Building Things

Chapter 17

Derrick spread his hands wide over the counter as Ty was doing his best to quench his lust for Derrick's ass, sliding in and out, making Derrick moan and breath hard with each stroke. Ty hung onto Derrick's hips as he continued his onslaught in and out of Derrick.

"Oh, my God," Derrick moaned, "we need to go to the bedroom..."

Ty leaned forward over Derrick's back, getting near Derrick's ear. "Not yet, baby. I love fucking you in the kitchen. It's so hot, watching you over food, getting your ass pummeled like this."

"You sick fucker." Derrick moaned, smiling, looking over his shoulder. "I love it. But, if you keep this up, I'm going to cum."

"Oh yeah. Cum baby, cum for me. Shoot it all over the cabinets." Ty said in a growling voice as he pushed his entire eleven inch length back into Derrick, making his moan so loud. "Yeah, yeah...I love hearing you's so fucking hot when you do that..."

The doorbell rang, making Ty stop his motion. Derrick dropped his head to the counter. Ty started to pull out of Derrick. Derrick looked over his shoulder at him, narrowing his eyes.

"Don't even think about it." Derrick said in a deep voice. "Maybe they'll just go away."

"What? Like church people or the paperboy? Are you kidding me?" Ty asked, as the doorbell rang again. "Remember what happened the last time? The delivery boy?"

"Fuck." Derrick spit out, pulling himself free from Ty. "Let me go get it." Derrick said as he started to walk toward the door.

"Uh, babe?" Ty called out. Derrick stopped, slinging his hard cock around to face Ty. "Uh, don't you think you should...?" Ty said, pointing toward Derrick's hardon. "Maybe put some clothes on? In case it's important or something."

"Fuck." Derrick said, throwing his hands up in the air, again the doorbell. "Fuck." Derrick said, as he stepped back into his shorts. He buttoned them as he walked through the dining room, and living room toward the door. This had better be good, he said to himself as he flung the front door open and went to yell at who was on the other side, if it was some delivery boy or something, he was going to vent his wrath on them. Derrick's eyes went wide seeing who was standing there on his porch. He gulped, in spite of himself, and his hardon that was trapped in the cargos.


"Yes, yes...oh, my God, yes..." Alec was moaning, as Conner was pumping into Alec, lifting Alec's feet up of the slab floor, holding Alec by the thighs, supporting his weight.

"You like that, do you?" Conner asked in a huffed voice.

"Yes, oh yes."

"Want me to do this all the time?"

"Oh,...yes. know I do..." Alec, took a deep breath, rolling his eyes, as Conner kept slamming up into him, making Alec's cock and balls bounce and bob around. Conner watched, loving it so much, Alec's perfect cock, that Conner knew was going to get himself very soon, his balls rolling up and down with each thrust into his perfectly tight, soft ass. Conner grinned inwardly, as the sweat pour off him. "Yes, Conner, keep fucking me, please. You're going to make me cum." Alec moaned.

"Only if we cum together." Conner growled, thrusting in again. "Yeah,...I love your tight ass, yeah...make you cum all over me." Conner, still growling, holding Alec up off the slab floor. "I love it...uhhh, yeah, love it so much..."

The last thrust in over Alec's prostate, pounding it into submission, was way too much for Alec. He moaned, and threw his head back in between the naked studs. Cum shot out and up from the tip of Alec's bouncing cock, throwing it everywhere all over him, and the floor. Conner watched and felt it as well, deep inside of him, his balls drawing up, Conner moaning and thrusting in and out, deeply. Conner took one last deep breath, and lost himself in the throws of his orgasm into Alec's tender insides. Pounding more and more, Conner pushing it deep into Alec, making Alec moan, as the last of his own orgasm gently rolled out of the slit in his cock.

"Fuck, yes...fuck..." Conner said in a deep growl, tossing his own head back over the intense orgasm. "That feels so goddam good. I love it!" Conner howled toward the rafters.

"Yeah,...yeah, baby..." Alec moaned, "keep giving it to me, yeah." Conner thrust a few more times, and then slowly eased up on Alec. Alec was breathing so hard, it seemed to Conner that he was going to hyperventilate.

