Building Things

Chapter 25

Ty pulled into the parking lot of Lozano's and pulled up next to Derrick's Audi and parked. Alec got out of the truck, as did Ty, and they walked together to the front door and went in. Derrick and Tom were standing just inside talking to a very happy Emilio. Emilio was all smiles at seeing Derrick. His side of the conversation was very animated. Ty couldn't help but smile wide.

Derrick turned and saw Ty and Alec walk up to he and Tom. Ty and Tom shook hands, and then Emilio shook Ty's, patting him on the back. Derrick introduced Alec to Tom and then to Emilio.

"This is the one I talked about, Emilio. He is an outstanding cook." Derrick said, putting an arm around Alec's shoulders. "You should give him a try."

"Soa young, Mr. Derrick, soa very young." Emilio said, looking Alec up and down. "Letta me see your handsa."

Alec held out his hands, palms up. Emilio reached out and took them, bringing them up close to his round face. He looked them over and over, then turned them, looking at the backs. He let them go, letting Alec lower his hands to his sides.

"You comea with me, young man. I showa you into the kitchen." Emilio said to Alec. " Mr. Derrick, you will have your usuala table? Yes?"

"Yes, Emilio." Derrick answered. "We'll seat ourselves."

"Oh, thatsa good. I bringa you out a bottle, after I show thisa one. Yes?"

"Certainly." Derrick said to Emilio. He looked at Alec and winked. "You show them what you can do. It will be alright."

Derrick, Ty, and Tom watched them walk away toward the swinging door to the kitchen. Derrick turned and walked through the dining room toward the back wall, his companions following him. Derrick reached the table and pulled out a chair and sat down, Ty came round and sat at Derrick's right, Tom to his left.

"So, Alec is some kind of chef?" Tom asked.

"The kid is amazing in the kitchen." Derrick said to Tom. "He has cooked for us a couple of times, and each time, it was incredible. Isn't that right?" Derrick asked Ty.

"Sure was. He's a real catch, that one." Ty said, then leaned forward over the table toward Tom. "I know a dozen people that would die to have him in their kitchen."

"Huh." Tom said. "You know, we were going to have a party for the Fourth. We were thinking of having it catered. Do you think he might consider it?"

"Wait till after lunch, and then you be the judge." Derrick said. "I don't know how many he has cooked for in the past, but catering might be fun."

"Oh boy." Ty said, softly. Tom just looked at him.

"What?" Tom asked Ty.

"Didn't you see it?" Ty asked back. "I did, plain as day. Another flash of idea from the Derrick corner."

"Oh stop." Derrick said.

Ty looked across the table at Tom. "Mark my words."

"He does that to you, too?" Tom chuckled. "You know, he's been doing that for years. Used to drive me crazy in college."

"Really?" Ty asked. "Do tell."

"Well, he get these hair brained ideas about..."

"All right you two. I am sitting right here, you know?"

"Oh, hi Derrick." Tom said. "When did you show up?"

"Oh, shut up." Derrick said. Ty and Tom laughed out loud. Ty sat back as Emilio walked up to the table, carrying a bottle, along with three glasses. He set them down in front of them, and then showed the bottle to Derrick. Derrick nodded and looked up at Emilio with a smile. "That looks fine, thank you, Emilio."

Emilio cut the seal from the bottle and then uncorked it, pouring a little for Derrick. Derrick lifted the glass, sniffed it, then swirled it, looking at it through the light, then he sipped it. He nodded and then set his glass down. Emilio fill the glass halfway and then poured for Tom. He moved around behind Derrick and went to pour for Ty, but Ty stopped him.

"None for me, thanks. I have to drive, and then have to work later."

"Whata can I getta you instead?"

"Iced tea, perhaps?"

"Very good." Emilio smiled at Ty. He looked over at Tom, who sipped at the wine. "You like?" Tom nodded and then smiled. "Mr. Derrick, he always knows the besta wines. I be righta back." The trio watched Emilio walk away.

"He's a sweet old guy, isn't he?" Ty asked quietly.

"The best." Derrick answered. "He has always been like an uncle to me."

"I didn't know that." Ty said.

"We were neighbors when I was growing up. He and my father were the best of friends. After Emilio's wife passed away, that's when I was in high school, I was always over there helping him out, mowing the lawn, helping him cook, doing whatever."

"Has he always had the restaurant?" Tom asked.

"About thirty years." Derrick answered. "You remember when we started the firm?" Tom nodded. "Well, the restaurant wasn't doing so great. Emilio lost his cook, and the others weren't making it. So, after we would close, I would come down here and cook or wait tables or prep. Then once we got going really good, you remember Tom, our third year? It was awesome, remember?" Tom nodded again, smiling. "Emilio has some relatives that were still living in Italy. I helped him to bring them here. And then..." Derrick seemed to drift, his voice getting lower.

"Then,...what, Derrick?" Tom asked.

"Well..." Derrick seemed to start to come back. He took another sip of wine from his glass and then set it down. "...the restaurant was doing okay, but still not well. I approached Emilio with a business proposition. I offered to buy in. He was reluctant at first, thinking he would loose control of it. Finally after talking to him a few times, he agreed. So, I became a silent partner. It helped with his cash flow, and now, he seems to be doing much better."

"Dear God." Tom said, sitting back. "I had no idea."

"I had no choice. He's family." Derrick said quietly, then sipped more wine.

Ty leaned forward and put his hand on Derrick's on top of the table. Derrick looked down at their hands and then smiled, with this open show of affection from Ty. Derrick looked at Ty and smiled wide.

"You made the right choice." Ty said, then patted Derrick's hand. "I think you would singlehandedly do this for anyone that was close to you."

"That's the trouble. I did." Derrick looked over at Tom. "This is why our current situation is...troubling."

"What situation?" Ty asked.

"What did you do, Derrick?" Tom asked.

