Building Things

Chapter 13

Conner sat back on the couch. Alec looked at him sitting next to him, and smiled to himself. His eyes traced Conner and his lower frame and all of the extra goodies. Alec picked up the glass again and took another sip.

"I thought it was too strong, and you wanted to keep a clear head?" Conner asked, leaning forward, resting his arms on his thighs.

"It is too strong, and,...I will keep a clear head." Alec said, turning his head toward Conner. They were almost nose to nose. Alec's eyes were everywhere, taking in every detail of Conner's perfect face. He could smell Conner's breath, feel his body heat. Everything about him excited Alec. He paused for a moment, and then leaned in toward Conner. Conner closed his eyes, letting Alec move to him. Their lips met, in a soft moist touch at first. The lips moved against each other, and then Alec felt something at the back of his head, yes, it was fingers, fingers from Conner's hand, pulling him inward, softly stroking his hair. Lips parted, slowly, and then Alec moved inward with his tongue, as he moved one hand to Conner's knee. Deeper the tongue came, more and more active. Alec softly moaned under the onslaught in his mouth. Conner moved his body, scooting closer to Alec on the couch. He brought his other arm up and wrapped Alec from the other side, capturing him, pulling him even more. Alec let him, excited thoughts running through his mind the entire time.

Conner slowly withdrew, opening his eyes, looking at this beautiful man next to him. Conner leaned in, pushing Alec back on the couch, following him to the cushions. Alec brought one leg up on the couch, Conner shifted to let him in under him, then lay on him, his mouth to his, tongues began their work, again. Hands slipped under Alec, wrapping him in a warmth and a strength that he more than desired. Alec started panting, feeling himself loosing any control now and his length had grown to full hardness in his pants. He could feel the same from Conner and wanted it desperately, as Conner worked his mouth furiously on Alec's. Then reality set in with Alec. He struggled to get free of Conner's mouth. Once he had, he breathed in deeply, looking up at Conner their eyes meeting.

"What if Derrick and Ty walk in?" Alec asked, panting, running his hands up and down Conner's tight back.

"They'll probably want to watch." Conner kissed Alec's neck and then moved up to his ear. "We might be able to teach them something."

Once Conner had reached Alec's ear with his lips, it sent Alec into overdrive. He moaned loudly, making Conner respond to it, doing it again and again, driving Alec insane.

"Dude, you're killing me." Alec whispered, as he clutched Conner's ass in one hand. Conner only grunted. "Let's get naked. I want you so bad." Alec moaned. It was magic to Conner. He pulled back and sat up on the couch on his knees. He looked down at the gorgeous man under him. He grabbed his shirt and pulled it up and over his head, tossing it to the floor. He looked back down, seeing the huge bulge in Alec's pants below him and smiled. Conner undid his own jeans, and then opened them. Alec raised a hand up and reached inside. Conner moaned as fingertips found him, then full fingers wrapping him.

"Oh, that's nice. That's so fucking nice." Alec said. "I want it. Let me pull it out."

The skinny jeans were hard to work out of, but Alec managed, and quickly had Conner's length out. Alec slowly ran fingers all over the soft skin, tickling it, making Conner tilt his head back and moan. Fingertips tickled the tip and the head, then traced down the length. Conner loved it. He got it together finally and reached his hand down and grasped the bulge in Alec's pants, sliding his palm back and forth over it, all the while being tickled with fingertips.

"Oh, shit." Conner moaned. "You're driving me crazy."

"Good." Alec whispered, watching the palm work him over, as he squirmed his butt on the couch cushion.

Conner leaned back, freeing his leg and got it off the couch, putting his foot on the floor, he shifted and stood. He worked his jeans off, then stepped out of them. He dropped to his knees and fell his mouth on Alec's bulge, Alec put his hands in Conner's wavy hair, digging his fingers in, pulling every now and then, spurring Conner on. Conner quickly worked the top button of the jeans and then unzipped them. He pulled back the flaps, exposing the bulge in the tight underwear below. He fell on it with his mouth again, chewing on it through the fabric, making Alec moan louder, and then pulled his hair harder.

