Building Things

Chapter 21

Derrick came out of the bathroom, he saw Ty finishing making the bed, and smiled. Derrick walked over to the dresser and went to pull open a drawer. He scanned the different choices and reached for a pair of underwear.

"Make sure it's bikinis, please." Ty said from behind him.

Derrick looked over his shoulder, smiling. "Alright, if that's what you want."

"I do...I really do. You are so hot in those." Ty stood up, smiling.

"So, what's the occasion?"

"Oh...just something I had in mind. You'll see." Ty said, as he came around behind Derrick, smacking his naked butt. "Now, hurry up."

"Uh, yes, sir." Derrick said as he grinned. He stepped into the bikinis and got everything in place in them, feeling comfortable, he closed the drawer, turned and walked over picking up his coffee cup and walked back into the kitchen. Ty was at the coffee machine, in his own underwear, looking very sexy, shifting his weight from one leg to the other.

Ty turned his head, looking at Derrick walk in the kitchen, his eyes wandered up and down Derrick's body. Derrick set his cup down next to the maker and then reached over, running his hand up on Ty's thick shoulder, leaning forward kissing Ty on that shoulder, then smiling. Ty smiled back as he removed his cup from the maker. He turned and walked over to the table and sat at the far end of it. Derrick watched him as he went, giving him a puzzled look.

"What are you up to?" Derrick asked, and then put his cup in the maker, pushing the button.

Ty held his finger up to his lips, to shush Derrick. Ty nodded his head toward the bedroom where Alec was sleeping. Derrick smiled wide and shook his head. He pulled the cup from the maker and walked over toward the table, looking down at his end where the drawing was still there. He went to walk to where Ty was, but Ty held up a hand to stop him.

"I want to watch you as you draw, in your underwear. I want that image in my mind when you're gone at work, and I'm here, alone."

"Kinky..., but alright." Derrick said. "Why don't you just take a picture with your phone?"

"Good idea, but I hate that fucking thing. This is so much better." Ty said, leaning forward resting on his elbows on the table. "This is a fantasy of mine. Indulge me."

"Okay." Derrick said softly. He backed up and stepped to his end of the table and set about with his drawing. He looked up and at the end of the table now and then at Ty, giving him a soft smile. Ty just sat there, sipping his coffee, watching Derrick work.

Derrick got into his drawing, losing track of his surroundings, the time, and of Ty watching him. He became so focused on what was below on the table top, bring the images forth that were in his mind. Pencil, ruler, and imagination combined once again. Derrick was shifting himself from one foot to the other, drawing at a furious pace, making footnotes as he went to the bottom of the large sheet. Once he was satisfied with it, the plan seemed to have come to a life of it's own. He tapped the pencil on the edge of the sheet, looking it over, and a smile crept across his face. Derrick finally nodded his head, and rolled the large sheet, laying open a new blank before him. He quickly set his pencil to paper once again, and lines began to emerge. He was shifting his body to and fro, not realizing that Ty was still watching him, drinking in the scene.

Ty was captivated by the way Derrick worked. His muscles in his arms flexed with the stroke of the pencil, his fingers delicately moving the ruler about the large sheet. Ty watched as Derrick swayed his hips going from one side of the sheet to the next. Ty loved watching Derrick's balls and the outline of his long cock in the bikinis flexing and moving, shifting with each adjustment of his weight as he worked over the sheet. Ty sat silently at the end of the table, just watching, his breathing was soft and even, his throat was tight, and he so wanted to just get up and take this beautiful man on the table, but he restrained himself, trying to be content in just watching him. Ty saw movement out of the corner of his eye. His gaze turned and he saw Alec step into the kitchen, rubbing his eyes.

Ty smiled, as he and Alec made eye contact. Ty put a finger to his lips as he saw Alec going to say something. Ty took the finger and used it to beckon Alec to come and join him. Alec was watching Derrick work over the sheet at the other end of the long table. He stepped closer toward Ty, and then reaching that end of the table, went to sit down. Ty was watching Alec's body as he drew near him, looking him up and down.

