Building Things

Chapter 11

Derrick slipped out of bed before the morning light streamed in through the bedroom window. He looked down at the sleeping form of his beautiful Ty, the sheet barely covering him. The muscled arms, thick shoulders, all covered with that soft tanned skin, made Derrick sigh silently to himself. Derrick slipped on his underwear and walked out of the bedroom toward the kitchen.

Derrick made a cup of coffee, and was leaning at the counter when he heard movement. He lifted his eyes and saw Conner emerge from Paul's room. Conner was using a hand to rub in his hair as walked out into the kitchen, sleep was still all over his face. Derrick looked him up and down, as Conner came closer.

The skinny jeans fit him all to well, the top button was left open. There was no shirt covering the beautiful swimmers build. Toned muscle, 6 pack abs, pecs that were defined with broad nipples. There was no hair on this beautiful boy to be seen. He was totally smooth. Conner took his hand and put it to the back of his neck, gripping himself firmly, giving Derrick a show of how defined his arms actually were, as Conner rolled his head from side to side, as if to try and crack out the kinks in his neck.

"Morning." Derrick said in a soft voice over the top of his cup, taking a sip from it.

"Morning." Conner said, flashing a wide smile, showing the white teeth.

"Coffee?" Derrick asked, setting his cup down.

"That would be great, thanks."

Derrick turned and got out another cup, setting it in the coffee maker, and pushed the button. Once it was done, he turned and handed it to Conner, who smiled again in thanks.

"Take anything in it?" Derrick asked.

"A touch of sugar." Conner replied.

Derrick pointed at the sugar bowl and stepped out of the way, as Conner came up beside Derrick. Derrick could smell him. Conner smelled fresh and clean to Derrick, but in that light musky way that was intoxicating to him. He smiled to himself, picking up his coffee cup, sipping from it again. Conner turned and pulled from his as well.

"That's good." Conner said, as he took the cup away from his lips.

"Thanks." Derrick smiled. He turned and pulled another cup out, and placed it under the machine. He pushed the button, giving Conner a side glance. "Something on your mind?"

"Several things."

"Oh?" Derrick half looked at him, then back to the coffee maker.

"Yes. For one, Paul was right last night."

"About what?"

"You do have a big tool. Your underwear shows it very well." Conner said, smiling. He sipped from his cup again. "Secondly, you have a really nice tight looking butt."

Derrick looked at Conner. "Thanks. I didn't think you would be up this early. I wasn't trying to give you a show."

"It was hard to sleep."

"Really? I'm sorry. I thought Paul's bed was comfortable."

"It wasn't the bed."

Derrick blushed, knowing what Conner meant. "I'm sorry if we were too loud."

"No problem." Conner whispered. He sipped from his cup again, watching Derrick pull the other cup from the coffee maker. Derrick side glanced Conner again and turned, carrying the cups, walked toward the hallway toward the bedroom.

Derrick walked into the bedroom, setting the cups on the night stand. He slipped back on the bed, lowering himself slowly, snuggling up next to Ty. Derrick put his lips to Ty's ear, making him inhale deeply, as he they were slowly being bathed in the morning light coming through the window.

"Morning." Derrick said softly into Ty's ear. Ty rolled to his back, stretching out his arms. He yawned wide, then smiled up at Derrick, who was over the top of him.

"Morning." Ty said.

"I brought you coffee." Derrick said, turning over, grabbing a cup, then turning back. Ty sat up, leaning against the headboard. Ty took the cup, and sipped from it.

"I could get used to this."

"One can only hope." Derrick smiled, sipping from his cup.

"Did I hear you talking to someone?"

"Conner got up. We talked for a couple of minutes."

"I see." Ty replied, looking at what Derrick was wearing. "I bet he liked it."

Derrick chuckled softly. "I think he liked last night better."

"Did he hear us?"

"The neighbor down the road probably heard us."

Ty smiled, thinking about last night. "Didn't even think about it." Ty turned and leaned toward Derrick, giving him a soft kiss. "But, I did dream about it."