"You okay, babe?" Conner asked, still holding Alec's legs. Alec tipped his head forward, looking at Conner. He smiled wide.

"Who wouldn't be after that?" Alec replied, still smiling, trying to catch his breath. "Oh, God...I want it like that all of the time."

Conner smiled back at Alec. "I'd be happy to, anytime. Just for you, babe."

"You are so fuckin awesome." Alec said in a low voice. "I love you so much."


"Uh, Mrs. Van Owen..." Derrick stammered out, his eyes still wide. "this is a pleasant surprise." Derrick stood back out of the doorway. "Won't you please come in?" She stepped through the doorway. Derrick closed the door. He noticed that she kept looking Derrick up and down, him being half naked and the massive bulge in his shorts, which was beginning to diminish now. "What do I owe this pleasure to?" Derrick asked, trying to recover and be suave, he was failing miserably.

"Did I interrupt something, dear?" She asked, looking about the room.

"Uh, well...actually..." Derrick started, but was cut off.

"I will come right to it, if you don't mind." She began, giving Derrick a stern look in the eyes. "I came here to see my son. I know he is here." She paused, "Phoebe told me that she talked to him here."

"Well, I'm glad to know that everyone can seem to find my house." Derrick said, with a heavy dose of sarcasm in his voice. "So, I'm wondering...shall I be expecting your husband anytime soon?"

"I really don't think that that is appreciated, Mr. Jacobson." Her tone was soft, but scathing.

"You're right, I apologize."

"Accepted." She replied, coolly. "Now, may I see my son, or not?"

"Won't you come this way?" Derrick motioned with his hand. She followed Derrick through the dining room, and started into the kitchen. "Ty, darling, we have guests!" Derrick called out, trying to give Ty a heads up. Upon reaching the kitchen, Derrick looked around, there was no Ty to be seen. Derrick turned and smiled at her. "Won't you sit down? Either at the counter, or the table? I will just go and get Conner." Derrick said, a little flustered. "I think he's out back. I'll be back in a moment." Derrick turned, as she moved to the counter and sat down. She could see the dinner that was under preparation on the other side of the counter. She pursed her lips together and then caught movement to her right. She turned her head and saw Ty emerge from the hallway to the bedroom.

"" Ty said in an inaudible tone. "Evelyn. What are you doing here?" Ty asking in a soft tone, walking toward her. He did not have a shirt on, just his shorts. She marveled at his well defined chest, looking him up and down, as she had with Derrick. Ty came around the counter.

"I have come to see my son. It's very apparent what you're doing here, judging from your state of dress, or undress, whichever you like..."

"Stop, Evelyn." Ty said, sitting on a stool next to her. "You know perfectly well what's going on between Derrick and me. I think you've always known. Don't pretend, it's beneath you."

"You're right, of course. I have always known, since the start."

"So, then why the pretense, why" Ty asked, getting up from the stool. He walked around the counter and went to the cabinets, opening a door, pulling out a wine glass. He turned and walked to her counter, picking the wine bottle that Derrick had poured from for Alec, earlier. Ty partially filled the glass, and then set it in front of her.

"I needed to assess the situation of Mr. Jacobson. Needed to know if I could trust him, needed to know if he was really genuine."

Her comment angered Ty. His blood boiled, but he kept himself in control. He looked at her, folding his hands together, resting them on the counter, as he reseated himself at the counter.

"You will never find a more genuine, caring soul than Derrick Jacobson. How dare you? Really? Who do you think you are? It's like you're toying with people's lives here. Derrick has done nothing except try and help. He has taken your son in, when your husband turned his back on him, and when you did not have the backbone to stand up and say anything to protect or save your son from what he was and is going through."

"Are you through?" She asked, looking at him with narrow eyes.

