The morning light began to filter in through the large bedroom window, slowly streaming its light up the bed, bathing his sleeping form. As the light reached his face, it stirred him. Derrick opened his eyes and focused. He smiled to himself as he loved the morning.

He threw back the sheet and swung his legs off the bed, touching his feet to the floor. He stretched his arms out and yawned deeply. He rose off the edge of the bed and walked into the bathroom. He turned on the shower, waiting for the temperature to rise, slipping off his thin pajama bottom, he stepped in and let the water flow over him. He washed himself slowly and then rinsed off. Shutting the water off, he reached out and grabbed a towel, and began to slowly dry himself off.

He stepped out and walked up to the sink, ran his fingers through his tight hair, he smiled at himself in the mirror. He loved the fact that he was olive completed and had dark hair. He picked up the toothbrush, loaded it and began to brush his beautiful white teeth. After he rinsed and replaced the brush, he checked the mirror again, turned and walked back into the bedroom.

He opened a drawer in the large bureau, pulled out a sleeveless shirt and slipped it on. He reached into another drawer and removed a pair of cargo shorts, shook them to fluff them out, set them down at his feet, and stepped into the openings, bending over, as he started to pull them up, he heard a noise behind him, the sound of someone clearing their throat. He knew who it was, and pulled the shorts up, straightening. He buttoned them, as he turned.

"You know, Derrick, you have the most beautiful ass. I could stare at it all day long." Paul said, leaning in the doorway of the hallway. "You're on vacation. It's a shame you cover it up. You could walk around naked all day long."

"Morning, Paul." Derrick said with a sigh. "What are you doing today, besides admiring my ass?"

"I have a shoot for early afternoon, then a dinner date." Paul said as he stepped close to Derrick. "Why don't you let me shoot you as you're working on the garage? It would be hot, you in your tool belt, shorts, sweating." Paul smiled.

Derrick returned the smile. "You know that's not going to happen. Besides it would be difficult to get anything done with you clicking away with your camera. Why aren't you shooting your boyfriend?"

"He's cute, but, he's not hot like you."

Derrick blushed a little. He sighed again. "I need some coffee." They walked out of the room, down the hallway, and into the kitchen.

Derrick and Paul had known each other for years. They had been in college together and were roommates. They had a long time relationship but had broken it off as they began to realize their friendship together was more important. Derrick owned the house and had Paul move in with him to help Paul through a difficult relationship. Paul had a room on the other side of the house, he was always busy and wasn't home much. To Derrick, it was like living alone.

Derrick poured himself some coffee, turned and leaned back against the counter. He sipped at the liquid in the cup and gathered his thoughts.

"What's your plan today?" Paul asked, sitting at the other counter.

"I have someone coming over to help out with the rafters. Hopefully, he'll be here in a little while." Derrick replied, looking at the clock across the room.

"Do I know him?" Paul asked with some excitement in his voice.

Derrick gave Paul a half smile. "I don't even know him. He was referred to me by one of the neighbors. They swear by him, that he does beautiful work."

Paul looked disappointed. "Leave it to you to find another perfectionist."

"One can only hope." Derrick said, cocking his head slightly to the right, and smiling wryly, "I'll be sure to ask the right questions, and then see how the day goes."

Paul narrowed his eyes. "Really?! You're going on one and only one recommendation? That's not like you at all. You always have been so cautious and guarded. Is this a new Derrick we're seeing?"

Derrick smiled wide and then sipped some more coffee. "Perhaps."

"A hint of change, a hint of danger, I wish I could stick around and watch, but, I have tons to do before this afternoon." Paul said dryly as he rose up and walked down the hallway to his room. He reemerged with keys and his satchel. He walked up to Derrick, who was rinsing his cup in the sink, gave him a kiss on the cheek, turned and started to walk away. "Tah! Hope everything works out. Get lots done, don't wait up for me..." Paul's voice was trailing off as he went out the back door.

Derrick sighed quietly. Paul could be exhausting, he thought to himself, but he was fun and funny. Derrick did enjoy his company, and when he was there at the house, it was nice. They would spend time together, watching a game or movie, or just talking, Derrick never felt really alone.

Derrick finished at the sink, dried his hands, refolded the towel and hung it up. He walked out the back door and stared across the yard at the skeleton structure. He took a slight breath and walked down the steps, crossed the yard, and up to the stick structure.

He reached out and touched the closest stud, ran his hand up the length a little and slowly back down. It was damp to the touch, as fresh cut lumber is, and slightly sticky from the sap content. He leaned close and took a deep breath. He loved the smell. It was almost primal within him. He smiled and looked past the framing onto the slab, the flatness of the concrete, the sheer size. He was very pleased how everything was taking shape.

