Building Things Chapter32

Alec moved a little in his sleep, shifting an arm putting it down along Conner's side as he lay on him. He sighed softly in his sleep, dreaming of him and Conner as they seemed to be walking through some meadow together, holding hands and basking in the sunlight as they walked through tall grass that came up to mid-thigh. Alec looked over at Conner and smiled at him, as Conner was smiling back at him with that million dollar smile of his that always melt Alec. Alec's smile turned to a frown in the dream, as he was losing the dream, it was changing and he cried out to himself in the dark, no, no, NO.

His eyes fluttered as he woke to the knocking on the apartment door. He lifted his head, still groggy. He looked down, smiled at the sleeping Conner that was under him. Again, the knock. Fuck. Alec shifted and got up off of Conner and slipped off the bed. Conner shifted and rolled to his side. Alec ran his fingers through his hair as he staggered to the door. He turned the knob and opened it. In his sleepy stupor he forgot to put anything on, standing there naked.

"Uh...Alec Marquez?"


"Delivery for you." The voice at the door sounded shaky.

Alec had blinked several times to try and get his eyes to focus, to even work. He finally began to focus as the sunlight was blinding him as well. Alec yawned as he stood there. Then realization kicked in and he slowly looked down, looking at himself, knowing that he was naked. His eyes lifted back up to the person on the other side of the door.

"Sorry dude." Alec said softly. The kid holding out a clipboard was looking past Alec as he could see the bed, and the sleeping form of Conner on it, also naked. Alec took the clipboard and pulled the pen out and blinked hard to see the line where to sign. He scribbled his signature, and handed it back.

"It's fine by me." The kid said with a grin on his face. He handed Alec a bouquet of flowers. Alec took them from him, looking them over, their fragrance wafting up in his nose.

"Sorry, dude. I don't have anything for a tip."

"Hey, from seeing this, it's tip enough. Thank you." The kid grinned. Alec smiled at him and slowly shut the door. The kid was leaning to keep getting the view until it closed all the way, smiling the whole time.

"Who was that?" Conner sleepily asked.

"Some delivery boy." Alec said turning and looking at the flowers now. They were very pretty, like a spring mix, and very fragrant. Conner rolled over and propped up on one elbow, seeing the flowers in Alec's hands. Conner could smell them as well as it was filling up the studio.

"Who are they from?" Conner asked as he yawned.

"I was hoping it was you." Alec said as he came back to the bed.

"Sorry, babe. I didn't think about it. Looks like someone else did, though. There's a card."

Alec looked, tilting his head, and saw it. He reached in and pulled it out of the little holder. Alec lay the flowers on the bed beside him, he opened the card as Conner was running fingers up and down Alec's spine, tickling Alec's skin. Alec smiled at the touch and looked over his shoulder at Conner. He pulled the card out of the little envelope and read it. Alec snorted through his nose, handing the card over his shoulder to Conner. Conner took it from Alec's fingertips.

"Wow." Conner said softly. Alec turned on the edge of the bed. Their eyes met. "Now..., who is this guy again?" Conner asked with narrowed eyes.

Derrick was standing at his desk looking over some contracts that were pending, he needed to talk to Tom about them. Derrick looked at his watch, it was 12:45. Tom, being a partner could do as he pleased, coming and going when he wanted, hell, not even showing up if wanted, which was the case now. But it was a damned nuisance to Derrick. A little consideration would be nice or polite. Derrick's desk phone buzzed. He pushed a button for the loudspeaker. "Yes, Kim?"

"There's a gentleman from the Building Department here to see you?"

"Really? I wasn't expecting anyone. Okay, you can send him back." Derrick pushed the button. He put the various contracts in order as to priority and pushed the intercom button on the phone.

"Terry, you got a minute?"

"Sure, boss. Be right there." Terry hung up, as Derrick pushed the button. There was a soft knock on his open door. Derrick looked up.

"Mr. Jacobson?" The man standing at the door asked. Derrick recognized him.

"Yes." Derrick said, standing straight. "You're..." Derrick was trying to put a name to the face, but it was escaping him at the moment.

"Adam Ralston." He said as he came across the office toward Derrick. He held out his hand. "I was at your house a few days back?"

