The Customer/Dexter's Saga

Chapter #29

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End of Chapter 28

I think he might even go as high as 100 to 200 thousand, if I were to insist that she was what I wanted. It will be fun to see how this works out, lover. Play your cards right and you might become a very rich and powerful young man, my love. If I do fulfill your hopes for the future - you will be the man behind throne. But for now I think we should first go for that swim!"

Chapter 29

"Can we go for that swim later? Thinking about our future interests me more than a swim. Right now I would rather talk some more about how we are going to get your father to agree to this marriage. I must be certain that you can get Yethro to permit you to marry my niece while you are still a Christian. Otherwise this plan will not work."

"First of all, I have not even met your niece yet! I will admit that she looks very enticing and intriguing, but let's not rush things. What difference would it make if we were to wait until after I converted? Why must I remain Christian?" asked Jess. "It would be much easier if we waited until I converted. Then, maybe Yethro would be more amenable."

"Yes he would, but in order for our plan to work I need to have total access to you. I, and the Imam, will become your mentors in Islam. Yethro can no longer be recognized as such. He is not trusted anymore. As a brother-in-law to an infidel, I would have the responsibility and obligation to do this. After all, we would be family and amongst our people this is very proper and important. But first you have to trick him into giving you permission to marry her. Do you think you can really fool him?"

"One does not fool Yethro! He is way too smart for that. Besides if she were all you say, why would I have to trick him? I'm sure he will have some objection to it. I know he would rather I convert first, but he might go along with it if I can convince him that it's his idea." Then seeing the look of skepticism in his eyes, Jesse added, "I can see that you don't think I can do it. Why not? Don't tell me intermarriage is not permitted? I know of many people who have done it. The question is not whether he will permit it, but whether your family and Islam will permit it? Besides, why is it so important to you that I do not convert? I should think you would want me to submit myself to the will of.."

"For God's sake, Jess, how many times do I have to tell you. This is a 'Christian' nation and as of now the people will not stand for a non-Christian in the Presidency. Hell, they did not even want one to run for the State Office. The only way he might have become Governor was to run as Lt. Governor. As such it was hoped he would have a good chance to succeed him in the next election. Then Yethro got lucky, the poor man died and Yethro took over the office. At first some of us thought the old Bedouin had helped him to die, but such a thing would be too risky, even for Yethro. I will admit that now he might be reelected to the office on his own, but even that might not happen." Holding his hands up as if to ward off any objections, he continued, "Face it! You Americans are xenophobic. We all saw this during the 'Johnson/Goldwater' era and when that other Jew tried to run for the office. They just won't accept a full-blooded non-Christian as their leader. No, as much as you people hate to face it-you are not going to vote for a real Moslem."

"Well, what about Obama?" Jessie countered. "He is not only a Moslem, but a black man also. There was a time when, as a black, man he could not have even run."

"That's a different story and one that more or less proves what I'm saying. The people were tired of Bush's domestic policies and his wars. They wanted change and would have voted for Mickey Mouse if given the chance. In any event Obama is no Moslem. While his father was, he himself is not. He's not Black his, mother was white. You people used to call him a Zebra. Besides he is a weak man. All of these shortcomings are leading to his downfall. You, on the other hand, will be able to overcome his inadequacies. You are white and Christian, you will have a Moslem wife but this should not hinder you."

"I hope not!" Jess said and again questioned if Islam would permit it.

"The future of Islam is the will of the Caliphate and it will permit anything as long as it serves our purposes. They permit suicide, murder, theft, lying and a whole lot more. Yes, even intermarriage, while frowned upon, would be allowed in some cases. Even the prophet had wives of different religions. But you are not in his class," Rashid laughed, and then continued. "However, you might just be considered a special case. After all, Yethro did get permission to adopt you not only from a civil court, but also by Sharia Law. I have to tell you, Jesse, since then, important and powerful men have been watching you. They have been trying to find some reason to discredit you and Yethro. We do not allow men like you to become involved with us unless we are sure that they would serve our purposes. There still are a lot of questions and opposition to your father's actions. At one time this included me. And believe me, there's still a hardcore of people who think Yethro has lost his mind. But even those hardcore leaders are changing their minds. Several months ago I was ordered to investigate and report on the situation. I must admit that I, too, had my reservations. But, not any longer. The fact that we are sleeping together has nothing to do with it. I have watched you in the community and in the Mosque. Unlike most potential converts, you are really interested in being a Moslem. Yes, even this has been reported on. It is widely known that you are attending Mosque and taking lessons from a respected Imam. If you were to pledge to raise your children as Moslems and send them to Moslem schools, I know I can get not only my family's permission, but also their blessing and I'm sure that Yethro will use his money and power to smooth the hurt feelings of big shots who might still object. Gold and power have a way of smoothing rough waters."

Jesse laughed so hard that he could hardly say, "I'll bet that 'bride price' will help also! However, we will not talk about that as I'm sure both you and your niece are more than worth all of this. By the way, what is her name and how old is she?"