Ty leaned closer to Alec as he sat down. "Morning, gorgeous." Ty said softly. Alec, turned, and blushed at Ty's comment.

"Morning." Alec said with soft eyes.

"How's your head this morning?"

"Throbs, a little."

"Don't doubt it. Would you like some coffee?" Ty leaned even closer to Alec. Alec was looking at the bulging muscles of Ty's chest and arms.

"I think I need some." Alec said, as he went to get up. Ty put a hand gently on Alec's shoulder to keep him there.

"I'll get it for you. Just sit there and look hot." Ty smiled, and then got up from the table. Alec watched as Ty got up, and was in awe of the size of Ty in his tight underwear. Alec's mouth fell open, his head turned as he watched Ty walk behind him going around the counter to the coffee maker. A long minute later, Ty walked back carrying a steaming cup, setting it in front of Alec. Ty leaned down into Alec's ear. "Take anything in it?"

"Maybe just a sugar, if that's alright."

"Sweet for a sweet, sure." Ty walked back to the counter and returned with a bowl and a spoon, setting it in front of Alec. Ty smiled and then bent down and lightly kissed Alec on the cheek. "You gonna be okay?" Ty asked softly. Alec simply nodded his reply. "Good. Are you hungry?" Alec shook his head. "Need some asprin?" Alec smiled weakly and nodded. Ty grinned and walked into the bathroom. Alec turned and just watched Derrick draw, who was completely oblivious to his surroundings. Alec marveled at how hot Derrick looked in his bikini underwear, his olive skin, his muscular frame, the dark wavy hair, that was somewhat wild at the moment, not the usual controlled style. Alec saw a raw power from Derrick and was in awe of it. Ty walked in and opened the bottle, giving Alec a few tablets in his palm, Ty noticing the look Alec was giving Derrick. Ty put the cap back on the bottle and sat down again.

"Have you heard from Conner?" Ty asked, softly. Alec spun his head, hearing the name. Ty knew it would bring him around.

"Only when he landed. He text me, said he was going to try and hurry." Alec swallowed the tablets and chased them with his coffee. He tilted his head back, letting everything go down. He grimaced at the taste of it.

"Wow. You're a real man, swallowing aspirin with coffee? You've got balls, I'll give you that." Ty grinned.

"You don't drink, do you?" Alec asked softly, looking quickly at Derrick, and then back to Ty.

"Used to." Ty said softly, leaning toward Alec. "Had a bad experience with it once, very bad." Ty shook his head. "Won't ever do it again."

"What happened?" Alec asked touching Ty's arm.

"It was bad. We can talk about it another time." Ty smiled. "You sure you're not hungry?"

"Maybe after my head quits throbbing."

"Finish your coffee, and then go get in the shower. It will help, I know." Ty said, as he sat back in his chair, his eyes returning to Derrick. Ty smiled softly watching his love move the pencil and the ruler, striking line after line to the paper, Derrick moving to and fro again. Alec rested his chin in one of his palms, resting it all on the table, taking in the view of Derrick, getting lost in the beauty and the lust of it. Ty's eyes went back and forth between Derrick and Alec. Ty knew that Alec was wanting after Derrick, to be with him, to have him again, but Derrick was right when he told Alec that it wasn't right without Conner, as they were now together. Derrick told Alec that he wouldn't take the chance of hurting any of them by simply satisfying animal lust. Alec was smart enough to understand, but it didn't change the way he felt, his wants, his desires. Ty saw it, and knew what Alec was feeling, for he felt it as well.

Ty leaned over, trying to get Alec's attention, but he was lost in the vision of Derrick. Ty grinned, and then he blew into Alec's ear, making Alec jump a little. Alec snapped his head toward Ty. Ty grinned wider.