"That's right. I remember now." Derrick took his hand. "I'm sorry, I'm usually pretty good with names."

"It's understandable. We didn't get off on the right foot that day."

"Ah, think nothing of it. I sometimes let my temper get the best of me. I probably owe you an apology, actually." Derrick said smiling, taking his hand. He gave it a firm shake and let go. "Have a seat, please." Derrick said, as Terry walked in. Terry came up to Derrick's desk. Ralston sat down in a comfortable chair across from the desk. "Excuse me for just a minute." Derrick said to Ralston. "Terry, this is Adam Ralston from the County Building Department." Terry smiled and shook his hand, nodding. "Terry is my office manager." Derrick said, then looked at Terry. "I need this contract to go to development. They're not as detailed as I like, you know?" Terry scanned them quickly with his eyes. He nodded his head. He looked up at Derrick, then, pointing at the one that was on top of the pile.

"This one looks like it's the priority, boss. You want Charlotte to redo it or reword it?"

"Let's redo it. Is this one what Tom started?"

"It doesn't look familiar to me. Maybe it was something Calvin was doing? I'll ask Neal, then I'll have Charlotte redo it. What about the others?"

Derrick moved them about. "I think we should do this one next," Derrick picked it up, handing it to Terry, "then...this one." Picking it up, handing it to Terry as well. Derrick left the last one on his desk.

"What do you want to do with that one?"

"I want to make a couple of calls about this one. It's residential. I'll handle it. Let me know about those, alright?"

"Sure will, boss. Need anything else?"

"No. Got it." Derrick smiled patting Terry on his shoulder. "Thanks, bud."

Terry looked at Ralston, smiled. "Good to meet you."

"Same here." Ralston said, smiling back. He watched Terry walk out then turned back to Derrick. "Seems like an efficient guy." Derrick smiled at him in reply.

"He is. My right arm, as it were." Derrick sat down in his chair. "So, what can I do for you?"

"Well, we have been provided a set of prints that you drew up. And, I have some questions about them, if you have a little time?"

"Yeah, uh, I have another appointment actually, but, I have a little time." Derrick said, looking at his watch. "So what set of prints are you talking about?"

"It's for a new structure out near the Country Club. The name on it is..." Ralston said.

"Van Owen." Derrick said flatly, sitting back in his chair.

"Yes, that's know it then?"

"All too well." Derrick said flatly. "He submitted for permit to break ground?"


"Son of a bitch." Derrick said quietly.

"Is there something wrong?" Ralston looked concerned.

"The list, is endless." Derrick said, looking at Ralston. Ralston's eyes went wide. "I'm not sure if I have time to go over everything with you before my other appointment. What was it you needed to ask?"

"Well, actually, survey, access. The plans are of elevations and floor, but there was nothing about site actually. I was wondering if you had pursued it?"

"No,... I did not. I did what I did for them, and then there became a...personality clash. I terminated our business dealings and thought it was over. Looks like I was wrong."

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to drag up anything to upset you."

Derrick feigned a smile at him. "Not your problem. But, he's...tenacious."

"So I've heard from one of the clerks at the office." Ralston rolled his eyes. Derrick chuckled, picturing in his mind how that must have went. "Well, I see that if you didn't do any elevations for site, then I have no choice but to deny permit until it's done."

"Oooh...prepare yourself for all out war." Derrick said smoothly.

"Gonna be bad?" Ralston grimaced.

"Bad won't cover it." Derrick said.

"Well, we'll do it in a form letter." Ralston smiled.

Derrick chuckled again. "And then lock the doors."

"Yeah...I think I'll put this off to the upper management."

"Marty will appreciate that." Derrick stood up, as did Ralston. "If you get canned over this, come and see me, I might be able to give you a job." Derrick smirked at his own remark.

Ralston reached out his hand, Derrick took it. "I just might do that." He pulled his hand back. "Thanks for your time."

"No problem. Sorry I couldn't help."

"It's alright. Have a good day." Ralston turned and walked out. Derrick sat back down, turned in his chair, staring off. First, Evelyn, now Van Owen was trying to get permitted to build. Conner doesn't know, obviously, and he certainly doesn't want it anyway, Derrick thought. God, won't they ever stop? Poor Conner, thought Derrick. Wait a minute, Derrick thought, as he sat forward, wasn't he supposed to be back today? Alec should know. Derrick thought about calling him for a moment, but remembered that he had been working all night at the store. He's probably in bed, sleeping, Derrick thought. Yeah, leave him alone. Conner might be at the house when he got home. Yeah, let it go. There was a soft knock on the door. Derrick looked over and saw Terry coming in.