"No, I'm not. Derrick was there and will continue to be there for him, for me, for others, because that's the type of man he is, the type of person he is." Ty slowly caught his breath. "I think it is so wrong of you and especially your husband to be so damned judgmental of people, about their orientation or choices in life. Really, who do you think you really are? What gives you the right? And now, you show up, in our home, planning to do God only knows what, probably spreading more heartache to your son, who doesn't need it or any more, right now. He has enough to deal with, leaving to go back to New York, to face whatever the hell is going on there." Ty caught his breath, then regrouped, "Am I done? Yeah, I'll say I'm done. This is Derrick's house, his home. He invited you in, but, if you ask me, I would have closed the door on you, like you did your son." Ty got up from the barstool. He started to walk away, then turned and stopped, looking back. "I remember Conner telling your husband that he pitied him, but, you know, Evelyn, really, it's me that pities you. You should see the beauty in your son, the caring, the love he puts out to everyone around him, and you can't see it. I do pity you. This will be the last I will speak to you, goodbye, Evelyn." Ty said, walking out of the room, down the hall, into the bedroom.


Derrick walked into the garage, seeing the beautiful position that Conner and Alec were in. He stopped and watched for a minute, captivated by their beautiful bodies, wrapped around one another. Conner was furiously kissing Alec, who was moaning, Conner holding up Alec, as he wrapped his legs around Conner's hips, Derrick could only imagine that Conner was buried deep inside Alec, really only seeing Conner from the backside, his beautiful tight ass, flexing upward. Derrick raised his hand to his mouth, then cleared his throat to get their attention. They pulled back from one another, Alec looking over Conner's shoulder, Conner looking back, their eyes were wide.

"I'm sorry to interrupt, but you have a visitor, Conner." Derrick turned and walked of the garage. He reached the back steps, as both Conner and Alec were throwing their clothes on, hopping and stepping into legs of shorts, and pants, and then shirts over their heads.

"Derrick..." Conner called out, as he leaped up to the back door. "I'm so sorry that you came in like that..."

Derrick turned and looked at Conner, and then at Alec, smiling, looking back at Conner. Derrick leaned out, kissing Conner on the cheek. Derrick pulled back and winked. "I'm not sorry. You guys were really fucking hot like that." Derrick looked over his shoulder into the house and then back at them. "Tell you a secret," Derrick winked again, making them lean in toward him, "if Ty hadn't been fucking me at the stove, I'd have been out banging the two of you." Derrick wiggled his eyebrows, and then went into the house, Conner and Alec looked at each other, grinned wide, and then followed him in. Conner emerged out of the hallway, seeing his mother sitting at the counter. His expression changed from one of happiness to tension. She saw it, as she got off the stool.

"Conner." She said, putting her hands together in front of her.

"What are you doing here, Mother?"

"Aren't you going to introduce me?" She nodded toward Alec, who was now beside Conner.

"Mother, this is Alec,...the love of my life. Alec, this is my mother, Evelyn Van Owen."

"The 'love of your life'? Dear, how long have you really known him?"

"Long enough to know that Alec is everything I have ever dreamt of, or wanted, or needed. He is everything to me." Conner paused, as Alec had tried to step forward to greet her, Conner put out an arm and stopped him. "Why are you here? A fact finding mission for him?"

"No." Her eyes were tearing up.

"Come on, Mother, tell me. You didn't come for tea, what is it?"

"Conner..." Derrick said, looking back and forth between them.

"No Derrick." Conner never took his eyes off her. "She's here for something, and it's not to find out if I'm okay. So, tell me, Mother, what is it, what do you want? Or rather, what does HE want?"

"Conner." Alec said, clutching Conner's wrist and hand.

"You don't understand, babe." Conner said softly, still not removing his eyes from her. "You came here with an agenda, you knew I was here because of Phoebe. Out of the good graces of Derrick's heart, he let you in the door. So, now, out with it, Mother, what brings you here?"

She took a step forward toward Conner. Conner tensed, taking a deep breath. She stopped, Alec was going back and forth between them. Mrs. Van Owen looked at Alec directly, and smiled.

"You seem like a nice bright young man..." She began.

Conner stepped in front of Alec to block him from her sight. "You will leave him out of this. He has nothing to do with any of this. Do you understand?" Conner said with a growl in his voice. She turned and looked at Derrick.

"Mr. Jacobson, I really must apologize for my son, and what is happening between us. If you had not gotten involved..."

"Stop, Mother!" Conner snapped out, making her wince a little. "You will leave Derrick out of this as well. He has done nothing but been kind and helpful..."

"I have had quite the lecture from Mr. Caldwell, thank you, young man. And I believe that I will not be spoken to in that tone."