Joining in the laughter, Rashid said, "Here you are almost married to her and this is the first time you ask me that. Were you waiting until you took her to the marriage bed? Her name is, Rania, but we call her Ronnie. It sounds more American! I wanted her to fit into the life here. She is 17 almost 18."

"You better not tell Yethro that as he does not want to have an 'Americanized' daughter-in-law living with us. An American woman tends to think that she rules the entire home and not the man, as it should be. My father is afraid my marriage to anyone but a young rural Moslem virgin would interfere with our sex lives. Even though he approved and, in fact, insisted that I date Phyllis, he never really encouraged us to marry. In fact, he instructed me not to get too serious with her or any other girl. He told me I was to use her only to get experience for my real marriage, which he would arrange. He believes that the husband should bring expertise to his wife and not the other way around."

"And you accepted that?"

"Yes, I gladly did because I was not in love with her. She knows this and agreed. It's also the reason that we must make him feel that all this is his idea. If he ever suspects that there is anything sexual about our friendship, or that any of this was planned, you will find yourself as a eunuch in some Pasha's harem in the middle of some stinking desert. That is, if you are lucky! And I would hate to see you lose your tackle over me."

"As I just told you - I'm not without connections and power myself. You make it sound as if Yethro has all the power and he can do anything he wants to do. He might think that as Governor he is all-powerful, but Yethro is from the old order. He has been away from the 'old country' too long. There is a younger and more militant Moslem leadership in power today. It is the wave of the future. We are not willing to take orders so fast from the old guard. There are new forces in control - forces that even he cannot see or understand. And despite some set-backs, these forces will prevail..." Rashid left the rest hanging in mid-air.

"Calm down! There is no reason to get so upset. All I'm saying is that we can get this thing done if we make it look like it's all his idea. Not only can we get it done, but you can come out of this with lots of gold. The money you can get from him for your niece is only a small drop in the bucket. His estate is now worth many millions. When he passes, there will be billions and I just want to make sure that you and I are around to enjoy it and each other for a long time. It will not do either of us any good if he decides to disinherit me and leave everything to someone else. You can bet he will do this if he suspects the two of us of anything more than friendship. He, like his Bedouin ancestors, can be vicious and vindictive. You, Ronnie and I don't want to wind up like his ex-wife, do we?"

"No! I see what you mean. O.K. we will do it your way. Just remember that Yethro will have to be 'retired' someday, if you get my drift. I just may be the one ordered to retire him and I would not want to have to push you out of the way to do it! After all, you and I are going to be family and one thing I don't want is your wife hating me because I had to make her a widow..."

Jesse grabbed Rashid and kissed him. "Insa'Allah, I love a forceful man..."

"Your Arabic is getting better." Rashid laughed. "Habibi, ana bahabek kteer.

"And I love you a lot also. Now lets go for that swim."

They went swimming and after they came back, Rashid called his mother and told her to prepare a nice supper for Sunday night because he was going to bring an important guest home. He talked to her in Arabic.

"Who is it?" she asked, "How important is he?"

Rashid, not sure of Jesse's ability to understand Arabic, took the cell phone into the bathroom, closed the door and told her, "I'm bringing home Ronnie's future husband! That is, if he will have her! His name is Jesse ibn Yethro Allwadii."

"The Governor's son?" she screamed.

"Yes, that's who! He and I have been spending the weekend at his country cabin and he saw her picture and I think he might be interested in her."

"Is it for marriage that he is interested in her or for...."

"Mother, do you think I would use her that way? He is a nice boy who is in the process of becoming a Moslem. I met him in that class I have been taking with the Imam. Besides, he was the one that mentioned marriage. So the both of you better prepare a good meal and make sure you are on your best behavior because he is perhaps the most eligible catch in the United States. If it works out right, this is going to make us very wealthy. Our Ronnie is going to live like a princess. Did you ever think that your granddaughter might sit at the same table with world leaders? After what our family has been through, did you ever dream that you and I would live to see all of this? That would be a real slap in the face of that Syrian bastard."

"No, I never even dreamed anything like this! Your father, sister and brother-in- law must be truly in Allah's hands!"

"All right, I want you to get her prepared to really impress this gentleman. I want her looking like a movie star. I want Jesse's eyes to pop out when he sees her. Take her to the hair salon, have her hair done and also buy her a new fancy dress and a sheer veil. Make sure that the veil does not cover her pretty face. I want him to see those dark eyes, olive skin, red lips and that delicate, graceful and sexy body of hers."

"Rashid! This is your niece you are talking about - not some harem slave. Need I remind you that she is like your sister?"