"Hey boss, just to let you know. Talked to Neal, he didn't know anything about that one. He didn't think it was Calvin's."

"That's odd." Derrick said, turning in his chair. "Then it must be Tom's. And, you haven't heard from him?"

"No." Terry said, as he walked around to the end of the desk. "Are you getting worried?"

Derrick looked up at him. "Let's just say, I'm concerned."

"I told you, he's just a guy I work with." Alec said softly, as he picked up the flowers and walked them across the small room to the little kitchenette counter and put them in the tiny sink. He turned around and walked back over to the bed. Conner's eyes were all over Alec, watching his naked body move as he climbed back up next to Conner on the bed.

"Sending you flowers? And an apology note? I don't know, babe. It must have been one hell of a grope?" Conner chuckled. He handed the note back to Alec.

"Would you like me to show you exactly what he did?" Alec asked softly.

"Was it hot?"

"You be the judge." Alec said, as he got back up off the bed. He kept his back to Conner and used his left hand, putting it to his hip and then sliding it down as Kurt had done to him last night.

"That's it?" Conner asked. "That's all he did?" Conner looked disappointed.

"Yeah." Alec said and shrugged, turning back around.

"And he sent you flowers for that?" Conner said with a frown. "He wants something else."

"Ya think?" Alec asked, turning round. "I told you."

"Nah, there's something else." Conner said, adjusting the pillow, doubling it and laying back on it. Conner saw the look on Alec's face. "What?" Conner asked.

"You're right, there is something else." Alec said and started looking around on the floor. He found his pants and pulled his phone out of his pocket. He opened it and found the picture sent to him. Alec smiled at it and then turned the phone to show Conner. "He saw that."

"What?" Conner's eyes went wide. "You showed him?"

"No, he was looking over my shoulder when you sent it. I didn't know he was there." Alec bit on his bottom lip. "He said you were hot and he'd do you. Then later on he asked some questions about the 'boyfriend' thing, and said his girlfriend wasn't doin it for him."

"Poor guy, just probably needs to get off." Conner said as he relaxed a little more. "Maybe he wants to experiment or something?"

"Maybe." Alec said, thinking about it for a minute, then shut off his phone. "But, that's his problem." Alec said as he got lower with Conner, kissing him on the cheek. Then he got back up off the bed.

"Where you going?" Conner asked

"Bathroom." Alec said. "Bad morning breath, remember?" Alec cocked his head to one side. Conner chuckled.

"Hurry up." Conner wiggled his eyebrows.

Terry stood there wondering as well. "Maybe we should call him?"

"No...I have a better idea, I think." Derrick said, looking at Terry. Derrick's phone buzzed.

Derrick turned and pushed the button. "Yes, Kim?"

"There's a gentleman here to see you." Her voice said through the speaker.

"Big guy, in a suit? Deep voice?"

"Yes." She said, her voice hushed through the speaker.

"Be right there." Derrick said and pushed the button. Derrick looked back up at Terry as he stood up. Terry had a questioning look on his face. "My other idea has arrived." Derrick said, narrowing his eyes. "Come on." Derrick walked around Terry and the desk and Terry was right behind him. They walked out to the front and there stood Lt. Murray. Derrick walked up to him, holding out his hand. Murray saw it and took it in his.

"Lieutenant, you're early." Derrick said.

"Problem?" Murray's gravely voice said.

"Not in the least." Derrick smiled, taking his hand back. "We can talk in my office, if you'd like?" Murray gave Terry a look and then back to Derrick. "Oh, Terry, this is Lt. Murray, from the police. Lieutenant, Terry is our office manager here. If you need anything, Terry can help you. Shall we go?" Derrick led the way, Murray following him. Terry had slipped back into his own office, leaving Derrick with Murray, alone. They came into Derrick's office. Derrick showing Murray to a chair across from Derrick's desk. Murray took it and made himself comfortable, as Derrick walked around his desk.

