Building Things Chapter 29

Derrick and Sid talked at the counter until almost midnight. Ty had cleaned up and had listened to their conversation, mostly they talked about the firm, now that Calvin had been removed as a partner, not by him being killed, but as they had dissolved the partnership in a legal fashion. Derrick wanted to try and make a change to make it better. Sid gave him various ideas on restructure, for reincorporation. Derrick agreed that they should discuss it with Tom, but something was telling him to wait.

Sid got up, feeling drained, but good. He went to leave. Derrick and Ty walked him to the door, they shook hands, and they watched him drive out the driveway. Ty was looking down the road to where the car was still parked in the dark. He could see the outline of it, and he was concerned by it.

"He's still there." Ty whispered.

"Guess he doesn't have a life." Derrick said, softly.

"What do you think he wants?"

"Me." Derrick said flatly.


"I don't know yet. But, he thinks I actually did it."

"That's stupid." Ty looked at Derrick. "What are you going to do now?"

"I am going to get in bed." Derrick said, wrapping his arm around Ty's. "And I'm going to let you fuck me until dawn." Derrick kissed Ty on the cheek. He turned and walked back into the house. Ty waited a moment still looking down the road then turned and walked into the house, closing the door. He shut off the porch light and locked the door.


Alec was loading more cardboard on the cart, stacking it up along from the aisle. He pushed the cart back into the double doors, and went to the bailer. He loaded it again, and pushed the button. It looked like the last load before he had to band up the stack and moved it out of the machine. He pushed the cart back toward the pallets. He decided to pick up the pallets that were empty and take them outside. He moved them out one after the other, stacking them off the loading dock out of the way. He knew the dairy truck was going to be there in a few hours and had to keep the area clear for that delivery as well.

He went back inside and started loading the cart with more boxes from another pallet, there were only three left to empty now. It had been busy at the store for the last week, with the coming holiday of the forth, customers were coming in and shopping early. Thankfully this year hadn't been as hot, like last year. Alec remembered that it was different, customer wanting more things that were cold, bypassing regular stocked items and opting for the quicker items, not wanting to cook more, just be simple.

He finished loading the cart and started to push toward the double doors. He looked up and saw Kurt come through them. He looked around and walked over to Alec. Alec stopped pushing. He saw Kurt, the look he had on his face. Kurt walked up to the other end of the cart and put his hands on the rail.

"Dude, hey, I was thinking."

"Yeah?" Alec asked. He and Kurt knew each other but not that well. Kurt had only worked there under a year so far. Alec didn't really socialize with those he worked with.

"I wanted to say, sorry."

"About what?" Alec asked softly.

"It's none of my business who you bang, or who bangs you. I had no business looking over your shoulder. Just wanted to say sorry. That's all."

"It's cool." Alec said, wanting to leave it alone.

"So, is he really your guy?"

"Yeah, he is." Alec smiled.

"Well, he is hot."

"You have no idea." Alec dropped his smile. "You have a girl, don't you?"

"Yeah, but she doesn't do it for me."

"Oh, sorry."

"I was thinking about calling it off."

"That's too bad."

Kurt moved around the cart toward Alec slowly. "I was wondering, maybe, if some time..."

"You asking me out?" Alec asked with wide eyes.

"Well, maybe, if that would be okay? You know, just to hang or something?"

"You know, we're a thing."

"Like in a relationship or something?"


"Oh, dude, I'm sorry." Kurt looked hurt, then looked down.

"No, it's okay. I just wanted you to know." Alec said, and reached out and touched his arm. "I didn't know you..."

"What, liked guys?"

"Yeah. I've messed around with a couple before."

"Wow. That's cool." Alec was seeing Kurt in a new light now.

"I just wanted to say, I've always found you to be very hot."

"Thanks. Appreciate that. You've made me look a few times too."

"Hmmm. It's too bad about your guy. I guess I should have said something sooner."

"Well, maybe we can hang sometime, with or without him."


"Sure. Might surprise you." Alec winked. He started to push the cart past Kurt. Kurt just watched him go by, looking at Alec's tight ass as he went through the doors. Kurt rubbed the front of his jeans through his apron.

Alec went down another aisle, pushing the cart and there stood Todd, the new kid, breaking down boxes. He looked up as Alec pushed the cart down closer to him. Todd looked up and smiled at him for a moment and then finished his box dropping it on the floor.

"All this is for down here." Alec said. "Let me unload it and I'll pick up the cardboard."