The original plan was to have the structure as a garage, with a small office to the back, but the plan changed slowly. Why not have a separate building just for an office? He could work from home and eliminate his office job all the way around. It would be perfect, he thought, a bathroom over there, add some more windows, and there you have it.

He had realized that he needed help but was reluctant to hire anyone, his control issues getting in the way. He happened to run into his neighbors from down the road one day at the grocery store. He had drawn up plans for an addition to their house, as he was an architect. The Wilson's went on and on about the man they had hired to do the project. Derrick listened as Dorothy Wilson breathlessly described him and his work. It seemed more than just appreciation, it was almost lustful. She gave Derrick the number to reach him at, knowing that Derrick needed help, and made Derrick promise that he would make the call.

Derrick did make the call. He got a machine. He left a detailed message and then hung up. He had gone out that evening and had missed the return call. Playing the message when he got home, the voice on the message was soft and sexy sounding, giving an acknowledgement to the information that Derrick had requested, date and time. Derrick saved the message.

As it was mid June, there was no dew in the morning. The materials only needed to be covered to shield them from the sun. Behind the structure there was a large stack, tightly covered, that was the siding. The windows were stacked on top of that. To the side of the structure, next to the driveway, was another large stack. This was all of the rafter material and sheeting for the roof. Derrick ordered engineered lumber to make the ceiling vaulted. He needed it strong for the snow load that would be coming. He heard the sound of a vehicle coming up the driveway. He looked down at his watch, right on time, he thought. This was a good sign.

From where he stood he could not see the driveway or the road, as the house and the trees blocked the view. He heard a door shut and waited. He was excited about this guy coming, if only just to help him get the roof up. He could do the rest himself if he didn't work out, he told himself, just get past this point, and then he came around the corner.

Oh, My God, Derrick thought to himself, and then he gulped, in spite of himself. This guy was friggin beautiful! At that moment, Derrick didn't care if he could even swing a hammer! This Adonis was wearing a button down shirt with short sleeves that revealed tanned muscular arms, snug fittings jeans that revealed a massive bulge, and cowboy boots. His face was tanned, obviously from being outside all the time, short spiky blonde hair.

They approached each other, each extending a hand. Derrick could see the deep blue of his sparkling eyes and his beautiful warm smile. The handshake was firm. Derrick could feel the power in the grip, and to him, it felt like they would never let go. Derrick noticed how this guy was looking him over as well. Derrick smiled to himself, Dorothy had not said enough, he would have to thank her.

"You must be Derrick."

God, he even smelled good, Derrick thought, not to perfumed, kind of earthy. "Yes. You must be Ty, how do you do?"

Ty let his hand go. Derrick was reluctant, but did so as well. "I do well, thank you. So, this is your project you called about." Ty said, turning his gaze toward the structure.

"Yes, the garage." Derrick said, turning to look back as well, "Well, it was a garage, originally, but that has changed. I have changed the plan a little, added some windows, and changed the doors."

"Really? Do you have the prints?"

"Yes. They're over here on the table." Derrick answered, holding a hand out in direction. They walked over and into the structure, up to a plywood table top resting on two sawhorses. Derrick pulled back the pages of the plans, pointing out the revised changes to the framing. Ty saw the stamp marker at the bottom of the plans.

"Did you design these?" Ty asked, looking at Derrick.

Derrick stopped turning pages and returned the look. He looked deep into those sparkling eyes, they were captivating. "Yes, I'm an architect."

Ty smiled. "Impressive." He whispered.

"Thanks. So, do you want to give me a hand with it?" Derrick asked.

Ty thought he would test the water. "You mean with the garage?" he paused for a moment, "When do you want me to start?"

Derrick caught his breath for a moment, feeling a slight surge in his crotch from the comment. "If you want to start today, that's fine with me. I can pay prevailing wage, and I provide lunch, if you want."

"That sounds great. Can I pull my truck back here?"

"Sure. You have your tools with you?" Derrick asked surprised.

"Always," Ty answered. "I have a feeling this is going to be fun."

"So do I." Derrick stretched out his hand. Ty took it and squeezed it firmly.

Ty let go, turned, and walked away. Derrick watched him walk away and was in total lust. Calf muscles rippled in the pant legs, up the backs of the thighs to Ty's pronounced cheeks, which shifted just right with every step. Derrick could tell it was solid muscle. He felt himself getting hard, but couldn't stop watching until Ty went around the corner of the house. Derrick turned and bit his bottom lip. He reached down and adjusted his half hard cock to try and get it out of sight as the truck pulled up and parked on the far side of the lumber stack.

"Is it alright here?" Ty asked loudly out of the open window of the truck.

"It's perfect." Derrick replied.

