday we can spend some time together. Yes, perhaps a drive to the country for a few hours."

"Well that will have to do. I'm looking forward to it. Just the two of us in the car."

"And we will be together on Thursday. So I will see you then."

Thursday came and Rashid and his family arrived at the Governor's mansion and were met by Jesse who took them to meet Yethro. Ronnie was dressed in another stunning dress and she looked even more beautiful, if that were possible. Jesse offered her his arm and led her and the family to the private apartment of the Governor where Yethro was waiting for them. "May I present to you the family of my friend Rashid Hussein," Jesse introduced them to him. He could see Yethro's jaw drop when he saw the young girl.

"I see now why my son is so taken with you, my dear. Will you allow me to escort you and your mother to the table?" he said as he held out one of the chairs for her to sit in and then sat beside her with Rashid, his mother and Jesse filling in the other chairs. As lunch was served, Yethro engaged her in conversation designed to gather as much information about her as he could. What he heard pleased him and he also questioned Rashid and his mother. Poor Jesse felt as if he was not even in the room. The entire conversation was in Arabic and even though Jesse understood everything he was forced to act as if he was not even present.

Jesse leaned over to Rashid and whispered, "You see, I told you he would be pleased to be able to speak Arabic at his table once again. Do you think he likes her?"

"Shussssssh Yes, he seems to be well taken with her. It appears to be going well. I will let you know what they are talking about later. Just look at my mother.. She is about to burst with pride and happiness."

Jesse reached over and took Rashid's mother's hand in his and gave it a slight squeeze as he smiled at her and then moved his eyes to Yethro and Ronnie who were lost in conversation as if they were the only ones in the room. The grandmother squeezed his hand back and smiled as if to say, it is going so well don't spoil it!

After lunch was over Yethro asked that Rashid join him in his office for a private meeting. "I think that Rashid and I have to talk together for a while. Jesse will you be kind enough to show the women our garden. Perhaps they might want to have some more coffee and dessert out there. We should not be long."

When they were in his office, Yethro had him sit on a low chair in front of his big desk while he perched himself on his desk overlooking Rashid. This gained him the advantage of being the aggressor and having Rashid look up to him.

Then, to make him feel even lower, he said, "O.K. young man. I have seen this niece of yours and I must say she appears to be a very nice young woman. She is pleasing to the eye, well educated and a credit to our people. From what I can see you have done a good job raising her, but, and this is a big but, she is hardly in a class to be the wife of my son. I have great plans for the future of my son and I'm not sure that she would be able to fit into that future. But, even with that disability, for some reason, my son appears to have taken a fancy to her. He, as you know, is not one of our people. He's an American and an infidel. I adopted him. He was not raised as we were and he will not listen to me even though I have threatened to cut him off. He has been, as these Americans say, bitten by the love bug. In spite of all reason, he still wants to take her to his bed. This being America and not anything like the old country, it is quite possible that they may, shall we say take things into their own hands and become entangled. I know Jesse is a gentleman and your niece is a lady, but these days and in this country, things do happen. Therefore, before that happens, I think we should come to some sort of arrangement. Money wise, that is."

"Sir, with all due respect, you dishonor me and my family. I hope I have misunderstood what you are saying. But to be sure, let's get this out in the open once and for all. You are not proposing or suggesting that Ronnie be your son's whore? If you are, that is an insult and I warn you, Governor or not, I am not a pimp and that insulting inference will cost you. I know what you are trying to do and I feel it only fair to remind you that I, too, am a Bedouin as you are and will not hesitate to demand satisfaction...."

"Please! Do not get so upset. I see that my son wants her, even if she is a bit young. I assume she is 'pure' so I am therefore forced to enter into negotiations with you. What am I going to have to give you for her hand? I assume that is why you are here."

"I am here only because your son asked me to come and my niece begged me to talk to you. Let me assure you that if it were up to me, I would not even consider such a match. To be honest with you, your son is not acceptable to me. I know and like Jesse. We are students in the same class together. Even if he is planning to become one of us, he is still not a trueborn believer like us. Therefore, as a true believer, I cannot allow this relationship to continue. It would be an insult to my family and to Ronnie's poor dead mother and father. In their memory it will be difficult for me to give my consent. I would rather have her share the marriage bed with a poor true Arab street beggar than an uncircumcised..."

"Let's stop playing games! Since you choose to make this into a Mid-east bazaar, just how much will it take to smooth over those feelings," Yethro smiled.