"Fuck, yes." Alec hissed. "Get it, get it out of there." Alec said, watching Conner on him. Conner responded and pulled back the band, letting Alec slide upward on his stomach. Conner went after it with his tongue, licking at it a few times, and then letting his mouth take it fully, and swallowing it. Alec moaned loudly with the tight suction. He desperately wanted to get out of his clothes. He lifted his hips off the couch, pushing his pants further down, then letting his hips drop back to the cushions. Conner had gone into overdrive, sliding furiously up and down on Alec. He slid a hand up inside Alec's shirt, finding his chest, and then pinched a nipple between his fingers, making Alec moan louder. Conner moved faster now on Alec, making him wetter and slicker.

"Aw, God, you're gonna make me cum." Alec said, panting. Conner grunted, and kept going on him. Alec was now moving his hips, pumping into Conner's mouth, then he let it go with a deep moan, pulsing into Conner's hot mouth. Conner took it all, pulse after pulse, swallowing everything that Alec gave him, loving it all. Conner reached up and gently squeezed Alec's balls to make sure he got everything out of him.

Conner slowly moved off Alec, letting his softening cock drop to his stomach. Conner kissed Alec's closest hip and then moved his lips up and on top of Alec's shirt, up to his neck and then to his lips, kissing him softly.

"Hey, naked guy, what do you want me to do to you?" Alec asked with a smile, as he reached over and ran a hand through Conner's hair.

"Whatever you want." Conner said slowly, almost drooling. "Just tell me. I'm all yours."

Alec gave Conner a devilish grin. "Get up here on the couch, at the other end."

Conner replied by doing what he was told. He leaned his head against the other arm, laying on the cushions, one leg draped off the couch, his foot on the floor. His length was rock hard and laying against him, his balls hanging in between spread legs, one arm folded behind his head, as he watched Alec get up off the couch, and pull off his shirt, dropping it to the floor, then his hands finished the jeans, pushing them to his ankles, then stepping out of them.

"Turn over." Alec said, with a slight nod. "I want that ass of yours."

Conner smiled and turned over, looking over his shoulder, he watched Alec get on the couch and come to him. Conner felt the hands, but didn't see them, spreading his narrow cheeks open, exposing his opening. He watched as Alec bent down to him, smiling and then watched as his face was in between his muscled cheeks. He felt the tongue dance across his hole, making him moan and close his eyes. He knew he was in good hands and lowered his head as it continued, making him moan and moan. Conner felt the tongue go deeper and deeper, making his cock twitch with every motion into him. He loved it. He had never had it so good. This morning was good, but this was ten times better to him. He arched his back and thrust his ass toward Alec's face to give him better access. Soon, a rhythm was in place, and Conner was almost over the edge with just the tongue action, then a new feeling, going deeper into him, yes, a finger, twisting, turning, going deeper, then another one, twisting, turning, Conner moaned loudly again.

"More?" Alec asked, softly.

" more." Conner moaned, looking over his shoulder. "Put your cock in me...oh, god" Conner said, panting and moaning. "Fuck me, Alec."

"You sure?" Alec said in a teasing voice.

"Oh, yes." Conner was moaning again. "Fuck me."

Alec guided his cock to the entrance. Conner felt it, then moaned as it pressed in, punching through. Alec moved slowly, bringing his long length in, slowly, but all the way in, and then stopped. Conner's breathing was intense under the pressure, he loved it though.

"Fuck me, Alec, fuck me." Conner said loudly.

Alec lay on Conner's back, putting his head near Conner's ear. Conner could feel the small amount of motion inside of him. "I'm going to fuck you long and hard, baby." Alec said in a low voice. He thrust a couple of times, making Conner gasp. "You like that? You want more, don't you?" Alec asked, Conner nodded. "Yeah, a big dick inside you, pounding you, making you moan, making you leak out...yeah...yeah, baby...beg for it...yeah, beg for it."

As Alec was pumping him, Conner was panting and moaning. "Oh, yeah, give it to me, yes,...yes, make me scream...go deeper...deeper...harder....harder...yes...yes."

Alec moaned, as he began to cum, Conner also felt it as he had never felt it before, something very intense inside of him. His eyes rolled back as he felt himself go off as well, blasting against the arm of the couch, as he felt Alec pulse inside of him. They both moaned together, Conner reaching back behind him, grasping a butt cheek on Alec, pulling, as if to drag him in closer and closer. Conner leaned back against Alec, moaning, turning his face sideways. Alec kissed him, tonguing Conner furiously, then pulled back, chewing on Conner's ear.

