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End of Chapter 25

"It's nice to know that I am needed and appreciated," Jesse said sarcastically as he got up to leave the meeting. "Just remember to tell the President that if I stay - I will have to convert and that would necessitate having my cock cut --- I just don't know if he or my country warrants that. I am no hero, nor do I want to be a hero, or even if I want to make such a sacrifice for my fucking country."

Chapter 26

"Where do you think you are going? Get your damn ass back in here!" screamed Director Green as Jesse opened the door and prepared to leave. "You shut that fucking door and sit down! We both work for the President and we will do whatever he says. Who the hell do you think you are talking to! What the hell did you mean by that?"

"Just what I said," Jesse said, closing the door and replying in a controlled voice. "There is just so much that I will do for you and the President and I don't think having myself 'cut' is in my Job Description. Just in case you did not know or forgot, Yethro is no longer just a judge that could be removed from office, willy-nilly."

"Yes, the bastard is now the dictator of one of our states. Thanks in great part to you!" Director Green pointed out.

"No not the dictator, at least not yet! And I doubt that I had that much to do with it, but anyway, he is now a legitimately elected government official responsible to the electorate. As long as he stays within the law, he has the right to govern and do, as he wants. Only if he goes outside the law can we take matters into our hands. Don't worry sooner or later he, like most demagogues, will cross that line."

"And I want and need you around and on our side to report it to me. You are the only one that we have that is close to him. That fool trusts you, and until now, so have I. We have no one else. If the time comes and we have to use force, you will be the one to carry out the order. I want your assurance that you will do whatever you are ordered to do! I want you right where you are and if I have to - I will defend you with the President. The only problem is that while he never comes right out with it 'the man' keeps pressing me to push this traitor into making an error. You have got to understand that the President is first and foremost a politician. I think he is afraid that Yethro and all his new friends are becoming too powerful. He thinks they will form a new party and overthrow the two-party system in this country. Aside from that - since he has become the Governor he has made lots of contacts and together they are putting all kinds of pressure on the Congress to cut our Defense and Homeland funds. You and I both know that without that money, we might as well learn Arabic and how to pray 5 times a day to Allah. There will be nothing to stop them once the military, the C.I.A., the F.B.I. and Homeland are defunded. Who is going to stand up to these bastards?"

"How about all our armed citizens? There are still plenty guns floating around that could make it difficult"¦"

"Your father and his friends are seriously looking to amend the constitution making it possible for him to run for the Presidency - how long do you think they would allow gun ownership to continue?"

"I was talking about the unofficial Militias."

"If by that you mean the right wing militias, how long do you think even those idiots could hold out? You know as well as I do that those morons wouldn't last a week. We would be lucky if they didn't kill each other off first," he laughed. "But seriously, Yethro and his friends have become a danger, even more so than the "Tea Partiers" were or could ever be. They have at least stayed within the Republican Party. They act as a splinter group with little if any chance of becoming a majority of that party. They know damn well that as a separate party they would never have any sort of real power. However, Yethro and his friends are beginning to draw support from both parties as well as a lot of independents and it looks like they will soon become strong enough to run candidates in most states. Both the President and the opposition party are beginning to feel the pressure and want Yethro, shall we say 'put out of the picture'. They feel that he is going to divide the country into two parts - the Northeast and the rest of the country. He has to be stopped and if he continues, the President is likely to use anything to stop him, including your homosexual relationship with Yethro."

"That won't work. He will just say that he realized Sharia law legally enslaved me. However, he was able to use that law to rescued me from a life of prostitution."

"How did he do that?" the Director asked.

"Well Sharia Law permits slavery of non-believers, but it also provides for a slave to be set free if his master wants to free him or if the slave converts to Islam," Jesse said. "In my case he purchased me from Sultan and then permitted me to choose freedom or to stay with him. I chose both. Then as an act of kindness he took me back and made me his legal son and heir. He will just tell them that he and Sharia Law pulled me out of the gutter and made me respectable. As recompense he not only gave me a job and is sending me to school, but adopted me as his legal son. He can and will point out that's what he is trying to do with the country. All of which is true in a large sense," Jesse continued. "Look, the more you try to paint this guy as a villain, the more he is going to come out smelling like a rose. We have had 'Teflon' Presidents before, well you could call him the 'Teflon Governor'. The people just love him and think he is the new messiah. Remember that Yethro comes from a long line of Holy Men. He is even named after the father-in-law of Moses. If you try to crucify him, it will only confirm what they think. It will backfire on you and remember what happened to the last crucified messiah."

