Building Things

Chapter 16

Derrick stepped forward, nodding toward to Paul to follow, taking Matt by the arm, turning him to walk him into the kitchen. Once there, Derrick let go his loose grip on Matt. Paul came up beside Matt, looking at Derrick with frowning eyes.

"What the hell, Derrick?" Paul said in a low tone, tipping his head to one side.

"I need a favor." Derrick said, looking back and forth at them. "A huge one, and it's mostly from you, Matt."

Matt looked concerned, narrowing his eyes. "Sure, Derrick, anything."

Derrick focused on Matt. "I need you to take Paul for a while...more than you have been in the past couple of days." Derrick paused a moment and looked at his old friend. "It's for Conner. He's going back to New York tomorrow to get everything settled and then he's coming back here to stay."

"For good?" Paul asked, with wide eyes.

"I hope so." Derrick said, looking over his shoulder at Conner and Ty, as they were talking about something. Derrick turned back to Paul. "It's this boy, Alec."

"That gorgeous one?" Paul said with eyes widening more. He turned to Matt. "You should see him, babe, really. He'll make your eyes roll back in your head." Paul said, then looked back at Derrick. "What about him?" Paul brought his eyes back to normal.

"Conner told me that he was in love with Alec."

"Fuck." Paul said in a low voice. "And here I thought we were going to get a shot at tasting Conner. He's fucking in love?" Paul slapped his own thigh.

Derrick lifted his eyebrows and tilted his head. "That's what he says. I believe him, and it's awesome. They're made for each other."

"Oh God, I want to watch them do it so bad." Paul said.

"Will you quit being such a bitch, please?" Derrick said in a low voice at Paul. "I need your room for a while." Derrick turned and looked at Matt. "Is that alright with you, Matt?"

Matt looked around Derrick for a moment, looking at Conner, then went back to Derrick. "It's for him, right?" Derrick nodded. "For that, yes. I'll put up with Paul for a while, and for you, Derrick." Matt smiled softly.

"Thanks Matt. I really appreciate it." Derrick said, shaking Matt's hand.

"What? Really?" Paul said, looking hurt. "I'm being treated like a second fiddle here. Don't I get a say in this?"

Matt turned and looked at Paul. "Just go fucking pack your shit, will you? You've said enough. The man needs help, that gorgeous boy is in need, and you're going to whine? Shut the fuck up."

Paul stood there with his mouth open for a moment. He closed his mouth finally, looking at Matt. His eyes raced up and down Matt, seeing him in a new light. "Wow, that was hot. I really love it when you order me around. I'm getting all hard."

"Go pack your shit." Matt said, flatly. He turned back toward Derrick as Paul walked toward his room. "Is there anything else I can do?"

"That's sweet, bud. I appreciate it. If there is, I'll let you know." Derrick looked at where Paul had walked to. "Are you going to have trouble with..."

"Don't worry about that..." Matt said, half smiling. "I'll have him eating out of my hand by dark. You watch, and he'll love it and beg me for more." Derrick smirked, listening. "So, when does this Mr. Hot Stuff arrive? I really want to get a look at this and make sure it's worth it?"

"Matt, all of a sudden, you've become a tiger." Derrick growled in a low voice, grinning.

"It's all these frickin hotties you have around you, Derrick. How do you get so lucky?"

"Well, Ty, I found online at ", and Conner was standing on a street corner, flashing his ankle..."

Derrick looked at Matt, who's mouth was wide open, believing every word Derrick was saying. Derrick laughed out loud, giving Matt a hug, than pulled back. Derrick, lead Matt over to the table, having him sit, and told Matt the entire story. Matt kept flashing looks at Ty and then at Conner, like they were some kind of pinups or something. Paul came out of his room, carrying a large duffel bag over his shoulder.

"...and, really, that's how it happened, the whole thing." Derrick concluded, then looked up at Paul. "You okay?" Derrick asked Paul.

"Yeah, I'm fine. This is all for Mr. Surfer Hottie there, right?" Paul asked in a dulled voice.

"It is." Derrick nodded. "It won't be for long, I promise, bud."

"Uh-huh." Paul throated. "Getting rid of me, I know. Now you have an excuse."

"Oh, you whiny bitch." Derrick said, then leaned close to Paul. "I'll tell you what. When you move back in, I'll let you watch me and Ty."

