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End of chapter 15

"No, she is single as far as I know. She has dated a few of the men here, but nothing serious. She is a smart woman with top security clearance. According to what I hear from some of the guys, she is a lot of fun. Why not ask her yourself?"

Chapter 16

"Yes, I think I will just do that. I could use a little break from work. Would you mind asking her to arrange for those papers I need and also a cell phone and some cash."

"I'll do that right now," the director said as he picked up the intercom and asked his secretary to come into the office. When she came in, he introduced her to Jessie and said, "Phyllis, I would like to introduce you to Jessie Benson. He is going to need the few documents I have listed here. An I.D., a driver's license, a car rental and insurance, a cell phone, a credit card and some cash in order to get him through the next few days. After that he is to return them, as he will be going back under cover. Here is the information you will need. I think this list will cover everything, but in case I have left out anything, you are to give him whatever he needs. This is all hush-hush and top secret. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir," she said. Then, after looking at the list, she turned to Jessie, smiled and said, "I'll get to work on these right away. It may take a while to arrange all this. When you are finished here, please stop by my desk and I will have some papers for you to sign."

"I'll look forward to it," Jessie smiled right back at her.

She turned around and walked through the doorway with a sway of her hips. Jessie just ran his tongue over his lips thinking of that lovely body in bed with him.

God he thought-it's nice to know that a female can still get the juices flowing in my cock again after all these months.

"Look, here's the plan," the Director said, interrupting Jessie's daydreams. "Today, if I can get him, I'm going to call in that agent I was telling you about. After I have a talk with him and when I'm sure that he is not only reliable, but that he's on the same track as we are, I'll set up a meeting. Only then will we be able to formulate our method of operation. I will make it clear to him that you are to be in charge from this point on. Any questions?"

"None, so far!"

They talked for a while longer. Then the Director said, "Good, since we are in agreement, get out of here and have some fun. Don't forget to stop by Phyllis' desk on the way out and pick up your papers. I'll call you on the cell and let you know when I have everything set. Have a good rest."

Rest was the last thing on his mind as Jessie walked out of the office and saw a strange girl at Phyllis' desk. Seeing the questioning look on his face she said, "Phyllis will be right back. Are you Mr. Benson?" she asked and when he had indicated that he was, she smiled and told him, "You are to have a seat and wait while she is away getting your stuff together. If you want some coffee I will be happy to get you a cup."

"No thanks. If I have another cup of coffee before lunch I will float away. I'll just sit and wait." Jessie said as he gave her the once over. "Tell me are all the women working here as pretty as you and Phyllis?"

"Well, thank you. It's nice to see that some men still have eyes in their heads. These days with sexual harassment charges, you guys are afraid to say nice things to us. I kind of miss the wolf whistles, but don't waste it on me. I'm already spoken for, married that is."

"Your guy is a lucky man!"

"I'll be sure to tell him that. Hey, I'm not trying to be a matchmaker, but if you are single - Phyllis is a nice single girl and might be interested in a date with a nice guy like you."

"I was thinking the same thing, but I'm sure she would not want to have anything to do with a shy, innocent young guy like me."

"Shy? Innocent? I'll just bet you are," she laughed. "With those blue eyes and blond hair, hell, if I didn't know better I would think you were a young Robert Redford."

Jessie burst out laughing, "Well, thank you for the compliment. Robert Redford! You do have a good sense of humor, but questionable eyesight. Perhaps you might put in a good word or two for me then?"

"Oh no, my friend, that you will have to do for yourself. Like I said I'm not a matchmaker!"

"Well, I guess I'll have to do it the old fashioned way after all," Jessie said and picked up a magazine and sat down to read and wait for the secretary's return.

About three quarters of an hour later she did return with her arms full of papers. "Sorry to keep you waiting. It took longer than I expected. Most of the clerks were at lunch and I had to do some of this myself."

She then passed several documents over to Jessie and explained what each one was and had him sign each plus receipts for a credit card for $2000.00, driver's license, car rental forms and insurance. After everything was signed and the keys to the car were turned over to him, Jessie said, "Say did you have lunch yet? I did not eat much for breakfast and maybe you and I could do lunch together. It's the least I can do keeping you from your lunch hour. Besides, I'm a stranger in town and maybe you can show me a good place to eat."