"Are you telling me that people will believe that he is some sort of savior? A new Jesus?"

"People believe what they want to believe. You can make them believe what ever you want! Have you ever watched some of the things that appear on the History Channel? Or heard the right wing religious programs on T.V.? Alien Gods, the end of times and all that crap. Over and over, day in, day out. You can tune in to it 24/7. After a while it seems so real that even I have to question things. Sooner of later even Yethro will begin to believe he is the awaited one. To tell the truth, I'm not sure he doesn't believe it now."

"I didn't know that Muslims believe in a messiah?"

"Oh Yes! They sure do! He is called 'al-Mahdi'. Ask the your British friends in MI-5 & MI-6 about this. They had many Muslim uprisings in India when they ruled it. Most were caused by fake al-Mahdis. The real one will come to earth bringing peace and justice and restoring the true religion (Islam) for a period of seven to nine years before the end of the world," said Jesse. "But before he comes there will be holy war the likes of which the world has never seen. Jihad it is called, just incase you have forgotten the phrase."

"It sounds like a fairy tail of some kind," the Director said. "Are there any Muslims who don't believe in this al-Mahdi?"

"While not all Christians believe in the End Times, most if not all Muslims do or want to believe. There are two major sects in Islam, Shia and Sunni. They both believe in al-Mahdi, but the Shiites perhaps a little more strongly. Some Shiites believe that after the death of the founder of Islam there were Twelve Imams who were divinely chosen or inspired to interpret Allah's laws. The first of these was Ali, the son-in-law of Mohammed. Other Imams followed until the year 873 when, according to tradition the last in this line of Imams just disappeared. Tradition says that he did not die, but instead went into hiding. His reappearance will herald the 'Last Days'."

"And they believe this fairy tail? How can any educated, modern person believe in such"¦?"

Jesse, interrupting him, said, "Why is this so hard for you to understand? Is it any different than the resurrection of Christ or the 'Revelation and Last Days' of the Christian faith. The only difference is that there are large sects within Islam who believe that it is their duty to help along the entire process by killing off as many or all of us infidels and non-believers as they can. Those that are not killed will be enslaved. These sects think nothing of killing millions even if in the process, they have to die themselves. They would gladly sacrifice billions of their own to slaughter every non-Muslim on earth."

"And there is no way we can convince them that they are wrong?"

"The truth, the hard truth, is no! There is no way at all! You cannot reason with fanatics. And most of them are fundamentalist fanatics who would and do kill even their own people if they get out of line. So you see, George Bush and all the idiots that we have elected have been wrong when they talked about the 'moderate good' Muslims. There is no such animal! If there are they are too scared of the leaders. Winston Churchill was one of the few westerners to not only realize this but said it early on, that this is really a war of religion against religion. Culture against culture. It is sad to say that he was right and nothing has changed since his days. We have to wake up. There is no other way - we must kill them before they kill us." Jesse said and concluded, "There is no re-educational way or process to avoid this. You cannot reason with Jihadists. One way or the other - it comes down to them or us."

"You're confusing me! I don't understand! You just said that we have to kill them. Before that when I said that the President was thinking of using any method to get rid of Yethro you said that killing him will not help. What the hell do you mean?"

"I know it is confusing but just killing him will not help anymore than the hanging of John Brown prevented the Civil War from coming. Nor for that manner in our own time, did the death of Hitler stop Anti-Semitism. The only thing we can do is to watch and wait until Yethro makes his big mistake and we can nail him.. And he will make that error. And when he does - we have to be there to catch him and bring him to trial and convict him not only by our Constitutional Law, but also by his Sharia Law. That's the only way we can do it. We have to follow both the Constitution and somehow make it look as if it was the will of Allah. We have to hope that God is on our side and not theirs."