Derrick looked down at the sheet, seeing the large tent that was rising. Derrick turned and set his cup back on the night stand. He turned back and reached down and started to slowly rub his fingers over the pronounced bulge in the sheet. Ty leaned in the other direction and set his cup on the other night stand, then came back to where he had been, as Derrick was pulling the sheet down, exposing Ty's enormous length. Derrick leaned down and licked all around the head, making Ty breath deeper. Derrick slowly opened his mouth and took Ty in, a little at a time. Slowly, Derrick moved down Ty's length, then slowly back up, stopping, then going back down. Derrick slid a hand up Ty's thigh, reaching his heavy balls, that were pushed up between Ty's thighs. Derrick ran his fingers over them, making Ty moan softly.

Ty was reaching over Derrick's back, with his right hand, sliding down lower and lower. He reached the band and slid his fingers under it, probing further down, finding Derrick's crack between his muscular cheeks, probing further till he came to the opening. With a fingertip, Ty, circled the opening as Derrick continued his slow up and down movement. Derrick shifted his hips a little, giving Ty a better advantage to probe him.

Ty spread his legs a little, letting his balls fall in between his thighs. Derrick circled his hand around them, squeezing them gently, lifting them, letting them toss from side to side in his palm. Ty moaned a little louder. Derrick slowly pulled off of Ty, and got to his knees, pulling his underwear down, making his now hard length stand out. Ty moved forward to take it, but Derrick pulled away.

"Not this morning, baby." Derrick said. Ty looked up with disappointment in his eyes. "This morning is all about you." Derrick finished pulling his underwear off, dropping them on the floor. He lay back down where he had been and returned to his slow movement on Ty's incredible length. Ty took in a deep breath, watching Derrick slide up and down on him. The warmth and wet of Derrick's mouth was sending Ty to the edge. He knew it wouldn't be long before he exploded. Ty turned his head to the right, seeing movement. There was no mistaking who stood in the doorway. Ty ran his eyes up and down the swimmers body. He watched as the hand slid over the bulge in the skinny jeans, as there was no hiding it in those. Slowly the hand opened the jeans, and let out what was trapped. It was long and thick, with a wide mushroom head. Ty licked his lips, looking down at Derrick, still sliding up and down on him. Ty's gaze went back toward the doorway, watching as the jeans were slid off, dropping to the floor.

Conner used his hand and pulled on himself a couple of times, and then smiled at Ty. Conner got to his knees and put his hands on Derrick's muscular cheeks, spreading them open, exposing Derrick's opening. Conner moved in and licked, making Derrick moan on Ty's cock. Ty moaned loudly.

"Derrick, I'm gonna cum." Ty moaned as Derrick went tighter on Ty. Ty shot out, as Derrick squeezed Ty's balls. There was so much, Derrick swallowed three times, moaning himself as Conner entered him with his tongue. Derrick started his motion again on Ty, going slowly up and down as he shifted himself, getting to his knees on the bed. Conner reached up with one hand and encircled Derrick's cock, sliding his hand up and down the length. Derrick was breathing deeply through his nose. Ty was watching them both, he too was breathing deeply, as his orgasm subsided.

Conner stood up, stepping close to Derrick's spread and wet ass. Ty watched as Conner wetted his hand and put it to his length, stroking it a couple of more times. Ty marveled at the length and width as Conner used a couple of fingers to guide it to Derrick's opening. Ty noticed that was no hair on Conner's body at all, no stubble, only smooth skin. As Conner slowly entered Derrick, Derrick moaned loudly on Ty. Ty felt it again, rising from his toes, up his legs, he spread his legs a little wider, closing his eyes, he took a deep breath. Derrick knew, as he felt it in his mouth and tightened again. The streams hit the back of his mouth, and he swallowed twice. Conner slid in more and more, and then Derrick felt Conner's hips against his cheeks.

Conner started to slide in and out of Derrick, slowly at first, then gradually he picked up the pace. Derrick was using a hand on Ty, going up and down the length below his mouth, making his hand wet as he went. He took his other hand and moved it to himself, slowly stroking his own length. Ty was moaning louder.

