Building Things Chapter 30

Derrick stood at the sink, holding the ice filled cloth over his swollen knuckles. He tried to move his fingers, flexing them. They ached. He wasn't sure if it was from the ice or if one or more might actually be broken. He shook his head. Ty walked up, looking down at his hand over the sink, and put an arm around the small of Derrick's back. Ty rested his chin on Derrick's shoulder.

"What?" Derrick asked quietly.

"Where did you learn to hit like that?" Ty asked as quiet.

"I was beat up a lot as a kid. I had a friend whose dad was a Seal." Derrick smiled at the memory. "He taught me how to defend myself. My dad couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag. I'll never forget one night, he was teaching me how to hit hard. I watched him punch a hole in the weight bag. It was the most impressive thing I had ever seen. All that sand leaking on the floor. It used to hurt when I would punch it."

"Holy shit." Ty said softly. Ty chuckled. Derrick looked at him, as Ty turned and leaned against the counter.

"What's so funny?"

"My old man." Ty said in a hushed voice. "He was a construction worker too. He was a lot bigger than I am."

"I find that hard to believe."

"It's true." Ty said, looking at Derrick. "I may be big, but he was gigantic. I remember once when I was a kid, he had a bad temper. Never hit anyone or anything like that, guess he was afraid he would really hurt them or something. Anyway," Ty rolled his eyes, "he was really pissed off about something on a job. I was there after school. There was a stack of lumber close by. He picked up this sixteen foot 2x4, spread out his hands as far away from each other as he could, and pulled." Ty was extending his arms out, showing Derrick what he meant. "He pulled so hard, bowing that board, everything was popping out on him, his eyes bugged, all his veins, everything." Ty paused for a long moment, obviously envisioning it.

"What happened?" Derrick asked, setting the cloth down.

"Oh,... he snapped that 2x4 in half. It sent splinters all over the place. Damndest thing I ever saw. After that, nobody said anything to him." Ty sighed and looked back down at Derrick's hand again.


"True story." Ty said. "Try and move them again." Derrick moved them slowly. "I don't think they're broken. Been a while since you were in a fight, huh?"

"You could say that." Derrick chuckled. Derrick kissed Ty. "I'm a lover now, no more fighting."

"Well, I for one won't piss you off." Ty smirked. He turned to walk away. Derrick smacked his butt hard with his other hand. "Hey!" Ty jumped. "I thought you were a lover?"

"I give tough love, baby, tough love." Derrick grinned and winked.

" kind of man." Ty wiggled his eyebrows. "So if we're done with the pissing contest around here, maybe we should go to bed. You know what time it is?"

"Yeah, I do." Derrick sighed. Ty walked around and turned off all the lights. Derrick flexed his fingers as he walked down the hallway into the bedroom. Ty came in just behind him.


Angela was running the push broom around, going from aisle to aisle. She was watching the floor more than she was watching where anyone else was. As she came to the front of the store, she saw that is was almost light outside through the big windows at the front of the store. Thank God we're almost done, she thought to herself. She hadn't seen Todd or Kurt in a while, she realized and wondered where they were. She knew, of course, where Alec was, as he was working in the cooler, unloading and getting stocked in there. She made her way around the checkout aisles and pushed everything she was collecting back toward the back double doors of the store. She left the pile and went to get a dustpan and smaller broom, walking through the doors.

Alec was working as fast as he could in the cold of the cooler. It, being the constant 40 degrees, was very uncomfortable, and if he wasn't bundled up, knew it could be a little on the risky side, to making you get sick, going in and out, with a cold or something. He didn't want that, as he knew that he was not going to be alone much longer, with Conner coming back to him. He smiled to himself thinking about him.

Angela walked into the large storeroom, seeing Todd and Kurt working to get the cardboard bales out onto the back dock for the recycling truck that would show up by midmorning. Well, at least they're doing something, she thought to herself, and picked up the dust pan and a small broom. The large door to the cooler room opened and Alec came out, pushing a hand truck stacked with empty milk crates. Angela could see that his face was shiny. She knew it was from sweat that was frosting from the cold.

"Hey," She said out loud to him. Alec looked up, seeing her, "Why don't you go warm up with some warm water?"

"No time." Alec said. "Everyone will start showing up pretty soon."

"Let me give you a hand then."

"I've got it." Alec said, as he moved quickly, setting his stack off against the wall out of the way. He spun the hand truck around and headed back to the cooler. Angela pursed her lips together and shook her head. Typical guy, she thought, stubborn, hard headed. She walked through the double doors.