"But God is with us - isn't He?" the Director asked.

"I sure hope so, although there are times I have to question it! And perhaps that is the difference between the fanatics and me - I always question myself! Now, if you don't mind, I'll get back to work."

"Would you like to tell the President what you just told me? I mean tell him face to face."

"My telling him this will not change anything except to get both of us in trouble. No one, not even he wants to hear the truth! I think he already knows the truth. He just has his head in the sand"¦."

"I still think you should tell him face to face. That way both of us can be sure that he knows why this is taking so long. If and when he has to give that kill order, you and I will at least have the satisfaction of knowing he acted with the knowledge of the facts. The problem with our system of government is that our President never ever gets to hear directly from the agents in the field. He always gets his facts second or third hand at best. There is a wall of stone built around him that isolates and prevents reality from seeping through. I'm not even sure if it is he that wants it that way or if it is his advisors who want it this way. To cover their asses, they may want only the good news to be set before him. Once, just once, I would like him to talk to an agent in the field. Perhaps if he heard it from your mouth he might lift that head of his out of the sand and then take some action based on facts instead of hearsay."

"I really think it is a crappy idea that will do nothing, but if you think you can arrange it and keep the whole thing secret - I'll meet with him. I know he will not like what I have to say but someone has to say it. If it should ever get out that we met I would be dead meat," Jesse said. "You know I take a chance even coming to meet you here. The only way I can get away with it is to say that I'm meeting Phyllis who works downstairs for a date."

"There is little chance that anyone knows that our office is here. It is not that we hang a sign on the door. All of our people, including the custodial staff, are security cleared and loyal. But I will arrange something that will cover your backside. After all, I am the head of Homeland Security and should be able to pull it off. The man has to be made aware of the situation. Even if nothing happens - we will at least be able to say we tried."

A few weeks went by and Jesse heard nothing. He had given up on the meeting until Yethro came into his office one day and asked him how he would like to meet the President! The question almost floored him. He sat there, his mouth open and in a state of shock. The Judge just stood there smiling.

"How did you arrange that?" Jesse was finally able to get out.

"Well it appears that our State and our administration has attracted a lot of attention lately and because of our progress, the next meeting of the Conference of State Governors is scheduled be held here."

"Congratulations Governor," Jesse said standing up and bowing deeply from the waist. "That is great news and a great honor, but what has that got to do with my meeting the President?"

"Well, since you are my chief aid and secretary, I am placing you in charge of making all the arrangements. The President has been invited to address the conference and while he still has not decided if he will attend or not, we still have to be prepared. This will mean that in addition to arranging for the protection of all those Governors and working with their Security People, you will have to work with the Secret Service to make arrangements for the protection of the President. It's a big job and one that must be handled with delicacy and, shall we say, tact. You are the only one I can trust with the task. I was speaking to the President's People and they would like to meet with you not only here, but also they may want you to come to Washington and work with them on the Presidential security. When I first suggested you for the job, they were kind of wary about it and at first refused to even consider you. I guess that they were concerned about your past for some reason. You know the fact that you worked in a place of ill repute and all your name changes. I told them that you had reformed yourself. I did explain that as my adopted son, I take full responsibility for you! If they were not comfortable with my personal assurances about your loyalty and competence - the President need not come. I also pointed out that the President, himself, had worked with many 'bad kids' when he was a legal advocate to the poor. Therefore I was sure that he would not object to my having followed his example. Well it looks as if they folded because they just called me back and said that they had checked you out and that they will allow it if they are in charge and you are willing to follow their orders."

"What did you tell them?" Jesse asked.

"I agreed. What else could I do? After all they are responsible for his safety and I would not like you to carry that on your shoulders. It's a big thing for me to have him here and it is one step up our ladder to national recognition. Will you do it for me?"

"I'm not really qualified to do this myself. I will need a lot of help and money for the arrangements."

"Don't give me that shy guy routine, I know you better! You are qualified and besides, I don't trust anyone else. You will have all the help you need. I have already alerted the State Police and don't worry about the money. Most of it will come from the Federal Government. Besides it will give you experience for your political future."