"A lot more than you have Governor and, besides, I'm not sure Ronnie is prepared to share her bed with your son. From what I hear he has a woman already. I read in the newspapers that the two of them are what they call 'an item'. What about this woman that he is always seen with---this Miss Goodwin, if that's her name? I heard that the two of them were living together. If true, that has to stop. I don't want any problems with her."

"He is not living with that woman or any other woman. She is just a friend who has been, shall we say, teaching him certain things that shall prepare him for the marriage bed. Things that will make it easier for your niece on her wedding night! She is also the daughter of a very big contributor to my party. She is much older than my son and most likely passed the childbearing years. Besides your niece is a Moslem and I hope a virgin and Ms. Goodwin is not. As far as Jesse, I'm sure he will convert soon. His lessons are going well as you know."

"But will he dismiss that woman? They do look like they are in love!"

"They are not in love! I've talked to my son and he has agreed, if you and I can come to an agreement, he will not only take your niece as his primary wife but he will keep her as his only wife until he is too old to service any woman. He is not like us and does not want more than one wife."

Hearing this, Rashid smiled for he now knew that Yethro was very vulnerable. Yethro had made the error of admitting that Jesse had almost demanded that his father pay whatever Rashid would demand. Still Yethro was a Bedouin and one must be careful when dealing with one of them. He could have a few tricks up his sleeve, but it was now or never and he was going for broke. Rashid then said in a soft voice, "Well then, that being the case, one million dollars is the Bride Price."

"Thief! Bandit! Do you think I am made out of money? I never heard of such a ridiculous price. You would think she was made of pure gold. I am not a King with "Oil Money" running in my veins. Not even the Saudi king paid that for his wife!" Yethro countered. Fifty thousand is my top price. And that is much more than she is worth."

"Now you really insult me..."And so it went offer and counter offer, back and forth. For over two hours. Yethro drove a hard bargain, but Rashid had the commodity the Governor wanted and he drove an even harder one. They cursed and screamed at each other. At one point Yethro grabbed Rashid by the lapels of his suit jacket and threatened to call the Department of Immigration and have Rashid and his family deported. Rashid laughed and countered with threats of his own. Finally the price was not the issue at all and the fun of the bargaining process took precedence. The price came down to a reasonable amount. But Yethro was still forced to pay more than he wanted.

"O.K. It is settled! Then it is 350,000 US dollars. You are a bandit, but a loveable one at that", Yethro laughed in near hysterics, "I have not had this much fun since I gave up shopping in the souk. I will have the papers prepared and we can sign them in a few days, but for now let us shake hands on the deal and then I think we should rejoin the ladies and Jesse and tell them the good news. By the way you need not tell Jesse the amount of our arrangement just yet. I don't want him to know that I was outfoxed by a youngster like you."

"Outfoxed? I would hardly call it that. It is I that have been not only outfoxed but have had my Bedouin blood drained from my body," Rashid mockingly protested as they, arms around each other's shoulders, rejoined the rest of the group.

Yethro took Rania's hand and raised it to his mouth and brushed his lips over it. He then took both Jesse's and Ronnie's hands and joining them together, kissed both their fingers and said, "My dear children, may you have a long and happy life together. And may I be the first to welcome you to the Allwadii family. Your uncle and I have come to an agreement and if it is both of your desires to wed, we give our permission and blessings. But I must warn you that, although I love my son, Jesse is most unworthy of such beauty."

Ronnie, looked shyly down at the floor and said, "I do not know if I love him or not, your Excellency. But, I suspect that it will not take long for both of us to find happiness together."

Turning to Jesse he asked, "Is this your wish also, my son?"

"Yes, Abba, it is my desire to find happiness with Rania."

Then, putting his arms around the two of them, Yethro said, "So let it be! Now if you will excuse me, I have much work to do in preparation for the President's visit. Speaking of which, Jesse, see to it that Rania and her family receive invitations to the Presidential dinner. I'm sure the President would love to meet them." And to the family he said, "It was a pleasure to meet you and I'm sure Jesse will answer any questions about the dinner, but I really must run now. I will see you all at the dinner."

After Yethro left, Rashid told his mother that he thought it would be fitting if the two of them left the couple alone for a few minutes. "You two have five minutes alone," then he took his mother by the hand and led her to the other side of the garden behind a wall where they sat and waited.

Jesse took Ronnie in his arms and looked into her eyes and asked, "Is this what you want, habibi? Do you want to be my wife?"