Derrick opened his eyes slowly, as the light filtered into the bedroom window at the end of the bed. He took in a deep breath, turning his head to his left as he was lying on his back. He smiled, seeing Ty was on his own stomach, somewhat spread out on the other side of the bed. Only part of the sheet covered Ty's tight ass, his back, arms, and legs were all exposed. Derrick loved looking at his gorgeous body, so muscular and defined, so tanned from outdoor work in the sun. He could just eat him up. He sighed quietly and got up out of bed. It had been a very long night for both of them. Derrick walked into the bathroom and started the water in the sink. He looked at himself in the mirror turning his face from side to side, needing to shave. He wet his face and then lathered it up. He shaved slowly, processing what today was going to bring. He put down the razor and went over and started the shower. He stepped in, even before the water reached temperature, under the rain head, letting it cascade over him. Slowly the temperature raised, and Derrick was actually waking up. He washed himself and then shut the shower down. He grabbed a towel and dried himself and rehung it. He quietly walked around the bed and went to the closet, pulling clothes, something comfortable, but in a casual business line. He dressed quickly and walked out, looking at his sleeping beauty still lying there looking so hot to him, like a god. Derrick slipped on his shoes and went back and did his hair and his teeth and walked out of the bedroom, giving Ty once last glance as he left.

Derrick pulled the car into the parking lot and parked. He got out and saw Terry standing near the corner of the building. Derrick smiled at him, and Terry beamed and waited for him.

"Morning, boss."

"Morning." Derrick smiled. "And how is the new office manager?"

Terry puffed up his chest, looking proud as hell. "Doing just fine today."

"Good. I'm glad." Derrick said, as Terry held the door open for him. They walked in together. Derrick didn't see many of the staff around yet, as it was still early. He walked to Kim, sitting at her desk. Terry walked up as well. He looked back and forth at both of them. "Terry, I want to call another staff meeting for this morning, in the conference room. Kim, I want you to be there as well. She if you can get one of the interns to take the phones. Show them how to do it, and just take messages. Okay?"

"Okay...sure." Terry and Kim said at different times.

"I'll be in my office. I have some calls to make." Derrick paused a moment, looking at the both of them. "The police will be here later as well." Both of them had wide eyes. "Nothing like the other day." Derrick said in a reassuring tone. "It will all be fine. This is why I want the staff meeting." Derrick looked at Kim. "Have you seen Tom, yet?"

"No, I haven't. He usually beats me here." She said, with a puzzled look.

"Hmmm." Derrick said, starting to walk away.

"But, Derrick, there is someone already in your office, waiting. A lady." Derrick looked at her. "She asked not to wait out here. I hope you don't mind." Kim said, in a sheepish tone.

"No, it's alright. Thanks." Derrick said, giving her a smile. "By the way, how's it going with your, uh, friend?"

She blushed. "He's just fine."

"I'm sure he is." Derrick winked and walked toward his office. Derrick came around the corner and opened his door. His eyes went wide seeing who was there waiting.


Ty lifted his head, looking across the empty bed. He didn't see Derrick and knew that he was gone. He rolled and stood, and stretched his arms out. He lowered his arms and started toward the bathroom. He stopped as he reached the window, hearing something outside. He looked and saw a few people out in the side yard, in various uniforms looking around, and then there was knock at the door. He turned, picking up his shorts from the floor and stepped into them, then continued to the front door. He opened it, but he didn't recognize the face.

Eyes scanned Ty up and down and there was almost an audible gulp from the woman who was on the porch. She was in uniform, that Ty could see, with a light nylon jacket over it.

"Mr. Jacobson?"

"No." Ty said, grasping the door, looking at her. He shifted his hips and leaned only on leg. "He's gone to work. Can I help you?"

"Sorry if I got you out of bed." She said, still looking him up and down. "We're from the Forensics Department. We wanted to let you know we were here."

"Yeah, we were told you people were coming."

"We should be done soon with what we need to do."

"Take your time." Ty said, trying to keep her eyes on his. "If there's anything you need, I'll be working out back."

"Thank you." She said. Ty smiled at her and then slowly closed the door. He shook his head as he walked toward the bedroom on his way to the bathroom.

He showered quickly and then got dressed in his cargos, a tee and then his boots. He wanted to finish the sheetrock in the bathroom of the new structure and get it ready for Bart to set up and do the trim for the plumbing. Ty was thinking also that it was getting close for another inspection of the structure, and would have to have the electricians rescheduled to return. He made a cup of coffee and then walked out the back door.

"Who are you?" Came a voice to Ty's left, behind him. Ty stopped and looked around behind him.

"Ty Caldwell." Seeing a young guy in uniform.

"Where are you going?"

"To work out here." Ty nodded toward the structure.

"Can't have you do that." He said. "We haven't made it in there yet."

"Well, nothing happened in there last night. It all happened on the side of the house." Ty said, sounding annoyed.

"Still, we have to check it out."

"Whatever, dude." Ty said, looking this 'kid' up and down. "I've got work to do, though. How long before I can get in there?"

"We'll let you know." He said in a cocky tone. Ty was just about done with attitude from the cops, or any part of them. He had seen enough the past couple of days already to last him forever. He stepped closer to the 'kid'.