"My future? And what future is that?" Jesse asked.

"You know that I'm grooming you to be the President someday!"

Jess laughed at this but said. "I really don't want to do this - but seeing as you want it - I'll do it. And as for me being President"¦ that will never happen. You will be able to run before I have any chance at all!"

In the next few days after it was announced that the Governors Conference was to be held there, the State Capital became a mad house. Hospitality committees and housing had to be arranged as well as security set up. One day, Jesse was busy trying to arrange some of the security details when Yethro came bursting into his office just as his phone began to ring. Yethro signaled him not to pick it up yet, and then told him that the phone call was most likely the Director of Homeland Security. "He just called me and I referred him to you. I just want to see how you handled it."

Jess smiled at the Governor, picked up the phone and said, "Hello, Governor's Office, may I help you?"

"Hello! I hope so. Is this Mr. Jesse Allwadii that I'm talking to?" Mr. Green asked in a formal tone.

"Yes it is. To whom am I talking?"

"I'm Director Philip Green from Homeland Security. I'm calling on behalf of the Secret Service, regarding an upcoming Presidential visit to your city."

"I was wondering when I would get a call from Washington on this."

"I'm not in Washington. I'm here, right in your city and I wonder if it would be possible for you to drop by my Hotel room tomorrow at 10 in the morning. There are a few details we have to work out."

"You want me to come to your hotel tomorrow morning?" Jesse asked. "I'm sure I can, but let me check my calendar and with the Governor - he is right here." He did this to let Director Green know that he was not alone in his office.

Jesse looked at Yethro and Yethro said it was O.K. Then he said into the phone that tomorrow would be fine for a meeting. "By the way what time would you like me to be there again? What are your telephone number and the address of your hotel and room number? Please forgive me - what was your name again?"

Jesse, acting like he did not know the Director from a hole in the wall, took all the information and wrote it down on his daily calendar and after thanking him for the call, hung up.

The Judge smiled and said, "Aside from the fact that you appeared to be a bit nervous, you handled that rather well. I spoke to the Chief of the State Police and he tells me that you are also doing very well with his group. From what I hear the feedback from the other Governors has been fantastic. I'm proud of you. I'm sure you will do well with the Feds also. I want you to know, if there is anything you need - just ask for it."

Jesse got up, walked out from behind his desk and looked up and down at the Governor. "Yes, there is something I not only want but need," he said as he walked over to the door connecting his and Yethro's offices and locked and bolted it. Then quickly walked over and locked and bolted the public access door, assuring them of complete privacy. Turning his back to the door he leaned back against the door and continued to stare at Yethro.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" Yethro asked nervously as Jesse slowly approached the Governor then took him in his arms and kissed him.

"What the hell do you think I'm doing?" Jesse whispered into Yethro's ear. "Damn it Yethro, do you realize that we have not been alone for days? It feels like years and I miss you. Since this Governors' conference started we have not had any private time together. Do I have to make a special appointment to schedule a sex session or something? Or have you just lost interest?"

"Lost interest? Hell no, Jess, I've missed you, too!" he said somewhat relieved and returning Jess's kiss. "Governing this state and this job is much bigger than I thought. Dan and I are trying to run this State at a profit"¦."

"Shut the fuck up and don't hand me that crap! I know about the latest money making scam the two of you are running," Jesse hissed.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Those special lists Dan brings you, that's what I'm talking about! You've lost interest in me and now that you are Governor you can have as many men as you want. Are you turning into another Bill Clinton or Elliot Spitzer? You think I'm blind? I see the two of you looking over those lists of special prisoners and deciding which men are to be sent to hard labor and which are lucky enough to be offered clemency provided they are willing to be specially trained. Funny, isn't it, that all of those 'special men' are young with blond hair, blue eyes and great bodies. You always did like that type. Didn't you? . I also know about those special shipments the two of you have been making overseas to some of your friends."

"You got this all wrong Jess," Yethro confessed

"Then set me straight!"

"Most of them are willing to do anything to get out of a life working on the roads or in the mines. They are given special training to prepare them for, shall we say, less rigorous activities outside the country."

