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End of Chapter 13

Then, after the Judge regained his composure, he took the chief's hand and pulled him close and whispered in an angry tone, "Do not provoke me, Mike. In two months your reappointment as Chief as well as your departmental budget will come before me for review. As the head of the Justice Department, I have always liked to provide you with all that you needed to function. Ahh, need I say more?"

The Chief had no thought of complying with what the Judge had demanded, however, he just nodded and moved on...

Chapter 14

After being introduced to the social life of the town as the Judge's Social Secretary, Dexter noticed a change in both his and the town's attitude. He started to fit into the social structure of the town. At first he was unsure if this new feeling was genuine or if it was just Yethro's influence that had pressured the town's people into accepting him. In any event, Dexter began to feel a part of the community. The town council had approved his being hired as Yethro's second clerk. They even allocated a small salary to cover his expenses. He had started to study Arabic and made the effort to use more and more of it when he would talk to people. This made the old timers even friendlier. He found that they smiled and opened up to him. They enjoyed correcting his grammar and helping him to speak correctly. While the language was not at all easy, he enjoyed not only learning it but also learning about the customs of the people. His work at the courthouse was interesting. It fascinated him to see how they were twisting and adjusting American jurisprudence to fit into Sharia law. Slowly but surely, his past faded from the minds of both the town's people and himself. They no longer looked at him as an outsider or even as a slave. Except for a rare occasional meeting with one of Sultan's patrons, people just forgot about his past and things settled down to what could be called a normal life. He began to relax and enjoy this new life and his arrangement with the Judge just flourished. He did have to admit that it did have its advantages and that there were times during the day when he forgot about his slavery. Now, just six months after they had moved into the new house, Dexter decided it was time for an official rapprochement of sorts. After all, it was not the town's fault that he was still a slave and now he wanted to show his gratitude to them. The idea of some sort of thank you party formed in his mind. Yes, a party, and he would use the fact that it was the half-year anniversary of their new home as the party's theme. One night, as they were getting ready for bed, he broached the subject to Yethro. At first the Judge was a bit apprehensive.

"Why do you want to do this?" asked Yethro. "Are you not satisfied with just the two of us living here together? Are you now longing for younger companionship? Are you getting tired of me this soon? Perhaps I am not enough company for you?"

"Younger companionship, no it is not that at all. How can you even think that! I'm more than satisfied with you. But I am beginning to feel at home here. Not only that, but you and I have begun to fit into this town. They have accepted our living together and our life style. In the beginning I thought that they would hate me for stealing you away from your wife. After all, she was one of them and a daughter of one of the founding fathers. Me, I was the outsider, an infidel prostitute, who had torn you from her arms, so to speak. The had every reason in the world to hate me. However, it did not work out like that. I don't feel that way anymore, I think they like us and have begun to understand that it was not like that at all. But in spite of all this evidence, they refused to treat me like the home wrecker that I really was. I just want to say thank you to some of them. They no longer make me feel that I'm anything like a prostitute who corrupted their native son and brought him down into the gutter. They know that while I'm still your slave, I had nothing to do with the trouble in your marriage. Now they treat me as if I belong here and I think I am not only getting used to living with you, but that I like them as well as you."

The Judge was ecstatic. "See, I told you so! Do you remember the conversation we had at the cabin before we moved here when I told you that you would sooner or later become a part of us?"

"Yes I remember it well and if you remember, at the time I told you that as a slave I could not become your willing lover nor anything more than a passive courtesan. Only a free man could bind himself to another person or community."

"Yes, I remember. At the time I might not have understood, but since then I am beginning to understand and appreciate your position," the Judge said, "However, this understanding still does not make me sympathetic to your situation and therefore we are in a quagmire! I can either keep you as a slave or risk losing you by setting you free. I am just afraid to set you free and find out that you are no longer in my life."

"I'm afraid that's really our only solution. Before I can give myself to you or anyone completely, I must be free to do so," Dexter said but then, seeing the look of disappointment in the Judge's eyes, he added, "Judge, I don't know. Maybe this party is my way of telling both you and the community that I am getting used to the situation and trying my damnedest to make the best of it. Yethro please, this party, is a way of saying to you that while I'm stuck in this situation, I'm also happy to have you as my 'Master'. I want you and our friends to know that in spite of my social position, I like you and them and this party is my way of saying thanks to you and your friends."

"Well, it may not be all I want, but it is a start. And it is a start in the right direction. I really did not expect you to soften up so much, so fast. I now predict that someday soon you will come to your senses and accept the one, true God and his prophet...", Yethro said and left the rest hanging in the air. "Yes! We will have your party and who knows, I might even have a present or two for you."