"I'll give you a hand." Todd said. He walked up and started to pull boxes off the cart and set them on the floor closer to the shelves out of the way. Within a couple of minutes, they were done. Alec started loading up the cardboard off the floor onto the cart.

"Hey, Alec." Todd said.


"Do you know that girl that works in the deli?"

"Suzi? Yeah, I know her."

"Is she with someone?"

"Yeah, she's got a steady, I think." Alec said, looking at him. "She's a little older, you know?"

"Yeah, I know."

"She's dating some college guy. I think he's on the football team or something."

"Oh." Todd said.

"But, I do know someone that's not seeing anyone, or at least I don't think she is."

"Really? Who?"

"You know the girl that works over in the flowers? She only comes in part time."

"I think I've seen her, yeah."

"Rosa. She's a really nice girl. She's kind of shy and quiet."

"Do you think she might want to go out?"

"Never hurts to ask, bud." Alec said. He smiled at Todd. Alec picked up the last of the cardboard and pushed the cart toward the back room.

He pulled the cart through the double doors and went toward the bailer. It was full. He pushed the button and lifted the ram arm. He opened the cage door and grabbed some metal bands, ran them through and then around the cardboard, he went to the other side and brought them over the stack, bringing them to the other side. He pushed the button and slipped on some gloves, sending the ram down to recompress the stack. He grabbed a pair of pliers off the machine and picked the end of one strap, wrapping the wire together, tying it. He did it to the other wire and the stack was now secured. He pushed the button and sent the ram upward. He grabbed the pallet jack and stuck it in under the stack on and pulled it out, turning it and stacking it against the wall near the bailer. He grabbed another pallet and set it into the floor of the bailer, and closed the cage door. He unloaded the cart and went to load it again off the next pallet. Bringing it out, he went down the aisle where Kurt was.

Kurt looked Alec up and down as he walked around the cart. Kurt was breaking down his last box. He watched as Alec was unloading the cart, putting the new boxes on the floor near the shelves. Kurt was just staring at Alec, thinking, and then decided to move.

Alec stood, not paying attention, just doing what he was doing, as Kurt came up, and then Alec felt it, as he bent over, making his eyes go wide. A hand was sliding down his ass cheek over his jeans. He knew it was Kurt, as he was the only one here. Alec turned and looked at him.

"Sorry, dude. Couldn't help myself."

"Why is everyone so fucking horny tonight?" Alec asked, looking into Kurt's green eyes.

"Don't know about anyone else." Kurt said, "But you have been driving me crazy for months."

"Wow, you really move fast, don't you?" Alec asked sarcastically, with a raised eyebrow.

Kurt chuckled. "I know what I want, but it just takes me time to get to it."

"Not that I don't mind being felt up, but now is not the best time. We gotta get this done?"

"When would be the best time?" Kurt asked, grinning.

"We'll have to see about that. You've waited this long, guess you'll have to wait a bit longer."

"Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure." Alec couldn't stop staring into those green eyes. He never really noticed them before.

"Do you give or do you receive?"

"Both." Alec said matter of fact. He wiggled his eyebrows. "And just so you know? I'm as big as my boyfriend." Kurt's eyes went wide. Alec turned and walked away, pushing the cart. Alec decided to go to another aisle and let Kurt cool off a little. He went around the corner, seeing Angie on the next aisle, in a sea of cardboard. Alec stopped the cart and started to pick it up and stack it on the cart. She was cutting open another box, and looked over at Alec. He seemed upset. She set the box down and walked over to him. He had hands full of cardboard and was setting it on the cart.

"What's up?"

"Obviously Kurt is." Alec sighed, "He just felt me up."

"What? Really?"

"Yeah. We had a little talk." Alec sighed as he bent down for more cardboard. "Apparently he's been eyeing me for a long time, but never said anything."

"Wow, that's kind of creepy. Kind of like a stalker or something. Did he say anything else?"

"A few things. I told him he would have to wait." Alec said, rolling his eyes.

"So? Why don't you just take him in the back and just do him real quick?"

"Are you serious? Now?"

"Sure, why not? We're almost done right? How much more is left to do?"

"Wait. Hold on here. You're really serious?" Alec asked with wide eyes.

"It's the perfect chance. Seriously." Angie said, winking at him.

"I don't know." Alec said and then picked up more cardboard. He loaded it up on the cart. "I guess I'll have to think about it."

"Don't think too long, the dairy truck will be here in a few hours."