"I don't really know. This has really been like a hurricane. Things have been flying around and I am dizzy. I like you and my family is very much for this marriage, but ... this has happened so fast. My Grandma says I should be happy and Rashid is also very in favor. I'm just not sure yet. What about you? Is this what you want?"

"I, too, am not sure. It has really just hit me. But we will have over a year to get to know each other before the wedding. I know that I have strong feelings for you. I think I fell in love when I first saw you. I don't think I could have done any better. May I kiss you?" Jesse asked. Then, not waiting for an answer, he took her into his arms and kissed her and held her tight. At first the kiss was soft and childish, but it soon heated up. As their bodies made intimate contact the kiss got deeper and deeper. This girl is not as innocent as he thought. She clung to him, pressing her young body into his, and then he felt her mouth open and she let his tongue play with hers. Jesse held her light body in his arms and lifted her as he hugged her and continued to explore her mouth until they both became aware of Rashid clearing his throat. Then red faced, they breathlessly parted lips and stopped.

"I see that I shall have to keep a wary eye on both of you. You must behave yourselves. At least for now..." Her uncle smiled. Her Grandmother took her by the hand and pulled her away looking at her like she was a tramp.

"As much as I hate to tell you this, I, too, must get back to business. The limo will take you home and in a few days you will be getting a call from a woman I will be sending to your house. She will take Ronnie, your mother and you to shop for a few outfits for the dinner. Rashid you will need a tux and the women will need gowns. She will also coach you on the protocol for meeting the President. Do not worry about the cost. It will be one of my wedding gifts to your family." Jesse said as he took out his cell phone and made arrangements to have them taken home. Jesse bid Rashid and his mother good bye and again kissed Ronnie (this time in a more civilized manner) and saw them to the waiting limo. Then he returned to Yethro's office where the Judge and Dan were waiting for him."

"Congratulations, Jesse. I hear that all went well and that she is beautiful," Dan said beaming. "I hope I will be invited to the wedding! By the way, I did some further investigating of the family and you did very well. While they are poor, they are connected to some very important people back home and it looks like it will be not only a very good fanatical marriage but a good political one as well."

"I'm glad you approve and you are invited to the wedding, Dan," Jesse said then turned to Yethro and said, "I hope you did not have to pay too much, Abba. But I know she will be worth every cent."

"That little conniving bastard uncle of hers wanted one million for her. I had to use every trick I could think of to bid him down. While I did not have to pay that much, it was still higher than I wanted to pay. Don't tell anyone, but I think she would have been worth the million. Dan, you will now prepare the papers and when they are done I will sign and transfer the money to a special Swiss account in Rashid's name that he can draw on after the wedding. In the meantime it will gain interest and by the time you two are married he just might have close to that million he wanted. Dan, I want you to arrange all of that. You understand that there must be no way to trace any of the money back to our business activities."

"Yes, I understand! All will be legal and all will come from your personnel accounts."

"Now get out of here and leave Jesse and me alone to celebrate," the Governor said as he led Dan to the door and locked it behind him. "Now, that that is taken care of, shall we go into your office and you can show me how thankful you are to me for buying that little sex kitten for you to play with."

A second invitation was not needed. Jesse grabbed him, kissed him and almost dragged him into his adjoining office and locked the doors preventing anyone from entering. As soon as they were inside they started kicked off their shoes and threw them to the corner of the room.

"Are you sure you want me to go through with this deal," Yethro asked as they both started to take off their ties and undo their shirts. "It's not too late to back out, you know."

"Why would you think I would want to back out?"

"Well the way you dragged me in here, for one reason. And the fact that you never wanted to date a woman before for another! If I remember I always had to force you."

"Who knows, but maybe I've matured a bit. Or I just got tired of the uselessness of fighting you any longer. You kept harping, pestering and threatening that you were going to find me a woman to have children with someday. You kept on and on and God knows what kind of cow you would have chosen for me. Or maybe it was just that I came to realize that I'm not getting any younger and should start to think about having children. Anyway, when I just happened to see her picture and then later meet her, it just fell on me like a ton of bricks. I figured that this girl was as good as, if not better than any you would have found for me. I mean, after all, if I have to take a wife, why not take one that is nice looking? Pick a wife that I will not be ashamed to be seen with during the day or at night. And it would help that I would want to wake up next to her in the morning. So, I grabbed at the opportunity and asked Rashid if she was available. The rest is, as they say, history."

