Derrick was reeling from the kiss. It was intense and passionate, unlike anything he had ever felt before. He was in heaven, and was kissing back this perfect Adonis that had walked into his life. He felt himself growing hard from it, and was getting lost. At this moment, he didn't care, he just wanted more.

Ty was unbuttoning his own shorts, and then pulled back the flaps. They were loose enough about the waist, and he let them fall to the floor. He continued to work his tongue deep into Derrick's open mouth, probing, getting to know every corner, loving the feel of it all. He felt something else now, fingers wrapping around his hardened length. God, it was good. The sliding up and down, the light pressure. He pulled back from Derrick, taking a breath.

"You keep that up, I'm gonna cum." Ty whispered, as he moved his mouth to below Derrick's closest ear. He was mouthing over the lobe, then down his neck.

"I want you to cum." Derrick whispered back. "I want you to cum all over me."

Derrick kept his motion up on Ty's long length. Derrick shifted his mouth to Ty's neck, slowly moving down to his shoulder, as Ty was moving his hands around Derrick's shorts, squeezing the firm cheeks that filled the shorts.

Derrick's free hand undid the top button of his own shorts. Before he could undo anymore, Ty had a hand on Derricks wrist, pulling it out of the way. He moved to the rest of the buttons and undid them, pulling the flaps back. The shorts dropped to the floor. Derrick stepped out of them, as Ty pulled away and dropped to his knees.

Derrick had his legs spread a little and Ty took full advantage of it. He cradled Derrick's large balls in one hand and began to lick at them. Derrick looked down to see what was making his head spin. Ty was looking up at him as he tongued over Derrick's balls, making Derrick spread his feet farther apart. Then he really felt it. A finger was probing his hole. He loved it. Moaning, he leaned forward a little, as Ty's free hand wrapped around Derrick's cock and slowly began to stroke it.

"Oh fuck." Derrick moaned. "This is so fucking good."

Ty responded and shifted from licking Derricks balls to licking up and down Derricks long thick cock. He flicked his tongue around the opening in Derricks mushroom, licking at the precum slowly oozing out.

"Tastes so good."

"Like the taste? I could let you lick it up all day."

Ty swallowed Derrick as far as he could, wetting his length. He slid Derrick's cock in and out of his mouth several times, making it dripping wet. Ty started to stroke the thick cock furiously, while massaging Derricks balls with the other hand. Derrick began to moan and rock his hips back forth slowly.

"Cum, Derrick." Ty whispered. "Cum, baby. Yeah."

Derrick moaned loadly and felt the rush of the orgasm from his toes. His cock pulsed as Ty opened his mouth and swallowed the mushroom head. Ty caught the hot pulse in his mouth and swallowed the first one. As the rest of it flowed into his mouth, he only captured it, holding it until Derrick stopped shooting. Ty got to his feet and stood in front of Derrick. He opened his mouth and leaned into Derrick. Their tongues intertwined, sharing and spreading the fluid between their mouths. Derrick was in heaven. He had never done that before with anyone. It was totally hot to him, keeping him hard.

Derrick pulled back, his own cum all around his lips. "Lay down on the bed."

Ty's eyes flashed. He did what Derrick said, turning and laying on the bed, his legs hanging off the edge. Derrick got his first look at Ty's massive cock. He was amazed by it, large balls hanging, touching the mattress. It was very impressive.

As Derrick bent over and began to run his tongue over Ty's balls, he whispered. "You are so damn beautiful."

"What do you want me to do?" Ty asked, running his fingers through Derrick's hair.

"The question is, what do you want me to do?" Derrick asked in return.

In answer, Ty lifted his legs, resting his feet on the bed. Derrick wasted no time and buried his face in between those sweet tight cheeks. He furiously tongued Ty's tight hole as Ty pulled Derrick deeper into him. Ty began moaning softly.

"That is so fucking good." Ty whispered in between moans. "Deeper, yes, deeper, that's right." The moans became louder. "Derrick, I want your cock in me."

Ty loosened his grip on Derrick's hair, letting him up. Derrick stood. "Let me get some lube."

Ty stopped him by wrapping his legs around Derrick's ass. "I have a better idea."