"Mr. Jacobson, you have a very efficient staff, I must say."

"Thank you." Derrick said, as he took his chair.

"I wish the department ran as smooth."

"It took a while to get here." Derrick said. "And some time. We have had some changes here over the years, making sure that people fit and enjoy what they do." Derrick smiled briefly. "I have been fortunate."

"I'm sure you have." Murray, in his graveled tone said. "That brings us to why I'm here." Murray sat forward in the chair, resting his arms on the arms of the chair. "As we discussed last night, I want to take that drive with you out to the scene of the murder. I believe in your 'time table' of events. I just wanted to let you know that again."

"So, I don't understand," Derrick said, sitting forward in his chair. "if you believe me, then why are we going to do this?"

"As a matter of documentation." Murray said. "You see, I think I know who might have killed Mr. Sinclair." Murray said so matter of fact, it took Derrick by surprise. Derrick's eyes were wide, his ears peaked, waiting for any word. "The courts, on the other hand, want and need to prove that beyond doubt. I want to offer, to them , your 'time line', as evidence."

"I appreciate that." Derrick said, sitting forward, leaning on his desk. "But, if you know..."

"Who did it?" Murray cut him off, his face a blank expression. "Then why? Good question." Murray sat back into the depth of the chair. "Too many times, over the years, I have seen the courts bungle and let people off after doing heinous crimes, some even murder. I have decided that I will do everything or anything it takes to stop this. So, as you can see, there is a process that has to be followed."

"Yes, but..."

"If I were to make an arrest now...I would be asked, where's the proof? Where's the evidence? Right now, I have only suspicion, backed up by circumstantial evidence. You, are going to help me prove what I already know." Murray only half smiled.

"Then, whatever," Derrick sighed, sitting back, "I can possibly do. You can count on my full support."

Murray gave him a grin that sent a chill down Derrick's spine. "I knew I could." The grin stopped and Murray looked serious, deadly serious. Derrick felt another chill up his spine. "So, your car is here? The one that you drove home in, the day of the murder?"

"Yes, it's the only car I own." Derrick said. "So," Derrick said, looking at his watch, "for this to be accurate, should we leave at the time I left the office actually?"

"Do you know, precisely when you left?"

"Uh, not exactly to the minute, no." Derrick sighed.

"Mr. Jacobson, let me be perfectly clear." Murray said. "I know you didn't kill your partner. Now, for the matter of evidence, all I need do is record it. I can do that with my phone, here." Murray said, holding it up, showing Derrick. "And write up a report about it. Simple."

"I see." Derrick said, trying to relax a little. His mind was working overtime though.

"Shall we go?" Murray asked and stood.

Alec came back to the bed. He could that Conner's eyes were on him as he walked the few steps over to the bed. Alec was almost grinning seeing Conner watch him from his position on the bed, Alec climbed up and slowly came toward him.

"You are so fucking sexy." Conner whispered. Alec came to his face with his.

"So are you." Alec whispered. "Wanna go again?" As Conner reached his hands up, putting them to Alec's face.

"Don't tell me you're still horned?"

"You make me that way." Alec said, wiggling his eyebrows. "Did you want to do something else?"

"I should take my stuff to the house."

"Oh." Alec almost pouted.

"Don't you work today?"

"No. Alec said, as he got his legs between Conner's, while still on his own knees. Alec leaned forward further kissing Conner softly. Conner shifted his hands, sliding them around the back of Alec's head, pulling him into him now. Alec moved slowly, putting his legs out, stretching, laying on Conner. Their kiss became more intense. Conner opening himself to Alec, Alec pushing his tongue in past Conner's soft lips. Conner moaned as he knew it was on again.

Alec ran his hands behind Conner's back, slowly, feeling the soft smooth skin that Alec was beginning to worship. He was so in love with just the feel of Conner, Alec was melting just touching him. The kiss was becoming more intense and Alec felt the pull from Conner's arms now, his hands sliding up and down Alec's back as they were becoming more entwined. Conner moved his legs and wrapped them around Alec's, draping them over and running them up and down the backs of Alec's legs. Alec was starting to moan softly into Conner's mouth. Both could feel their lengths growing, becoming longer as each crept up in between them. Conner was aching there. He had the drive, the want, the desire, but he was in discomfort.

