Building Things

Chapter 20

Derrick helped Ty finish cleaning up the garage, getting everything put away and stacked just so. Derrick marveled at how meticulous Ty actually was about the material, stacking it just so. Derrick kidded him about it. Ty slapped his butt a few times at his comments. They laughed together and played around with each other in a teasing way. Once everything was done, Derrick realized that it was getting late in the afternoon.

"Hey, are you getting hungry?" Derrick asked.

"I am, a little. Are you going to cook one of those big meals, again?"

"Not for just the two of us. I was thinking, maybe we could go out for a nice quiet dinner."

"Sure. If I keep eating your cooking, I'm going to get really fat. I might end up looking like Bart." Ty chuckled. Derrick smirked at him in reply.

"I don't know, I think you'd be kind of sexy with a beer belly like that."

"Maybe, but just not the whole barrel." Ty rolled his hands out, showing how big he really meant.

"Mean, very mean." Derrick looked around, seeing that everything was clean and neat. "Are we done here?"

"Yep." Ty said, looking around as well. He walked up to Derrick, putting his muscular arms on Derrick's shoulders. "What did you have in mind?"

"A quiet dinner, for two, at Lozano's? A little Chianti, perhaps? Some pasta?"

"Sounds fattening. I haven't been to the gym in almost two weeks. Seriously, I'm going to be a wreck soon."

Derrick smiled putting his hands on Ty's waist. "I doubt that. But, if it makes you feel any better, we will start going to the gym together. I could stand to work out myself."

"What? And make you look even hotter? I'll have to beat them off with a big stick."

"Nice." Derrick said, leaning in and kissing Ty softly. "Good recovery. You're very smooth."

Ty smiled. "My middle name." Ty winked. Derrick smiled. They kissed each other softly.

"Come on, let's get changed."

"Are we dressing up?"

"No. Not just going looking like this, that's all."

"Oh, alright." Ty said as Derrick pulled him along by the hand. They went into the house and walked into the bedroom. Derrick made the bed quickly from this morning. They changed quickly and closed up the house. They walked out the front door and climbed into the Audi. Derrick drove out of the driveway.

Dinner was good, and Derrick was pleased that his old friends liked Ty. He was the hit of the evening, and caught the eye of several of the customers. Ty wearing a tight button down, and his tight jeans, which revealed everything. They had a quiet dinner and then back to the house, laughing about the events of the past few days, especially about the inspection from earlier. Ty remarked how funny he thought it was, Derrick being so cool and calm about the inspector being put in his place. Derrick just shook his head over it.

They pulled in the driveway and got out of the car, walking into the dark house, as evening had settled in about them. Derrick walked in first, turning on a lamp. Ty closed the door. Derrick walked over to the answering machine, which his custom whenever he returned to the house. There were no messages. A good sign to Derrick. He turned and saw Ty taking off his shirt, walking toward the bedroom. Derrick smiled to himself.

"Derrick?" Ty said, calling to him from the bedroom.

"Yes?" Derrick answered.

"When are you going back to work?" Ty asked as he came out of the bedroom. Derrick looked at Ty, seeing his beauty, his muscular body, his jeans undone and hanging open. Derrick could see the base of his thick cock in the jeans, his length running down its leg, the bulge of his large balls, captured in the crotch of the tight jeans. Derrick's mouth watered.

"Uh, day after tomorrow. Why?"

Ty walked up to him. He stood close, very close. Ty lifted a hand and touched Derrick's shirt, drifting a finger down over the buttons slowly, down to the top of Derrick's pants. Derrick eyes were on Ty's, looking deep into each other.

"I was just wondering. I mean, thinking, about how much time we really had left with each other until you went back."

Derrick reached out and put his hands on Ty's hips. "Ohh, I see. Wondering how you're going to get along without me here, huh?"

Ty smiled. "Something like that."

"Gonna sneak a boyfriend over while I'm slaving away at my office?" Derrick asked, as his grip tightened on Ty's hips, pulling him in tighter.

"Well, you know how it is...a guy gets bored...his mind wanders..."

"Maybe I'll sneak home for lunch everyday then." Derrick said, as he kissed Ty softly.

