The Judge, too, felt he had reached an understanding with Sultan. A deal had been consummated. Maybe not so much a legal deal, but one that would be honored never the less to the death. Dexter would remain as Sultan's property, at least for the time being. As his property, Sultan would do anything to keep that blond slave in his employ. After all, that slave must be earning him a mint of money. By my affirming legal ownership of Dexter to Sultan, I will gain the right to demand certain favors from the pimp. Perhaps this could be the answer to my own problems as well, thought the Judge. No more will I have to suffer at the hands of that cold bitch, my wife. Ever since I married that rotten woman, I have looked for some hot sex and that bitch would not give it to me. Not only that but she prevents me from going to a place like Sultan's. I am a man who wants and needs lots of sex. When I first married that bitch, I had thought this wife would satisfy my needs. But I soon realized that she was a dead fish. She hated either sex or me. I could not tell which and after a while I did not care. Once in a while she would let me fuck her, but never would she act like she wanted it. Not that she was not beautiful in her own way. In the old days I would have just beat her into submission. But now one could not so easily do that. There was that family of hers. Coming from that grand family that spawned her, she considered 'His Honor' to be beneath her socially. How could her father have done this to her? How could he match her up with that low-life? Cold and bitchy, it was like humping a dead body. He got up and walked over to the fireplace, removed the old Hookah water pipe from the mantel, filled it with some hashish, then he placed it on the coffee table and lit it. After inhaling the sweet smoke he leaned back into his comfortable chair and let his mind fill with thoughts of the good old days when he was neither good nor old. After a few more drags on the pipe he thought to himself, who am I kidding? These are the good days. I am the law now and I should be able to enjoy a good piece of ass, male or female, whenever I want. If that wife of mine won't give me any, I can find it in Sultan's place. If she doesn't like it, what can she do? Nothing! There is nothing she can do about it. I am the Judge and no lawyer will dare to oppose me in my court. Who would take her case? If I play my cards right, happy times are here again! Yes, the good old days are back again and the real beauty of it is that now, Sultan will be beholden to me. Yes, I can see it now. Not only don't I have to pay for it, but also, I can have it delivered on a golden plate to my place at the lake. I can order it just like a Pizza.

A few weeks later, the case came up in closed court. Sultan, in order to prove to Dexter how hopeless was his situation, had permitted the slave to accompany him to court. He wanted to vanquish all thoughts of emancipation. The Judge had decided to hear the case in his chambers. After hearing all the evidence, the Judge not only ruled in Sultan's favor, he made Achmed pay all court costs and admonished his lawyer for even bringing this matter before the court.

'You know, I should recommend to the local bar that you be suspended from practicing the law.'

'But, Your Honor, my client insisted I bring suit. I did try to settle this out of court.'

'There was nothing to settle. You should have advised your client that this court is too busy to waste its time on idiocy like this,' the Judge raged on. 'There is no basis for assuming that the sale was illegal. It was registered with the court and both parties agreed to it. If I were to overturn that ruling I would be saying that the court was a party to a fraud. The law is the law. I'll let it go for this time, but if it happens again, I will throw you out of my court with my own two hands and see to it that you do not practice law in this, or any other county, again. Now, is that understood? I do not want to see this happen again. Now get out of my court.'

As they were heading back to Sultan's place to celebrate, Sultan placed his arm around Dexter and said, 'See, I told you that you had nothing to worry about. Was I right or what?'

'Yes, you were. I would not like to be on the wrong side of that judge. I thought he would string up Achmed right there in court.' Dexter said. 'That judge scared me, I did not like the way he looked at me. I thought he was going to lock me up, too.

'I don't think he had that in mind. He might want to lock you up but not in Jail. No, we do not have anything to worry about there,' the whoremaster said. 'Once he saw you, he had no intention of returning you to that pig. He almost devoured you with his eyes and he was not going to send you back to that rapist. He may be as corrupt as they come, but he is not a fool.'

'What do you mean?'

'Just wait! You'll see. He will be calling me to make an appointment to see you soon. Do not be fooled by him. He may look harmless, but he is a Bedouin and they are crafty and dangerous. He would not be a bad friend for the both of us to have. Even more than the Police Chief, he is the most powerful man in town. No one crosses him. Not even our town fathers. For some reason that I can't fathom, the only one that could and does have any sway over him is his wife, or so he says. Perhaps this is because her family money helped to set him up here in town. He was dirt poor, a Bedouin, but now he is rich in his own right and is beginning to feel his oats.'

Within two days Sultan came to Dexter and said, 'I told you so. I just got a call from the Judge. He would like you to join him for a fishing trip at his lodge this coming week. I told him that you were all booked up and could not find the time. He was disappointed and insisted that he wanted you to join him. We argued a bit and I said I would ask you.'