"What situation?" Ty asked, again.

"Tell you in a minute." Derrick said to Tom. He turned his gaze to Ty.

"What situation?" Ty asked again, softly.

"I really shouldn't say, but we are in a bit of a legal dispute with our third partner."

"What did you do, Derrick?!" Tom asked more loudly. The other patrons in the restaurant could hear Tom and looked in their direction. Derrick turned and looked at Tom.

"Let's just say that I helped Calvin out on a personal matter." Derrick said.

"What? You banged his wife for him? You know what a little dick he has."

"Tom!" Derrick said, rolling his eyes. Ty's mouth fell open. "Don't be so crass."

"Well, you know it's true." Tom took a deep pull from his wine glass, then set it down.

"No, nothing like that." Derrick said.

"Is it true?" Ty asked, leaning forward toward Tom.

"Oh, Jesus." Derrick said, letting out a deep breath. "No, I helped him finance the house."

"You did what?" Tom looked surprised. "It would have been cheaper to bang his wife. And she might be happier." Tom drank more wine. "For God's sake, Derrick, why?"

"You know his dividend is the lowest of the three of us. The old house was an issue for him and her. But they couldn't afford the new one, so he asked me. And, as we are all old friends, I said sure."

"Oh shit." Tom emptied his glass. "Alright, Mr. Bleeding Heart. So how much are you into it?"

"Sixty five percent." Derrick said, flatly.

"Christ Almighty, Derrick." Tom muttered. "You bleed too much. And now, look at what is happening."

Ty had been going back and forth between Derrick and Tom like he was watching a tennis match, and he still didn't understand. He sat back as Emilio brought his tea and set it in front of him. Emilio refilled Tom's wine glass and then added more to Derrick's.

"Thank you, old friend." Derrick said.

"Your boy," Emilio said with a smile, "he'sa doin just a fine in the kitchen. Luncha should out in a few minutesa."

"Very good. Thank you, Emilio."

"You'sa welcome. Is there a something else you needa?"

"No, I think we're fine here."

"Very good." Emilio said, patting Derrick on the shoulder, making Derrick smile.

"See? This is the way it should have been with Calvin." Derrick said, shaking his head.

"What, treating you like you're a hero or something? Fat chance of that. That son of a bitch doesn't care for anything or anyone. You were right this morning."

"Oh?" Derrick asked, picking up his wine glass.

"He needs to be put out of his misery."


"No, Derrick. Jail would be too good for him."

"And, I'm not a hero, Tom."

"Well, you would be, if I knew what was going on." Ty said. Derrick turned and looked at Ty. Derrick smiled softly at him.

"You're right. I'm sorry." Derrick sipped a little more wine. "It started for me this morning..."

"Let me, Derrick." Tom interrupted. Derrick nodded and then sat back, holding his wine glass. Derrick listened as Tom recounted everything to Ty, starting from the last few months ending at the meeting with Sid, their attorney. Emilio had set lunch before them as Tom recounted all the details. Ty listened to Tom, looking at Derrick every now and then, watching his reaction. Ty could see the pain in Derrick's face, the frustration that was mounting from the retelling of events. Ty was angered by what he heard and attacked his lunch as Tom continued to talk. When Tom was done, Ty was almost done with his lunch. He noticed that Derrick hadn't touched his, and Tom's was only played with.

"So, bottom line, you want the fucker done in." Ty said in a cool voice.

"It needs to be done in a legal fashion." Derrick said softly. "Not in violence. Although, a good ass kicking might help."

"That can be arranged." Ty said flatly.

"No." Derrick said. "We shouldn't have even told you."

"I'm glad you did." Ty said. "Aren't you going to eat?"

"I've lost my appetite."

"Well, that's too bad. It was excellent." Ty said, watching Tom pick at his now. "You'll get him, Derrick. I know you will. Come Hell or high water."

"You sound so certain." Tom said.

"You know how he is. He always gets his way, right?" Ty smirked.

"You're right about that." Tom replied, lifting his eyebrows.

Derrick looked up and saw Alec approaching the table. Derrick smiled as Alec took the chair across from him. Alec looked a little flushed. Ty reached up and put a hand on Alec's shoulder and squeezed it gently.

"Lunch was amazing." Ty said. "How did you like the kitchen?"

"The kitchen is awesome! Everything is laid out right in front of you. All you have to do is follow the recipe guidelines and put everything together as the orders come in."

"So, I take it that you hated it, huh?" Ty asked.

"Are you flippin kidding me? It was one of the best things I've ever done!" Alec said, his eyes wide with excitement.

"Okay, killer, easy." Ty said, squeezing Alec's shoulder again.

"Who was the chef?" Derrick asked softly, with a soft smile.

"Carlito." Alec answered.

"He's a nice guy, isn't he?" Derrick asked, as he smiled wider.

"Very nice, yes." Alec smiled at Derrick, then it turned to a frown. "Didn't you try it?"

"Try what?"

"Lunch? Your plate? It's not touched yet."

"I'm sorry...we were having a discussion, and I got lost."

"Oh." Alec looked hurt. Derrick picked up his fork, seeing Alec's face. He picked up some pasta, twirled it in his fork, and then popped it in his mouth. Derrick lifted his eyes, and looked directly at Alec, who was smiling. Derrick could not get over the flavor of the pasta. He chewed rapidly and then swallowed.

"What did you do to this?" Derrick asked softly.

"Can I cook, or can't I?"

"This is..." Derrick was at a loss.

"So, Alec," Tom began, doing more than picking at his plate, "I was thinking of having a party for the Fourth and having it catered."

"Hot dogs and hamburgers?" Alec asked with a hint of a snide tone. "I don't think so."

"No, something a little more than that actually."

"Ohhh, tri-tip, possibly?"

"Well, no."

Tom was interrupted by Emilio coming back to the table. He bent down and whispered something into Alec's ear. Alec's eyes widened and then he looked about the table at each of them. Emilio straightened and looked at Derrick and smiled wide.