"Don't remind me. I still have to go take care of the cooler." Alec said, loading more cardboard. Alec finished the aisle, and wheeled the cart off to the back room. He pulled it through the double doors and went over to the bailer. He loaded it, but his thoughts kept going from Conner to Kurt. He loved Conner so, but Kurt was right there, so apparently willing, so wanting from what Alec felt on his ass earlier. He was in turmoil as to what to do. Wait, what the hell was he even thinking about? Conner was coming to him in the morning. He smiled wide at the thought, the thought that he would actually be there with him.


Derrick was undressed and laying on the bed, naked. He watched himself as he grew in length, knowing Ty was coming to him. Derrick looked down and slowly began to finger himself, to rub his hard length with just his fingers, making it harder. The skin was so soft, so irresistible to Derrick, he wetted his fingers and began to slowly stroke himself.

Ty walked through the house and shut off the lights to each room. He went and locked the back door, which they never did, but under the new circumstances, it seemed the prudent thing to do. Ty walked down the hall and into the bedroom from the kitchen. He looked over on the bed and saw Derrick lying there, slowly stroking himself, Ty smiled. Only the bedside lamp was on.

"Couldn't wait for me?"

"I had an idea." Derrick said in a half moan and whisper.

"What's that?" As Ty sat on the edge of the bed watching his lover work himself.

"I want you to fuck me all night."

"Yeah, you said that." Ty was still watching. Derrick moved his hand faster now on himself.

"Get your clothes off." Derrick whispered, as Derrick began to moan louder. Ty got up and dropped his clothes in a pile. He was becoming hard watching Derrick move his hand up and down on himself. Derrick moaned loudly as he continued stroking, but shot up his chest, his cum in thick ribbons of milky white, reaching almost to his neck. Derrick was easing and panting through his orgasm, Ty just standing there, his hard long length out in front of him. "Now, get up here." Derrick said, as he started to scoop up his cum off his chest. As Ty climbed up on the bed, getting near Derrick, Derrick reached out and grabbed Ty's long length with his cum covered hand. He smeared it all over Ty's length, reaching for more off his chest and then applying it. Ty watched and became harder, as he smiled out of the corner of his mouth.

Derrick took another deep breath and then relaxed into the pillows of the bed. He lifted his legs, bending them at the hip, looking at Ty with lustful eyes. Ty almost licked his lips as he knew what Derrick was thinking.

"Now, put your cock in me. No foreplay, no rimming, just put it in me. Use my cum to lube you as go in. Fuck me...fuck me like you never have before, and don't stop. Cum as many times as you can or want." Derrick's eyes were almost glassy from desire and lust. Ty couldn't resist. He moved down and set his cock to Derrick's opening. He waited just a moment.

"Fuck me now." Derrick said, lifting his head off the pillow. "Don't wait, don't think. Just hammer the fuck out of me." Ty's eyes were wide. They had done some pretty hot things since they had been together, but this was awesome to Ty.

He moved on the bed, getting between Derrick's lifted spread legs and pointed himself at Derrick's opening. He pushed at it with his tip, Derrick lay his head back on the pillow at the feeling, waiting, wanting, as Ty pushed in deeper. Derrick moaned at the feeling of being spread out wide. It hurt, but he loved it.

"All of it." Derrick gasped. "Give me your whole cock. Slam me." Derrick growled. Ty leaned forward, putting his hands on Derricks' sides, grasping him below his ribs and pushed in. It was slick, being coated with Derrick's cum all over him. Ty buried himself to the hilt. Derrick tilted his head back deep into the pillow. Ty waited for a moment.

"Don't stop." Derrick said. "Fuck me hard."

"Derrick, I..."

"Do it, babe. I need it, I want it."

Ty started a rocking motion, not pulling out very much, just rocking himself inside of Derrick. Derrick was moaning softly, then looked at Ty with glassy eyes.

"Pound me." Derrick said, almost pleading.

"I don't want to hurt you." Ty whispered.

"I want it, I need it." Derrick lifted his head, with pleading eyes.

Ty started, pulling out almost all the way and then sliding back in. Derrick hissed out through his teeth. Ty moved back and forth with a steady long slide of motions. Derrick lay there, still, taking what Ty was giving to him. But, Derrick lifted his head again, and his arms, rocking his hips forward, bringing his legs up more.

"Harder." Derrick gasped, "Fuck me harder."