"You will tell me what you want and why, now, or you will leave this house immediately." Conner said, folding his arms over his chest. Derrick's eyes went wide, seeing how much of a clone Conner really was to his father when he stood like that.

"I need a glass of wine." Derrick said, softly. "Alec, would you care for a glass of wine?"

Alec stepped out from behind Conner, looking at Derrick, then at Conner, then at her, back to Derrick. The tension in the room was deadly thick. "I you, Derrick."

"Come around and I'll refresh your glass." Derrick said quietly, not taking his gaze off of mother and son. Alec stepped slowly toward the counter and then walked around the counter, standing next to Derrick, feeling a little safer out of the line of fire.

"The simple fact is," She began in a soft voice, "your father is not well."

"I see." Conner replied. "Playing the trump, eh, Mother?"

"It is the truth, young man." She replied, in a more forceful tone. "He has kept it from me, or so he thought. I discovered medication in the study. I contacted the doctor that prescribed it, and after a bit of persuasion, he explained your fathers condition. He has a congenital heart condition, that will cause failure."

Conner narrowed his eyes. "Fatal?"

"Yes, I'm afraid."

"Anytime soon?"

She glared at her son. "It is possible."

"Good." Conner said, flatly. Derrick's eyes went wide, and Alec's mouth opened. "The sooner the better." Conner took in a deep breath. "Thank you for delivering the news, Mother." Conner paused a moment. "Shall I show you out?"

Her expression turned from anger to hurt. Derrick saw it, and set his glass down. He walked around the counter to stand next to her. She knew he was there, but didn't look up.

"You don't want your last words to him to be from anger, Conner." She said.

"No, I didn't. He settled on that, Mother, when he turned his back on me. When I needed him most, he did just that. Good bye, Mother." Conner said, flatly, turning and walking toward Paul's bedroom.

"Thank you, Mr. Jacobson, for allowing me time to visit my son." She turned and looked at Alec. "It was a pleasure meeting you, young man. I hope we will get a chance to visit each other another time."

Alec nodded toward her. "Thank you, ma'am. I hope we will."

Derrick walked her to the door. He opened it for her. She stepped outside and then turned, looking at him.

"Thank you for caring for my son." She said, Derrick nodded his head toward her. "Mr. Caldwell gave me quite a talking to about you. I see now that he was right. Would you tell him that, please, for me?"

"I will." Derrick paused for a moment, looking at her frail frame, her sad eyes, her long expression. "Evelyn, is there anything I can do for you?"

She smiled slightly. "You already have, thank you." She turned and walked down the steps toward the car out in the driveway. Derrick watched her get in and start it, then back out, and pull away, down the road and out of sight. He closed the door. He turned and walked back into the kitchen. Alec was gone. He was alone. He went around the counter and picked up the glass of wine, then headed off to the bedroom. He walked in, and there sat Ty, on the edge of the bed, his head in his hands, his arms resting on his knees. Derrick stepped forward and put a hand on the top of Ty's head. He slowly lifted his face.

"She's gone?" Ty asked. Derrick could see his eyes were wet. Derrick nodded the answer.

"She told me to tell you, that you were right. Right about what?" Derrick asked.

Ty smiled. "I was terrible to her, so...very terrible." Tears escaped from Ty's eyes. Derrick had never seen Ty upset before, his heart sank, and he got to his knees in front of him. Derrick set his wine glass down the nightstand, then looked back at this beautiful man in front of him.

"What happened?" Derrick asked.

"She said a few things about you that pissed me off. I told her the truth about you, what you do, what you mean to those around you, how much you love everyone, and want to help." Ty softly chuckled with the tears, "I guess I got a little carried away, that's all."

Derrick smiled. He leaned in and kissed Ty on the cheek. "It's understandable. Thank you."

"For what?"

"Being my knight in shining armor." Derrick smiled, then reached up and wiped away the tears from Ty's eyes. "I love you."

"I know." Ty replied. "I love you, too. Very much."

Derrick smiled as he lay his arms across Ty's thighs at the knees, looking into his deep, wet eyes.


"Conner..." Alec said softly, as he walked, grasping Conner shoulders, "you want to tell me what's going on?"