"Hmmm, I don't may be bad if I got caught with some hottie that I pick up on the corner..."

"Shut up." Derrick said quietly as he slid his arms around Ty, pulling him tighter, kissing him deeply. Derrick thrust his tongue deeply into Ty's wanting mouth, as Ty wrapped one hand around Derrick, the other going to the back of Derrick's head, pulling him in tighter. They worked their mouths on each other for the longest time, then slowly pulled back. They looked into each others eyes, again.

"So, is the evening over? Or are we just getting started?" Ty asked.

"What did you have in mind? Watch a movie? Make some popcorn? Or just go to bed?"

"A movie might be nice. Do you have any pornos?"

Derrick chuckled. "A few. Do we really need them?"

"I don't're tough to get worked up." Ty said, rolling his eyes. He leaned in a little, rubbing his crotch against Derrick's, then looked down. "See? Flat...maybe we should fire up a porno."

"Bad, very bad." Derrick whispered. He kissed Ty again. "Why do you tease me so?"

Ty chuckled, "Keeps you coming back for more, doesn't it?"

"Bad, very bad." Derrick said again. "So, before I ravage your body all night, do you want to watch a movie? You know, we haven't just sat and done that yet."

"Don't tell me you're one of those 'secret homebodies' or something like that."

"No...but, on those long, cold, wintery nights, I like to curl up and watch a good movie, wrapped up in a blanket. Is that being a 'homebody'?"

"Depends." Ty said.


"What the movie is...if you're alone...if there's nothing else to do..." Ty whispered, leaning in, touching lips with Derrick.

"I'm sure there's always something to do, with you around."

"Hmmm, you got that right." Ty smirked. He rubbed Derrick's stomach gently with the back of his hand. "So, I'll leave it up to you." Ty kissed Derrick softly. Derrick closed his eyes at the kiss. He breathed in slowly and deeply, knowing this was going to be a good night. He lifted his arms to wrap them around Ty's neck, when he stopped at the sound of a knock on the front door. They pulled back from each other. Ty exhaled slowly in a sigh.

"Who the hell could it be at this time of night?" Derrick asked, turning and walked over to the front door. He opened it. "Alec?" Derrick looked over his shoulder at Ty, then back at the doorway. "What's going on, bud?" Derrick said as he reached out and pulled Alec in, closing the door behind him.

"I...I...don't know where..." Alec stammered looking down at the floor. Derrick looked at Ty, then back at Alec.

"What's wrong, buddy? ...Are you alright?" Derrick asked, grasping Alec by the shoulders.

" don't know."

"Uh oh." Ty said, as he stepped up. "Someone seems to be a little on the confused side."

Derrick looked at Ty, the realization of what he said just hit him. He smiled at Ty, then looked back at Alec.

"That true, bud? Are you confused?"

Alec looked up at Derrick, tears were forming in his eyes. Derrick smiled at this beautiful young man, and tightened his grip on his shoulders. Ty stepped closer and put a hand around the back of Alec's neck and squeezed gently. Alec looked at Ty, and half smiled.

"Let's sit down on the couch and talk" Derrick turned him and led him over. "Get comfortable. Want something to drink?" Derrick asked softly. Alec shook his head in reply. "Okay. Now, take it slow, what are you confused about?"

"The whole thing, I guess."

"Conner get off alright?" Ty asked, sitting on the arm of the couch behind Derrick.

Alec brightened, at the mention of Conner's name. He lifted his head and smiled, nodding his reply to Ty. Alec rubbed his knees with his hands, rocking a bit back and forth on the couch.

"You can talk to us, Alec." Derrick looked up and over his shoulder at Ty, then back at Alec. "If, anything, we're good listeners." Derrick reached out and put a hand on Alec's, resting on his knee.

"I'm confused about what happened with the four of us."

"Ahh, yes, well...I can see where that would be kind of..." Derrick said.

"I mean you guys are so fucking hot and all, and Conner...well, I've never been with anyone like him before. He's amazing." Alec said, wiping away a tear. His face brightened thinking about Conner, talking about him.

