Building Things

Chapter 10

"Am I intruding?" Conner asked.

"Uh, not at all." Derrick replied, almost stuttering. "Won't you come in?"

"Thank you." Conner said as he stepped through the door. Derrick closed it behind him.

"How did you...?"

"Find you?" Conner finished for him, looking around the living room, smiling at what he saw. The room was comfortable, large windows, comfortable looking furniture, high wainscoting, capped with a wide crown molding over the top of the plaster walls, all the woodwork was done in deep, rich color, giving life to the wood. Conner half turned, smiling at Derrick. "I stopped by your firm. I spoke to your business partner, Tom. He gladly gave me your address. He even winked at me. I'm not sure what that was about, though."

Derrick chuckled. "Tom is not only one of my business partners, he's an old friend." Derrick held out a hand, showing the way. "Come and join us in the kitchen. I was going to prepare dinner." Derrick looked him up and down again. "I have several questions that I would like to ask, if you don't mind."

"Well, likewise. There are several questions I would like to ask you." Conner suddenly looked a little nervous. "That is, if you're sure I'm not intruding."

"Absolutely not. Come, there's someone I want you to meet. He's an ardent...supporter of yours." Derrick said with a smile.

Conner cocked his head to one side, a questioned look on his face. It made him look all that much cuter to Derrick. Conner followed Derrick through the living room, through the formal dining room, and into the large kitchen. Ty saw them enter first, and his eyes went wide. Paul had his back to them, but turned. Seeing Conner, Paul's jaw dropped, and he stood. Derrick gave him a stern look, making Paul silent.

"Gentlemen, may I introduce Mr. Conner Van Owen." Derrick said, looking at Conner, and then back to Ty and Paul. "Conner, this is Paul." Conner reached out and shook Paul's hand. "And this," Derrick said, stepping next to Ty, looking back at Conner. "This is Ty. Your ardent supporter that I spoke of." Conner reached out a hand to Ty. Ty took it and firmly grasped it, as he stood up.

"Pleasure." Conner said. Paul gasped, in spite of himself. Conner looked at him, as he was right next to Paul. Conner focused back on Ty. "I'm not sure why you would be a supporter of mine. Have we met before?"

"No, we have not met."

"Conner, please, won't you sit?" Derrick asked, motioning toward the chair at the end of the table. Conner smiled and sat down. "I was about to pour some wine. Would you care to have a glass?"

"Certainly. Thank you."

Derrick got busy pouring wine for them all, passing glasses out. Conner watched as Ty sat back down, smiling slightly. Paul scooted a little closer to Conner, resting his chin on his palm, just watching him. Derrick reached over and squeezed Paul's shoulder, reigning him back. Paul scooted back to his right a little away from Conner.

"A toast." Derrick said, holding out his glass. The others picked theirs up. "To new beginnings, and new friends." All glasses clinked together. "So, Conner, what brings you here?" Derrick asked as he sat down next to Ty. Derrick put a hand on Ty's thigh under the table.

Conner looked into his wine glass, setting it back on the table, then looked at the other three about him. "I have been talking to my mother through email. She explained what was going on here with you and what was being planned. I came out here to meet you, partly because of the way she speaks of you, she's quite taken with you, you know. But, mostly, just to say thank you, in person, for what you're doing." Conner smiled as he looked at Derrick. He looked at Ty. "And she also speaks very highly of you, as well. It takes a lot to make my mother open up. That tells me a lot about you both."

"Oh?" Ty asked.

Conner smiled, "Yes. Clearly, you're people of good character. The other reason I'm here is stop this from going any further."

"Why?" Derrick asked, setting his glass down.

"My father." Conner looked at the ceiling for a moment, as if he was trying to hold back tears, he looked back at Derrick. "He's a very driven man, as you know. Once an idea gets into his mind, he's relentless. Something I try and avoid." Conner paused, gathering his thoughts. "I never asked for any of this. It was my father's idea, another control maneuver of his. Labeling it to make my mother happy, but really just to interfere with my life. He and I had our falling out a few years back, but he just can't seem to let it go."

"He's your father." Ty said, softly.

Conner stared directly at Ty. "Yes, he is. And, he is really the greatest pain of my life."