Conner looked back at his beautiful face. He took a deep breath and slowly let it out. "No."

"What?" Alec asked softly, his face became a frown. "Really? After all of that?"

"You don't need to get involved." Conner pulled away, turning. Alec grabbed him, turning him back around.

"I was here. I thought we were together. I am involved. Don't you get it?"

"Oh, Alec." Conner sighed, putting his hands on Alec's muscled shoulders. "They are nothing but trouble. I keep you safe...away from them."

"You want to talk about safe?" Alec chuckled. "Wait till you meet my parents. Let me tell you, that's trouble. My father will grill you about 'what are you going to do for my son?', my mother will give you the mother routine and smother you to death, working you around to her way of thinking...ugh."

"That's different."

"Really? I don't see how." Alec said, sitting on the edge of the bed. "All I know're leaving tomorrow for New York. Your parents and you are at war with each other. You are frustrated about everything, and scared." Alec looked up at Conner. "Now, tell me if I'm missing have no future, you hate your past, you have no job, hmmm, looks pretty bleak to me."

Conner sat down on the edge of the bed, next to Alec. "That fuckin hurt. Do you always have to be so blunt?"

Alec turned and looked at Conner. "You missed something in the whole deal."

"Really? What?"

"Me, asshole. You totally missed me."

Conner felt really bad all of a sudden, even more than he did before. "You're right, I'm sorry."

Alec turned and looked at him, lifting and bending his left leg on the bed. "I'm not trying to be right here. I'm trying to prove a point."

"Okay...I'm the dumb blonde...what's your point?"

"Through thick and thin, in good and bad, I'm always going to be here for you."

A tear dropped from Conner's eye as he looked at Alec. "You break my heart, you know that?"

"Not trying to..." Alec said, softly, taking Conner's sweet face in his hands. "I'm trying to save it. That's what love is about, saving each other, helping each other, being there for each other."

"Fuck, I love you." Conner whispered.

"And, I love you." Alec smiled, kissing Conner softly, then pulling away. "Now, you promised me something earlier."

"I did?"

"Yes, dipshit, you did." Alec said, and then the light bulb went on in Conner's beat up brain. Conner smiled and got up off the bed. He pulled off his shirt and dropped it to the floor. He reached down and undid the string in his board shorts, loosening them and then dropping them to his ankles. His cock was dangling in front of Alec's face. Alec leaned forward to take it, but Conner stopped him. Alec looked up in Conner's face.

"I want you to eat my ass in the shower, and then we'll come in here and you can fuck me all night long." Conner said in a low voice.

"My God, really?"

"Yep." Conner said, wiggling his eyebrows. "Now, let's get you out of those clothes."


Derrick kissed Ty again, softly. Ty reached up and lay his heavy arms over Derrick's shoulders. They looked at each other for the longest time, and then came in together for a deep passionate kiss. Ty turned a hand, clasping the back of Derrick's head, pulling him even more, running his fingers through Derrick's hair. Derrick pushed against Ty, onto the bed, coming up over him, wrapping his own arms around Ty's broad back.

They rolled to their sides, Derrick was rolling his mouth from one side another on Ty's open, wanting mouth. Ty was breathing heavy through his nose under Derrick's onslaught. Ty loved it, the passion, the feeling of Derrick taking control of what they were doing. Ty felt Derrick's right hand slid down his side to his cargos, running fingers over Ty's hip, grasping, kneading the muscle, and then sliding around to Ty's covered crack, Derrick trying to bore holes into the fabric with his fingertips, pushing in. Ty moaned in Derrick's mouth. Ty pulled back, taking a deep breath.

"Do you want it?" Ty whispered, running more fingers through Derrick's hair, "Do you want my ass?"

"I want all of you." Derrick whispered back. Slowly he slid down, kissing Ty's neck, then over his chest, moving over a broad, firm nipple, licking it, then sucking it, bringing it to hardness at the tip, Derrick nipped at it gently with his teeth, making Ty moan. Derrick moved further down, his chest dragging over Ty's rock hardness in his cargos. Derrick kissed over Ty's tight abs, then his tongue found the navel. He tongued it for a few moments, and then undid the top button of the cargos with fingertips, pulling back the flap, unzipping them slowly, as Ty lifted his head to watch his lover. Derrick let Ty's raging monster out of it captivity. He licked at the clear fluid oozing out of the slit, his tongue circling it, then brought the fluid into his mouth. He licked at the tip again, and then opened his mouth taking in the entire head. He sucked on it firmly and then pulled off, then went back again, going further down past the head. Ty moaned. Derrick could taste himself on Ty's hard cock. He went further down, exhaling, relaxing his throat.