Paul's eyes widened. "Really?" He took a deep breath. "Can I take pictures?"

Derrick paused and raised an eyebrow. "No." He said flatly.

"Fuck." Paul said, frowning. His mood was gone. Then he brightened for a moment and looked across the room. "Ty, honey." He called out, getting Ty's attention. "Would you be a sweetheart and take this bag out to the car for me? It's really heavy." Paul nudged Matt, as Ty walked over, taking the duffel from Paul. As he took it, his chest flexed, and his arm holding the bag straps tightened. Paul and Matt just stared. "See what I mean?" Paul said, leaning toward Matt.

"I want one." Matt said under his breath.

Derrick smiled, hearing him, then looked at Matt as Ty walked away. "He's all mine, sorry."

"And he's got the biggest cock on the planet." Paul said, winking at Matt. Matt's mouth fell open a little. "It's true." Paul wiggled his eyebrows. "I've seen it."

Matt's mouth fell open, then he regrouped. "Did you have it?"

"No, damn it. He wouldn't let me." Paul looked depressed. Derrick smiled. "So, when does the hot young one get here?"

Derrick looked up at the clock, then back at them. "He gets off work in about fifteen minutes, and then, if I'm right, it'll take him about ten minutes to get here." Derrick said, wiggling his eyebrows, making Matt smile. "I've got to get dinner going. Excuse me." Derrick walked away and then around the counter. Ty came back in the front door, walking up to Paul.

"Bag's in the car, Paul."

"Thank you so much."

"No problem." Ty said, and then turned back to Conner, who was watching the clock like a hawk. Sensing the tension in Conner, Ty walked up and put a hand on Conner's shoulder. "It'll be okay, buddy. You'll see. Take it slow, deep breath, and everything will fall into place."

Conner shifted his gaze to Ty. "I'm going crazy inside. What am I going to do?"

Ty stepped closer, putting his other hand on Conner's other shoulder, looking him in the eyes. "You're going to survive. You're going to take this one step at a time, that's what you're going to do. Listen to what he has to say and respond to it. Understand?"

Conner nodded and then looked up at the clock again, counting the minutes down, slowly. It was agonizing to Conner. His stomach was in knots, his throat was a lump, his palms were sweating. He wiped them on his board shorts. His eyes shifted from the clock to Ty, and then to Derrick behind the counter, and then Paul and Matt, then back to the clock.

"You need to relax, kid." Ty said. "Come on, let's go out back. I want to check on Bart and the boys." Ty went to turn and walk away, Conner stood still. Ty turned back. "Come on, bud, let's go." Conner finally started to move, following Ty. They went out the back door. Paul and Matt went over to the counter, and leaned watching Derrick.

"Jesus." Paul said. "I've never seen anyone that bad before."

Derrick looked up. "Told you." He looked back down at what he was doing.

"Now I understand." Paul said, looking over at Matt, who cocked his head a little. "That boy is head over heels, isn't he?"

"Looks like it to me." Matt said. "Anyone would be lucky to catch that one. He is absolutely beautiful, don't you think?"

"Don't get any ideas." Paul said sternly, looking down his nose. Derrick chuckled, looking up for a moment. He went back to stuffing his chicken breasts. At that moment, there was the doorbell. They all looked up at each other. Derrick wiped his hands with a towel and then walked around the counter toward the front door. Paul and Matt took up stools, waiting for this to start.

Derrick reached the front door, and opened it. There stood Alec, in his skinny jeans and a tight tee that was a vibrant blue. Derrick looked him up and down, seeing that everything was noticeable in the skinny jeans. Derrick half smiled, and ushered Alec in. Alec smiled and gave Derrick a slight kiss on the cheek.

"Hi, there." Derrick said, closing the door, smiling wide.

"Hi, Derrick." Alec said, rubbing a toe in the floor a little, blushing, then looking Derrick in the eye. "I didn't get a chance to say 'thank you'. So, thank you."

"For what?" Derrick asked, coming around to face Alec, smiling still and tilting his head to one side.

"For, you know..., letting me stay here, with Conner." Alec blushed.

Derrick smiled wider, and stepped forward, wrapping his arms around Alec, pulling him in. He patted Alec on the shoulder. "Oh, oh, oh, my boy. You have nothing to thank me for." Derrick said and then pulled back. He smiled softly into the gorgeous face of Alec. "You are more than welcome here at any time. And from now on..." Derrick winked, "I don't want you to ring the bell. You just walk right on in. You belong here. I want you to know that and to be comfortable here, alright?"