"Just do what I say woman! I am the man of the house now and you know it is my duty to see that Ronnie is taken care of. Well, that's what I'm trying to do! That was the reason I started those classes with the Imam. I knew Jesse was taking classes to convert and wanted to check him out. When you meet him, you will not only understand, but you will kiss his feet. It is my opinion that he is better than any movie star or prince. Now, woman, just do what I say. We should be there before five. I will call you when we are on our way. It should take us less than an hour. I have to go now as he has cooked supper for us and I'm hungry." With that he hung up the phone and returned to the kitchen.

Seeing Jesse setting the table he said, "I was just talking to my mother and told her we would be there for supper tomorrow. I wanted to have her get Ronnie ready to meet you."

"I hope you did not get their hopes up too high. We still have to talk Yethro into this and that might take a while. By the way, do they both speak English or will I need you to translate everything I have to say?"

"Ronnie's English is very good and my Mom's is not so good. I think you will get along fine, but I will be there just in case I am needed. I just wanted to get them ready to meet you. After all, how would it look if I just brought you home and they were not prepared," he said as he approached Jesse from the rear and circled his arms around his body and hugged him to himself. Rubbing his crotch into Jesse's ass, he kissed him on the cheek and nibbled on his ear. "You taste so good, I could eat you up and then we could forget about what you are cooking."

"All my hard work and you turn out to be a cannibal. You better eat this steak first and then later I'll allow you to savor your dessert. There's a bottle of red wine in the refrigerator. Please use some of that energy to open it and pour us two glasses while I get the food to the table. You'll find a corkscrew in the top draw on the right and two glasses in the cabinet above the drawer. I'm ready to serve and I hope you like it."

"I'm sure I will. It does smell delicious, but not as tasty as you do."

"I'll remember that the next time you say you are hungry. Perhaps when we are at your Mom's house tomorrow night, I will taste that niece of yours..." he jested as he placed the meal on plates and brought it to the table.

Rashid laughed as he poured the wine. "After all the nice things I told my Mother about you being such a nice well brought-up gentleman, you would do that?"

"Keep it up, babe, and I'll throw you and Ronnie on the table and fuck the hell out of both of you..."

"Promises, promises, that's all I get!"

"Just for that, you get to do the dishes," Jesse said smiling, as he lit the two candles on the table, shut off the lights, and raised his glass in a toast, "To unfulfilled promises-after dinner."

Rashid raised his glass and clicked it against Jesse's and said, "I'll look forward to it!"

They sat, ate and talked. After the meal was consumed, Rashid collected the dishes and took them to the sink and started to wash them while Jesse put in a CD and sat down to listen to some music.

Rashid continued to wash the dishes while he hummed along with the music. As he was finishing up and drying his hands, Jesse said, "You have a nice voice. Do you also dance?"

"Yes, I love to dance. Would you like to dance with me?"

'Yes, I would, but I thought Arab men did not dance with other men..."

"The Arab laughed as he approached Jess and held out his hands. Something else you have to learn, Arab men are always dancing with other men in public. It is called line dancing or 'Debka'. It is a lot of fun and, while women do dance it also, they will only dance it with other women. The fact is that it is very rare that men will dance with a female in public. I never have, but I would love to learn, can you teach me. After all, if you do marry Ronnie I will have to dance at your wedding so you might as well teach me."

Jesse got up and entered into Rashid's embrace taking the female position and tried to instruct him how to dance. After much stumbling and toe crushing, they finally were able to settle into a more or less smooth dance. "This is nice," Rashid whispered into Jesse's ear, "but I will have to get a record of the Debka music and teach you how we dance. It will be good for you to be able to dance it at your wedding, since my family would like to celebrate the coming together of our two cultures." Smiling, he stopped and just rocked with Jess in time to the music.

"MMMMMMmm I like that idea," They danced together until the CD stopped and the two kissed, then Jesse blew out the candles and they went to the bedroom where they found that the bed had still not been remade since last night. Jesse started to undress, but Rashid stopped him and laid him fully clothed down on the bed and joined him there. Rashid, never taking his eyes off Jesse's face gently laid his hand on Jesse's pants covered knee and slowly slid it up the inside of his thigh, until he reached the throbbing cock that he so desperately wanted. Jess sighed deeply and leaned over to press his lips against the soft, full, inviting lips of his Arab lover. Their tongues probed excitedly. Suddenly, Rashid broke the kiss and his hands groped furiously seeking to find the throbbing bulge that lay hidden beneath Jesse's clothes. Jess squirmed with ecstasy as Rashid massaged his hot cloth covered manhood and then reached for Jesse's waist, finding his zipper and slowly lowered it to release the pulsating rod that he craved to wrap his lips around.

As Rashid reached in for Jesse's cock, his mouth began to water with delight in expectation of the "dessert" he was about to receive.

Jesse grabbed the back of the Arab's head and wove his fingers through the black hair, pulling his face to his throbbing cock. He then thrust his rigid meat deep into Rashid's hot, wet mouth. Furiously, he began to fuck his face. Thrusting in and out, feeling his balls slap against his lover's chin, he could feel the powerful orgasm building more and more........

To be continued...


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