"I love how tight you are." Alec whispered. He rocked his hips, thrusting inside of Conner.

"I love how long you are." Conner moaned, then tipped his head down. He moaned loudly again. "Yeah, keep sliding inside of me." Conner took a deep breath in, then slowly exhaled. "Oh, god."

Alec leaned back a little, looking down. He watched himself slide in and out of Conner's narrow ass. Alec ran his hands up and down Conner's back and sides. He leaned back in and kissed the back of Conner's neck, softly.

"This is so nice." Alec whispered.

"Why don't' we go into the bedroom." Conner said, looking over his shoulder.

"Okay." Alec said, as he slowly pulled himself out.

They shifted and got up off the couch. Both of them looking the other over, smiling. Conner turned and grabbed his clothes, Alec did the same, and then followed behind Conner, walking through the dining room, into the kitchen. Conner stopped short, hearing something.


"What?" Alec asked.

Conner turned and looked at Alec. "I think they're home. Damn."

Alec had a wide eyed look. "Shit."

"Let's get dressed. Come on." They quickly stepped into Paul's bedroom, quickly pulling on clothes. Getting dressed, Conner smiled at Alec, leaned into him, giving Alec a soft kiss. "Ready?" Conner asked.

"Yeah." Alec said softly, looking a little nervous. "I think so." He followed Conner out of the room, and into the kitchen. "I feel like a kid, getting caught beating off or something." Alec said softly, making Conner chuckle.

As they walked into the kitchen, they looked around, but there was no one there. Conner tipped his head to one side, listening. Alec heard it too. He followed Conner out the wide hallway to the back door. They stood there, looking out across to the garage. They saw several guys walking in and out. Conner opened the screen door, stepping out. The big guy that just came out of the garage stopped.

"Derrick and Ty here?" He asked, seeing Conner.

"Uh, no." Conner felt a little more relaxed, him saying their names. "They should be back in a while."

The big man walked toward Conner, with Alec standing behind him. The big man held out a hand as he reached the steps. Conner stretched his out.

"I'm Bart. We're doing the plumbing on the garage." Bart said, making Conner feel even more at ease now.

"I'm Conner, this is Alec. We're friends of Derrick's." Conner said, Bart nodding his head slightly. "It's kind of late to get started working, isn't it?"

Bart smiled out of the corner of his mouth. "We're just dropping stuff off to get set up for in the morning." Bart started to turn, "Good to meet you. Tell Derrick and Ty, we'll be here in the morning, will you?"

"Be glad to." Conner said, stepping back into the house, with Alec. He closed the door, and let out a sigh. "Whew." Smiling to himself.

"That was close." Alec grinned.

Conner pushed Alec against the wall with his chest, putting his face close to Alec's, going eye to eye. "Now...where were we, before we were so rudely interrupted?" Conner asked softly, putting his lips to Alec's. They fell into a deep kiss, pounding each others tongues. Alec ground his crotch against Conner's, moving his hands up and down Conner's back, digging his nails into the fabric of his shirt. Conner put both of his hands on Alec's butt, grabbing tightly, kneading the muscle in the jeans. They both heard the truck outside start and fade away as it went out of the driveway. Conner pulled back from Alec, slowly.

"I think we're alone." Conner whispered, wiggling his eyebrows.

"I think you're right." Alec leaned forward, kissing Conner again. "But, I think we should wait until later."


"I hate getting caught. Been there before."

Conner smiled. "I think that's half the fun."

Alec brought his arms up, resting them on Conner's shoulders, he tickled the back of Conner's neck with his fingers. "No, I want you all night...with no interruption."

"Mmm, I like the sound of that." Conner said, kissing Alec again. "So, what do you want to do, while we're waiting?"

"Let's go back in the living room. We can get comfortable..."


Derrick slowly got up from Ty, lying on the grass. He rolled and sat, looking across the pond. The ducks were coming out of the water, waddling up toward them. Derrick sat still, watching them approach.

"So, is that a 'yes', then?" Derrick asked. Ty sat up, leaning against Derrick, resting his chin on Derrick's shoulder.

"That would be a 'yes'."

Derrick, turning his head, looking at Ty. A smile crept across his face. Derrick kissed the tip of Ty's nose.

"Good. We can work out the details back at the house, over dinner."