"Well, isn't that nice of you? It really isn't necessary - I was just doing my job, Mr. Benson. However, I do need to eat and there is this nice luncheonette a few blocks from here where I usually grab a bite. Nothing fancy but it is clean and they do serve good food there," she smiled at him and then said. "Yes, Mr. Benson, if you will give me a few minutes to wash up, I will be glad to go to lunch with you."

"Great, but drop the 'Mr. Benson', it's Jess or Jessie."

"I'm Phyllis."

"Nice to meet you Phyllis. Should we take the car?"

"No need to do that. It's just a block or two away and sitting behind this desk all day, the walk will give me the opportunity to get up and exercise my legs."

"From what I can see - your legs are in perfect shape, as well as the rest of you."

"Nice of you to notice. And from what I can see, you take care of yourself very well. Judging by the men in this office, I can tell you are not the desk jockey type that we get in here all the time. Do you workout on a regular basis?" she asked. "I think it is important that people do keep up their health and fitness. The agents in this office could use a little gym time."

"I do a bit of weights now and then and I do swim almost everyday. A friend of mine owns an indoor pool that he lets me use whenever I want."

Instead of taking the elevator they took the stairs down and walked the two blocks to the luncheonette. The place was rather empty as the lunch hour was over. They had no trouble finding a secluded table in the rear and ordered from the menu. "So tell me about yourself, Jessie. You know, you really look much too young to be an agent. Can you now understand why I was adamant about letting you interrupt the director's meeting? I could not believe you when you said you were an agent. You don't look older than twenty, if that old. Most agents are college grads and in their thirties at least. I'm twenty six myself."

"I'm older than I look and I'm a special agent. I was selected because the type of work I do requires that I look young and that I have certain language abilities. You see I speak Arabic, a very rare ability for native-born Americans and one sought after by the government."

"Yes, I know that. There are very few with that knowledge and the Security Agencies will give their eyeteeth for one. How did you learn?" she asked.

"My father was an oil field worker and both he and mom lived in Kuwait for many years. Arabic, for me, was almost my first language. It was almost all I spoke for the first ten years of my life. I can speak with very little accent. If it were not for the blond hair and blue eyes, few if any Arabs would take me for American. As far as my young looks go - good genes I guess."

"Well it has to be more than good genes. Your whole attitude is so mature."

"Well then we can blame that, too, on my parents. They never treated me as a child. It was their one fault. There was no baby talk, and few childhood friends and I was not permitted a 'normal' childhood. It was not so bad. I grew up feeling that age means nothing. Therefore I feel comfortable having lunch with a beautiful, mature twenty six year old. I hope you and I can overcome whatever silly thoughts you might have," Jessie said as both he and Phyllis began to eat. "After all, I am only going to be in town for a week at most and it would be a waste of time to even think of age."

"You're absolutely right! What do I care if people think you are my son or that I'm robbing the cradle," she smiled. "I hope you don't mind."

"Like I said, age is not a factor, and besides, let them all stew in their own idiocies. Life is too short to worry about social conventions and such," Jessie said as he moved his knee over and let it rest against her leg. Feeling no withdrawal or movement away he just smiled and looked into her eyes and said, "By the way you know you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. What do you think of having dinner at some place where we can go dancing this evening? And perhaps wake up and have breakfast in bed?"

"Jessie, you do work fast, don't you? We just met. I don't know you from a hole in the wall and you already have me in bed."

"Well, not yet but to tell the truth, I don't have much time here in town. I would love to have the luxury of having lots of time to romance you. No, better yet, change that word 'romance', to woo you, as the old folks would say. You know, in our business, we do not get much time for relationships to develop..." But then he stopped his nervous chatter as he felt her hand on his leg as she smiled at him. As she moved it up and down his thigh, he placed his hand on hers, squeezed it and continued, "We are both adults here..."

"No more talk about age differences. I must admit younger men are a turn-on for me and you are not only younger, but very sexy and you make me horny as well" she whispered and blew him a kiss. "So, how shall we work this? Will you pick me up at my apartment or what?"

"Great, that will give me time to really prepare for the evening because if we are going to go out tonight, I will have to get a dress suit and stuff. I only brought some sports clothes with me. Perhaps after lunch I will drop you back at the office, go shopping and then pick you up at your place by eight. Providing of course I don't get lost in this town. Is that all right?"