Alec blushed again, "Alright."

"Good. Now that that's over, come on in the kitchen with me. Would you care for a glass of wine?"

"I would love a glass of wine." Alec smiled, sounding relieved, letting Derrick lead him.

"You know, this really hot wine expert picked out some wine the other day for me. I was wondering, would you like to try it?"

Alec raised an eyebrow, "The hot wine expert or the wine?"

Derrick laughed as they reached the kitchen, holding Alec around the waist with one arm. "Now, you're getting it. A singular wit. I love it." Derrick said, chuckling and giving Alec a kiss on the cheek. They both saw Paul and Matt. Alec slowed. Derrick felt it. "Alec, this is Paul and Matt. Matt, Paul, this is Alec, a friend of Conner's."

Paul got up off his stool and walked over to Alec and took his hand. "Yes, I remember you from yesterday." Paul said. "How are you?"

"I'm fine, thank you."

"Matt, honey," Paul said wrapping a hand around Alec's waist, leading him to Matt. "This is Alec." Paul's eyes were wide, looking at Matt. Paul let Alec's waist go, and stepped beside Matt.

"How do you do?" Alec said, taking Matt's hand, giving it a slight shake.

"I do well, now that you're here." Matt said, emboldened, seeing the beauty of Alec, the dazzling eyes, the two day beard, the dark skin, and the tight clothes that revealed so much but really didn't. Matt exhaled, looking Alec up and down. "As I said earlier, Derrick, you are a lucky man, very lucky."

Alec smiled at Matt, then turned and looked at Derrick, who was pouring wine, and then handed the glass to Alec. Alec took it and smiled. He smelled it, and then took a sip. "Mmmm. San Genovese." Alec said over the top of the glass. He looked at Derrick. "This is not what the hot wine expert picked out for you?"

Derrick smiled wide as he turned to put the sheet tray into the oven. "Very true. But, I thought..." Derrick said as he closed the oven door, then turned back, "that the hot wine expert would appreciate that."

"Hmmm." Alec said, sipping again from the glass. "He does, he truly does. I shall have to add this to my list for my cellar, if that's alright." Alec winked and smiled.

Derrick grinned, and then bowed his head. "It would be my pleasure, sir."

"Thank you." Alec said, grinning, showing his ultra white teeth. Matt almost fell off his stool. "So, where is the rest of the party?" Alec asked.

"If you mean the beefcakes, they're out in the new addition." Derrick said, raising an eyebrow.

"I think I'll just go..." Alec said, but...

Derrick held up a finger, and came around the counter, stopping Alec. "I think it would be better to wait a few more minutes, and let them come back inside on their own..." Derrick said, winking a few times toward Alec. Finally, Derrick got it through to Alec, who set his wine glass down on the counter.

"Oh...would you care for some help with dinner, then?" Alec asked, winking back.

"You know, I would enjoy that, thank you." Derrick replied. "Would you care to dice these for me?"

"Certainly." Alec said, as he pulled a knife and set about dicing vegetables. Derrick smiled at him and then at Paul and Matt, who were lost in watching this gorgeous young man work a knife like a pro.

A few minutes later, the back door opened and Ty came into the kitchen. He went to say something but stopped short seeing Alec behind the counter with Derrick. Ty came over and stood next to Matt, watching. Ty leaned close to Matt and said past him to Paul, " Get ready, it's about to start." Paul turned and saw Conner come through the back door. He looked sweaty and had something else on him, Paul wasn't sure it was, until Conner saw Alec, and his eyes went wide. He stepped across the kitchen floor and came up to the counter, watching Alec intently, not making a sound. Paul and Matt kept going with their eyes back forth between Conner and Alec, Alec and Conner, waiting. Then Alec finally looked up, seeing Conner. Everyone could see his eyes melt at seeing Conner, the change was dramatic, bringing smiles from everyone.

"Hey." Alec said, softly.

"Hey." Conner said in return. "You made it."

"Yeah. I got off work a little early."

"I'm glad you did." Conner licked his lips and took a slight breath. "I looked for you at the store, but didn't see you."

"I was in the back. A truck came in and I had to help unload it." Alec said, watching Conner come around the counter toward him very slowly.