"If you gentlemen will excuse me. The chef needs to see me for a moment." Alec said, then got up. Everyone watched him walk away.

"God, he's sexy." Ty said quietly.

"Really?" Derrick asked.

"Don't give me that. You think so, too." Ty replied, not looking at Derrick but watching Alec disappear into the kitchen.

Derrick looked up, seeing Emilio still standing there. Derrick motioned his old friend to sit down. He took Alec's chair.

"He did well in the kitchen, I take it?" Derrick asked.

"Carlito was a most impressed with the boy. He saida he was a natural."


"Mr. Derrick," Emilio was shaking his finger at him. "I thinka you keeping him to yourself, yes? You do notta want to share him witha me?"

Derrick smiled. He leaned forward and rested his elbows on the table. "My friend, this is why I brought him to you. I do wish to share him with you. I think he can do you a world of good here in your beautiful house, for your beautiful customers. What do you think?"

"I thinka I'ma gonna hire thatta boy. We are gonna be so busy."

"Wonderful. Go get him." Derrick said, then grinned wide. Emilio jumped up and walked across the dining room to the kitchen and walked in through the swinging door out of sight. Derrick leaned toward Ty. "And you're right, he is sexy." Derrick smiled wide.

"Alright, gentlemen. We need to get back to work, Tom." Derrick stood and pulled out his wallet. He pulled out a single bill and put it on the table. Derrick leaned down close to Ty's ear. "I'll see you tonight, and you'd better be horny."

Ty turned and grinned. "You know I always am." Ty got close to Derrick's ear. "I'm going to fuck you till you scream. We're going to be alone in the house tonight."

Derrick blushed at the thought. "Good. I want it on the couch to start with."

"Done. Then let's do it in their bed."

"That would be hot." Derrick kissed Ty on the cheek. "Gotta go."

"Love you." Ty whispered.

"Love you more." Derrick whispered back and walked away, with Tom beside him. They walked around the corner to the front door and out of Ty's sight. He turned in his chair and picked up his iced tea. He pulled long from it, and then set it down, noticing that Emilio was standing next to him. The larger man had never made a sound as he approached. Ty was almost startled.

"Woulda you likea some more tea?" Emilio asked.

"That might be nice, yes." Ty smiled up at Emilio. "Tell me something, Emilio."


"Did you hire Alec?"

"I madea him the offer. He saida he needs to thinka about it." Emilio sat down in the chair next to Ty. "Maybe, you coulda talka to him, yes?"

Ty smiled. "Yes, I would be happy to."

Emilio looked like he was going to bust at the seams. He got to his feet and took Ty's hand, shaking it vigorously. "Oh, thanka you, thanka you." Emilio walked away, leaving Ty still smiling. Ty watched Emilio, going from table to table, talking to the other patrons, smiling, patting shoulders, heading toward the kitchen. Ty shook his head, just watching him.


"Whatever possessed you to help out Calvin? I just can't get over that." Tom said, as Derrick made a turn onto the street of their office building. Derrick pulled into the parking lot and parked. He looked over at Tom.

"I thought it was the right thing to do at the time." Derrick answered softly.

"What now?" Tom asked.

"Have to wait and see."

"Well, you Could call in on the loan, take the house away from him." Tom grinned out of the corner of his mouth.

Derrick looked forward, out the windshield. "I could..." He stopped himself, opening the door, getting out. Tom followed on his side. They walked around the corner and into the front door. Kim was on the phone at her desk in the lobby, she looked upset, looking up at the two of them as they walked in. Derrick narrowed his eyes, he could see others in the office walking about briskly, some carrying boxes, others carrying rolls of plans and files.

"What is going on?" Tom asked as he started to step forward. Derrick stopped him, both seeing all of the activity.

"We'll find out, hold on." Derrick said, stepping up to Kim's desk. He looked down at her, and nodded his head slightly, looking at the phone. She knew what he meant, and asked the person on the other end to hold.

"Thank God, you're back. Terry's been trying to get a hold of you both." Kim said.

"What's happening?" Derrick asked, looking around again. "Where's Terry?"

"I don't know. Calvin came out, fired him, and they went toward the back."

"What?" Tom asked, stepping up.

"He came out here, started yelling at everyone. I was on the phone with Beckett, and it went crazy, he fired more than half the staff." Kim said, almost in tears.

"Okay. No one is fired." Derrick said. "Calvin has no authority to fire anyone. Find Terry. Who's on hold?"

"The building department."

"Alright. Finish with that, then find Terry." Derrick said, turning to Tom. "Come on, let's get everyone settled down, and get this under control."

Tom split off from Derrick. They started rounding everyone up, one at a time, and told them to meet in the conference room. As soon as everyone was rounded up, Derrick walked into the conference room. Tom was already there, trying to calm everyone, but there were too many conversations. Derrick listened for a minute, and then put his hands in the air.

"Everyone...please...everyone?!" Derrick said in a loud voice. Once all of the voices quit, all eyes were on Derrick. "Thank you..." Derrick lowered his voice to a normal tone. "...Tom and I understand that some things happened while we were out of the office. Let me assure one, and I mean no one has been fired. That has to come from at least two of the partners. Tom and I are very happy with all of you, that's why you're here."

"Derrick, what's going on?" A voice from the back of the room.

"Tom and I are not at liberty to discuss it right now." Derrick answered, looking about the room. "I wish we could," hearing groans from around the room, "but, for now it's business as usual. Nothing is going to change."

"Is the firm closing?" Another voice.

"Absolutely not." Tom said, flatly.

"We have all worked too hard to make this firm a success." Derrick joined in. "I am not going to close these doors any time soon." Voices started talking again. Derrick held up his hands again. "You have to believe us. There's too much at stake here."

"That isn't what Calvin said." A different voice.