"Yes, but I think I have a better suggestion," she said as her hand moved higher up on his leg. "I don't really want you to go to the expense of having to buy a suit. Besides, they may never be able to alter it for you in time. So, how does this sound? You go back to your motel room, wash and dress in sport clothes then come back to the office at six. I will be finished with work by then and you can pick me up here and take me to my place. That way you won't get lost. Then I will make dinner for you and we can dance to my music collection. I'm a good cook and since I would be cooking for myself anyway, I could just double the recipe. It would be no problem for me and we would have more time to get to know each other."

Reaching his hand under the table and gently taking her hand in his he lifted it to his lips and kissed her fingertips, then whispered into her ear saying, "By the time we finish our morning coffee, Phyllis, I'm sure we will know each other very well, indeed. Is there anything I can bring for dessert? How about a bottle of wine also?"

"We will be having meat. Dry red wine will be fine -- as for the dessert I'm sure I can provide that!" she said as she returned her hand to his crotch and squeezed. I think you should get me back to the office now. I don't want to be fired."

"There's no danger of that I'm sure. I can always remind your boss that he did tell you to give me anything I wanted. And I'm going to want a lot!"

They finished lunch and Jessie dropped her at the office and then went to pick up his rental car. He drove around town to get familiar with the place and, while he was at it, he picked up a good bottle of wine, some chocolates, some flowers and, yes, a dozen condoms. Then he went back to the motel and took a shower and rested until it was time to pick up his date. The more he let his mind wander over the coming evening the more he became sort of nervous. It had been over a year since he had been with a woman and he hoped he had not forgotten how to go about such things. All sorts of crazy scenarios played out in his mind. What if he should fall out of bed or if he was not able to get aroused?? Or if he should not be able to....but then wasn't it like bike riding ¬- once learned you never forget? On the other hand, if the worse did happen, he could always play the innocent virgin. But somehow or other, he did not think that would work out well. After all does a virgin show up with a dozen condoms.... / Well, why not? Didn't he always carry one in his wallet when he was dating women? Be prepared, be prepared, he always said, just like the Boy Scouts. The longer he thought about it, the more unsettled he became. At 5:30, a very nervous Jessie Benson, AKA Dexter, was standing by his rented car holding the door open for his first female date in close to two years.

As she and a friend came out of the building, he waved to her. Seeing him, she waved back and said good-bye to her girl friend then walked over to the car and entered as Jessie closed the door for her. Jessie got in and asked her for directions and then they were off. The ride to her place was not too long and they were both rather quiet. When they got there Jessie got out, opened the door for her and helped her out. He then opened the trunk and took out his purchases plus his carry shoulder bag filled with extra underwear, a toothbrush and nine of the dozen condoms he had purchased. The rest were hidden in a small tin container in his rear pants pocket. He carried the wine, flowers and candy as he followed her inside and they took the elevator to her floor. A short walk down the corridor found them at her door where she inserted her key in the door lock and then, swinging the door open, she invited him in, saying, "You'll have to forgive the mess. I was not expecting to bring company home tonight."

"It's not messy at all. In fact it is very nice. It has that lived-in look." Jessie said handing her the flowers. "All it needs is for you to put these in water and it will look like company was expected. Put this wine on ice and then later, we can have a party with these sweets."

"Thank you for the wine, the flowers and candy. Please sit down and make yourself at home. After I put these in water, I will get dinner going. Then I must get out of my 'working clothes' and take a shower. Do you think you can keep yourself occupied while I'm doing that?" she asked as she came back into the dining room from the kitchen carrying the vase of flowers to the table and with her back to Jessie, she started to re-arrange them in the vase.

"I think I can, but first I have to do something that I have been wanting to do since this morning when I entered your office," he said as he walked up behind her, placed his arms around her and pulled her back to himself. He bent his head to her neck and brushed his lips right below her ear and then sucked on her ear lobe. She melted into his arms and as she turned around to face him, their lips met and they kissed deeply.

"There," Jessie said as their lips parted. "How's that for breaking the ice?"

"Not bad at all! And you are right about breaking the ice. I have to confess that I was a bit nervous. Now, be a good boy and let me get started on the dinner. Then I also have to shower for that date I have with a very sexy young man. Please! Go! Sit down and watch the T.V. or something for a while. I promise I will be quick as the roast just has to be heated up slowly - unlike a young man I know."