"Well, let me tell you something. You've got a dime holding up a dollar. I'm trying to get this done, and as nothing really went on out there, like I said, why don't you get it in gear so I can get my job done." Ty said, without flinching, without blinking, just matter of fact. The 'kid' gulped hard.

"Just doing our job."

"Well then, get on it." Ty said, sipping his coffee. The 'kid' watched as Ty's massive bicep flexed from lifting his cup to his lips. The 'kid' turned away and walked quickly toward the corner of the house. Another guy was being talked to by the 'kid', and they looked over at Ty. The other guy was older and walked over toward Ty.

"Morning." The older man said, he gave a brief smile.

"Morning." Ty replied, then sipped more coffee.

"Sorry about him," He nodded his head back toward the 'kid', "are we holding you up from something?"

"He said you guys needed to check out this structure I'm working on. I don't see why, when nothing happened out there. Everything last night happened on the side of the house."

"Yeah, they're taking measurements and castings right now." The older guy said. "He's just trying to be thorough, you know?"

"I can understand that. I'm the same way myself."

"Would you mind if I just took a look inside?"

"No, not at all." Ty said, turning to walk with the older guy.


"Mrs. Van Owen." Derrick said, as he walked in and then shut the door behind him. She stood up from the chair she was in, she turned and looked. Derrick slowly crossed the room toward her.

"Good morning, Mr. Jacobson." She said, in her soft voice.

"What can I do for you?" Derrick said, as he stopped half way across the room.

"First, I wish to offer my condolences on your business partner."

"News travels fast." Derrick said, in a tone, as he started to cross the room again, coming around his desk.

"Yes, it does." She said, "They were neighbors, so to speak."

"I didn't know that you knew him."

"I didn't." She said, sitting again after Derrick motioned for her to do so. "It's just that ours is a small community out there. There is not much that goes...unnoticed, shall we say?"

"Understandable." Derrick said, as he sat at his desk. "So, why don't you tell me why you're really here?"

"Conner." She said flatly.

"I have told you that I only know he has returned to New York."

"Yes, you said that. But, I also know that he is returning and very soon."

"Spies, Evelyn?" Derrick said, leaning forward on his desk. "You must have eyes everywhere." Derrick grinned slightly.

"I make it my business to know the whereabouts of my son, Mr. Jacobson."

"So, what does this have to do with me?"

"I have it on good authority that he will be returning to stay with you, and Mr. Caldwell."

"Hmmm." Derrick said, sitting back again. "Well, I'm not going to lie to you, Evelyn. I have offered to take Conner in, until he can move on and do whatever he wishes to do."

She smiled at him. "Conner has never had many friends in his life. I have said it before. I am pleased that he has a friend such as you."

"He makes it easy." Derrick smiled. "It appears to me that you don't really know him very well. It saddens me to think that. That you, and your husband have missed out truly knowing him."

"I know that he is very gifted. He takes after his father with a business head on his shoulders."

Derrick smiled at her, seeing how she was softening just a little in her demeanor. "I think you would find that there is far more to him than just that. As I saw that day out on your back deck, he truly loves you, Evelyn, and I'm certain that he misses you. His father on the other hand..."

Her hackles raised, knowing where Derrick was going, starting to talk about her husband. "My husband, is..."

"A formidable man." Derrick said, cutting her off. "I have dealt with some like him in the past. You know as well as I that he can ruthless. Let's face facts." Derrick smiled. "Conner is not like that. And I seriously doubt that he could ever be. It's not in his nature." Derrick gave her soft eyes. She calmed in her seat. "So, which brings me back to my original question. What can I do for you?"


Ty walked into the structure and just stood inside the large doorway. He watched as the older man looked around a bit, and then looked back at Ty.

"Does it look like anything has been disturbed since you were out here last?"

Ty looked around, without moving. "Doesn't seem so. Not to be a smartass or anything, but, do you want to dust for prints or something?"

"No." The older man chuckled a little. "I don't think we need to." He reached into a shirt pocket and pulled out a card, handing it to Ty. Ty took it and looked at it, then back at the older man. "We should be wrapping up very here pretty soon. If you notice anything that is not right or out of the ordinary, give me a call. We can come back out." He smiled at Ty. "And I'll leave the 'kid' at the station if we do." Ty joined his smile, putting the card in his pocket.

"I'll do that, if I need to. Thanks." Ty looked over at the 'kid'. "Wasn't trying to be hard on him."

"You weren't. He's just young and needs to prove himself. He'll learn." The older man held out his hand. Ty smiled again, taking it. "Thanks for your help."

"Any time." Ty let his hand go, watching the older guy walk away. He went inside further and set his cup down, looking at where he left off with the sheetrock. He set about getting back into it, but thought better about doing it in the nude. He chuckled to himself, that would give the Forensics team a little bit of a shock. He put on his bags and then made sure he had screws in a couple of the pouch pockets and started off.