"Oh fuck, Derrick." Ty moaned. Derrick moved faster now on Ty. Again, Ty erupted into Derrick's tight mouth, sending more and more. Derrick kept swallowing as Ty shot. Ty was watching Derrick on him, running his fingers through Derrick's hair. Ty gazed up at Conner, who was still moving in and out of Derrick, his head tilted back, his hands on Derrick's hips. Ty watched the tight chest flex with deep breathing. Ty returned his gaze back to Derrick, who was now looking up at him, sliding Ty's length out of his mouth. Derrick smiled as he licked Ty's head of any remnants of the loads. Ty exhaled, and then looked back up at Conner.

Conner slowed, sliding his hands up and down Derrick's cheeks. He came to a stop, and then slowly pulled out. Derrick looked over his shoulder at him, with a questioned look.

"I don't want to cum yet." Conner said softly. "I'll be right back." He turned and went into the bathroom. Derrick moved and straddled himself over Ty. He wrapped his arms around Ty's neck and leaned in and kissed him deeply, tonguing him furiously. Ty brought his hands up from the small of Derrick's back, pulling Derrick in tighter to him, trapping their cocks between them. Ty was rocking his hips on the mattress, sliding his length against Derrick. They pulled back as they felt motion on the bed. They looked as Conner joined them, coming across the mattress on his knees.

Ty reached out with one hand, grabbing Conner by the cock, gently pulling him toward them. Conner smiled as he slid in, and the three collided in a three way kiss, tongues out, fighting each other. Conner rested one hand on Derrick's ass, the other went to Ty's shoulder, as Conner felt another hand on his balls, kneading them softly, making him spread his legs wider. The tongues continued to fight each other as that hand slid under Conner's balls and found his opening, making him moan. The finger probed in and out of his hole, Conner rocked his hips a little, and then he pulled back, looking down.

Conner watched as Ty was slowly stroking his hard cock, while Derrick had reached under him and was working his hole. Conner looked back up at both of them, breathing deeply and closed his eyes.

"You like this?" Ty asked softly.

"It's been so long." Conner exhaled, tilting his head back, loving the feeling that was happening to him. He looked back down as he felt movement on the bed. Both Derrick and Ty were moving to get better positions. Derrick moved his hand back, as Ty came beside him, each on each side of Conner. They both moved their mouths and started on each side of Conner's cock, sliding back and forth on it, making Conner moan. The moan became even louder as Conner felt the fingers go deeper into him. "Oh, somebody please fuck me." Ty's and Derrick's eyes met over the top of Conner's cock and they both knew.

Ty shifted off and lay on his back. Derrick moved behind Conner, spreading the tight narrow cheeks, he wetted Conner after he removed his fingers, lubing Conner. Conner took a deep breath and straddled over Ty, while Derrick guided Ty's hard length to Conner's opening. Conner slowly accepted the pressure against him as Ty's large head spread him out. Conner moaned loudly as Ty popped through the tight ring. Slowly he lowered himself on Ty, hissing air through his perfect teeth. Derrick had moved back around and positioned his mouth over Conner's mushroom head, licking it, and then swallowed it, sliding halfway down the eight inch shaft. Ty lay still as he watched Conner with tightly closed eyes, slowly sit all the way down on Ty, taking every inch of him. He rested himself, and then opened his eyes, tilting his head forward, looking down. Conner put one hand on Derrick's head, the other on his shoulder, as Derrick slid back and forth on him. Conner had glassy eyes from what was happening to him. He looked at Ty.

"Fuck me." Conner whispered. Ty smiled out of the corner of his mouth and then began to rock his hips, using the mattress as leverage, thrusting himself deeper into Conner's narrow ass. "Oh, yeah." Conner hissed. "Fuck me...that's right...deeper...deeper." Conner felt a hand on his balls, squeezing them gently, rolling them around. He moaned. "Yes...keep doing that...that's fucking awesome...yes...keeping fucking me." Ty was thrusting upward. He knew he was impaling Conner, but it was so hot, watching how it was happening. Conner's chest was heaving in and out from the thrusting.

"Oh, God...oh...ohhh." Conner moaned out. Ty felt the muscles clamp on him, but he kept thrusting. Derrick felt the flood in his mouth, the hot liquid squirting into the back of his throat. He squeezed Conner's balls a little tighter as the shots kept coming. He swallowed over and over again, until they started to subside. He saved the last of the load in his mouth, and pulled off of Conner, turning his head, he fell onto Ty's mouth, sharing with him what was left of the load, tossing his tongue around in Ty's mouth. Ty thrust once more and then erupted deep inside of Conner, pushing himself all of the way into him. Conner moaned, feeling every pulse inside of him from Ty, loving the feeling.