"Derrick..." Ty whispered as he lifted one leg, as he pushed the cargos down a little. Derrick moved a hand into the loose cargos, finding the crack between Ty's cheeks, then probing with his fingers, brushing over the opening. "Yes." Ty hissed out. "Yes, do it." Ty moaned out as Derrick entered him with a finger, working it around, back and forth, then another entered, joining the first. Ty moaned deeper. "Oh, Derrick...," Ty moaned, "put your cock in me...please." Ty groaned as Derrick bottomed out his fingers deep inside Ty.

"You really want it?" Derrick whispered as he pulled off Ty's shaft.

"Fuck me, please." Ty dropped his head on the bed. "I want it so bad."

Derrick slid off the bed, he undid his own shorts, letting them drop to the floor. He grasped his own hard length and gave a tug. He reached and got his hands on Ty's cargos and pulled them off Ty's legs, tossing them to the floor. Derrick got back on his knees and put his hands on Ty's upturned cheeks, spreading them wider. He leaned in and thrust his tongue into the tight hole, making Ty moan louder. Derrick went in and out of the opening, then put his lips tight to it, giving intense suction, Ty grasped the sheets in his hands, pulling them.

"Fuck, oh fuck yes." Ty moaned as Derrick kept sucking, tighter and tighter. Derrick reached up and grabbed Ty's long cock. He pulled on it a few times, while he kept up the suction. "Oh,, you're going to...make me...cum." Ty moaned and then started shooting up his own chest, pulsing, and pulsing, as Derrick sucked and pulled. "Uhhh, yes, yes." Ty moaned. As the pulses stopped, Derrick pulled away, his hand still on Ty's rock hard length.

"Yeah? You like that?" Derrick asked, leaning over Ty.

"Fuck, that was the best."

"I'm not done, baby." Derrick said softly. "I'm just getting going. I'm going to tear your ass apart."

"Oh, fuck, yes." Ty moaned as he watched Derrick still stroking him, and then with the other hand, Derrick scooped up Ty's shot and then rubbed it all over his own hard cock. Derrick rubbed almost all of it on himself, and then guided his now slick cock head to Ty's opening. He pushed in a little, then a little more, as Ty moaned, watching. Derrick pushed in more, then slowly slid his cock all the way in.

"Yeah? Is that what you want?" Derrick looked down at Ty, as he stood still, still stroking Ty's long length.

"'re going to make me cum again." Ty said, lifting his head off the bed.

"Cum, baby. Cum for me." Derrick said softly. "Clamp on me when you shoot."

Derrick kept up his stroking, then slowly started to work his hips, going in and out of Ty a little bit at a time. Ty dropped his head on the bed and moaned loudly. Derrick felt the pulse in his hand, and then the clamping of internal muscles on his cock, making him moan as well. Derrick watched Ty come again, shooting upward to almost his chin. Derrick started moving faster now, in and out a little further with each stroke. His hand was still working Ty's hard member.

"I love it that you cum so much." Derrick said, as he was going deeper in and out, slowly stroking Ty. Derrick stopped his hand, he moved it onto Ty's chest, scooping up more cum, putting it back on Ty's cock for lube.

"Fuck, yes...oh, fuck, yes." Ty moaned. "Oh babe, you're going to make me go off, again."

"Good, that's what I want." Derrick hissed out. "Clamp on me again, yeah, do it."

Ty moaned and clamped down tight on Derrick, both of them moaning loud, as Ty shot out again and again with Derrick's hand still on him.

"Oh, more..." Ty moaned " more."

"What? Mr. Insatiable?" Derrick said, as he moved his hips faster and faster now, really pounding against Ty's ass. Derrick kept stroking Ty's cock. "One more time, baby, give it one more, together."