"He loves you, Conner." Derrick said. "I'm sure he just wants what he thinks is best for you."

"Only under his conditions." Conner said, putting his hands together and resting them on the table. "Conditions that he sets, and controls. It's always his way, and there is no compromise. He always has to win."

"That's what has made him a success." Derrick said.

"In business, yes. Not in his family life. He treats my mother and I like some sort of... commodity." Conner paused. He unfolded his hands, picked up his wine glass and sipped at it. He set the glass back down.

"Conner, may I ask you a personal question?" Derrick asked.


"How old are you?"

"23. Why?" Conner asked, sipping more of his wine.

"It just seems to me..."

"Let me guess." Conner cutting Derrick off. "Hurt? Opinionated? Bitter? You would be too, after what he's done, and is doing."

"What has he done?" Ty asked.

Conner leaned forward in his chair, looking directly at Ty. "He destroyed my relationship. Manipulated it through his business contacts. He made it almost impossible for us to get jobs. His constant interference drove a wedge between us." Tears were forming in Conner's bright eyes.

"Oh, I'm so sorry." Paul said, putting a hand on one of Conner's hands. "Who's us?"

"My ex."

"Boyfriend." Derrick said softly, making Conner look at him with shock all over his face. "Your mother told us." Anger flashed in Conner's wet eyes.

"Boy, did you come to the right place." Paul said. He looked up at the ceiling. "Thank you." He mouthed. Paul scooted closer toward Conner.

"Paul." Derrick said, giving Paul another stern look. "Cool your jets." Derrick looked back at Conner. "There's probably some things you should know." Derrick looked at Ty. Ty felt eyes on him, he turned his head and smiled. Derrick leaned in and kissed Ty softly. They looked at each other, smiling.

"You two are together?" Conner asked, almost in a whisper.

Derrick looked over at Conner and smiled. "Yes. And because of that, it's the only reason why I have stayed with this project of your parents. Ty actually convinced me to stay with it. I had decided to give the project over to one of my staff, but he made me realize it would be a mistake to drop it."

"I didn't know..." Conner said.

"And how would you?" Derrick asked. "Think about this carefully. Your parents decide to build a separate structure on their property to house you AND someone else. Those are your mothers words. They are pushing it to get it done as fast as possible. They never came right out and said anything to me about you, in fact they were very secretive about you. It wasn't until Ty cornered your mother at a lunch meeting that she really started talking about you. It seems to me that they are trying to protect you."

"No, they're trying to protect themselves and their own reputations. You have no idea." Conner said with anger in his voice. He got up from his chair. "I think I had better go."

"Why?" Paul asked.

"It seems that I can't convince you of my fathers real intentions. Thank you for the wine. It was a pleasure to meet you all." Conner shook Paul's hand, then reached out and took Ty's. Derrick stood. Conner reached his hand out to Derrick. Derrick took it, holding firmly.

"Won't you stay for dinner? Please?" Derrick asked. His look made Conner stop. Conner pulled his hand slowly back.

"I don't want to intrude."

"You keep saying that. You're not intruding. Aren't you the one who came looking for me?" Derrick stepped away from the table. "I bet your parents don't know that you're in town, do they?" Derrick asked as he stepped near Conner.

"What makes you think so?" Ty asked.

Derrick just stared at Conner. "Because the phone hasn't rang. His father called me about everything else, every detail, but he hasn't called about Conner being here. Am I right?"

Conner just stared back at Derrick. "They think I'm still in New York."

"And the plot thickens..." Paul said in a lilting voice. "Are you going to see them?"

Conner looked at Paul. "I was going to see them this evening, yes, to end this."

"No." Derrick said flatly. Conner looked back at Derrick. "Use this to your advantage. Don't you see it?" Conner narrowed his eyes. Derrick poured more wine. "You said he does things on only his conditions. What are they? What does he really want?"

"To run my life."

"No. Think about it." Derrick sipped from his wine glass, then smiled out of the corner of his mouth. "Your mother told us that they were grooming you to take over your fathers interests, to run the business. Obviously, not what you want to do with your life." Derrick paused, watching Conner's expression change to one of understanding.