Alec slowly pulled back from the kiss. He lifted his closed eyes and slowly scanned Conner's. They could each see the love and the desire in each other. Conner's eyes flashed and Alec smiled softly to himself.

"Promise me something." Conner whispered.

"Anything." Alec whispered back. He rubbed his nose tip to Conner's.

"That we can always lay like this together?" Conner whispered.

"You like it?"

"Yes. I have never felt anyone like you feel to me." Conner said, slowly blinking his eyes. "You just feel so good to me." Conner softly kissed Alec. Alec looked once again in Conner's eyes, and then turned his head and slid down just a bit and lay his head on Conner's shoulder and neck.

"You feel good to me too." Alec whispered. He rubbed his fingers on Conner's back as his arms were still around him. "Maybe we should get your stuff to the house?" Alec asked softly. "That way we can come back here and come back to bed." Alec lifted his eyes, trying to see Conner's, but couldn't at his angle. Alec lifted his head.

"You think so?"

"Yeah, I think we need to get you settled in." Alec kissed Conner's cheek. "But, we need to get all this dried stuff off of us first."

"Oooh, but I like it." Conner widened his eyes and smiled the million dollar one, again. Alec melted again and resisted the urge to stay put. He shifted and went to get up. Conner just watched him. "Are you serious right now?" Conner asked, his eyes wide again. Alec turned around.


"I thought we were...I don't know, having a..."

"Special moment?" Alec finished for him. Alec saw the look on Conner's face, and came back to the bed. "You're right, we are." Alec said, putting a hand on Conner's chest. "Were, I guess." He hung his head a little. "I'm sorry."

Conner sat up. "No, you have nothing to be sorry for. I was just enjoying what we were doing, that's all." Alec looked up, giving Conner sad eyes.

"Conner," Alec said softly, "I want you to know that I missed you so much while you were gone. I just want you to get settled so we can keep doing this together." Alec paused for a long moment, as Conner scooted toward him. "I was wondering, I wanted to ask you if..." Alec said, his eyes looking down again, "...well, maybe...?"

"You want me to move in with you, don't you?" Conner asked softly. Alec lifted his eyes.

"Would you?" Alec asked. Conner smiled softly.

"Babe, you can barely turn around in this place. I would so love to move in with you." Conner leaned forward and kissed Alec gently. "But, we need to get a bigger place. Don't you think?"

Alec looked around at his tiny place. It was brief. He looked back at Conner, smiling. "I guess you're right." He sounded almost defeated.

"If I brought my stuff in out of the car, right now, we literally would have nowhere to stand." Conner tried to smile, but couldn't. "It's probably a good idea to go to the house. I mean for right now, at least."

"I guess you're right." Alec said, putting a hand on Conner's thigh. "I just want to spend every minute with you."

"I do too." Conner leaned forward and kissed Alec softly. "If you really want to do this, move in together, I need to do something first."


Conner smiled. "Get a job."

"Well,...I know this place that might be looking for someone."

"Really?" Conner said, pulling back a little.

"Yeah. The store." Alec said. "I mean I'm leaving and all. They'll be a little shorthanded. It doesn't pay all that great, though."

"Oh." Conner raised one eyebrow. "You want me working with Mr. Flower Boy?"

Alec's eyes went wide. "Uh, you're right, bad idea." Alec deflated, sitting there. "He'd probably have his hands all over you all the time." Alec perked a little. "Well, we'll find you something."

"I know." Conner smiled. "I'm not worried, yet. Derrick said he'd help, remember?"

"You're right, he did." Alec said and got up off the bed. "You want to go first in the shower?"

"Maybe, together?"

"You've seen my shower. It barely fits one." Alec smiled.

"Okay." Conner said. "I'll go first. I'll make it quick." Conner smiled and started to climb off the bed.

"Guess I'd better find something to put those flowers in." Alec said softly. Conner stepped around him and then to the bathroom.

Derrick led Murray out of the building, after telling Terry and Kim, he would be back in a while. Derrick made sure that Murray saw every movement and conversation, as Derrick had done that day. Murray was clocking everything. They walked out together, round the building to the parking lot, where Derrick always parked. He told Murray that was always the spot he used. Derrick unlocked the doors automatically when they reached the car and they both climbed in.