"Dinner...we've got that guy coming for Conner." Ty said softly.

"Yeah. Have to figure something out for him, too. I don't know what he's planning, but I'll bet he's going back to New York."

"There's nothing to keep him here now. I think you're right, he'll go back."

"I'm worried about him, though."

"He'll be alright. He's a big boy, and can take care of himself. That's for sure." Ty said.

"I'm sure he can, but what's his life going to be like with all the crap from his father? You know that he won't let any of this go."

"Not your problem, sweetie." Ty said, kissing Derrick's ear. "You can't save the world, you know?"

"I know." Derrick sighed. "We should get back." Derrick smiled at Ty. "Well, at least we can make a good evening."

"And a better night." Ty whispered into Derrick ear, then sucked on his lobe. Derrick moaned softly. They got up from the grass, turned and walked back toward the truck, holding hands. They got into the truck, Ty started it, and began to drive.


"Oh, shit." Conner said, as they reached the couch.

"What?" Alec asked.

"I've got to clean up the mess on the couch." Alec looked around Conner, seeing what he was talking about and smirked. "I'll be right back." Conner returned with a towel, and began to wipe the cum tracks from earlier. "I hope it doesn't stain." Conner stood back and looked at it, then took the towel back into the kitchen. He set it on the washing machine in the back hallway, then returned to the living room, smiling at Alec, who was leaning back on the couch.

"What?" Alec asked, with those soft blue eyes. Conner was smiling wide.

"Nothing." Conner said quietly, and came and sat next to Alec.

"No, really, what?" Alec asked rubbing a hand against Conner's shoulder.

"I was just thinking about today, that's all. It's been kind of crazy, you know?"

"Can I ask you something?" Alec asked softly.

Conner turned and looked at him. "Sure, anything."

"What happened to your cheek?" Alec asked as he stroked it gently with the back of a couple of fingers.

"That?" Conner sighed. "That's a long story."

"We seem to have plenty of time."

"Maybe later." Conner wiggled his eyebrows. "Let me ask you something." Alec raised one eyebrow. "You said earlier that it was like getting caught. So, you've been caught before?"

Alec looked down at the floor, and half smiled. "Yeah. It was a long time ago. Not much to tell, really."

"Oh? I'd love to hear it, if it's okay?"

Alec sat back against the cushions of the couch. He was staring up at the ceiling. Conner sat back and half turned putting an arm on the cushions, resting his other hand on his leg. Alec took a deep breath, and began.

"It was when I was in high school. I had a really good friend, my best friend. We used to spend every minute of every day with each other. Well, one day, it's when we were about sixteen. Curious, horny, stupid and clumsy about everything. We dared each other to show off ourselves in front of each other. You know, how kids do sometimes? Well, we dropped pants, and then underwear, and then it was on. We each got hard over it, and started to beat off. That's when we got caught."

"Wow." Conner said. "Who caught you?"

"His older brother." Alec, rolled his head and looked at Conner with those soft blue eyes. "It wasn't pretty. He teased us horribly, wouldn't let us out of the room, and then he made us do things."

"Oh my god, bad things?"

"Things to each other." Alec reached up and touched Conner's swollen cheek. "It was my first time. But, that's when I realized that I really liked it."

"What? Getting caught?"

"No." Alec smiled. "Guys."

"Ohh." Conner returned the smile, and blushed. "So, what happened?"

"Another time." Alec said, shifting his position. "Tell me about you." Alec leaned closer. "Have you always been this...beautiful?"

Conner smirked. He leaned forward and kissed Alec softly, then pulled back, slowly opening his eyes. "You're good. You're very, very good."

"You're better." Alec said, narrowing his eyes. "So, tell me."

"Not much to tell, really." Conner sighed. "I come from an upscale family. I'm an only child. They really didn't want me around. They sent to private schools, away from here. Only came home for holidays, then was sent back."

"Wow. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you..."

Conner looked at him with a glassy eyed look. "Depressed?" Conner shook his head. "You didn't. You couldn't." Conner paused, gathering his thoughts. "It was just...lonely, growing up. I poured myself into school. I read everything I could get my hands on. I started swimming, finding it a way to escape that loneliness. Just me and the water." Conner's look changed all of a sudden. "And then, there was finally college. A whole new world opened up to me then. I met someone, someone that made me feel...special. I fell in love with that, and then with him."