"Yes, he is, isn't he. One of a kind." Derrick said softly, watching Alec. "You're a lucky guy. He adores you, you know."

"And that's what is so amazing about him." Alec said, becoming a little more animated now, turning on the couch, bringing up a leg, bending it at the knee. "See, I had no idea that I could attract someone like that."

"Whoa, whoa...hold on there, bud." Ty said, as he shifted on the couch arm. "Don't sell yourself short. You are very, very easy on the eyes. I mean, you probably have all kinds of people looking at you all the time."

"Well, mostly girls, but...guys...they're hard to find."

"You're killin' me." Ty said, leaning forward, resting his hands on his knees. "You probably intimidate them by the way you look. You really should be on the cover of GQ or be an AF model." Ty said, Alec scoffed. "No, I'm serious." Ty nudged Derrick with an elbow at Derrick's shoulder.

"It's true, bud." Derrick smiled. "You are simply...gorgeous. There's no better word for it."

"Thanks." Alec blushed and looked down at his knees.

"Conner was absolutely beside himself over you." Derrick chuckled. "I've never seen anyone act like that over someone else." Derrick scooped up one of Alec's hands. "He's crazy about you."

"That's what's so confusing to me about all of this." Alec lifted his head, looking at the both of them. "If he's so crazy about me, then,...why...would he get us together with the two of you? We were being so intimate, so..."

"Hot?" Ty asked. Alec just stared at him.

"It got a little carried away, I agree." Derrick said, softly, still holding Alec's hand. "Call it what you will...passion,...animal instinct, but, it's part of who we are, in our culture." Derrick paused, collecting his thoughts. "It may not always be right, it may not be the best thing for a relationship, but you need to ask yourself, did you think it was wrong?" Alec shook his head slowly. "Were you scared for your safety?" Alec shook his head again. "Did it upset you or give you regrets?" Again, a slow shake of the head. "Then, what has got you confused?" Derrick asked, letting Alec go, and sitting back against Ty's leg behind him. Ty brought his hand around and slid it over Derrick's shoulder, down his chest.

"I had thought that it would just be the two of us..."

"I get it." Ty said, in a low voice. "This is the first time you've ever been with a group."

Alec nodded, in response to Ty. "And, now, I don't know what to do."

"You liked it, didn't you?" Ty asked in his low tone. Alec nodded and half smiled. Ty leaned to Derrick's ear. "And you thought I was bad." Ty winked at Alec. "And now, you're wondering if it will ever happen again, right?" Alec nodded, giving a sheepish smile.

"I can assure you, that it won't with us." Derrick said, with a straight face. "Unless,..." Derrick held up a finger, "the situation is right, and Conner is here." Derrick leaned forward. "Are you alright with that?"

"I guess so." Alec said.

"Do you feel better?" Derrick asked.

"Yeah, I guess."

"Good." Derrick shifted on the couch a little, still leaning against Ty's leg. "Now, you didn't come here thinking that it was going to happen again, did you?"

"To be honest, I had half hoped it might."

"Good, honesty." Derrick smiled, leaning forward. "I like that. But, it's not going to happen."

"I get it." Alec said softly.

"Don't you have to work tomorrow?" Ty asked.

"No, I have tomorrow off."

"Good." Derrick said, smiling again. "How about a night cap? Do you have some place to go?" Derrick asked as he got up off the couch.


"You have an apartment, don't you?" Ty asked.

"It's more like a studio, really." Alec clasped his hands together, leaning forward, resting his forearms on his thighs. Ty shifted off the arm of the couch and sat next to Alec. "It's in kind of a bad neighborhood."

"Uh oh, Derrick." Ty said, making Derrick look back at him from the liquor cabinet as Derrick was pouring. "I see another candidate for the adoption committee." Ty said. Derrick grinned. "We'll have to put a second story on the house." Ty said, rolling his eyes.

Derrick walked back into the living room, carrying three snifters. He handed one to Alec, the next to Ty, and the third he held out in front of him. They all touched glasses, Alec looked at Derrick. Derrick held his up a little higher, "Absent friends." He said, softly, then took a sip from the snifter.