Alec walked into the apartment. He hadn't been here much and the air was a little stale to him. He opened a window to let it air a bit and walked over, stripping his clothes off, he wanted to get into the shower. He went into the small bathroom that was his and turned on the faucet, setting it to the temperature. He looked back behind him at his tiny little studio. It was a little cluttered. He thought he would pick it up after he showered. He felt excited thinking about Conner coming back, and it showed, as he looked down, he was beginning to rise and thicken up. He felt the urge to touch himself, but resisted, wanting to wait. He knew that when Conner did show up, he wanted to shoot buckets for him. He just hoped it would be soon.

Alec felt the water and it was right. He stepped in, letting the spray head flood over him, turning himself a little, letting the water cascade off of him. He looked down at himself, seeing the flat tightness of his abs, as he soaped himself. He smiled, liking the way the physical work had given that certain workout, making him look more defined. He thought of the restaurant and knew that working there soon would change that. He would have to start working out somewhere to maintain what he had. Maybe he and Conner could do that together. He loved the body on Conner, not just the smoothness, but the way he rippled when he moved with that tight swimmers body. He was so tight all over. Alec was getting himself worked up even more thinking about it. Was it time for cold water, he thought? Nah, just calm down, relax. He washed his hair. It would happen soon enough, he hoped. Alec tilted his head back, so as not to look at his still leaking hardon, letting the water pour over his face and through his dark hair. It felt so good to him. Then he realized he had to do something else. He reached up and unhooked the wand head from the center of the main showerhead, he used his other hand to turn the knob on the side, redirecting the flow, making the wand head pulse. Alec smiled to himself as he spread his legs, lifting his right, putting it against the stall wall. He turned the head up toward himself and moaned as the water pulsed intensely between the base of his balls and his ass. He loved the feeling that it gave him, tilting his head back and closed his eyes. He moaned louder and then his closed eyes had a vision of Kurt's piercing eyes. He moaned louder, letting the water pound him, starting to fantasize about Kurt being in front of him. Alec moaned again, and his hand was on his hard length. He pulled just a few times and cut loose, sending a spray all over the stall wall. He was breathing hard. So much for waiting, he thought to himself. He rinsed off his shots from the stall walls, watching it go down the drain, and then replaced the wand in its cradle. He shut the water down and reached out for a towel. He dried himself and came out of the tiny bathroom.

He had the towel about his waist and started to pick up about the little apartment. Usually he was neater than this, but as the past few days had been busy spending his time with Derrick and Ty, and then the restaurant and work, he had just tossed things around. He sighed to himself, realizing just how tired he actually was. The bed was almost calling to him. He needed sleep in the worst way. He kept looking at it out of the corner of his eye, primarily as it took up most of the room and he had to walk around it. He looked back around and was satisfied that it was neat enough and pulled back the covers. He crawled in and lay down, his lids becoming very heavy. It was no time at all that he turned on his side and was out.

"I would like to see my son when he returns from New York." She paused a moment, watching Derrick, waiting for a reaction. "I realize that after coming to your home the last time, was not the best of ideas."

"I agree."

"I would ask that you ask if he would meet me at a more neutral site."

"I'll propose it to him, after he returns." Derrick smiled briefly. "But, after the last two meetings, I wouldn't get your hopes up." He stood, as she rose up from her chair.

She held out her hand. Derrick took it and just held it gently. "I don't. However, I know how persuasive you can be as well."

"I won't push him, Evelyn. I will suggest it to him. It's his decision after all."

"Regardless, I thank you for your help in the matter."

"Think nothing of it." Derrick said, taking his hand back. "May I see you out?"

"Thank you, no." She said. "I believe I know the way. Good day to you, Mr. Jacobson."

"You as well." Derrick said in a hushed voice, watching her walk out the door, closing it behind her. Derrick blew out a deep breath and then sat down at his desk. There was a knock at his door. "Come in." He said loudly. Terry was standing there.

"Everyone is heading for the conference room, boss." Terry said, looking at Derrick's blank expression. "You okay?"

"Yeah." Derrick said, looking at Terry. "Seen Tom?"

"Not yet, boss."

"That's strange."

"Want me to call him?"

"No, let it go." Derrick said. "I guess I really don't need him here to say what I need to say to everyone." Derrick sighed and then got up, walking around the desk toward Terry. Derrick got close to the door, but Terry didn't move. Derrick narrowed his eyes, giving him a questioning look.

"Boss, whatever happens, I just want you to know, I'll be right here for you."

Derrick smiled softly. "Thanks, bud." Derrick said, putting a hand on Terry's shoulder. "I appreciate that. Now, come on, everybody's waiting." Terry stood out of the way, and then followed Derrick to the conference room. Derrick saw that Kim was there as well, along with everyone. He looked at her.