"Where is he?" Alec asked guarded. He felt like he was all of a sudden stepping on someone else's toes.

"He's gone." Conner said, staring out across the room. He snapped himself back around, then looked at Alec. "He left,...left me, when things got rough for us."

"Who in their right mind would leave you?" Alec asked softly.

"I would." Conner replied. "If I were him, and in his position."

"Well, it must have been really bad, then."

"I suppose." Conner said, then lifted his fingers, touching and moving Alec's short bangs. "All I know is, now, I have a new beginning with everything. And I'm happy about that."

"So, when are you going back to New York?"

"Day after tomorrow. Why?" Conner asked, still softly rustling hair.

"No reason. Just gives me a little time."

"Time? Time for what?" Conner asked. Alec leaned in, putting his mouth next to Conner's.

"Time to do this." Alec pushed gently in, kissing Conner, deeply. He pushed his body against Conner's, sliding him across the couch cushions, making him go down on his back. Alec wrapped his arms around Conner's broad shoulders and neck, pulling him into a tight embrace. Conner responded, running his hands down Alec's back, his hands reaching and grasping Alec's butt, hanging on firmly. Alec worked Conner's mouth furiously with his tongue, pushing it in deeper and deeper, Conner taking it all freely.

"Ahem." Conner and Alec froze, then pulled back and looked toward the voice.

"Looks like we got here too late." Ty said in a low voice. "They already started on the appetizers."

"Maybe we should get some wine." Derrick said, standing in the doorway next to Ty with folded arms. "Would you gentlemen care for some wine?" Derrick asked with a wink.

Conner smiled wide, looking at them. "Wine would probably be good right about now."

"I think you're good right about now." Ty said, then leaned toward Derrick. "Good thing we got here when we did, or we might have walked in on something else."

"I agree. Maybe we should leave again, come back later. How about we go catch a movie?" Derrick asked, rolling his eyes to the ceiling.

"Oh, stop, you two." Conner said, bringing his hand up Alec's back. "How about that wine?"

"It should be sufficiently chilled by now, I would think." Derrick said, turning on his heels and headed for the kitchen. Ty leaned against the doorway, watching Conner and Alec pull themselves together. Alec sat on the couch, while Conner got up, he turned and bent down and kissed Alec, then turned and walked by Ty, giving him a pleased look. Ty winked in return. He went in and sat on the couch with Alec.

"You okay, bud?" Ty asked a very nervous looking Alec.

"Yeah." Alec said softly. "I'm sorry."

"For what? Being human?" Ty shook his head, and then put a hand gently on Alec's shoulder. "He's friggin gorgeous, isn't he?" Alec turned and smiled.

"Yes, he is." Alec whispered.

"And, you know what?" Ty asked, leaning closer. "So are you. You guys were made for each other."

"Think so?" Alec brightened.

"Know so." Ty said, standing up. "You alright?" Alec looked up and nodded. "Well then, come on. Let's go in the kitchen. Derrick likes an audience when he cooks." Ty winked. Alec stood and walked with Ty into the kitchen. Conner was pouring wine. Derrick was prepping.

"Can I help you, Derrick?" Alec asked quietly.

Derrick looked up from the cutting board. "Do you cook?"

"All the time." Alec said proudly.

"Really." Derrick flashed a smile at Conner, then looked at Ty and winked. "I would love some help." Alec walked around the counter. He picked up a white linen towel, snapped it in the air and tucked it into the waistband of his pants. Derrick pulled another knife from the block on the counter, handing it to Alec, handle first. Alec smiled, and took it.

"Juliene these, will you?" Derrick asked. Alec went to work, moving the knife , doing what Derrick asked. He watched Alec for a minute and then looked up at Ty and Conner. "I think I've found an assistant chef."

"He looks like he can handle that knife, alright." Ty said, nuzzling Conner's shoulder with his own.

"Looks damn sexy to me." Conner said, making Alec blush and then smile.

With in a few minutes, all the prep work was done. Derrick pulled out the Dover Sole and got it ready, as vegetables were being roasted, the salad was done, and more wine was poured. Everything was coming together. Derrick had Ty and Conner set the table. Once everything was ready, they all sat down together. Ty and Derrick on one side, Conner and Alec across on the other.