"I wanted to talk to you." Conner said, coming around the counter, his fingers of his left hand, dragging on the surface, his eyes locked on Alec. Everyone else held their breath and just watched them intently.

"Really? What about? I'm sorry I got busy with the truck." Alec said, as Conner came up to him, Derrick backing away, as he would have been in between them.

"I wanted to tell you about something. Something that occurred to me this morning when I woke up."

"Oh?" Alec asked as they were now nose to nose with each other, feeling each others breath, oblivious to their surroundings. "What occurred to you?" Alec asked softly.

Conner wrapped his hands slowly around Alec's waist, pulling him in a little, their crotches touching one another, Alec spreading his feet apart a little.

"I was watching you sleeping next to me. You were so peaceful. I wanted to touch you, wanted to wake you, to tell you..." Conner moved his face closer.

Alec's eyes were soft and moist, watching and waiting for what was coming, or what he hoped was coming. Alec waited for what seemed an eternity for Conner to say what he wanted to say. It was finally to much for Alec. He slid a hand around Conner's back and crept up to his shoulder blade. Alec placed his other hand on Conner's hip, feeling the bone in his pelvis and the fabric of the shorts that covered it.

"Tell me what?" Alec asked softly.

"I wanted to tell you this morning, then when we were at the store, I wanted to tell you, but, I stopped, wanting to tell you face to face, make it special between us..." Alec held his breath. He was not alone, everyone else held their breath, waiting to hear the words from Conner's mouth. All eyes were still on Conner. "Alec, I wanted to tell you that...I'm in love with you." Conner breathed out softly and smoothly. Alec blinked a few times, a tear forming, and then running. "No one has ever meant to me what you mean to me. The way you are, who you are. Everything about you excites me. You have stolen my heart, my soul. You make my every thought, awake or in dreams. I love you more than anything else in this world." Conner reached up, cradling Alec's cheeks in his hands, scanning his eyes with his, watching for anything, anything at all. And then he saw it. A sparkle, a twinkle in Alec's eyes.

"You make me so happy, Conner. When I'm with you, the rest of the world doesn't matter. I would give my life, my heart, my soul to you, if you asked..." Alec paused a moment, looking in Conner's deep eyes. "I love you too, more than you know. It was that first moment I saw you at the store, when we met."

They slowly moved together, their lips melding together, hands sliding up, clutching, drawing each into the other. Derrick looked over at Ty, wiping an eye with the back of his hand. Ty smiled back at him, and stepped over to Derrick, wrapping an arm around his waist, leaning his head against Derrick's shoulder. Matt turned and looked at Paul. Paul, closed his mouth watching Conner and Alec, looking at Matt, then half smiled. Matt leaned forward and kissed Paul softly.

"Alright you two," Paul said, "go get a room."

"Paul!" Derrick and Matt said at the same time.

Alec and Conner pulled back from each other, looking over at Paul, and then smiled at him. Paul winked back at them. He turned and gave Matt a kiss on the cheek, which surprised Matt.

"So, Conner? You're going back to New York tomorrow?" Paul asked.

The mood instantly changed. Conner narrowed his eyes and then went flush. Alec looked at Conner with sad eyes, and then back at Paul. Derrick pulled away from Ty and stepped forward, glaring at Paul, like he was going to kill him. "What?" Paul asked, looking at everyone, thinking he was about to be the village sacrifice. "It's true, isn't it?"

"You dipshit." Derrick said, leaning on the counter toward Paul. "If anyone can wreck a mood, it's you." Derrick just shook his head.

Conner took control. He turned and pulled Alec close to him, going face to face. "Let's take a walk. I want to talk to you in private." Conner looked over at Paul, then back at Alec. Conner pulled away, taking Alec by the hand, and led him out the back door.

"Wow." Matt said. "Derrick, you were right, they're made for each other." Matt saw Derrick smile, then Matt looked at Paul. "Do you have everything?" Paul sheepishly nodded. "Alright then, we're leaving." Matt said, getting off the stool. "Derrick, good to see you." Matt stretched out a hand, taking Derrick's. He let go and reached it out toward Ty. "It was good to meet you, Ty, finally." Ty stepping forward taking Matt's hand, giving it a firm shake. Ty nodded toward Matt, and gave him a smile.