Derrick watched as Ty wetted a hand and began to stroke himself, then wetted the other and joined the first, sliding up and down the long length.

"How big are you?"

"Eleven." Ty answered, watching Derrick the entire time he was stroking. It was so hot to watch, Derrick was rock hard and leaking precum again. He used a fingertip to spread it around his tip.

"Fuck, that is so hot." Derrick said, watching Ty's chest begin to heave. Ty rolled his head to one side, breathing hard and then let loose. The hot fluid shot up to the top of Ty's chest, it was thin and light milky. Ty rubbed it around with one hand, then moved his hand down to Derrick's cock, coating it. Ty smiled as he did it.

"Now you're lubed." Ty lay back down and then rolled his hips up, his legs he draped on Derrick's shoulders. "Fuck me. Put your big cock in me and fuck me like you've never fucked anyone before."

It was enough for Derrick, he was already almost over the edge. He had never had anyone excite him like this before. He pushed his cock tip to the tight hole and pushed until it went in. Ty moaned loudly. Hands grabbed Derrick's ass as Ty rolled up off the bed, pulling Derrick in. Derrick slid in until every inch of his thick nine was buried. Ty moaned louder.

Derrick waited a moment to let Ty adjust and then started a slow rhythm, in and out, a couple of inches at first, then as he began to pick up the pace, he slid almost all the way out and then back in, in and out, Ty moaning louder and louder.

"Fuck." Derrick called out. "Oh fuck."

"Cum inside me, Derrick. Don't pull out."

Derrick threw his head back and let loose his load. "Oh, my God. That is fucking hot."

Ty could feel the pulsing of the load from Derrick's cock inside of him, making him rock hard again. He started to stroke his cock again, standing it up as he watched Derrick slowly pumping inside of him. Derrick looked down at the long cock pointing up at him.

"Make it shoot again, and I'll catch it." Derrick breathed softly.

Ty smiled at him. "Okay. Really, that would be hot." Ty rewetted his hand and then began to stroke his length again. Derrick watched intently, his cock still throbbing in Ty's ass. Ty began to moan and breath heavier. Derrick slowly pulled out of Ty's ass so he could bend over.

The eruption came, shooting straight up into Derrick's waiting, open mouth. He caught most of it, but some spilled back over Ty's tip and hand. Ty kept stroking, using his own fluid as lube on the shaft. Derrick fell over the tip, taking it into his mouth, then slid further down, pushing Ty's hand back with his face.

"Fuck yeah." Ty moaned softly, "Swallow my cock, yes."

Derrick went down as far as he could. He used his tongue to move around the fluid and gather it up, as Ty kept pulsing and stroking. Derrick applied tight suction to pull more out. Once the pulsing stopped, Derrick pulled off and moved up the bed, over Ty. He brought his face down, opened his mouth and fell onto Ty's. Their tongues met, dancing with each other, swapping the remnants of fluid back and forth. Derrick swallowed and felt motion under him. He pulled away and looked down. Ty was hammering his own cock again, stroking it furiously. Derrick was amazed as he watched it shoot yet again. He slid back down and began licking up the latest load off Ty's chest and stomach. He licked at Ty's head as the last oozed out. Derrick looked back up at Ty.

"I've never seen someone cum so many times like that. It's awesome."

"It's a curse." Ty replied softly.

"I wish I could. Twice, and I'm done."

"It's like I'm never satisfied. No matter how many times I cum, I just keep cumming."

Derrick smiled and moved back up to Ty's face, he kissed Ty quickly and pulled back, looking into those sparkling eyes, "What can I do to satisfy you?"

Ty smiled. "Really?" Derrick nodded in answer. "Let me fuck you, long and hard."

Derrick smiled, "I was hoping you'd say that." Derrick spun up and moved to the middle of the bed, resting on all fours. Ty rolled up and got behind him. Ty spread Derrick's cheeks open with his hands, leaned in and began to lick at Derrick's opening, making him moan. Derrick moaned louder as Ty moved his tongue in and out of the hole.

"Oh, God. Fuck me now, please. I want your cock."

Ty smiled as he backed his face out. He wetted his cock and moved in behind Derrick. Slowly he pressed his tip in and through the hole, sending shock waves through Derrick. Derrick tilted his head back and moaned loudly.