Ty had to shift on his knees to keep inside of Derrick as the position was changing. He angled himself and set about pounding Derrick as he wanted, giving him long hard strokes deep inside of him, beginning to pound without mercy. It felt rough to Ty and he knew that with his enormous size he was tearing Derrick up. Derrick had closed his eyes, and gritted his teeth, feeling Ty pound his ass, his heavy balls slapping against him. The sound was rhythmic to him. It became faster and faster as Ty moaned and Derrick felt it inside of him, the first blast of Ty shooting, his head flaring wide, deep inside filling Derrick more, expanding him, the pulses shooting up Ty's thick cock, emptying itself inside Derrick. Derrick moaned. Ty started to slow a little.

"Again." Derrick said. "Keep doing it. Cum in me as many times as you can."

Ty lowered himself, putting hims arms on each side of Derrick's face, getting so close to Derrick's dry lips. Ty kissed him softly.

"Baby, I don't want to hurt you. I can't." Ty whispered.

Derrick opened his eyes, looking into Ty's. "You don't understand. You can't. I've been hurt enough, I can't be hurt anymore."

"Derrick." Ty whispered, shifting himself inside Derrick, making Derrick take in a slight breath. "I love making love to you, you know that. But, I can't do this venge fuck that you want. I won't tear you apart. I love you too much." Ty ran his fingers through Derrick's soft hair. Derrick wrapped his legs around Ty's waist. Ty smiled at what Derrick was doing. "I'll fuck you till dawn, like you want, but not hard. You need gentleness and love, not pain. There's too much of that right now in your life."

It was the first time, at that moment, that Ty saw a tear roll out of the corner of Derrick's eye. Ty, since day one, had always known that Derrick was tough, steady, like a rock, a rock that couldn't be shaken. But now there were tears forming. Derrick put his arms around Ty's thick muscular shoulders, holding him tight, trying to pull him to him deeper into him.

"I love you so fucking much." Derrick whispered into Ty's ear.

"And I love you, too." Ty answered. "More than you know."

Derrick moved his head, looking at Ty. He smiled at him softly. "Will you make love to me then?"

Ty smiled back in return, rocking his hips slowly, sending himself a little more in and out of Derrick, gently. "Like that?"


"All night?" Ty rocked back and forth, still being gentle.


"I would love to." Ty whispered, as he kissed Derrick deeply.

Alec was finished with the loading of the bailer. He pushed the button, watching the arm come down, he pushed the cart over and loaded some more boxes on it. He was getting tired. He picked up the shrink wrap and balled it up, throwing it in the large can against the wall, then went back and picked up the pallet, sliding it across the floor and out to the end of the loading dock. He stacked it up on top of the other ones. He wiped his forehead with the back of his hand and went back into the store room, pushing the cart through the double doors. He went along the back aisle and turned down the aisle where Todd was. Todd was stacking all of the cardboard into a pile, as Alec pushed the cart up and stopped.

"Thanks, bud." Alec said, looking at the pile, and then at Todd.

"No problem. I made the mess, might as well clean it up."

"I like that." Alec said with a smile. He started to unload more boxes onto the floor off the cart next to the shelves, Todd jumped in and helped him.

"So, Alec, I was wondering?"

"Yeah?" Alec kept moving.

"You think I could ask you a favor?"

"What's that?"

"Could you talk to Rosa for me? You know, ask her if she's seeing anybody?"

Alec stopped and looked at Todd.

"Seriously?" Alec asked.

"Is that too much to ask? I'm sorry, I shouldn't have..."

"Dude, it's fine." Alec said with a slight smile. "I can talk to her for you, sure. I don't know her all that well, but, no problem."

"Really?" Todd beamed.

"It's cool." Alec said and then went back to unloading the cart. Todd smiled all the time he helped Alec. Alec watched Todd out of the corner of his eye, shaking his head sometimes as he did, and then went and picked up the stack of cardboard. Alec pushed the cart over to another aisle where Kurt was working. Kurt gave him a glance as he came down the aisle and then a half grin. Alec started to pick up boxes and break them down to put them on the cart. Kurt kept going with his stocking. Alec did his best to ignore Kurt.

Angie came down the aisle, coming up behind Alec. "Hey, what's the holdup?"

"What do you mean?" Alec asked.

"I'm done. I need more to stock. What have you been doing?"

Alec just gave her a blank look, and then sighed. "You're killin me."

"I know, that's why you love me, remember?" She batted her eyes at him.

"Right." Alec stacked more cardboard. "Why don't you help me break this stuff down and then I'll unload another pallet. We're down to one."

"Sure, but I thought this was Kurt's aisle." She looked down the way to Kurt, "Shouldn't he be breaking his stuff down?"

"Just give me a hand, will you?" Alec asked. She shrugged and started in helping Alec break down and stack cardboard.