"Go get in the shower." Ty said softly. He nodded toward Derrick's direction. "He'll be doing this for hours, believe me. You'll have all the time in the world to watch him." Ty said and winked. Alec blushed that he had been discovered. He sipped some more coffee and then pushed the cup back. He got up from the table. Ty saw the bulge in Alec's underwear and it was more pronounced. Ty shook his head and went back to watching Derrick draw.

A few minutes later, Alec came out of the bedroom, fully dressed. He smiled seeing Derrick and Ty still at the table, still doing what they were doing when he left. He crossed the room and sat down at the table near Ty. Ty smiled at him. Alec smiled in returned.

"He's still at it?"

"Uh huh. He'll do it for hours. That's why I wanted him to do it like this." Ty pointed toward Derrick, specifically toward the underwear. "He's so hot when he does this."

"I know, right?" Alec whispered.

"Yeah." Ty replied. "Makes me want to get up and just..."

"Jump him?"

Ty chuckled. "Oh, yeah." Ty rolled his eyes toward Alec, hearing Alec's phone buzz in his pants pocket. Alec leaned back and reached in with his fingers, pulling it out. He looked at the screen. His eyes went wide, he looked up at Ty.

"Conner?" Ty asked, with a grin. Alec nodded. Derrick stopped what he was doing, hearing the noise of the phone, breaking his concentration. "You'd better answer it then." Ty said.

"Hello?" Alec said in a soft voice. Ty looking toward Derrick, then getting up, as Derrick was looking around, seeming lost.

Ty walked up to Derrick, giving him a kiss on the cheek. "It's the boyfriend." Ty said quietly in Derrick's ear.

"Oh." Derrick said, looking at Alec, standing up straight. He rocked from side to side, trying to get the kinks in his back out. He picked up his cup and turned, walking toward the coffee maker.

"Back bothering you?" Ty asked as Derrick stepped next to him at the coffee maker.

"Yeah, the table's to low. Can't wait to get at a regular drafting table. They're higher and tilted. It's easier."

"I know." Ty said. "But it blocks the view." Ty whispered. Derrick gave him a puzzled look. "Here, turn around, let me work out your kinks." Derrick turned around and let Ty start to message his lower back, kneading the muscle as he were a lump of bread dough. Ty dug into the muscle, making Derrick moan with the deep rubbing. Alec turned and looked at them over the counter from the table, his vision was partially blocked from the high counter.

", that's Derrick and Ty." Alec said into the phone. "Yes, I'm here at the, I got here last, we only talked..." Alec turned in his chair, looking out the windows, "yes, I stayed the night...Derrick poured me a drink...I got light headed...I don't, we didn't....I woke up this morning in your bed...they must have put me there...yes, I had clothes, they're right here...yeah, listening...alright, hold on..." Alec said as he got up from the table, walking around the counter. He walked up to Derrick, holding his phone out to him. Ty was working Derrick's back furiously. Derrick smiled at Alec, taking the phone.

"Hello?" Derrick moaned. "Who's this? What? Conner?, I don't know any Conner. You must have a wrong number...oh, you're Conner? Oh, that Conner? Hey, how are you? How's New York?...that's's fine, very fine...taking good care of him...yes, you shouldn't worry...what?, you know that we never, ever kiss and tell..." Derrick winked at Alec, making him blush, "what? Last night? Yes, he stopped by to talk. Yes, I poured him a drink...yes, it went to his, Ty carried into your room...well, of course I put into bed. I had to get him undressed first though...oh, you should have been here, underwear, big bulges, gorgeous hot body, mmm, mmm..." Derrick listened for a long moment, then grinned. "You really think we would do that?...that's alright, you're forgiven...I've been teasing, you hurry up and get back here. That's right, get your stuff done...Alec is going crazy here, waiting. he is." Derrick handed the phone back, turning and looking over his shoulder. Ty leaned close to him.

"And you say I'm bad?" Ty asked. "You're a monster."

"It's because you're a bad influence...I was sweet and tender until you showed up."

"You lying bitch." Ty said as he dug his fingers in deep, making Derrick moan louder. "That'll teach you."

"Heeyy, that hurt." Derrick moaned out loudly.