"Play the game. That's what your saying, isn't it?"

"Use it to your advantage." Derrick put a hand on Conner's shoulder. "My business partner has a saying, 'Is this your hill to die on?'. So, Conner, is this your hill? Or are you going to make this work for you?"

"I see your point." Conner smiled wide, showing his glowing teeth. "It never occurred to me, until now. Thank you."

"Now, I have something else for you to think about." Conner looked at Derrick with that cute quizzical look. "We will go see your parents tomorrow, together."

"What?" Ty asked. Derrick turned and looked at him.

"Did you want to go?"

"Uh, no. But why together?"

"Leverage." Conner said flatly, making Derrick look back at him. Conner smiled wide. "A sound tactical move, throwing him off balance. I like it."

"Dangerous, is more like it." Ty answered. "But, I wouldn't miss this little show for the world. So, what is for dinner? I'm starving to death."

"Patience, my dear." Derrick said. He looked back at Conner. "Do you have a place to stay?"

"I was going to get a hotel room in town."

"I think not." Derrick said flatly. "You can take Paul's room." Paul's eyes went wide. He looked up at the ceiling again, putting his hands together, mouthing 'thank you', again. "Paul, I need you to stay at Matt's tonight, please." Paul went to say something, but Derrick cut him off. "You can take your frustrations out on Matt's ass." Paul looked crushed.

"I don't want to be any trouble." Conner said.

"Oh, you've already been that." Derrick said with a smile. "Seriously, it's no trouble. Paul rarely ever uses the room anyway. Isn't that right, Paul?"

"Let me go and put my toys away first." Paul pouted. He walked toward his room, muttering under his breath. Conner and Ty watched him. Derrick ignored him, having been dealing with it for years.

Derrick walked around the counter, opened the fridge, and began to pull things out and set them on the counter. He busied himself as Ty and Conner sat at the counter. They watched Derrick doing prep work for dinner.

"So, what's the plan for tomorrow?" Ty asked.

Derrick looked up, giving Ty an evil smile. "Divide and conquer. They'll never know what hit them. You'll see, and it will be fun."

"I see." Ty nodded. "Wipe out the old people. Okay. It'll be fun to crush them." Ty said, in a sarcastic tone.

"It's not like that." Derrick said, lifting his knife. "It's to catch his father off guard, make him sweat a little, for a change. The more he knows that we're on Conner's side, the more uneasy he will be."

"I get it." Ty said, then turned toward Conner. "So, how's life in the big city? I've never been there."

Conner brightened a little. "New York is its own world. So many people, so many things. Different areas have their own cultural clicks. Some areas are so old world, it's fascinating."

"Hmmm. Your ex, he was from there?"

"No. Boston, actually. Another wonderful city. So full of history. We went to New York for school. Private business college, near Wall Street. After we graduated, we tried to get jobs with several different firms. After constant denials, I started to do some checking. That's when I discovered my fathers meddling." Conner sounded angry again. "We were living off money that my mother was sending me, trying to make it work. James, was getting more and more frustrated. We fought constantly. Finally, he had enough and went back home to his parents. We haven't spoken since."

"I'm so sorry." Ty said, putting a hand on Conner's shoulder, rubbing it softly.

"This is what I'm talking about." Conner said. "This is why he has to be stopped. What if I found someone else? He would just do the same thing all over again."

"Conner, some people just can't be changed. You have to move on." Ty said.

"My point, exactly. But, his interference keeps me from moving on. I'm lost."

"No, my lad." Derrick said. "We're going to change all that. We're going to open his eyes."

"Ohhh, no." Ty said in a low tone. "I think I know what you're planning."

"It was your idea, as I recall." Derrick said, in an equally low tone.

"Now, just hold on a minute." Ty said.

"More wine?" Derrick asked. "Conner?" Derrick picked up the bottle and poured more into Conner's glass.

"I need to slow down a little. I'm not used to this much wine."

"Oh, you'll be fine." Derrick said. "We'll pour you into bed, don't worry." Derrick set the bottle down and went back to his prep work. He looked up from time to time. Ty sipped his wine very, very slowly, Derrick smiled. Conner was different. He finally tilted his head back, emptying his glass. Setting the empty glass on the counter. He got up from the counter. Ty pointed where the bathroom was. They watched Conner walk off.