'Since when do I have any choice in the men I have to entertain. As long as he can afford me, I must service him.'

'Well this one is not going to pay and not only that, the bastard wants you for the whole week! We will be out a lot of money, but you could use a vacation and ...' he let his voice trail off.

'A vacation is not having to work and somehow I think I will be working very hard. It will be like a bus driver's holiday. The only thing different will be the change in geography.' Dexter said and then the thought came into his mind that maybe, if it were far away from town, he might be able to escape. 'Where is this place of his?' he asked.

'He has this hunting and fishing lodge up on the lake. I have not seen it, but I hear that it is beautiful. It belonged to his father-in-law at one time. How or why he got it is a mystery to me. Anyway he has had the land and lake all fenced in. It's his private estate, which he uses as an escape to get away from everyone and everything. No one is permitted to come there. I understand that when he is there, he has the police patrol the perimeter just to keep his wife out.' Sultan laughed. 'That's the way he maintains his sanity or so he says.'

Well, thought Dexter, I might just go there, case-out the joint and see if I could arrange to escape from this loony bin myself.

'You tell the Judge that I will be happy to cast my bate in his pond and to please make arrangements for my transportation. I do need some time away from this place. What kind of clothes will I need?'

'I really don't think you will be acting like a fashion plate, most of the time he will have you nude, however it might be advisable to take some jeans, 'T' shirts, a denim jacket and a floppy hat to keep the sun off you face. Then you will need a pair of swim trunks, preferably a bikini. Some canvas shoes and possibly one of our sleeping togas. I think that will do.' Sultan laughed, 'Oh yes and a tooth brush and an enema bag as well.'

'You make the arrangements.' Dexter said. 'I'll be ready.

Monday morning came and the sky was clear blue and the day promised to be warm. Dexter was dressed in jeans that were threadbare in all the right places and hung low on his slim waist. A blue denim jacket covered a white tank top. On his head a navy denim work hat cocked at a rakish angle covered his blond wavy hair that had been cut and hung loose to his collar. His other clothes were packed into a small leather suitcase.

'You have all you need?' Sultan asked. 'It gets cold in the mountains at night?

'I think so.'

'Good. Here is a bag with condoms and lube. The Judge will most likely have some but I thought - just in case. He may not want to use any, but that is up to you. Be a good boy and make me proud. The Judge is sending a car for you. It should be here soon.'

Just as he finished saying that, a Jeep Cherokee pulled up to the door and a driver got out took Dexter's bag and opened the rear door for Dexter. He placed the suitcase in the back. As Dexter strapped in, the driver returned, sat in the front, started the car and they pulled away, quickly leaving the town behind.

Dexter had not realized that the Island was so big. They climbed into the hills and were soon off the main road and onto a back road made up of two tire tracts. No wonder the Judge had sent a Jeep. The tires bumped and picked along for 20 minutes and then came up to a high steel fence with razor wire on top. They traveled along the road until they stopped before a gate. The fence, the driver pointed out surrounded about 150 acres of forest, lake and property. That razor wire is electrified and prevents people from jumping the fence. There was a roadway outside the fence, which allowed police cars to patrol when the Judge was in residence. Nothing could be seen from the roadway except trees and occasional glimpses of a beautiful lake. The driver used the call box to gain entrance. The gate opened and the driver drove down a winding road till he came to a log cabin that was hidden from the road by pine trees. Dexter looked in awe and fell in love with the place. For the first time since coming to this Island, he felt good. The driver stopped the car, got out, took Dexter's bag and put it on the porch then opened Dexter's door and helped him out. Dexter took a deep breath, filling his lungs with the odor of pine as he climbed the steps to the porch. Again he breathed in the air and almost felt free. The driver tipped his hat and said goodbye and took off back up the road. Just as he was about to knock, the Judge opened the front door.

'Welcome to my nest,' the Judge, said smiling. 'I'm glad you accepted my invitation to spend the week with me. Do you fish or hunt?'

'Thank you for the invitation. You have a beautiful place here Judge. Had I known it was this nice, I would have begged you for an invitation. I have done some fishing but mostly off a dock, with hook and line stuff, I never owned a rod or gun.'

'I'm sure you have a very nice rod there,' the Judge said taking Dexter around and patting his crotch. 'My name is Yethro, but you can call me Judge, everyone does.'

'I'd rather call you by your name as calling you Judge sounds so cold. I'm Dexter, but they call me Dex for short. Is there someplace where I can unpack my bag?'