"Phones are covered." She said, simply. Derrick nodded, and then looked at everyone.

"Morning." Derrick said.

"Morning." Almost everyone replied back.

"Thanks for being here," Derrick began, standing at the head of the large table as everyone else had gathered around. Some sat, others stood together against the far wall. "I know that a lot of you are wondering what's going on, with the police having been here and all. First, I want to say that I'm very sorry about all of this. It's really not the way I wanted it to happen. Second, I was hoping that Tom would be here, but he hasn't shown up yet." Derrick looked around at each of them, taking in what was probably going through their minds. "Some things have happened, and I want to make sure that you all are kept up in the loop. I feel that it's important that you all know and understand. You all know that our partnership with Calvin has been dissolved. I had our company attorney draw up the papers and Calvin signed it, so now the partners are just Tom and I. I have no plans to bring anyone from the outside in to take over Calvin's end of it. But, something else has happened." Derrick paused a moment, letting what he had said so far sink in. "But, after Calvin was asked to leave, he has been...killed." Derrick heard a few gasps and some low mumbling from some. "I'm sorry to have to say it this way. If there was an easier way to say this, I would."

"Derrick, why were the police here?" Claire asked.

He looked right at her. "They had some questions for me." Derrick looked back around the room. "Now, let's all understand this folks, I want to be as honest and upfront about all of this as I can. I have nothing to hide about it. So, any questions so far?"

"Do they know anything else yet?" Asked one of the guys from the back.

"Not that I know of. They're not really talking to me about it either. But I will say this, there will be another police officer here this afternoon. He'll be here to see me. Now, I would ask, if anyone from the police asks you questions, that you be as cooperative as possible." Derrick looked around the room again. "I know it's looking a little scary and uncertain right now, especially with what's happened in the past couple of days. But, it's going to be business as usual." Derrick looked over at Terry and smiled. Derrick waved a hand over, bringing Terry closer to him. "You all know that Terry here has been doing an exceptional job. And in case you haven't heard, Tom and I promoted Terry to Office Manager. I know we've never had one around here, but, I think it's time, and I think Terry is a good fit." Derrick smiled at Terry and put out his hand. Terry smiled and took it. There were several claps all around the room. "So, if you have concerns or problems, bring them to Terry, alright everyone?" Derrick waited a minute. "Thanks for being here, I really appreciate it."


Alec rolled over on his stomach in bed, the sheet was barely covering him, draped partly over his butt, leaving his left leg exposed. He spread his arms out away from him as he lay there deep in his sleep. He was breathing so slowly in his rest, his chest barely rising and falling. He felt something in his sleep, something that was warm, soft, and was it wet, yes it was wet. He slowly opened his eyes as he felt something else, yes it something wet, was entering him. He thought he was dreaming at first, and then as he felt his hips being lifted slightly off the mattress, he knew he wasn't dreaming. He reached a hand back behind him, feeling and then he felt it, soft, smooth, wavy hair. He turned his head and took a deep breath trying to focus his eyes. He felt his ass being spread wider by forceful hands and then the wet sensation started pushing into him, going deeper. Alec smiled wide as he knew it was Conner.

"Oh, baby," Alec moaned, arching his back, letting Conner take more of him. Then the tight suction gripped Alec's hole as Conner went full force sucking his hole with everything that he had. "you're home." Alec moaned. Conner pulled his face back and smiled that million dollar smile of his.

"Yeah, I'm here, babe." Conner shifted his eyes and looked down in between Alec's soft cheeks. "I have missed this so much. It's all I thought about while I was gone."

"I missed it too." Alec was hissing through his teeth. "It's yours, it all fucking yours." Alec moved his knees, pushing his butt toward Conner. "Take it. I want you to take it." Conner dropped his face into Alec again, sucking and licking Alec's hole. Alec dropped his head and moaned loudly. Conner was wild with it, pushing deep into Alec with his tongue, Alec felt like it was a foot long at least as he moaned loudly. Alec wanted more of it in him. He pushed back as Conner was pushing in, and very quickly there was a rhythm between them. Alec was moaning still but Conner was groaning now, acting more and more like he was starving. Alec couldn't stand it anymore. He pulled away and turned over in the bed. He smiled wide seeing Conner climbing up on the bed.

Alec reached up and held out his arms. Conner had a starved look in his eyes. "I have missed you so much, babe." Alec almost whispered.

"Do you have any idea how beautiful you really are?" Conner asked as he crawled up on top of Alec.

"Kiss me." Alec whispered as he wrapped his hands around Conner's neck. Conner smiled and fell onto Alec's mouth. The kiss was tender at first, as if just to say hello, and then it became more. Deep, thrusting, passionate. Alec clutched Conner around the neck and shoulders, wrapping his legs around him. Conner slid his hands and then his arms under Alec, lifting him off the mattress, wrapping him so tight. Alec spread his legs, wrapping them around Conner's butt that were still in his jeans. Alec pulled back as the button on Conner's jeans was starting to dig into his own belly.