"Ohhh, fucckk." Ty moaned deeply, his eyes clamped shut, fingers digging into the bed. "Oh, Derrick..."

"Yeah, baby." Derrick moaned, "Give it again, clamp on me, make me cum." Derrick was pushing in and out so hard, firmly stroking Ty's long hard length. Ty moaned out, almost as a scream, clamping on Derrick, shooting his own last load. Derrick felt it all, and moaned loudly, letting go his own load, deep inside Ty. They both were breathing so hard and moaning, sweat running down them.

"Oh, fuck." Ty said, as he blinked his eyes, trying to focus. "I saw stars. That was incredible, baby. Thank you."

"Entirely my pleasure." Derrick smiled wide. "Let's get up and clean up in the shower. You're a mess."

"You made me that way, mister." Ty smiled.


"Here, let me wash you." Alec said, getting Conner all wet with the hand wand of the shower. Alec moved the wand over Conner's shoulders and then down his back to his long thin cheeks. Alec used his other hand, moving it over Conner's skin with the water. Conner put his hands on the shower wall, felling the water and Alec touching him. "Turn around." Alec said, moving the wand back up to Conner's neck and then down over his tight smooth chest, down over his abs, and then down to the hard smooth length standing out toward him. "I love how smooth you are." Alec said softly. "There's no hair at all."

"Yeah, I know. It takes a little bit of work, but I love it without hair on me."

"You know? I have one of these wands at home, too." Alec said.


"Yeah. Want to see what it can do?" Alec grinned. Conner looked at him with questioning eyes. Alec reached up on the neck and turned the turn knob, it made the pressure go only to the hand wand and not the head on the wall. "Lean back a little." Conner did what he was told. "Spread your legs a little more. Yeah, like that." Alec grinned out of the corner of his mouth as he moved the wand down, then turned it so the water was blasting upward on and behind Conner's balls. The pressure was intense to Conner, making him gasp. He reached up and put his hands on Alec's shoulders to brace himself. "Like that?" Conner moaned. "Yeah, I knew you would. Like ten thousand fingers on your balls, isn't it?" Conner nodded, taking in another deep breath. "Makes 'em hang down further." Alec said as he soaped up Conner's cock with his other hand. Alec slowly started to jerk Conner. "Then when I do this..." Alec moved the wand back toward Conner's ass, making Conner moan, as he held onto Alec's shoulders, "it's like a million tongues licking your hole." Conner spread his legs wider, letting the water pummel his opening, as Conner licked his lips a little, he drew in more air, letting Alec continue to stroke him. "Like that?" Conner nodded, his eyes shut tight. "I knew you would. Yeah." Alec said, watching himself stroke Conner. "Love your big cock in my hand, babe. It's so long and thick, yeah. Let the water do it for you, yeah." Alec looked up and could see Conner's eyes clamping even tighter. "You want to cum?" Alec asked, Conner nodded. "You feel it?" Conner nodded again. "Shoot it all over me, babe." Conner took a deep breath, and Alec moved the wand back under Conner's balls. The pressure was intense, the water pounding him. Conner moaned and shot out, splattering all over Alec's stomach and his own hard cock. Alec watched Conner shoot as he stroked him, then moved the wand to the base of Conner's cock, making him moan deeper with the pressure on it. "Fuck, yes, baby. Fuck, yes. Shoot that cum all over me, yeah." Alec moved the wand again, rinsing off the soap. "Want it again?"

"Oh, man. That was so fuckin hot." Conner was breathing hard. Alec kissed him. "Where did you learn to do that?"

Alec smiled. "I do it all the time at home. I love it."

"Fuck, so do I."

"Now, turn around." Alec said, as he hung the wand back up, snapping it in the head. He turned the dial to back to the normal position, letting the water flow normally. Alec got down on the floor on his knees, and reached up and spread Conner's cheek, as the water flowed over the both of them. Alec sank his tongue into Conner's opening, licking at it, then going in a little in and out.

"Yes, that's it, go in, yes." Conner moaned. Alec kept going in, a little more, a little more. "Uhh,...uhh...oh fuck..."

"Want me to stop?" Alec asked in a teasing voice.

"I want you to fuck me." Conner said, as he put his head against the shower wall.