"Same here. Thanks for helping out." Ty said, standing next to Derrick. Ty snuck his left hand and clutched a cheek in Derrick's shorts. Derrick pushed back a little against the firm grasp. They watched as Paul and Matt walked toward the front door, and then they heard it open and then close. Derrick, still feeling Ty's grip on his butt, turned and looked at Ty with his soft eyes.

"You'd better stop that, or there won't be any dinner." Derrick said, leaning closer to Ty.

"What if I said I wasn't hungry?" Ty asked softly, kissing Derrick lightly on the nose tip.

"I would say you were lying." Derrick, smiled. "I heard your stomach growling earlier."

"That was from thinking about you." Ty wiggled his eyebrows.

"Such a smoothie." Derrick said, shaking his head. He kissed Ty, then looked him in the eyes. "After dinner, you're going to fuck me all night long." Derrick kissed him again.

"Promise?" Ty asked, wrapping arms around Derrick's waist.

"Guarantee." Derrick whispered. Derrick leaned forward and kissed Ty deeply and passionately, wrapping his arms around Ty's shoulder and neck. Derrick felt Ty growing long against his own crotch, loving the feeling, moving his hips from side to side, rubbing back against him.


Conner pulled Alec across the back yard to the reaches of the lawn, where it met the field behind. He turned and looked Alec in the eyes, scanning them back and forth. Alec's eyes were moist, almost welling.

"I am so sorry." Conner said.

Alec reached up and cradled one of Conner's cheeks in his hand. "You have nothing to be sorry about."

"I pour my heart to you, and then I'm leaving? Yeah, I'd say I have something to be sorry about."

Alec shook his head. "Babe, you told me how you feel, I told you how I feel. We both knew that you were going back before any of this really got going. I can come to you from time to time. We can call, text, email..."

Conner's eyes flew open wide. "But, you see, that's just it, it's a long distance relationship. It won't work. That's why Paul was grabbing his bag." Alec looked confused. "They didn't tell you?" Conner asked, grabbing Alec by the upper arms. Alec shook his head in reply. "Derrick convinced me to go back to New York, finalize everything there and then,... come back here to stay."

Alec's eyes went wide. His mouth opened, realizing what it meant to him, to them. "Really? You're coming back?"



"It should be just a few days, at the most. Derrick is going to put me up here, and said he would help me find something to do."

"Oh, that's fantastic." Alec said, as though the weight of the world was off him now. Alec leaned in and hugged Conner tightly. He slowly pulled back, looking into Conner's eyes. "I do really love you, you know?"

Conner smiled, cradling the back of Alec's head. "I know you do." Conner kissed Alec, deeply. He drew in a deep breath, then slowly pulled back, looking in Alec's eyes.

"When will you be back?" Alec asked.

"Not soon enough." Conner answered and then kissed Alec again.


Derrick pushed Ty back. "Oh, shit. I forgot the vegetables."

"What?" Ty asked.

Derrick pulled away and grabbed another oven sheet. He put in on the counter, then scooped up the vegetables and placed them. Ty was leaning in, rubbing on Derrick's crotch while he did it, grasping the semi hard length that was now growing in Derrick's shorts, Ty began to tongue Derrick's ear, making Derrick breathe hard. Derrick was doing his best to focus on dinner, but Ty was really making it difficult for him.

"You need to stop that." Derrick sighed, sprinkling olive oil over the tray.

"You need to make me." Ty whispered in his ear. Derrick moaned under the hand pressure, becoming ever so hard in his shorts. Derrick looked down, seeing Ty, bulging in his shorts as well, the really long length pulling off to his right. Derrick moaned softly at the sight of it, loving it so much. His gaze turned back to Ty's eyes.

"You are so fucking hot, you know that?" Derrick whispered, then kissed Ty. When Derrick pulled back, Ty looked Derrick in the eyes, as he was still rubbing Derrick's growing bulge.

"You're even hotter." Ty wiggled his eyebrows. "Why don't you let me blow you right here?"

Derrick's eyes went wide. "Here? Really? What if they walk in?"

Ty half grinned an evil grin, "Maybe we could do a four way? They might learn something." Ty said, licking his licks slowly.