"Good." Ty said, kissing Derrick between the shoulder blades. "Spreading rumors like I'm the one responsible for the way you act. Huh." Ty muttered. Derrick chuckled.

"Thin skin." Derrick said.

"Beast." Ty muttered.

"I will..." Alec said, as walked to the windows behind the table. "I miss you...I know...I can't help it...I love so much..." Alec chuckled, Derrick and Ty watched, as he turned back toward them, wiggling a little as he did, grinning wide, his dimples shone, "yes,...they do, especially the pillow, I woke up with it...okay, promise you'll call me...okay...I love you, babe. Alright, bye." Alec stared at the phone as he lowered it and hit the end button. His face stopped beaming and turned to a blank look as he stared at the phone.

"So, that sounded interesting." Ty said, still pounding Derrick's back.

"Yes, it did. What about the pillow?" Derrick asked.

Alec looked up at the two of them. He smiled, remembering the conversation. "He asked if the bed still smelled like him." Alec blushed. "I said, yes, the pillow. It smells like his hair. I love..." Alec caught himself, as Derrick and Ty were smiling wide at him.

"It's alright, bud, to be in love." Derrick said. "We know you miss him. We miss him too."

"Yeah, the little shit leaves when I could really use his help on the garage."

"Office." Derrick said, flatly.

"Whatever." Ty said, digging in again. Derrick groaning. "The point is, there's never any help around when you need some, right?"

"Well, I could help you, if you want?" Alec asked, almost meekly.

"Oh, no you don't." Derrick said, looking over his shoulder. "I know what you're doing. Trying to stealing the chef's assistant. Uh, no way, Mr. Master Carpenter, you're not getting off that easy."

"Really?" Ty asked, sounding wounded.

"You said yourself, you have little to do, until the others are done, the inspections, and then there are the interiors only. You are not stealing my gorgeous assistant chef." Derrick looked back at Alec and winked. Alec blushed.

"Oh, alright. I guess I'll have to wait for the boyfriend to come back."

"Good plan." Derrick said as he pulled away, turning to put his cup into the coffee maker. He looked at Ty. "So, how much do I owe you for the back rub?"

"I told you, you couldn't afford me." Ty grinned, hip bumping Derrick.

"Put it on the tab anyway. I feel so much better, thank you." Derrick leaned over and kissed Ty.

"Whatever I can do." Ty said, as he turned and leaned against the counter, sipping his coffee. He watched as Alec came around the counter toward the both of them. Derrick pulled his cup and turned, leaning against the counter next to Ty.

"I want to say, thank you, to you both, for last night." Alec said.

"Well, you're welcome." Derrick said, looking over the top of his cup. "Are you leaving or something?"

"I have a few errands to run, yes."

"Oh, another hottie in the wings?" Ty asked, wiggling his eyebrows.

Alec frowned. "No, I really have a few errands to run."

Derrick elbowed Ty in the ribs. "Would you care to have dinner here with us this evening?"

"Only under one condition." Alec said, in a firm tone.

Derrick narrowed his eyes. "Name it."

"You let me cook for you."

"Really? Alright," Derrick looked at Ty. Ty shrugged his shoulders. "I'll go to the store..."

"Nope, I've got it covered." Alec said, grinning wide, showing his perfect teeth. He leaned forward, kissing Derrick, then stepped in front of Ty, leaning in, kissing Ty just as tenderly. "I'll be back later."

"Okay, just come on in." Derrick said. Alec turned and walked quickly toward the front door. They heard the door open and then close. "Fuck, he's hot."

"God, don't I know." Ty said, looking at Derrick. "And he so has the hots for you."

"Still? No, he's got it bad for Conner."

"Yeah, he does, but, he is so lusting after you, you can see it in his eyes, the way he looks at you."

Derrick put an arm around Ty's neck, going nose to nose with him. "I only hope that you're still lusting after me, later on down the road."