"Cognac." Alec said, after sipping his. He sniffed at it.

"Yeesss..." Derrick said, with a smile, waiting.

"I would say...Flambour?"

"Very good, my lad, well done."

"How old is it?"

"It's Napoleonic. It's early Nineteenth Century."

"Really?" Alec said, looking at the color in the light. "It's wonderful, thank you."

"It makes me feel good to share it with someone else who appreciates it."

"Okay." Ty said, standing up.

"What?" Derrick asked. "That was not meant as a slam." Ty looked at Derrick with pursed lips. "I just know that he knows what it is, that's all." Derrick narrowed his eyes at Ty.

"If you say so." Ty said.

"I do, really, it was not meant in any offense." Derrick said. Ty smiled at him and then leaned forward, kissing Derrick on the cheek.

"You're forgiven." Ty winked. He took Derrick's snifter and poured his into Derrick's, then walked toward the kitchen.

"So, Alec, you live in a bad neighborhood, huh?"

"Yeah, it's all I can afford right now. The store doesn't pay all that well, and I'm trying to pay off the car first. I'd like to go back to school, but, maybe next year."

"Ohhh, don't put that off too long. It's hard to go back after any real amount of time." Derrick say back down on the couch. "How old are you?"

"I just turned 23. Why?" Alec asked, sipping more from his snifter.

"You just seem to have gifts, that's all. I find it admirable. So many young people today just drift from here to there, no plan, no nothing. You seem to have talents."

"Thanks. I pay attention to what other people say, and, then put it to use."

"We learn by doing, right?"

"Exactly." Alec said, sipping more brandy. He was enjoying the feeling it was giving him. He watched as Ty walked back into the room.

"Miss anything?" Ty asked.

"Not much." Derrick said, scooting closer to Alec, sitting on the coffee table patting the cushion, on the couch to have Ty join them. As Ty sat down, Derrick looked him in the eye. "You said something a couple of minutes ago."

"Really? What did I say?"

"Adoption committee?"

"Oh boy." Ty sighed. He rolled his eyes and then looked at Derrick. "What now?"

"Second story?"

"No." Ty shook his head. "It was a joke."

"I know. But, I had a thought. And I think you're going to like it." Derrick said, with a sparkle in his eye.

"Uh, oh shit, comes to mind. I've seen that look before in your eye."

"Yeah, we'll talk about it in the morning. First, I think,...we need to get our guest into bed."

"Our bed?" Ty asked, with wide eyes.

"Noooo, his bed, or rather his boyfriends bed. Whatever you want to call it." Derrick turned and looked at Alec. Derrick could see that the brandy was having an effect on him. Derrick slowly took the snifter from his hand, and set it on the coffee table. "Alec..." Derrick said softly. Alec turned his head and looked at him with droopy eyes. "Looks like the cognac is kicking your butt." Alec nodded, slowly. "You must be operating on an empty stomach." Alec nodded again. "Alright, off to bed with you." Derrick looked at Ty. "Give me a hand with him?"

"You didn't drug him, did you?"

"Of course not. He probably hasn't eaten since this morning. That cognac will plow you, it's very potent on an empty stomach. You only had a sip, he drank almost all of his glass."

"I'll get him." Ty said, as Alec was sitting back, looking like he was fading fast. "Hey, bud, let me help you." Ty said as got in front of Alec. Ty pulled on Alec's wrist, bringing Alec to his feet, but then Alec's knees buckled. Ty caught him and held him in place, close to Ty's body. Ty rolled his head over and looked at Derrick, raising one eyebrow. "Now what?"

"Want me to help you carry him?"

"Seriously?" Ty said, and moved around, scooping Alec up behind the knees, with one powerful arm, and supporting Alec's back with the other powerful arm. "He feels like he weighs only a buck ten." Ty looked down at the angelic face. "Poor kid. Turn down the bed?"

"Yeah, I'll get it." Derrick said, walking toward Paul's room. He turned on the bedside lamps, pulled back the covers, and turned back seeing Ty carry Alec in. Alec's head was hanging back, Derrick could see that he was really out. Ty lay him on the bed, as Derrick stepped back.