Ty curled his toes on the bed and used the balls of his feet to balance and use to rock in and out of Derrick, as Derrick still had his legs wrapped around Ty's tight hips. Derrick was running his hands up and down Ty's back as he was kissing Ty deeply, loving the soft thrusting that was happening inside of him. Ty moaned softly back into Derrick's mouth as he had felt Ty cum once again deep inside of him. Ty needed to catch his breath, pulling back from Derrick.

Ty looked down at Derrick's deep glassy eyes, as they seemed so filled with love, and lust. Ty smiled softly, as he knew that he was right that this was what Derrick truly needed, to be loved gently, not brutally manhandled. Derrick was panting as Ty had never made love to him this way.

"Do," Derrick was panting, trying to catch his breath, "...incredible I....ugh...feel....right now?"

Ty smirked. "Are we still going till dawn?"

"Can you still...ugh...cum?"

"As many times as you want it, baby." Ty kissed Derrick again. Ty pulled back, letting Derrick take a breath. His eyes were rolling back in his head.

"Always...always like this." Derrick dropped his left arm and clenched the sheet tightly in his hand, feeling Ty push deeper into him, rocking him even more. "" Derrick moaned.


The cart was loaded and Alec started to get behind it and push it to the backroom. Angie followed him to the end of the aisle. Alec looked over at her, smiling.

"Getting tired?" She asked him, putting a hand on the small of his back.

"Yeah. You?" Alec puffed out a breath.

"A little. Guess I should have napped before coming in to do this."

"Well, thankfully it's only every couple of weeks. But, with as busy as we've been lately, if this keeps up, I think next time we'll have to have more help than the four of us."

"I agree." Angie said. "I'll go help Todd real quick. You be alright?"

"Yeah." Alec smiled. "I'll get my second wind here soon." He pushed the cart to the backroom, through the double doors. He repeated the same process, loading the baler and pushing the button. He pushed the cart over and loaded the last pallet on the cart and started out to the doors.

"Looks like you're doing pretty good down here, Todd." Angie said, and then picked up a box and opened it.

"Thanks, yeah. Alec helped me. Oh, I stack up the cardboard for him as I go. It makes it easier for him."

Angie stopped and smiled for him. "That's thoughtful of you. I'm sure he appreciates that."

"I hope so, I asked him for a favor. I'm hoping that he'll do it for me. He said he would talk to Rosa for me."

"The girl that works in the flowers?"

"Yeah, that's her."

"She's cute. I know she's not dating anyone right now." Angie said in an almost teasing tone.

"Really?" Todd asked wide eyed.

"It's true." Angie said, looking at Todd. "But not to be insulting or anything, but maybe you ought to think about uh..." Angie motioned in a circle about her face with a finger, referencing Todd's severe acne.

"Yeah, you're right. I'll get some stuff."

"I mean you're a cute guy and all, but..."

"No, no, you're right." Todd said, looking back down at the box he had started. "I've just been kind of lazy about it."

"Well, if I can help, let me know, okay?"

"Would you?"

"Sure would." Angie smiled.


Alec wheeled the cart to the end of the aisle, and stopped. "Okay. This one's kind of mixed, I'll stack off down at the end of each of the aisles. Not everything is in order, but it's the last pallet."

Angie and Todd both smiled. Alec went through a few of the boxes, looking at the labels and set them on the floor. He pushed back to the next aisle, Kurt's aisle and did the same thing, then moved on to the next aisle. After three more aisles, the cart was empty. He pushed the cart out of the way, seeing that there was some cardboard that needed to be picked up. He picked it up and loaded it on the cart. He went down the last aisle and started to open boxes and stock the items, and then broke down the box, then kept going until the stack was gone. He picked up the cardboard and moved to the next aisle.

Kurt came around the corner and started to open boxes on the same aisle with Alec. They worked the aisle crossing back and forth behind one another. Kurt would look over his shoulder checking Alec out from time to time. Alec paid no attention to it. Finally there was a sound coming from Alec's phone. It was an alarm that he set up letting him know to go get the cold case ready to be emptied for the dairy truck that was coming. He set to give him a couple of hours to prep for the driver, as the product was best moved quickly. Alec looked at Kurt and told him he would be in the cold case. Kurt just watched him walk away. Alec went and found Angie, still with Todd and told them as well.