After a long minute, the thrusting stopped. Ty relaxed his ass on the mattress, remaining inside of Conner. Derrick slowly pulled back from Ty, to let him breath. Derrick looked up at Conner, the beads of sweat on his face made Derrick smile. Derrick got to his knees, taking Conner in his arms, and kissed him deeply. Conner wrapped one arm around Derrick, the other went down to Ty, slowly sliding up Ty's chest, clutching around a nipple and squeezing. Derrick slowly pulled back, looking at Conner.

"That was incredible." Derrick said.

"It's not over yet." Conner whispered. Derrick narrowed his eyes. "I didn't see you get off yet."

Derrick smiled, then he felt something. He looked down and saw Ty had rolled a bit and now was swallowing Derrick's dripping cock. Derrick looked back up at Conner. They softly kissed, while Derrick rubbed one of Conner's nipples. Conner moaned as he felt Ty rock his hips into him again. Conner pulled back, breathing heavily.

"Oh, God...Derrick...he's fucking me again." Conner moaned. Derrick reached down and started to slowly jerk Conner's hardening length.

"Oh yeah." Derrick whispered, kissing Conner's soft neck. "He'll fuck you till dark, nonstop, if you'll let him." Derrick tweaked Conner's nipples. Conner was moaning deeply, while Derrick was breathing hard from Ty's tight mouth on him.

Conner moaned again, as Ty kept thrusting. "He...never got...soft." He was gasping for air through his teeth. "Oh, God...I can't believe this...." Conner grunted and exhaled heavily. Derrick was still sliding his hand on the smooth cock. He felt the jerk of muscle in his hand, looking down, he watched as Conner shot out, all over Ty's stomach and lower chest. Derrick bent down and sucked one of Conner's nipples, making him moan again. Derrick finally felt that Ty was getting him close. The backs of his legs went tight, his balls drew up, he moaned on Conner's nipple and then cut loose in Ty's hot mouth, pulsing hard as he went.

Ty was still thrusting into Conner, swallowing all of Derrick's load as it pulsed out, moaning himself as he swallowed. He knew he was going to cum again, and loved it, sliding in and out of this hot young ass. He thought that he had the best of everything right at this moment, a tight ass on his cock, and the love of his life's cock in his mouth, it just couldn't get any better than right at this moment. Then he felt it, pushing deeply again into Conner, making him almost scream, cutting loose his load, again. Secretly, he reveled in the fact that he could cum so much, even though he labeled it as a curse.

Exhausted, Conner went limp into Derrick's arms. His eyes rolled back in his head. Derrick lay him forward, as Ty slowly pulled out, and moved to help Derrick. They got Conner on his back, and got to each side of him.

"Is he alright?" Ty asked.

"I think so." Derrick said softly. "He's breathing easily now." Derrick spun off the bed and went into the bathroom. He returned with a damp cloth, dabbing it to Conner's forehead and then down his face. Color started to return on him. His eyes fluttered open, and he licked his lips.

"What happened?" Conner asked in a wispy voice.

"I think I almost fucked you to death." Ty said a low, guilty tone. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah." Conner said, giving them a weak smile. "I've never had anything so big or for so long. It was incredible."

"Well, it won't happen again." Ty said, as he went to get off the bed. Conner touched his arm, stopping him.

"I wouldn't mind trying again."

Ty looked back, and smiled. He looked back up at Derrick, then back to Conner. "I'm not sure that's a good idea."

"Just give me a little bit to catch my breath." Conner said. "You're both so fucking hot. I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry, bud. I'm the one who's sorry." Ty whispered.

"And I'm sorry, too." Derrick said. "I never should have let it go this far."

"We're all adults here." Conner said. He propped himself up on his elbows, looking at both of them. "Listening to you two last night. It was incredibly hot. I beat off twice."

Derrick chuckled. "I hope it was on the sheets, for Paul's sake."