Derrick became angry, everyone could see it. "I'll deal with him." Derrick growled. Tom turned and put a hand on Derrick's shoulder.

"Easy." Tom said in a hushed voice.

"Everyone is reacting because of bad information." Derrick said flatly. "Let us deal with Calvin."

"Don't you want to know what he said?" Tom asked softly.

"I have a damn good idea, don't you?"

"Yeah." Tom said, disgusted. He turned back toward the room. "Look, everyone. Here's what's really going on..." Derrick's eyes went wide at Tom, he looked at Derrick and smiled briefly, then back at the room, "...there's some problems between the three of us. Derrick and I are trying to get it handled. As Derrick said, no one is in danger of losing their job, the firm is not closing, and it is going to be business as usual." Tom could see that there was still doubt in some of their faces. "Ask yourselves, have we ever lied to you? Have we ever made this a bad place to work? We've told you all that we can for now, you'll just have to trust us." Tom slowly scanned the room, to all of the faces. There were many nods and smiles. "Good. Now, let's get back to work, and try and finish out the day."

"I'm going to deal with Calvin." Derrick whispered into Tom's ear, as everyone was walking out of the conference room.

"Just be easy, remember. I'll go with you."

They walked out of the conference room, turning down the wide hall, walking toward Calvin's office. Derrick was walking like he was on a mission, Tom trying to keep up. They rounded another corner, and Derrick walked right into Terry.

"Terry." Derrick said.


"Where've you been?"

" desk." Terry's eyes were wide.

"Why? Are you moving to another office?"

" fired me..." Terry looked confused and upset.

"Calvin doesn't fire shit." Derrick leaned closer going eye to eye with the young man. "You work for me, right?"


"I hired you, right?"

"Uh...yeah." Terry gulped.

"Then I'm the one who fires you. Clear?"

"Very clear."

"Good." Derrick said, then he narrowed his eyes. "So, what are you standing here for?"


"Go." Derrick said softly. Terry walked around Derrick and Tom, Tom walked up next to Derrick.

"Mean." Tom said.

"I'm going to kill this fucker."

"No, you're not." Tom chanted.

Derrick just glared at Tom. "He says the wrong thing, I will."

"Derrick..." Tom said as Derrick stormed off, Tom jumping to try and catch up with him. Derrick hit Calvin's door, flinging it wide open, bouncing it off the wall, as he stepped in, Tom right behind him. Derrick stopped just inside, seeing Calvin behind his desk, looking up at them.

"Do come in." Calvin said. "You could have knocked first, you know."

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Derrick asked.

"Doing? Well, let me see now..."

"Don't be cute." Derrick growled, as he stepped toward the desk. "You have the staff upset. Firing people? You have no authority."

"Oh?" Calvin asked, raising an eyebrow.

"It takes two partners to terminate employment." Tom said.

"Ahhh." Calvin said, sitting back in his chair. "At long last. You found your voice, Tom?" Calvin chuckled. "Now that Derrick is here to back you up?"

"I don't need..."

"Calvin." Derrick said, leaning on the desk with his hands. "I'm hear to give you notice."

"Oh? And what notice is that?" Calvin said in a snide tone.

"I'm going to close on my note on your house."

"You can't do that." Calvin said, narrowing his eyes.

"Can't I?" Derrick asked, standing straight. "Watch me."

Calvin stood. "You need a court order from a law suit."

"I'll get one." Derrick growled.

"It needs process time. There is no law suit."

"There will be." Derrick said, leaning over the desk toward Calvin. "I'll have your house and your ass out in the street."

"You can't." Calvin stood leaning closer toward Derrick, sneering. "You don't have the balls."

Derrick lost it. He reached up with his right hand, grabbing Calvin's shirt collar at the base of his throat, squeezing his fingers together, twisting up the fabric of the shirt, in one swift motion, Derrick pulled, dragging Calvin over the top of the desk to his side, Calvin grasping Derrick's wrist with both hands, trying to pull himself free. Derrick slung him to the floor, still holding on, pulling back his left fist, straddled over Calvin.

"Derrick!" Tom screamed, stepping forward, putting his hands on Derrick's shoulders.

"I do have the balls, fucker. And, I'll have your wife out on the street as well. How about that?" Derrick growled.

Calvin was red faced from tightness of the collar. "I'll have you arrested for assault."

"Go ahead." Derrick snarled. "It will be the highlight of my day, after I beat the fuck out of you!"

"Derrick! Let him go!" Tom yelled, trying to pull on Derrick.

"Boss! Boss!" Terry yelled as he stood at the door. He bolted across the office and helped Tom try and pull Derrick off Calvin.


Ty drove slowly back toward the house, Alec was sitting in the passenger seat, looking out the door window, watching the people on the street, and the buildings, totally lost in thought.

"So, are you going to take Emilio's offer?" Ty asked. No reply. Ty looked over, Alec was staring off still. Ty smiled slightly. "So, I was thinking of giving you a quickie before you go to work. How about it?" Ty reached over and touched Alec's arm.

"Huh? What?" Alec snapped back around looking at Ty.

"Wow." Ty said.

"I'm sorry, did you say something?"

"I did." Ty said as he looked back forward.

"I didn't hear you. I'm just thinking..."

"Yeah, so you've got that plan for world peace?"


"Kid, what's eating you? Emilio's offer?"

Alec turned in the seat. "Partly, I guess. I was thinking about the store, too."



"Is Emilio's offer good?"

"Yes. It would be more money than I'm making right now. But, that's not the important thing." Alec said. Ty's eyes widened a little, and he held up his hand making circle motions, trying to draw him out... "It's a lot of responsibility. Long hours. I'm not sure." Alec said softly.

"Okay. Let me get this straight. It's more money doing a job that you love to do. It's long hours, hours that you're paid for. Hmmm, I don't know...sounds like maybe you should..." Ty looked down, seeing Alec pull out his phone. Ty grinned inwardly. "Yeah, check with the boyfriend first. Good plan."