Jessie went and turned on the television and sat in the big overstuffed chair and half listened to some news program as he heard pots and pans being banged around and then he smelled the wonderful odor of meat cooking. It was not long before he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. About an hour later she kneeled before him, reached out and he felt the soft touch of fingers brushing the hair away from his eyes. As in a dream he heard her soft sexy voice calling him, "Hey, good looking, dinner is being served."

"Oh!" he said as he opened his eyes and yawned. Instead of the T.V. newscast, he now heard the sounds of soft violins playing romantic dance music. His nose told him that she had cooked dinner because there was the wonderful aroma coming from the kitchen. Not only that but his eyes, when he rubbed the sleep from them, discovered that she had also showered and changed her clothing. She was now dressed in very expensive silk lounge pajamas. A jump-suit style with a neckline that was cut low to the waist thus exposing most of her wonderful breasts and a deep innie belly button. "Oh boy! Sorry but I must have conked out. You look beautiful in that outfit and you smell like those flowers I brought you. I don't know what came over me I must have fallen asleep."

"No problem. It gave me a chance to do what I had to do without tripping over you or having you looking over my shoulders."

"That's a shame, cause I would have loved to sneak a peek over your shoulders when you put on that outfit," Jessie smiled as he leaned into her and gave her a light kiss on the lips while his fingers lightly touched the hollow in her throat and moved down to her navel.

"Now you stop that," she sighed as she got to her feet, "Perhaps later, if you behave yourself, I just might let you see me removing the outfit. But, right now dinner is ready and I don't want it to dry out. You can get up, open the wine and pour two glasses, while I bring out the main course."

"You are the main course," Jessie said as he got up, opened the wine and poured two glasses of wine while Phyllis lit the two candles that were on the table and turned the lights low. She then went into the kitchen and soon returned carrying a tray of roast beef with potatoes, vegetables and gravy.

"Dinner is served, my lord," she said and set the tray to the right of Jessie, "Will you please serve?"

"Well, it looks much too pretty to disturb, and the smell is wonderful. However, I am starving... so," Jessie carved the roast and served. They ate, drank and after dinner, Jessie helped her to clean the dishes.

After finishing the dishes the two of them went into the living room and Phyllis turned up the volume on the hi-fi. Then Jessie took her silk clad body into his arms as they slow danced around the room. They danced for a while then they just stopped and Jessie dropped both his arms around her thin waist and onto her ass. He could tell that she was naked under the jump suit. She placed both hands around his neck and they rocked back and forth, him grinding his manhood into her lower body and she resting her head on his shoulder, her lips nibbling on his ear. He bent down and lifted her body carrying it around the apartment, shutting off the few lights that were still on. Then, with only the flickering candlelight, he kissed her again and carried her into the bedroom. Setting her down on the left side of her queen-sized bed he slowly slipped the silk top from her white shoulders and started to kiss, lick and nibble her pure white skin. The silk floated down to the floor revealing her completely nude body. She was panting and moaning as Jessie then proceeded to move down her statuesque body, his lips kissing and his tongue licking each inch of newly uncovered skin until he was kneeling before this Goddess. He firmly grasped her hips and pulled her forward to keep her from pulling away as his lips touched her navel lightly at first, then he kissed it, and opening his mouth he French kissed the belly button by darting his tongue in and out, causing her to tense up her body. As soon as her body started to relax he moved down a little and started kissing and nibbling on the lips of her pussy. Using his middle finger, he slid it inside her love-hole and probed around causing her to become wet. Placing his lips over her sex and again using his tongue he moved it back and forth, up and down across her clit pressing harder and harder. As her juices began to flow he was able to freely move his finger in and out in time with the movement of his lips and tongue. The addition of more fingers and sucking harder on her clit was beginning to drive her toward orgasm as she started to thrust her pussy faster and faster until she let out a roar and her body became stiff. She appeared to vibrate and gasp for air as she grabbed the back of Jessie's head to keep from falling backward onto the bed.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! No don't stop!" Then her body became stiff as board as she let out a scream, and her legs gave out as she collapsed and fell onto the bed.