"Get out of those clothes." Alec panted. "I want to see that gorgeous body of yours. I have dreamed of it every night." Conner grinned, and then pulled away from Alec, getting off the bed.

Conner slipped out of his loafers, and then started a slow strip tease for Alec as Alec watched propping himself up on the pillows against the headboard. He watched every movement that Conner made.

Slowly the shirt was grabbed at the bottom hem, it was a soft nylon that hugged Conner's chest and abs, leaving everything defined with nothing left for the imagination. Conner slowly lifted it, revealing his smooth tan skin, his abs were like fine chiseled marble, and then slowly as he lifted higher, Alec thrilled at seeing the round medallions on Conner's defined pecs. He wanted to lick them and chew on them in the worst way. The shirt came off and Conner tossed it away and then shook his head to toss his hair around. Alec moaned softly to himself looking at Conner's gorgeous body.

Conner undid the jeans next, undoing the top button and then slowly unzipped them. His bulge in them was pronounced as his length lay to the right, very visible to Alec, who was biting his lower lip. Slowly, Conner pushed them off over his hips and down, He used his feet to catch the bottom hem, trapping each pant leg to the floor, lifting his legs out of them one at a time. Alec was leaking profusely as he watched the show going on before him. Conner tossed the jeans aside on the floor at the end of the bed. He slowly climbed up and straddled over Alec's hips and his long dripping cock. They locked eyes for the longest time. Alec slowly, carefully touched his fingertips on Conner's flat muscled stomach. Conner twitched at the touch.

"We have to get you out of that underwear." Alec said in a low tone. He went to hook his fingers into band, but Conner stopped him. Alec looked up at him with want and surprise.

"We will." Conner said, as Alec was rubbing fingers over the length trapped inside, and then moved lower and rubbed Conner's balls that were hidden. Conner moaned. "We'll get them off, but I want you to do it with your teeth." Conner grinned an almost evil grin. Alec's eyes went wide with excitement over it. "Rip them off me." Conner said.

"They look new." Alec said softly. Conner chuckled.

"They're not, babe. Don't worry about them." Conner bent down and kissed Alec softly. "I have dreamed of you doing this to me for so long." Conner straightened up, hovering his crotch over Alec's face. Alec wasted no time. He leaned forward, lipping and licking Conner's bulges in them, and then started to use his teeth to get the waistband of the bikinis to try and pull them down. The powder blue color was absolutely stunning against Conner's tanned skin and his tight body. Alec thought he was going to cum without touching himself. He started having problems working the band with just his teeth, as hard as he tried he couldn't get it. Conner was watching him the whole time, grinning. "You can do it." Conner said in a hushed voice. "Come bad do you really want it?" Conner watched and waited, as Alec tried again. Conner could see that Alec was getting frustrated. Finally Alec gave up and grabbed the seams on the sides of the hips. He pulled with a swift motion, ripping them apart. Conner grinned wider. He looked down as his bikinis were being shredded and then tossed aside. His hard length stood out and up away from him. Alec moved and then attacked him, swallowing almost all of him at once. Conner gasped.

"You must want it really bad." Conner grinned. Alec pulled off and moved quickly to pull Conner down to his face.

"It's not just that I want it really bad, it's all of you that I need." Alec said with his eyes wet. Conner kissed him deeply. Conner slowly, very tenderly pulled back, looking at Alec in the eyes as he did. "Promise me, you'll never leave me again."

"I promise, babe, never again." Conner smiled, moving to kiss Alec again. Alec put a finger to Conner's lips, stopping him. "What?"

"You are so going to take me now. I want you inside me." Alec almost purred.

"I wanted you to take me first."

"Uh-uh." Alec said. "You are going to fuck me for hours, until it falls off, or I bleed internally." Alec grinned.

"If that's what you want." Conner said, finally getting his kiss. He watched Alec slide back down in the bed a little and spread his legs. "I guess that is what you really want." Conner said, looking at Alec with wide eyes.

"Then, when I can't possibly walk, we'll go to Derrick's." Alec gave Conner a boyish grin, as he wiggled his butt.


Ty hung another sheet on the inside bathroom wall, setting all of the screws, on the exterior wall where there was no plumbing. He had insulated the bay very well. He was concentrating on the last of the screws when he thought he heard something outside the bathroom. He stopped and stood still for a minute, listening. He wasn't sure. He turned and walked out of the bathroom, seeing someone standing there.

"Sorry. I didn't want to stop your work."

"It's alright." Ty said, looking the man up and down with just his eyes. He looked familiar to him. "Can I help you?" The man stepped forward, reaching out his hand. He sported a slight smile to go along with it. Ty wiped his own and then took it in his.