"Now, comes your favorite part." Ty smiled, looking at Derrick, wiggling his eyebrows.

Derrick smirked and stepped forward. He pulled off Alec's shoes and socks, then sat him up and pulled off his tee shirt, setting it aside, then lay Alec back down. Derrick unsnapped the jeans and unzipped them. He wiggled the tight jeans down off Alec's tight hips, revealing the bikini underwear and the large bulges that were pronounced in them.

"Nice." Ty said in a low voice.

"You ARE bad." Derrick said, looking over his shoulder.

"Kid's got a great package, what can I say?"

Derrick pulled at the bottom of the legs and got the jeans off. He put them aside, and turned Alec in the bed, covering him up. Derrick picked up the clothes, folding the jeans in half, laying them at the foot of the bed, then the shirt, laying them on the jeans. He turned and put his hand to Ty's shoulder, guiding him to the door, shutting of the lamps as they walked out into the kitchen.

"So much for the movie, huh?" Ty asked. Derrick chuckled, swatting Ty on the butt.

"Thanks for the help."

"Don't mention it." Ty said, walking toward the bedroom, as Derrick went toward the living room. Derrick shut off the lights and then walked into the bedroom from the other doorway. He saw that Ty was pulling off his jeans, and was pulling back the covers, then climbed up on the bed. Derrick got undressed and shut of the lamp on his side, and snuggled in next to Ty. Ty put an arm around Derrick, pulling him to him, as he settled on his back, Derrick at his side. Ty turned his head, smiling in the dark, he kissed Derrick, softly.

"You're so sweet, you know?" Ty asked.

"No, I just care, that's all." Derrick replied.

"That's what makes you so sweet." Ty said, as he closed his eyes.

Morning came. Predawn light was coming in the big window of the bedroom. Derrick's eyes fluttered open. He was on his side, looking at the doorway to the hall. He slowly lifted his head, and turned it, looking over his shoulder. He saw Ty was on the other side of the bed, facing him, his arm was lying across the bed toward Derrick, the sheet down enough to expose the top of Ty's rounded muscular butt. Derrick pulled back the sheet off him and slid out of bed. He sat on the edge and stretched his arms up and over his head. He yawned silently, then got up. He walked into the bathroom and used the toilet and then went to the sink. He brushed his teeth and then walked back out, into the bedroom. Ty was still sleeping soundly.

Derrick walked into the kitchen and pulled a cup from the cabinet and stuck it in the coffee maker. He pushed the button and then rolled his head side to side, trying to pop his neck. He felt kinked up this morning, and he didn't know why. He pulled the cup from the maker, and turned and leaned against the counter, he sipped at the hot liquid, letting it bring him to life. He felt human after about half the cup was gone. Derrick walked across the floor, around the counter, over to the table, setting his cup down. He walked over to the wall, with all the windows, looking down at his drafting supplies that were stacked there. He pulled out his large pad, pencils, straight edges, and set them on the table.

He picked up the cup and sipped at it, looking at the blank sheet in front of him. He knew what he must do now, Ty had given him the start of the idea, and he wanted Ty to help him carry it through. Derrick set about starting with lines for one elevation on the sheet. He became lost in it, what was emerging from the sheet and the pencil, the two becoming one with his mind, his imagination. Derrick lost track of all time. He snapped back to reality when he was touched from behind.

He jumped slightly, then recognized the touch. It was tender, fingers sliding around his hips, working their way toward the front, then grasping his olive toned skin, he felt breath on his left shoulder, as he smiled, he turned his head.

"Morning." Derricked whispered.

"Morning, beautiful. You know how sexy you are when you do this in your underwear?"

"Hmmm." Derrick moaned softly, feeling the bulges rub against his left butt cheek. "Someone's getting excited." "Derrick whispered.

"You do it to me every time." Ty whispered. "Why are you up so early?"

"I don't know. I had an idea and had to get it on paper."

Ty looked over Derrick's shoulder, down at the sheet on the table. "What's this?"

"The idea, you gave me last night."

"Oh...Mother of God, you want to build another house?" Ty asked a little louder.