"Thank you, Yethro. But no presents. You have made me very happy and that is enough. What do you think about making it a swimming party? In a few weeks the solarium will be finish and since it will enclose and cover the pool we can have the party there. That way we can show it off and even go swimming if the weather is a bit cool." Dexter said.

"Good idea, I was thinking of having the builders rush to finish it and I also want to have the gardeners finish the plantings and landscaping. I would like to make it look like our place at the lake. Everything was going to be ready by late June but I think I can get them to hurry it up. As soon as they complete the job you can set the date," the Judge said smiling and then added, "you know, Dex, the reason I wanted an indoor pool here in town was because I do miss our time at the lake. I loved the time we had at the lake and I wanted the pool to remind us of last summer every time we go in for a swim. I still remember the times both of us spent on the swimmers' raft making love last summer. I can't wait to do it with you on an air mattress in the middle of the pool!"

"You dirty old man!" Dexter said as he enfolded him in his arms and kissed him deeply. Breaking away he said, "I hope you mean that we will do it when we are alone and not at the party."

"Old! I thought you said I was a young stud. Has living with me for six months changed all that?," the Judge asked as he moved away from the embrace. "Perhaps I am getting older and you will soon need to find a young cock to keep you happy."

"No! No! Don't you see my love, you are like an old bottle of wine and the older it gets – the better it is."

The Judge grabbed Dexter into his embrace again, pressed his body against him and whispered into his ear as he ground his hardened cock against his lover's body, "there does that feel old and feeble to you?"

Dexter reached down and pulled the zipper of the Judge's trousers down. He reached in and grabbed his hard cock and encircled the hot meat with his fingers. "No my love it is neither old nor feeble." Dexter said smiling as he started to kneel down before him and cupped his balls with the palm of his hand while placing the shaft into his wet, hot mouth. After a few quick licks to moisten the monster, he ran his tongue carefully along the underside of the erect organ. Dexter, by this time was well aware of most if not all the areas that gave the Judge the most pleasure. Using this knowledge he made sure his tongue hit every one of them. He knew that the main area was the corona and he nibbled and licked around it until Yethro was about to blow his load. The cock head had begun to swell and leak precum but Dexter did not wish to have him climax this soon. He released the lip pressure on the man's cock and instead of sucking up and down the shaft he began a sort of circular motion with his head that slid the penis into every corner of his hot wet mouth. Yethro screamed as he came and Dexter continued to work on the shaft.

"Stop! Stop it already. You are driving me crazy" Yethro screamed as he tried to pull away from those ravenous lips.

Dexter withdrew his mouth but then started to lick and lap at the Judges balls. The Judge collapsed onto the bed as Dexter quickly stripped the clothes off the Judge's body as well as his own. Then without any more preliminaries he mounted the Judges ass and like a mad man he pounded him into oblivion. They both fell asleep. Dexter's cock still in the Judges backside, both nude on top of the covers...... Dead to the world....

The next few weeks were busy ones as Dexter planned the party and the carpenters, painters and landscapers finished up the solarium. The room was magnificent. It looked like a desert island. There were hidden changing rooms, showers and the pool area had been redone to look like a lagoon with a small waterfall at one end. Big birdcages held tropical birds. A large patio surrounded the pool with lounge chairs and piped in music. Bushes and lush tropical plantings were planted both inside and around the outside glass walls, cleverly blocking the pool from outside eyes. Yethro told Dexter he had this done so the two of them could swim nude whenever they felt like it. And they did make use of it almost every evening when they came home from work. They would soak in the hot tub, shower and then swim in the pool. Many an evening they would eat out there and fall asleep after making love in one of the lounge chairs. The Judge even allowed Dexter to keep a refrigerator with a few bottles of wine and some snacks handy for the times they would relax and listen to good music. All in all, it was an idyllic life for the ex-prostitute and the Judge. Even the townspeople thought that the Judge was becoming more humane and friendly. His rulings in court were more evenhanded. And he was being talked about as a possible candidate for higher office. This was all speculation and Yethro did his best to not encourage the talk... but then, it was with a smile that he tried to cool the talk down. One night as the two of them sat together in the hot tub, Yethro said to Dexter, "The funny thing about all this is that we Arabs are not supposed to like people who are "known" homosexuals. Although we have always had it in our culture, it was sort of hidden. However, it was always known that our ruling and cultured people kept men and especially young boys for sex. This goes back into our history and folk lore."

"Well maybe people are tired of the pretenses and want a man who is unafraid to live his life as he wants to. Maybe some of American culture is beginning to rub off on your people."