'Since this is my private get-away, I only have the one bedroom, but there is plenty of drawer and closet space. You can put your stuff in the empty dresser and use the closet for anything you want to hang up. Come, I'll show you.'

They walked through a very large room that served as the kitchen, dining and living room area then into another room. 'This is the bedroom and the bathroom is thru that door. It's not a big place but there is plenty of room and the area is beautiful. There is running water, heat and electric light. However, most times, I like to use the fireplace in the living room and hurricane lamps. I have them on hand as sometimes the electricity goes out and it helps to have emergency supplies around. I also have a gas generator in the outbuilding, just in case we have a power problem.'

'You seem to be prepared for anything. Can I put my stuff in this dresser and the bathroom?'

'Yes, put it anywhere you find space. I want you to feel like this is your place. Make yourself at home. Are you hungry, I could make you lunch?'

'Yes, I can eat - but just a sandwich will do.' Dexter said as he turned around and placed his suitcase on the king size bed and opened it. He placed his clothes in the drawer. He looked around and found an empty drawer in the night table and placed the bag Sultan had given him in it. Then he placed the rest of his toiletries in the bathroom and returned to the bedroom just as Yethro was coming back into the room.

'Lunch is ready, will you have coffee, tea or milk?'

'I think that there is something I would like to do first before we sit down to eat. You know - just to break the ice and set our minds at ease.'

'And what is that?' the Judge asked...

Dexter walked up to the Judge and took him in his arms and pulled him close and looked into his eyes and placed his lips upon the Judge's lips and kissed him. The Judge was shocked at first but quickly recovered and pulled Dexter even closer and returned the kiss with passion. Their tongues tasted each other and Dexter could hear the Judge moan and he felt his manhood rub against his leg.

'Hmmmmmm, I like. A nice way to break the ice,' the Judge moaned as he broke the kiss and pulled away from Dexter. 'But why?'

'Why? Just to ease the situation and also I just wanted you to know how much I wanted to thank you for not sending me back to Achmed. That was the first reason but not the real reason. The real reason is that you are a very good-looking man. There was something that attracted me to you when I first saw you in court. You were so virulent, powerful and really in charge. Sitting behind that big desk of yours making life and death rulings. Like this was your realm and here you ruled. No one was going to tell you how to run the show. The tower of power and yet a slight touch of compassion and pity. I may be wrong but I thought I felt a connection; there was a slight soft glow in your eyes when you looked at me.. I thought about you a lot and I can't tell you how happy I was when Sultan told me you had called. When he told me he had refused to let you see me, I insisted and made him change his mind.'

'Now why would you want to do that? I'm so much older than you. You could and do have any man in this town. And if Sultan were to permit it, you could have any of the young women also, Yet, you say you want me, an old man who is past his prime. Are you sure?'

'What has age got to do with anything? I'm weird and have always had this thing for mature men. However, you are not that old! I know everyone thinks I'm seventeen. I am older than I look. I'm twenty-one. Not that age has anything to do with it. I felt your hard manhood when you kissed me before and that is all the age I.D. I need. I must add that it also helps that you are still in very good physical shape. I'll bet your wife is happy and I can see that you will make me very, very happy,' Dexter said as he again kissed the man on his lips.

'I'll bet you say that to all your rich clients,' the Judge smiled when their lips parted..

Laughing Dexter said, 'you caught me and perhaps I do. But they are paying customers who I have to service. You on the other hand I did not have to see. It was I that made Sultan call you back. You may not believe it, but give me a chance and if you will let me, I intend to make you happy, but first let's eat.'

They went out into the kitchen and Dexter sat at the rough table and the Judge served him lunch. The Judge sat beside him and watched him eat. As he ate the Judge placed his hand on Dex's crotch and rubbed it. Smiling he said, 'I see you are aroused also. It is hard for a man to fake such arousal. Do you mind if I???

'No I don't mind. In fact, I like it. I think in my fantasies I pictured you as a robust lover. I hope you are not turned off by my lust for you.'

'What you said before about my making my wife happy... it is not true. Well, I try, but these days she won't let me near her any more. According to her all sex is dirty. She says I'm a pig for wanting her to do anything but the missionary position. It's been hell from the beginning. Allah knows I've tried, but ....' And he let his voice trail off. 'Tell me about yourself. How does Sultan treat you? Has he had sex with you or does he keep you only for the paying customers. Are your clients good to you?'

'Well, Judge, there is no use in kidding you. I am Sultan's slave, he treats me very well, but I'm still a slave. Some of my clients are nice, but to them I'm still a whore and that is how they treat me. What can I say? I want my freedom, but I will never get it until Sultan decides he has had it with me and that I can no longer make money for him. I am caught between the rock and the hard place and there is no way out. I have come to feel that it is even a waste of time to try.'