"Sshhh." Derrick whispered. "Don't want to wake up Alec." Derrick looked over at Ty. "Is that such a bad idea?"

"Where do you want to build it?"

Derrick chuckled softly, Ty looked at him. "You know I own the lot next door, right?"


"Well, I actually own the field that's behind us as well, and the two lots on the other side of the one that's next to the house."

"What? Are you kidding?"

"No. Bought them years ago, when I was just getting started. Then I bought the house."

"Okay, wow. I had no idea." Ty let go of Derrick, turned, and walked over to the counter, going around for the coffee machine. He returned a couple of minutes later. "So, is there something else that I need to know? Like, you might own a skyscraper or something?"

"No, that's about it. But, I do own the building that my firm is in."

"Really? Okay, how about some island in the South Seas, perhaps?'

"Oh, now there's an idea. White beaches, guys in speedos, yeah." Derrick whispered.

"Oh, man." Ty whispered, rubbing Derrick's butt with his hand. "I'm going to get in the shower."

"Want some company?" Derrick looked over his shoulder.

Ty smiled. "Always up for company." Ty turned and walked toward the hallway. Derrick set his pencil down and grabbed his coffee, and followed Ty. Derrick walked into the bathroom, setting his cup on the vanity counter. He watched as Ty stepped into the shower, not turning toward Derrick. All Derrick could see was Ty's back, his beautiful butt, and those powerful calves and thighs. Derrick sighed, as he leaned against the counter, watching Ty raise his hands, as the water cascaded over him from the rain head, Ty ran his hands through his short spiky hair, and then rub the back of his neck. Derrick watched the show before him, loving it, and this beautiful man even more. Ty lowered his arms and turned his head, looking at Derrick, he smiled wide. Ty rolled his head, beckoning Derrick to join him. Derrick put his thumbs in his white bikinis to pull them down. Ty shook his head no. Derrick stopped.

"Just like that." Ty said, as he leaned back against the tile. "Come in just like that. You're so fucking sexy in those." Ty stepping out of the water, against the tile. Derrick could see Ty's large member starting to thicken and rise. Derrick stepped into the shower, under the water.

Ty stepped closer to Derrick, running his hands all over Derrick's chest and shoulders, moving the water around, as it poured from the head. Derrick's hair was totally wet and was now pushed down around his face. Ty stepped forward again, kissing Derrick softly, then backed up, running his hands down over Derrick's flat stomach, Derrick watched Ty as he was being touched, watched Ty grow in front of him, as the water cascaded down over Ty's enormous thick length. Derrick lifted his eyes only, meeting Ty's. There was a hungered look in Ty's eyes. The look that Derrick desired himself from Ty. He loved the way Ty looked at him, the wanting, the desire.

As their eyes were on each other, Ty ran his hand over Derrick's soft wet white bikini underwear, rubbing the rising bulge that was stretching them out, tracing out the length, over the tip, and then back to the base. Then fingers tracing over the fabric covering Derrick's balls. Derrick moaned softly at the touch, and then dropped his eyes, watching Ty's fingers work their magic. Derrick, let the water trail over his neck, down his chest, cascade over his flat abs onto the white fabric. They could both see through it now, Derrick's thick length pushing off to the left, crossing over his hip, pushing the fabric out away from Derrick's body.

Ty slowly lowered himself, bending at the knees, kneeling, resting on his haunches, as his hand still rubbed over the fabric. He tilted his head up, looking at Derrick, and smiled. He lowered his head and watched his own fingers move back and forth all over the white, soaked fabric. Derrick tilted his head back, letting the water pour over his face, breathing deeply through his nose.

Ty leaned forward on his haunches, putting his mouth over the middle of Derrick's length, making Derrick moan, and put his hands to Ty's hair, gently running his fingers through the short length. Ty moved his mouth back and forth over the firm length, over the fabric, using his teeth to trace the thick outline.

"Fuck, that is so awesome." Derrick said, as he tilted his head down, watching Ty.

Ty pulled back a little. "You like that?"

"Oh, yeah."