Conner smiled, obviously feeling better. "I left something for him." He looked down at himself, watching his cock start to stir again, then looked back up. "I wanted to join you last night, but just couldn't get my courage up enough. It wasn't until I saw you in your underwear this morning that I finally found my nerve."

"Well, I guess I'm glad I could help." Derrick said. He looked over at Ty, giving him soft eyes. They leaned toward each other and kissed softly over Conner.

"Could I ask a favor?"

"Sure." Derrick answered. "What is it?"

"Derrick, would you fuck me now?"

"Right now?" Derrick shook his head. "I think you need a break."

Conner sat up, he reached up a hand, rubbing one of Derrick's nipples, looking into his eyes. "I want you to, now." Conner looked to his other side. "And I want to suck you off while he's doing it." Conner looked down at Ty's softened cock, laying across a muscular thigh. "Like I said, it's been so long."

"I can see that by the way you shoot. You shoot so far." Derrick smiled. "Maybe you should beat off more." Giving Conner a wink.

"I think I may have found a couple of guys that can take of that for me, maybe on a regular basis?"

Ty and Derrick looked at each other, then looked back at Conner. "I don't know, bud." Ty said. "There's..."

Conner realized where Ty was going, and the realization hit him. "God, I just fucked you up, didn't I? Forget what I said right now. I'm sorry, I should have thought first. You guys are just getting your relationship started, aren't you?" Conner dropped back on the bed. "I'm so fucked up."

"No, you're not." Derrick said, putting a hand on Conner's chest. "And, yes, we're just getting our relationship started, but...after what we just did..." Derrick looked at Ty. Ty smiled.

"I'd be a fucking idiot if I didn't tap that hot sexy ass every now and then." Ty said to Derrick. "And that cock...did you see it? There's not a hair on it."

"Oh, I know." Derrick said. "And I haven't sucked his balls yet. They're great in my hand, but..."

"Ok guys, I get it." Conner said, getting back up to a sitting position. He looked back and forth between Ty and Derrick. "Paul was right about something else." Derrick just looked at Conner. "You have a tight ass." Conner said, as he smiled. He reached down with both hands, one grabbing Derrick's cock, the other taking Ty's. He pulled at both of them, then lay back down.

Derrick leaned down, kissing Conner softly. "Yes, I do want to fuck you, but only if you feel up to it."

"I do. I want it so bad."

Derrick looked up at Ty. "You have to try his mouth. He kisses very well." Derrick watched Ty grin, and then bent down. As he got closer to Conner, Conner opened his mouth slightly and closed his eyes. Ty went all the way down, thrusting his tongue into Conner. Derrick watched a moment, and then looked up and down Conner's tanned beautiful body, watching Conner's cock start to climb upward and get fuller. Derrick looked back at the pair, seeing Conner lift his arms, wrapping them around Ty's thick shoulders and neck. Derrick looked back, and shifted on the bed. He enjoyed the feel of Conner's cock again in his hand, but moved himself in between his legs. He scooped up Conner's legs, rocking them forward, spreading his narrow cheeks apart. There Derrick could see his opening, still wide from Ty being there. Derrick fell into it with his tongue, applying tight suction with his lips as he did. Derrick could hear Conner moan under Ty and what they were both doing to him. Derrick finally pulled back, shifting himself again. He guided the tip of his cock to the opening with his hand and slowly, gently let it slide in. Conner moaned deeper.

"Oh, yeah." Derrick said, resting his weight on the palms of his hands, above Ty and Conner. "You're still tight."

Conner opened his mouth wide, as Ty was still pounding his tongue against Conner's. Conner moaned loudly into Ty's mouth, driving Ty on more and more. Ty finally pulled back, shifted himself closer to Conner, letting Conner take Ty's cock in his mouth. Ty moaned softly with the feeling.