"Oh, stop." Alec said, with the phone to his ear, looking at Ty. Ty snorted through his nose and grinned. "Hey, sweetie. What's going on?" Alec asked as he leaned against the passenger door. "Really?...well, I was wondering if you had a minute? I've got something that's bothering me."


Derrick looked up, seeing Terry pushing against his shoulder with one hand, and clasping his drawn back hand with the other. Their eyes met. Derrick narrowed his eyes, focusing on Terry's eyes, then looked down at the red faced Calvin on the floor underneath him. Derrick slowly let Calvin go, letting him drop away from him.

"Boss, you alright?" Terry asked softly.

"I'm fine." Derrick replied, standing straight, stepping back away from Calvin, Tom still hanging on his shoulders from behind him. Derrick looked back, Tom slowly let him go. All three looked down on Calvin, who was starting to get up.

"You son of a bitch!" Calvin said, getting slowly to his feet, rubbing a hand at the base of his throat. "I'm calling the cops."

"No." Derrick said, stepping toward the desk. "I'll do it for you." Saying it softly, as he picked up the phone, looking at Calvin. "Then, I'll make another call before they get here. I'll have that law suit filed by the end of the day." Derrick smiled out of the corner of his mouth. Derrick watched Calvin's eyes flash. He knew what was going through Calvin's mind. Derrick remembered clearly that Calvin had begged him not to let Calvin's wife know about helping them with the house. Derrick gambled that she still didn't know anything about it.

Calvin sat in a chair near him, looking at Derrick. "Alright. What do you want?"

Derrick glanced toward the office door, seeing some of the staff standing there, their mouths wide open. Obviously they had seen all or most of what had happened. Derrick brought his attention back to Terry, making eye contact, then throwing his eyes toward the door. Terry moved, knowing what Derrick wanted. Terry was walking out, closing the door behind him.

"No." Derrick said. "Terry, you stay. I need a witness." Derrick glared back at Calvin, who looked weak and beaten, slumping in the chair. "I want you to sign over your holdings in the firm. I'll see to it that you are paid for what you have put in, your original investment. It will be a certified check and in your hand tomorrow. I will have your signature on a legal document removing your name from the firm and its title. I want your desk emptied and everything that belongs to you out of this building today, as well as your keys." Derrick stood directly in front of Calvin, looking down at him. "Or, I'm going to jail for the night, and you're losing your house." Derrick waited a long moment and then leaned over, getting close to Calvin's face. "I'm waiting." Derrick growled.

"Alright." Calvin whispered.

"I didn't hear you." Derrick growled louder, balling up his fists. Calvin saw it, then looked in Derrick's eyes.

"Alright! It's done, I'll do it."

Derrick stood up, not taking his eyes off Calvin. "Tom. Get Sid on the phone. Tell him. I want that paper in my hand now. Terry. Get Neal. Get some empty boxes and you two help Calvin get his things packed up and out of the building." Derrick could see the two of them moving out of the corner of his eye, as he leaned back to go face to face with Calvin. "Give me your keys." Derrick snarled. Calvin blinked as he reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a small ring, handing them to Derrick.

"Derrick..." Calvin said softly, as Derrick took the ring.

"Don't say a single word."


"Really?" Alec was moving around in the seat, as the truck pulled into the driveway. Ty drove toward the back of the house, and then parked. "Yeah, we just got to the house. Well, if you think I really should. I'll stop be the restaurant and talk to him. What? Yeah, I think so, too." Alec was listening to the phone, and then grinned wide, looking at Ty. "Yeah, he's right here. I'll tell him." Alec smiled wide. "Alright, see you then. Love you, too. Bye." Alec hung up and slipped the phone back into his pocket.

"Tell me what?"

"He thinks it's a great idea about cooking at the restaurant. He was really jazzed about it."

"Is that all?"

"No. He said he would be here day after tomorrow."

"Really? Bet you're excited about that?"

Alec squirmed in the seat, grinning. "Yeah." He said softly.

"Oh, you've got it so bad." Ty said, shaking his head.

"That smooth hard body up against me, rubbing me all over..."

"I know, I know. He's fucking hot, okay?" Ty gripped the wheel, thinking about it. "I'll tell Derrick when he gets home."

"Okay." Alec opened the door of the truck, then leaned back over the seat next to Ty. "Hey..." Alec said, Ty looked down at him, "...thanks."

"For what?"

"For being you. For being a good friend. I don't have many of those." Alec said quietly, Ty leaned down and kissed Alec's forehead.

"You're special."

Alec scooted closer in the seat, reaching an arm around Ty's neck, pulling Ty's face down and kissed him, softly at first and then as the kiss lingered, it became deeper. As Ty's mouth was being probed deeper and deeper by Alec's tongue, Ty felt the hand clasping on his crotch, squeezing his heavy balls and tracing along his length. Ty breathed out of his nose at the touch, as his own hand slid down Alec's back, gripping tightly on the jeans over Alec's perfect ass.

Ty was moaning softly with the kiss, being worked over so well, he didn't realize what was happening until fingers were wrapped around his half hard length. He moaned louder as Alec was slowly stroking him, tickling the soft skin with fingertips. Then as the kiss broke, Ty tilted his head back getting lost in the touch. He felt the warmth of Alec's mouth on him, the movement of the tongue around his swelling head, then slowly down the exposed shaft only to be stopped by the cargo shorts.

"Alec, we shouldn't." Ty said, trying to get a grip on Alec to pull him off. Alec moved his mouth back up over the head, and pulled himself up in the seat, getting on his knees, his crotch near Ty's face. Ty could see the pronounced bulge in the jeans, then slowly looked up, watching Alec unbutton them, then slowly draw the zipper down. Alec reached in and lifted his cock out slowly, letting it stand out before him, pointing toward Ty's face. Ty stared at it, then leaned back against the door, watching Alec work the jeans off his hips, pushing them down to his knees.