"What the hell are you thinking?" Ty asked Derrick, now that they were alone.

"I'm thinking about several things." Derrick replied. "About what you said about quitting, about what that boy is going through, about what he will continue to go through, about what I've been through, and about what this will do for us."


"Yes, my love, us." Derrick smiled, setting the knife down, reaching for a pan now. "You see, if I'm right, if we're successful tomorrow, everything will change. I'm banking on it. All I need you to do is trust me."

Ty smiled wide, giving Derrick his soft eyed look. "I do."

"Good." Derrick winked. "Remember those two words." Derrick let his voice drift off as Conner returned to join them.

"Did I miss anything?"

Paul slid up behind Conner, resting his chin on Conner's shoulder. "Oh, I'm sure you did. They were probably planning some sex adventure for the night or something."

"Paul!" Derrick blurted. "I'm sorry, Conner. You'll have to excuse my friend, Paul. He is a bit on the depraved side." Derrick picked up the knife again. "Play nice, Paul. Leave the company alone."

Paul put up his hands, and stepped away from Conner. "Derrick, you are no fun at all."

"I've been told that." Derrick said, going back to his cooking. He chuckled. In a few minutes, dinner was almost ready. Derrick pulled plates from the cabinet and set them on the counter. "Dinner is almost ready." He looked up. "Ty would be a sweetheart and pull out some silverware, please?"

"My God. That smells so good." Conner said in a low voice.

Paul leaned back into Conner. "Not only is Derrick a great architect, he's a wonderful cook." Paul got closer to Conner's ear and whispered, "He's also got a big tool, and a tight ass." Conner chuckled. "Personal experience. Just sayin."

Ty had come around the counter. He opened a drawer, and pulled out some silverware. He brushed up against Derrick, who turned and smiled at him. Ty stopped for a moment.

"You can kiss the cook." Derrick said, lifting an eyebrow. Ty smiled and then leaned in and kissed Derrick. They pulled back from one another. "Dinner is served." Derrick said.

Derrick handed out plates to everyone.

"What do you call this?"

"Midnight pasta." Derrick said. "It's what chefs cook after they get home from cooking all night long. I learned it from a friend of mine at the restaurant I co-own."

"You co-own a restaurant?" Ty asked. "You never told me that."

"Well, silent partner, actually."

"Really?" Ty said, sitting down near the head of the table. Derrick joined him, to the left. Paul sat opposite them, leaving Conner at the head of the table. They all devoured what had been served, sipping more wine as they went. Conversation went about the table, lots of laughter, and just good talk. Derrick finally started to pick up plates. Ty helped. They quickly cleaned the kitchen. Paul saw his cue, now that dinner was done. He excused himself, going toward his room. He collected his bag and came back in. Conner looked like a sick puppy, thinking he was putting Paul out.

"I'll see you tomorrow afternoon." Paul said.

"You have work tomorrow?" Derrick asked.

"Yeah, some kid's party or something icky like that."

"Think of it this way, Paul," Derrick said, coming around the counter. "you get to bang Matt tonight, then come back home and smell the sheets Conner slept in."

Paul looked past Derrick toward Conner. "Please tell me you sleep naked."

Conner smiled. "I do." Making Paul brighten up. Paul picked up his bag and walked out of the room.

Derrick turned to Conner. "Do you have a bag or something?"

"It's out in the rental car."

"Well, why don't you go and get it, and we'll get you settled in. Alright?"

Conner smiled, and started walking toward the front door. He stopped, and turned back. "Paul was right. I did come to the right place. Thank you."

Derrick smiled. "You're welcome." He watched Conner walk out, and then turned to Ty.

"I sure hope you know what you're doing." Ty said. "It's an awful risk, you know."

"He's the one taking the risk."

"Yes, following your lead."

"It will be alright." Derrick said, walking up to Ty. He wrapped his arms around Ty's thick, powerful shoulders. "Mmm, you feel good."

"You feel even better." Ty replied as he wrapped his hands around Derrick's waist. They kissed deeply for a long minute, as Conner walked back in.