"Yeah," Ty said in a soft voice, "you like to taste yourself, don't you? My cock has the taste of your ass all over it." Ty looked at Derrick, he leaned forward. "Do you want to taste us? You were right, he kisses very well, but not as good as you." They collided their mouths together, Derrick was sucking more and more of Ty's tongue into his mouth, as he pounded Conner's ass. Conner was moaning on Ty's cock. Derrick and Ty pulled away from each other, both looking down at Conner. Derrick slowed and then stopped his motion. He shifted position after he pulled out. Getting himself reset, he slowly entered Conner again. Another long and deep moan. Derrick set himself to deep, rapid thrusts, slapping his balls against Conner's ass as he went. Conner was now in a constant moan. Ty reached down and jerked the neglected cock below them a few times, and Conner shot out again over his stomach and up his chest. They watched as it flew, Conner still sucking as much of Ty as he could.

Derrick moaned, picking up his pace a little more, using shorter strokes, pushing in as deep as he could, finally he took in a deep breath and shot inside of Conner. Ty watched, feeling his own shot coming on from the tight suction and the activity he was watching.

"It's going to be a lot, Conner." Ty said, as he let it go, sending more and more into Conner's waiting mouth. Ty watched as Conner swallowed again and again to keep up. "Oh, yeah. Fuck yeah." Ty said, breathing heavily.

Derrick slowed down and came to a halt. He took in a deep breath and slowly let it out, as he pulled back out of Conner. Derrick watched as it slowly leaked out of Conner's opening, thick and white. Derrick smiled, then looked at Ty. They came together for another kiss.

"That was incredible." Conner said, relaxing his leg. He moved his hand up to his chest, moving his load around with his fingers, watching Derrick and Ty. "I'm a mess." Conner said, breaking the kiss above him. Derrick moved down and began to lick up Conner's chest. Ty joined him, and before long, Conner was cleaned. "That was hot." Conner said with a smile. "I did come to the right place."

Derrick looked over at the clock. It was almost ten. He got up off the bed. He reached back and pulled Conner and Ty off the bed. He led them into the bathroom, turning on the shower. They kissed each other, back and forth, and then Derrick stepped into the shower, Ty followed, and then Conner, watching Ty's muscular ass. They all got under the rain head, letting the water run over them. Derrick washed Ty, then he washed Conner, cleaning his ass really well. Conner put his hands on the tile, spreading his legs apart, thrusting his butt out. Fingers went in and out of him, working soap in and out, along with any remnant of loads. They turned him around, seeing he was hard again, leaning Conner against the tile, Derrick and Ty grinned at each other. Ty started to jerk Conner, as Derrick got on his knees and sucked Conner's balls, before long, Conner was moaning loudly, shooting out another thin load, letting it run down Derrick's back as he still sucked Conner's balls. Conner was panting heavily now, and feeling completely exhausted. Once Ty washed Derrick's back, they shut the shower off. Ty and Derrick dried Conner off and then each other, and returned to the bedroom. They had Conner lay down on the bed, and tucked him under the sheet.

"Catch a little nap, bud." Derrick said. "We'll go do the plan in a little while."

Conner smiled up at both of them. "I think you're right. I should catch a nap, but you want me to in here? Shouldn't I go..."

"To Paul's room? Only if you want to. Are you comfortable?" Derrick asked.


"Then it's settled. Take a nap. We'll see you in a little while."

Conner closed his eyes, as Ty and Derrick grabbed clothes and walked down the hallway. They got dressed in the kitchen, watching each other, and smiling.

"Fuck, that was so hot." Ty said in a low voice. "I'm going to be hard for a week just thinking about it."

Derrick slid up to him. "What were saying last night about younger guys and muscled bodies ending badly?" He smiled, giving Ty a soft kiss.

"It isn't over yet, is it?"

"Hmmm, you're right. It isn't." Derrick pulled his shirt on. "Are you hungry?"

"God, yes. I'm starving." Ty said, steeping to Derrick. They kissed softly, and then Derrick turned and opened the fridge. He started pulling things out, setting them on the counter. Ty kept looking over Derrick's shoulder. Derrick chuckled, looking over his shoulder toward Ty.

"Go sit down." Derrick said. "You can watch me from the counter."

Ty wiggled his eyebrows. "I love watching you this close. Want a hand?" Ty asked as he put his hand to Derrick's butt, then squeezed it firmly.

Derrick turned and kissed Ty quickly. "Didn't you get enough?"

"Uh, of you? No. And I don't think I ever will."