"Make sure that you use the normal way you would go." Murray said in his gravely voice.

Derrick was a little nervous about it all. He knew the way, but, driving out to Calvin's, knowing he was being timed, a cop in the car with him, he felt like he was taking his first driving test all over again. He backed out of the parking lot and then out on the street. It wasn't but a couple of blocks and Derrick was settling down into his routine driving habits. Murray didn't say anything while Derrick drove. Soon, they were on the outskirts of town, and Derrick drove out the main road toward the Country Club. They pulled up in front of Calvin's house, Derrick parked in front of it.

"This is normally where you'd park?" Murray finally spoke, silence had reined the entire time here.

"Yes." Derrick said. He looked up to the house. He felt bad all of a sudden. He hadn't even tried to call her, to offer her his condolences. What kind of a man was he, he thought, should have at least done that. "So, what now?"

"We wait another few minutes." Murray said. He was looking up at the house as well. "You own this house, don't you?" Derrick's eyes went wide.

"How did you...?"

"Bank records. It has your name as the principle owner." Murray slowly looked at Derrick. "We don't all bungle like Lance did." Murray turned back and looked back up at the house again. "Does Mrs. Sinclair know your car?"

"She might. It's been quite a while since I've been here." Derrick said as he leaned a little looking up to the house. It was quiet. Very quiet. "You think she's home?"

"Does it matter?"

"No, I guess not." Derrick answered softly. Murray was looking at his phone, the recorder was still counting. Derrick glanced down at it.

"Okay." Murray said. "Let's go to your house now." Derrick started the car and pulled away from the curb. He went to the end of the long cul-de-sac and turned around and then came down the street. "You always do that?" Derrick only nodded, not saying anything. He traced his route back out the Country Club and then headed back toward town.

Conner had gotten out of the shower. Alec walked around him, patting Conner's naked butt, and then went into the bathroom. Alec started the shower and closed the frosted door behind him. He washed himself quickly and then shut the water off. He reached out for a towel, and then dried himself. He walked out of the bathroom and smiled as Conner was slipping his pants on over his bare butt. Conner's underwear was lying there, Alec remembering very well ripping them off Conner, tearing them to almost shreds.

"Do you want a pair of mine?" Alec asked, the towel draped around his shoulders. Conner turned his head, smiling.

"No, it's alright this way, till we get to the house."

"Just don't want them to chaff your skin."

"They feel kind of nice actually." Conner said, as he tucked himself into the skinny jeans. As Conner zipped them up, he could see the pronounce bulges in the crotch, how Conner lay in them, how the fabric showed all of him. Alec was getting himself excited again just thinking about it. Conner could see the look and reaction it was having on Alec. "Easy there, killer. We'll be back to it in no time." Conner smiled, Alec pouted. Conner grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head and down his body. He slipped on his shoes and was ready. He ran his fingers through his blonde wavy hair, looking at Alec the whole time. "Ready." Alec dropped the towel on the bed, and started to reach for his clothes. Conner took this opportunity to watch the reverse strip tease. His eyes flashed several times watching Alec get dressed. Fuck, he was so hot to Conner.

"Guess I'm ready too." Alec said, sounding sad.

"What's wrong?"

"Going to the house." Alec shrugged his shoulders. "Now, I have to share you."

"What are you talking about?"

"Derrick and Ty. We won't be alone anymore." Conner wrapped his arms around Alec, pulling him to him, giving him a tight hug. Alec wrapped his arms around Conner's waist.

"We'll make it happen, to be alone. I promise."

"I'm just being selfish." Alec whispered into Conner's neck, as he kissed it.

"Me, too." Conner said, kissing Alec's ear. "Come on, let's go."

Derrick drove through town, on the outskirts, taking the route he thought he normally would to get to his house. He was silent, as silent as Murray had been the entire drive. Derrick had to stop at an intersection with a red light. He downshifted, and waited.

"Remember any traffic that day?" Murray broke the silence finally.

"A few cars, but not many." Derrick said, as the light turned green. He pulled through the intersection and shifted. He drove along the road, being mindful of speed limits and possible hazards along the way. Soon, they were approaching the turn to head out toward Derrick's.

