The Customer/Dexter's Saga Chapter 25 By Joystick

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End of Chapter 24

Afterward they got themselves up and dragged their exhausted bodies to their bedroom. In bed together, neither of them spoke, but remained silent, just enjoying the closeness and touch of the other's body as they drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 25

As the Judge and Jesse slept, on the other side of the world a meeting was taking place in Egypt. In the basement of the Brotherhood Headquarters, Imam Hassin Al-Asbali had called a meeting of his staff and was reporting on his recent trip to Canada and the United States. He expressed his concern and dismay over what had transpired during his meeting with Yethro.

"The Judge is under the impression that since the American public saw fit to elect a president whose father was a Muslim it is also possible that they will vote for a real Muslim. He wants us to believe that once he has been elected Lt. Governor, he will be able to run for Governor in 4 years since the present governor cannot constitutionally run for another term. This may be so, however, I think he has something else in mind. I think he is planning, once they are both elected, to somehow knock the Governor off before his term is up and then take over the State," the Imam whispered to them.

"That's not only foolish but ridiculous! Besides it's too risky. What has gotten into the old bastard's mind? The F.B.I. would clap him in jail before he could do anything. If not the F.B.I, then I'm sure the rest of the country would string him up," said his second in command.

"Jail? No, that will never happen," Imam Asbali smirked. "These Americans are stupid and naive. So much so that I'm sure he could not only get away with it, but he would also most likely become a national hero. After all, it has happened before. Is it not a proven fact that Johnson had Kennedy shot in Dallas and then took over the country because the Industrial-Military Complex wanted to go into Vietnam?"

"That has never been proven! That is just one of the many, many rumors that have been postulated," replied another underling.

"Well if these stupid Americans can be made to believe that fairy tale that Kennedy was shot by one man ... then they can be sold anything," another lackey laughed. "Do you really think that Yethro has the guts to kill off the Governor?"

"Who can tell what is in the mind of that man. He is a Bedouin. They are crafty. Robbery and murder are in their blood. It is second nature to them. And that adopted son of his, that Jesse, he is right there with him. If it were not for his blond hair and blue eyes, my agents tell me he is more like a stinking desert fox than the old man. It would not surprise me one bit if he were behind Yethro's thinking in this matter. Some of our people there think he is the dangerous one. First he gets him to get rid of that rotten wife of his. Then he gets him to lift the chains of his slavery. Then he gets Yethro to adopt him as his son. Now, from what I hear, it looks like he is giving the Judge all these political notions and democratic ideas. I hear that he is even taking instructions in Islam from the local Imam and it looks like he is going to become one of us soon. We must prevent that at least until we get the chance to really check him out and possibly radicalize him to our way. If we are able to do that, we can use him to control 'His Honor'."

"Do you think it might work?" asked the assistant. "They say the son is no idiot and he is in fact rather very politically astute. Even more so than Yethro."

"I have not met him and therefore I don't know if radicalization would work in this Jesse's case, but we all know it has worked on countless others before. You know how these new converts are - they are easy to manipulate and so willing to please and prove their loyalty. Perhaps it is not such a bad idea. If we can control the son... we control his father. What have we to lose? If it works, at least we will have another person, other than that cousin of his who will feed us information. I never trusted either Yethro or Dan. His son, Jesse, is a lot closer to that Bedouin. He is with him almost 24/7."

"Your Eminence, with Yethro and Jesse so close, I still think it would be difficult to indoctrinate the boy."

"No, I don't agree with that. It just might work. I understand that this son of his does not have too many young people that he is friendly with. This is not normal for a young man. Perhaps if we were to have some of our younger agents, perhaps a very young woman in the Mosque, befriend him, she can introduce him to our teachings and seduce him. We can turn him to the true teachings of Jihad and use him for our 'eyes and ears' right in Yethro's house. It might even be possible to use him without his having to convert. As a non-convert the Americans might trust him even more. Yes, let's do it. It cannot hurt to have him under close observation. To have one of our female agents in his bed using her body to entrap him might give us another line of information. Like I said, I don't trust either Yethro or Dan to remain loyal to us any longer. They have become Americanized. Yethro, himself has become so disrespectful to me that after I took all that time to go meet with him, he started to lecture me on how I should be running things. We send these people over there, set them up, spend thousands, and they become soft. I think the Judge has become too westernized in his thinking. Yes, give me new converts every time. They are like soft clay. Able to be molded and made willing to do that which is necessary without question. There is nothing to lose by trying. Besides, it always helps to have a few more spies in the center of things," he laughed and turned to one of his subordinates and said, "Let it be done."