"I'm sorry." Conner said in a low tone, making them pull apart.

"Nothing to be sorry for." Derrick said. "Come, let me show you your room." Derrick said, letting go of Ty. He walked toward Paul's room, Conner right behind him. Ty sat at the counter, waiting. The two reemerged a couple of minutes later. They joined Ty at the counter.

"It's getting late." Ty said. "Maybe Conner wants to shower and get ready for bed."

"Would you like a night cap, Conner?"

"No, thank you. I think I've had enough for one night. I'll just go and take a shower and go to bed, if that's alright."

"Whatever you'd like. Good night, then." Derrick said.

"Night." Said Ty.

"Night. And thank you again."

"Don't mention it." Derrick answered, watching Conner walk away. He turned his attention back to Ty.

"You seem a little taken with him." Ty said in a low voice.

"He is very hot, don't you think?" Derrick replied. "But, I have something even hotter right here in front of me. Something that I want."

"Really." Ty said, turning in his seat. He put his hands on Derrick's waist.

"He seems to be taken with you. Didn't you notice?" Derrick asked.

"I did. I've seen that look before. Pretty boys wanting a muscle guy. Always ends bad. That's why I'm glad I got myself a real man."

"A real man? Is that what you consider me?"

"Oh, yeah." Ty said, kissing the base of Derrick's neck. "Pretty boys are nice, but a real man knows how to satisfy me." Ty kissed Derrick's neck a little higher. "And, baby, you know how."

"Well, let me show you again then."

"I can't wait." Ty said, letting Derrick rub in between his legs on his large bulge. "It's like it's been forever." Ty let Derrick run his tongue deep inside his mouth, taking all of him in, breathing deeply through his nose. Ty ran his hands up Derrick's muscular back, pulling him tighter to him. They were breathing heavier and heavier together, until Ty pushed Derrick back. "I want you now." Ty whispered.

Derrick walked around, shutting off all of the lights, as Ty walked down the hallway into the bedroom. He slipped off his clothes, dropping them to the floor, and pulled back the sheet, getting into the bed. Ty was propped up on an elbow when Derrick walked into the room. Ty could see the large bulge in Derrick's shorts, and smiled openly.

"Bring that over here." Ty said, pointing at the pronounced bulge. Derrick looked down, and then stepped to the edge of the bed. Ty leaned in and started mouthing over the top of the bulge. Using a hand, he reached up and cupped the crotch of Derrick's shorts, making Derrick moan. Ty moved his hands up and undid the shorts, letting them drop to the floor. The bulge in the underwear before him was growing larger, and was starting to escape the confinement. Ty moved his mouth over the length under the fabric, going back and forth with his lips. He reached up again, cradling the base of the bulge, squeezing ever so gently. Again, he heard a moan, prompting him to keep going.

The hand moved up from the base and hooked the band, pulling it away from the skin and then down, letting Derrick's thick member out of its confinement. Ty looked at for a moment, and then leaned in and started licking at its tip. His mouth opened a little more, and he swallowed the tip, then moved further down. He stopped halfway, then slid back up with tight suction. He stopped at the tip, and then started back down again. He sucked back and forth for the longest time.

Derrick used his hands to push the underwear down, getting them down to his knees. He didn't want to stop Ty's motion on him. He carefully wiggled his legs, letting the underwear fall to the floor. As he stood still, Derrick felt a hand sliding around behind him, probing across one cheek of his butt. Finally, the fingers found his opening through their probing. Derrick let one inside of him, then another, working his hole, making him pant more and more.

"Baby, you're gonna make me cum." Derrick hissed through his teeth. Ty was relentless on him, going further down the long shaft, fingers going deeper and deeper. Derrick felt the build up coming from his toes. His thighs tingled and his balls went tight, he felt the surge, and cut loose, pumping his streams into Ty's mouth, down his throat. Derrick moaned loudly with his shots. The streams kept coming out of him, into Ty's mouth. Ty swallowed all of it, not letting him go. Slowly, the pulsing of Derrick's thick long cock stopped. Ty slowed and then, sucking the last of it out of Derrick, pulled off of him. Ty lay back on the bed, smiling upward at Derrick.