"I can see the two of you salivating. I not only see it but I think you want to get rid of me and find another lover. I know I'm getting older and you might like a more accommodating and younger bed partner. Don't lie to me! You are looking for someone else!" Jesse said, knowing it was not true, but trying to put the blame on the Judge. To make him feel guilty.

"Me! Looking for someone else? Are you off your rocker? Have you gone crazy? You are not only my lover, but you are my son. My only son! My life partner! I gave up my wife for you! I risked everything when I set you free. I would not get rid of you even if I could. Those men are repeat criminals and some of them are waiting to be executed. Do you think that I would exchange you for a killer? We offer them the choice of imprisonment for life here, where they know they will become the sex toy of a brutal convict, or voluntary slavery over seas. Most jump at the chance and choose it willingly as a better alternative. They beg to sign the legal papers, kissing our hands and hope their new owners will treat them better. It is another cost cutting idea Dan and I came up with and any profit made, goes into the treasury. How could you even think I would trade any of those men for you? You are the love of my life? Jess, my love, the real truth is, it's this job! This fucking job! There is no one else and there never will be anyone but you. At night, I just want to fall into bed. I'm too exhausted to do anything but sleep. If there is anyone at fault here it is not I, but you."

"ME? How is it my fault?"

"Yes.. It's your fault, you always scheduled every second of my day and there is always someone or something interfering! The only time we see each other is when you come in to introduce a new visitor. Every time you do that, I've wanted to grab you and fuck the hell out of you right there on my desk and in front of everyone."

"Well, forget about that hard desk. It's too uncomfortable. Besides it has a glass top and who wants to wind up with glass splinters in their ass? Can you see us trying to explain to the doctor how we got that way as he stands over our bare backsides trying to remove the glass shards?" Jesse smiled and then waved his arm and pointed to the far corner wall and said, "Just to prevent that sort of embarrassment, look at what I had delivered today. A nice, comfortable leather couch! Why do you think I had it installed? Do you think I like to take catnaps during the day? As you see, I just locked the doors and this room is soundproof"¦. So what are we waiting for? There is no time like the present to break in the furniture.."

"Jesse, you are a sneaky dog," Yethro laughed. "Leave it to you to come up with the solution. I hereby order you to schedule a 'catnap' time at least four times a week from now on."

"That I will do, my love," Jesse said as he led him over to the leather couch and took him in his arms and kissed him deeply, his tongue entering his mouth and trying to explore the hot moist interior. As he withdrew his tongue the older man started to suck on it and deepened the kiss. Both men moaned and the Judge's hands were all over his younger lover as Jess pushed aside the groping hands and started to undress him. When he had him nude he draped his body over the armrest like a sack of potatoes and then stroked his back muscles easing his nude body into the right position. He then quickly removed his own jacket, tie, shirt and undoing his belt let his pants and underpants fall to the floor and kicked them out of the way. His cock twitched furiously at the sight before him. He then slowly massaged his own cock moaning at the sight of Yethro, lying over the armrest with his butt sticking up in the air at just the right height. Nudging the judge's legs apart, Jess knelt down and stuck his nose into the man's ball-sack and nuzzled against the soft skin. He took a deep breath and inhaled the manly odor and licked along the perineum, that erogenous zone between his balls and asshole. "Oh! How I miss our times on the raft up at the lake," he whispered and then his tongue tip flitted around and into the pulsating rosebud. Yethro moaned as Jesse buried his face into the valley between the ass mounds and kissed and sucked on the rosebud. Next, he sat back and watched as the hole twitched and twittered. Wetting his finger he inserted it past the judge's ass ring and ran it along the walls of the love canal until he hit the pleasure spot.

"Ohhhhhh," moaned the Judge as Jess rubbed his finger back and forth over the prostate.

"I found it, damn it, I found it," smiled Jesse gleefully. "It's been so long since I've been into you I thought I would forget my way. 'Mashallah!' it appears like you might have tightened up a bit since I was last in here. Yes, I think so. In that case let's try two fingers," Yethro moaned as Jess inserted two and then three fingers. "You really like this don't you, you dirty old man?"