"It may not be easy to do that. It has been reported to us that he does have a Christian girlfriend that he is seeing and it might not be too easy to get that close to him. She is with him most of the time and it looks like they might be married soon."

"Yes, I have heard about this Ms. Goodwin. The Judge would never ever allow his son and heir to marry a non-Muslim. Yethro is most likely allowing this woman to hang around because her father is a big wheel and rich contributor to the party. Besides, from what I hear she is very beautiful, but much older than Jesse. He is a young man and young Americans think with their penises. He must be using her for sex only. Anyway when the time comes, I'm sure Yethro will find a way to make sure his son does the right thing."

"And what is the right thing, your Eminence?"

"Why to marry a nice, very young, fertile Muslim girl from a good family. One who will keep her mouth shut and her legs apart so she will give him many strong sons. As for this older woman, this Christian, he can always keep her as his concubine, if he wants. If not, there are ways to take care of her, if need be! So, for now, let's just concentrate on the son and see if we can seduce him with one of our own agents. This other woman can be taken care of later. Perhaps we can convince her to leave him or at least to disappear. If she is as beautiful as you say, I'm sure one of our agents can arrange for that to happen!"

The months before the election were busy ones. Yethro and Jesse along with Phyllis traveled up and down the State getting to know the electorate. And the electorate got to know them as well. This was not easy because the Judge repeatedly refused to water down what he stood for. He refused to sugarcoat his ideals. He was Muslim and he was proud of it and would not deny it. All through the campaign the Judge painted himself as a moderate. However he did not leave any doubt in the minds of the people that he was a Muslim who thought that Sharia-law was better than secular law. It had to be as God gave it to man and who was he to go against God. It was his hope that someday everyone would come to see the truth of that fact and would come to accept it. He, like most religious people, believed that his religion was right for him as well as for everyone else. However until the day that they could be made to see this, he would try to set the example by lighting the way.

Every Friday, the Judge and Jesse, would take the day off to attend Mosque. Not because it was the political thing to do, but because they were tired and needed the break and relaxation. Jesse would attend classes with the local Imam. After classes he would be invited to meet with a growing number of younger people who tried to befriend him. They would engage him in political as well as social discussions. Jesse liked the interaction and noticed the differences between their private militant religious beliefs and Yethro's public pronouncements of his. There were many differences between these views. The young as all young people were more militant. At least for now, Yethro in this way, tried to convince the people to accept his way of thinking without any need of force. Somehow he made the people think that it would be un-American not to vote for him. And it was working for him. At first his opponents tried to paint him as a danger to the country. But the people looked at him and saw a man who believed in his religion with the same vigor and in the same way they believed in theirs. They were sold the idea that maybe Islam did have some merit.

When the election was finally held and all the ballots were counted, it became clear that Yethro's party had won by a larger vote than it had ever had before. It was a landslide. Not only did they win, but the party had gained large majorities in both houses of the state and most importantly in a majority of local elections as well. Yethro's party now had a firm grip on the State leaving absolutely no doubt as to who was in control. This shocked some people. When later questioned many people said that they wanted to send a message to the Government. That message was that they wanted real change and to bury once and for all the notion that the American public was anti-Muslim. There was also the underlying thought that Yethro, as a Muslim was only one man and a Lt. Governor, and as such would have no real power.

After the election the Judge rented a house in the Capital and he and Jesse took up residence there. At first it looked as if the public was right. There was not much for the new Lt. Governor to do except for the jobs that the Governor gave him to do. However, the Governor, knowing his time was coming to an end, began to give him more and more to do.