"All of it." He moaned, "Put all of it in. I want it."

Ty slowly moved in, letting Derrick adjust to the pressure. Derrick could feel something else now, he looked down his own body, but could not see past his own dangling cock and balls. He looked over his shoulder, Ty was resting his hands on Derrick's waist, and he could see that Ty touching thigh to his own ass cheeks. The feeling was incredible. He had never been penetrated so deeply before, it was like it was up into his chest. Then came the motion.

Slowly at first, a little at a time. Derrick loved it, making him breath hard. He could feel Ty's massive balls slapping against the backs of his thighs. God, he loved it. Then came longer strokes, moving in and out of him, deeper it felt, making him moan with every thrust. He could let Ty do this all day, and he wanted more.

"Harder." Derrick moaned, "fuck me harder." Ty responded by moving faster in and out of Derrick, short hard strokes. Derrick moaned louder.

Ty kept hammering him, relaxing every few strokes, pushing deep, bottoming out his long cock. He could feel it starting to well up in him, down low in his balls. They tightened, as Ty was breathing hard. "Oh, fuck." Ty slammed his hips into Derrick's ass, making Derrick cry out in total pleasure. Derrick could feel the pulses of Ty's enormous stick. Derrick was thinking it would be over, but Ty kept pumping, maintaining the same rhythm. Derrick looked over his shoulder up at Ty. Eyes closed, lost in concentration, Ty was like a machine that wouldn't stop.

"Ty." Derrick said softly, no answer. "Ty." Derrick said louder. Ty opened his eyes, looking down at him. "Let's change positions." Ty stopped his motion.

"Sorry. I didn't hear you. You okay?"

"Yeah. I was just thinking, let's change position."

Ty slowly pulled out of Derrick, allowing him to stretch, turn, and lay on his back. He smiled up at Ty, reaching up for him. Ty slid in between Derrick's legs, pushing his enormous cock back in to Derrick's stretched hole. Derrick rocked his hips up, as Ty propped himself on his hands on the bed. He started to pound Derrick furiously, making muffled grunting sounds. Ty watched as Derrick was rolling his head from side to side, moaning, almost whimpering under the pounding.

"Oh, shit." Ty moaned, cutting loose yet again, deep inside Derrick. The pumping continued and continued, Derrick was starting to have a little touble breathing. Ty pounded Derrick in the same motion, over and over, cutting loose another set of blasts. Derrick was about at an end of being able to take it.

"Ty." Derrick strained out. "I need to stop." Ty opened his eyes, feeling another blast coming on. "My legs are going to sleep." Ty moaned, pulling out of Derrick, shooting as he pulled out. He grabbed himself, stroking furiously through the rest of the load. Derrick dropped his legs on the bed.

Ty spun down, coming to rest next to Derrick. His hand still on his length. Derrick slowed his breathing, getting himself under control, watching Ty. Derrick propped himself up on an elbow, watching the amazing hand job.

"Are you feeling more satisfied, yet?"

"Almost...there." Ty said, looking up at Derrick's face. Another load shot out of the tip, leaping to Ty's chest, string after string. Slowly, Ty stopped stroking himself, keeping his hand on himself.

"How many times does it take, usually?" Derrick asked.

"Last night, I shot six times before I finally quit."

"You were with someone else last night?" Derrick asked, sounding concerned as they had just barebacked.

"No, I was alone." Derrick's eyes widened. "It's true. I beat off a lot. I can't seem to find anyone to stick with me. They're either afraid of my length or the fact that I cum so much and they can't keep up with it."

"Well, I wish I had that problem." Derrick said dryly as he was scanning Ty's impressive body. "I have a hard time keeping anyone myself, because I'm a control freak."

"Really? I never would have known." Ty said with a straight face. Derrick looked down at him.

"Yeah, right." Derrick smiled out of the corner of his mouth. Ty laughed out loud.

"You know, Derrick. I said earlier that this was going to be fun. But, I had no idea how much fun. I think you're great."

"I think you're great, too." Derrick leaned down and kissed him, gently. "And you're not bad to look at, either."