"Oh yes, I do! You are right it has been so long that I might have tightened up a bit. So that proves that I have not been using any prison bitches or others." He laughed.

"I knew that love - I was just saying that to arouse you. Can you forgive me?"

"Yes, but only if you promise never to question my love for you again. Don't ever do that again! It really hurt me to think that you would even think that I would even look at another man," he said and moaning even louder as Jesse continued to probe deeper and deeper.

"I promise never to doubt you again, lover," Jesse pledged.

"Ohhhhhhhhh you better be sure this room is sound proof! I AM ABOUT TO SCREAM." Yethro moaned as he began rocking his hips towards the invading fingers trying to get them deeper into his ass. By doing this he found that his own cock rubbed against the material of the couch leaving wet spots of pre-cum.

"It better be sound proof! Because I intend to fuck you senseless," Jess moaned. "Now let's try an even bigger finger now. Are you ready? Open sesame. Here comes Ali Baba, less the forty thieves, to steal your inner treasure! The fingers were removed and an even larger object was placed at the entrance to his asshole. Jesse's cock head pressed and wiggled a bit against the hot flesh, sending tremors of heat and ecstasy along the judge's spine as his young lover slid his cock in with little effort. In one quick push Jesse buried his cock deep into him as Yethro released a loud squeal.

"Ohh shittttt! Oh babe, it feels so good, so hot"¦" Jesse hissed through his teeth and without missing a beat he pulled back and pushed again into the judge's ass. He continued over and over again like a pirate ravaging a treasure-laden ship. Their ball-sacs slapped against each other's, skin rubbing skin against skin. It was like having his cock in a red-hot furnace. The pumping and pounding continued as both were consumed and overcome by a feeling of bliss and rapture. Without realizing it, Jesse overcome by the heat of the moment, started moaning endearing but filthy Arabic phrases into Yethro's ear.

"Oh Jess, Habibi!" Yethro screamed as the fiction of his own cock rubbing against the leather couch arm got the better of him and made him cum hard - shooting six volleys of hot cum over the couch arm. These multiple orgasms caused his rectum to squeeze around Jesse's cock like a leather glove and senting him over the top as well. Both of them lay there exhausted and spent. After a while the judge purred, "you know Jesse, I think that was the best we've ever done together! It just keeps getting better and better, but where the hell did you learn those Arabic words? Have you been holding out all this time?"

Thinking quickly in order not to blow his cover about his vast knowledge of the language, he blushingly said, "Well I'm afraid that some of my new friends at the Mosque have been trying to teach me some 'Bed-Room Arabic'. I hope I pronounced them right and they were not too offensive. As far as this being the best ever, I disagree. The best ever was the first time we had sex after you freed me and I returned to you and we did it as lovers and not as slave and master. But you can say that this was the most spontaneous anyway. Thank God I have a private bathroom here so we can clean up. It would be hard to explain this mess to the cleaning staff."

"Fuck them and fuck the entire world. Oh! I look forward to the time when we can tell them all to go to hell! I loved it when you used those Arabic words. Your Arabic was very good almost perfect. I almost lapsed into Arabic myself. It really turned me on. Made me feel like I had been abducted and screwed in the desert. The only thing missing was the sand. I will have to teach you much more Arabic. In fact I want you to be able to talk to me in Arabic all the time. It is such a romantic and poetic language. And as my son you must learn to speak it flawlessly, as some day we are going to require it as the official language of this Islamic Nation."

"I am learning more and more Arabic and would like to use some of it with you if you do not laugh at my mistakes. As for this being an Islamic Nation, you know that if this were that kind of country we would not be able to"¦."

"I will try not to laugh at your Arabic. As for the Islamic Nation business, don't even think that! There are always ways my love-always ways. Every Sultan, tribal leader, Emir, Sheik and even the rich had and still have their male harems. I see no reason to change that. But, in my case I do not want, nor will I need a harem of any kind"¦ just you. I hate to think of the day when you are forced to take a woman to your bed in order to give us a son. I will hate every minute that you have to spend with her making her with child. Just remember that when she has a boy, it will be 'OUR' son, yours and mine, not hers."

To be continued"...


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