The Judge with his vast supply of energy was soon bored to death and one day he approached the Governor and requested that he be given something really important to do. "I feel that I'm drying up and becoming jaded. I'm a judge, surely you can find some work in the legal field for me to do."

"What kind of work would you like? I have plenty of lawyers on staff now and if it's one more thing I don't need - it is another lawyer!"

"Well I was thinking something in the line of the appointment of a special blue-ribbon committee with me as chairman to reform the prison system."

"Why in the hell would you want to have anything to do with that mess? It's a quagmire of quicksand and it will drag you down and you will never be able to get out of it."

"Well for one thing, you know that Muslim organizations have already made inroads into the inmate population. As a Muslim myself - I might be able to introduce certain reforms and cost reductions which if they came from anyone else, would never be acceptable."

"What kind of changes are you thinking of making?"

Smiling the Judge answered, "I really do not have any idea as yet, but by heading this committee, I might be able to get the information and maybe develop some new ideas."

"You realize that any changes would have to be approved by me and we would have to push them through the legislature," The Governor said.

"Yes, I know that. This could be your crowning legacy and I promise that I will do most of the work and you will not have to work too hard."

The Governor agreed if only to get Yethro out of his hair.

Within a few months Yethro had toured all the prisons and presented a report that envisioned vast changes to the system. Then he, with the Governor's help, pushed through a new appeal system whereby appeals were sent to a special review board that would review all criminal cases within two months. This board's decision was final and there was no other appeal within the state. If for some reason the federal government wanted to hear the case, they would have to remove the prisoner and care for him out of the State. If they refused to do this, the State was required to carry out the original sentence without further appeal. This required a State Constitution amendment and that amendment won passage with an almost unanimous vote.

As the Governor's health began to wane, Yethro took on more and more work. Inside of three months the Governor passed away. Yethro was given the Oath of Office and after a suitable time he moved into the mansion. Jesse moved in as his Aide-de-camp and secretary.

Yethro began to fill all the court appointments with Sharia-law friendly judges. State and local laws were reviewed and changed to conform to the new system. State and local government officials as well as some police were soon either replaced or made to conform.

Knowing that if the prison system could be made to pay for itself, it would be a big tax burden off the backs of the people, Yethro expanded the State Prison reform by renting the prisons out to private corporations to run. The new managers now rented out most of the inmates to perform hard labor jobs. Some people claimed that Yethro had reinstituted a new form of the slave labor system. However, in a matter of months the entire system began to not only pay for itself, but the State treasury was able to declare that it looked forward to having a surplus which the Governor promised would be used to lower taxes. Next the entire system of appeals was revised so that now it took only months to clear out death row. No longer would the state have to feed and care for hardcore killers for years. At first there were many people who complained, but when these and others found that the streets were cleaner and safer and that people could walk about late at night without fear, they began to praise the new system. And when their taxes fell---they were calling for Yethro's sainthood.

Now not everyone liked the new system or the new Governor. There were all kinds of rumblings about Yethro being the new "Hitler". But as time went on, the people began to accept the new system and other States began to adapt the system. Cases that came up to the Supreme Court were usually decided on the right of States to decide on local matters as long as they did not infringe on the National Constitution. The State income tax was cut to almost nothing for those making less than two hundred thousand dollars a year. Sales taxes were dropped and business flooded into the State.

Yethro was beginning to be hailed as the new Messiah. Newspaper and magazine articles flooded the newsstands and the Internet. There were all kinds of T.V. and radio Interviews. People started to talk about changing the Federal Constitution to allow him to run for President. However, he always downplayed that idea. He told everyone that there were plenty of men and women who were just as capable as he was and he even offered to train him or her. He would allow them to come into the State and work with some of his people to learn his methods and then go back to their own State and run for office. He did this and 'put his mark of approval' on them and soon he had several state as well as national office holders under his control. Inside of six months in office, he had transformed his own state and now he was beginning to assemble a very large, strong and loyal political base that surprised even Jesse.