Alec went into the backroom and put on a heavy sweatshirt he kept hanging on the rack outside the door. He slipped it over his head, covering his apron, and opened the cold case door. It was kept at a constant 40 degrees. He found the thermite gloves on the shelf and put those on as well. He opened the door and walked into the giant cooler, it was massive with many interior shelves to keep perishable products on. Its stock was really low, Alec had never seen it like this before. He knew the delivery was going to be large. He sighed, blowing out his breath. It hung in the air for a minute and then the fans took it away. He began to stack up the empty milk crates in long rows, six high. He grabbed a hand truck and started to move them out into the back room.


Ty slowed his motion in and out of Derrick, Derrick was still panting, slowly starting to catch his breath. Ty nuzzled his nose into the soft portions of Derrick's neck and then started to softly kiss him up his neck to his ear.

"I think you need a breather." Ty whispered.

"Don't tell me you're tired." Derrick took in a deep breath.

"Who me?"

"Well, I guess I don't need a cardio workout anytime soon. I should be good for a while." Derrick smiled softly.

"Should I be calling you 'slut' right about now?" Ty asked.

Derrick clenched his ass on Ty as tight as he could. Ty moaned. "Sluts are loose aren't they? Does that feel loose to you?" Derrick nibbled Ty's earlobe.

"Okay, you win." Ty said, holding his breath. Derrick unclenched. He loosened his legs and lay them on the bed. Ty propped himself up on his forearms, taking the weight off Derrick, looking into Derrick's eyes. "Try it another way?"

"What did you have in mind?"

"Well, you could sit on top of me." Ty suggested. "Or..."

Derrick went to get up, Ty shifted over, not wanting to slip out of Derrick. Derrick looked toward the window at the foot of the bed. He momentarily caught a glimpse of something, he wasn't sure, but it was something.

"What?" Ty asked seeing Derrick's face, his intense look.

"Someone's outside." Derrick whispered. "You go out the back, I'll go out the front. We'll catch whoever it is between us. There's only the open field out there, we'll see who it is. Ready?" Ty nodded, slowly pulling out of Derrick. "Go." Derrick jumped toward the living room, Ty leaped off toward the hallway. He ran as fast as he could down the hall, turning and hit the backdoor, unlocking it and throwing it open. Derrick was faster and hit the front door, throwing it open and heard whoever coming as he came leaping off the front porch, hitting the sidewalk with one foot and turned toward that side of the house, he saw the figure coming toward him in the dark and dove headlong into his midsection, knocking the dark figure to the ground. Derrick rolled, and got to his feet quickly and stood over whoever it was, grabbing fabric with his left hand, pulling up and then balling up his right fist and pounded it several times into what he thought was a face. He could hear the smacking and the bone crunching from his impacts, he was hitting him so hard. Ty came running up and grabbed Derrick, pulling him off.

"Easy, easy." Ty said, turning Derrick away. "I think you got him." Ty said, letting Derrick go, then turned, standing over the intruder.

"I'm going to go call the cops." Derrick said as he started to turn toward the house.

"No need. They're already here." Ty said, standing over the body.

"What?" Derrick stepped up, his eyes wide.

"It's Lance, babe." Ty said, looking at Derrick.

"Damn." Derrick sighed. "Let's get the fucker in the house. Here, grab his other arm."

Lance was propped into a half sitting position on the couch. Derrick and Ty had slipped on some shorts after putting Lance on the couch. Ty had grabbed a damp cloth and a bowl of ice from the kitchen, and put it on the coffee table. He knelt in front of Lance trying to slow the bleeding from Lance's nose and a deep cut over his left eye. Ty knew it was going to need a few stitches. Derrick was on the phone.

"I don't care." Derrick said calmly, he was holding the phone with his left hand, flexing his right from the pain. "You're not listening to me. I have an officer in my home right now, unconscious on my couch. Now, I want someone in charge on their way and here at my home before I hang up this phone. Because believe me, Sergeant, the next phone call I make is going to a personal one to the Mayor, who will call the Commissioner, then the Police Chief, and so on and so on, and your night is going to become a living hell with paperwork.... I thought you would see my point.... Yes, that's right, that's the address, and you better send an ambulance along as well, he needs medical attention. We're trying to stop the bleeding now, yes. Thank you." Derrick hung up the phone. He looked at Lance with anger and disgust.

Lance was coming around. He put a hand to his forehead, and then Ty wrapped some crushed ice in the cloth and put it to the cut. Ty pushed Lances hand away.

"What happened?" Lance asked, trying to sit up.

"Just sit back Detective. Help is on the way." Derrick said in a very nasty tone.

"Assault on a police office. Jacobson, you're going to jail."