Alec got into his car and started it. Conner went to his rental and got into it. Alec could see a few bags in the back seat. Conner had been right, had he brought them into the tiny studio, they would have climbing over them just to move around. They pulled out onto the road, Conner followed Alec, and soon they neared the center of town. Alec made the turn and they were headed south, Conner behind him. Alec was a faster driver, and was pulling away from Conner. Conner sped up a bit to keep close, even though he knew the way very well. Conner smiled as he thought Alec was just showing off.

Derrick pulled into the driveway, and then into the circular drive in front of the house. He parked and shut the car down. Murray looked down at his phone and stopped the recording. Derrick was watching him. He was waiting for anything from Murray. Murray put the phone in his breast pocket.

"How about a cup of that wonderful coffee you made me last night?" Murray asked. Derrick gave a half smile.

"Sure. Come on in." Derrick opened the door and got out. He walked around to the path leading to the steps, Murray joining him. They went up the steps and up on the porch. Derrick heard the roar of Alec's car on the road. He turned and looked back down the road, seeing it coming toward the house, another car behind it. Murray turned and looked as well, as the cars pulled into the driveway, Alec behind Derrick, Conner up a little in the driveway. Derrick smiled seeing both of them.

"Friends of yours?" Murray asked.

"Yes." Derrick said, looking at Murray and then at the cars. "Excuse me just a minute." Derrick walked down the steps and towards the path. Alec and Conner were getting out. Conner was smiling wide, seeing Derrick, and walked over to him, throwing his arms around Derrick's neck. Derrick pulled Conner into a deep hug from around the waist. Conner pulled back after a minute and kissed Derrick softly and quickly, his eyes flashing their brilliance.

"Missed you." Conner said.

"Missed you too, bud." Derrick said, then hugged him again. Derrick slowly pulled away, and looked over at Alec, putting out an arm, pulling Alec to him as well. They group hugged, Derrick in the middle. Derrick kissed Alec on the cheek. "It's too quiet here without you guys." Derrick said softly into their ears. "You got all your stuff?"

"Yeah." Conner said, as he pulled back. "It's just clothes. The other stuff is on a truck. It should be here in a couple of days. I'll get a storage room. Who's the dude on the porch?" Derrick looked back, almost forgetting about Murray.

"Uh..." Derrick said. He looked back at the two of them.

"He doesn't look your type, Derrick." Conner said. "You didn't dump Ty for him, did you?" Conner was hushed in his tone. Derrick just chuckled.

"No. Come on, let me introduce you." Derrick said, bringing them up to the steps. They all climbed together and came on the porch. "Lt. Murray, these are very dear friends of mine. This is Conner and Alec." Derrick said, indicating each. "Gentlemen, this is Lt. Murray of the police."

"Police?" Conner asked, as he shook Murrays hand.

"That's right." Murray said. His gravely voice sent a chill up Conner's spine. Alec was wide eyed as he shook Murray's hand.

"Yes." Derrick said, looking at Murray. "Conner has been gone for a bit in New York." Derrick said, looking at Conner and then back at Murray. "Let's get you that cup of coffee, shall we?"

"Where's Ty?" Conner asked as they all walked inside.

"He's probably out back." Derrick said, as he walked through the living room. He looked over at the phone and saw messages on the machine. He kept going and walked into the kitchen, the others slowly came in behind him. Alec was very quiet. Conner stayed close to him. Murray watched them out of the corner of his eye. Derrick set the coffee maker and turned around. He had Murray sit at the counter. "Why don't you guys go and see if you can find him?" Alec and Conner looked at Derrick and then at Murray and walked towards the back door. Murray heard the back screen door close. He looked back at Derrick, as he set a cup in front of Murray. Murray could smell it as Derrick made himself one.

Conner and Alec crossed the lawn and walked up to the structure. Ty was at the far end, his back to them. Conner smiled and looked at Alec. He raised a finger to his lips. They snuck up behind him slowly. Conner stood directly behind him. Alec was eyeing Conner, and Conner nodded to have Alec walk up beside him.

Ty was using a howk and taping knife to apply joint compound to the sheetrock, covering the holes and the joints in the sheets. He was focused on his work, he barely noticed Alec and then when he did, he jumped a little bit.