As for Jesse, he was delighted with all the new friends he was making at the Mosque. They would invite him to social parties and a few of them even suggested that he consider dating their sisters (with the proper safeguards at all times). After services he was invited to the homes of many of his new friends for lunch and social get-togethers. When he asked the Judge about this he just laughed and reminded Jesse that these people were only looking to gain favor with him because they or their family wanted something from him or the Judge. "You must be very careful about these people," he warned. "They are like my ex-wife's family. They would never even talk to me when I was a struggling lawyer but once I became a rich judge, they were always there to use my influence or me. Such is the price of fame and celebrity. We have become superstars. Just enjoy the notoriety, but don't take it too seriously."

One of his new friends, Rashid, came up to him and offered to take him to a certain establishment where Jesse would be able to meet some women who would love to entertain him for the evening. "Come on. We will both have fun and I'll even pay for it," his new friend offered.

"I am well acquainted with places like that," he laughed and not wishing to admit that he had been a male prostitute in one of the best of them, he said, "If I did want that sort of thing, I can well afford it myself, however my father would be displeased with me if I were to go to common prostitutes. Anyway, I have a girlfriend and when the time is right and I feel the need, I take her to bed."

"It is good that you have chosen this Christian woman to experiment with. It is one thing to use these infidels for sex thereby gaining knowledge of sex, but marriage is another thing altogether. You must marry a Muslim if you are to convert. If you do marry outside the religion you will not be permitted to convert. You will need to get all the 'know how' you can get before then. The husband must not be a fumbling awkward virgin. It's more advantageous for him to bring all the knowledge he can get to his wedding bed. I guarantee that these ladies will teach you the finer aspects of sex. After all, our women, unlike the American sluts, are pure until marriage and expect that the 'Rod of the husband' to be both strong and knowledgeable!"

"I am not a virgin and I will have all the experience I need. Besides, my father will plan a suitable arrangement when the time arrives."

"You cannot stay cooped up like a hermit all the time. You will go crazy and explode. I know that you have to be careful and you don't want to cause the Governor to have humiliation, but there are still other ways to have a bit of fun and not have to worry about scandal," Rashid said. "Perhaps you and I could take a ride in that BMW of yours. We could go over the border and check into a motel. I hear some of them have some very interesting porno movies. We could have a good time that way. You know, just you and I," his new friend confided to him.

Jesse smiled and put his arm around the young man and said, "I really do not like to travel. I think you are a really good looking guy, I'm sure you can find someone better than me."

"Better than you?" he laughed. "Look around! Who is there? There is no one around here. If you do not wish to go that far, we could go up to your place on the lake or even that mansion in town with the inside swimming pool. From what I hear both places are very nice and secluded. I would love to have you give me a guided tour of either one or both of them. Are they really that nice? Are they really that private and secluded?"

"Yes. The cabin at the lake it is very beautiful, very isolated and the property it is all fenced in. A high security fence protects it and the Judge has the local Police patrol the area 24/7. Aside from Ice fishing there is nothing to do there now. I love to go nude swimming there in the summer. Perhaps we can go there when the weather is a bit warmer," Jesse said. "Swimming and fishing are all there is to do there."

"Does it have a fireplace?" We could make popcorn and..."

"Look I do not wish to give you the idea that I'm into that sort of thing. As I said I do have a steady girlfriend and besides if I'm not mistaken or misunderstanding you I think what you are suggesting is against Muslim law."

"Don't be childish. So is drinking, but many of us enjoy a drink or two," the young man smiled. "Besides, you are still an infidel and until you convert...."

"Ohhh! And as an infidel, I'm still fair game?"

"You make it sound so naughty and dirty! But since you put it that way - yes you are fair game and I as a skilled hunter, would like to trap and play with you!"

"I'm flattered, but I think we had just better remain friends."

"Just friends - not friends with additional benefits?"

Jesse could not keep it in any longer and started to laugh as he hugged his new friend and kissed him on both cheeks. "There that is all of my kisses you will get. I'm tempted, but I'm not into boys. Besides, what would the Imam say if he found out that I had caused you to sin? He might refuse to convert me and Yethro would be forced to disown me."

"Like I said, we could keep it secret."

"Rashid, as long as there are two people involved - there is no such thing as a secret."