"Not before I have your badge, you son-of-a-bitch." Derrick was standing behind Ty, watching him ply the towel, looking to see if the bleeding was stopping. "Hope you learned something watching us through the window."

"What are you talking about?" Lance glared with his good eye.

"I'm talking about trespass on private property, unlawful surveillance, invasion of privacy. I would even go so far as harassment. You pulled the wrong card with me, Detective."

"I'll tell them it wasn't me, I'm just doing my job."

"Well, sorry. Maybe you should have been a better detective and looked where you were standing before you started peeping into the window. Those beds along the house were just freshly turned over and cultivated. The ground is soft. Your footprints are probably all over the place out there."


"And I'm willing to bet that you will lose your badge over this." Derrick said, as he leaned forward, his hands on his hips. "I'LL SEE TO IT!"

Ty looked over his shoulder, "Derrick, not so loud, babe."

"You boyfriends right." Lance said, looking at Derrick. "You know, for a gay guy, you've really got a mean hook." Derrick looked up, seeing flashing lights coming through the front window.

"Looks like help is here." Derrick said, going to the door, opening it. He walked into the bedroom and pulled on a tee shirt. He walked back in as officers came through the door, hands on weapons, but not drawn.

"I want him arrested for assault." Lance said, pointing a finger at Derrick. Two officers moved toward Derrick, grabbing him by the arms. Derrick struggled a little but not much as they bent his arms up behind his back.

"Let him go!" Said a gravely voice from outside, coming through the door. A large man in a suit walked in, looking around, seeing Lance on the couch, Ty holding a rag to Lance's eye, the ice in a bowl, and then he looked at Derrick and the officers. "I said, let him go." They did. "Now, wait outside. And send those medics in." The big man said over his shoulder. He turned and looked back at Derrick.

"Mr. Jacobson?" He asked, in a gravely voice. Derrick nodded. "I'm Lieutenant Murray." He looked back at Lance. "I've looked over Detective Lance's reports and findings." He held out his hand to Derrick, Derrick looked at it and then took it. "On behalf of the department, sir, I truly apologize for this." The medics came through the door. Ty stood up and got out of their way as they bent down, pushing the coffee table back and started to look Lance over. Murray turned and watched them for a minute. "Is he alright?"

"He needs some stitches, but I think he'll be alright."

"Good." They started to get Lance up off the couch. Murray stepped close. "Lance, as of now, you're on suspension, pending investigation. I want your gun and your badge." Murray said, holding out his hand. Lance pulled them out and handed them over, giving Derrick a glaring go to hell look the entire time.

"Don't think this is over." Lance said, looking right at Derrick.

Murray stepped in front of Lance, blocking out Derrick from Lance's sight. "I hear anything, anything at all about this, I'll have you locked up, is that clear?" Murray stepped back a step. "Get him out of here." Murray said in his gravel tone. He turned and looked back at Derrick. "You must be upset by all of this. Again, I'm sorry."

"I'm just glad you're here, Lieutenant. I thank you."

"Given the hour," Murray said, looking at his watch, and then back at Derrick. "I'd like to ask some questions of you, but, you should probably get some sleep."

"I don't think that sleep is going to be possible." Derrick said.

"You can say that again." Ty said, picking up the bowl of ice and walking into the kitchen.

"Would you mind if we had a chat then?"

"Not at all. Would you care for coffee? I know I would."

"That would be good. If you'll excuse me a minute, while I take care of some things outside. I'll be right back."

"Leave the front door open, and we'll be in the kitchen. Just come right on in." Derrick pointed over his shoulder. Murray half smiled and nodded. He went outside and then a few minutes later came back in, closing the front door behind him.

"Sweetheart," Derrick looked at Ty, "would you do me a favor and put a shirt on?" Derrick winked. "We don't want any further distractions for the Lieutenant here." Ty smiled, kissing Derrick on the cheek, then walked out of the kitchen toward the bedroom. "Lieutenant, why don't you have a seat?" Derrick turned and pulled mugs out of the cabinet, then started to insert coffee into the maker. He put one mug in, and pressed the button, setting out sugar and cream, along with a spoon. Derrick turned around and retrieved the mug and set it in front of Murray. He repeated the process as Ty walked back in, and then handed the mug to Ty. Then started one for himself.

"So, what can I tell you, Lieutenant?" Derrick asked as he turned with his mug, stepping to the counter, adding one sugar to his mug.

"Can you tell me about tonight?"