Ty put the truck in park and opened the door. "I'm going to change real quick, and then we can get started." Saying as he got out.

Derrick had kept watching him the whole time he had come into view, standing motionless, like a deer in a headlight. He shook himself of it as Ty began to unbutton his shirt.

"Oh, let me show you where you can change in the house."

Ty smiled. "I'm fine here." As he pulled the shirt tails up out his pants. He slipped it off, revealing his powerful shoulders and well defined arms, a smooth chest with huge pecs that were above a washboard stomach.

Derrick stepped up to the table and acted like he was going over the plans, but he kept watching the strip tease that was going on, as Ty lifted one boot at a time and pulled them off, setting them in the backseat of the truck.

Ty pulled out a tee-shirt and snapped it in the air, slipped it over his head and pushed his arms through the sleeveless openings. He pulled it half way down, turned and was obviously working the buttons on his jeans. The jeans were slipped off, Ty was not wearing any underwear, revealing one of the most perfect asses Derrick had ever seen. The cheeks were tight and very pronounced, the tan lines were just above the tight crack and below, as if a speedo had been used to sun in. Derrick caught his breath as Ty bent over to pull them off, giving Derrick a rear view of the massive balls that were hanging low, but what was even better to Derrick, was Ty's length, that must have been down to almost mid-thigh. Derrick was almost over the edge, eyes bugging.

Control, Derrick thought to himself, forcing his eyes downward to the plans he knew so well. Stay focused, he thought, you need this done, you need him to help you, come on, get control, move on...

Ty had slipped on a pair of loose fitting cargo shorts in the meantime and was now slipping on a different pair of boots and tying them. He pulled his shirt down, closed the truck door and went to the bed. He reached over and started to pull out his tools and nail bags. He carried them over to the structure and set them on the slab. He smiled boyishly at Derrick, who had lifted his gaze. Derrick returned the smile.

"Ready?" Ty asked, cocking his head slightly to one side.

"I sure am." Derrick replied, hoping Ty wouldn't notice the bulge in Derrick's shorts. Derrick picked up his nail bags and put them on. Ty picked his bags and followed the lead, noticing Derrick's bags as well as the bulge.

"Nice." Ty said softly.

"What?" Derrick asked, looking quickly down and then back up into Ty's smiling face, "My bags?"

"Those, too." Ty answered, then turned and looked upward to the gable end.

Derrick's eyes flew wide open. Ty had seen the bulge. Derrick was totally embarrassed.

"Do you have a measurement on the ridge beam?" Ty asked.

"Uh, yeah," Derrick said, as he snapped back to reality. "It's already cut."

"Perfect. Shall we get it in here and get it up?" Ty asked, with that playful boyish look.

Derrick could now clearly see how this was going to go. He smiled wryly back at Ty. "Love to."

Together they carried the beam in, onto the slab. They lifted and turned it to set its one end in the cradle at one gable end. Derrick took a breath. He didn't realize how heavy it was, as he watched Ty walk back to his truck.

Ty returned to the slab carrying a coil of rope, straps, and two metal rods, about a foot long each. Ty could see the puzzled look out of the corner of his eye and smiled inwardly to himself.

"Don't worry." Ty said softly, as he stood next to Derrick, "I've done this a few times." He turned and went back to his truck and returned with a cordless drill, loaded with a bit. Ty drilled a hole through the beam carefully and inserted a rod through to half its length. He took the rope and lashed off around the rod, throwing the free end up and over the other gable end. Derrick now understood.

Ty set a ladder at the other end, where the beam was resting up at the other end. He gathered the drill, rod, and strap and went up the ladder. He climbed up the framing as the ladder wasn't tall enough and balanced over the gable end with the beam. He drilled a hole through the beam, inserted the rod, attached the strap around the framing, holding the end in place.

"I see what you're doing." Derrick said, "What do you want me to do?"

Ty looked down at Derrick, smiled out of the corner of his mouth. "Let's get a 2x4 to use as a prop, just in case I need help. We'll use it from underneath to help guide the beam."

Derrick nodded his understanding and walked away, then returned with a 2x4 long enough for the task. He leaned it up against the framing so it would be ready. He watched Ty slide down the gable end, walk the wall framing and go to the opposite wall. Derrick was right underneath Ty. He tipped his head back and was thrilled that he could see right up the loose legs of Ty's shorts. Derrick marveled at his size and felt himself starting to stiffen again. He looked back down to the slab.

"Ready?" Ty asked, knowing full well what Derrick was looking up at. "I'll lift, you guide, okay? If it slips or I drop it, don't try to stop, get the hell out of the way, okay? "

Derrick snapped himself back to reality, stepping over to the beam. Ty pulled the rope tight, Derrick squatted down, grabbed the beam, and started to lift. He watched as Ty pulled the rope hand over hand, the excess trailing over the framing. Derrick lifted and marveled at the muscles rippling in Ty's arms.