"Scared the piss out of me!" Ty said. "Jesus, don't do that!" Then he grinned at Alec, who leaned over and kissed him. Ty kissed him back softly.

"Think I could get one of those?" Conner asked. Ty jumped and almost cringed from the voice being behind him. Ty spun around.

"Holy fuck!" Ty yelled. His eyes were wide. "Well, look who's here?" Ty said, looking Conner up and down. "Of course you can." Ty stepped forward, his hands full. Conner put his arms around Ty's waist and stepped into him, giving him a kiss. They backed up from each other. "Damn, kid, you look really good. Looks like New York didn't beat you up too bad."

"I got a little rest this morning, after I got back." Ty started looking back and forth at each of them.

"You mean after you fucked each others brains out?" Ty grinned. Both of them went red in the face, blushing. "I thought so. Here it is late afternoon, and you finally drag your ass back here, while I've been working away, alone."

"I thought you did sheetrock only in the nude?" Alec asked, putting his hands on Ty's shorts, rubbing his bulged crotch. Ty looked down and then back up at Alec.

"I usually do, but there have been some things going on around here. And I was waiting for Bart. He supposed to here soon."

"Yeah, there's a cop in the house with Derrick." Conner said. "What's going on?"

"They're here?" Ty asked, his eyes widened a little. "There's a few thing that you don't know about."

"That blonde boy looks familiar." Murray said. "What's his last name?" The coffee cup going towards his lips.

"Van Owen." Derrick said.

"Van Owen?" Murray asked, stopping the cup. "Clayton Van Owen."

"You know him?" Derrick asked, then sipped from his cup.

"Slightly. How did you get involved with his son? Or do I want to know?"

"I've got nothing to hide, Lt." Derrick smirked. "I had business dealings with his father. Conner showed up on my doorstep to try and stop it. There's a...rift between them."

"Hmmm." Murray said. He set his cup down. "Understandable, I suppose. I understand he can be ruthless."

"I know it firsthand." Derrick said, looking toward the back door, as he heard it open and then close. Derrick smiled seeing them come in together. Conner, then Alec, and then Ty. They looked at each other and Ty smiled wide, seeing Derrick. He came over to him. He put an arm around Derrick's back. Derrick leaned forward and kissed him. "What have you been doing all day?"

"Taping and mudding the bathroom out. I'm waiting on Bart. He's supposed to put in the fixtures of the shower so I can get the wall sealed." Ty said, and then looked at Murray. "Afternoon, Lt."

"Afternoon, Mr. Caldwell." Murray said, lifting his cup toward Ty slightly. Murray turned and looked at Conner again. He looked back at Derrick. "Maybe we should be heading back, Mr. Jacobson. I don't to waste any more of your time, as you have, company." Murray set the cup down on the counter.

"Certainly. I need to do a couple of things back at the office anyway." Derrick set his cup on the counter, and then looked at Ty. "I'll be back in a while." He kissed Ty on the cheek, then looked at Conner and Alec. "Why don't you guys get settled in the room. We can go out tonight for dinner."

"I'd like to cook, if that's alright, Derrick." Alec said. "It's Conner's first night back and all."

"Something special?" Derrick wiggled his eyebrows at Alec. He then looked at Murray. "Alec is quite the chef."

"Really?" Murray asked as he got off the stool. He looked Alec up and down. "He doesn't look like any kind of chef I've seen. Usually, they're bigger than I am." Murray smiled. Alec blushed. "Good to meet you, gentlemen." Murray looked at Ty, "Mr. Caldwell." Murray nodded.

"Lieutenant." Ty said, giving Murray a return nod. Ty looked at Derrick, and smiled.

"Be back in a couple of hours." Derrick said, then walked around the counter, Murray following him toward the front door. They walked out the front door and down the steps. Reaching Derrick's car, they climbed in and Derrick started it. They pulled out of the circular driveway and out onto the road.

"So," Conner said, looking at Ty, "you want to tell us what's going on?"

Ty sighed as he leaned against the counter. "Sure. Don't you want to get your stuff out of the car first?" Conner looked at Alec and then back to Ty.

"Is Derrick alright?" Conner asked.

"I'm not sure." Ty said, with a worried look on his face. It looked like he was almost fighting back tears to Conner and Alec. "Why don't we get your stuff out of the car, then we can talk about it."



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