"Mr. Caldwell, right?" Ty nodded his reply. They pulled their hands back from each other. "I was here the other night. You may not remember me. I was here with Detective Lance."

"Oh, that's right. You were in uniform. I almost didn't recognize you." Ty lied. He couldn't forget this guy, he was fucking gorgeous. But now he was in slacks, a button down, and a sport coat.

"I have been assigned the case, taking over from Detective Lance. I'm Detective Campbell."

"Got promoted?" Ty asked, crossing his thick arms. Campbell watched how they flexed. Ty noticed.

"It's temporary."

"That's too bad."

"I'd like to ask you some questions, if I may?"

"Sure. Would you like some coffee?" Ty asked. "It's past time that I had another cup."

"That'd be nice, sure."

"Let's go into the house. We can talk there." Ty undid his belt and set it on the floor. Ty started to walk away, Campbell followed. They walked up the back steps of the house and into the hallway. Campbell followed Ty into the kitchen. "Why don't you have a seat and I'll fix it really quick." Ty pointed to the stools at the counter. Campbell pulled one out and sat, watching Ty set up the coffee maker and put a mug into it. He set out the cream and sugar as Derrick had done for Murray.

"I take it black, thanks." Campbell said.

Ty turned around and smiled at him. "You might want to rethink that. Trust me."

Campbell gave him an odd look, and waited. Ty removed the mug and put it on the counter, then fixed one for himself. Campbell smelled it, and then tasted it. His lips went into a slight pucker.

"Maybe you're right." Campbell smiled, as he added a sugar to it and gave it a stir. Campbell sipped it, and then smiled.

"Better?" Ty asked. Campbell nodded. "Told you." Ty smiled. "So what can I do for you, Detective?"

"Well, as I said, I've been given this case. I'd like to ask you about what time Mr. Jacobson got home from his office that day?"

"He was here about three, a little after, as I recall."

"How do you know that for sure? I notice that you don't wear a watch?"

Ty smiled wide. "Well, let's just say, I know how to keep track of the time."

"And exactly how do you do that?" Campbell asked as he sipped his coffee.

"It's what we....did, that let's me keep track."

"Oh, that's right. You said something about that, didn't you?"

Ty blushed a little, but Campbell was blushing a lot.

"I was occupied by someone else that stays here from time to time for a while, then we had lunch, and well, it was a little time before he left for work. He had to be at his job by four, but had to make a stop for an appointment before hand. Derrick was here just missing him. I'm certain that they passed each other on the road into town somewhere."

Campbell smiled, and sipped his coffee. "Sounds like you're kind of a busy guy."

"I try to be."

"I don't mean to get too personal, but are you and Mr. Jacobson...?"

Ty was going to tease it out of him, make him ask. Ty thought he was absolutely gorgeous, and he was. Even Derrick thought so that first night he was here. Ty could see him squirm a little, and knew he had him over the proverbial barrel. It's not often you get a cop in this position, and Ty wanted to make the best of it, as he had an evil smirk on his face.

"What are you trying to ask, Detective?" Ty hid his smirk taking a sip of his coffee.

Campbell composed himself, then looked at Ty up and down, as if licking his own lips. Ty saw the want and lust in them. He had seen that look so many times before and sometimes enjoyed it, being ogled after like that.

"I mean, are you and Mr. Jacobson in a...?"

"Relationship, is the word you're looking for, I think."

Campbell almost sighed a breath of relief. "Yes, that's what I was trying to say." He took another sip of coffee.

"Yes, we are." Ty smiled. "Nothing carved in stone or anything. But, we are committed to each other."

"I see."

"You find that strange?"

"No, not at all."

Ty finished his coffee. He walked to the counter and set his cup in the sink. Campbell handed Ty his cup, and then got off the stool. Ty rinsed them out and put them in the dishwasher, then closed the door. Campbell watched him, with a half smile.

"What is it?" Ty asked as he noticed his look.

"How long have you two been...?"

"Not long at all. Why do you ask?"

"You seem...trained."

Ty rolled his eyes, smiling, coming around the counter, standing near Campbell. "Well, it's his house. He likes it neat, I respect that. And, I will do what I can to help out."

"That's nice." Campbell put his hand out. Ty took it in his. "I want to thank you for talking to me. You've been very helpful. I may need to stop back by again, if that's alright."

"It's fine." Ty smiled, walking with Campbell toward the back door. They walked out together and came down the back steps. Campbell looked at the structure.

"Did you build that?"

"Derrick started it." Ty said, standing next to Campbell. ""He designed it, did the framing. He actually hired me to help finish it. It's almost there. He wanted to turn it into an office for his drafting. He's quite gifted."

"I bet he is." Campbell smiled, giving Ty a side glance. He turned and reached out his hand. Ty took it once again. "Well, thank you again. I'll be in touch."