"Really, cause I think you're drop dead gorgeous." Ty replied. "I have to work at my looks, but yours comes naturally."

"Yeah, right." Derrick said, shaking his head. "Any muscle I have comes from the gym. Your's comes from just working. I saw that earlier. Lifting that big old monster beam almost by yourself. Who are you trying to kid?"

Ty laughed again, rolling, he reached up and cradled Derrick's cheek in one hand. Derrick followed the hand back down the powerful sinewed arm with his eyes, to the thick shoulder, the very stacked chest, tight, tight abs. This guy was absolutely perfect. Everything about him, the beautiful eyes, teeth, hair, his warmth and personality. A very fun and fun loving guy, laying right here in his bed. The thought flashed across his mind that he needed to find something else for this guy to build just to keep him here. A slow grin crept across Derrick's face.

"What?" Ty asked, seeing the grin.


"I can tell, it's something. You've got a devil grin going on."

Derrick had to think fast. "I was just wondering if we were going to get anymore work done today? Or are we going to stay right here?" Ty's eyes lite up. He pushed Derrick back on the bed, rolling up on him, spreading cum all over Derrick.

"I was here to work, until this gorgeous guy side tracked me. I hope the boss doesn't show up to check on my progress. It would be hard to explain."

Derrick smiled up into Ty's face at his joke. He was beginning to wonder though, was it a joke? He thought it would be totally hot to spend the whole day, right here, in bed with this wonderful man. To continue to make love with him, to him. He felt himself getting hard at the thought. What to do? Derrick pushed Ty back, and jumped out of bed, surprising Ty. He reached out a hand, grabbing Ty's wrist, pulling him.

"We've got to hurry!" Derrick said, looking frantic.

"What?" Ty looked worried now. Derrick spun back around going face to face with him.

"The boss is coming back. He'll be here soon."

Ty laughed out loud, pulling Derrick closer to him. "You scared the shit out of me."

Derrick winked at him, then turned pulling him into the bathroom. He started the shower, tested the water, and then pulled him in. They walked under the rainhead together, Derrick turned and began to kiss Ty under the flow of water, Ty wrapped his powerful arms around Derrick. They pulled back from each other, looking into each others eyes.

"I can't have you working with cum all over you, in the sun. It'll bake on your skin."

"I've had worse things on my skin in the sun." Ty whispered.

"I bet you have. I hope I'm not one of them."

"You couldn't be if you tried." Ty said, diving into Derrick's mouth again. Their tongues clashed, pushing each other around, each trying to gain control. Derrick's hands were everywhere, as were Ty's. They started to settle down after a few minutes, Derrick washed Ty, and Ty slowly washed Derrick, then jerked him off from behind. Derrick loved it, shooting a load all over the shower glass, watching it slide down, something else he had never done before. They got out, dried each other. Derrick walked into the bedroom to gather his clothes. He bent down to pick up his shorts and was startled to hear someone clear their throat. He turned and saw Paul leaning in the doorway.

"My God, you are hot when you get out of the shower."

"What the hell are you doing here?" Derrick asked, trying to gain his composure.

"Forgot a couple of things. So I see a truck in the driveway, but no work going on." Paul looked at the torn up bed. "So the mystery carpenter, how is he? Is he working out?" Paul saw movement, threw his eye over toward the bathroom doorway, staring at the vision that walked through. He gasped. "I would say, he is working out."

"Hi, I'm Ty. And you are?" Ty asked stretching out a hand. Paul took it, feeling the crushing grip.

"In love,... I mean...I'm Paul, Derrick's roomie." Paul gulped hard, taking everything in. "Is is normal to a shower with the client?" Ty let go of Paul's hand.

"Depends upon the client." Ty winked. "I always aim for the best customer service I can."

"Honey, I bet you do." Paul was almost licking his lips. "Derrick, I want him next, when you're done. I need something built."

Ty had retrieved his shorts, pulling them up and buttoning them. "I have a really long waiting list, Paul. I'm sorry."

"Oh, I'm sure you have lining up around the block! I don't doubt that at all." Paul was watching Ty, licking his lips. With all that muscle, tight hair, huge dick, his ass must have been pulsating. "Derrick, do you think that the garage will ever get done?"Derrick shot a glare at him that would burn anyone to ash. "I mean, it's only the first day, and it seems you're already behind schedule."