They all laughed and joked while they ate, more wine was opened and poured. Ty was slow on drinking it, but managed to empty a full glass. Derrick was impressed by the feat. He gave Ty a toast, to drinking all of his wine. They all laughed over it. Finally dishes were cleared, rinsed, and put in the dishwasher. Derrick started it.

They returned to the table. Derrick held Ty's hand as they sat there, talking about Ty moving in. Conner rested his chin on one hand. Alec sat close to Conner, rubbing his hand up and down Conner's thigh under the table. Everyone was comfortable and at ease, the troubles of the day were a distant memory now.

"So, my love." Derrick said, almost batting his eyes. "How do you feel about all of this, really?"

Ty turned his head, looking at Derrick with very tired eyes. "You know. I've been happier here than I have been in my entire life." Ty kissed Derrick softly. "You make it that way. I feel safe when I'm here." Ty scanned Derrick's eyes with his own. "I know that with you, I'll always feel that way."

"I love you." Derrick whispered. He leaned in and kissed Ty.

"I love you, too." Ty swallowed hard. "More than you know." Derrick kissed him again.

"Aawww." Conner said softly. "You guys are too sweet." Conner looked at Alec. "What do you think?"

Alec looked at Derrick and Ty, then at Conner next to him. "I think what they have is special and beautiful. I would want what they have."

"Really." Conner said, looking Alec's face over, scanning him intently.

"Yes. In a heartbeat." Alec lowered his eyes, and then went to look at Derrick and Ty. Conner stopped him, catching Alec's chin with his fingers. Conner turned Alec's head to look back at him. Conner looked deep into Alec's eyes, and was getting lost in them. Conner leaned in, Alec tilted his head. They met in a soft kiss, and then went deeper and deeper.

Derrick and Ty watched the tender kiss become more passionate. They looked at each other and then back across the table. Derrick cleared his throat to get their attention. Conner slowly pulled back as did Alec.

"I think you guys need to get a room." Ty said.

Without looking across the table, Conner, said. "Already have one."

"I thought Paul was coming home." Derrick said.

Conner turned and looked at Derrick. "I'm sorry. He was here earlier. Said something about going back to town and he wouldn't be back tonight. I forgot to tell you." Derrick raised an eyebrow, he knew something was afoot. "And I also forgot, Bart was here. He said they would be back in the morning, early."

"Bart was here?" Ty asked.

"Yes. They dropped off a bunch of stuff and then left."

"Good." Ty said, looking at Derrick. "Now we can get this done." They smiled at one another, then turned back to Conner and Alec.

"Well, I guess we'll leave you two to it, then." Derrick said, getting up from the table. "Alec, thank you so much for helping."

"It was fun."

"You are welcome here anytime. And you're welcome to stay the night." Derrick looked down at the wine glass, then back at Alec. "Especially now that you've had a little too much wine." Derrick pulled at Ty's hand, pulling him up from the table. "Looks like it's going to be an early day tomorrow. Coffee will be starting around six." Derrick led Ty by the hand toward the hallway. "Good night, gentlemen."

"Good night." Conner and Alec chimed together. They smiled and looked at one another. Conner leaned in and kissed Alec on the cheek.

"You have a story to tell me." Alec said.

"A story? A bedtime story? Which one?" Conner asked, smiling.

"About your cheek." Alec said, cradling it. "Does it hurt? It looks a little discolored."

"I've had worse, believe me." Conner half smiled, leaning his face into Alec's hand. "Are you tired?"

"Not really." Alec pulled back his hand, slowly. "But, I have to up early to go to work."

"How early?"

"Deliveries start arriving at four. I have to be there by five."

"In the morning? Five in the morning?" Conner asked with wide eyes.

"Yes. Problem?"

"Holy shit, bud." Conner was feeling lost, not knowing what to do now. "I didn't know."

"How would you, unless it was explained to you." Alec smiled, leaning in and kissing Conner's puffy cheek.

"So, where does that leave tonight?"

"Always thinking with this, aren't you?" Alec asked, with a wry smile, rubbing against Conner's bulge with his fingers. Conner opened his mouth to say something, but Alec cut him off. "Not to worry. I'm always thinking with mine as well." Alec said, with a wink. "I can afford one night without sleep...if you still want to?"

"Oh, God, I so want to." Conner said, leaning in, kissing Alec deeply, pulling him with an arm around his neck.



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