"I might hold you to that one day." Derrick said.

Ty walked around the counter and sat down. He watched as Derrick went about his putting everything together to make a meal. Derrick made another cup of coffee for Ty. Derrick set it on the counter in front of him. He plated what he had made and set it down as well. Ty picked up his fork and dug in. Derrick came around the counter and sat down next to Ty. Derrick watched him eat. Ty stopped, turned and looked at him.

"What?" Ty asked.

"Nothing. I like to watch a hungry man eat." Derrick answered. He picked up his fork and dug in as well. They heard a noise and looked up. Coming around the corner from the fridge was Conner. He stood there naked in all of his beautiful glory. Derrick almost dropped his fork looking at him.

"That smells wonderful." Conner said.

Derrick got up from his stool, coming around the counter. "You must be hungry. Go and sit down. I'll get you something."

Derrick pulled another plate from the cabinet as Conner sat down at the counter. Derrick plated what was left and put it in front of Conner. Derrick smiled at Conner as a fork was handed to him. Ty went back to clearing his plate while Derrick made more coffee for Conner. The cup filled, Derrick put it in front of Conner. He came back around the counter and returned to his seat. He ate some more, watching both Conner and Ty, as he sat between them.

"So, are we still going ahead with the plan?" Conner asked, as he sipped more coffee.

"As soon as you're ready." Derrick said in a low tone. He sat back on the stool, leaning against the back. Derrick picked up his coffee cup, sipping at the liquid inside. "It will be interesting, to say the least."

"I'm sure." Ty said, getting up from the stool. He carried his plate around the counter, rinsed it in the sink and then placed it in the dishwasher. Ty walked back around the counter, looking Conner over as he sat there. He went back to his own stool and sat down.

Derrick looked over at Ty. "You're still thinking it's a bad idea?"

"I am." Ty said, picking his coffee up. "It will be bad for you, your firm, but it will probably be worse for him, in the long run."

"I don't think so. I think it's going to open their eyes. It will force them to see what is really happening around them. But, if it does go bad, at least Conner will know where he stands, and maybe get some closure from all of this." Derrick said.

"I hope you're right." Ty said, sipping his coffee.

Derrick's eyes opened wide hearing the phone ring. He got up and walked over to the phone, picking it up. "Hello?" Derrick looked at Ty, then he turned away. "Oh, hi...fine, thank you. No, that'll be fine...yes, I'll tell him...thanks for the call. Okay...bye." Derrick hung up the phone. He walked back over and sat down. Ty was just staring at him. "That was Candace. She wanted to let us know that the rock is delayed a few days."

"You alright?" Ty asked putting a hand on Derrick's arm. Derrick looked at him, and smiled wide.

"Never better." Derrick said. He leaned over and kissed Ty. He pulled back, looking Ty in the eye. "I love you, you know that?"

Ty smiled. "I know."

Derrick got up from the counter, looking over at Conner, at his nakedness. "Are you going to your parents like that?"

Conner smiled. "It might be better, don't you think?"

"I'd like it." Ty said, making Derrick turn and look at him.

"I'm going to change into something more business like." Derrick said.

"What should I wear?" Ty asked.

"You look good in anything." Derrick answered. "Whatever you want."

"I'll go in carpenter grunge then." Ty said, rocking his head from side to side.

Conner got up. "I'll go get my pants out of the bedroom. I'll be ready in a few minutes."

Derrick and Ty watched as the narrow butt walked around the corner. Ty reached out and grabbed Derrick around the waist, pulling him to him. Derrick turned around, resting his arms on Ty's shoulders.

"What?" Derrick asked softly.

"Quit watching the perky butt, mister." Ty said, giving Derrick a soft kiss. "I have faith in what you're planning. I'll stand beside you with it all." Ty kissed Derrick again. "I love you, too."

"You make me happy, you know that?" Derrick said. He rested his forehead to Ty's.

"I hope she didn't upset you when she called."

"Never again." Derrick said, in a low voice. "I've got what I want. And it's right here in front of me."

"If this does go bad, for him, what are you going to do with him?"

"It depends, I suppose. He might go back to New York. I don't know yet."

"What about us?"

"I know. We haven't had the chance to even talk, have we?" Derrick said.