"Let me take it out, then." Ty said, as reached up and hooked his fingers in the band. He slowly pulled down, and then out, letting Derrick's fat length out, slapping against Ty's right cheek. Ty pulled his head back, and then opened his mouth. He leaned in, taking Derrick into his mouth about half way. His lips went tight, and he pulled back, dragging them on the wet skin. Ty could hear Derrick exhale deeply as he slid back, and then reaching the tip, he went back down, going tighter, going further, relaxing his throat so he could take more of Derrick. Derrick moaned, as Ty started back toward the tip again, Derrick digging his fingers tighter into Ty's short hair, moaning through the water. Ty had a devil thought and then let go of Derrick. He stood quickly, and reached over and turned the selector knob.

Derrick watched as Ty moved quickly, the body sprays came to life, spraying against Ty's ass, and then as he moved, they hit Derrick with their arc. Ty got behind Derrick, wrapping his arms around Derrick from behind, pushing Derrick into the body jets. One was pounding Derrick in the upper chest, the middle one, in his lower chest, the bottom one was spraying all over Derrick's pelvis and the back of his cock as it stood out. Ty lowered his hand as he looked over Derrick's shoulder, he grabbed Derrick's cock near the head and lifted, pulling Derrick's balls with it, as they hung. The spray was hitting Derrick over his balls. He loved the feeling on them. Ty arched Derrick's back a little more, and then with his free hand, Ty tapped the sprays to shut them down, all but the bottom one. Water being diverted pounded against Derrick's balls, making him moan as he leaned back against Ty.

"You like it don't you? Your balls being pounded and worked like that...makes you feel good."

"Yes, oh yes." Derrick moaned as he leaned against Ty. The water blasting against him was almost orgasmic on its own, but Ty talking to him, and pulling on his hardon was sending Derrick over the edge. "Oh, Ty...Ty,...I want you to fuck me." Derrick moaned softly, then took in a deep breath. "Fuck me now, baby, please...oh please."

"No." Ty whispered in Derrick's ear. Derrick moaned again, this time sounding sad in the tone. "It's your turn to fuck me. I want your cock so far up me, I want it in the back of my throat. I want you to pound the fuck out of me." Ty said, and then fell onto Derrick's neck, chewing and licking him up and down to his ear. "Yeah? You want that, don't you? You want your cock in my ass, just as bad as I want it there."

"Oh, yeah." Derrick moaned, leaning his head back on Ty's shoulder. "The water...pounding me...makes me want to..."

"Don't cum, babe...not yet...I want it all in my ass. I want all of you in my ass." Ty reached over and shut the shower off. He turned his head and kissed Derrick deeply, running his hand over Derrick's chest from behind, tweaking a nipple as he tongued Derrick furiously. His other hand, still on Derrick's hard cock, slowly loosened it's grip, letting it drop, standing proud on it's own, Derrick's balls hung between his legs. Ty let go of Derrick and reached out for a towel. He dried Derrick off, quickly, so as not to lose the passion that was peaked between them, and then quickly dried himself, grabbing Derrick, by the hand, leading him out of the shower.

Ty pulled Derrick into the bedroom and led him to the bed, turning, he put his hands on Derrick's waist, guiding him to the edge of the bed. Ty turned Derrick and lay him on the bed, Derrick's leg bent at the knee, his feet on the floor. Ty climbed up over Derrick, straddling him, getting himself over Derrick's cock. Ty reached down behind him, picking up Derrick's throbbing member, holding it up, while he positioned himself over it, letting the tip get into the tight crack. Ty moved it up and down, over his hole a few times, making Derrick breath hard, as Derrick reached up his hands, sliding them up Ty's thick thighs, his hands finding Ty's hard cock. Derrick wrapped all of his fingers around it and pulled on it, going back and forth.

Ty put Derrick's tip to his hole and slowly sat back on it, forcing it inside. Ty took a deep breath as he was penetrated, tilting his head back slightly. Derrick rocked his hips slowly, forcing himself up and into Ty, while his hands were still sliding along Ty's length.

"Yeah,..." Ty moaned, "I love that..." Ty sat down on Derrick, fully, sending the thick length deep inside of him. Ty waited a moment, adjusting to the feeling of it, loving it, it fill him up inside. Ty looked down at his beautiful man under him. "Fuck me."