"Hmmm," Ty said, putting an arm around Derrick's waist, pulling him in with a hand on Derrick's butt. "when we're old and grey, you'll still have the tightest ass, and I'll still be lusting for it."


"Guarantee it." Ty smiled wide, and then kissed Derrick softly. "I know that I'll always have to contend with a hot boy or two, especially the way you look, but it doesn't worry me."

"Me? What about you, Mr. Body Builder? I'll have to keep a stick at the door."

"I'll always come home to you. No matter what."

"That sounds good." Derrick said, and kissed Ty again. "So, are you hungry from watching me all morning long?"

"Not for food." Ty said, setting his cup down. Derrick grinned, and then wiggled his eyebrows.

It was late afternoon. Derrick rolled over in the bed, wrapping an arm over the sleeping Ty, who had his back to him. Derrick scooted closer to him, spooning up against him. Ty felt Derrick against him, his naked body pressing against his own naked body. They were barely covered with the sheet, over their lower hips. Derrick began to nuzzle his lips against Ty's neck, kissing him softly, bringing his arm tighter, running his hand lower. When they both heard the front door open. They both lifted their heads up off the pillow, but couldn't see who it was that had come in. They both assumed it was Alec.

Derrick rolled and got out of bed. He slipped on a pair of shorts and looked down at Ty, who was rolling to join Derrick. Derrick held up a hand to stop him, and smiled. Derrick leaned down and kissed Ty, then turned and walked out, into the hallway, toward the kitchen. Coming around the corner at the fridge, Derrick saw Alec at the counter, unpacking a grocery bag. Derrick smiled and walked over to him. Alec looked up, seeing Derrick approach and returned the smile.

"So, what do we have here?" Derrick asked, as he scanned the items on the counter.

"I know you are fond of chicken, so I have a roast chicken recipe that I want to try on you guys." Alec half grinned.

"Hmmm, that sounds fine." Derrick watched Alec pull more out of the bag. "You want some help?"

"No, I've got it." Alec said, turning his head, looking Derrick up and down. Alec's eyes were soft.

"What?" Derrick asked. Alec leaned forward, turning, putting his arms around Derrick's neck, tilting his head, kissing Derrick, opening his mouth, trying to push his tongue in. Derrick was hesitant, but his animal instinct took control. He opened his mouth, letting Alec in, taking in the wonderful tongue, sucking on it, pulling at it more. Alec stepped closer, rubbing his crotch against Derrick's, breathing heavily through his nose. Then the reality set in for Derrick. He pulled back, taking in a deep breath, breathing in Alec as he was so close.

"No." Derrick said softly, reaching up, pulling Alec's arms from his shoulders, stepping back. "I would take you in a heartbeat, my gorgeous boy, if I didn't have Ty, and if you didn't have Conner."

"Derrick..." Alec lowered his head, then slowly raised his eyes, "I'm sorry...I..."

"It's alright." Derrick said in a low voice, smiling. "You're so's hard for me to keep my hands off you, but I have to, for the sake of the others."

"You're right." Alec said, as he cleared his throat, turning back to the groceries, pulling out the last of them.

Derrick reached down and clasped a hand on Alec's left butt check, squeezing firmly. "But this had better be the best roast chicken I have ever had." Derrick kissed Alec on his neck, just below his ear, then turned and walked away toward the bedroom.

Alec just watched him walk away and then out of sight. He smiled to himself, knowing deep down, Derrick wanted him as well. It made Alec feel good, his chest filling with excitement. He set about starting to prepare dinner.

Derrick walked back into the bedroom. Ty was propped up against the headboard, the sheet barely covering him at the base of his cock. Derrick looked down, as Ty raised a leg, out from under the sheet, bending it at the knee, letting the sheet gather over his crotch. Derrick sat down on the edge of the bed. Ty just looked at him, he knew something was up.

"Let me guess." Ty said in a soft voice. "He made a pass at you." Derrick nodded his head in answer. "I told you, he wants you really bad. You should let him have you, it's alright with me, you know that. It will get it out of his system."