The Judge was taken aback by what he said. 'Young man, the law is the law and there is not much you can do about it. I know there are things about the system that are not right, but there is just so much I can do about it. We have tried to live by Sharia law for hundreds of years and it has served us well.'

'I know you are powerless to help me. I know and I don't ask that of you. Like you say 'the law is the law'. I just want to be treated like a human and not property.'

The Judge got up and walked around and stood behind the seated Dexter. Kneeling down he reached and ran his fingers through his blond hair, lifting it to his nose and smelling the fragrance. Then he ran his hands over his shoulders and over his chest. 'I would not say that I was completely powerless to help you. We will see what the future brings, however, if you will forgive me, my dear boy, but I can't help but treat you like property. You see I want to possess you. I can't help it,' he cried the tears coming down his cheeks as he leaned down and kissed the nap of Dexter's neck and he moved his lips up to the ear lobe and sucked on it.

'MMMM, that feels so good. It's wonderful to be with a gentle lover. Most of my men are rough.' Dexter said as he turned his head and met the Judge's hungry lips and after kissing him continued, 'Don't get the idea that I don't like rough, but the first time it should be slow and sensuous. At least until we get to know and trust each other.'

'Yes, slow and sensuous,' Yethro said as he got up and patting Dexter's arm said, 'You are right, no need to rush. We do have this entire week to get to know one another. As much as I would love to haul you up, sling you over on my shoulder and carry you off to bed right now, there is the matter of supper to think about. First things first. We should go out on the lake and try a bit of fishing. You change into some shorts... I'll clean up here and get the fishing gear together. Then we can take out the boat and see if we can earn our supper. This is a fishing trip after all - is it not?'

'It's your party and I have come prepared. What should I wear? Is this good enough or should I change to shorts?'

'You might want to go for a swim later. Did you bring a swimsuit?'

'Yes I did? I'll put it on under my pants. I can't expose too much shin to the sun. Sultan doesn't like me getting too sunburned. Fair skin is at a premium here in this town and he says his clients like my fair skin, and blond hair. It is a change of pace for most of them.'

'I think I can agree with him on that. You do have very fair and smooth skin. However a little sun is good for you. If you do go in, I'll rub you down in sun lotion. Let's get a move on.'

Dexter went into the bedroom to change and he could hear Yethro washing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen area. He heard the outside door open and close several times. When he had changed, he reentered the kitchen and saw that the Judge had gathered some fishing equipment and had set it out on the porch.

'Are you ready yet?' he asked and Dexter nodded his head and joined him on the porch. 'Good, give me a hand with this gear.'

They walked down the pathway to a wooden dock sticking out into the lake. There were two boats, a Chris-Craft Corsair 25 inboard and a flat bottom aluminum rowboat with a small outboard motor.

'WOW! Now that is what I call a boat. A bit big for this lake, but I like your style.'

'Yes it is powerful, but don't be fooled, this is no small lake. Then again, I sometimes like to take it and put it into the ocean. Maybe I'll let you drive it later, just for fun. For fishing we use the flat bottom. It is easier to keep clean.'

They loaded up the equipment and the Judge took his place in the stern by the motor and they shoved off. The motor was soon started and they headed out around the lake. Dexter could now see that the lake was not as small as he had thought. This cove was only a small part of a much larger body of water.

'You own this entire lake?'

'Yes, and all the land around it. It originally belonged to my wife's family. They had hopes of opening it up as a fancy hotel site. Before they could do that they came upon a few hard times and I handled a few difficult legal matters for them. In payment they offered me a good deal, this land and their daughter. They were very wealthy and had only this rather plain daughter. So, as is the custom among our people they also included her in the deal. Need I say more? At the time I felt I was getting older and there was not much better that a struggling lawyer from Bedouin stock could hope to get. Later, I was offered millions for the property, but I could not see destroying the natural beauty of the place. So, to protect it, I fenced it off and kept it as my personal retreat.'

'And you accepted her as your wife?' Dexter asked.

'I know it was a mistake, but at the time, as I said, it looked like a good deal.'

They dropped anchor and the Judge set up Dexter's equipment and showed him how to cast and then did the same for himself. It wasn't long before both of them had bites and were reeling in some nice sized fish.

'They are biting today, I've never had this much luck,' Dexter said. 'Four beauties and we have only been out an hour. Is there a limit or can we take as many as we want.'

'No limit, I have the lake stocked every year and you can take as many as you want. But let's save a few for another day. I think we have enough for supper now. Why don't you put the rod down and take in the sun? Strip down to your trunks and I'll rub you down with sunscreen.'