"You're right." Alec said, as he leaned forward, kissing Ty again, tickling Ty's cock head with his soft fingers. "But, you said you were going to give me a quickie before I went to work."

Ty smiled. "I didn't think you heard me. I thought you were totally lost..."

Alec kissed him to silence him, and then pulled back a little. "You're going to fuck me, right here, right now." Alec kissed Ty again, spreading Ty's mouth open wide with his tongue, making him moan, then slowly pulled back. Alec shoved his hand deeper into Ty's shorts, wrapping his fingers around Ty's massive balls the best he could and squeezed them gently. Ty groaned. "You know you want to." Alec whispered. Ty pushed forward, rolling Alec back on the passenger seat. Ty grabbed Alec's trapped legs and pulled them out from under him, sending his feet to the headliner, bending Alec, pushing his butt open. Ty bent down and ran his tongue up from the top of Alec's butt, slowly over his opening to the base of his trapped balls, sending a deep groan escaping from Alec's throat.

"Like that, huh?"

"Yes...oh, yes." Alec moaned. "Do it again."

Ty grinned for a moment, and then responded to the request, dragging his tongue the same way again. Alec gripped the top of the back of the seat with his left hand, loving the sensation, wanting it, needing it. Ty could hear from the response he was getting that it must be good. He shifted himself in the seat, getting out of his cargos, then got on the seat on his knees. He positioned himself near Alec, using a hand to guide his long length to Alec's opening.

"It may be too big for you."

"Fuck me." Alec moaned, feeling the head push against him. "I want it inside me."

Ty pushed a little, Alec's opening spreading just a little, as it was being pushed inward. Alec pushed against Ty, sending the mushroom head in a little more. Alec hissed at the penetration, then pushed a little more, using his hands, one on the seat, the other on the dash as leverage. Ty stayed still feeling the pressure on his head. Alec adjusted a little and pushed, sending Ty into him more, then, as Ty wrapped his arms around Alec's lifted legs, they both pushed at the same time, sending Ty inside. Alec moaned deeply at the penetration. Ty let a deep breath escape through his mouth, feeling the tightness about him.

"Oh, fuck." Alec moaned. "I've never had such a huge cock before....oh, my..."

"Want to stop?"

"No...give it to me...fuck me."

Ty slowly slid himself in all the way, a little at a time, till he was buried to his balls. Ty stayed still, giving Alec time to adjust to his girth and length. Alec was panting. Ty reached up, slipping Alec's shoes off, dropping them to the floorboard. Ty slowly pulled the jeans off, dropping them on top of the shoes. He let Alec slowly spread his legs, draping the left over the back of the seat, the other on the dash.

"Are you good?"

Alec grinned, as he reached down and pulled his shirt up and over his head, dropping it to the floor. "I don't I?"

"You're so fucking tight."

"You like it tight, don't you?" Alec moaned as he slowly wiggled his butt against Ty's hips.

Ty leaned down and kissed Alec, and then pulled back. "You're so fucking gorgeous."

"You're hotter..." Alec wiggled again, "...all those muscles...ohhh, and that massive cock." Alec licked his lips. "Fuck me." Alec wiggled again. "Fuck me hard."

Ty slid out a little, then slowly back in. He moved slowly at first, then shifted his hands to each side of Alec to get better leverage, shifting his weight more to his arms, freeing up his legs. Ty rocked his hips, moving in and out of Alec. Alec was craning his head back, moaning with each thrust that Ty was giving him.

"Yeah..." Ty hissed out as he slid back in, "'re so tight, you're gonna make me cum really soon."

"Yeah, baby..." Alec moaned, "...cum in me...oh, God...cum..."

Ty swung his hips in and out, pounding Alec harder and harder. Alec was thrashing his head side to side, clawing at the back of the seat. His toes were curling at the feeling of the pounding he was getting. Alec could start to feel a difference inside him now, Ty was expanding slightly, his motions becoming more rigid. Alec looked up and saw that Ty tilted his head back and closed his eyes.

"Fuck...oh fuck." Ty said through clenched teeth. Then he cut loose, sending pulses streaming into Alec, deep, deep inside. Alec could feel it, the pulses, the throbbing. Ty slowed in his motions, and Alec thought it was almost over. Ty opened his eyes and looked down at Alec, and smiled. The motions started all over again, in and out, full strides along Ty's length going in and out. "You thought I was done?"

"Oh fuck..." Alec moaned, " many times...can you..."

"Lots." Ty beamed. He trusted in deep, making Alec moan louder, tilting his head back, arching his back. Ty buried himself deep, holding it inside Alec, then tightened his own ass, making his cock flare. Alec moved his hands to Ty's shoulders and gripped his bulking muscles. "You like that, don't you?" Ty whispered, Alec lay motionless under him, taking it, not being able to move, not being able to breath. "This is where Conner passed out." Ty watched Alec and his reaction to what he was doing to him. Alec's mouth was wide open, his eyes rolling back in his head. Ty slowly eased up, letting his muscles relax.

"Oh...fuck." Alec sucked in a breath. Then, as Ty began to move in and out again, Alec started to pant. He wrapped his hands around the back of Ty's thick neck, hanging on, spreading his legs a little wider, taking the pounding, wanting more. Ty shifted on the seat, getting under Alec a little more, lifting him. The added lift gave something new to Alec. Ty's length was now rubbing against Alec's button, making him pant harder now as it went back and forth across it. Alec wanted to scream it felt so good to him. He wanted to touch himself, needed to, but didn't as he held on Ty's neck, to arch his back. This new feeling was driving him to places he had never been, this feeling was the most incredible feeling he had ever had in his life. And then all at once, it happened. The rush, the feel, his eyes saw colors that were fantastic, and the feeling was overwhelming, as he clenched and felt his cock flex with each pulse, sending volley after volley to the base of his own throat, splattering up his chest. Ty had eased in his motions, watching Alec under him, shooting all over. Ty smiled.