"Don't tempt me." Derrick rolled his eyes, he put a hand on Ty's leg. "I don't want to screw any of this up. We haven't been together all that long, and neither have they."

Ty shook his head, then looked at Derrick. "Do you love me? I mean really?"

"Yes. Without a doubt."

"Good. I love you. And because I love you, because we're men, because we're gay, we have desires, wants, needs." Ty paused as he reached out and touched Derrick's right nipple with the back of a finger. "Do I fulfill your needs?" Derrick looked at him quizzically. Derrick nodded. "Am I everything that you want?" Derrick nodded again. "Good, because you are everything that I want, and everything I desire. So, if we're good with each other, good in the fact that we are solid, then, I know it won't hurt us if you fuck that boys brains out. You see what I mean?"

"I do, but..."

"I're doing the noble thing, the 'right' thing, but there's the desire thing." Ty took in a deep breath and exhaled. "Do you think he's gorgeous?" Derrick nodded, with narrowed eyes. "Did you enjoy him when the four of us were together?" Derrick smiled and nodded. "Because I'll tell you, having had Conner twice, he is fucking hot, and I would do it with him all over again."

"What about you?"

"You mean, would I fuck Alec? Hell, yes, in a minute. Who wouldn't? You know how gorgeous he is." Ty said, Derrick lowered his head a little. "He's in the kitchen right now, in his tight ass clothes, cooking something to try and impress you, to make you want him more. So, there it is, plain and simple. You're not hiding anything from me, and if you were, then I'd be pissed. You have been honest, open, loving. Now, go in the kitchen and see if he needs help with something." Ty wiggled his eyebrows.

"You say I'm to good to you." Derrick shook his head. "It's you that are too good to me."

"We'll see." Ty said, smiling. Derrick leaned and they kissed each other deeply, till Ty pulled back. Derrick got up off the bed, and walked out of the bedroom. Ty tilted his head back and stared at the ceiling.

Derrick walked into the kitchen, standing next to the fridge, just watching the young Alec prepping dinner. He smiled as he watched the tight jeans move, the tight shirt, hugging all the contours and muscles of his beautiful body. Derrick was getting lost watching him. His emotions were battling inside of him, knowing what Ty had just said, remembering what they had discussed just last night, Derrick trying to stick to his principles, his lust and desire welling up in him. His head was spinning, watching the absolutely gorgeous young man. Then finally, enough, enough. Derrick stepped over to the counter, coming up next to Alec. Alec looked up with lust in his eyes.

"How's it going?" Derrick asked.

"Good." Alec smiled, turning to face Derrick. "It's in the oven, should be about an hour and twenty minutes."

"Perfect." Derrick looked Alec over, up and down, his beautiful eyes, his gorgeous feature, down to his obvious bulge in his jeans.

"What is it?" Alec asked, softly.

"I was just talking to Ty..."

"He told you to come out here and fuck me, didn't he?" Alec asked, touching Derrick's chest with the flat of his hand, feeling Derrick breath under it. Derrick looked down at Alec's hand, and nodded, slowly. "But, you can't do it, can you?" Derrick shook his head slowly. "Too many things in the way, like you said." Derrick nodded. "I understand. Doesn't change what I want, but I understand how you feel. I also remember what you said last night." Alec leaned close and kissed Derrick on the cheek. "If you didn't have Ty, and I didn't have Conner, I would be all over you right now."

"The trouble is..." Derrick said, turning, going face to face with Alec, reaching up, clasping Alec's face in his hands. "that I want you so bad, probably more than you want me."

"Then...why don't you have me?"


"Don't stand behind some old outdated philosophy..."

"Fuck..." Derrick whispered, as he leaned in, taking Alec into his mouth, battling his tongue, pushing it out of the way. Hands shifted around, one going around Alec's waist, the other, sliding to Alec's crotch, squeezing it, feeling it respond to his touch. Alec moaned in his mouth. Derrick pulled back, still touching lips with Alec. "You're so fucking beautiful."

"Want me to show you how beautiful you are?"



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