With her arms spread out on the bed and her feet resting on the floor, it looked as if she had passed away. Only her heavy breathing and the rise and fall of her magnificent breasts convinced Jessie that she was still alive. Taking advantage of the inactivity Jessie gently lifted her body onto the bed and then quickly stripped out of his clothes. He stood looking down at her, his penis hard, rock hard, foreskin already drawn back not knowing if he should pounce on her or not. The decision was made for him when her eyes flittered open and she reached out and pulled him down beside her. Their lips met and they kissed. Over and over she kissed him.

"That was wonderful. I don't know when I have come that hard," She said between kisses. "I can't get enough of you. You taste so sweet I want to eat you up." She whispered as she started to nip and suck at his shoulders and neck leaving a trail of hickeys.

"Hey, no fair! I'm supposed to be the animal here. Besides, you're too beautiful to be a vampire," he said as he pinned her to the bed and moved on top of her.

"Oh she said," as she felt his hardness rubbing on her legs. "Did I cause that? It's so hard and warm and it's big, really it's humongous. I don't know if I can take all of you, but I still want you. Jessie, I know girls are not supposed to use dirty language, but I can't help it. Fuck me Jessie! Fuck me hard! I want you inside of me. I want you now! I must have that young cock of yours in me. Now! Now! Damn it, I know it's a bit late to ask this, but I hope you have protection."

Reaching off the bed he picked up his pants and pulled out the tin. Taking out one of the condoms and showing it to her, he said, "I didn't bring my firearm with me. I hope this is what you meant because I brought a dozen with me, just in case. You want to do the honors or should I?" He smiled.

She grabbed the gold colored foil package, ripped it open and unrolled the lubricated rubber onto and down Jessie's shaft. Then she grabbed a pillow, shoved it under her ass and spread her legs as wide as she could. Jessie mounted her like a wild animal in heat and placed his penis at her opening and pushed in. Yes, he thought, just as I remember. In it slid, so nice, warm and nested almost down to his balls. As he was about to withdraw it she moaned and said, "Wait! That feels so good. Don't move yet! Let it stay there for a while and let me give you a message with my pussy.

Jessie began to feel these fantastic and wonderful sensations as his cock was squeezed and manipulated with feelings that he had never known before. Her contractions around his cock made him even harder. It was driving him crazy. It felt as if her cunt was going to suck his cock, but also his balls as well as the rest of him into her love channel.

"Oh Jess! It feels so right, so good. Don't move, please hold it there as long as you can. Let me see if I can get you off this way."

"But, my love, it is made to be moved in and out."

Just hold off as long as you can, lover."

They lay that way for several minutes, but then despite the desire to stay that way nature took its course. Jessie had to start to thrust. Slowly at first, he thrust in and out and with each inward push he appeared to go deeper and deeper. He began to get even more excited as Phyllis raised her legs and hooked her ankles around his back and pulled him even further into her. Faster and faster and deeper and deeper he plowed into her until she started whimpering and screaming.. She was having another orgasm. This was the real thing. No faking it. He felt her coming around his condom covered cock. It was as if the walls of her pussy were crushing his cock, but still, he could not stop. More than a year's accumulation of sexual abstinence was about to burst forth. He could feel the dam about to burst, but he kept on thrusting until he felt her come twice more. And still, he plowed her faster and faster nailing her to the bed. Then, no longer able to control himself he came, exploding into the condom. He covered her lips with his and kissed her deeply as he tried to push his spent tool deeper into her and then he just collapsed.

They had two more sessions like that - each as intense as the others. Then they both fell asleep.

The next morning he woke up in bed alone. Disappointed he looked around and saw that his clothes had been hung neatly on hangers and placed in the open closet. She had gotten up early and prepared breakfast for them and now was standing in the doorway with a tray. "I hope you like scrambled eggs. I forgot to ask you last night."

"I love them." He said as she set the tray down and they had breakfast in bed. "That was great last night. Can we do it again now?"

"You are a young lion. I would love to but, unlike you, I have to get into work." She moaned. She and Jessie got dressed and he drove her to work. He told her that he would like to see her again that evening and this time they would go out to eat and maybe take in a movie. She agreed and asked him to pick her up at 7:30. He gave her his cell phone number, they kissed and they parted.

Jessie went back to his motel room and after a long hot shower he collapsed on his bed. Thoughts of Phyllis filled his head. She was something else. If he did not have to go back undercover, he just might like to spend a lot of undercover time with her. He was sure he was not in love with her, but he did miss a woman's soft body under him. Then Yethro came into his thoughts............

To be continued...


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