"You're gonna make me cum again." Ty whispered. Alec was slowly coming down from his intense orgasm. He had never felt one like that before. His breathing was labored and shallow.

"Don't cum in me." Alec panted.

"Why?" Ty moaned as he moved in and out.

"I want you to cum in my mouth."


"Yeah." Alec panted. "I want to swallow it."

Ty closed his eyes and went back to his movements, long strokes in and out, he shifted again, lifting Alec off the seat a little more, more against Alec's button, back and forth, constantly pressing on it. Ty was moving at a solid pace, not wavering at all. Alec got the sense that he could do this all day long, but Alec felt like he was going to explode again, his cock still rigid, and was beginning to ache, his balls were loose, resting against Ty's lower stomach.

"Oh, fuck...yeah...oh, fuck." Ty moaned, then shifted, lowering Alec to the seat, and then pulling slowly out of Alec, leaving him with an emptiness inside, an emptiness like he had never known before. Alec watched as Ty, climbed across the seat over Alec, getting closer to Alec's face. Alec knew it was time, he bent his head forward and opened his mouth, taking the mushroom head in, then, as Ty moved a little closer, more of the length followed. Alec clamped suction on it, as Ty rocked in and out of the warmth of Alec's mouth. He looked down, watching himself slide in and out of Alec's mouth. He could feel his balls dragging over Alec's cum covered chest, his balls spreading it out more. Watching himself, feeling what Alec was doing to him, what he was feeling on Alec's chest, he let go again, sending his volley into Alec's mouth. Alec hungrily swallowed it, pulse after pulse, tasting it, using his tongue to twirl around the mushroom head, running his tongue tip over the slit as another pulse erupted. Ty moaned loudly to all of it, throwing his head back, bracing his right hand on the back of the seat. His hips moved slower and slower now, as his orgasm eased. Alec drew the last of him out, and then slowly pulled off him. He wiggled himself across the seat back under Ty, licking his balls of what they had drug themselves over. Ty watched as Alec cleaned him.

"You like to taste yourself?" Ty asked softly.

"I love to taste myself." Alec looked up at Ty, and smiled that boyish smile. "I always taste myself when I'm alone. Don't you?"

"I have." Ty smiled. "But, I use it for something else." Ty said. Alec looked at him questioningly. "I use it to lube myself." Alec grinned and went back to licking at Ty's balls. Once Ty shifted on the seat, Alec was able to sit up. He could feel what cum was left running down his chest.

"I wish I didn't have to go to work."

"Now, come on."

Alec grinned a devilish grin. "I would want Derrick to come in and see us fucking..." Alec leaned forward and kissed Ty, "...then have him join us."

"You're a little horn dog, aren't you." Ty shook his head.

Alec draped his hands over Ty's shoulders, cocking his head a little to one side. "I'd like to try having you both in me at the same time."

"Really? You are a horn dog." Ty grinned. "And here I thought I was bad."

"I need to get in the shower to get ready for work."

"Yeah, I could use one, too." Ty whispered, still grinning.

Alec collected his clothes off the floorboard of the truck and slid off the seat. He climbed out of the truck, walking across the grass toward the house, as Ty watched. Ty sighed as he picked up his shorts and slipped them off the one leg. He opened the truck door, got out, then shut it, and walked across the lawn, following Alec toward the house. Alec stopped at the back door, his hand on the screen, looking back toward Ty, both of them, naked, carrying clothes. Alec sighed to himself watching the length of Ty swing from side to side as he walked. He could feel himself starting to firm up and start to rise again. Alec opened the screen door as Ty got close and walked into the house, holding the door for Ty. Ty caught the door with a free hand and followed Alec in. They walked into the hallway and then turned to the left and walked into the bathroom. Alec dropped his clothes on the floor in a pile and opened the glass door. He turned on the valve and let the water flow through the combination head. He looked over his shoulder at Ty, watching Ty drop his shorts on the floor, and then undid his boot laces and then slipped them off, then his socks, piling them on the shorts. Ty stepped behind Alec and wrapped a powerful arm around his waist, pulling Alec to Ty. Ty smiled to himself as he rubbed his cock up and down over Alec's ass, sliding his length up and down in between his tight cheeks. Alec arched his back a little, thrusting more of his ass against Ty's cock. He reached out and felt the water, it was the right temperature. Alec looked over his shoulder and smiled at Ty, again, that boyish smile that Ty was crazy about. He watched Alec step into the shower and step under the head, starting to get all wet.


Derrick stood in the center of the office watching Terry and Neal open drawers, pulling items out and then just dumping them in to the empty boxes on the floor. Derrick smiled to himself realizing that they were enjoying themselves in doing this. Derrick shifted his eyes over to Calvin, his old friend, his partner in business. Memories of the old days started flashing through Derrick's mind watching Calvin slumped in the chair, looking beaten, helpless. Derrick's chest tightened with the pain and anguish of it all, he felt truly sorry for Calvin, but in the back of his mind, the reality of it was that Calvin had brought this on by himself, and it angered Derrick all over again.

"Boss, desk is emptied." Terry said, snapping Derrick back to the moment.

"Good." Derrick paused a moment and looked down at Calvin, then over at Terry. "Take the boxes out to Calvin's truck. Put them in the bed. When you're done, come back in here."

"Sure, boss." Terry answered, as he and Neal picked up the boxes and walked around the desk. Derrick opened the door for them, letting them walk out, Terry smiled at Derrick as he walked by, Neal kept his head down. Derrick closed the door behind them.

"Derrick..." Calvin uttered.

"Not a word!" Derrick said loudly. Calvin began to sob in his chair, Derrick looked over at him, hearing the sounds. Calvin covered his face with his hands.