The beam reached the top of the framing. Derrick grabbed the 2x4 and propped it under the beam, the other end on the slab. Ty shifted the beam to come up and over the framing, resting it. Sliding it upward, slowly, Ty scooted along with the beam, Derrick holding tension from below, keeping pace.

"Okay," Ty said, looking down at Derrick, "I'll guide it over and into the pocket, you keep the 2x4 under it, and slowly ease it down. Use your foot as a brake on the slab against the 2x. Okay?"

Derrick nodded his understanding. Ty lifted the beam end with the rope, as he straddled the framing, his arms looked like they were going to explode. Derrick slowly slid the 2x4 back on the slab, as directed, and the beam came down and stopped in the bottom of the pocket. Both of them took a deep breath.

Derrick looked up. He could see Ty's chest heaving with every breath. "You okay?"

"I guess I don't need to go to the gym tonight."

"I wouldn't think so," Derrick replied. "That was incredible. It was almost too easy."

Ty smiled and began to coil up the rope. He dropped the coil out on the lawn, and then the rod. Derrick watched as he nailed off the end of the beam to the framing. Once done, Ty walked down the framing of the gable end. He walked the wall framing around to the opposite end and went up that gable. He removed the strap and rod, dropping them, then nailed off the beam. As Ty came down the ladder, Derrick was shaking his head.

"What?" Ty asked.

"You are impressive. I had my doubts before you got here, but now, I am very pleased that I called you."

"Thanks. Ready for rafters?"

"Let's take a break. I could use some coffee."

Ty smiled. "I could get rid of some."

Derrick's eyes widened again. "I'm sorry. I didn't show you where the bathroom is or anything. Let's go in the house."

They took off their nail bags, set them on the slab and walked toward the house together. They climbed up the few steps to the back screen door, Derrick swung it open, walking through, Ty following. They entered the wide hallway. Ty noticed a laundry room to the right, seeing a half bathroom on the left.

"I'm going to just step in here real quick, okay?" Ty asked, using his thumb to point.

Derrick stopped, turned, looking surprised. "Oh. Sure. Um, this one's fine, if it's okay with you."

"You want me to use another one?"

"I didn't know if that one was okay or not. It's a little small." Derrick looked down at the floor of the hall, then back up. "I thought you might use mine."

Ty smiled. "If that's what you want, then okay. But, this one will do."

"Sure. Go ahead. I'll be in the kitchen." Derrick said softly, using his thumb over his shoulder to point the way.

Ty smiled again, and stepped into the bathroom, closing the door. Derrick grimaced at the thought of blowing it with him, turned and went down the hallway, into the kitchen. He pulled out a cup from the cabinet next to the sink, loaded up the instant coffee maker, set his cup into the machine, and pushed the button. As the liquid began to pour into the cup, Ty came into the kitchen.

"This is absolutely beautiful." He said as he stepped up to the counter in the island. "I am very impressed. You must cook a lot to have a kitchen like this."

"Thank you." Derrick said, as he turned to look at him. "I do cook a little. I used to entertain a lot, but that has cut back as there's not enough time. Do you want some coffee?"

Ty smiled, "Sure, would love some."

Derrick pulled another cup from the cabinet and repeated the process, making coffee for Ty. Once the machine was done, he handed the cup over. Ty took it and sipped the hot liquid.

"Want anything in it?" Derrick asked.

"No, this is fine."

"How about the rest of the house, want to see it?"

Ty smiled again. " I would love to."

Derrick walked him through the house, a large Craftsman style bungalow. Even though it was only single story, it was large and roomy. Derrick pointed out all of the architectural details, even though Ty had noticed them. They walked around until they ended up in Derrick's bedroom.

"Sorry about the mess. I forgot to make the bed this morning." Derrick said, as he began to straighten up the bed. Ty reached out and put his hands on Derrick's waist to stop him.

Derrick tensed up under the touch.

"It's okay," Ty said softly. "I won't tell anyone."

Derrick turned under Ty's touch, looking at him eye to eye. Ty smiled at Derrick, then set the coffee cup down on the nightstand, next to the bed. He rose back up, going face to face with Derrick.

"You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life." Derrick said softly. The breath of his words sensually blowing on Ty's lip, as they were that close. "I would love to kiss you, run my tongue down your throat, but I don't want to screw this up."

Ty smiled with that boyish look that made Derrick feel warm, "You let me worry about that. I want your tongue down my throat." With that said, Ty turned his head slightly, parted his lips, and leaned into Derrick.



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