"You're a devil in disguise, aren't you?" Derrick said softly, as he watched Ty get down on his knees beside him. Ty worked the cargos open, looking up at Derrick, smiling. He pulled back the band of Derrick's underwear, letting his raging length out, it almost slapping against Ty's face. Ty tongued it on one side, up and down, back and forth, and then he opened his mouth wide and took it in, as much as he could, letting the shorts fall to the floor. Ty worked the underwear down, swallowing Derrick as much as he could, going back and forth on him, making him moan. Ty ran fingers around the backside of Derrick, probing his crack and then finding the opening Ty loved so much, inserting a dry finger, working it back and forth, then slowly inserting another, working them back and forth, making Derrick step out of the shorts and spread his legs. His hands went to the top of Ty's head, fingers kneading the short hairs on Ty, Derrick tilted his head back letting Ty take him in, and probe him. Derrick felt a third finger, and moaned loudly.

"Fuck, yes, baby." Derrick hissed out. "Get up here and fuck me."

Ty grinned and slowly pulled off Derrick's thick member, getting up behind him, unbuttoning his own cargos, letting them drop to the floor. Ty slipped out of his own underwear and let them fall. He stepped out of them, as he pushed Derrick gently to lean over the counter. He worked the mushroom head to Derrick's opening and ran it back and forth over the opening, making Derrick pant and moan.

"Fuck...just fuck me, Ty." Derrick moaned, loving the feeling on his hole. "I want your cock in me."

"Oh, yeah." Ty said, as he put a hand to the back of Derrick's neck, holding him gently. The other hand was guiding his massive length, sliding it up and down over the tight hole. Ty was watching his cock slide up and down, and then he pushed in a little, making Derrick moan softly, watching his feet spread out a little more. Derrick's hands were spread over the counter. "You're always so tight, baby, always so hungry for this, aren't you?"

"I could take your cock every minute of every day." Derrick moaned. "Fuck me, baby. Fuck me good." Derrick pushed back against Ty, running Ty into the opening even more, spreading Derrick out. "Fuck, yes!" Derrick moaned, letting Ty go in deeper and deeper.


"What's all over you?" Alec asked, rubbing his hand over Conner's chest.

Conner looked down at Alec's hand. "Hmmm, it's sawdust."

"Sawdust." Alec said flatly. Conner's eyes brightened.

"Let me show you what I did today with Ty." Conner said, excitement in his voice. He grabbed Alec by the hand, pulled him toward the garage. Conner led him around to the big doors, stopping to show him the doors that they had built and then brought him in, up to the walls of the bathroom. Alec was looking around, not sure as to what he was looking at. Conner saw the look and started to explain it to him. Alec smiled at Conner's excitement, listening to every word, watching every movement that Conner made, following his finger as he pointed and explained. Alec's heart filled with a warm feeling at everything, watching this beautiful man he was in love with. He couldn't take it anymore.

Conner turned around and saw Alec was stripping his clothes. His eyes went wide and his cock flexed in his board shorts.

"What are you doing?" Conner asked, looking Alec up and down, with wide eyes.

"I want to make love to you, out here where you worked, where you had your hands." Alec said, tossing his jeans to the floor, stepping up toward Conner. "It's important to you, which makes it important to me. I want you so bad." Alec said as he wrapped his arms around Conner's neck, one hand clasping the back of Conner's head, pulling him into Alec's waiting mouth. Alec thrust his tongue deep into Conner's mouth, rubbing his cock against Conner's as he furiously tongued him. Conner wrapped his arms around Alec's waist, going up his back, pulling him tighter to Conner, Conner responding with his own tongue, fighting Alec's for control of the open cavity, getting lost in the feel of Alec's soft skin under his hands. Conner moaned softly in Alec's mouth, and then pulled back, looking Alec in the eye.

"You are so beautiful." Conner said slowly, and then smiled. "And, I want you so bad as well."

Alec grinned that devil grin. "How bad?", grinding his cock into Conner's crotch.

"So fucking bad." Conner hissed out. Conner ran his hands all over Alec's shoulders, and then his chest and then down across his flat stomach. "I can't believe this."

"Believe what?" Alec asked, leaning back a little, his hands clasped together at the back of Conner's neck.

"I have the most beautiful man in the world, here, in front of me, naked, and he wants... me."

Alec shook his head slowly side to side, smiling out of the corner of his mouth, looking into Conner's deep eyes. " not so beautiful, and he wants you, who is far more beautiful, and desirable." Alec leaned forward and softly kissed Conner, rubbing his cock against Conner's crotch again. "You keep talking like this, you're going to make me cum. I love it when you talk to me, makes me all hot." Alec said softly and lustfully.