"What am I going to tell Kathy?"

"I don't care. But, it should probably be the truth. Don't you think?"

Calvin continued to sob, then lifted his head, removing his hands. "God, Derrick, what have I done?"

"Fucked up." Derrick said flatly. "Cut off anything that had been yours. Killed any possible friendship that might have remained." Derrick paused for a moment, watching Calvin, his pain clearly deepening. "Yep, you fucked up."

Tom walked in, looking at the both of them, then closed the door behind him. He crossed over and stood next to Derrick, looking down at Calvin. Tom put a hand on the small of Derrick's back, diverting Derrick's attention for a moment. Tom leaned close to Derrick's ear.

"Sid will be here in just a little bit. You alright?" Tom asked. Derrick only nodded in reply. "I told Kim to have Sid come in here as soon as he shows up."

"Good. The sooner we get this over with, the better." Derrick said in a low tone. Derrick walked over and leaned against the desk. Derrick looked over at Tom, who slowly walked toward Derrick, joining him, leaning against the desk as well. They looked up as there a knock on the door. Terry and Neal walked in.

"All loaded up, boss."

"Thanks." Derrick answered, smiling briefly. Derrick looked at Tom. "Would you be alright in here while I went and took care of a couple of things?" Tom nodded. "I'll leave Neal here with you."


"Good." Derrick said and then crossed the room toward the door. Terry and Neal stepped out of the way. "Terry, why don't you come with me for a few minutes and then you can come back here."

"Whatever you say, boss." Terry replied as he opened the door for Derrick, then followed him out. Once they were walking in the hallway, Terry was walking beside Derrick. "I just wanted to say how sorry I am. I know that this must hurt."

"Thanks." Derrick said, without looking at Terry. They rounded the corner and walked into Derrick's office. "Why don't you have a seat?" Derrick asked as he went around his desk. Terry sat down. "I have to make a couple of calls, but I wanted to talk to you first. I need to confirm this with Tom, but, I was really impressed with the way you stepped in and handled this whole thing." Derrick paused, seeing Terry smile. "So, what I want to say is, now that there will be a change here at the firm, I would like to offer you a new position. One that I feel needs to be created." Derrick saw Terry's eyes widen. "I want to make you the office manager. Handling the day to day things, coordinating projects and delegating tasks."


"Really. You have shown me time after time over the past year that you are more than capable, and actually you know you've been doing it already. I think it's time to make it official with a title, and a raise of course. What do you think?"

"I...I..." Terry couldn't stop grinning. Derrick widened his eyes, waiting. "Wow...thanks, boss." Terry said, getting to his feet, reaching out a hand. Derrick took it, shaking it firmly.

"You're welcome. I'll talk to Tom as soon as all this is over. Then we'll get you out of that cubicle and move you into Calvin's office."


"An office manager needs an office, right?"

"Yeah, I guess so." Terry answered softly.


"'s just so..."

"Sudden? Dust hasn't settled yet?"

Terry looked relieved, Derrick knowing. "Yeah." He answered softly.

"This will help the dust settle quicker, I think."

"Maybe you're right."

"Yeah. Okay, I have to make those calls. Can you go back with Tom and Neal?"



Ty stepped into the shower. Alec felt him behind him and turned around. Alec looked into Ty's eyes, reached his arms up, wrapping them around Ty's thick neck. Alec smiled that boyish smile and kissed Ty softly. Ty moved closer to him, feeling the water run down between them and Alec's soft skin against his. Alec pulled his lips back.

"There's something I need to tell you." Alec said, rubbing his hips against Ty, sliding his hardened cock against Ty's stomach.

"What's that?" Ty asked as he reached around, grabbing Alec's perfect ass, spreading his cheeks out, letting the water cascade over his opening.

"It's what Conner said earlier on the phone. He wanted me to have you fuck me before he comes back."


"It's what we text at night. He knows I've been so horny since he's been gone. You are one of our fantasies." Alec kissed him softly. "Now, I want to do something to you."

"What?" Ty asked as he let go of Alec.

Alec gently pushed Ty against the tile of the shower, then reached up and unhooked the wand in the head. Ty watched as Alec turned the valve on the head, adjusting the spray, diverting it to only feed the wand. Alec lowered the wand head so it went in between Ty's legs.

"Spread your legs a little more." Alec said as the spray was hitting the floor. Ty spread his legs, then Alec spun the head around so the water was blasting between the back of Ty's balls and his ass. Ty gasped at the feeling. It was incredible to him. Alec watched as Ty's cock grew instantly, responding to the stimulation. "Awesome, isn't it?" Alec asked, watching Ty's face.


Alec sank to his knees and opened his mouth, taking Ty's head, licking it, using his tongue to widen the slit, then slid down a couple of inches, then back again, all the while the water was pounding Ty. Ty put his hands on Alec's head, resting them, becoming overwhelmed with the sensations on him now. Alec moved up and down on Ty's hard length quickly and it was not long before Ty moaned loudly, shooting into Alec's mouth. Alec swallowed every pulse Ty gave him. Once Ty eased, Alec pulled off, keeping the wand head where he had it, getting to his feet. He leaned forward and clamped his lips around Ty's right nipple, sucking hard on it, then nipping at the point.

"Fuck!" Ty moaned loudly, reaching up grabbing Alec's head with both hands. "Have you done this water thing to Conner?"

"Oh yeah. He screams when I do this to him." Alec grinned.

"Fuck, I've got to do this to Derrick." Ty pulled Alec to him, kissing him deeply, sending his tongue into the back of Alec's mouth. Slowly Ty pulled back, looking into Alec's deep eyes. "You're fucking amazing, you know that?"

"I know." Alec grinned, as he wrapped his free hand around Ty's rock hard length. "Now, fuck me again before I have to go to work. I want to think about this all night long."



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