"You're amazing." Derrick said in a low voice.

"Come down here and say that." Ty said in his own low tone. Derrick climbed up on the bed, and lay on Ty, wrapping his arms about Ty's neck and shoulders, kissing him deeply. Ty wrapped his legs around Derrick, resting the heels of his feet on the backs of Derrick's thighs. Derrick felt the length and thickness of Ty's enormous member, trapped between them. Derrick pulled back, catching his breath and looking into Ty's eyes.

"You are so fucking beautiful, you know that? I love you so much." Derrick whispered.

Ty smiled. "Would you do something for me?"

"Name it." Derrick answered.

"Fuck me." Ty said. "Fuck me long and hard."

Derrick leaned down, taking Ty's mouth with his own, thrusting his tongue deep into the cavity. Derrick felt the powerful arms wrap around him, squeezing him, almost making him lose his breath. Ty's legs went tighter around Derrick as well. Derrick was instantly hard again. He pulled back from Ty.

Ty unwrapped himself from Derrick, letting Derrick slide down him. Derrick put his hands under Ty's legs, lifting them, bring Ty's knees up near his chest. His ass was spread and wide open. Derrick disappeared out of Ty's sight, but he felt him, knew he was there as the hot tongue hit his hole, licking around the opening, making Ty moan, begging for more, then in and out, a little at a time, then more and more inside. Ty's head was rolling from side to side every time Derrick went in him. The feeling was incredible to Ty. Then something firmer was inside him, yes, yes, it was a finger, then another one, spinning back and forth inside him, then, yes, it was, the tongue, along with the fingers, oh Mother of God, yes, it was so good, pounding and pounding inside of him. Ty was moaning louder and louder. Then, slowly, everything slid out, then a new feeling, a softer, yet firmer feeling. Oh, was the tip of Derrick's cock, yes, entering, yes, deeper, going deeper, yes, past the ring...oh God...yes. Now, give it all, yes, slide it in. Slowly, slowly, let me adjust to it a little, give it all to me, Ty thought, now fuck my brains out. Derrick slid every bit of himself inside of Ty, and then slowly started to move in and out, dragging himself out almost all of the way, then going back in, till his balls slapped Ty's cheeks. Back and forth, back and forth, in and out, in and out. Yeah.

"Fuck me hard." Ty said. "Fuck me harder."

Derrick responded, pumping, deep, slapping Ty's ass with his balls with every stroke. Deeper, deeper, harder, and harder. Ty was moaning so loud, he moved his legs, laying them wider, letting Derrick get at him, as Derrick rested his palms on the mattress, pumping solidly into Ty, pounding him as he never had before. Ty was moaning and moaning, panting in between moans.

"Fuck. Oh, fuck." Ty moaned. Derrick looked down and saw Ty shoot out his load, without even touching his cock. The pulses kept coming, shooting up Ty's chest. Derrick loved it, giving him new energy, he pumped deeper and harder into Ty. The pulses stopped, but Ty was still moaning, rolling his head from side to side. Derrick kept going, pounding his cock away inside Ty. He felt it building in him again. He went faster and harder, slapping himself against Ty. Ty moaned loudly and cut loose again, shooting up his chest, clamping on Derrick tightly with his muscles in his ass. Derrick moaned loudly, and shot inside Ty, giving Ty everything he had.

Derrick eased his motion, slowly. He was looking down at Ty, underneath him, watching his muscles flex as he was breathing. Derrick was feeling more and more in love with him with each passing moment. Finally, Derrick stopped all motion inside of Ty. Ty opened his eyes looking up at Derrick.

"Did that satisfy you?" Derrick asked softly.

"Oh, yeah." Ty exhaled slowly. He took an arm, bent it, and put underneath his head. He smiled softly toward Derrick. "You okay?"

Derrick returned the smile, as he pulled slowly out of Ty. He lay on Ty, wrapping his arms around him. "You wear me out, you know that?"

"I'm sorry."

"Never be sorry about what I love." Derrick said, kissing Ty softly. "I want you to wear me out." They kissed passionately and deeply for the longest time. Derrick pulled back for air. "I love this so much."



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