"Well, I don't like the way you phrased that, but at least I did not have to force you to do this. And this way, in the future, you will not be able to blame me! In addition, as it turns out, I must admit that I could not have done better myself," he said as they finished removing their clothes and both were facing each other nude. "Just as long as you remember and know it's me who comes first, not her! She is for providing us with heirs."

"No need to remind me of that, lover. You will always be the one love of my life," Jesse said as he approached and took Yethro in his arms and kissed him. Their tongues intertwining while their nude bodies rubbed against each other.

"Just see that you remember that her purpose is only to provide us with male children to carry on the Allwadii name," Yethro said as he broke the kiss, sank to his knees and took Jesse's cock into his mouth. The uncircumcised head penetrating his hot, wet and welcoming throat.

Jesse in a haze, his legs turning to butter, stood there, watching as Yethro's mouth moved up and down his cock. He placed his hands on the Judges' shoulders his fingernails digging into the meaty mussels to steady himself. He feels Yethro's hands grip his hips and pull his body closer, sucking his dick even deeper. Yethro feels Jess' breathing deepen and senses his entire body stiffening up. He knows he must stop now to prevent a premature ejaculation. The Arab withdraws, then licks and nibbles on the foreskin.

Jesse is disappointed but relaxes a bit anyway.

"No, not yet. Together, we must cum together!" The Governor says, regaining his own control as he pulls off the leaking dick. He quickly stands up, turns Jess around into a spooning position and hugs him even tighter as he presses even closer to him. Again he moves his mouth to attack the back of Jess' neck and suck on his ears savoring the white skin ­and leaving a small trail of red love marks. Jesse, breathing hard and rapidly, feels Yethro's swelling cock pressing and rubbing not only over the perineum, that sensitive area between his balls and ass, but against his rear entrance as well. Next he feels the fingers of one of the judges hands caress his upper body and work their way down to his uncut cock. The other hand cups his chin and turns his face to him as they once again kiss deeply. Harder and harder they kiss until they loose control and Yethro drags, almost carries, Jesse over to the couch and drapes him over its padded arm. Then he arranges his body so that his ass is raised like a sacrificial offering. Next he kicks his legs apart and his fingers pry apart the two rock hard globes exposing the dark hole hiding there.

Lightly slapping the dimpled hills he says, "Don't worry dear, I will not need lube this time. I come prepared and with that he kneels down and almost viciously bites, then nibbles on the love valley. Then lubricates it with his tongue.

"OHHHHHHhhhh!", Jesse moans. "Do me! Do me Daddy."

"Do you?" the Judge says slobbering. "I'm not going to do you - I'm going to plow the shit out of you, baby," he then spits into his hand and uses it to lubricate his cock head. Placing it against the now soaked love hole he then pushes it in with one forceful thrust. Jess' arse at first resists then opens up as the Arabs cock is inserted until it has bottomed out. Jesse moans, "Yeah! Babe! Fuck me stud!"

The Judge leans over him and starts again to kiss and nuzzle the back of his neck as he begins to pump in and out slowly. "I love when you talk dirty to me."

"MMMMmmm faster my Bedouin Master, Faster!" Jesse screamed. "Fuck your Christian captive, harder!"

"I'm not going to just fuck you, I'm going to destroy and fuck that crusader enclave of yours' senseless."

Now, just as both approach the point of no return, his cock finds Jesse's inner gland and stimulates it to the point where the young man can no longer hold off. Again and again the cock head pounds against the gland, driving Jesse wild. In a fit of sexual desperation, Jess reaches for his own cock and gives it a few rubs then shouts, "Habibi, ishalla, I can't hold off any longer, I'm coming, SHITttttt". His ass tightens up, contracts and squeeeeeeezes the invading cock in his ass and they both explode with the force of a Hiroshima bomb.. Jesse continues to flex his arse and the pulsating mussels milk Yethro's cock, draining it of all its love juice.

They lay there a few moments until an exhausted Yethro gets up and removes his limp cock from his lover's ass. He notices that Jesse is still dripping a few pearly drops of cum from his penis and he takes it in his mouth and savors the remaining cum.

"Mmmmmm that's 100 proof," he smiles and says, "I think it's going to take Ronia many years to learn to savor you like I just did. Do you think you can even teach her?"

"I'm sure I can and it might be fun, but, as long as I have you - I won't need to do that..."

To be continued...


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