"Certainly. Detective Lance was here in the driveway when we returned from going to the gym. I asked him in. He told me there was another set of prints on the weapon used on my ex-business partner that could not be identified. He asked if I would be fingerprinted, I agreed, he cuffed me here in my living room and took me downtown, he had me printed, and was starting to book me, saying that it was routine and then insinuated that I had murdered my ex-business partner. My attorney came in and asked Lance if he was actually charging me, Lance said no, and he let me walk out. My attorney brought me directly here, we met with friends, who were already here, had a light supper, and as they were leaving, we noticed headlights on a vehicle down the street park and shut off." Derrick looked at Ty, and pursed his lips, and then looked back at Murray, "We were in bed, I went to get up and that's when I saw Lance or someone looking in through the bedroom window. We jumped up and went out of the house and I tackled whoever it was in the dark. We brought him inside, and called you people." Derrick held up his hands. Murray took a sip of his coffee, looking at it in the mug and then sniffed it.

"What is this?"

"It's Turkish. I'm sorry, would you like something else?"

"No, it's excellent. I've never had it before."

"Thank you."

"Mr. Jacobson, I'll get right to it."

"Please do."

"Detective Lance unfortunately went about this all wrong. I have read some of his findings, his notes, his preliminary report on the case. He wrote about a time line that you gave him."

"Yes, the day of the murder."

"I'd like to talk to you about that, but not now."

"I have no secrets from Mr. Caldwell, here."

"No, it's not that." Murray shook his head, smiling briefly at Ty, then looked back at Derrick. "Tomorrow afternoon, I would like to prove your time line, if you wouldn't object?"

"You don't believe it either."

"As a matter of fact, I do." Murray said, sipping more of his coffee. "This is really excellent, by the way. What I want to do is eliminate it from doubt." Murray set the mug down. "You see, Mr. Jacobson, I believe you and your story. I have taken the liberty of doing some checking on what happened that day." Derrick narrowed his eyes at him. "If I may ask, did you give the payout to your ex-partner? The check that you had drafted from the bank?"

"No, it's still at my office. The arrangement was, it was to be sent."

"And yet you did everything to terminate your business association in a legal fashion?"

"Yes, my attorney has all of that paperwork, signed and witnessed."

"I see."

Derrick saw what was coming all of a sudden. "You think it was a matter of money, don't you?" Derrick set his mug down. "I assure you, Lieutenant, it's not. I can certainly open my books for you and give you full disclosure. My accountant has all of that information. I am fully willing to cooperate, as I tried to tell Detective Lance, more than once."

Murray stood on the floor. He picked up and sipped his coffee again. "You know, this is really excellent. Where can I get this at?"

"I'll write it down for you." Derrick said getting annoyed.

"I appreciate that." Murray smiled, and took another sip. "Mr. Jacobson, I know that you are cooperating, and that is also appreciated. As I said earlier, Detective Lance has not really handled this case very well. He will be dealt with, I assure you. I will be assigning another detective to handle this, and I would like him to follow up with you. I'd also like him to take a look outside your bedroom window as well, which means there will be some forensic people here as well, if you don't mind, in the morning. So if you gentlemen wouldn't mind not disturbing the ground outside the window, it would be better."

"Of course." Derrick said, giving a faint smile. "We understand, Lieutenant."

"I will bid good night to you, gentlemen. Or should I say good morning?" Murray half smiled. "Don't forget to write that down for me, will you?"

Derrick smirked, coming around the counter. "No, I won't. Do you wish to meet me in the afternoon at my office?"

"Yes. You said you left around two or so?"

"Almost half past, I think."

"Very good. Then, I'll be at your office after one or so."

"Excellent." Derrick said, as they walked to the front door. Derrick reached it and opened it. He could see that there were still two cars out in the driveway, with some officers waiting. Murray put out his hand to Derrick, Derrick took it and shook it firmly. Murray reached for Ty's hand as well. Ty took Murray's hand and squeezed firmly.

"Thank you for that wonderful coffee, and what you did for Lance. Personally, I would have let him bleed." Murray turned and walked off the porch, leaving Derrick and Ty standing there with their mouths open hearing his last comment. Derrick closed the door as the cars backed out of the driveway.

"That was interesting." Derrick said.

"Yeah, and I learned a few things tonight." Ty said.

"What's that?"

"One, we need security lights on the house." Derrick nodded. "Two, you can really hit. You beat the shit out of him." Derrick rolled his eyes. "How's your hand?"


"Let me take a look at it." Ty said, lifting it up, seeing the swollen knuckles. "Let's get some ice on that for a while."



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