Aside from his new friends, his boss, Director Green, wanted to know what was going on. It appeared that some of Yethro's new political friends were beginning to question the need for 'Homeland Security' or at least the need for the amount of its funding at such high levels. They also reasoned that since there was nothing illegal about what Yethro was doing and if he represented the so-called "Islamic Threat" - perhaps the rest of the country should follow his State's path. The people had gotten tired of America being the world's cop and maybe it was time to stop and question our place in this new world and let others take over. Perhaps the new World Order was Islam and the American People had better get used to it. It might also be time to start to question their Judeo-Christian foundations. No matter how many Muslims they killed or what they did, the Muslims seemed to prevail. Had America's old religious institutions been wrong all this time? They had begun to question the foundation of the American superiority. Had the American 'manifest destiny' run its course? A new century - a new destiny - Islam.

"It's wrong to spy on a duly elected government official," Jesse told Director Green when he was called to report to him on what was happening.

"I just don't think I should be doing it any more. The man has not done anything wrong. While I do admit that he may have had and still has ideas of overthrowing the establishment, he never used non-legitimate methods. What he is doing, he is doing by the law."

"Are you sure that he is doing all this on his own? Or are you keeping him from committing treason?"

"I really can't answer that because I don't know, but either way I think it is for the best," Jesse said. "If I can prevent him from doing things that would hurt the country is that not worth while? Isn't that our first job and duty?"

"Yes it is. But do you think the country has to pay you for it? Don't you think it is a bit late to be telling me that now? Three years and all the money and time we have used and what do we have to show for it?" the director said. "The President is not going to like this. With all the crap that has been going on now with National Security right now - to have this happen. I know he would have preferred a bloodthirsty terrorist, handcuffed or killed as he was caught in the act. But what do I have to show for our efforts - nothing but a worthy political opponent in a future election. I just think that there has to be something there. Damn it, Jess, we know the man is a foreign agent. He meets with that nut case of an Imam, who has threatened the President of the United States. They meet just over the border, and you say he has not done anything wrong? The man wants to destroy our way of life - and you still think he is innocent? If you ask me there has never been more of a threat to this country than Yethro Allwadii. There has not been a Nazi or communist agent that was as dangerous as him. He is trying to overthrow the United States and that is treason. And the last time I looked that was a federal crime."

"What do you want me to do? Do you want me to put ideas into his head to forcefully overthrow the government?" Jesse said. "He is the Government and he has not broken any laws getting there. In fact, he has done the opposite. He has enforced the law. The only thing we can charge him with at this time is that he knew that the late Governor would die within a few months of being re-elected. And that, my friend, is no crime unless we could prove that he had a hand in his death. However, the late Governor knew he was dying and he himself requested that Yethro run as his running mate. And that is no crime. It is no more a crime than President Roosevelt dropping Vice President Wallace and selecting Mr. Truman as his running mate for that fourth term. As far as meeting that Imam - prove that it was a planned meeting and that something illegal was planned and you might have a case. However, from what I hear of that meeting, there was no agreement, there was no meeting of the minds. There was disagreement and even refusal to follow the Imam's orders. The only thing that Yethro could have done that perhaps he should have done was to report the meeting to the FBI. But that meeting took place in another country and I don't think either the Canadian Government or us has a legal warrant out for him. No, Director, there is nothing we can do as of now! Would you have me instigate him and have him do something against the law? No, that would be entrapment and would not stand up in court. Look, Yethro is a dictator at heart and sooner or later he will show his true colors. He will not be able to help it and the only thing we can do is wait for him to fuck up. Let's just hope that we are not too late."

"I will report what you are telling me and ask the President if he wants to keep you in the 'oven'. We could use you elsewhere. We are short of good translators, or people to teach our agents Arabic. But if we did that we would have to pay you a living wage," the Director joked. "This way Yethro is paying you and you are not costing us too much."

"It's nice to know that I am needed and appreciated," Jesse said sarcastically as he got up to leave the meeting. "Just remember to tell the President that if I stay - I will have to convert and that would necessitate having my cock cut --- I just don't know if he or my country warrants that. I am no hero, nor do I want to be a hero, or even if I want to make such a sacrifice for my fucking country."

To be continued...


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