Derrick picked up a shoe and threw it at Paul, making him scream like a little girl and run down the hallway. Derrick took off after him. Ty laughed out loud. When Derrick came back, shoe in hand, he toosed it up in the air and let it fall into his hand. They looked at each other, Derrick wiggled his eyebrows. Ty smiled that million dollar smile, making Derrick melt.

"He's right, you know." Ty said, looking down pulling his shirt right side out.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Only that I'm sure that you have a schedule to keep, and that just got all fucked up by me doing this with you."

Derrick came around the bed, coming up to Ty, who had his back to Derrick. Derrick wrapped his arms around Ty's waist, leaned his head against Ty's thick shoulders. Derrick took a deep breath, slowly letting it out.

"I'm not behind schedule. I didn't think it would be even this far. Don't pay attention to that asshole, he's just jealous and feeling slighted. I needed this, I really did, and I think you did too."

Ty patted Derrick's hands on his waist, tipping his head back to lean against Derrick. "You're right. I did. I feel a lot better, thanks to you." Ty loosened the grip, turning to face Derrick. He lifted and wrapped his arms around Derrick's neck, kissing him softly. "But, I can't help but feel that this was the wrong time."

"Nonsense, total nonsense." Derrick reached up, clasping Ty's face in his hands. "I had an evil thought of keeping you here, in this bed all day, with me. Doing all kinds of things to you. I'm getting hard just thinking about it now."

"Really?" Ty asked, then feeling Derrick's stiffened cock. "Ohh, you are getting hard."

"Stop." Derrick protested, rolling his eyes, licking his lips, then focusing back. "I'm sorry, no, don't stop." Derrick was breathing heavy. "Feel my cock." He moaned softly. "Pull my balls. Yes, yes." He moaned. "Would you... would you," moaning softly.

"Would I what?" Ty asked, nibbling Derrick's nipples.

"Suck me again...I want you to suck me again."

Ty came to Derrick's mouth, kissing him gently, licking his lips to moisten them for Derrick, as he was sucking in air. "I would love to."

Derrick moaned under the pressure of Ty sliding up and down on Derrick's thick cock, tumbling his heavy balls at the same time. Derrick once again spread his feet wider, letting Ty have him, all of him. Derrick was running his fingers through Ty's tight hair, clasping them together every once in a while. Ty pulled off once when Derrick had bottomed out in Ty's mouth.

"Pull it, bitch. Pull it." Ty moaned then Ty swallowed him again, all the way down to his base. Derrick pulled at the hair tightly, as Ty moaned on him. Derrick felt the hum of the moan on him, loving the feeling.

Ty moved his mouth in and out, going faster and fatster, tighter, tighter. Derrick was feeling it and was moaning, leaning back so far, he almost lost his balance with Ty's pressure. Derrick erupted in Ty's mouth, moaning loudly and deeply. Ty swallowed every bit of it, pulling on Derrick's tool, trying to get more out of him. Derrick was completely drained now, of cum and energy. He panted, trying to get his breathing back under control. Ty slowly pulled off, licking Derrick's head as he cleared off. Derrick looked down through hazed eyes.

"Better?" Ty asked, looking upward.

"Oh, hell, yes." Derrick answered. "Where the hell were you when I remodelled the house?"

Ty stood up, rubbing Derrick's shoulders slowly, looking him over. "Probably busy." Ty leaned in and kissed Derrick.

"Would you lay with me, for a little while?" Derrick asked, shyly.

"I would love to. But, what would the boss say?"

"He would say, to make sure to look out for the clients needs, and to make him happy." Derrick answered, climbing on the bed, pulling Ty by the hand with him. They lay on the soft pillows, head to head. Derrick swinging half his body over Ty's. "It's too bad you have your shorts back on." Derrick whispered softly.

"Probably a good thing. I might be tempted to have my pole back in your ass again."

"Not a half bad idea." Derrick whispered again, kissing Ty's cheek. He nuzzled in closer, wrapping an arm over Ty's muscular chest, then drifted off.



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