Dex did what was requested and then stood facing the Judge in his skimpy bikini. Yethro, who had unscrewed the top of the lotion, stared with his mouth open and almost passed out.

'Come sit down beside me while I rub this stuff on you. Come let me oil up my Greek god.'

Dexter sat down and watched the Judge as his shaking hands apply the oily concoction over his shoulders and back. Then he continued rubbing the liquid over his chest and legs. After he had finished Dexter took the lotion and smiling said, 'Your turn, strip or do you want me to do it for you?' Hearing no answer, he placed the lotion on the seat and started to undo the Judge's shirt and removed it from his bare shoulders. Next he undid the belt and unzipped his pants. Only half surprised, he discovered that Yethro was 'commando'. Smiling he continued to strip the clothes from his frame. For a man in his mid-forties the judge had a damn nice hard body. And it was hard. All seven or so inches. Next he removed the man's shoes. Taking the lotion and pouring some onto his palms and starting at his toes he worked the lotion in to the skin and worked his way up his legs till he reached his balls. Leaving them uncovered he moved to his shoulders and worked his way downward. He stopped at the judge's ass cheeks. Reaching over the side of the boat he rinsed his hands off and dried them off. Looking into the judge's eyes he leaned over and kissed him as he took his manhood into his hand and held him. The older man just melted into his arms and closed his eyes and gasped.

'I'm going to give you what you want now, Yethro. I hope I haven't read you wrong. I know you need this and I hope you want it as much as I do.' He lowered his mouth to the hard cock and licked the end with the tip of his tongue. He flit the tip of the tongue in and out of the cock eye. Then he circled the cut head and opened his mouth and devoured the cock taking it all the way in and down to the root. As the head of the judge's cock entered his throat, the Judge screamed and shot his load. Swallowing the cummmmmmm Dexter with his lips tight around the shaft drew back, sucking the rod hard. The poor Judge thought his balls were being sucked up his cock shaft. Dexter repeated this several times, but the Judge was spent and his cock too sensitive to continue.

Moaning and then crying the poor man pounded his fists against the boat seat. Screaming, laughing and crying he pulled Dexter's face off his cock and kissed him passionately, over and over. His lips sucking and nibbling on Dexter's nose, ears, cheeks and throat. His tongue tasting his own cum and licking Dexter clean of his love offering.

'I'm so sorry I came so fast. I did not intend to do that. I could not control myself. It has been years since I have cummm that way. It was like I was a young boy again and it was my first time. It was so wonderful, so hot. I felt like I was a virgin. I was totally out of control. You are wonderful, I loved it and I want more, much more,' he said as he reached down and reached into the waistband of the tight bikini and groped at Dexter's ass, his fingers gripping and squeezing. 'I want this and I want to make love to you. My wife never touches me. She never kisses me and never even looks at my cock, let alone sucks it. It's, like I would infect her. When we do have sex-it has to be done at night with the lights out. Like sex is a dirty thing. But with you - it is pure, it is clean, it is love and should be enjoyed. It shouldn't be hidden in the dark of night but done in the light of the sun, open, clean and in the fresh air.... Yes, Allah is great and wonderful and so are you!' he rambled on.

'There are those who would not agree with you on that,' Dexter said smiling. 'But they are not living in our world. This is our world and our reality - the cabin, the lake, this week, you and me together. Let's live them as if they were not a fantasy, but real!'

The Judge pushed down the skimpy bikini and Dexter removed it and lay beside the aging jurist. They snuggled up to each other and kissed and fell asleep in the bottom of the boat as the water lapped at the aluminum sides. The slow, delicate movement of the boat up and down and the heat of the sun lulled them to sleep, but only for a short interval as some water foul started to honk and awoke them.

'We better get back to the dock,' Yethro moaned. I have some fish to gut and clean and you should go for that swim before supper. Most nights this early in the season it gets too cold to swim once the sun goes down.'

'That's too bad. That's the one thing I would like to do. I love to skinny-dip on warm summer nights.'

'Well we will just have to have you back in July. I would love to see you nude in the pale moon light,' Yethro said as he sat up on the rear seat and lifted the anchor. 'However there is nothing preventing you from swimming nude off the dock now. I can monitor you on the security camera from the kitchen while I clean the fish.'

'Hey, that's a great idea,' Dex said. 'Perhaps when you're done with the fish - you can grab a bar of soap and join me and we can wash each other off. Nothing I hate more than to smell the odor of dead fish when I make love.'

'Yes my love -- if it's one thing I will not tolerate this week ---- it's a dead fish in my bed...'

To be continues...


Jay Benson/Joystick

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