Conner grinned, kissing Alec softly, then pulling back. "I love talking to you. Love making you hot." Conner nuzzled his nose at Alec's ear, breathing on his neck. "I want to make it so good for you. I want to make you scream. I want make you want me forever."

Alec pulled his arms tighter on Conner's neck. He felt his hardon pulse and rage against Conner's body. He rocked his hips up and down, spreading his legs out a little more, looking into Conner's eyes with lust. Conner shifted, picking Alec up a little and stepping Alec over to the bare stud walls. He gently leaned Alec back against them, then got free of Alec's arm. Conner grinned , looking Alec up and down, his body naked, his cock hard and standing out, dripping at the tip. Alec reached down and ran a hand up and down his cock slowly, then cradled his balls, tossing them a bit, showing Conner, teasing him a bit. Conner pulled off his own shirt, dropping it to the floor, then untied his board shorts, and let them fall. He stepped out of them, using a toe to push them out of the way.

Alec smiled wide, looking Conner up and down, his raging hardon, his hanging balls, his tight muscled chest, erect nipples. Alec looked down and saw his cock leaking out, dripping on the floor. Conner slowly dropped to his knees and leaned forward, catching the end of the dripping stream of Alec, and then brought up his mouth, taking the shiny tip into his lips. The tip of his tongue, licking at the clear fluid, swallowing every bit of it. Alec watching, moaning, waiting for Conner to take him, to swallow him. Conner tongued the tip, slowly, looking up at Alec, who had reached up over the top of his head grasping the studs of the naked walls, leaning back, thrusting his hips and cock out for Conner. Conner smiled at what he knew was going to be awesome for him, swallowing his man, whole.


Ty had grasped the front of Derrick's hips, pumping into him with long, deep strokes, sinking his entire eleven inch length into Derrick, then back out till Ty's head was barely in, and then moved slowly back in.

"Like that, baby?" Ty asked in a low voice.

"Fuck." Derrick moaned softly. "I love it...when you fuck me. You make me feel so fucking good when you do it." Derrick looked over his shoulder, panting, down toward his ass, watching Ty slide back in, and then slowly back out. Then Derrick looked up into Ty's eyes. They smiled at each other, as Derrick took a deep breath. "Fuck, yes, babe. Fuck me, ...keep fucking me. Uhhh. Yes,...cum in me as many times as you want. Ohhh!! Yes,...fill me up. I want it to run down my legs. Uhhh."

"Mmmm," Ty moaned as he pulled back slowly again, then slowly back in. "This could be hours, you know."

"Oh, fuck yes." Derrick moaned. "Let it take hours."

"Mmmm, what about dinner?" Ty asked as he slowly pulled back out. Derrick moaning.

"Ohhh, fuck dinner...just keep fucking me,...just keep fucking me...God, yes, I love it."


Conner continued to lick the tip on Alec's cock, as Alec held it out for him, arcing his back. "Fuck, yes, babe, lick it, lick it, yes." Alec moaned, watching Conner. After a minute, Alec spread his legs a little. "Now, suck my balls, lick 'em ," He watched Conner switch, "yeah..." Conner took on at a time into his mouth, giving tight suction on it, and then ran his tongue over it as it was still in his mouth, "fuck yes...that's what I want." Alec hissed through clenched teeth. "Now...fuck on your wall that you built....fuck me." Conner's eyes went wide, looking at Alec, his legs spread. Conner went to move down to lick Alec's opening, but Alec moaned out..."No, fuck me. Make it dry and rough." Alec spread his legs apart farther, holding the naked studs still. "I want you in me, babe. I want you so bad. I want it rough and dry, give it to me...pick me up, hold me." Conner was mesmerized by what Alec was telling him. He got off his knees, and slid into position, under Alec, lifting him a little, watching his raging cock bob up and down. Conner wrapped his hands over and around Alec's thighs, placing his cock tip at Alec's opening, rubbing it against him a little with rocking his hips, smearing his massive amount of precum over the hole.

"Fuck yes," Alec moaned, "fuck yes, give it to me...put it inside me." Alec moaned, as Conner pushed in. Alec rolled his head toward his right arm, which was extended, holding the studs. He moaned so loud, it almost scared Conner. Conner watched Alec's face as he took his hard length, and then slowly, he shoved every inch in he could.

"Yes,...yes,...oh, yes." Alec moaned, taking Conner inside of him. "Fuck, yes."



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