Derrick started to grind his hips, rocking them in and out, pushing up into Ty, then lowering to the mattress, again, and again, while his hands worked over Ty's hard cock, sliding back and forth over it. Ty raised both arms, bending them, locking his fingers behind his head, letting Derrick use him, wanting to be used like this. Ty closed his eyes. He could feel Derrick inside him, sliding in and out, and the hands on him, sliding, twisting on him. He was breathing hard, starting to lose control. His breathing was getting faster, his moaning was getting deeper.

"Cum, baby, cum all over me." Derrick said softly, as he worked himself in and out, up and down. Derrick watched Ty. He was so hot to Derrick, his chest rising and falling, all of the muscle and his enormous cock, pointing at Derrick, as his hands worked it. Derrick lifted his head off the mattress, as he kept rocking his hips up and down. He could see Ty's balls tighten over Derrick's flat stomach. Derrick knew it was close, and then Ty moaned louder. The first pulse from Ty's head shot out, hitting Derrick on the cheek, then another, shooting up Derrick's chest, then another following the same path, and then another, slowly coming out, leaving a trail to Derrick's chest back to Ty's expanding slit. Derrick knew Ty wasn't done, and he kept stroking as he pumped his own cock.

"Fuck." Ty moaned. "You're so fuckin hot..." Ty moaned, his hands still locked behind his head. "yeah, keep doing that...oh yeah." Ty lay his head back further, his hands still locked as Derrick stroked him, now with Ty's own cum as lube, while Derrick was rocking his hips, pushing as much as he could into Ty's ass.

"You feel so good, babe." Derrick breathed out, loving the feeling his was giving to Ty, watching this magnificent hunk of a man, sitting on him. Derrick drew in another breath through clenched teeth, letting it out slowly. He could feel his length sliding against Ty's insides, warm, smooth, wet. He was getting lost in the sensation. Derrick had closed his eyes, licking his lips, drawing in another breath, as he heard Ty moan above him again.

Ty unclasped his hands, lowering his arms, putting his hands behind him on the mattress, leaning back, feeling Derrick against a different wall inside of him now. Derrick also felt it, Ty's ass going tight on the base of his cock. Derrick moaned at the new feeling of the pressure on him. Derrick breathed deeply and moaned against it.

"Oh, babe...fuck..." Derrick moaned, loosing his control, sending his shower into Ty. Ty moaned loudly again, feeling it inside him, the throbbing and the pulsing. He let go of himself again, shooting all over Derrick's chest. Ty went into a deep breathing as Derrick slowly stopped his hand on Ty.

"Oh my God." Ty said, breathing heavily. He dropped his head back further, looking up at the ceiling. "What a fuckin man you are. I love it."

"Not as much as you are, sweetie." Derrick took his free hand and rubbed Ty's fluid all over his chest and stomach. "I love it when you drench me."

Ty leaned forward, coming down on top of Derrick. "I love doing it to you." Ty said as he kissed Derrick softly, then pulling Derrick's lower lip with his own, then let it go. "You need another shower."

"No, I think I'll lay here and let it dry on me. I'll wear it all day." Derrick smiled.

"Bullshit." Ty said. "I have plans for you today. Get your butt up and get cleaned up."

"I would, but there is this really gorgeous thing sitting on me, trying to make me hard again."

"Hmmm, have to do something about that." Ty said with a grin, sliding himself off Derrick's firming length. Derrick moaned as Ty came off him.

"I was enjoying being in there, you know."

"I know, I was too. But, there are things that need to get done, as this is your last day at home."

Derrick narrowed his eyes. "What? You want me to bake cookies or something?"

"No, smartass. I want to do something with you." Ty said, as threw his leg over Derrick and got off the bed. "Now, hurry, while it's still fresh in my mind."

"Okay." Derrick said, as he got off the bed, watching Ty with a puzzled look.

"I'll wait for you, hurry up." Ty looked over at the bed. "I'll make the bed while you're in there."

"Okay..." Derrick said, his voice trailing as he walked into the bathroom.



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