"No, not at all." Ty squeezing Derrick a little tighter.

"Today. After all of this, I promise."


They were interrupted by Conner coming out of the bedroom, clearing his throat. "I'm sorry. I hope I'm not interrupting."

They looked over at him. Their eyes moved up and down the tall swimmer's body. Again, the skinny jeans, loafers, and a tight nylon shirt. His hair swept over one eye. If looks could kill...Derrick thought, moving to stand next to Ty, sliding one arm around his shoulder.

"Wow." Ty said.

"Uh, yeah." Derrick seconded.

"What?" Conner asked.

"It's a wonder you don't have to beat them off with a stick." Ty said, making Conner blush.

"Good genes, I guess." Conner regaining his confidence.

"No, it's what's in them." Derrick chuckled. "I'm going to go get changed. I think we should go in one vehicle."

"We'll take the truck." Ty said. "It won't raise suspicion like a rental car."

"Good idea." Derrick said as he walked toward the bedroom.

A few minutes later, they were underway. Ty driving, as Derrick laid out the plan. They reached the driveway of the large house, Conner stayed in the truck for a minute, as he knew that his father was probably watching out of the front window of the study. Derrick and Ty walked up to the front door, and each took in a deep breath, as Derrick rang the bell.

The door opened, and Phoebe was standing there.

"Morning, gentlemen. Won't you come in?" She used a hand to motion them in. She closed the door, and turned. "I'll tell them that you are here. Would you care to wait in the library?"

"I think we're fine here, thank you." Derrick said. Phoebe nodded her head and walked out of the foyer. A minute later, Mrs. Van Owen came in. She smiled at both of them, reaching out her hands toward them. They returned the smile and took her hands.

"It's so good of you to come." She said. "Do you have news for us? I wasn't expecting you."

"Yes, we have news." Derrick said, flashing a look at Ty, then looking down at her.

"I'm afraid my husband isn't here right now. He's in town on business. He won't be home until later this afternoon. Won't you come in and sit? We can talk in the living room, if you like."

"Actually, I thought we could go out on the back deck. I would like to take a look at the site again, if that's alright." Derrick said.

"Yes, that would be alright." She said, turning to lead the way, they followed. Phoebe reemerged out of another hallway. "Phoebe, would you bring some tea out on the deck, please."

"Yes, ma'am." She nodded her head slightly, and walked by them. The trio continued through the dining room and Ty reached for the large door, opening it. She stepped out on the deck, they followed behind her.

She turned and smiled at them. "It's such a lovely day, isn't it? So, what news have you brought?" She asked looking up at Derrick. He stepped closer to her and smiled.

"The news, is standing right behind you."

She looked at him with quizzical eyes, then turned. A hand went to her mouth, and she drew in a large breath.

"Hello, mother." Conner said softly.

Derrick and Ty watched as she stepped forward toward Conner, she paused a moment and then put her arms around his waist, hugging him tight. They could see a tear running down her cheek. Conner put his arms around her shoulders.

After a couple of minutes, she pulled away from. She put her hands up to Conner's cheeks and smiled at him. She turned back and looked at Derrick and Ty.

"How did you...?"

"He found us." Derrick answered. "I think there are some things we need to discuss."

Everyone jumped hearing the crash behind them. They all spun and saw Phoebe standing in the doorway. A look of shock on her face. The tray she had been carrying, on the floor, all of its contents, everywhere.

"Conner." Phoebe said quietly, both of her hands at her mouth.

"Here, let me help you." Ty said, as he stepped forward. Derrick stepped in to help as well.

"Hello, Phoebe." Conner smiled. "Are you alright?" She only nodded in reply.

She pulled herself back together, bending down. "Thank you, gentlemen. I'll take care of this." She quickly went to work picking everything up, putting it back on the tray. She rose to her feet, holding the tray. "I'm sorry, ma'am. I'll bring more out."

"It's understandable, Phoebe. It's alright." Mrs. Van Owen said, wrapping her arms around Conner's arm. She looked back up at him. "How long have you been back?"

"Since yesterday."

"Why didn't you come home first?"

"You know the answer to that, mother." Conner answered. "I won't be here long, though."



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