"Have a good day. Detective." Ty watched as he walked away toward the corner of the house. Ty smiled to himself. He knew Derrick would love to get another look at this guy, as much as he did.


Conner was on the bed, he was deep inside of Alec, holding Alec's ankles up in the air. Conner was on his haunches, rocking himself in and out at a steady pace, watching Alec as he licked his lips. Alec was panting and grunting with each of Conner's gentle thrusts. Conner loved being inside of Alec, he had wanted it to be the other way round. But, Alec had been insistent, wanting Conner to take him first. Alec practically begged him as they first started. And with the love Conner felt for Alec, he was not about to disappoint him or deny him. Conner was so happy to just be here with Alec, having him, taking him, in their love making.

Alec moved to pull on himself, as Conner was continually rubbing on Alec's prostate. Conner let go of an ankle and stopped Alec, pushing his hand away, not wanting him to touch himself, letting the need to explode build even more and more. Alec was rolling his head side to side on the pillow now, as Conner was still moving at the same steady pace.

"" Alec panted, "...I need to...cum."

"Not yet." Conner said softly. "You said you wanted it for hours."

"Yes!" Alec moaned.

"Then don't cum yet." Conner buried himself all the way in and stopped. Alec took in a deep breath, opening his eyes wide. Conner made a circular motion with his hips, making his cock follow that motion, rubbing Alec's prostate another way. Alec moaned very loudly. "You want it." Conner said softly. "You love it." Conner moved his hips in a larger circular motion now, moving Alec with him a little. Alec put his hands on his own hips, inching his fingers towards his own leaking cock. "Don't you touch it." Conner said in his soft voice, watching Alec under him. Alec threw his hands out away from his sides and clutched the sheets of the mattress. "Now," Conner said in his hushed tone, "do you still want more? Or do you want me to let you go?"

"Oh, ...fuck...Conner..." Alec moaned.

"Tell me, babe," Conner still circling his hips around. "tell me what you want."

Alec moaned deeper than he ever had before in his life. His stomach convulsed and his cock arched slightly on it's own without a touch. It shot out hard long streams, most were hitting Alec in the neck and landing on his own face. Conner kept moving his hips, feeling Alec clamping his muscles on him. Conner moaned but still watched as Alec was still cuming and cuming. Conner smiled, looking down at his lover, and then let go of Alec's ankles, he sent his hands up slowly, rubbing over Alec's tight balls, his throbbing, still pulsing cock. He slid his hands up slowly over Alec's smooth sides, and then up to his underarms. Conner slowly let his hands drift over and took his fingertips tracing around Alec's dark brown nipples, almost tickling him, as Alec was doing his best to get his breathing back under control. Alec's eyes fluttered as he focused on Conner over him.

"Glad I'm back?" Conner asked with that smile of his that melted Alec again.

"You have no idea." Alec warmed his eyes, taking in as much of Conner as he could see. "You're still so hard in me."

"You make me that way." Conner almost whispered. Conner stayed inside Alec as he shifted position, laying on his stomach first and then slowly coming down. "Look at what you have all over you." Conner whispered and then started to use his tongue to take it off Alec's tanned skin. "You taste so good, babe." Conner was bathing Alec with his Tongue, as Alec was wrapping his arms and legs around Conner wherever he could.

"Yes, lick it all up." Alec moaned, turning his head to one side and then the other. Their eyes went together, locking in a deep soft stare. Alec was rocking his hips under Conner slowly, feeling Conner's thick length still buried. "Fuck me till you cum." Alec whispered, tightening his arms about Conner's shoulders and back. Conner watched Alec's eyes as he started to move in and out of him again. It was different this time. Conner's need to fuck increased now, needing to release himself. He pushed and pulled in and out, making Alec start to moan again. "I have missed this so much." Alec whispered as he tongued Conner's ear.

"I thought Ty took care of you." Conner said as slowed a moment, kissing Alec's neck.

"Yes, he did, like we talked about, but it was nothing like this. Nobody but you does it like this."

Conner smiled and started to move faster. Their eyes met and then Conner felt it build up inside of him. He took a deep breath and pushed deep inside Alec, cutting loose inside of him, pumping himself as the shot continued. Conner slowed his hips, leaving himself buried deep inside Alec, where he wanted to be. "So, you like it this way?"

"Is there a doubt?" Alec asked, kissing Conner. "Just don't get used to it. I want your ass as much as you want mine."

Conner smiled wide. "Can't wait to see Derrick and Ty."

"I think I know why." Alec squirmed under him.

"Yeah, it's because I've missed them."


Conner thought for a moment and then smiled. "OOHHH! You thought I wanted us to get together with them." Conner shook his head and then kissed Alec. "You are such a horn dog."

Alec chuckled softly, pushing the hair out of Conner's face. "That's what Ty said."

They both laughed and then kissed deeply, Alec wrapped his legs around Conner's narrow butt.



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