"Dexter! Don't ever let me hear you saying that to our people. You and I can discuss these things, but only between ourselves," the Judge said relaxing in the hot bubbling water. "So tell me, who are you going to invite to this party."

Dexter listed about eight people he wanted to invite and then asked if the Judge had any other names he would like to have sent invitations.

"Yes, I would like to invite some of the lawyers in town and then there is the Mayor, Mike the Police Chief and the aldermen."

"Must we invite the Police Chief? You know I don't like him."

"I'm afraid so, my dear, he is very influential and while I share your dislike for him, he can be very useful to me. Has he bothered you since our last party?"

"No, the times that we have met since then have been professional and he has not made any advances on me since you threatened him. If you think it is O.K., I will invite him. Do you have anyone else you want?"

"I will think about it and give you a list," the Judge said and then added with a twisted smile on his face, "how about Sultan and some of your friends from his establishment?"

Grabbing the Judge's head and pushing it under the water, he held it there as the Judge struggled. He finally released him and then told him, "There, that will teach you! This party is to thank our friends for welcoming me into the town not to remind them of my past."

Dexter sent out the invitations and all of the guests sent back replies except the Police Chief. This upset Dexter and while he was wondering if he should call him or not, who should appear at his desk but Mike.

"Yes Chief, what can I do for you? Dexter asked.

"I came to talk to you about this invitation. I just wanted you to know the reason why I'm not coming."

"And why is that?"

"Well, it's going to be a swimming party and seeing you in nothing but that bikini you wear will drive me crazy. I just could not control myself and the Judge would.... Or is that the reason you invited me?"

"I didn't want to invite you but his honor insisted. I don't care one way or the other, but Yethro insisted and I think you would be smart if you showed up." Just then the Judge opened the door to his office and saw the two of them talking.

"The Chief was just telling me that he feels uneasy about attending our party. Seems as if he is a bit shy about appearing in his bathing suit." Dexter smiled.

"Come now, Chief, I don't think you have anything to be ashamed about. From what I hear about you, one half the town's women and many of the men have already seen what you got in your pants. Besides it always pays to advertise. If you are not there people will think that we are feuding and we don't want them to think that. We can't have them thinking that the law and law enforcement are not compatible, can we?"

"The people will think what they want to think. Well, Judge I will reconsider, but I really don't think I will be there."

With that, the Chief turned around and left the courthouse and after he left the Judge turned to Dexter and said, "I think I'm going to have a problem with him. He is getting too big for those riding boots of his and someday soon I will have to cut him down to size."

The day of the party came and it was a big success. The Judge's friends loved what he had done to the house. The pool was now the center of attention and talk. Little tables were set around the pool and refreshments were served. Dexter made a little speech – thanking them for their friendship and telling them that both he and the Judge valued their friendship very much.

After this Yethro took the floor and said, "I have an announcement to make," and after every one had settled down he continued. "You all know that Dexter is my slave. You have not treated him as such and I want you to know that both he and I really appreciate it. However, as of right now, I am giving him his freedom. I had the legal documents drawn up and posted this morning. They take effect in the morning. He will be free to stay here or leave our community. I hope he decides to stay and that you continue to welcome him, as I'm sure you will. However, it is his choice as a free man."

Dexter was flabbergasted. He did not know what to say. The Judge just made him a free man and he was tongue-tied. The guests came up to him and shook his hand and wished him well and said that they hoped he would stay in town.

The rest of the evening just passed by the eyes of Dexter as a dream. After everyone had left the Judge and Dexter went up to their room. They were both exhausted. Yethro told him how much he had enjoyed the party and that he hoped he liked his present.

Dexter sat down on the bed stunned. Unable to speak (more like afraid to open his mouth) he just sat there waiting.

"Dexter?" the Judge shook him, "are you alright? Can you hear me? I thought that is what you wanted! You are free to stay here with me or leave. I would love you to stay, but I understand if you want to leave and I have your papers here, a hundred dollars cash and I have set up a bank account for you to live on until you get settled. There is enough to last you for a long time, but if you need more I hope you will contact me. You can leave here tomorrow. It is my hope that you don't because I want you to stay with me of you own free will. However, you are free to do whatever you want. No one will stop you. If anyone tries to stop you, just show him your papers. Dexter, my dear, you were right all along. Only as a free man can you give yourself to me. I no longer want you as my slave. I want you to be my lover and my life partner. I am going into the spare bedroom to sleep. I do not wish to cloud your mind by being here with you. When I wake in the morning, I hope you will be here. If not - I will understand."

To be continued...


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