"Here? Or in the bed?"

Conner looked over his shoulder, down toward Alec. "In the bed."

Alec let go and stood up. He leaned in Conner's back, sliding his hardon up in between Conner's soft cheeks. Alec ran his hands up and over the back's of Conner's hands, their fingers spread and then interlocked. Alec moved his hips in and out a little, sliding himself up and down on Conner.

"Whatever you want, babe. However you want it." Alec whispered, kissing the back of Conner's neck.

"Let's get out then." Conner said, getting his hands free. He shut off the shower and opened the door, grabbing a towel. He dried Alec off, and then Alec dried him. They stepped out and walked into the bedroom. Conner pulled back the coverings and got up on the bed. He lay down, putting his arms up over his head, one leg slightly bent, as Alec climbed up on the mattress. His mouth fell on Conner's balls, taking in both of them at once. Conner moaned, putting a hand to Alec's hair, digging in his fingers.

"Oh, fuck."

Alec brought his hands into play now. One went to Conner's half hard length, he grasped it, tugged on it a few times and tossed it back and forth. His other hand worked in between Conner's cheeks. A finger found the opening he worked in the shower. It was still moist from the water. Alec slid it in slowly, making Conner breathe deeply, Conner moving his legs wider for Alec to get more into him. Alec took advantage of it, going deeper till he bottomed out to his palm. He twisted his finger back and forth, and then slid it out, then back in. Conner moaning now. Alec added another finger to the first and moved back in. Conner rolling his head from side to side, breathing in and out deeply.

"You like that?" Alec said as he let go of Conner's balls.

"Yes, oh yes." Conner panted.

"Good." Alec said as he went back to Conner's balls, sucking one at a time now, fingers still sliding in and out, his other hand, tossing the softened cock. Alec bore down with his suction now, pulling at Conner's balls, lifting them as he did it. Conner went wild in his head thrashing.

"God...fuck me, Alec...please, just fuck me." Conner lifted his head, begging with a growl.

Alec slowly let everything go, and pulled away, letting Conner relax a minute. Alec shifted and took Conner's legs, lifting them from behind the knees, rolling Conner's hips up a little, spreading the legs apart. He moved in on his knees, putting his leaking tip to Conner's hole. Conner lifted his head up a little, watching what Alec was doing. Alec pushed a little, letting his tip enter through into Conner, making Conner moan. Alec pushed in more, sliding a little at a time. Conner dropped his head back to the mattress.

"Fuckin give it to me, Alec. Fuck me hard." Conner breathed out heavily.

"You want it hard? You want it rough? You like that, don't you?" Alec asked in teasing, seductive tone.

"I do...I so do."

"Beg for it." Alec said as pulled back a little, making Conner clamp down to hold him there. "Come on, Conner, beg me for it." Alec was almost whispering to him.

"Fuck me...Alec...fuck me. Please...I want it so bad...please...just fuck me."

"Yeah?" Alec said, moving his knees in a little more. "You want me to fuck you? You want me to do this?" Alec slid his cock about half way. Conner moaned so loud.

"Yes...more, I...want more...please, give me more."

Alec slid in a little more. Again, Conner moaned, grasping the sheets in his hands, pulling. And then again, Alec slid in the rest of the way. Conner gasped for air, his eyes bugging wide.

"Ohhh, fuck." Conner moaned.

Alec waited a moment, giving Conner a little time. Then he started, hard and fast, pounding Conner, slapping his butt with his hips with each hard thrust. Alec stayed in almost all the way, pounding Conner hard, thrusting in as hard as he could. Conner was rolling his head back and forth, Alec carrying the weight of Conner's legs, as they were spread and in the air. Alec kept pounding Conner more and more. It wasn't long till Alec was getting close. He pounded Conner more, now grunting himself, breathing harder. Alec tilted his head back as he knew it was coming. He felt it down deep, his balls going tight, the hot thick fluid was going deep into Conner now, pulse after pulse. Alec kept pounding Conner and they moaned together. Conner could feel it inside of him, being pushed up further, coating him. He loved it. Alec finally slowed and stopped. Alec shifted and lay on top of Conner. Their fingers found each other once again, and became interlocked.



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